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beacon in the fog

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“Love, are you coming soon?”

Jaemin startled from where he was hunched over his laptop in the corner of the room, almost as if he’d forgotten that anyone else was in the apartment.

His reaction was quite visible to Renjun, who shrugged off the covers from where he was lying and sat up slowly.

“Yes, Jun. I’m almost done. I just need to..” Jaemin’s voice was raspy from disuse, and he trailed off as he returned his attention to that blasted screen.

Blearily, Renjun glanced at the alarm clock situated on their bedside table, its face displaying a glaring reminder of the time. It wasn’t the first time he’d done so that night, and Renjun had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the last.

Jaemin stifled a yawn as he looked back and forth between his laptop and his boyfriend, seemingly weighing the pros and cons of going to sleep in his mind. Renjun loved his brain. Jaemin was so smart. It really was such a shame that his godly genes didn't come with some sort of self-preservation instinct.

“Really, Jaem, you’re working yourself to the bone.” Renjun slowly slid out of bed to pad over to Jaemin. He gently pulled the laptop away from his boyfriend’s cramped hands and saved the document before closing the lid and setting it down on the desk.

The dim light of the desk lamp haloed Jaemin’s head nicely, Renjun would say. It made him look rather lovely. Renjun took the chance to get a closer look at him. Placing his hands on either side of Jaemin’s face, he ran his thumbs over his cheekbones, before pulling him in for a soft kiss on the forehead.

“Sleep, love. You can’t focus if you stay up too late.” Renjun’s tone was hushed, not wanting to disturb the peacefulness of the midnight hour.

It took a bit, but Renjun managed to finally guide his reluctant boyfriend to the bed. As soon as Jaemin’s back hit the mattress, he went boneless, basking in the coolness of the sheets. He burrowed into the covers and oh Renjun was so fond of him.

As Renjun slipped into the covers, Jaemin rolled over into his arms and they lay together, simply enjoying each other’s presence.

Renjun carded his fingers through Jaemin’s hair, scraping the blunt edges of his fingernails against his scalp. Jaemin let out a pleased hum.

“Thank you.”

“For what, darling?"

"For dealing with me?"

"Dealing with you? That makes you sound like a burden, love. You’re the only one for me. Perfect in my eyes, really.”

Renjun pulled Jaemin a bit closer.

“Love you.”

Jaemin pulled his arm out from under Renjun's back, and lovingly patted his head in response.

It really was the little moments that counted.

This was home.