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Tommy fidgeted idly with his hands as his gaze blanks on the wall in front of him. 


He’d decided he was going to tell Wilbur about this weeks ago, so why was he getting so nervous now? He knew he should stop getting into his own head about this, but the blonde couldn’t help it. What if Wilbur said no? What if he was disgusted by him, and broke up with him on the spot? 


The rational part of Tommy’s brain knew that wouldn’t happen, but his anxious, more fearful feelings let his mind entertain the thought. And a scary thought it was as Tommy’s brain wandered through the possible scenarios in which Wilbur would leave him. He closed his eyes tight in response, desperate to not shed any tears over an imaginary scenario. 


But the fear remained. 


Now, Tommy was sat in Wilbur’s living room, waiting for his boyfriend to end stream so that he could finally get this over with, whatever the outcome may be. 


It felt like an eternity before he heard a noise other than the soft talking and occasional laughter from Wilbur. 


All of a sudden, he heard a door open, and footsteps making contact with wooden stairs. 


Now or never, Tommy supposes. 


“Hey Wil?” Tommy asks, hoping his nerves don’t show through in his voice. Judging by Wilbur’s reaction, they don’t. 


“Hey Toms, what’s up? Need something?” 


Tommy sighed, this was his last chance to back out, his last chance to just turn around and say no. For some odd reason, he didn’t. 


“Actually yeah, can we uh, talk for a minute?” Tommy pretends that he doesn’t see the split second of fear flash across Wilbur’s face as he strides over to the couch, taking a seat beside the blonde. 


Tommy was fidgeting more now, and his anxiety was very clearly showing through. Usually, Tommy was the more forward one with his feelings, but he just felt so small under Wilbur’s anticipating gaze. 


Luckily, Wilbur is the first to break the silence. 


“What’s wrong, Tommy? Everything okay?” There’s concern laced in his voice, and Tommy feels bad for worrying him. He knows he needs to just rip this one off like a bandaid. There’s no better way. 


“N-nothing really,” he stutters. “I just, I-, um, I wanted to… try something?” Tommy avoids eye contact with Wilbur at all costs, feeling his face flush, and his palms sweat. 


“Oh? Well, what’d you have in mind?” Wilbur cocks his head, he seems genuinely confused, which doesn’t help Tommy in the slightest. He was mentally cursing right now, mentally cursing at Wilbur for not taking the hint, cursing at himself for even bringing it up in the first place. 


He should just back out, say a quick ‘nevermind’ and be done with it. But, being the stubborn idiot he is, he continues. 


“Uh, well, I don’t really know how to put this but, uh, shit,” He sighs, bringing his knees up to his chest and burying his head. “Y’know how you told me you took that, ‘psychotherapy’ thing, er, class, when you were at Uni?” 


Wilbur nods slowly, still keeping his eyebrows raised and his head tilted. Tommy doesn’t dare spare even a glance in his direction. 


“A-and you know how you said that they did a uh, hypnosis demonstration?” 


Wilbur has no idea where Tommy’s going with this, he’s trying to be as supportive as he can, through his complete confusion. Tommy finally looks back up at Wilbur and still sees his utterly clueless expression. 


He rips the bandaid off. 


“I- I just, I want you to, to um,” he gulps, “I want you to do that to me, but y’know not in, like, a therapy sense.” Tommy prays that Wilbur gets the hint this time, so he doesn’t have to suffer through this embarrassment any longer than he already has. 


“What do you mean?” For fucks sake. 


“I w-want you to do it in a, a sexual way,” Tommy mutters, quickly and quietly. His face was flushed before, but now it was stained a deep shade of red as he turns his whole body away this time. 


“Oh. Oh.” Wilbur had heard about hypnosis kinks before, he just never envisioned Tommy having one. 


The silence sat for a little too long, and Tommy began to panic, backtracking what he’d said. 


“Uh just, j-just forget it okay? It doesn’t matter, I shouldn’t have brought it up, Wil, I’m sorry-”  


Wilbur grabs onto his wrists, abruptly stopping him from leaving. “Tommy, hey, c’mere,” Wilbur motions for Tommy to sit closer to him, but Tommy seems intent on staying further away. 


