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i like you a latte

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And I don't know how it gets better than this

You take my hand and drag me head first


And I don't know why

But with you I'd dance in a storm

In my best dress


- Taylor Swift, Fearless




Catra sighs as she looks out of the window near the coffee machine. It was a slow day - probably because it was raining outside. Catra was bored, and she still had about two hours left of this shift. She was busy watching the orange leaves on the ground outside blowing around in the gentle autumn breeze. She had been sketching the scenery in her sketchbook that sat open on top of the metal table that the coffee machine sat on top of too. The rain was slowing down and the orange sun was starting to dip down, slowly setting. It doused everything in a beautiful and warm orange glow. Catra loved autumn, it was her favourite season. The colours, the turn in the weather which meant it was just slightly cooler than summer, but not the freezing temperatures of winter, the days were only getting shorter by a little, it was the perks of summer and winter in one. 


The bell above the door rings, signalling a new customer, Kyle was taking the orders and Catra was making the coffees, so she didn't bother to look up to see who it was. Truth be told, this job was temporary. Her scholarship - that she worked her ass off to get - plus her moms were helping her with the costs of studying, but Catra wanted to work a little just so she could have some spare cash to eat and do other stuff. Just some extra cash. 


It wasn’t that bad, it was a campus coffee shop, so it was rare that they had customers who weren’t students, which means significantly less Karens than if Catra worked in a chain restaurant like Starbucks. Still, sometimes she got some jackass customers, some ordering weird ass coffees that Catra’s sure tasted awful but her job wasn’t to judge - just make monstrosity of coffees apparently. 


Catra hears Kyle say something and she glances over to see what the hell was taking him so long to pass her this new coffee order when she sees what the issue is. “Oh, uh… uh… Let me see if we have some menus.” Kyle says. Catra looks at the patron, and she almost drops her pen at the sight. She’s godly . And she looks sad


“Kyle.” Catra says, shaking her head. “I got this.” Catra steps up to the counter. The girl is seriously beautiful, her hair is tied back in a tight ponytail, with a poof at the front that probably belongs in the 80s, she’s wearing a red and white varsity jacket with a pin on the left side of the lesbian flag. Catra’s eyebrows raise immediately at that. She’s wearing a tight fitted white shirt, from what Catra can see, and her jeans are tight too, clinging to powerful thighs. She’s jacked and so sexy . Catra has never felt so gay in her entire existence. 


Hi, I’ll take your order. ” Catra signs slowly. It’s been a while since she’s ever actually practised, her moms had taught her growing up, for situations like this she supposes. The girl lights up. She brings her hands up and begins to sign very quickly and excitedly. Oh no, she’s cute . Catra blinks, she’s moving too quickly for Catra to understand anything - and maybe she was distracted by those long slender fingers the woman is signing with. Her nails are short too… Focus Catra! 


Catra holds her hand up after a moment. “ Sorry. ” Catra feels a little bad for interrupting. “ Can you go slower? I’m a little rusty. ” The woman nods enthusiastically. Despite the nod, she doesn’t immediately start signing. Instead, she stares . Catra blushes a little from her gaze. Those baby blue eyes of hers were gorgeous, and Catra could see herself losing herself in their soft welcoming hue if she wasn’t careful. 


Sorry .” The blonde signs, she’s moving slower now so Catra can understand. “ I got excited you could understand. ” Catra smiles at her and she’s rewarded with a soft gentle smile back. Catra swears she just found the most beautiful person on this planet. She seems nice, soft, happy. 


What would you like? ” Catra asks. She spots Kyle staring at them and she turns her head in his direction to glare at him. “Kyle. Go clean some of the mugs.” She hisses. She doesn’t like prying eyes. He scurries away quickly and Catra turns back to the woman with a smile. 


Nothing fancy, ” The blonde signs. “ Sorry to disappoint, just an iced latte, please .” 


Name? ” Catra takes the pen that she had shoved behind her ear and picks up one of the cups. 


You want to know my name?” She asks. Catra watches her hands curiously as she sees the blonde stumble over a few of her movements, coming out a little clunky. She smiles at that. This girl clearly knows how to sign, has probably done it for years, yet she’s almost stuttering in her hand movements. It has the same effect as someone verbally stuttering. It’s endlessly cute, and Catra likes that she clearly makes this woman nervous. 


For the cup.” Catra explains. The woman’s eyes widen in realisation and she blushes a wonderful crimson. She begins to spell her name out and Catra writes down each letter until she has her name. Adora . It’s almost too perfect for her. 


Catra gestures for her to wait at the end and then she goes about making the coffee. She doesn’t bother to call Kyle back to help, she can handle this by herself, besides, it wasn’t like anyone else was waiting in line. Catra can feel the blonde’s eyes on her. Okay, so she’s a lesbian , that doesn’t mean anything . Well, if you put aside the fact that Catra finds her insanely attractive, and she would be writing her number on the blonde’s cup right now if she wasn’t currently making the latte for it. 


Just because Adora was a lesbian did not mean that she was interested. Catra has plenty of gay friends, friends she hasn’t dated, and friends she isn’t attracted to, like Scorpia. Scorpia is her best friend and, while they’d maybe had a thing in the past, that had always felt kind of awkward - they were meant to be friends, not more. Now Scorpia has a girlfriend. The point that Catra was tying to make was that just because Adora was a lesbian didn’t mean that she found Catra attractive, and Catra didn’t want to take advantage of her barista position by scribbling her name and number down on her cup. Hell, maybe that wasn’t even her jacket and the real owner of it was a lesbian. … Yeah, that was probably a stretch.  


Okay. Cool . Catra could do this. No way one cute blonde girl was going to take her down. She pours the ice into the cup after pouring in the latte and then she turns around. Catra almost drops the damn cup. Adora is staring at her and, as soon as she notices that Catra is looking right back at her, she gets this absolutely adorable smile on her face. 


Catra places the cup down on the counter, her hand lingering for a little longer than it probably needs to, before she steps back. Adora thanks her, and then she pauses. “ I like your nails .” Catra glances down at her hand in slight confusion. Her nails were sharp, and Catra usually painted them black, but she hardly thought they were worth- Catra’s eyes widen. Adora was referring to her index and middle fingers. Catra always kept those two clipped short - for reasons . She looks back up at Adora who seemed to be smirking knowingly. Lesbian indeed


Catra thanks her and then Adora’s smirk turns into a gentle smile. She thanks her again and then she goes to take a seat at one of the tables. Catra watches her closely. She places her latte down on the table and then removes her backpack. In gold lettering on her back was the name ‘GRAYSKULL’ and the number ‘01’. So she was clearly a jock then - Catra maybe has a type. Adora pulls out a laptop and sets it atop the table and then she pulls out a heavy looking textbook. 


Catra has a sudden desire to follow after Adora, sit down across from her and just hang out with her. She has never felt this weird connection before, this strong of a connection. Catra sometimes has the tendency to be a little closed off, it’s just a defence mechanism, she’d rather have people think she’s a bitch then for them to get close to her and hurt her, but Adora. Something about her has Catra feeling goo-y right from the get-go. Catra puts on a hard front, but, in reality, her heart is incredibly soft. Maybe she just met Adora, but she knows that she has the potential to break Catra’s heart. 


She isn’t sure what it is about her. Catra doesn’t normally do relationships. Every single one she's ever had has fallen apart in the end. Usually she does hookups if she’s feeling… well, horny , for lack of a better word. A girl has needs, and sometimes it's nice to just be with people, even if it is just for a night. The last serious relationship she had was Scropia and Catra had felt bad when she just hadn’t felt that spark after a week of dating. And sure, Catra was physically attracted to Adora, she would drag her out back and make out with her and maybe more if she had the courage, but it was more than that. Catra knew it wasn’t just physical. She wanted to get to know Adora. 


Adora wiggles out of her jacket and Catra swears Adora knows exactly what she’s doing. The white shirt she is wearing is fitted, and it hugs those toned biceps of her’s so well. Is it hot in here? Catra can’t seem to stop staring at her. She’s kind of a stereotype if Catra is honest. She can see now, since Adora was playing with her ponytail, her undercut, her tight jeans are cuffed at the bottom, she’s wearing canvas sneakers, her shirt is tucked into high waisted skinny jeans, not to mention her short nails. Catra’s gaydar was practically a fire alarm in a drill right now. If the pin hadn’t given it away, all of that definitely would have. 


Catra is so regretting not writing her number on that cup. 


Catra picks up her sketchbook and she starts drawing. She flips the page from her drawing of the landscape outside the coffee shop and focuses on Adora. She had a much prettier subject now. Adora was clearly in the zone and Catra still had a couple of hours left to kill in this dead shift. 


She felt like some teenager, pining over some high school crush - a jock no less - but Catra really doesn’t give a shit. Adora seemed so nice, so… genuine . That’s rare. Catra sounds insane. She literally just met Adora and yet… She doesn’t know what it is about her, she really doesn’t, but it’s something


Catra spends about an hour sketching out various drawings of Adora, she even comes for a refill, happily signing to Catra. Catra figures out Adora is deaf, and not just mute, when Kyle drops a whole bunch of metal trays causing everyone to fall silent and stare but Adora doesn’t so much as flinch. Signing doesn’t always mean deaf, but, it appears, with Adora, that is the case. 


“Catra, it’s your last break.” Kyle says nervously. Catra glances at him and then at Adora. She really doesn’t want to leave, but her feet are kind of killing her and she doesn’t want to invite herself to Adora’s table without her permission. She nods and packs up her sketchbook, moving to the break room with her own iced latte and her phone. She decides to text Scorpia her gay panic, knowing her friend would have the advice she needed in this situation. 



There’s this really cute girl who just came to the coffee shop. 



Best Hugger

Oooo, do you have a crush? What’s she like? What does she look like? Are you going to ask her out?



Are you crazy? I’m not going to speak to her!


Best Hugger

Come on Wildcat! You deserve happiness too



I’m perfectly happy.


Best Hugger

Just give her your number, what’s the worst that could happen??



She could say no!


Best Hugger

I would buy you ice cream and watch movies with you if that happened.


Catra rolls her eyes as she types out her response to Scorpia. There was no way that Catra was going to ask Adora for her number. Scorpia continues to encourage her to do so anyway. 


It’s not that Catra doesn't want to, she’s just extremely afraid of rejection. At least when she hooks up with girls on one night stands she knows that they’re interested in her, but if Adora was interested then surely she would have asked for her number herself by now? But, then again, Catra was into her and she hadn’t exactly told Adora that. She sighs as she looks at her open sketchbook. Fuck it . She’d do it. 


Catra pockets her phone and returns back to the front of the store, determined to ask the blonde for her number when she sees the spot Adora had been occupying empty . “Kyle,” Catra says, grabbing the boy by his apron. “Where did Cute- the blonde girl, who was sitting there, go?” 


“Oh… She left.” Kyle answers. “I think she asked where you went, I tried to tell her you went on your break and she looked sad and then packed up and left.” He explains and Catra almost growls. Kyle was an idiot . He  probably made her think that Catra’s shift had ended and that she had gone home. 


Catra lets the boy go and groans. So she definitely missed her shot there and now she might never get to see Adora ever again. Catra glances at her sketchbook. Should've written her damn number on the cup .


