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This Kindergarten Crush

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Ranboo adjusts his Minecraft backpack anxiously, glancing up at the tall elementary school building. Mommy laughs a little at his nervousness, making him pout up at her. “Oh, Boo,” She smiles a little, crouching down to his height. Ranboo is tall for his five years, so with her crouching, Mommy is shorter than him.

She presses a kiss to his cheek, making him giggle shyly. “You’re gonna have a good day, baby. Mommy has to drop bubby off soon so let’s find your teacher, yeah?” Mommy asks, ruffling his hair before standing up again and looking around for ‘Ms. Niki’.

Before walking away from the car, Ranboo waves back at Dream, whose still in the car, holding his own backpack- just a simple lime green color with no extra details- on his lap. Dream smiles at him, waving back before going back to his phone.

“Oh, there she is,” Mommy says, pointing at a short lady with similarly short light pink hair. Ranboo likes her hair, almost as much as likes Mommy’s- which is fluffy and a pure white.

They walk over, Ranboo anxiously fiddling with his fingers. When Mommy notices his fidgeting, she pulls out his Enderman plushie. He grins up at her, “Thank you, Mama.” Ranboo murmurs, now playing with Mago happily. Mommy ruffles his hair again, and greets Ms. Niki.

“Hi! I’m Ms. Nihachu, but you can call me Ms. Niki!” Ms. Niki is really happy, Ranboo notices. She’s bright and peachy, like Tubbo is when he sees a bee at the park. “And this little guy is?” Ms. Niki asks, looking over at him instead of at Mommy.

Mommy grins, something proud about her face like it always is when she gets to talk about Ranboo or Dream. “This little rascal is Ranboo!” Mommy says. Ranboo thinks Mommy likes Ms. Niki. Her face is all red, a bright contrast to her white fluff curls.

Ms. Niki nods, looking at him with soft, kind eyes. She puts a small hand out, and Ranboo shakes it gently like he was taught to. It makes him happy when Ms. Niki’s smile widens. “Aren’t you such a polite little boy!” Ms. Niki says, finally looking back up at Mommy.

“He’s in great hands, Ms. Taken. School ends at two pm, but we have an after school program with snacks and homework help for the kids if you don’t get off at that time. Should I know about any allergies or illnesses?” Ms. Niki asks.

Mommy shakes her head, “Nope! I’ll be off now, okay, baby?” Mommy says, pressing a sweet but quick kiss to Ranboo’s forehead before going to the car again.

Ranboo flaps Mago’s arms, quickly becoming distracted. Ms. Niki gently grabs his hand, leading him to a group of kids. His new classmates, Ranboo thinks, hugging Mago close to his chest.


A shout of his name, and Tubbo, Ranboo’s best friend, appears before him. “Ran!” Tubbo giggles, wrapping Ranboo in a hug. In his own arms, Tubbo holds his bee plushie, Spins. “We’re in the same class, Boo!”

Excited, Ranboo nods happily, “This is gonna be so much fun!”


It was, indeed, fun.

Ranboo was, however, mostly distracted during the day. Luckily, it was the first day so nothing overly important was being discussed. And, you may be asking, what was distracting little Ranboo so much?

Well, it wasn’t a ‘what’, it was more of a ‘who’.

Tommy Craft, the small blond beauty that sat two seats in front and one seat to the left of Ranboo. Tommy had come in late, and his daddy had explained it was because of Tommy’s older brothers. Ranboo wanted to kick Tommy’s big brothers for making the angel so upset. Tommy was so pretty- prettier than even any girl in their class. He’d been crying when he came in, so upset that he was late on his first day. Ranboo was enamored ever since.

Distantly, Ranboo hears to Ms. Niki babble on and on about protocols and rules that they were supposed to follow. Ranboo, usually, would be intently listening to his teacher, like he had in pre-school, but he was too busy admiring Tommy.

The boy had blond curls, though his hair wasn’t as curly as Ranboo’s mommy’s was. Ranboo didn’t mind, of course, Tommy was already so pretty, even without the onslaught of curls. Tommy had bright blue eyes that gleamed and shined even when they didn’t have tears in them.

