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Soft Touches and Gentle Caresses

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Chen Yuzhi wasn’t really a touchy person.  He was a doctor and he knew how to be comforting and caring so that his patients would feel at ease and he knew how to be kind and loving and comforting to his little sister, Keying, but other than that, he wasn’t the very affectionate sort.  Jiang Yuelou, on the other hand, was very touchy feely, very much not like Chen Yuzhi, who preferred to keep his hands to himself. 




It was a quiet morning as Chen Yuzhi sat at his desk, reading a book, when Jiang Yuelou walked into his clinic and cleared his throat, making Chen Yuzhi look up at him.

         “Chief Jiang.  What can I do for you?” he asked, closing his book before he stood up and walked around his desk, walking over to Jiang Yuelou.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and pointed to his throat.

         “My throat is a bit sore…would you mind taking a look at it for me?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he nodded, motioning for Jiang Yuelou to follow him back over to his desk, where he motioned for Jiang Yuelou to sit down in the chair in front of his desk.  He then pulled his pen light out of his pocket, clicking it on before reaching out and gently cupping Jiang Yuelou’s face in his hand, Jiang Yuelou opening his mouth to allow Chen Yuzhi to look inside to see if his throat was swollen or inflamed. 

         “Hmm…it does look a little inflamed, but nothing serious.  Are you feeling any other symptoms?” Chen Yuzhi asked as he pulled the pen light away and placed it on his desk before looking at Jiang Yuelou, who looked back at him with a small smirk on his face.

         “No, I don’t think so” he replied as he reached out and took Chen Yuzhi’s hand, rubbing the inside of his wrist with his thumb.  Chen Yuzhi looked down at his hand holding his wrist with a raised eyebrow before he huffed and slipped his hand out of Jiang Yuelou’s, walking around his desk again.  He then sat down and went back to reading his book, pointedly ignoring the police chief who was sitting before him.  As he continued to read, he didn’t realize that Jiang Yuelou had stood up and walked around his desk until he felt a gentle hand on the back of his neck.  He jolted but Jiang Yuelou just began to rub the side of his neck, which immediately soothed his nerves and caused him to relax as he went back to reading while Jiang Yuelou remained at his side.

         “Chief Jiang, are you sure you should be doing this?  People will talk” he murmured.  Jiang Yuelou huffed.

         “Let them talk then.  You don’t mind me doing this, do you?” he replied, glancing down at Chen Yuzhi.  Chen Yuzhi was quiet, the feeling of Jiang Yuelou’s warm thumb rubbing up and down his neck completely taking over his brain before he shook his head, clearing his thoughts before he cleared his throat.

         “No, not really.  I’m just worried that my patients might talk” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou tsked.

         “If they know what’s good for them, they won’t” he grumbled.  Chen Yuzhi glanced up at him and narrowed his eyes.

         “You are not threatening my patients, Jiang Yuelou” he growled.  Jiang Yuelou chuckled softly as he continued to rub Chen Yuzhi’s neck.

         “I won’t, I promise.  I’m just saying” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi huffed but said nothing and allowed Jiang Yuelou to continue to rub his neck.  At one point, Jiang Yuelou moved his hand from Chen Yuzhi’s neck to his hair, petting it like he would normally pet a cat.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened and he looked over at Jiang Yuelou.

         “Are you normally this touchy with people, Chief Jiang?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou chuckled as he continued to pet Chen Yuzhi’s hair, leaning down so that his face was close to Chen Yuzhi’s. 

         “I normally hate people, my dear Yuzhi.  You’re the only exception” he purred.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him with wide eyes and Jiang Yuelou smiled as he leaned in, Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widening as he got closer.

         “Cute” he whispered before he pulled back, removing his hand from Chen Yuzhi’s hair as he walked around his desk and headed out of the clinic, leaving Chen Yuzhi alone.  Chen Yuzhi watched him walk away, the feeling of Jiang Yuelou’s warm touch on his neck and hair lingering.  He then shook his head, running a hand through his hair.

         “Damn you, Jiang Yuelou” he murmured.




A few days later, as Chen Yuzhi was cleaning up his clinic, three men came rushing in, making him look up in confusion. 