* * * 


Catra is awoken at an ungodly time on a Saturday morning when her phone rings on her nightstand. Catra reaches out and grabs the device, lifting the phone to her ear while she tries to push her curly hair back and out of her face. “Whoever you are, I am going to kill you.” Catra says, instead of the usual hello - but seriously , 7 am on a Saturday ?! 


“I’m so sorry Wildcat,” Scorpia sounds genuinely apologetic, and Catra has never been good at staying mad at Scorpia. Catra sits up and stretches her back, letting out a soft moan of pleasure as her muscles stretch. 


“What do you want?” Catra asks. She still isn’t fully awake, she needs roughly about two hours after waking up before she can start communicating with people - she especially dislikes being rudely awoken from her sleep when she thought she had significant more time. As a pre-law student, sleep is precious


Catra sighs as she moves her curls out her face again, trying (and failing) to keep her bangs from falling into her eyes. “I forgot my left arm this morning when I left for practice,” Scorpia begins as Catra stands up properly - how do people just spring out of bed in the morning? They aren’t human . “I can usually manage, and I didn’t mean to wake you-” 


“It’s fine, Scorp,” Catra interrupts. “I’ll bring it, but you’ll have to text me where you guys practice.” 


“You’d know if you actually came to practice when I invited you.” Scorpia says playfully and Catra rolls her eyes as she exits her room and crosses to the bathroom. 


“Okay, well, that’s just not fair.” Catra says as she sits down on the toilet. She’s grown exceptionally close with Scorpia, to the point where Catra has even gotten into the habit of leaving the bathroom door open when she goes to the bathroom - a habit that she’s starting to break after Perfuma started staying here a few nights a week, sometimes for days in a week. Not that Perfuma was shy, she even did naked yoga in the living room and invited Catra to do a session. Catra had declined, but she really hadn’t expected to see that before she left for her afternoon classes. 


“You know I love you, but I don’t love anything enough to sit through sports for.” Not that Catra didn’t value fitness, she just didn’t derive pleasure from watching sports. She got the most pleasure from performing sports rather than viewing. She had once been a promising gymnast in her youth and teen years, but now Catra was just a casual gym goer - and strong advocate of embarrassing dudebros at the gym. Catra is aware her muscles may look lean, but she is toned, and her looks deceive her - she’s bench pressed plenty of guys under the table before and she adores embarrassing them. 


Scorpia makes a gasp on the other end of the line. “Did you just admit you love me?” Scorpia asks and Catra rolls her eyes as she stands up from the toilet and flushes it. It really must be early if Catra is making casual declarations of love. 


“Shut up,” Catra says, though her voice is soft and fond rather than carrying any signs of malice. “I’ll bring you your arm, no worries, text me the address. I got to get dressed though, might as well.” Catra was awake now so she figured she may as well make the most of the day, get in some hours of studying and then relax for a few hours. She didn’t have work today, so she didn’t have to worry about that. 


They say their goodbyes, Catra hangs up the phone and climbs into the shower, hearing her phone chime with the text from Scorpia. After Catra’s failure at getting Adora’s number, Catra had kind of sulked the past few days. Scorpia had asked for details, and Catra had given her very few, leaving out her name and sticking with a physical description. 


She couldn’t stop thinking about the blonde, it was like a disease. Catra has never really thought of herself as a romantic, or as a pining type of girl, but something about letting Adora get away like that, felt… like a missed opportunity. An opportunity to try something for real . Or, at the very least, the opportunity to kiss a very tall, strong and sexy blonde. 


Catra doesn’t bother with getting seriously ready, once she’d showered, and feeling hygienically clean, she sets about getting dressed, throwing on an oversized hoodie, wiggling into her ripped skinny black jeans and pulling on her black combat boots. She grabs an oversized bomber jacket to throw over her hoodie in case it rained, or was cold, and then she ties her hair up into a messy bun of curls which she keeps out of her face with a red headband. She picks up Scorpia’s arm from her room. She knows she’s bound to get some strange looks, but she doesn’t particularly care if she’s honest, Catra has never really cared what people think about her and she isn't about to start now. Catra leaves their shared apartment, locking the door behind her, and she makes her way to the address that Scorpia had sent her.


And that is how Catra ends up at the university’s fancy sports fields and stadium at about 7:45 am. Scorpia told her that they were on one of the soccer fields and, after a little bit of searching, Catra manages to track it down. She barely has time to look around before Scorpia is yelling at her form the middle of the field “Wildcat!” Scopia calls, jogging over to Catra at the sidelines. “Thank you so much, oh my gosh, you’re a lifesaver.” Catra has no time to speak before Scorpia picks her up in her one arm in a tight squeezing hug. 


“No problem, big gal, but can you please put me down.” 


“Oh.” Scorpia says as she sets Catra back down. Scorpia is so tall, probably about six foot six, way taller than Catra anyway, and she’s got so many muscles - Catra looks tiny compared to her. She offers Scorpia her left arm and Scorpia takes it gratefully, slipping it on so she had both of her prosthetics on. 


“So…” Catra says. “What are you guys up to?” 


“We’re just playing a friendly game,” Scorpia says happily as she turns towards the field so Catra can see. “Hey, I can introduce you…” Catra has no intentions of meeting anyone right now, and Scorpia’s excited chatter becomes like background noise as Catra looks out at the field. BMU’s soccer team was called Rebels, or something like that, and their uniform was light purple with white shorts and darker purples for the numbers, but the goalie- Catra freezes when she sees her


Catra almost doesn’t believe it. 


There that six foot goddess is, standing by the line of the goal, the game had paused while Scorpia was off of the pitch, so she was standing still but signing with someone who was standing at the sidelines beside the goal. She lifts the hem of the bottom of her shirt, revealing toned abdominal muscles and smooth soft looking skin as she does so. She uses the fabric to wipe her brow of sweat, giving Catra a generous view of her abs and the grey sports bra she was wearing. 


Catra’s breathing picks up so much she thinks she might die.  


She looks hot - literally and in the attractive sense - she’s sweating, and her hair is a little loose from the game she’s been playing, but she is so insanely attractive that Catra just can't stop staring . She’s the goalie, so she’s swearing gloves, and her uniform is white with gold to compliment; instead of short sleeves, she wears long sleeves, probably to protect her elbows or something, but she looks… Incredible


Catra connects eyes with those baby blue eyes of hers and she actually yelps . She grabs Scorpia by her shirt. “Why didn’t you tell me Cute Girl played for your team?!” Catra asks desperately - is this what gay panic feels like? Scorpia looks thoroughly confused. 


“Who?” Scorpia asks as she looks up. “You mean Adora? You never told me her name.” 


“How did you know I was talking about Adora?” Catra asks - considering, currently, there was a whole field of girls to choose from. 


“... Because she’s jogging over here?” Scorpia says with confusion. What?! Catra turns sharply back towards the pitch and, surely enough, Adora was already half-way over to them. Shit . She shouldn’t look that hot while just jogging across a field - that isn’t fair. 


Catra starts to panic for real but she manages to keep herself relatively calm on the surface as Adora stops at the sidelines. “ Coffee girl. ” She signs happily and Catra feels that panic absolutely evaporate at the sight of Adora’s happy expression and gentle, yet slow, hand movements. Catra spells her name out for Adora and Adora smiles. She signs her name back, finger-spelling it, before she nods. “ I know. Your  name tag.” She explains. “ Thank you for telling me. ” Catra feels herself smile a little. “ Scorpia is your friend? ” She asks and Catra nods. 


Roommate. ” Catra corrects and then Adora gets a look


Girlfriend? ” Catra snorts and Scorpia looks at her with confusion - but she’s still smiling. Catra shakes her head. 


Friend. Best friend. ” She signs again, making it clear that they were not romantically involved. “ Jealous? ” Catra teases, smirking a little as Adora becomes flushed. 


No. Curious .” Adora signs but her soft smile turns into a small grin of amusement. “ I wanted to ask you something? ” Catra raises her eyebrows, signalling for Adora to ask what it was that she wanted to ask. 


Catra suddenly felt nervous, she wasn’t sure why - Adora hadn’t even asked her anything yet! The team is going bowling next Saturday after the game ,” Adora signs slowly and Catra can tell that she’s also a little nervous. Adora gives Catra the vibes of being a fast signer when nervous, but she’s consciously slowing herself down so that Catra can keep up with her, which is somewhat sweet and warms Catra’s insides. “ Team bonding .” Adora explains. “ Would you be willing to come? ” Adora asks. Catra blinks. Was Adora asking her on a date? Surely not if she invited her to hang out with her entire team… but then it kind of felt like Adora was asking her on a date - especially with her clear nerves. 


Catra looks at her for a moment, taking in all of Adora, from the cleats on her feet, to the shin guards and grass stained white uniform, and she knows there is absolutely no way she is going to say no to this question. When Catra signs her next answer, she also speaks so that Scorpia can hear. “ Sure, I can’t make the game but I assume you guys will go home and change before you go bowling? Scorpia can take me. ” Catra says and signs, smiling when Adora nods in acknowledgement. Truthfully, Catra was interested in going to the game - which was a first - but she had work, which she knew only because Scorpia put her games on the calendar that they kept on their fridge. 


“Oh, you’re coming bowling, Wildcat?” Scorpia asks excitedly. As Scorpia starts speaking, without thinking, Catra starts translating. She doesn't even think about it, as soon as Scorpia speaks she begins to move her hands so Adora can follow along. Adora makes a sound beside them somewhere between choking and a sob and Catra turns to her in alarm. The blonde's eyes are shining and she looks somewhat close to crying. 


" Are you okay? " Catra signs quickly in worry and Adora nods. 


" Thank you." She signs, with a big wide smile. " People don't usually do that, " Adora gestures to Catra's hands. " You actually involved me. " That’s almost sad if Catra is honest. Just the simple action of signing speech someone else is saying around Adora has her looking like she might cry. How often has Adora been excluded from things simply because she can’t hear? 


Catra nods and speaks as she signs, including all three of them in conversation. “ Of course, I’ll see you next Saturday. ” Adora beams, and it is the cutest thing that Catra has ever seen. How can one person be so genuinely good


Can I get your number? ” Adora asks and Catra nods with a smile. She assumes Adora probably doesn't have her phone on her so she hands her own phone over to her to let her type her number in. Once she’s done, she hands her phone back and Catra takes it. She sends a quick text saying ‘ Hey Adora ;) ’ before she pockets her phone again with a smile.


They stand there for a moment, just looking at each other and smiling like giddy schoolgirls, before Scorpia interrupts. “We should get back before coach gets agitated.” Scorpia says as Catra signs. Adora nods in agreement. Catra watches as Scorpia jogs away back onto the field. 


I’ll see you later, Catra. ” Adora signs and Catra agrees with a nod. 


See you later, Adora .” Catra finds that she likes the way that Adora’s name feels as she spells it out with her fingers. Adora blushes a little and Catra doesn’t really know why - maybe she is flirting a little but she wasn't aware she could project that through sign language, though she supposes that body language goes a long way too.  


Adora hesitates before she turns and runs back out onto the field. Catra watches for a little, but she can tell her presence is somewhat distracting to Adora so she leaves. She feels warm and happy and excited. Yeah, there was definitely something about Adora. 