His cheeks were still a little chubby, and it reminded Ranboo of a bunny, even though Tommy would’ve probably scoffed at the idea- he was too ‘brave’ and ‘fierce’ to be a little bunny.

That didn’t change Ranboo’s mind, though.

Lunch was called, and the Ms. Niki’s kindergarten class toddles to their backpacks to grab lunch boxes and snacks before they begin to head outside, to the little kid’s playground. Lunch and recess were combined- if you ate a decent amount of your lunch, you could go play while the other kids ate.

Ranboo quickly ate his sandwich and chips, nibbling on his carrots and celery much less enthusiastically. It didn’t take long before Ms. Niki was granting him permission to go play with the other speedy kids who were swinging and jumping about the playset. Tommy was still eating his fruit cup, so Ranboo just swung on the swings and sort of… stared.

Eventually, Tubbo joins him a minute or two later, and looks in the direction Ranboo has yet to break his stare from. Tubbo giggles, “You like Tommy!” He says, just a little too loudly.

Shushing his friend, Ranboo flushes. “A little bit. Just a little, though.” He insists. But Tubbo knows him too well, and giggles again. “Okay. Fine. I like him a lot.” Ranboo says, glancing back over at Tommy, who is now showing his empty lunch box to Ms. Niki.

Tubbo nods, accepting his answer. “Well, if you like him so much, why don’t you get married?” He asks.

Frowning, Ranboo looks back over at his friend. “Why would I do that?” He asks incredulously. Tubbo shrugs, “I don’ know. That’s what my daddy did with Quackity, though. I got to hold the rings!” He says, quickly becoming distracted. Ranboo knows Tubbo got to hold the rings, he was at the wedding because Mommy was really good friends with Tubbo’s daddy.

Ranboo thinks for a few moments. He nods, “That makes sense. What did Uncle Schlatt do for Quackity to marry him?” He asks, looking over at Tubbo. Tubbo’s daddy wasn’t really Ranboo’s uncle, but it made sense to call the older man that, since he’d grown up with the older man always babysitting him and constantly going over to Tubbo’s house.

Tubbo hums, “He got him a ring, and took him to really fancy dinner when he asked Quackity to be his wife. Daddy said it was because it was ro-rom- I don’ know how to say it.” He pouts.

“Romantic.” Ranboo murmurs, thinking on Tubbo’s words. He didn’t have a ring, but he did have ring pops, and that was basically the same thing, right? Ranboo’d have to ask Mommy to put one in his lunch tomorrow. He should ask Tommy during lunch, then, too, because that was the only time you were supposed to have food out.

He nods to himself. “Okay. ]What should we do for the wedding, then?” Ranboo asks, idly swinging slowly on the swing he sits perched upon.

Tubbo lays down in the grass, next to his swing but just barely out of Ranboo’s kicking range. Dang.

“We need a priest!” Tubbo says, looking over at him. Ranboo nods. “Then what?”

“And a best man, and a flower girl, and a ring boy.” Tubbo lists off.

Ranboo nods, swinging a little higher. “Can you be my best man and hold the rings?” He asks, rubbing a finger against the chains holding the swing up.

Gasping, Tubbo sits up, “Yeah, Boo! And Lani can be the flower girl, like she was at Daddy’s wedding!” He says, nodding excitedly.

Ranboo smiles widely, clapping quickly before returning his grip to the chains, “Good idea, Tubs! I’m so excited!” He says, grinning. Ranboo searches the playground, looking for his soon-to-be wife. Tommy is playing on the monkey bars. Ranboo looks down bashfully, face flushed again. Now, he only has to ask.

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The ring pop is in his lunch box, and Ranboo is buzzing with excitement. He’d told Mommy and Dream all about Tommy and his and Tubbo’s plan during dinner yesterday. Dream had wheezed like a kettle, but Mommy had smiled at him all gentle and said, “I hope he says yes, Boo.” in a lovely voice. Ranboo had grinned at her and said, startlingly and with an out of character confidence, “I know he will.”