         “Can I help you gentlemen?” he asked.  One of the men looked at him and Chen Yuzhi noticed that something was a little off about him. 

         “You’re a doctor, right?” the man asked.  Chen Yuzhi nodded slowly.

         “Yes” he answered. 

         “And if you’re a doctor, you have opium, don’t you?” the man continued.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he shook his head.

         “I don’t have any opium here, sir” he stated.  The man growled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife, pointing it at Chen Yuzhi, who’s eyes widened.

         “You’re a liar.  All doctors in Jing City sell or have opium.  You must have some here” the man growled before he looked over at the other two men who were with him.

         “Search the clinic” he ordered.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened and he took a step forward.

         “Excuse me, you can’t just come in here and—” he started when the man stormed forward and pressed the knife against his throat, causing his eyes to widen as the man continued to walk forward, pushing Chen Yuzhi backwards until he was pinned against his drawers, the knife still at his throat. 

         “Where’s the opium” the man growled.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head, very careful to not slice his neck open.

         “Sir, I’m telling you, I don’t have any opium here” he stated, his voice very calm and soothing.  However, that only seemed to make the man angrier as he pressed the blade deeper into Chen Yuzhi’s throat, making him whimper as the other men began tearing his clinic apart, searching for the supposed opium that he was hiding in his clinic.

         “Gege?” a voice suddenly called out, making Chen Yuzhi and the addicts look over to see Chen Yuzhi’s little sister, Keying, standing at the entrance of the clinic, looking at the scene with wide, horrified eyes. 

         “Run Keying!” Chen Yuzhi shouted.  Keying blinked, confused, as Chen Yuzhi waved his hand.

         “Run!  GO!” he screamed.  Keying’s eyes widened and she quickly took off as the head addict looked over at one of his junkies.

         “After her” he ordered.  One of the men nodded and ran after Keying as Chen Yuzhi glared at the head addict.

         “If you fucking hurt her, I swear to god—” he started when the man just pressed his blade deeper into his throat.

         “If you don’t wanna be bleeding out on your own floor, doc, I suggest you start talking and telling me where the opium is” he growled.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “I’m telling you, I don’t have opium here” he croaked.




Meanwhile, Keying was still running down the street, trying to maybe find some help, when one of the addicts came up behind her and grabbed her, causing her to scream.  The addict then threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her off as she continued to kick and scream, not realizing that Jiang Yuelou was out enjoying a mid-day stroll.  When he saw Keying kicking and screaming as she struggled against the addict, his eyes widened and he immediately ran towards them.

         “Stop!  Police!” he shouted, causing the addict to turn and Keying to look up to see him running towards them.  Keying’s eyes widened as the addict cursed before he ran over to a nearby car that seemed to be waiting for him, because the minute he open the door and slid inside, dragging Keying with him, the driver of the car took off.

         “Sonovabitch” Jiang Yuelou hissed before he picked up his pace, extremely grateful that the foot traffic was a bit heavier today, making it much more difficult for the car to make a speedy getaway.  However, the driver seemed to be rather capable, because he just kept plowing through the heavy foot traffic until he was almost out of the crowded part of Jing City, but unfortunately for him, Jiang Yuelou was a damn good cop and continued to keep pace with the car until he gained just enough speed to be side-by-side with the driver’s side of the car, pulling out his gun.  He then fired a shot, hitting the driver in the side of the head, the driver immediately going limp.  However, Jiang Yuelou miscalculated when he should have fired the shot, because as soon as he fired the shot and the driver slumped against the wheel, his foot became heavy and he laid on the gas, speeding the car into the nearby river.

         “Shit!” Jiang Yuelou shouted before he raced towards the river before diving in.  He then swam towards the car, looking inside to see the kidnapper and Keying, Keying pressed against the passenger side backdoor as she held her breath.  Jiang Yuelou then made eye contact with her and motioned for her get down before he fired a shot into the back driver’s side window, hitting the kidnapper in the head.  Keying let out a terrified scream, only to quickly cover her mouth to make sure she conserved oxygen.  As she looked at the dead body floating before her in horror, she didn’t realize that Jiang Yuelou had swam around the car over to her side of the car and opened her side door, reaching inside and wrapping an arm around her tiny waist.  He then yanked her out of the car before he swam to the surface, both of them breaking through the water with a gasp.  Once oxygen began caressing their lungs and they had gotten a few good breaths, Jiang Yuelou swam over to the edge of the river, still holding Keying tightly, and carefully lifted her up so that she could grab the edge of the pier.