* * *


Catra felt like a teenager again. Her shift ended just after the game should’ve ended and she’d hurried home to get changed and showered. This felt too much like a date for Catra, and she wasn’t even sure it was a date. Scorpia comes home at some point, informing Catra that they had won the game while Catra stood in the doorway of the bathroom, her curls dripping and a toothbrush in her mouth. Scorpia commandeers the bathroom after that, insisting that she needs a shower, and Catra makes her way to the bedroom. She hates to admit it but… she’d already thought out her outfit the night before and had laid it out just before she left. She was putting so much thought into this, and the closer it got to them actually hanging out the more butterflies Catra was experiencing. 


She had spent the night before making sure she was ready in advance for her studies, so she could just enjoy her evening out, and she’d been texting Adora - a lot. She had learnt that Adora was a sports medicine major and that in the future she wanted to be a physical therapist, or a sports doctor specifically. Catra had told Adora that she was pre-law, looking to go to law school after undergrad at Harvard or Columbia. She’d also told Adora that one of her moms was from Colombia and the other was from Persia; she could speak Spanish, Farsi, English and she also knew sign language - plus, being pre-law, she knew how to read Latin too. Adora had called her a nerd but Catra knew for a fact that Adora was a dork


She was funny too, like really funny, a teaser, her sarcasm was a perfect match for Catra. In fact, their personalities complimented each other almost perfectly. Catra has never fallen this fast for someone before, and she is falling. She thinks about Adora whenever they’re not talking, she texts her at every chance she gets, she finds herself daydreaming about her, and about five pages of her sketchbook are full of Adora from this week alone. 


God, she really was acting like some love sick puppy. 


She dries herself down, blowing out her curls and then tying them back in a ponytail. Catra usually got her hair cut short in spring and then she let it grow out so that by winter it was about shoulder length, or a little longer, and could provide her with a little protection against the cold. Then she cut it short again in spring, rinse and repeat, she’d done it at first in her teen years when she’d first figured out she was a lesbian, it just became a pattern after that. Since it was getting closer to the winter months, her hair was touching her shoulders, and Catra preferred it be out of her face - at least definitely while bowling. 


She steps into fishnet stockings that sit at her waist and then she wiggles into her skinny black ripped jeans - she liked the effect of the fishnets being seen through the rips - she then pulls on her sports top bralette that was black with a white band around the bottom and then she grabs her mesh top that Scorpia had gotten specially made for her that said “Wild Cat” across the front. The mesh top was a crop top, technically, and with the fishnets, and the bralette, Catra was showing off a generous amount of stomach - and those abs she had worked so hard to maintain.  Lastly, she laces up her boots and then she adds minimum makeup, just eyeliner, before she exits her bedroom. 


“Ready to go Wild-” Scorpia stops mid sentence when she sees Catra standing there. Catra suddenly feels a little self conscious. “Wow… you look…” 


“Is it too much?” Catra asks with worry. “Should I go change?” 


“You look great!” Scorpia says happily. 


“You don’t think I’m over-dressed?” Catra asks. If she’s honest, she doesn’t think she is but it seems as though she can’t stop over thinking when it comes to Adora. 


“No way! You look fantastic, Adora will be blown away.” Catra scoffs as she picks up her keys and starts walking towards the door, Scorpia trailing behind her. 


“Whatever, I didn’t dress like this for her.” Catra says. She locks the door after Scorpia exits and then they begin walking down the stairs to exit their apartment complex. She knows that her answer hadn’t been very convincing, but Catra wasn’t about to admit that she had a crush on Adora - not yet anyway. 


They had decided to walk, since the venue wasn’t too far from campus and thus their apartment. Scorpia starts to make conversation while Catra’s nerves slowly crawl up and up and up . “What do you want to do for your birthday?” Scorpia asks, bringing Catra’s attention back to her presence. 


She was starting to get cold . The air had a chill to it tonight and Catra, admittedly, wasn’t really dressed for the cold. “What we do every year, Scorp. Throw a party on Halloween and just combine the two.” Catra replies. Her birthday wasn’t on Halloween, technically, but having both parties in one was just a time saver. She didn’t have to throw two parties, plus Catra loved Halloween - though the costume part could be annoying. 


“Do you want to invite Adora?” Scorpia asks and Catra blushes. She grumbles halfheartedly at Scorpia before she hurries up her steps. Yes she did want Adora to come, but that was besides the point. 


Catra is relieved when they enter the bowling alley. It’s warm and it’s also dark. The place was clearly built for students, at least this late at night, there were no families in sight, neon signs everywhere and the place was a restaurant/bowling alley hybrid - it even had a bar . Catra could see the soccer team down by the lanes, divided into groups, separated. Catra was suddenly nervous. 


“Scorpia!” Catra knows that voice belongs to Perfuma. She skips up the steps and kisses her girlfriend and Catra steps out the way. “And Catra! Scorpia mentioned you were coming.” Perfuma says happily. Catra really doesn’t understand how one person can be so cheerful and positive all the time. Don’t get her wrong, she’s not negative all the time, but Catra has also never met anyone as positive as Perfuma. She just thinks it's healthy to have a little negativity in life. “Adora is down in the last lane.” 


“I see Scorpia told you something else too.” Catra says, glaring at her best friend as she steps up to the counter for some shoes - she forgot she’d have to wear those god awful things. 


“Sorry Wildcat,” Scorpia says timidly as she too requests shoes. Catra begins taking off her boots with a huff. “I tell Perfuma everything.” 


“I’m aware.” Catra says, handing her boots to the guy behind the counter while she slips on the bowling shoes. “I don’t have a crush on Adora.” Catra says, unconvincingly. Perfuma gives her a look but she doesn't press it any further. 


“Babe, Mermista and Sea Hawk want to play us in lane three, is that okay?” Perfuma asks. 


“Oh, I…” Scorpia looks at Catra and Catra rolls her eyes. 


“Relax, I’m a big girl, I’ll go find Adora.” Catra says. 


Once she’s changed her shoes, she bids goodbye to both Scorpia and Perfuma and then makes her way down to the lanes. She was nervous. Like, beyond nervous. The place must have been booked by the soccer team beforehand, or they were insanely lucky that the lanes were free, because about half of them, if not more, were taken by team members - and Catra had seen a few eating in the restaurant. 


Catra sees Adora before she sees her. She’s talking to two people, one of who Catra doesn’t know, the other… She knows. Adora is dressed in a white hoodie, her varsity jacket is on the back of the seat behind her and she’s wearing those wonderfully tight denim jeans - Catra has to admit that her ass looks good in them, but you really can’t blame her, she’s gay and she has eyes . She’s wearing those stupid bowling shoes too. Seriously, bowling shoes? They were more like clown shoes if you asked Catra. 


Adora turns and catches Catra’s eye. She freezes for a half second before she seems to realise that Catra is actually there, then she turns to face her and gives her a wide bright smile. She starts to jog over to her and stops just a few feet away. “ You came.” She signs but Catra can tell from her movements that she’s both excited and surprised. 


I said I would .” Catra points out fondly. 


You should be on my team ,” Adora says with a smile. “ Glimmer and Bow ,” She finger-spells those names, though Catra already knew Glimmer, she assumed the other person with them was Bow. “ want to do couples. You’re my partner. ” 


We’re a couple now? ” Catra signs with amusement and Adora rolls her eyes fondly. 


We are for tonight. ” That shouldn’t give Catra butterflies but it really does. Adora offers her elbow and Catra takes it. “ You look good .” Adora signs and Catra feels her cheeks flush - thank god it was dark. 


Thank you. ” Catra signs back. “ You too .” And Catra means it. Adora gives her simple dresser vibes, casual, pants and shirt and she’s done, but it really really works for her. Now that they’re joined by elbows, Catra can feel Adora’s bicep below even the fabric of her hoodie - this girl could probably bench press Catra


When they reach the lane, Glimmer’s eyes immediately widen when she sees Catra standing there, arm in arm with Adora. “You.” Glimmer says, standing up. She signs her words so that Adora can follow along. 


“Hey Sparkles, miss me?” Catra asks with a sharp grin. Adora, beside her, frowns softly. 


Sparkles? ” She finger-spells and Catra laughs softly. 


Nickname .” She explains. 


“Annoying nickname,” Glimmer says and signs. “I can’t believe Catra is the girl you’ve been gushing about.” Glimmer says, looking at Adora. Adora blushes right from her neck to her ears and Catra finds the sight absolutely glorious


I- ” Adora pauses her hands. “ How do you know each other? ” Adora asks. Catra notices that she didn’t deny the fact that she had been gushing about Catra. Every time Glimmer replies, she both speaks and signs. Catra is relieved that Adora’s friends at least appear to make an effort to involve the blonde; she'd been so happy at practice that Catra had involved her in the conversation that Catra was worried. 


“We had a class together,” Glimmer explains and Catra nods as she takes a seat. “We got a little… heated…” Catra snorts in amusement. Heated might be putting it lightly. In fact, they clashed almost completely, but Catra suspected it was probably because they were so similar and just as stubborn as each other. They had shared a class together in the first year and they’d argued and disagreed with each other on pretty much every topic. Catra secretly liked Glimmer, if they’d hung out beyond classes, she’s sure they’d have the kind of friendship where they insult each other lovingly. 


Glimmer was wearing denim shorts, a purple shirt that was somewhat of a crop top, and that had a tiny semi circle cut out of the chest (a boob window), and she was wearing a light blue and white Letterman jacket. Her pink and purple hair was down and ruffled. Glimmer is very pretty, Catra can admit to that, but it would never work between them - maybe a fling, nothing serious. Beside her is a boy who was looking at her with a soft expression. He was wearing a crop top, with a heart in the centre, Catra could make out what looked like the ends of scars on his chest, he was wearing jogging pants as well as a choker that also had a heart on it. “I’m Bow.” He introduces himself and Catra takes his offered hand. Catra could already tell she liked Bow. 


“So,” Bow says happily as he signs his words. “Glimbow versus Catradora?” He asks and Catra laughs at the names. Adora nods enthusiastically and steps up to the machine to set up their game, imputing the dumb names Bow just gave them. 


“How did you meet Adora again?” Glimmer asks as Adora was busy setting the game up. 


“She came by the coffee shop on campus, I work there sometimes.” 


“She really hasn’t stopped talking about you all week.” Catra feels herself blushing a little at that but she decides to let the topic drop when Adora turns around proudly after setting up the game. She puts her hands on her hips and grins . She looks downright adorable and Catra was right, she totally was a dork. 


Do you want to go first?” Adora asks Catra and Catra shakes her head. 


You go .” Catra says. Adora nods and picks up a bowling ball. Catra really has to stop checking out her hands - like she hasn’t made it painfully obvious that she’s a huge lesbian.


Catra watches Adora as she lines up her shot. “Fuck it,” Glimmer says, distracting Catra. “I’m going to give you the speech now.” Catra frowns a little as Adora kisses her bowling ball - yup really, totally , a huge dork. “If you hurt Adora, I will hurt you.” Glimmer threatens and Catra rolls her eyes. 