All day, Tubbo had looked over at him and giggled with a knowing look. Ranboo had shushed him more time today then probably ever. His best friend was so weird.

“Now, can anyone tell me what the full alphabet is?” Ms. Niki asks, looking around at her students with a sunny smile. She’s holding an erasable marker in her hand, standing in front of the whiteboard. Ranboo, figuring this could be a time to impress Tommy, raises his hand.

At the same time, Tommy raises his.

Ms. Niki’s smile widens, and she hums, “Tommy?” She asks. Ranboo snaps over to look at the blond boy. Tommy grins at her, a front tooth missing from his otherwise pretty and perfect smile. Ranboo blushes, even though it’s not directed at him, the mere sight of it has Ranboo going weak in the knees.

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G,” Tommy lists off the first seven letters with practiced ease, before his brows furrow- only a little, and only really noticeable if you’re looking hard enough. “H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P?” He says, his tone becoming a little hesitant and anxious, as if he’s not sure how to continue. Tommy glances over at Ranboo, and Ranboo’s heart jumps as Tommy blushes, quickly looking away.

Luckily, Ms. Niki seems to pick up on his hesitance, too. She claps happily, “Great! Ranboo, you want to finish us off?” She asks, looking over at him. Ranboo nods- he practiced his ABC’s for days, not wanting to mess up and embarrass himself in front of his classmates.

“Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z!” Ranboo says confidently. Ms. Niki grins, “Good job, Tommy and Ranboo!”

The rest of class continues smoothly, and then, finally, lunch is called, and Ranboo sprints to his cubby, quickly opening his backpack and pulling out his lunch box. It had Minecraft on it, so it was quite cool, if Ranboo did say so himself (and he did).

Tommy’s bag, in the cubby right next to Ranboo’s, however, is void of any lunch. Tommy hums, obviously upset and distressed. And well, Ranboo can’t let his future wife starve before they even get married, can he? Ranboo grabs his lunch, and takes Tommy’s hand in his. His hand is bigger than Tommy’s, not by a lot but a good size difference that makes it noticeable. Ranboo likes it.
“We can share!” Ranboo says, already dragging Tommy into line and walking outside. He grins when he feels Tommy squeeze his hand. “Thanks, Ranboo.” Tommy whispers, “I left my lunch at home. Wilby had to get to band practice early today.” Ah, so that’s why Tommy wasn’t late. It also explains why Tommy looks so sleepy.

When the sit down, Ranboo looks at Tommy, confused. “Who’s Wilby?” He asks, opening his lunch box and carefully hiding the ring pop from the other.

Tommy smiles, a gentle lift of the lips that reminds Ranboo of his Mommy when she was proud of something, or someone. “He’s my biggest brother, his name is really Wilbur. And then there’s Techie- he’s the middle brother.” Tommy rambles happily. Ranboo hands half of an already pre-cut sandwich to Tommy, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he watches, enthralled, Tommy babble.

“Do you got any brothers, Ranboo?” Tommy asks, biting into the sandwich and looking up at Ranboo with bright, curious eyes.

Nodding, Ranboo opens his bag of chips, placing them between the two of them- like a gentlemen should. “Yeah, I have a big brother named Dream.” Tommy’s eyes widen, gasping, “Techno’s friend is named that! What’s your last name?” He asks, tilting his head. The action reminds Ranboo of a puppy, and his heart swells at how cute the other boy is.

“Taken.” Ranboo says.

Tommy nods, “You’re big brother is my brother’s friend. Your last name is cool, too. Mine’s boring.” He murmurs, shyly looking up at Ranboo through thick eye lashes. Ranboo’s heart rate picks up, just a little.

Figuring this is the best time, Ranboo gives Tommy a smile. “Well, do you wanna share my last name?” He asks, subtly taking out the ring pop package. Tommy’s face goes blank, then confused.

“What do ya’ mean?” Tommy asks. Ranboo gets up, then goes next to Tommy’s seat, hiding the little candy behind his back. He gets on one knee before Tommy, drawing the attention of some of the other kids. Tommy looks down at him with wide eyes, eyes only widening more when Ranboo pulls out the ring pop.

