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Tacend: Things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence.

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Klaus was freaking out. His smallest brother was clinging to him and crying…no sobbing. He was tearing up himself, Klaus had always been a sympathy crier. This was heartbreaking, and Klaus decided he didn’t want to be heartbroken on his own. He stood and Five only clung to him tighter. He then quickly made his way to the others.

All eyes were on him as he entered the room with their hysterical brother.

“What happened?”

Five startled in Klaus’s grip. Klaus about lost his hold on his smallest brother as he jerked his head up toward Diego.

Klaus watched tears fall down Five’s face as he took in the room. He could see Five mouthing each of their names as he spotted them, only pause at their small sister.

“Vanya?” His head tilted in the most adorable way as he looked at her. He seemed to recognize everyone else to some extent, but Vanya confused him.

Klaus considered Five’s words in the bathroom. He buried them, but Vanya would she have been with them in the apocalypse Five had been stuck in?

“Yeah? Five are you okay?”

Five shuddered in Klaus’s arm. His breath started coming in short desperate gasps, he was mumbling so low and fast Klaus could not make out what he was saying. Five struggled against Klaus until he was put on the ground. He was rocking back and forth hands moved up to his hair. He started tugging.

Klaus knelt quickly and tried to untangle Five’s fingers from his hair. Once he freed Five’s fingers they moved to scratching lightly against his smallest brother’s arms. Klaus grabbed them again and held them steady in his own hands.

He wished he knew what was going on in his brother’s head, well actually he didn’t. He just wished he knew how to make him feel better. He pulled Five to him and cradled him close, rocking with him. Until his smallest brother eventually calmed. They all sat in silence while Five gathered himself. Five shifted away and sucked in a sharp breath and his hand flew to his side.

“Ouch, what happened?”

The siblings looked at each other. But in the end, it was Luther who spoke up.

“You were hit by a car. Don’t you remember?”

Five shook his head.

“How did I get out?”

“Allison rumored you out of the hospital.”

Luther continued, but Five shook his head again.

“No. How did I get out of the apocalypse?”

Klaus could practically feel the silence that hung in the air. He could see panic on his sister’s faces. Confusion on Luther’s. Diego looked concerned. He knelt next to Klaus and Five.

“How old are you Five?”

Klaus had a gut feeling about what that answer was going to be, but he really hoped he was wrong.


Something softened in Diego’s face and he gently maneuvered Five from Klaus and pulled him close. Five stiffened before melting into Diego.

Five was content to be held by his brother. It was a little odd after going months with out any contact with another living person, but he could deal with that. Diego squeezed a little too hard though. Five's side hurt pretty bad.

Allison was then kneeling in front of them. She had a glass of water and what Five assumed to be some kind of pain medication. He accepted gratefully. Klaus leaned down.

“Tiered buddy?”

Five managed a nod. Klaus was then leaned down and helped Five to his feet.

Five felt very unsteady on his feet and had to lean heavily on Klaus as he led them through the house and to the room that Five had woken in. His brother helped him up into the bed. The blankets were pulled up around Five and then Klaus moved to walk away.

Five’s hand reached out to snag Klaus’s arm before he could really stop himself.

“You want me to stay?”

Five shrugged, but Klaus lay down next to him anyway. Five found himself being pulled to his brother’s side, and he found that he really didn’t mind. He fell asleep with his head on his brother’s shoulder.

Klaus wiggled out from other his brother once he was asleep and made his way out into the living room to speak with his siblings.

“How is he?”

Diego turned to Klaus as he sat down on the couch next to him.

“Little dude is asleep. Clearly he’s exhausted.” Klaus leaned his head back against the couch.

“He say anything interesting?” Allison was suddenly leaning into his space.

“Only if you count him saying he buried us, right before that lovely little melt down.”

Klaus groaned and rubbed a hand down his face. He was far to sober to be dealing with this kind of emotional trauma.

“So, is nobody going to address the fact that he said he was thirteen?” Luther asked from the doorway.

He kept glancing to the room where Five was sleeping.

“He has a concussion; he is probably just confused.” Vanya did not sound convinced herself.

Hopefully, that was all.  Klaus was not sure they could deal with a thirteen-year-old Five. From what he could recall from childhood, Five had been quite the precocious child.

“And if that is not the case?”

Klaus looked over at Allison. She made a good point. What would they do if Five continued thinking he was thirteen? On one hand there was the fact that he would miss old man Five. On the other hand, Five could have the chance to grow up with normal childhood. A second chance.

“If that happens, then congratulations everyone it’s a bouncing baby boy!”

Klaus laughed; they would do whatever they had to. Five needed to be taken care of for a change.

Five woke up with a pounding headache and a severe pain in his side. What had he done yesterday? Five sat up with a groan and looked around. The bed was empty, Klaus must already be up for the day. He carefully got himself out of the bed and made his way to the living room.

Huh? Everyone was sitting in the living room, looked like they were having some kind of meeting without him.

“Shouldn’t you morons be working?”

All the attention in the room was suddenly on him. They seemed surprised to see him standing there. Well, considering how terrible he felt that wasn’t too hard to believe.

“So, someone care to tell me why I feel like I was hit by a truck?”

Klaus smirked, but there was something else in his eyes that Five could not quite decipher.

“Close, but I think it was a Mustang. The driver was texting and almost hit me, but you decided you wanted to be hit instead.”

That would explain both the headache and pain in his side. He must have a concussion, that was the only way to explain why he could not remember being hit.

Five made his way over to his siblings and sat heavily onto his favorite chair.

“Well, watch where you’re going next time, please.”

Five looked up, his siblings were all looking at him strangely.

“Did I miss something?”

“No, we're just glad you’re okay old man.” Klaus shrugged.

His siblings could be so odd. Whatever, they were his family and really that was all that mattered to him.