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Leonard gets up in the morning with a small smile on his face and gets ready for his shift in MedBay.

He greets several people on the way to get his morning coffee, and sits down at his desk to begin his paperwork before he has to begin seeing any appointments.

He catches himself humming under his breath, but can't be bothered to stop.

Nurse Chapel knocks on his door to let him know that there's a patient who needs to be seen after an accident down in Engineering, and he doesn't even grumble about how it's too early for injuries.

She gives him a weird look as he walks by, but doesn't say anything.

The day goes by in much the same fashion. He has engaging conversations with the nurses on shift, and the day goes by quicker than it usually does.

He finishes off his shift with more paperwork, sending off a few requests for new medical equipment that's available.

He almost doesn't look up when his door opens again, and it's Nurse Chapel.

"You know you're free to go? Dr. M'Benga is here to relieve you."

Leonard looks at the time. "I didn't even notice," he says with a small smile as he begins to pack up his things.

"I could tell. What's going on with you, Leonard?"

"What do you mean?"

"You've been in a good mood all day. You haven't yelled at anyone once, even when Nurse Smith messed up the treatment on a patient."

Leonard waves it off. "It wasn't that big of a deal."

She stares him down, and it's rather eerie to watch her figure him out right in front of him.

"You had a date last night."

Leonard pauses for a moment before answering her. "I might have had a date last night."

A smile splits her face and she plops down in the chair across from him. "Who was it?"

"I... shouldn't be talking about this with you, Christine."

"Oh come on, we're off duty! I'm happy for you, Leonard, I just want to know who's making you so happy."

He can't help the small grin that touches his lips. "You know who it is, Chris. He's here every day."

She pretends to think, tapping her finger on her chin.

"Must be Scotty, then."

Leonard rubs his eyes, sighing.

"Oh! Chekov. No, wait, he's seeing that cute girl down in the labs. Hmm."

"It's Jim, okay?" Leonard finally gives in.

"What's Jim?" comes the Captain's voice from the doorway.

Chris winks at Leonard before standing up and heading toward the door.

"Nothing, Captain. I'm just on my way out. Goodnight, Dr. McCoy."

Jim closes the door and walks over to lean on the desk next to him.

"Hey," he says, giving Leonard a soft kiss.

"Hey yourself, kid," Leonard replies.

"What was that all about?"

Leonard sighs. "Apparently... I haven't been myself today."

Jim nods. "So I've heard. Did something happen last night?"

Leonard glares up at him. "You know damn well what happened last night."

Jim hums. "I could stand to hear it again."

Leonard pushes his chair back and stands, placing his hands on the desk on either side of Jim.

"We had a date last night," he starts. "Dinner and a movie, and you fell asleep on my shoulder. I woke you up when the credits rolled, and you told me you loved me."

"Don't forget the part where you said it right back, Bones."

They're smiling at each other as Leonard leans in to kiss Jim.

"I'll always say it back, Jim. I love you."

"I love you, too, Bones."