Giggling in confusion, Tommy kicks his legs a little, before twisting in his seat to look fully at Ranboo. “What are you doin’, Boo?” He asks.

Ranboo quickly opens the ring pop, presenting the candy to Tommy. “Tommy Craft, will you marry me?” He asks softly. Small gasps ring through the group of kindergarteners. Tommy’s mouth falls open a little, gaping at Ranboo. .

Just as it feels a little awkward, Tommy jumps on Ranboo, wrapping his arms around Ranboo’s neck and giggling happily. “Yes!” Childish clapping and laughing ripples through the crowd of kids, making Ranboo blush a little. It’s rather embarrassing, but Ranboo is quickly distracted by his fiance giggling in his ear.

“You’re sweet.” Tommy says quietly, smiling at him with a flush.

“You’re cute.” Ranboo blurts out in rebuttal. He grins when Tommy’s blush darkens.

“Thanks.” Tommy giggles.

Ranboo shrugs, as much as he can with Tommy's arms around his shoulders, "No problem."

Ms. Niki walks over to them, “Well, hello, little fiances,” She says, “Can we please sit back on our sits, kids?” She asks, motioning over to their seats. Tommy nods, getting up and off of Ranboo, giving him a shy smile. Ranboo returns it, going to his own seat. “Eat up, and then you two can go play.” Ms. Niki says kindly.

Nodding, Ranboo takes another bite of his portion of the sandwich. “Okay, Ms. Niki.” Ranboo says after he swallows the bite. Tommy leans over the table, brushing off a crumb from the side of Ranboo’s mouth.

“You had some bread crumbs,” He says, giggling.

Blushing lightly, Ranboo nods, ducking his head. “Thanks… honey.” Ranboo says, unable to fight off his grin as Tommy buries his face in his hands with a laugh, “You’re so embarrassing!” Tommy laughs.

Ranboo decides he loves the other’s laugh.

Grinning, Ranboo looks over at him, "What are you gonna wear for the wedding?" He asks softly. Tommy hums, chewing thoughtfully on his sandwich.

"My daddy is taking me shopping today after school, I'll just ask him to get me a dress!" Tommy explains, grinning. Ranboo smiles wide- the thought of Tommy in a dress makes him blush.

He nods, “That’s good! My friend Tubbo and I have the wedding all planned, so we’ll have it tomorrow, yeah?” He asks. Tommy nods.

Ranboo blinks, suddenly remembering something. He hands the ring pop over to Tommy, “For you, beloved.” He says, voice going suddenly gentle and soft as he looks at the pretty boy. Tommy gives him a shy smile, “Thank you, sweetie.”

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“You look good, Toms.” Wilbur reassures for the third time that morning. Tommy fiddles with his dress. He sits in the back seat, on Techno’s lap, while Daddy and Wilbur sat in the front seat.

It’s simple, and a light sky blue with a twirly skirt that matches Tommy’s own sky blue eyes. Tommy bites his lip, smiling up at his brother, “Thanks, Wilby,” He says, giggling lightly.

“Can’t believe you’re gettin’ married, I’m gonna beat the kid up.” Techno mutters into Tommy’s hair, tone joking but almost a little too serious, holding onto Tommy’s waist. Tommy giggles again, cuddling into Techno’s chest. Daddy laughs from the front seat, turning into the Elementary school’s parking lot swiftly.

“You can’t threaten to beat up a five your old, Tech.” Daddy says, looking back at Techno and Tommy. Techno shrugs, “I could take him, though.” He says.

A sigh, and a loud laugh. Daddy finally parks the car, unbuckling his seat and getting out of the car.

Daddy opens Tommy’s door, letting Tommy grab his backpack and jump out of the car. “Bye Techie, bye Wilby!” He calls, before Daddy shuts the car door. Daddy leads him to Ms. Niki, and presses a loving kiss to Tommy’s hair before leaving with a small, “Love you,” and walking back to the car.

Ms. Niki smiles widely at Tommy, cooing at his dress, “Don’t you look just adorable.” She says, leading him into the class room. Tommy giggles, saying a shy, “Thank you!” as he rushes to put his backpack up.