“Tommy…” Wilbur starts, “C’mon, if this is something you genuinely want to try, then I’m all for it.” The brunette leans closer to Tommy, and this time, the younger doesn’t pull away. 


“You do? Y-you don’t.. think I’m, y’know, disgusting? And all that?” Tommy questions, still mentally bracing himself for rejection.


“No! No of course not, Tommy, love, I could- I could never think you were disgusting, you understand that, right? I’m fully willing to try this, just as much as you are, okay? I think I remember enough to manage.” Wilbur shifts closer into Tommy’s space, closing some of the distance. The blonde still avoids Wilbur’s eyes, despite the closeness, opting instead to watch his hands fidget with the hem of his shirt. 


“You really want this, you’re sure?” Wilbur grips Tommy’s chin in between his thumb and index finger, forcing the blue eyes to meet brown. Tommy utters a small ‘yes, I’m sure,’ and Wilbur stands up rather quickly. 


“Well, in that case,” Wilbur’s mood shifted, and Tommy couldn’t quite place it. He seemed calmer, more relaxed, moving his way towards the stairs, looking at Tommy with expecting eyes. “Coming?”


Tommy nods, more eagerly than he should’ve, but he can’t help it. He doesn’t know what the outcome of this day will be, but he’s excited nonetheless. 


“Sit on the bed for me, Toms.” Wilbur utters, shutting the door to his bedroom lightly. 


Tommy wasn’t in a trance yet, but he might as well be considering how quickly he obeyed Wilbur’s command. Anticipation pools in his stomach as he lets his back rest gently on the headboard. Wilbur sat just in front of him, letting his voice turn quiet.


“Close your eyes,” Wilbur says, softly. “I want you to focus just on my voice, okay?”


Tommy nods hesitantly, squeezing his eyes shut. Wilbur grasps his hand gently. “Relax, Toms,” he whispers. “You’re safe here, it’s just you and me alone, alright? Nothing can hurt you, trust me, I promise I’ll protect you.” 


Tommy sighs, “Okay,” he says slowly, “I trust you.” Wilbur feels his grip loosen on his hand. 


“Good,” Wilbur smiles, though Tommy doesn’t catch it. “Focusing only on my voice, I’m going to start counting backwards from ten to one. At ten, you’ll be alert and awake, though still relaxed, and by one, you’ll be dropped into a deep trance. Sound good, love?” 


Tommy nods once again, giving Wilbur permission to continue. 


“One,” Wilbur begins his countdown, releasing Tommy’s hand and resting them gently in his lap. He punctuates each number with a light snap. “Feeling so relaxed, so at peace,” he whispers, drawing out each word slowly. “All other sounds, all other sensations don’t matter right now, only me, here, and my voice.” 


Tommy can feel himself relax, though he’s still hesitant. He’s never felt this out of control, and through his excitement, he can’t help but sense a feeling of nervousness festering in his stomach. What if he doesn’t like this feeling? What if he doesn’t want this after all? What if Wilbur doesn’t want this? What if-


“Two.” Tommy’s thoughts are swiftly interrupted. “Starting to feel a tingling sensation rest in your body. Shoulders dropping so nicely, yes, that’s it,” Wilbur utters the praise quickly, noticing Tommy’s unease. 


It was as if everything Wilbur said was slowly becoming Tommy’s only reality. When he told him to relax, his body did, faster than his mind could even process. Tommy quickly became infatuated with the feeling. 


“Three…” Wilbur began to trail off. Tommy noticed his voice was becoming more distant, his mind becoming increasingly clouded. Tommy’s eyes felt like led as he struggled to fight off the urge to drop right then and there. 


The brunette chuckled to himself quietly, just soft enough for it to go unheard by the blonde. He knew Tommy wanted this, he just didn’t expect it to be this easy . He expected the annoying, obnoxious kid to put up more of a fight against the sensation, subconscious or otherwise. But that didn’t seem to be the case as Tommy continued to melt into the bed, face becoming flushed, eyes fluttering as his mouth hung open slightly. Adorable, Wilbur thought. 