“I don’t plan on hurting her, Sparkles,” Catra says as she watches Adora move her arm back. “Besides, we’re friends.” Were they even friends? Catra had literally met Adora only a week ago, and yet this felt significant


“Just… treat her right. Then we won’t have any issues.” Glimmer says. 


“She’s a grown up, Sparkles,” Catra says dismissively as Adora takes her shot. “I’m not going to hurt her and, if I did, we could figure it out together.” 


“I know she’s a grown up but-” Glimmer’s words are cut off when Adora hits a strike. Catra grins so wide her face might get stuck that way if she wasn’t careful. Adora throws her hands up in triumph and she gestures to the lane in a way to say ‘ did you see that?!’. Catra nods enthusiastically, smiling even wider - if that were possible - when Adora smiles so proudly at her. 


I saw .” Catra says and Adora puffs her chest up proudly before she turns to Glimmer and Bow. 


Suck it. ” She signs and Catra lets out a bark of laughter. 


You’re on Grayskull .” Glimmer signs back as Bow stands to take his shot. Adora sits down beside Catra and turns to her with a big smile. 


Nice aim .” Catra says to her. Adora leans in close. 


Thanks ,” She signs. “ I have exceptional coordination and precision. ” Catra isn’t sure what it is, but that all seemed kind of sexual, and like Adora was flirting with her, especially the way that her fingers kind of… linger. Unfortunately, Bow is also a skilled bowler, and he manages to hit a strike too. 


Catra stands and picks up a ball. She stops, staring at the thing, and she sees Adora shift out of the corner of her eye. “ Want my help? ” She offers. Catra knows how to bowl, but was she going to say no to Adora possibly putting her hands on her? No


Catra nods and Adora stands up, following her to the lane. Adora lays her hand over Catra’s on the ball as she positions her arm. Catra gets goosebumps from her touch and she shivers a little. Adora is pressed to her back and Catra is starting to think this was an excuse by Adora in order to get to touch her. Catra can feel her hot breath brush over the back of her neck and then Adora pulls her hand back and gestures for Catra to bowl the ball. Honestly, Catra kind of forgot she was bowling; she was that distracted by Adora’s body pressed to her. Adora steps back and, yep, that was totally an excuse just to touch her. Catra lines up her shot and manages to win them a spare but, in her defence, Adora kind of totally distracted her there. 


They continue like that. Catra is actually having a good time, and she’s pretty sure Adora is flirting with her. Glimmer and Bow start kissing at some point and Adora pulls a face, telling them to get a room. Even Glimmer is okay. Catra gets the impression she’s protective of her friends, and Catra can appreciate that, so she wasn’t really that put off by her ‘speech’ at the beginning of the evening. Catra likes Bow too, he’s nice and calming, he definitely keeps Glimmer’s more chaotic tendencies in check, kind of like an impulse control, even though all three of these friends feel like they’re chaotic when they’re together - Catra’s sure they’ve gotten up to no good together plenty of times before, you know, friend stuff. 


No pressure ,” Adora signs. “ But our victory rests on you getting a strike .” 


No pressure? ” Catra signs sarcastically and Adora grins, nodding. Catra rolls her eyes as she steps up to the lane. She takes her time, lining up her shot, she takes a deep breath and then she bowls. She doesn’t release that breath until the ball hits a strike


Adora makes a sound of triumph and Catra lifts her arms up in victory as she turns to Adora with a big wide smile. Adora picks her up off of the ground and spins her around. Catra laughs the entire time, right up until Adora stops. Adora doesn’t put her down right away, just holds her, Catra has her legs wrapped around her waist. They stare at each other, the air around them seems to shift, and Catra’s hands somehow find their way to Adora’s sharp and strong jawbone. She could just lean down, it would be so easy, she could just kiss Adora. 


Their moment, however, is interrupted by Glimmer and Bow who walk up to them. Adora slowly sets Catra back down onto her feet and then Catra turns to Glimmer and Bow smugly. “Congratulations.” Glimmer says and signs. 


Would you like a drink? ” Adora asks Catra. Catra nods and grabs Adora’s sleeve before she could leave. 


“I think the losers should buy.” Catra says with a smirk. Adora lets out a small huff of laughter and Glimmer groans. Both Bow and Glimmer give them money to buy drinks and Catra happily takes it, making a show just to rub their win in that little bit more, before she accompanies Adora to the bar. Catra orders the drinks, non-alcoholic since she wasn’t quite twenty-one yet - just another couple of weeks - and then she turns to Adora while they wait. 


So, we make a pretty good team .” Catra points out and Adora smiles. 


Yes we do .” Adora agrees and Catra plays with the change in her hand before she shoves it into her pocket. “ You look really, ” Adora emphasises her movements when she signs ‘really’ and Catra feels a smile tug at the corners of her lips. “ Good .” 


You said that already .” Catra points out with great amusement. 


I wanted to say it again .” Adora smiles and Catra rolls her eyes but, she has to admit that, Adora’s words do make her heart speed up a little in her chest. They take Glimmer and Bow drinks and then they retreat back to the restaurant. Adora orders them a bowl of fries and they share it between them. 


Favourite animal? ” Catra asks. 


Horse .” Adora answers and Catra raises an eyebrow at her. 


“Horse ?” She signs again in question and Adora nods quickly. “ What are you? A country girl? ” Adora lets out a little sound of laughter before she begins signing again. 


What? Didn’t get that from my accent? ” She asks and Catra lets out a loud bark of laughter that has people looking at them. When Catra manages to rein her laughter in, she sees Adora looking at her with shiny eyes, she looks soft, and so happy, then she begins to sign again. “ I like making you laugh .” Catra isn't sure what it is about that that makes her feel so completely warm


They enjoy each other’s company, making casual conversation. As it turned out, Adora really was a country girl. She told Catra that she knew how to ride a horse, and swore she’d take Catra to a ranch her foster mom had taken her to when she was younger. That was something else Catra had learnt, Adora hadn’t gone into super detail, and Catra didn’t want to depress her by forcing her to go into detail, but Adora was fostered - Catra figured Adora would tell her more one day when she felt comfortable. 


Catra didn’t even know how much time had passed until Scorpia told her she was leaving and staying at Perfuma’s and to not wait up for her. She checks her phone to see it was almost midnight. “ I’ll walk you home ?” Adora offers. Catra shakes her head. 


I don’t want to put you out .” 


It’s no problem ,” Adora signs dismissively. “ I can’t let you walk home alone. ” Catra wants to protest that she is completely capable of walking home alone but she would feel safer having someone with her. 


Fine, ” Catra concedes. “ But only if I get to return the favour in the future .” Adora smiles brightly and nods. She goes to retrieve her jacket and say goodbye to her friends before they exit the bowling alley together. 


As soon as they step outside, Catra realises that the chill has only gotten chillier. She wraps her arms around herself and tries to hide her shiver. She fails miserably. Without saying a word, Adora reaches over and places her jacket over Catra’s shoulders. Catra wants to protest, but Adora just gives her a serious look that tells her she should just accept the jacket. So she does. Catra wraps the thing around her tightly, letting the warmth of Adora, warm her too. She sinks into the fabric as they walk the short distance to Catra’s apartment building. They walk in silence, but Catra is stunned by how not weird it is. 


Catra only expects Adora to walk her to the outside of her building but she follows her inside and up to her front door. Catra turns to her when she reaches it and gestures. “ This is me. ” She tells Adora as she begins to shrug off the jacket, but Adora shakes her head. 


Keep it ,” She signs. “ Give it back to me some other time.” Catra sinks back into the jacket, feeling warm for so many more reasons than just the jacket on her shoulders. That meant that Adora wanted to see her again. 


That tension from when Adora had lifted her in the bowling alley comes back tenfold. It’s like they’re opposite ends of a magnet, and Catra feels pulled towards Adora in a way she has never felt before. Adora lifts her hands. 


Can I …” She pauses her movements before she continues. “ Kiss you? ” Catra takes a sharp breath in at the question. Adora just asked to kiss her! Catra really was having a gay panic now. It takes her a moment to fully recover from the question before Catra nods her consent. Adora moves towards her and Catra leans against the door for support. 


Adora enters her space slowly, Catra lifts her hands to grip at the material of Adora’s hoodie. They stay like that for a moment, with Catra trapped against the door, her hands gripping Adora’s hoodie, and breathing each other’s air, before Adora leans in to close the tiny space between them. 


It’s incredible


Catra can’t even begin to express how the kiss makes her feel. It makes her feel alive , she imagines it feels like seeing colour for the very first time - like she was seeing in black and white and Adora kissing her made her see every shade. Adora breathes life back into her through that kiss. Her lips are soft, and they taste like cherry from her coke that she’d had at the bowling alley. Catra thinks she could kiss Adora forever and it still wouldn’t be enough. 


Catra moves her hands up Adora’s body and then slides her fingers into her soft blonde tresses. Adora makes a low noise of approval as she turns her head to the side to kiss Catra at a new angle. Catra has never been kissed like this - not even by past girlfriends - Adora is a perfect mix of soft and gentle to hard and firm. 


She lifts her hands to gently cup Catra’s jaw as her lips move skilfully against Catra’s. Catra feels like she might be melting, the kiss is that good. She seriously doesn’t want it to stop, and she drinks all of Adora in - as much as she possibly can. She wants to drag Adora inside and kiss her all night; she wants to burn this memory into her mind for an eternity. Catra wants to part her lips, taste Adora on her tongue, but she thinks that might be a bit much for a first kiss. 


When they finally do part, Catra is left absolutely breathless . Adora stays close, holding Catra’s face in her hands while she presses their foreheads together. They stay like that for a moment before Adora actually speaks . “Wow…” She says in a low whisper, but Catra hears it all the same. Catra laughs softly and leans forward to peck her on the lips. Adora’s voice is sweet, soft, she spoke quietly but it was still like music to Catra’s ears. 


She would like nothing more than to keep kissing Adora, but it’s getting late and the blonde should probably get back home. Catra leans back and Adora reluctantly stands up straight. “ Wow .” Adora signs this time and Catra can’t help but laugh again. “ I’d like to do that again .” 


If you’re lucky .” Catra responds playfully, but she’s pretty sure her flushed cheeks tell Adora that she enjoyed that just as much as Adora seemed to enjoy it too. Adora’s hair is a little ruffled from Catra’s fingers, and her cheeks are a pretty pink, but her smile is what has Catra’s heart hammering in her chest. She looks so completely happy. “ I’ll see you around Adora .” Catra signs and Adora nods. 


Text me .” Adora signs back. 


I will .” Catra promises. “ Text me when you get home .” Catra wanted to be sure that Adora made it home safely. Adora’s smile turns into a half smirk that is entirely too sexy.  


What? Worried about me ?” Adora asks and Catra rolls her eyes. 


Just don’t want you to get murdered and it be my fault .” 


Ouch .” Catra rolls her eyes fondly and shoves Adora’s shoulder as she turns towards her door and begins to unlock it. She turns back to see Adora watching her carefully. She decides one more kiss won’t kill her. She grabs the front of Adora’s hoodie and yanks her in for one more kiss before she pulls back. “ Bye Adora .” Catra signs, grinning when she sees Adora’s completely bewildered look on her face. Adora lets out a huff of laughter. 