Ranboo, his fancy- Tommy was pretty sure that’s what Wilbur said Ranboo was, now that they were engaged (though he couldn’t be sure, because Techno had been loudly grumbling about his engagement at the same time)- was already sitting in his seat.

Waving at Ranboo, Tommy sits in his seat, swinging his legs absentmindedly as he waits for the rest of the class to file in.

Suddenly, Ranboo appears at the side of his desk. Tommy giggles and looks up at him with curiosity. “Yeah, dearest?” Tommy says, words only a little slurred- it was early morning, give him a break, he was still tired.

“Ms. Niki said that she got Lani- Tubbo’s little sister- to play with us during recess so she can be the flower girl to our wedding.” Ranboo explains, smiling at him. Tommy claps happily, waving his hands- Techno had taught him that, to wave his hands around when he got excited as to not hurt himself.

He giggles, “Thank you, Boo!” Tommy says happily, smiling up at Ranboo.

Flushing, Ranboo shakes his head, “It’s no problem, honey,” He says, shuffling his feet.

Disappointingly, Ranboo has to go back to his desk once the rest of the kids file into the class room. “Hello class!” Ms. Niki says, looking over the class with a bright smile.

Tommy doesn’t know how, or even why, she’s always so smile-y, but he admires it. “Good morning, Ms. Niki!” The class calls back to her. It makes him feel happy, and he’s practically boiling with excitement.

“Today, we’re gonna be writing out the alphabet, since that’s what we learned yesterday. Take out you’re pencils, please.” Ms. Niki instructs. “I’m going to hand out a piece of paper to all of you. We’re gonna spell out our names first, okay?” Chatter and childishly loud whispers of excitement filled the room.

Ms. Niki goes to her desk, grabbing a stack of clean, white, printer paper- the type Tommy used to color on at home. She turned back, and seemed to do a quick count of the students. “Why don’t we get into groups of four, to help each other out?” She asks.

Tommy lit up, looking back toward Ranboo with a bright face and smile. “Group up, everybody!” Ms. Niki says. Tommy quickly jumps up from his seat, holding his pencil and rushing over to Ranboo’s desk. “Let me get you a chair, baby.” Ranboo mutters, smiling at him and grabbing a chair, scooting it up to his desk. Tubbo quickly grabs his own chair and sits at the desk, too, calling over another blond boy named Purpled.

“Hi,” Tommy greets both of the boys, waving a little. He leans heavily against Ranboo, practically cuddling against the other boy, grabbing the four sheets of pure white paper that Ms. Niki brought over to their group, passing it all out. He readied his pencil above the paper.


A wet laugh, Tommy lets his cheeks ache as he smiles. He’s so happy, right now. It was kind of ridiculous, how happy and excited he was.

But Tubbo’s elbow is around his, and he’s leading Tommy down the isle. His dress is all pretty in the early afternoon’s sunlight, and with Lani- the precious toddler with her hands full of flowers she’d picked from around the playground- was throwing the flowers about, letting Tubbo and Tommy walk after her.

When they reach the end of the isle, Lani goes to his side of the ‘venue’, while Tubbo rushes to Ranboo’s side, as his best man and ring holder.

Tommy stands opposite to Ranboo, with Purpled standing between them, holding a piece of paper in his hands.

“Do you, Tommy, take Ranboo, to be your husband?” Purpled asks, squinting at the paper and then at up at Tommy. Tommy nods excitedly, “Mhm! I do!” He says- practiced words from when Daddy had told him what to say last night when Tommy had confessed his engagement.

Nodding, Purpled looks over at Ranboo. “And do you, Ranboo, take Tommy, to be your wife?” He asks. Ranboo looks at Tommy with a bright smile, eyes full of childish love.

“I do.”

Purpled grins, “Tubbo, bring the rings to the bride and groom, please,” He requests. Tubbo hastily pulls the plastic rings from his pocket, presenting them to the two.

