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Prompt: “I made the mistake of thinking ‘this can’t possibly get any weirder’. Sorry.” 




“God, Anders, you’ve been driving me crazy for the entire evening.” Mitchell confessed. Ty had just dropped them off at Anders’ apartment – both of them way too drunk to drive – and Mitchell had pinned Anders against the apartment door once they were inside.

“I didn’t do anything.” Anders replied, pushing Mitchell’s jacket off. “I was at the other end of the room. You were hanging out with Axl and his dumb friend.”

“You were aroused from the moment I threatened Mike with bodily harm.” Mitchell stated.

“I wasn’t that obvious.” Anders murmured, fingers working open Mitchell’s dress shirt with practiced precision.

“Doesn’t matter. I could smell you.”

“Smell me? What do you mean?” Mitchell smiled when Anders sniffed himself. “I don’t smell anything, just cologne and booze.”

“I’m a predator, remember?” Mitchell explained. “We can smell our prey. Your desire for me was obvious to me.”

“So I’ve been smelling like ‘fuck me’ for the entire evening?”

“Yes.” Mitchell groaned when he finally opened their trousers.

“Is this why you always know all my turn-ons and kinks?” Anders asked suddenly.

“Of course.”

“Damn, I thought you were just really good in bed.”

“Oh, but I am.” Mitchell grinned and inhaled deeply. He did not need his sense of smell to know Anders was turned on by it.

“This is really strange.” Anders chuckled.

“Knowing that I can smell you from across the room you mean? Stranger than the fangs and the black eyes and the blood drinking and being 100 years old? Or stranger than being the embodiment of a Norse god and being able to talk strangers into doing basically anything you want?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I made the mistake of thinking ‘this can’t possibly get any weirder’. Sorry.”

“Apology accepted. Now let me smell you.” Mitchell inhaled deeply into the crook of Anders’ neck. “I can smell you want to give me a blowjob and then get pounded in to the mattress.”

“You can’t possibly tell that from my smell.” Anders accused.

“Am I wrong?” Mitchell raised an eyebrow.

Anders stalked off towards the bedroom.

“Am I?” Mitchell called after him.

“Get the fuck in here.” Anders demanded.

Mitchell laughed loudly. He quickly found out he had been right.