Bye Catra .” Adora actually does leave after that. She turns on her foot and walks down the stairs to exit the building. Catra watches her go before she opens her apartment door and slams it shut by leaning back against it. She slowly falls to the ground, leaning against it. She was so completely whipped by Adora, already


“Fuck my life.” Catra murmurs to herself as she buries her nose into Adora’s jacket and smells her . “Adora Grayskull… Where the hell have you been my whole life?” Catra asks no one in particular. Whatever they were now after that kiss, Catra was determined it wouldn’t be their last. They would kiss again, they would see each other again. Adora Grayskull walked into Catra’s coffee shop one day, and she completely captivated her. She planted a seed in her heart and rooted herself there. 


Yup, Catra was screwed

Chapter Text

If the tide takes California

I'm so glad I got to hold ya

And if the sky falls from heaven above

Oh, I know I had the best time falling into love

We've been living on a fault line

And for a while, you were all mine

I've spent a lifetime giving you my heart

I swear that I'll be yours forever

'Til forever falls apart

- Till Forever Falls Apart, Ashe & FINNEAS 





The music was too loud. They were probably going to get a noise complaint at this rate, but it was also Halloween, and half of this building, maybe more, were students anyway, so Catra wasn’t too worried about it. She was worried about something , however. That kiss in her apartment hallway wasn’t their last kiss afterall. They kissed a lot - like, a lot. Any time they were left alone, they ended up kissing. Catra wasn’t really sure what they were. Friends, maybe? Friends who kiss each other? Do just friends kiss each other? Catra knew that she liked Adora, in a way she hasn’t liked someone in a very long time, but she just wasn’t sure what to do with it. 


Catra downs the alcohol in her red cup. She could finally legally drink, twenty-one, she’s an adult, but she still can’t seem to find the courage to tell a girl that she likes her. They text all the time too. Whenever they can, they hang out, they share stories and Adora makes Catra laugh - like, really laugh, not the fake laugh Catra does sometimes. 


Catra had invited Adora to her birthday/Halloween party, but she wasn’t sure she was going to come. Who was Catra kidding? It was Adora, of course she would come when she said she was going to. That’s why Catra was on her third drink by now. She was leaning on the island between the kitchen and the living room, watching people from her classes dancing, drinking, making out, and all she can think about is a pretty blonde girl who may or may not like her.


Sure, Adora kisses her back just as eagerly as Catra kisses her, Adora even initiates a lot of the kissing, but did that mean that Adora liked her? Not necessarily. Then again, they hadn’t gone further than kissing. If Adora was only interested in… less than innocent things, and no friendship, surely she would have made a move by now? Adora doesn’t strike Catra as a no strings attached sex kind of person, but then why are they in this weird limbo space? 


Maybe Catra was getting ahead of herself. It had only been two weeks since the bowling alley. She just doesn’t know how these things are supposed to go. What is too fast? What’s too slow? What if Adora doesn’t like her at all? Sometimes Catra doesn’t even like herself, why would she expect someone as… amazing as Adora to like her? Okay, the self-deprecating thoughts probably aren’t the most helpful right now. 


With Scorpia, things had been kind of fast, but that was different, wasn’t it? Catra had tried so hard to see Scorpia as more than a friend but it had felt… wrong? Weird? Clunky. Kind of like, all the pieces were there, Catra loves Scorpia a whole lot, but she could never see herself kissing her (though she had), or going further (which she had not), all the pieces were there, but Catra just couldn’t force them into the shape of a relationship . They were best friends. Catra had felt so guilty, she felt as though she had led Scorpia on and then… Their relationship kind of entered an awkward phase after that, but that was a long time ago now. Now they were perfectly comfortable in the best friends definition, and roommates - though, given how often Scorpia spent at Perfuma’s, Catra might have to look for a new roommate next year. 


With Adora, things are different . For one, they didn’t have an established friendship. They were strangers basically, though Catra liked to consider them at least as friends by now. Catra has always found it hard to make friends, so she doesn’t really know when someone stops being an acquaintance and becomes a friend, but they’ve been texting everyday for the past two weeks. Catra has learnt a substantial amount about Adora, including what Adora’s tongue tastes like, so she thinks it’s safe to assume that they’re at least friends by now. 


Secondly, they clearly both find each other attractive. Adora will kiss Catra just as much as Catra will kiss her. There is this… energy between them that has been lacking in Catra’s past relationships. They are attracted to each other like the opposite ends of a magnet, they go together like… things that go together; coffee and cream, peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter… Maybe Catra was hungry. The point is, they work . Catra feels comfortable with Adora, and she really enjoys kissing her. 


Truthfully, Catra could see herself being with Adora - romantically that is. She just can’t get a read on Adora . For someone so smiley and open, and clearly confident, Adora is not so forthcoming when it comes to her feelings. Sometimes Catra wonders if she even knows herself. She can’t really explain it, she’s seen Adora with her friends, Catra doesn’t really feel like a friend when she thinks of it like that but then if Adora did like her, like Catra said, wouldn’t she have mentioned it by now? Then again, it wasn’t like Catra had mentioned it either. She should just stop over thinking this. Catra likes to think that her mind is one of her greatest attributes, but sometimes it is her greatest hindrance. Someone walks by her with a tray of shots and Catra steals one, downing it and grimacing when the liquid burns her throat. Shit . Alcohol didn’t even taste that nice, why do people do this? Oh right, to get drunk. 


Before Catra can get too drunk, the woman of the hour shows up. Catra’s eyes land on her immediately. She’s dressed like a fucking knight . That outfit should not be this attractive and yet… Catra finds herself wanting to rip her fake armour off of her and drag her to the bedroom. God, she needs to get a grip. Catra slides down the cabinets, hiding away from Adora and sitting on the floor with her legs pulled up to her chest. Maybe drinking so much was a bad idea. 


Catra gestures to someone in her kitchen to hand her another shot and they do so. Catra downs it and then sighs. She feels hot, but she suspects it's from the alcohol - maybe from seeing Adora too. She wonders how long it will take for Adora to find her. 


Catra is sometimes a runner. She isn’t really sure where she picked that up from. Don’t get her wrong, she’ll stand up to anyone, hold her ground on things she believes in, and she can be as stubborn as they come, but when it comes to emotions? Catra sometimes has the urge to just run. They’re scary and confusing, and sometimes Catra would rather just ignore them than face them. 


Unfortunately, Adora has other plans. She finds her relatively quickly and Catra doesn’t move from her sitting position on the ground as she looks up at the tall blonde. Adora crouches down in front of her. “ You okay? ” She signs and Catra takes a deep breath. She felt like she might throw up, but she didn’t know if it was from nerves, or the alcohol she had drunk. 


Fine .” Catra signs back but Adora doesn’t look convinced. Still, Adora doesn’t push her. That’s something else that Adora does that Catra appreciates: she doesn’t push. Catra is obviously not fine - she’s sitting on her kitchen floor in the middle of her birthday party - but Adora just nods at her and doesn’t pressure her to go on. She’s patient. Catra doesn’t like being cornered, or forced to say things before she’s ready, so she really appreciates that quality in Adora.


Is it too loud? ” Adora asks. “ I can feel the music. ” Catra laughs a little and Adora smiles back at her. “ I’m serious, ” She carries on signing. “ I can usually feel music, that’s how I experience it, but this is making my skull rattle .” Maybe Adora was right, maybe it was a little too much.


I could use some air .” Catra admits and Adora nods. 


Balcony? ” Adora asks. Catra nods and then Adora helps her to her feet. Adora holds a finger up to signal for Catra to pause, she fills up a glass of water and then she comes back to Catra so they can make their way over to the ‘balcony’ - which was actually just the fire escape. 


When they get to the window Catra sees a bunch of people hanging out on the fire escape, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. She hisses at them to beat it and they all do so without protest. Catra then climbs outside, helping Adora and she closes the window behind her. 


Now the music was just a muffled thump and Catra could finally think . Adora hands her the glass of water and Catra takes it gratefully, signing her thanks before she takes two big gulps of water. She feels better already. It’s pretty chilly out, but not uncomfortably so, it’s refreshing and Catra feels less overwhelmed on this balcony with just Adora. 


She sighs as she picks up an unlit cigarette on the metal railing. She can feel Adora watching her closely but she doesn’t say anything, she silently watches and comforts her with her presence. Catra feels like she may be acting dramatic. Was this really a meltdown over if Adora liked her or not? Truth be told, Catra feels weird . She gets like that sometimes, when she doesn’t know how to explain her feelings other than weird. It’s a feeling she can’t describe other than that, but she hates feeling it. 


She turns to Adora with the cigarette and offers it to her. “ I don’t smoke .” Adora declines, shaking her head. 


Why ?” Catra asks, mostly out of curiosity. Adora gives her a look and then points to herself before she signs. 


Sports medicine ,” She emphasises her moves on the word ‘medicine’. “ Major .” Yeah, that makes sense. Adora studies medicine, she probably knows all the health issues related to smoking. It's not like Catra smokes anyway, she just liked to take every opportunity to learn something about Adora. Catra flicks the thing over the edge of the balcony and watches as it falls to the ground. They just stand there for a long moment, with Catra leaning against the railing and staring at the ground and Adora standing in the far left corner. 


After a while, Adora comes over and leans against the balcony beside Catra. She begins to sign and Catra watches carefully. “ Want to talk about it ?” Catra sighs and then shakes her head ‘no’ and Adora doesn’t push any further. There’s a long stretch of nothing before Adora begins to sign again. “ Happy birthday .” Catra actually smiles at that.


She moves up and leans against the corner of the balcony instead, turning towards Adora. “ It’s not my birthday .” Catra points out. Adora already told her happy birthday on her actual birthday, and she’d even given her a gift, despite the fact that they’d only known each other for a couple of weeks and Catra would not have held it against her if she hadn’t. Adora turns to face her with a playful grin. 


Then Happy Not Your Birthday. ” She signs. “ Happy Halloween .” Catra rolls her eyes fondly, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.


Happy Halloween .” Catra agrees and then she drops her hands. She turns to Adora. 


The knight costume suited her but it really screamed dork . Then again, Catra is sure Adora would look amazing in just about anything. Catra has seen her literally covered in mud and sweat from practice before and she still made out with her in the locker room. Still, Catra wouldn’t have been opposed to seeing Adora in a fireman costume, or something else where she could see her muscles rather than bulky plastic fake armour. Adora is a dork anyway, which means her costume was perfect


Adora moves from her position and comes to stand in front of Catra. Catra looks up at her curiously as Adora reaches her hand out for Catra’s fake tail. She runs her hand along it. “I like… your outfit.” Adora actually speaks to Catra and Catra feels her heart hammer in her chest. 


Adora rarely speaks, Catra knows that she doesn’t like it because she can’t hear what she’s saying, or how she speaks, so Adora speaking to her means that she trusts Catra. It must be a weird sensation, to know you’re saying something but to be unable to hear what you’re saying. Catra reaches her arms up and loops them around Adora’s neck, her thumb resting where her hair met her neck, she rubs gentle circles into her skin and Adora melts


When Catra speaks, she speaks slowly so that Adora can carefully read her lips. “Thank you.” Catra says. “It’s a pun.” On her name that is. Catra, dressed as a catgirl or whatever, she thought it was ironic. Adora smiles and then they both pause. The air around them becomes static, thick and full of something . It’s electric . And then they’re kissing again. 