Though the rings were plastic, and probably from Walmart, Tommy loved them. They were pretty. “Groom, you present the ring to your wife.” He says. Ranboo grabs the ring, and Tommy holds his hand out excitedly. When Ranboo slips the ring on, Tommy squeals.

“And now, the bride presents his ring to the groom.” Purpled says. Tommy mimics what Ranboo had been doing, grabbing the ring only a little more gently and sliding it onto Ranboo’s left ring finger.

Nodding again, Purpled announces, “Great! You may now kiss the bride.”

Blushing incredibly dark, Ranboo leans close, and presses a quick and chaste kiss to Tommy’s cheek. Tommy’s own face flushes a deep, vibrant red, and he giggles, kissing Ranboo’s cheek back, nuzzling his cheek against Ranboo’s own- the other’s skin is soft and gentle, still a little round with baby fat Ranboo hadn’t yet grown out of.

Tubbo, Lani, and Purpled cheer for them, before the two boys are going back to playing, and Lani is escorted back to her classroom. Tommy and Ranboo go to a picnic table- one of the more private ones where they can cuddle and talk. And that’s exactly what they do.

“You look cute in your dress, Toms.” Ranboo says, leaning against the table, technically sitting backward on the seat, Tommy in his lap, curled up on the taller boy. His head resting gently against Ranboo’s shoulder, face half-hidden in his neck. Tommy giggles, “Thank you, Boo. You look nice in your dress shirt.” He says, poking at Ranboo’s chest, and his shirt by extension.

It’s a white dress shirt, the collar folded over and the buttons perfectly buttoned up.

Ranboo buries his face in Tommy’s blond curls. “My mommy helped me button it, but Dream helped me pick out the shirt, ‘cause I don’t have a lot of nice clothes.” Tommy nods.

“Me neither. I have a lot of dresses, though, but they have grass stains and Daddy said brides picked out new dresses for their weddings.” He babbles. Ranboo wraps his arms around Tommy’s waist, nodding.

He was so happy Tommy said yes.

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“Daddy, can you call Ms. Puffy and invite Ranboo over after school today?” Tommy asks, looking up at Daddy with wide, pleading eyes. Daddy laughs, nodding. “Sure, love. Let’s get your shoes on, hm?” Tommy nods, and scampers off to his room to grab his velcro sneakers.

It’s rather easy to slip on his shoes, brushing off his dark green shorts. They were simple, and went well with his similarly simple white shirt- which had a pretty flower design on the front.

He skips down the stairs- there were eight steps, he knows because he’s counted them so many times- before he makes it back to the kitchen, where Daddy was stirring milk into his coffee, which is in a hand-painted ‘Number 1 Dad’ mug that Techno had gotten him last year for Christmas.

He looks up at Daddy, “Are we ready?” Tommy asks, swinging his arms back and forth by his sides lightly, as to not hit anything in his vicinity.

Daddy nods, taking a slow sip of his coffee idly, “Mhm,” He hums, “Call your brothers down and grab your bag, please, Toms.” He says, taking another sip of the dark liquid.

Rushing off toward the stairs, Tommy yells up them, “Techie! Wilby! Time ta’ go!” He shouts, grabbing his backpack and going back into the kitchen. Daddy picks him up after downing the last sip of his coffee. Tommy squeals, bursting into giggles as Daddy swings around.

He’s so excited, Tommy can barely concentrate as the day goes on. His family is finally gonna meet his husband! He can’t wait for them to meet, and for him to officially meet him as her new son in law.


The scene is so, so adorably cute. Puffy feels her heart swell with love. The two five year olds, cuddled on an old and well loved recliner and quietly babbling to each other, cheap plastic play rings on their ring fingers, with Tommy practically on top of Ranboo. She coos quietly at the two children, and hears Phil do the same from beside her.

The Taken’s had only shown up around five minutes ago, but the reaction had been instantaneous. Ranboo and Tommy had toddled up to each other, immediately the taller burying his face in Tommy’s light blond curls. Tommy had giggled and grabbed- more like latched, really- onto Ranboo’s arm, dragging him over to the overstuffed recliner.