“Good boy, drifting so nicely for me, so deep for me already…” Wilbur leans closer to Tommy, whispering in his ear. Tommy’s face lit up more at that, each bit of praise sending Tommy further into relaxation and bliss. 


Wilbur continues his countdown, each command he breathed pushing Tommy deeper and deeper, closer to a trance he so desperately craved. The younger’s head began to move in little circles, now subconsciously struggling to keep himself awake and aware. Quickly taking note of this, Wilbur leaned forward once again, crowding Tommy’s space and blocking out all other senses. 


“Eight,” Wilbur murmurs, drawing out each letter. “Letting go completely of all other thoughts. Nothing else exists right now, nothing else but me, my voice, and my commands.” 


He feels Tommy go slack against him, and Tommy can feel Wilbur’s smile on his ear as he exhales a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.  


“Good, doing so well for me, Tommy,” he whispers, and the now barely coherent part of the younger’s mind beams at the praise. 


“Nine, feeling so ready, so willing for me. Knowing how good it would feel to let your mind go even further, to let yourself slip. You’re too tired to keep going, aren’t you? You want this. Wouldn’t it feel so nice to allow yourself to let go?” 


He’s right, Tommy can feel his own exhaustion hit him hard as his mind slipped deeper. It’d feel so good, it’d be so easy just to… 


“Ten.” He pauses. “Drop,” Wilbur says, lightly snapping his fingers. 


Any other thought that may have attempted to enter Tommy’s mind had completely disappeared as his head lolled to the side, leaving his neck exposed. His arms and legs felt like weights chaining him to the bed as his hands rested on the soft sheets, palms facing towards the ceiling. His breath was slow, and his entire body was completely still, save for the slight rise and fall of his chest. 


Wilbur leaned back, admiring his work, feeling his face flush slightly at the sight. Seeing the younger like this, so pliant and completely under his control shouldn’t have turned Wilbur on as much as it did. But as he felt his pants tightening, he couldn’t help the smirk that overtook his features. 


“Can you hear me, love?” Tommy let out a soft noise in response, slowly letting his head bob up and down in a halfhearted nod. Wilbur’s smirk grew wider. 


“God, I didn’t know it’d be this easy to get you into this state, Toms,” Wilbur muses. “I probably could’ve dropped you by five if I really wanted to.” 


Another soft noise, followed by a deep sigh. Tommy was completely gone. 




“Lift your head up, Tommy.” The blonde immediately complies, raising his head while still keeping his eyes closed. Wilbur can better see the effect the relaxation had on Tommy, and he craved more. Craved the control he already had. 


“Open your eyes for me sweetheart, staying completely in trance, just as deep and relaxed.” 


Tommy let his eyes slowly flutter open, completely glazed over and blissed out as he stared off into the distance, mouth still open. He looks so willing, ready to serve and please without even needing the command. Fuck, Wilbur thinks. 


“How’s it feel, Tommy?” The younger struggled to find the ability to speak, having listened for so long, speaking felt like a chore as his brain found trouble forming even basic words. 


“Uh... ” Tommy hesitates. “Feel foggy… sleepy,” he manages to slur out. “Can’t… uh, think…” 


“You can’t think?” 


“Mh,” he murmurs, “‘S weird…” 


Wilbur lets out a light chuckle as he leans back once more. Seeing Tommy in trance was one thing, but hearing him try to speak was a whole new level. He wanted to hear more, wanted to have Tommy repeat commands and mantras for hours, but he also wanted to shut him up, to prove to him that despite his loud personality, he was nothing more than an obedient little kid. 


Wilbur smiled at the thought. 


“Alright,” The brunette lets his hands fall near Tommy’s, though still not touching the entranced boy. “Tell me about some of these fantasies.” Wilbur sat back expectantly, awaiting Tommy’s, albeit slow, response. “I need some ideas for what to do with you.”