Catra knows her tongue must taste of alcohol but Adora doesn’t seem to care. She’s pretty sure this hadn’t been Adora’s plan when she’d asked her out here, but they always seem to end up making out - so it shouldn’t be that much of a shock. Adora lifts her up and rests Catra on the railing of the fire escape, Catra wraps her legs around Adora’s waist to keep herself steady. She moves one of her hands to Adora's sharp jawbone and the other she leaves resting on her shoulder as she turns her head to the side to kiss Adora at a better angle. Adora’s hands stay firmly on Catra’s sides before she runs them to her back and up in a caress that has Catra shuddering. 


Yep, Catra is never going to get tired of kissing Adora. That is either going to be a huge problem, or not, depending how Adora feels.


Catra would’ve spent all night making out with Adora in the setting sun, in the chilly autumn weather that was progressively getting colder as they got closer to winter, but they’re rudely interrupted by someone opening the window. Catra leans back and Adora seems to take that as an invitation to kiss Catra a different way but Catra shakes her head. Adora pauses, staring into Catra’s eyes. God, Catra loves the soft blues of Adora’s eyes, they’re like a comforting blanket that Catra could just wrap herself up in. 


It takes her a moment to compose herself, and then she moves her head to peer over Adora’s shoulder. Adora hadn’t heard that they had company, but Catra was very aware of it. “Damn Catra, didn’t know you were the type to make out with blonde jocks at your own birthday party.” Catra scowls at Lonnie. Lonnie was one of her classmates, also pre-law. Catra liked Lonnie, but she surprisingly found her irritating when she decided to interrupt Catra’s very nice make out sessions. 


“Lonnie, literally fuck off.” Catra hisses though she forgets her train of thought when Adora kisses her on the neck . Adora has never kissed her there before, and, even though it was just a brief kiss, it sends a spark right through Catra in a way she has never experienced - if she actually did have a tail and ears they’d both be up right now and her fur would be standing on end. 


“Shit, get it girl.” Lonnie says with a laugh. Catra flips her off behind Adora’s back as she tilts her head back to allow Adora to keep kissing her on her neck - which Adora does so eagerly. “Can you take this to your bedroom? Some people actually want to smoke.”


“So go out the front door.” Catra says with great irritation as her hands slide up to Adora’s hair. She threads her fingers through her soft blonde locks and lets out a satisfied moan. 


“Are you really about to have sex on the balcony?” Lonnie asks. Catra growls in frustration. Normally her answer would be no, but with the way Adora is kissing her? Catra can already feel her building desire - especially with the way that Catra is pressed up against Adora’s hard stomach. Part of Catra wants to say yes to Lonnie, and let Adora put her hands down her pants, but Lonnie is right. 


Catra sighs and taps Adora on her shoulder gently. She leans back and blinks at Catra. “ Let's go inside. ” Catra signs and Adora nods her head. Catra hops down from the metal railing and then she grabs Adora’s hand and drags her inside. Catra glares at Lonnie as she passes by her and then she leads Adora to the kitchen to get some more alcohol. 


The night continues like that. Catra gets drunk , Adora is tipsy but at least she doesn’t sway when she stands still. Catra had seen Glimmer and Bow, Bow was dressed as some archer, she thinks maybe he was meant to match Adora, Glimmer was dressed like some action figure. Glimmer and Bow were pretty distracted with each other, as much as Catra and Adora were distracted with each other. 


Things were starting to slow down, it wasn’t as crowded anymore, so Catra had pulled Adora into the centre of her living room to make her dance with her.Catra laughs as Adora dances. She’s not exactly bad but she definitely seems tense. “ Loosen up .” Catra signs and Adora blushes. She shrugs before she signs. 


I can’t exactly hear the music .” She points out.


Need some help ?” Catra asks with a smirk. Adora raises an eyebrow and Catra can tell that her curiosity is getting the better of her so she nods.


Catra moves in close to Adora. Adora looks at her and she lets out a soft gasp. Now that their hands are currently on each other, they can’t communicate that way, only through head movements and body language. 


Catra moves her hands down to Adora’s ass and she looks at her with wide eyes before they darken a little. Adora licks her lips but Catra just moves her hands to her hips and squeezes. She guides Adora into a rhythm and Adora starts to move in time with the music. If Catra was honest? Adora’s dancing was fine, she just wanted an excuse to do this


They’re practically crotch to crotch, in fact, they are . Catra feels hot. At some point Adora had removed the clunky plastic armour of her costume and now she was in soft clothes that hugged her muscles. Catra traces her hand along those muscles and she looks up to see Adora smirking at her. Fucker . Catra decides to play the big guns. She turns around so her back is pressed up against Adora and she grinds her ass into Adora’s crotch. Adora’s hands come around to Catra’s front to press her closer. Fuck . Catra is so insanely attracted to Adora, it should be a crime. 


They do that for a while. Catra gets drunker as the evening draws on. The party dies a natural death to the point that by now there were only a few lingering bodies and the music had turned into softer, gentler music. They were slow dancing in the middle of Catra’s living room. Catra had completely forgotten about her meltdown at the beginning of the night. Now she just enjoys swaying in time with Adora to soft music. Catra is tired, and she wishes people would just leave by now so she can go to bed - maybe with Adora.


Catra moves back from Adora and makes her way to the Hi-Fi that was playing music. She switches it off and turns to her guests. “Alright fuckos, party’s over, get out.” Adora didn’t hear but she is watching her and smiling. Adora’s smile always makes Catra feel so warm , her smile could make everything feel okay. 


People start exiting her apartment and Catra shuts the door after them, locking it. She turns to see Adora looking at her. “ Let’s get you to bed .” Adora signs and Catra smirks. Don’t mind if I do . Catra crosses the room and takes Adora’s hand, pulling her into her bedroom.


Adora hasn’t been in her room yet, and she clearly instantly gets distracted. Catra sits at the bottom of her bed and watches Adora as she looks around Catra’s room. She has a few pictures here and there, some of her and Scorpia, some with Entrapta, some of her and her moms, one of her and Melog somewhere. Adora examines them carefully, absorbed in seeing the parts of Catra that she hasn’t necessarily seen yet - shit, Adora doesn’t even know Catra has a cat. Melog is safely back home with her moms though, a college apartment surprisingly doesn’t allow pets. 


Catra watches her as she does this. Whenever Adora picks a picture up she is careful to place it right back where she found it. It’s the little things about Adora that Catra loves- likes , that she likes. It’s how she pays attention to things, how soft she is, how competitive she is, how she always seems to be able to read Catra so easily.


Adora stops her browsing and turns to Catra. She smiles and comes over to her. “ Do you mind if I undress you? ” Adora asks - she looks only a little nervous about that. 


Please do .” Catra responds. Despite Catra’s consent, Adora hesitates. 


Not like that .” Adora signs and Catra tries so hard to not be disappointed by that. She admits, it stings a little, Catra is allergic to rejection, she shrinks up, shuts down, she just can’t handle it, but Adora’s eyes are nothing but soft and gentle. “ You’re drunk, it wouldn’t be right .” Catra wants to protest that, but she’s not exactly completely capable of communicating with her hands right now. Adora is right, she’s too drunk to do this - plus, she wants their first time to be more than just a drunken night. So she nods.


Adora smiles and then she comes over to Catra. She carefully removes her tight pants and her shirt and then she goes to Catra’s drawers to pull out some sleep shorts and shirt. Adora turns her back so Catra can wiggle out of her bra and then she pulls the shirt on over the top. Catra does, however, let Adora slide her sleep shorts up her legs. The room seems stuffy suddenly with their breath so close together - Adora even looks like she’s blushing. Adora reaches up and removes Catra’s fake cat ears and then she unties Catra’s hair - which she’s very thankful for because getting that hair-tie out would be a painful experience in the morning. Adora then disappears from the bedroom for a moment and Catra decides to make herself comfortable. 


She crawls into her blankets and gets settled. She suddenly feels tired, maybe alcohol makes you sleepy, but Catra sure feels like she could sleep for several days. Maybe it was the emotional roller coaster of a day that she had. Adora returns with a glass of water and a rag in her hand. She places the glass of water on the bedside table with two aspirin and then she sits down on the edge of the bed. “ Can I clean your face ?” Adora asks. Catra will be honest, she is too drunk to actually sign, and it takes her a while longer than usual to figure out what it is that Adora is asking her, but, as soon as she does, Catra nods her head. She had drawn whiskers on her face, if she didn’t remove it before she went to bed not only would her pillow pay the price for that but it would be harder to remove in the morning. 


Adora presents the damp rag and then she gently moves in to wipe softly at Catra’s face. The rag was black, so it wouldn’t stain, and it only takes Adora a minute before she smiles and sets the rag to one side. “Good night, Catra.” Adora speaks and Catra suspects that it’s probably because the gentle wiping had almost sent her to sleep. Adora makes to stand up but Catra grabs her wrist before she can. 


Stay .” Catra signs. “ Please. ” Adora looks at her for a long moment before she nods. She removes what’s left of her awkward costume and changes into just a tank top and boxers , showing off those biceps of hers, and her toned abs where the tank top clung to her. Catra stares before Adora climbs into the bed. She shuffles back and Catra doesn’t bother with the awkward gaps and spaces. She shuffles up behind Adora and spoons her happily. Catra may be tiny compared to Adora’s bulky and tall figure, but that doesn’t mean Catra can’t be the big spoon. 


Adora seems to melt into the snuggle after a moment and then sighs. Catra loves it. She’s sure that Adora hasn’t been held much in her relationships (not that this is a relationship) but Catra doesn’t care. She wants to cuddle that tall, blonde, goddess. So she does. Adora clearly enjoys it. So that’s how they fall asleep, with Catra spooning Adora from behind and them sharing body heat.


Catra really was in so deep. 


* * *


Adora likes Catra so much she could sing about it. Not that she would, Adora’s pretty sure she can’t sing, but Catra . Adora is so thankful she decided to come into the campus coffee shop that one day, it was like a twist of fate. She hadn’t really been intending to, only that the library on campus was full and Adora doesn’t do well in crowds. She’d walked the entirety of the library trying to find some place for her to study where she wouldn’t get distracted or be bothered by people. Sure, sound wasn’t an issue, but Adora still had ADHD. She likes things to be a certain way, she needs them to be a certain way if she’s to study. 


So she decided to brave the wet day and go in search of somewhere else to study. She’d seen the coffee shop by chance and figured that might be a good place to go, she had recalled Glimmer telling her that she often studied at Starbucks, fuelled by caffeine, and Adora liked coffee so. She had been counting on the place not being too busy, what she hadn’t counted on was to meet the most beautiful woman Adora had ever set eyes on in her entire life. 


When she had gone up to the counter, because Adora thought it was rude not to buy something and just sit there studying, she had almost cried when the guy behind the counter hadn’t understood her. She didn’t blame him, very few people know sign language, but Adora had been on edge and when she gets overwhelmed her eyes start to water without her permission. Then Catra happened. She’d stepped up, dismissed the guy, who’s name tag said ‘Kyle’, and then something amazing happened. Catra signed to her! 