         “Come on, sweetheart, up you go” he murmured.  Keying grabbed the edge of the pier and pulled herself up, Jiang Yuelou helping her as well.  Once she was safely on land, Jiang Yuelou reached out and grabbed the edge of the pier and pulled himself up, rolling onto the hard, solid ground.  He laid there for a minute, catching his breath, before he pushed himself to his feet and walked over to Keying, kneeling next to her.

         “Are you alright, sweetheart?” he asked.  Keying looked up at him and whimpered, causing him to sigh before he reached out and scooped her into his arms before he stood to his feet, holding her tightly.  Keying immediately latched onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she buried her face in his neck.

         “Gege…gege needs help” she whimpered.  Jiang Yuelou frowned as he gently rubbed her back.

         “Who’s your gege, sweetheart?” he asked. 

         “Dr. Chen Yuzhi” Keying murmured.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened.

         “Yuzhi” he whispered before he looked at Keying.

         “Hold on to me, baby” he instructed.  Keying nodded and wrapped her arms tighter around Jiang Yuelou’s neck as Jiang Yuelou ran back into the city, holding her tightly in his arms. 




Jiang Yuelou continued to run through the city, not even caring that he was absolutely sopping wet, until he arrived before Chen Yuzhi’s clinic, only to have his eyes widen in horror to see black plumes of smoke billowing out of it.

         “GEGE!” Keying screamed.  Jiang Yuelou looked at her before he quickly unwrapped her arms from around his neck and placed her on the ground, pointing a finger at her.

         “Stay right here.  I’m going to get your brother out of there, okay?” he declared.  Keying whimpered but nodded in agreement as Jiang Yuelou turned and ran into Chen Yuzhi clinic, covering his mouth with his elbow.

         “Yuzhi!  Chen Yuzhi!” he shouted, struggling to see anything through the blazing fire and thick smoke.

         “CHEN YUZHI!” he shouted, looking around the burning clinic.

         “Y-Yuelou” a weak voice called out, causing Jiang Yuelou to look around before he noticed a body lying nearby.  His eyes widened and he rushed over to find Chen Yuzhi lying on the floor of his clinic, a terrible wound on the side of his head.

         “Yuzhi” he breathed, rushing over to the young doctor, kneeling beside him.

         “Hang on Yuzhi, I’m gonna get you out of here.  I’m gonna get you out of here” he promised.  Chen Yuzhi didn’t respond; he had used his last bit of energy to weakly call out to Jiang Yuelou.  Jiang Yuelou then reached out and scooped Chen Yuzhi into his arms, cradling the young man against him before he quickly stood up and rushed out of clinic, just as the structural beams holding up the clinic came crashing down.  Jiang Yuelou then walked over to Keying, who looked at him and Chen Yuzhi with wide eyes.

         “Gege…is he going to be okay?” she asked, looking up at Jiang Yuelou.  Jiang Yuelou sighed before he shook his head.

         “I’m not sure…but we should probably get him to a hospital” he declared.  Keying nodded and soon she and Jiang Yuelou, who was carrying an unconscious Chen Yuzhi, headed towards the hospital.




At the hospital, Jiang Yuelou didn’t even have to say anything, the doctors and nurses just took one look at Chen Yuzhi and immediately took him away to make sure that he was alright.  Once they took him away, Jiang Yuelou walked over to one of the nurses and smiled slightly.

         “Do you have an empty room that I might borrow for a few moments?” he asked.  The nurse raised an eyebrow before she nodded.

         “I suppose so” she replied, motioning for Jiang Yuelou to follow her.  Jiang Yuelou smiled before he looked over at Keying and held out his hand.