Dream and Techno had glared at each other, grumbling about how they were gonna beat each other’s brothers up for getting married to their own brothers. Their tones were all joking, of course, otherwise Techno and Dream would’ve probably gotten into an actual fight for threats against their brothers- both were fiercely protective of their families, after all.

It’s not the first time Puffy and Phil have met, but it’s the first time Puffy’s come over for their littlest ones. “Do either of you want a snack?” Phil asks the two.

Tommy hums, looking up at Ranboo. “Cookies?” He asks the other five year old. Ranboo nods quietly, poking Tommy in the side. Tommy giggles at the ticklish touch, looking over at his daddy, “Cookies, please, Daddy.” He mutters. Puffy coos again.

These two are so precious, she can barely stand it. Phil drags her into the kitchen to help him make the cookies. Puffy knows she shouldn’t gripe with him, but she shoots him a half hearted glare anyways- she’d wanted to keep watching the little ones!

Techno and Wilbur- and by extension, Dream- sat on the couch opposite the recliner, watching the two five year olds. Wilbur coos at the cute scene, humming loudly in his excitement. It was precious, the two looking all sorts of sleepy and adorable, Tommy slowly drawing random, nonsensical shapes on Ranboo’s chest, nuzzling like a kitten into Ranboo’s neck every few minutes.

“You’re so cringe, Wilbur.” Techno mutters, nudging his twin with his shoulder.

Rolling his eyes, Wilbur casts a light glare at the other. “I’m just watching them. They’re cute, and you two over here are threatening five years old. You guys are the cringe ones.” He retorts, grabbing his phone from the side table and walking out of the living room, and into the kitchen.

Techno shrugs, looking back at the two kindergarteners. His gaze immediately catches Ranboo’s tiny hand on Tommy’s lower back- just a little too low for it to be respectable. He growls quietly, only for a few moments before Dream hits his arm. Looking over at Dream, he frowns at the blond.

“Don’t freakin’ growl at my brother, you pig.” Dream sticks his tongue out at the other, only to be greeted with Techno doing the same to him- which, while expected, is just as childish, in his opinion.

“Well, you tell your brother to get his hand off Tommy’s butt.” Techno sneers quietly back.

Dream looks at him incredulously, “His hand is not on his butt, you freak!” Dream says in a whispered shout. Techno rolls his eyes again, glaring over at Ranboo with a ferocity that would make even the most cold hearted, unshakable person tremble.

So he was a little protective of his littlest brother. So what?

Before Dream can continue, Puffy, Phil, and Wilbur walk back into the living room. Wilbur is absentmindedly chewing on a cookie, narrowly avoiding jamming his knee into the coffee table as he went to sit down next to Techno again.

Phil places the large plate of chocolate chip cookies on the coffee table, handing two to Tommy when he makes grabby hands for them.

As expected, Tommy murmurs a sleepy, “T’ank you, Daddy,” before handing one of the still warm and melty chocolate chip cookies to Ranboo. “Thank you, Mr. Phil!” Ranboo says politely, nomming on the cookie. Tommy seems to be a lot sleepier than Ranboo, so Ranboo sits up a little in the seat and cradles the smaller blond to his chest.

Techno sees his dad and Puffy coo at the scene out of the corner of his eye. Weak.

Chapter Text

“You’re being ridiculous.” Wilbur says, laughing lightly, leaning against the door.

Tommy shoots him a glare, wiping away his makeup for the fifth time. He’s about to walk down the isle in about an hour and a half, and he can’t seem to get his makeup on right.

Tommy turns back to the mirror. “I’m not being ridiculous. This is my wedding day, I need to look good!” He says, frowning in the mirror. Wilbur sighs, nodding, before walking out of the small dressing room.

Huffing, Tommy begins to apply the foundation again. But, it’s only a few moments before Wilbur is walking back into the room with Dad.

The other blond smiles softly at his son, and Tommy turns around to face him. “Help me, please?” He asks, face only half covered with foundation. Phil nods, walking over, “It’d be my honor, Toms.”