“Want you to.. Want you to uh…mhh” Tommy begins, still unsure of how to speak in this state. 


“Use me, want you to use me… keep me in this state all day and... fuck me as you s-see fit.” Tommy says, no shame present in his tone, while Wilbur’s face flushes. “I wanna be controlled… taken advantage of, wanna be good for you all the time. Want to be dropped when I least expect… want triggers that- that make me horny a-and uh… obedient…” 


“Triggers, huh? You really want me to have that much control over you?” Wilbur was sure in Tommy’s answer, but he wanted to confirm that Tommy truly wanted this. 


“Yes,” Tommy says, no hesitation present. Wilbur’s heart sings at that, slowly exhaling as he leans into Tommy’s space once again, whispering in his ear.


“Well then, how about this? Every time I snap my fingers, you’ll lose your train of thought, becoming more and more mindless, and every time I pull on your hair, you’ll drop deeper until you’re back into trance, hm? I wonder how many tugs it’d take for me to drop you all the way back, how long it would take before you’re completely mine again.” 


Tommy squirms at those words, letting out a low groan, and Wilbur can see the tent forming in his pants. “F-fuck.. I-”


“Shh, no talking.” He presses his finger lightly against Tommy’s open mouth. “Good boys don’t talk,” Wilbur says softly, and Tommy moans again. The silence sits in the room for a bit, wanting the triggers to fully take hold of Tommy’s mind. Once Wilbur’s satisfied, he speaks again.


“Let’s bring you up, shall we? I want to try this out.” Tommy doesn’t know how to respond, instead just nods. 


Wilbur slowly worked on releasing Tommy’s mind from his trance, counting backwards this time, letting Tommy readjust to his surroundings. He was quickly met with vivid blue eyes, scanning around the room until finally settling on Wilbur’s own. 


“How do you feel, Toms?” Wilbur cocked his head slightly. 


“I uh, I don’t really know… confused, I guess?” The blonde blinks a few more times, eyes straining slightly against the light in the room. 


“In a good way?” 


“Yeah, definitely in a good way.” Tommy’s shoulders relax, and Wilbur smirks. It’s Tommy who tilts his head at that, quickly shooting him a look. 


“What’s that look for?” he says, laughing lightheartedly, though he couldn’t help the slight worry seeping into his tone. “I- uh, didn’t happen to say anything embarrassing while I was in that state, did I?” 


Wilbur’s silence only makes him panic more. 


“Oh God, I did, didn’t I? Shit, oh, fuck, Wil, can you just um,” he struggles to swallow the lump in his throat. “Could you just forget anything that you may have heard? I’m sure I didn’t mean it, and I-”




Tommy’s eyes unfocused for a second, mind completely blanking as Wilbur’s amused look burned holes into his skin. 


“Shit, uh.. sorry. What the hell was I talking about…?” He glances up at Wilbur, only to be met with the same smug expression. Tommy furrows his brow and Wilbur’s smile grows wider, crossing his arms. Tommy lets out a half chuckle at the other’s attitude, face morphing into an annoyed smile.


“Okay, okay, you asshole. What the hell did you do to m’head?” Tommy points his index finger to his temple, making the brunette throw his head back as he laughs. Tommy joins him, hesitantly, still unsure of what was happening. 


“A trigger, you idiot,” Wilbur managed to get out between giggles. “I planted a trigger.” 


Tommy looks up, a mix of pleasure and confusion resting on his face. “Y-you, you did, uh what? You planted a fucking trig-,”




“Fuck, W-wilbur, what? I don’t- I…” He trailed off, breathless, eyes rolling in the back of his head as he desperately tried to remember what he was going to say, what they were even talking about in the first place.


It was such a turn on. Having Tommy fall slowly back under his control with such a fleeting gesture made Wilbur’s cock ache painfully against his jeans. He needed to do something about it. 


Wilbur brings his hand forward wordlessly, resting it on the back of Tommy’s neck as he brings the other to rest on Tommy’s waist, pulling him closer. 


“Wil, I-” Tommy stutters. 