         “Come sweetheart” he instructed.  Keying looked at him before she nodded and took his outstretched hand, both of them heading to the room the nursed guided them to.  Once they were inside, Jiang Yuelou looked around before he looked over the nurse.

         “Do you mind bringing us a few towels?” he asked.  The nurse shook her head before she turned and walked out, heading over to one of the nursing stations, grabbing a few towels before heading back to the room, handing them to Jiang Yuelou.

         “Thank you” Jiang Yuelou thanked, taking the towels from her.  He then waited for her to leave before he walked over to the bed, sitting down on it before motioning Keying over to him.  Keying walked over to him and tilted her head at him but he just smiled as he reached out and began undoing her braids, which were still sopping wet.  He then grabbed a towel and began gently towel drying her hair, making her look at him in confusion.

         “What are you doing, gege?” she asked.  Jiang Yuelou smiled as he continued to gently dry her hair.

         “Well, we can’t meet your brother soaking wet, can we?” he replied.  Keying hummed.

         “I guess not” she agreed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and as he continued to towel dry her hair, he hummed.

         “You know, I never got your name, sweetheart” he stated.  Keying looked at him and smiled.

         “Chen Keying” she answered.  Jiang Yuelou hummed.

         “You must be Yuzhi’s sister, then?” he inquired.  Keying nodded.

         “And what’s your name, gege?” she asked.  Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “Chief Jiang Yuelou of the Jingcheng Police Department” he answered.  Keying gasped as she looked at him with wide eyes.

         “You’re a cop?” she breathed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and nodded.

         “I am” he answered.  Keying continued to look at him before she surged forward and threw her arms around his waist, causing him to fall back slightly before he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, holding her gently. 

         “Thank you” she whispered.  Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “Of course” he replied, gently petting her hair.  Keying then looked up at him, her eyes full of worry and concern.

         “Is gege going to be okay?” she asked.  Jiang Yuelou nodded.

         “Your brother is a strong man, I’m sure he’ll be just fine” he promised.  Keying looked at him excitedly.

         “Can we go see him?” she asked.  Jiang Yuelou hummed. 

         “Let me go ask the nurse okay?” he replied.  Keying nodded and unwrapped her arms from around his waist, allowing him to stand up before he headed out of the room, heading over to the nurses station.

         “Is the patient that just came in ready to see visitors?  His little sister is really worried about him” he stated.  The nurse nodded.

         “Dr. Chen is accepting visitors now.  He’ll be down the hall, in your first room on the left” she replied.  Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “Great, thank you” he thanked before he turned and headed back to the room, walking over to Keying.

         “Your brother’s able to see people now.  Shall we go see him?” he asked.  Keying nodded and immediately latched onto him as they headed out of the room and headed down the hall, turning left before heading into the first room.  Chen Yuzhi was lying on the bed, resting, but he cracked open an eye when he heard the door open.

         “Gege” Keying whimpered as she rushed over to him, standing at his bedside.

         “Hey sweetheart” he murmured, reaching up to gently stroke her cheek.

         “Are you okay?” Keying asked, tears in her big, brown eyes.  Chen Yuzhi smiled weakly.

         “I’m fine” he promised before he looked over at Jiang Yuelou.

         “Thank you” he mouthed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and nodded before he walked over and sat on the other side of Chen Yuzhi’s bed, reaching out to gently run his fingers through Chen Yuzhi’s hair.  Chen Yuzhi immediately leaned into his touch; eyes fluttering shut as he let out a content sigh.

         “How are you feeling?” Jiang Yuelou asked, looking down at him in concern.  Chen Yuzhi coughed as he looked up at the police chief.

         “Sore” he answered.  Jiang Yuelou nodded.

         “I bet.  Thankfully, you don’t have any burns, just some smoke inhalation.  They also bandaged that nasty head wound of yours” he continued.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he slowly reached up to touch the bandage that was wrapped around his head, only to have Jiang Yuelou reach out with his other hand, interlacing their fingers.

         “Don’t touch, Yuzhi” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi nodded slowly and lowered his hand, his fingers still intertwined with Jiang Yuelou’s.  Keying looked between the two men before she carefully crawled onto the hospital bed, maneuvering herself so that she was in between Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou.  Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou looked at her before Jiang Yuelou gently ran his hand through Chen Yuzhi’s hair, Chen Yuzhi leaning into his touch.