Ranboo collapses into a chair in his changing room with a groan. Tubbo chuckles from the other side of the room, looking over with a raised brow. “Why the long face, Boo?” Tubbo asks.

Shooting his best friend a glare that could make God tremble, Ranboo gestures to his tie angrily. “I can’t tie it!” He says, tone harsh.

Tubbo frowns at him, “Well, all you have to do is ask for my help, Boo.” He says gently.

Ranboo nods, “Sorry, Bee. I’m just nervous.” He says, fiddling with his tie. Tubbo laughs a little, “I know, Boo. It’s all good. Here, let me help.” Tubbo says, walking over, quickly fixing the tie.


“I now pronounce you, husband and husband. You may now kiss the groom!” The priest says, smiling at the happy couple.

Tommy lets his forehead rest against Ranboo’s, a smile teasing and twisting the corners of his pretty pink lips. His white wedding dress is glittering and shimmering in the wedding cathedral’s pretty chandelier lighting.

Cheers erupt from the families on either side of the venue, and Tommy wraps his arms around Ranboo’s neck like he had done all those years ago when Ranboo proposed when they were five, with a ring pop.

He giggles into the much less chaste kiss, remembering their kindergarten wedding.

This venue is much prettier, though. Light blue flowers litter the tables and hang from the ceiling. Nature themed, like how they’d done it in kindergarten, outside underneath a tree. Tommy smiles.

When they pull back from each other, Ranboo is grinning from ear to ear, the blush on his face still bright and vibrantly red, like it had been the first time.

There’s a twinkle in his eyes, though, one that’s full of love and the notice of it makes Tommy flush in return. “I love you so much.” Ranboo murmurs quietly, Tommy barely being able to hear it because of chatter and cheering.

He smiles, arms still holding onto Ranboo’s neck, and he’s basking in his warmth. “I love you too, sweetness.” Tommy says.

“Okay, everybody, it’s time to let the happy couple get on with their honeymoon.” Dad claps his hands, grinning at the two. It seemed like just yesterday he was five years old and telling Daddy he was getting married to Ranboo. Now, Tommy is really getting married to his old kindergarten crush- husband?

Smiling, Tommy looks around at his dad, his friends, his brothers.

Dad is proudly looking at him, with happy eyes, with Puffy standing next to him. They’re both adoring and cooing at the two. Tommy rolls his eyes fondly, giggling a little at the two parents.

Next to Dad, Wilbur has his wife, a kind, red haired lady named Sally on his arm, holding Fundy, Tommy’s little nephew, on his hip. Techno, similarly, has Dream leaning against him, both of their own ring fingers shining with diamonds.

They’d gotten married years ago, Tommy had helped Techno put flowers in his now long, pink hair before the ceremony.

Ranboo scoops him up into a bridal carry, grinning at Tommy’s startled kitten expression. “You’re adorable, Toms.” Ranboo murmurs, pressing a kiss to Tommy’s lips gently before carrying him out of the cathedral venue and to the car- where their luggages are already in the trunk, and then he drove them all the way to the airport.


A loud giggle escapes Tommy as he is dropped on the soft hotel bed. The fluffy blankets and pillows jump a little with his sudden weight.

He looks up at Ranboo with soft, loving blue eyes. Ranboo’s face is covered in a light blush, and the older- only by a few months- man gets on top of him, letting his large hands brush against Tommy’s skin.

“Kiss me, please.” Tommy murmurs, staring up at Ranboo, letting his smaller hands wander over Ranboo’s chest. Not tweaking, or pulling, or even unbuttoning his shirt. He doesn’t really fancy having sex, not tonight, not when he’s soft and really just wants to cuddle his new husband.

Hey, they have two weeks in Hawaii, and Tommy will get railed, later, when he’s not in such a fluffy mood.

Ranboo smiles down at him, lowering himself downward and kissing his plump lips. Tommy can’t help but smile wide into the kiss, happiness swirling in his gut. He’s never been so happy, and excited, and just… content.

“I love you to the moon, my love.” Ranboo murmurs with a smile.

“And I love you back to Earth.” Tommy says, kissing the other deeply.

And all because of a kindergarten crush.