Adora rarely meets people who can actually communicate with her via sign language and she had been extremely excited to meet someone other than Glimmer and Bow (who had learnt sign language only because of Adora - though Bow had already known it) who could actually speak to her in Adora’s preferred form of language. She’d been so excited she hadn’t even noticed how pretty she was until Catra asked her to slow down. After that, Adora had just stared at her for like a solid minute. Adora has never doubted her sexuality before, but seeing Catra really made her feel like she reached new heights of lesbianism. 


After Adora had thought Catra had gone home, she’d been kind of bummed. She didn’t really date all that often, it was even rarer for her to find someone to date who could communicate with her in sign language, but she’d wanted to ask Catra out on a date. That’s why when she saw Catra again at practice she could hardly believe it. 


At first, she had been worried that she and Scorpia were dating, but Catra had quickly put that to bed. The bowling alley had been a cautiously optimistic potential date. Adora was kind of scared that Catra would say no, she’s had people be really mean and rude about it before in the past, so she thought Catra might be less likely to say no if she knew it was a group thing. She was so beyond happy when Catra agreed to it. 


Kissing Catra hadn’t been a part of Adora’s plan, it was just something she found herself really wanting to do, and it was incredible . They kissed all the time now, and Adora was certain that she would never get tired of it. Adora, truthfully, has limited dating experience, she doesn’t even know if she is dating Catra? Sure they kiss, they hang out, make out, she really liked sharing a bed with Catra… But were they dating? They didn’t really have a label. Would Adora be upset if she found out that Catra was seeing someone else? Absolutely. They hadn’t talked about it though, they didn’t have boundaries, they weren’t defined , they were just friends who hung out and sometimes kissed. 


Adora wasn’t really sure how to bring up the whole question of if they were dating or not. When she’d gone home for Thanksgiving, she had brought it up to Mara. Mara had just laughed at her and called her an idiot - lovingly of course. That still didn’t help Adora a whole lot. She really liked kissing Catra, and she would really like to call them exclusive, but she couldn’t figure out how Catra felt about that whole thing. So she was just sticking to kissing Catra and not talking about their status as potential girlfriends. Adora could groan, why was dating so difficult? Or not dating?


Adora was currently on her way to said coffee shop. It was around closing time, but Catra had told her to come despite that. Adora had just finished practice, so she was dirty and sweaty, but she didn’t think Catra would mind. Diving for the ball tends to be a messy business, especially when the weather is less than ideal. They had finally slipped into winter, which meant it was significantly colder than previous months. Adora’s sweat from practice meant that she could really feel that chill .


She walks into the coffee shop and closes the door. She sees Catra behind the counter and her mouth looks to be open like she was just about to say something but stopped halfway through her words. They stare at each other for a moment, before Catra smiles. Adora loves Catra’s smile, it’s soft and it’s warm and it makes her heart beat hard in her chest. “ Hey Adora. ” Catra signs. Adora really isn't sure why she blushes at that. 


She smiles at Catra and then comes towards the counter. “ Got time for one more order ?” Adora asks as she dumps her sports bag on the ground at her feet. 


For you? Anything. ” Catra signs back. Adora’s blush only gets worse. “ What do you want, tall, blonde and handsome? ” Catra asks. Adora really tries her best to keep her gay panic under wraps, but she’s not sure if she’s entirely successful. 


Adora considers her options. She’s not exactly adventurous, normally she just likes an iced coffee, but Glimmer had told her of one that she had recommended for her to try. Usually Adora could never communicate the complexity, but with Catra that wasn’t an issue. “ Half a shot of decaf, caramel frappuccino, crushed skittles, blended unicorn cupcake, five sugars and oreos.” Catra stares at her. 


I am not making you that .” Adora knows that Catra is signing her words but it almost seems very deadpan despite that - it’s probably the look of horror on Catra’s face. “ That is a crime against coffee and I will not help you commit it. ” Adora snorts in amusement and then her eyes light up. She goes into her sports bag and pulls out a pouch of chocolate protein powder. 


Okay, how about a mocha but with this ?” Adora presents the pouch and Catra’s face becomes even more horrified. 


That is not a mocha, ” She signs, shaking her head in disbelief. “ Did you come here to torture me with your criminal coffees? ” Adora grins as she tosses the pouch back into her bag. 


No, ” Adora signs as she reaches her hands forward to grab Catra by her shirt. She pulls Catra forward, pulling her towards Adora as she crashes their lips together in a kiss. Adora doesn’t need sign language to tell Catra this is exactly what she came here for. Catra lets out a soft sigh into the kiss. 


Catra’s lips are so soft, and they taste a little like coffee - Adora knows they’re allowed coffees on their breaks, so she imagines that’s why. Truthfully, Catra always somewhat tastes and smells like coffee. Not only does she work part time in a coffee shop, but she’s also a pre-law student. Adora knows Catra is sometimes up until the early hours of the morning studying. Adora doesn’t mind anyway, she enjoys kissing Catra and she loves the way she tastes too. Catra lets out a satisfied moan into Adora’s mouth and Adora suddenly feels hot after feeling cold before.


After a moment, they both lean back, taking in some much needed oxygen. “ I’ll make you that coffee, sit down .” Adora doesn't know if Catra is going to make her the criminal coffee, or something else, but she isn’t about to question her. 


Adora sits down at one of the tables and sighs. She was still kind of cold but Catra always made her feel warm, so she wasn’t complaining too much - plus she’d have a coffee soon enough. Catra must have cleaned because the place was spotless and the chairs were up on tables for the most part. Adora hums to herself as she lets her hair out of her ponytail just so she could tie it up again into a more organised one. 


Catra comes over a moment later with a disposable paper cup and sets it down in front of Adora as she sits down across from Adora with her own drink: an espresso. Adora has learnt the hard way that pure espresso shots not only taste gross to her but give her exceptional energy. It’s probably best she stays away from those. She takes a sip from her coffee to taste the sweet blend of chocolate and coffee. Catra had made her that mocha after all - minus the protein powder. 


Adora drinks it happily as she and Catra make idle chatter. The catch up on their days to each other, Catra tells Adora about stupid customers, Adora tells Catra about practice and the saves she made, Catra makes a comment about Adora wearing half of the field on her (because she was so dirty from making said saves) and Adora rolls her eyes at her. Adora is always pleasantly surprised about how much she likes Catra and how easy it is to be around her. Adora has found it difficult to make friends in the past before, not just because of the language barrier, and Adora not being able to communicate in the way that most people are, but also Adora herself. 


Adora knows sometimes she can be a little much . When she was younger her parents died in a car crash when she was five, before Mara found her she stayed at an orphanage under the supervision of Shadow Weaver. Adora is sure she probably had a real name, but she will always be Shadow Weaver to her. Shadow Weaver had found Adora annoying at first, by the time she was five her hearing was almost completely gone, she hated that Adora would follow her around, she couldn’t talk to anyone , Shadow Weaver refused to teach her sign language - because she didn’t even know it - and Adora hated speaking because she couldn’t hear herself. Adora couldn’t make friends with the other kids because she couldn’t hear them, or talk to them, and more often than not they’d make fun of her and tease her - Adora may not have heard what they said but she sure as hell still felt bad when kids would sneer at her or even physically push her around.


It sucked, Adora won’t lie. So she would follow Shadow Weaver around, she was still a pretty hyperactive kid but Shadow Weaver didn’t like that so she attempted to force Adora into being a ‘good’ behaved kid. 


Shadow Weaver took that to a whole new level when Adora started to get praised by her teachers. Adora was smart, and athletically inclined, even if she was a little skinny thanks to Shadow Weaver’s ‘strict diet’ - also known as the woman refusing to buy enough food for all the kids in her care. She left Shadow Weaver’s care when she was twelve but she had left a lasting impression - trauma . Since Shadow Weaver refused to teach Adora sign language, she was the only person Adora had.


Mara had had to fight Shadow Weaver to allow her to adopt Adora and the only reason she caved was because Mara threatened to report her for the operation she was running. Mara still reported her but only after the adoption had gone through and Adora was safe . Mara was the first person who cared about Adora for her well-being since the death of her parents. Adora had thought her only worth was in the As she got in classes and those were sometimes hard fought for too. Mara had taught her sign language, she actually gave a damn about her and not just what Adora could do for her.


Things improved once Mara adopted Adora, she’d had to take a year out of school to focus on learning sign language, and also getting counselling, which is why Adora was slightly older than her current classmates - Catra had just turned twenty-one and Adora was turning twenty-two in January. Poor Mara had had to deal with Adora’s moody teenager years too but now she was here. A college student, a young adult, extremely gay and a proud Deaf woman too. Adora has never viewed her Deafness as a disability, even when she couldn’t communicate like other kids, it was just something about her. 


With Catra things are easy. Adora sometimes struggles making new friends, and not just because of her Deafness, but because of how she is because of all that trauma. Glimmer and Bow are pretty much Adora’s first and only friends. Adora gets along with her teammates too, they’re her friends, but Catra is the only person she’s ever forged this kind of feeling and relationship with. They just click and Adora appreciates it greatly. 


They finish up their coffees and Catra cleans up before she begins closing up for the night. Adora hugs her arms around herself, trying to keep herself warm, which Catra absolutely notices. “ Are you cold? ” Catra asks, behind the counter. Adora gives Catra a sheepish smile. 


Maybe a little .” She admits. 


Wait here .” Catra signs. She disappears for a moment and Adora stands up from her seat. She puts it on top of the table like the other tables and chairs in the shop while she waits for Catra. 


When Catra comes out from the back she’s wearing a zipped up hoodie and over the top is a leather jacket. Adora really was not aware she would find leather jackets so unbelievably hot until this very moment. In Catra’s hands is Adora’s letterman jacket. Adora raises an eyebrow up in silent question as Catra hands the jacket over. She doesn’t understand why Catra would have the jacket when she is clearly wearing her own. 


Catra is blushing a little as she pointedly looks away from Adora as she offers the jacket to her. Adora takes the jacket, staring at Catra in a mixture of surprise and appreciation. “ How come you have my jacket? ” Adora signs as she slips the jacket on. It’s warm and she’s instantly relieved to have some extra cover on her arms rather than being exposed to the nippy weather. 


You gave it to me .” Catra answers but Adora knows that Catra knows that’s not what she meant. So Adora just gives her a look and Catra’s cheeks only become redder. “ I knew you were going to be coming from practice and I thought you might be cold because of the weather and how sweaty you are. ” That is both weirdly gross but also cute. 


Adora looks at Catra in pure amazement, feeling her heart grow at least three sizes in her chest. She’s never had someone think about her like that, not even Bow or Glimmer would probably consider that. Yet here Catra was. Adora knows that Catra sometimes gives off a tough guy vibe but she is just all soft and gooey under that pretence - she’s a giant softie. 


Adora beams and Catra looks at her once she has her blushing under control. “ What? ” Catra signs, trying to give off the impression that she was annoyed but not really succeeding. Adora doesn’t know why Catra feels as though her nice and kind gesture is embarrassing, if anything, it made Adora like Catra even more than she already did - which was already substantial. 