         “You and Keying are staying with me until I deem you alright enough to go back to your own house” Jiang Yuelou declared.  Chen Yuzhi huffed.

         “Yuelou, I can’t—” he started when Jiang Yuelou looked down at him.

         “You can and you will” he growled softly.  Chen Yuzhi looked back at him before he sighed heavily.

         “Alright” he agreed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and nodded, giving Chen Yuzhi’s hand a squeeze.

         “Get some rest…whenever you’re ready to be discharged, I’ll take you and Keying home” he declared.  Chen Yuzhi frowned.

         “Don’t you have work?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou shook his head.

         “Today was my day off” he answered.  Chen Yuzhi nodded slowly in understanding before he turned on his side, his fingers still intertwined with Jiang Yuelou’s as he draped his arm over Keying, holding her protectively.  Jiang Yuelou smiled down at the siblings as he continued to hold Chen Yuzhi’s hand while still running his fingers through Chen Yuzhi’s hair.




A few hours later, when Chen Yuzhi was able to be discharged, Jiang Yuelou guided him and Keying back to his house.  When they returned, Jiang Yuelou carried Keying into the guest bedroom and tucked her in, gently stroking her hair before he turned and headed out of the guest bedroom and into his bedroom, where Chen Yuzhi was sitting on the edge of his bed, a haunted look on his face.  Jiang Yuelou looked at him sadly before he walked over and sat beside Chen Yuzhi, both men sitting in silence before Jiang Yuelou looked over at Chen Yuzhi.

         “So…you wanna tell me what happened today?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi let out a shuddering breath.

         “Some addicts came bursting in and demanded to know where the opium was in my clinic…I don’t sell opium.  You know this.  I don’t sell opium…I don’t touch that stuff” he croaked.  Jiang Yuelou nodded and reached out, gently placing a hand on the nape of Chen Yuzhi’s neck, rubbing his thumb soothing up and down the side of his neck.  

         “Shh…I know Yuzhi.  I know” he soothed.  Chen Yuzhi took another shuddering breath before he turned and buried his face into the crook of Jiang Yuelou’s neck; Jiang Yuelou blinked in shock before he wrapped his arms around Chen Yuzhi, holding him tightly. 

         “And then what happened?” he asked softly.  Chen Yuzhi sniffled and took another shuddering breath as he shifted so that he was closer to Jiang Yuelou; he just…he need to be close to the man right now.

         “Well, you know that one of the men went after Keying…but the other two…the man kept the knife pressed to my throat as the other searched the clinic and when he couldn’t find anything…the leader I think knocked me unconscious and then began searching as well and when he couldn’t find anything…he set fire to my clinic” he croaked.  Jiang Yuelou growled and tightened his hold on Chen Yuzhi, holding him tightly.

         “I’m so sorry Yuzhi” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “As long as Keying’s not hurt, I don’t really care” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou growled.

         “But I do…your clinic, your livelihood, was burned down!” he exclaimed.  Chen Yuzhi smiled weakly.

         “My clinic can be rebuilt…but I couldn’t get Keying back if something happened to her” he murmured.  Jiang Yuelou was quiet before he sighed and reached up, gently petting Chen Yuzhi’s hair. 

         “You should get some rest, Yuzhi.  You’ve had a long day” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi nodded as he pulled away from Jiang Yuelou, making to stand to join Keying in the guest bedroom when Jiang Yuelou reached out, grasping his wrist.

         “Where are you going?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi frowned.

         “To join Keying?  This is your bedroom; I can’t stay here” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou shook his head as he gave Chen Yuzhi’s wrist a tug.

         “Of course you can.  Just sleep here, Yuzhi.  It’s okay” he promised.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him before he nodded.

         “Okay” he agreed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and nodded, standing up before leaning in, pressing a soft kiss to Chen Yuzhi’s forehead.

         “Get some rest” he murmured before he turned and walked out of the room.  Chen Yuzhi stared after him with wide eyes before he sighed and sat back down on the edge of the bed, hanging his head before he ran a hand through his hair.