Wilbur cuts him off with a sharp tug on the hair at the back of his head, making Tommy’s neck jerk to the side, eyes screwing shut as his mouth falls open in dazed pleasure. He rests his hand on top of Wilbur’s at the back of his head, slowly opening his eyes to gaze at the older with a mindless expression. 


“Fuck, Wil what- what was that?” Tommy blinks, trying to regain awareness of his surroundings. 


“Your second trigger, love,” Wilbur smiled, bringing himself closer to Tommy, resting his forehead atop the younger’s. 


“You p-prick, you fucking, you gave me two?” Tommy questions, letting his second hand land on Wilbur’s knee. 


“Where’s the fun in just one, Tommy? You can handle more than that, can’t you?” 


Before Tommy can respond, he’s interrupted by another sharp tug on his hair and a pair of lips on his own. He can practically feel his mind slipping from him, similar to his induction earlier. He’s in love with the feeling, letting Wilbur know by moaning into the kiss. The gesture makes Wilbur groan, and soon, his hands are swiftly roaming Tommy’s body, feeling up every spot he knew would make the younger come undone. 


Tommy’s laid on his back, legs spread as he mindlessly continues the kiss, letting Wilbur lead as he continues activating his trigger. With each sharp tug, he feels his body and mind give up more control, feels his thoughts fading until all he can think is Wilbur, fuck feels so good, and moremoremore. 


Wilbur pulls back from the kiss, a string of spit connecting glossy lips. He looks down at Tommy, sees him teetering on the edge of awareness and mindless trance, looking at Wilbur for guidance. Wilbur groans at the sight, involuntarily grinding his hips harshly against Tommy’s crotch, making Tommy cry out. 


Wilbur leans forward once again, attacking Tommy’s sensitive neck with kisses and bruises, continuing to leave him on edge as he feels the blonde squirm underneath him. 


“Wilbur, Wil, p-please, ah,” He doesn’t really know what he’s begging for specifically, all he knows is that he wants more, wants whatever Wilbur is willing to give him. He wants to please WIlbur, to satisfy him, to give up control to him, both in mind and body. 


As if reading Tommy’s mind, Wilbur pulls back to meet Tommy’s eyes one more time, scanning for any uncertainty before snaking his hand up to Tommy’s hair once again, and giving a final, powerful tug.


He watches Tommy’s vivid blue eyes grey out and enter a blissful state of obedience. 


Wilbur smiles at that, slowly sitting back as he gives Tommy his first command. 


“Strip for me.” 


Tommy obeys instantly, immediately grabbing at the hem of his shirt and pulling it off, revealing a flushed chest and sweat beads adorning soft skin. Wilbur sat back on his heels, giving Tommy more room while he watched the show. His pants were next, nimble fingers working to slowly undo the button on his jeans, pushing them down as well as his boxers in one swift movement. 


Normally, Tommy would be embarrassed to be the only one naked when Wilbur was still fully clothed. If he was in his normal state, he’d probably be nagging Wilbur to at least lose his shirt, pants, something, but not this time. Tommy’s mind had been completely wiped, the need to please Wilbur being his only want, his only need. He had to obey Wilbur, that was a given. 


It barely even registered that Wilbur had gotten up off the bed, Tommy still laying down, staring blankly at the ceiling while he awaited his next command. 


“Come here, on your knees, love,” 


The blonde sits up quickly, making his way over to Wilbur as he sinks to his knees, just like the older asked, no, commanded him to. 


He stared up at the man with blank eyes, eyes that wanted nothing more than to serve, than to be used, and Wilbur couldn’t help the choked groan that escaped his throat. Tommy’s lips parted dumbly, whether it was a result from his trance or anticipation for what’s to come, Wilbur wasn’t sure. All he knew was that it was the hottest thing he had ever fucking seen. 


Fuck Tommy, you’re so fucking adorable like this, you know that right? So fucking deep for me right now, so good for me…” Tommy keened at the praise, though his eyes never left Wilbur’s as he waited patiently. He wouldn’t make a move unless Wilbur told him to. 


