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Dreams and expectations

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Catra had sat down in a spinning chair, one hand having a cup of wine while the other was occupied with a cigarette. Her head was looking at the ceiling and she was absolutely exhausted. Catra was about to start spinning with the chair, without a care of the wine spilling on the carpet or her dior red dress, when the door rang.

“It’s me, open up” - A stern voice called from outside

Catra groaned.

“Is it really worth it to get up?” - she thought. She was comfortable in her chair as it was

“I said, open up” - The voice spoke again after a few minutes, even more stern

She sighed and put her wine and cigarette on the counter.

Walking over, she had a heavy heart, knowing what was to come when she opened that door

She took a deep breath in and out and finally opened the door

“Catra..” - The man in front of her said in disbelief with a face of disgust

“God, look at you. You look like an absolute mess” - The man said, this time, with an angry voice

“Look who’s talking. What, do you think you’re handsome? Because you’re not. You have nothing going for you aside from your money” - Catra said without hesitating, walking over to the counter to the wine and cigarette.

Before she could go anywhere, he grabbed her wrist, tightly “Watch your mouth. I’m your husband, if you forgot. You take care of ME, not the other way around. You make my food, clean my clothes and eventually, give me a baby to have an heir for this family”

Catra rolled her eyes and tried to pull away, but her husband held her wrist tight enough that she couldn’t escape. “Look Johnny, we have this talk everyday, I fucking get it, youre a baby and you need to be taken care of. What, you need the diapers cleaned too?” - She snickered

With him staying quiet, she took her chance to speak again

“I don’t understand why my mother chose you out of all the other men for me to have to be with. You were the ugliest and worst one” - Catra said with a smirk

“Look you bitch, you don’t seem to understand anything, y-” Johnny was interrupted with Catra stepping on his foot, finally being free to walk towards the counter to get her things, hearing him whine in the background. Next to the counter, there was a gramophone. If putting on music and dancing wasn’t so fun to do, she would have broken it already, just out of rage of having this manchild around her. Her dear husband decided to start yelling at her, so she carefully put a vinyl on the gramophone.

“What are you saying? Sorry, I can’t hear you with the sound of the music” - Catra said as loud as she could, moving towards the kitchen to throw the cigarette away and drinking what was rest of the wine in one gulp

She notticed how he was suddenly getting closer to her and she was getting scared

“If you don’t shut the fuck up I will use the glass you use everyday to get drunk to. You don’t want to see me when I’m truly angry” - Johnny said, with a red face

Catra truly hated that these baseless threats actually scared her. She hated it with her whole heart. She put the glass down, before he could touch it and closed her eyes

“Okay, you win” - Catra said, even more exhausted than she was an hour ago in that chair. She looked at the clock on top of her and noticed it was already 11 pm.

“I’m going to get my pijamas. I’ll stay in the guest room” - Catra said walking to the room, but being stopped in the wrist that was marked red from the same man that made the mark

“Wait, Catra. Sleep with me again. I love you” - Johnny stated.

“No sincerity in those brown eyes. I bet he’s fucking 20 other girls. As if I cared” - Catra thought

“No you don’t” - She stated, with a clearer voice than any other moment through that hour. And this time, when she pulled away, he let her



The next morning, she woke up to the phone ringing. While walking towards the phone, she looked around, noticing how thankfully, there were no signs of her husband, realizing he had gone to work already.

“Hello?” Catra responded, in her usual fake voice, as told to do so by her mother

“Catra, it’s your mother. I need to speak with you immediately” - A strong voice could be heard from the woman

Catra put her hands on her head. This was not what she wanted to wake up to.

“Yes, mother. But I am a bit busy right now, you see, my dear husband has just woken up and I need to make him breakfast” - Catra said, lying straight through her teeth

“Honey, I don’t know what you gain from lying to me. Your husband is in front of me. We accidentally bumped into each other when he was going to work. He confessed how excited you were on having a child and that you were planning on getting pregnant soon! That is such exciting news!” - Catra could see her mother’s fake smile through her voice

Catra started panicking. She never wanted to be with this man, let alone have a child with him. Her breathing quickened

“Hello? Catra?” - Her mother said, her usual strong voice, faltering

“I have to go” - Catra stated, with her breathing still not controlled. She had to go out and find somewhere to be. She could not be with these people ever, but specially right now.


She hung up her phone and went to put on the first thing she found in her closet, without even putting makeup on. She ran to the forest nearby the mansion she was staying in as she usually does when she feels distressed.

She had been walking for hours at that point, going more in depth than she ever had, letting herself notice all the little details she hadn't noticed before, instead of just going out for a smoke.

'Oh how I wish I had the freedom to truly endulge in nature. I could make wonderful paintings out of these trees alone" - She thought to herself

Then, walking even more further, she found a large place.
This place had it all, a pool, many rooms with large windows and was even bigger than her own mansion. She cursed to herself knowing it wasn’t actually hers. Either way, knowing there was a mansion bigger than the one she lived in. There was also the fact that it was so far away from the rest of the people in the neighbourhood, which is the usual reason people liked to live there, out of wanting to network. This all combined peaked her curiosity, so she walked towards it.

Through the window, she saw many windows, but she focused on one specifically, where she could see someone in the reflection. That person was tall and they were fencing with another person indoors, making her heart hurt. The tall person then took off the mask that covered their face and Catra had so much shock that she fell to the ground, wincing out of hurting herself. But that didn't matter to her.


The heart inside her was racing and hurting more than anything else.

There could be no way it was her.

“Adora?” She said, out loud, even though she was too far away for Adora to hear her