Around midnight, Chen Yuzhi awoke with a start, eyes bleary as he looked around the room, only to realize that he couldn’t see as everything was covered in a thick smoke.  His eyes widened and as they cleared, he realized that he was completely surrounded by a blazing fire.

         “Yuelou…Keying!” he exclaimed.  He then quickly leapt out of bed and ran to the door, turning the knob and throwing open the door, only to be greeted with a large wall of fire.

         “No…no” he breathed, quickly covering his mouth with his elbow to protect himself from the blaze.  He then tried to take a step forward, but the blaze was too strong, trapping him in the room.  He shook his head and pulled his elbow away from his mouth as he tried to look through the blaze.

         “Keying!  Jiang Yuelou!” he shouted.  There was no response, causing his heart to clench with fear.

         “Keying!  Jiang Yuelou!” he shouted again.  Once again, no answer.

         “KEYING!  JIANG YUELOU!” he screamed before he let out a horrible cough, the smoke starting to get to him.

         “Jiang Yuelou…Keying” he called out, starting to feel dizzy from the smoke.  Chen Yuzhi then tried to take a step forward, only for his head to spin before he collapsed, his vision swimming.

         “J-Jiang Yuelou” he whispered, his eyes slipping shut as unconsciousness took over. 




         “Chen Yuzhi.  Chen Yuzhi!” a voice shouted, causing Chen Yuzhi, who had been dreaming, to jolt awake.  He blinked in confusion before he realized that he was being held, almost protectively, in someone’s arms, his face close to someone’s chest.  He then realized where he was and who was holding him and he let out a sob as he buried his face into the strong chest and clung to the strong, protective arms.

         “I’ve got you, Yuzhi.  You’re safe.  You’re safe; I’ve got you” Jiang Yuelou soothed as he hugged Chen Yuzhi tightly, Chen Yuzhi sobbing in his arms. 

         “I got you, baby, I got you.  Shh, I got you” Jiang Yuelou continued as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to Chen Yuzhi’s hair.

         “Jiang Yuelou” Chen Yuzhi whimpered.  Jiang Yuelou hushed him as he gently rubbed his back, still hugging him tightly.

         “It was just a nightmare, Yuzhi.  It was just a nightmare” he soothed. 

         “So much fire…there was so much fire…I couldn’t get to you or Keying…I was trapped…I couldn’t—” Chen Yuzhi sobbed as he clung to Jiang Yuelou, Jiang Yuelou just holding him protectively.

         “It’s just a nightmare, Yuzhi, it’s just a nightmare.  Those men can’t hurt you anymore, I won’t let them hurt you or Keying, I promise.  I’ll hunt them down, I already got one, I’ll catch the other two and make them pay” he growled.  Chen Yuzhi whimpered and nodded; his face still buried in Jiang Yuelou’s chest as Jiang Yuelou held him.

         “You’re safe, Yuzhi.  Keying’s safe, you’re safe, nothing can hurt you.  Not while I’m here” Jiang Yuelou promised.  Chen Yuzhi let out a shuddering breath and nodded before he pulled back and looked up at Jiang Yuelou.

         “Stay with me…please” he whispered.  Jiang Yuelou smiled softly before he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Chen Yuzhi’s forehead.

         “I’m not going anywhere, baby.  I’m not going anywhere” he assured as he scooted onto the bed and laid down (since he had been sitting on the edge of the bed as he held Chen Yuzhi), tucking Chen Yuzhi under his chin, even though the young doctor was slightly taller than him.  Chen Yuzhi immediately curled against him, Jiang Yuelou reaching up to run his fingers through Chen Yuzhi’s hair.

         “Just sleep Yuzhi.  I’m right here; I’m not going anywhere” he promised.  Chen Yuzhi nodded as he curled against Jiang Yuelou, Jiang Yuelou hugging him protectively.  While his love language may not be physical touch, Chen Yuzhi was grateful that Jiang Yuelou’s love language was because in this very moment, he had never felt more safe than when he was wrapped in Jiang Yuelou’s arms.