Wilbur pulled Tommy closer to him, resting his hand on the back of his head as he slowly moved the tip of his cock closer to Tommy’s open mouth. 


“You’re such a little whore, Tommy. Never fully satisfied without me, without my praises, without me touching you. You’re just a slut, always needing to be fucked, isn’t that right, Tommy?” The blonde gazes up at him and Wilbur pauses. 


“Say it.” 


“Yes, I-I’m a, fuck, little slut, always needing to be f-fucked…” There was no hesitation in Tommy’s tone, only pleasure and obedience as Tommy continued to make eye contact with the other. Another groan escaped the older’s lips as he slowly slipped the tip of his cock into Tommy’s willing mouth. 


“Such a good boy, baby. So good,” Tommy’s thighs are shaking, and his cock is already leaking with precum as he feels the weight of Wilbur’s cock on his tongue. He wants more, but Wilbur hasn’t given him permission to move, so instead he sits patiently. 


“That’s it, waiting for my commands, so perfect for me.” Wilbur pulls lightly again on Tommy’s hair, activating his trigger and sending him deeper than he had previously been. Tommy whines, sending vibrations around the most sensitive part of Wilbur’s dick, causing him to throw his head back. 


Without warning, Wilbur thrusts his cock deep inside Tommy’s throat, making the younger gag at the sudden intrusion. It’s not enough to bring him fully out of his trance, but he does gain more awareness than he previously had. 


“Relax your throat,” Wilbur says, and Tommy complies instantly, despite having a gag reflex. Wilbur feels Tommy’s throat relax wonderfully against the head of his cock, the sensation sending electricity coursing through his veins. 


“Now,” Wilbur growls, hands reaching up to Tommy’s head once more.


 “Suck my cock,” He commands, pulling on Tommy’s hair at the same time, and all awareness that Tommy had gained back was replaced with mindlessness as he began moving his mouth around the brunette’s cock. His tongue licked and swirled, all while bringing Wilbur deeper into his mouth, moving to match Wilbur’s thrusts as he felt himself being facefucked. 


Wilbur is taken aback by Tommy’s ability to obey his commands completely, usually being so bratty and defiant during sex. Not that Wilbur didn’t enjoy that, but this was a whole new level as he watched Tommy take his harsh thrusts, eye contact never wavering. Looking down to see innocent, mindless eyes nearly pushed him over the edge as he continued pulling on his hair, sending him deeper and deeper. 


Tommy continued to look at him with an expression that he’d never seen on him before, so eager to please, like all he lived for was obeying Wilbur.


“Fuck, Tommy,” Wilbur pants, “Doing so fucking good for me, such a good boy, fuck,” 


  Wilbur slows his thrusts for a moment, giving Tommy one final command. 


“Tommy, when I command you to, I want you to cum, hard, alright? Think you can do that for me, love?” 


Tommy responded by nodding frantically, clearly very close, despite never touching himself. He continued moving around Wilbur’s cock expertly, with the elimination of his gag reflex, the older was in pure ecstasy. He knew he was close when his thrusts became erratic, and Tommy screwed his eyes shut, desperately awaiting his own release. 


Wilbur wouldn’t allow that. 


“Look at me, Toms,” Wilbur was met with the same blankness, though tiny sparks of want and pleasure flickered through a controlled expression. The coil in Wilbur’s stomach grew tighter, and he knew that within a few more thrusts, he would soon reach his peak. 




“Cum for me, Tommy,” 


Tommy screamed out around Wilbur’s cock as he began involuntarily rutting against the floor, eyes never leaving Wilbur’s as he rode out his orgasm, feeling utterly euphoric, a warm buzzing sensation resting on his skin as he felt electricity spark inside him.


Wilbur was soon to follow, vision whiting out as he spilled over into Tommy’s mouth, holding his head in place as he groaned, low and deep. 


He pulled back slowly, looking down at Tommy who was staring back up at him. He wondered how far Tommy would truly go for him while under his control. 


“Swallow,” he commanded, and as soon as he uttered the word, he watched Tommy eagerly swallow every last bit of cum that had landed in his mouth. 


Wilbur almost came a second time at the sight, mouth slightly open as he watched the display. 


Tommy didn’t look back up at Wilbur, causing Wilbur to frown slightly with concern. He leaned down, seeing Tommy gazing past him, still panting, trying desperately to catch his breath. 


“Shit-” He breathes out, “You’re so out of it, look at me, yeah?” 


Tommy can barely get his eyes to focus as he brings them over to where he thinks Wilbur is. His eyes adjust a little more when he’s met with a small smile from the brunette.


His mind doesn’t let him register how he’d gotten onto the bed, but he doesn’t mind as he slowly sinks into the sheets, a feeling of complete bliss overtaking his senses. 


“So cute,” Wilbur coos, leaning down to brush some of the hair away from his sweaty forehead, placing a kiss there. “Gotta wake you up now, don’t I?” Wilbur sighs. 


It’s a rhetorical question more than anything, but Tommy still lets out a noise, one that Wilbur can only classify as a small protest. He chuckles lightly, entertaining the thought of keeping Tommy in this state all day, mindless and obedient. He makes a mental note of it, then leans down closer to the smaller, running his fingers through his soft hair. 


“I know, I know, as much as I’d love to keep you like this, we have to clean up. I’m going to bring you up now, okay? And when I do, all of your triggers will be gone, you’ll be completely back to normal. You’ll remember everything else, though, everything that you experienced while in trance, all of the pleasure that came with it, understand?” 


Tommy nods slowly, arms splayed out across the bed as he was slowly brought out of trance.


Wilbur begins counting, and once again allows Tommy to readjust to his surroundings, helping the blonde slowly sit up as he grips onto his hands gently. 


“Hi,” Wilbur whispers. 


“Hey,” Tommy says back, looking around the room.


“You alright?” Wilbur asks, genuine concern lacing his voice. 


“‘M just fine, trying to collect myself is all…” Tommy trails off sleepily, voice rasping slightly.


Wilbur giggles as he wraps an arm around Tommy’s shoulder, pulling him close. A few beats of silence pass, Tommy being the first one to break it. 


“That was really… I- wow…” Tommy stutters, “Sorry, ‘m still trying to gather my thoughts ‘n shit.” Wilbur looks down at the boy while Tommy looks up, both searching for any kind of regret in the other’s eyes. Finding none, Wilbur responds. 


“Yeah, who knew that the great woman-loving, big man Tommyinnit would be so willing to get on his knees for a lowlife like Wilbur Soot? What happened to me being inferior?” 


Tommy punched him on the arm, though he had little strength left. 


“Fucking prick,” Tommy attempts to protest, but instead just cuddles closer to Wilbur, sighing into his chest. 


“Okay, okay, sorry,” Wilbur says, rolling his eyes. “You need some water? I know I got kind of rough there at the end,” The taller shifts his weight as if to leave, but Tommy quickly stops him. 


“No, jus’ uh, stay please? Need you right now….” Tommy exhales, “And besides, I enjoyed it, like, a lot. You kept pulling my hair and it made me go.. deeper? I guess? I don’t know, whatever you did, I really liked it.” Through his sleepy haze, Tommy still managed to sound so genuine, so honest. It made Wilbur’s heart swell. 


“I’m glad then, because I really liked it too,” Wilbur says, lightly carding his hands through Tommy’s hair. 


“You did?” 


“Yeah, I-, something about you when you were on your knees, Tommy, fuck, you looked so tranced out, like all that was on your mind was pleasing me.” Wilbur shifts their weight, so that they’re both laying down, facing each other. “It was the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen…” 


Tommy blushes at the praise, ducking his head below Wilbur’s chin, making the taller grin softly. 


“Mh, thanks Wilbur,” Tommy murmurs, making Wilbur’s grip tighten around his waist. 


Wilbur listened to the sound of Tommy’s breathing, observing it slowly evening out as the boy passed out in his arms. He pressed a quick kiss to the top of his head, letting his eyes shut and his own exhaustion overwhelm him.