Nothing .” Adora signs back with a smile. Catra shoves her chest a little.


Shut up .” She signs and Adora actually laughs. She decides to let Catra off of the hook and goes to pick up her sports bag. She reaches inside of the thing and pulls out her rainbow beanie she had shoved in there at some point. She slings the bag over her chest and then walks over to Catra, pulling the beanie down onto her head. 


Wouldn’t want you to get cold either. ” Adora signs. Catra looks at her in disbelief. 


As if kissing you wasn’t enough to tell people we’re gay. ” Catra sings and, yes, Catra is signing but Adora can practically feel the sarcasm radiating from her. Catra rolls her eyes but grabs Adora’s hand and begins to pull her out of the coffee shop.


Catra locks up the shop and then she takes Adora’s hand again. They start to walk back to Catra’s apartment. Adora likes walking Catra home, especially when she works the late shift. Maybe she likes it because she likes to be here , to make sure Catra is okay. Sometimes Adora would facetime Catra to keep her company on her walk. They don’t live too far apart, all things considered, so Adora really doesn’t mind walking Catra. Plus, sometimes she would stay at Catra’s, hang out or Adora would literally stay the night and just cuddle Catra - it was nice. 


It really was getting colder, Adora could feel it even through her jacket but she was thankful for its protection - though her legs were cold. Adora squeezes Catra’s hand. She liked that they could hold hands like this. Maybe Mara was right and Adora was an idiot… Were they already dating? They couldn’t be dating without talking about it, right? Adora really doesn’t know and, at this rate, she’s kind of afraid to ask. 


They make their way into the familiar apartment building of Catra’s. They walk up the stairs together and stop outside of Catra’s apartment. “ You want to come in ?” Catra offers. Adora smiles. She’s reminded of their first kiss that happened right here. They’ve become close since then. Adora could see herself dating Catra if she’s honest, could see herself being in a relationship with her, as girlfriends, she just didn’t know how to bring it up. 


Definitely .” Adora answers. “ Do you mind mud in your apartment ?”


You forget that Scorpia is also on your team .” Catra says, rolling her eyes playfully. She opens the door and drags Adora inside. Adora would bring up their status as potential girlfriends some other time but, for now, she was just going to enjoy being with Catra in whatever capacity she let her be. 


They spend the night hanging out, Scorpia comes home at some point and greets Adora happily and they all order takeaway before Adora leaves for the night. Adora knew that she had feelings for Catra, and she would do anything for her.


She was in deep. 

* * *


It was a snow day at BMU. Some professors had tried to set up last minute lectures online but none very successfully, others had sent emails telling people to stay safe and to not bother coming to class. Catra was currently bundled up. She was in sweats, a jumper, Adora’s jacket and she’d even thrown a blanket over herself too so she was walking around her apartment in a blanket burrito. When she looked over at the window all she could see was white. 


Snow days were fun in theory but Catra still felt like she should probably be studying. Instead, she was currently texting Adora. She drifts into the living room and frowns when it feels noticeably colder than her bedroom. She drifts over to the radiator and places her hand on it. Great, her radiator was busted - and during a snowstorm too! Catra sighs as she carries on texting Adora, planning on lamenting this news to the blonde. 


Cat-Ra 💕

My radiator is broken in the living room 


Dork 3000

Your radiator is broken, how? 


Cat-Ra 💕

I'm not sure what more you want me to say other than my radiator is broken, Adora. I don't know how. 


Dork 3000

Okay, I'll be on my way with a toolbox in five 


Cat-Ra 💕





There is a literal snowstorm, how would you even get here? 


Dork 3000

I don't know if you've heard of this new invention, but people call it walking 


Cat-Ra 💕

Walking in a snowstorm??? Are you crazy?? 


Dork 3000

I'll be fine, see you in five. 


Cat-Ra 💕


Adora. I'm serious.

Do NOT walk here, it's too dangerous 

You better have stopped responding because you're eating or something 

If you come here I'm going to murder you

I hear someone at the door, I swear if that's you 


"I'm going to kill you." Catra speaks her words and doesn't sign them but Adora grins so wide at her, totally understanding what Catra had just said to her. Catra can kind of forgive her anyway, because she looks absolutely adorable right now. Adora was wrapped up thoroughly, she had a rainbow bobble hat on, a scarf wrapped around her neck and her big parka jacket was zipped all the way up. Her cheeks are rosy from going from a cold to warm environment and her gloved hands hold a tool box and a plastic convenience store bag in the other. She has specs of snow all over her, including in her eyelashes, and she just looks incredibly attractive.


Catra steps out of the way of the door to let Adora inside. The blonde enters and Catra watches her closely as she treks snow in off of her... Catra can't believe it. When Adora sets her things down on the ground, Catra begins speaking and signing at her. " Are you seriously wearing canvas sneakers in the snow? " Catra asks, raising an amused eyebrow at Adora. Adora shrugs and Catra rolls her eyes. " I can't believe you're going to die because you wear canvas sneakers in the snow.


" What's wrong with that? " Adora asks with great amusement as she goes about removing the scarf from around her neck. 


" You need some boots. You're too gay for your own good.


" Says the lesbian with the combat boots. " Adora signs with a sly grin. Catra shoves her shoulder and pulls her rainbow hat off of her head (which she has to stand on her tiptoes to reach thanks to Adora's six foot height). 


I’m convinced you own all the rainbow merch in the world, ” Catra signs as she tosses Adora’s rainbow hat down onto her couch. “ I bet you even have a rainbow strap .” Catra grins playfully. She fully intended for that to be a joke, but Adora looks at her with a blush and stays uncharacteristically quiet. Catra’s mouth falls open. “ You’re joking, right ?” She asks. Adora turns redder. 


It was a gift from Glimmer, first year .” Adora won’t meet Catra’s eyes and this is way too fucking funny right now. “ She got me it when she found out I was gay .”


So as soon as she met you ?” Catra asks with a shit-eating grin. This was entirely too amusing and she was absolutely keeping this information in mind. Adora rolls her eyes fondly.


After finding out about the strap, Catra moves on and demands Adora take off her canvas sneakers and the blonde rolls her eyes with a smile but does it anyway. Her socks are wet, and Catra isn't even slightly surprised by that fact. Adora points at the bag. " I brought you supplies, in case you needed them. " Catra glances at the bag curiously. She picks it up off of the ground as Adora shrugs off her jacket. It was cold in the apartment, but only the living room radiator was broken, all the others were working perfectly fine, which meant it wasn't freezing


Catra peers into the bag. Catra isn't really sure what Adora thinks supplies are, but all she sees inside is hot chocolate, chocolate bars and other junk food. She looks at Adora, who had taken off her white BMU hoodie and was currently opening her toolbox. Catra forgets about the bag. 


Adora was looking at the radiator so intently, she was wearing a red shirt tucked into her usual tight blue jeans and Catra's eyes almost pop out of her head when she crouches . Part of Catra wants to go over to Adora right now, plonk herself down in her lap and make out with her. It really shouldn't be so attractive that Adora is just squatting in her living room, right? Maybe it's not the squat so much as it's how those tight jeans are really showing off her ass . Or maybe it's the tools, the look of concentration on Adora's face as she looks at the radiator maybe? 


She flips open the lid of her toolbox and Catra decides to come stand beside her. " Do you even know what you're doing ?" Catra asks, raising an eyebrow in doubt. She knows Adora is a sports medicine major, she isn't exactly an engineer or a mechanic. What does the blonde really know about fixing radiators? 


" Don't you know a lesbian with a toolbox can do anything? " Adora asks. Catra snorts at her and crouches down beside her. 


" Dork ." Adora doesn't say anything back, she just looks in her toolbox, but Catra can practically feel her amusement rolling off of her anyway. 


Catra knows Christmas is coming up soon and she's curious what Adora's plans are but she doesn't want to just ask her outright. She still hasn't told her much about the whole foster situation. She knows Adora went home for Thanksgiving, but beyond that... nothing. They had texted that entire week but Adora is... she's quiet in a way that Catra doesn't fully understand. She thinks maybe it's the fact that communicating about this stuff verbally is a challenge, never mind having to literally spell out your trauma for someone else to see, but it's also more than that. 


Catra doesn't think it's reluctance on Adora's part, she just doesn't know how to talk about certain things. It's kind of endearing actually, she doesn't know how to bring it up, or how to express herself in certain ways, and Catra is fine waiting until she's ready. " Guess I'll put your ," Catra makes air quotes before she signs her next word. "’ Supplies’ to use. "  Adora smiles at her and nods as she sets about taking Catra's radiator apart . God, Catra so hopes she knows what she's doing. 


She stands from her crouched position and heads to the kitchen, picking the bag Adora had dropped in her living room up and bringing it into the kitchen. Scorpia had texted her that she was stuck at Perfuma's because of the snow, which meant it was only her and Adora tonight. Catra was determined to... crack Adora open a little - not force her but at least wade into the waters a little. She still isn't sure what they are, only that they kiss a whole lot and every time it sets fire to Catra's insides, burns her out and leaves her craving more


She likes kissing Adora. Like, really liked it. It's not that she thought she wouldn't like it, but she hadn't been expecting to like it quite as much as she did. After the first kiss, Catra had spent hours just lying face up on her bed sighing lovingly before she had wiggled out of her clothes and finally gone to bed. She can't explain it, there really is just something about Adora that Catra just can't get over. It draws her in, leaves her wanting more, and she's helpless to it. It's like Adora is a drug and she's hooked. 


Catra gets an idea what to make. She pours all of Adora’s ‘supplies’ out on the kitchen counter. She puts the hot chocolate to one side. Adora had gotten a bunch of chocolate, probably because she wanted to get Catra’s favourite - can’t go wrong if you have all the types of chocolate. 


Catra takes the dark chocolate and begins cutting it into squares with her trusty kitchen knife. She grabs a saucepan from one of her cupboards and places it onto the stove. She travels to her fridge and pulls out the milk. She carefully measures it to her desired amount and then she adds cornstarch. She whisks it until it dissolves and then adds some sugar just to sweeten it a little. She whisks again until it’s dissolved, then she turns the heat up until it boils, making sure to stir it. 


Just before Catra adds the chocolate Adora comes back covered in… grease? Catra doesn’t know, but she has it everywhere . “ You are not sitting on my couch like that .” Catra signs and Adora pouts. “ Go shower, you can borrow some of my clothes .” Adora hesitates before she nods in agreement. She disappears after cleaning up and Catra hears the water turn on the next second. Catra switches the heat down just so the milk would stay warm but now she had a little more time before she had to finish. 


Catra drifts out into the living room and to the radiator. She places her hand on it and her eyes widen. Maybe Adora was right, a lesbian with a toolbox can do anything. It was still cold but clearly getting warmer. Catra wonders what the hell Adora did to fix it but she isn’t going to question it. Adora had tidied up too, she’d put her tools away and placed her box neatly to one side. Handy and clean, maybe Catra had found some wife material in Adora. 


Catra goes to her bedroom and pulls out some clothes she thinks may fit Adora and she lays them down on the bed. Catra exits her bedroom just as she hears the water shut off in her bathroom. She hurries back to the kitchen because the last thing she needed to see was Adora in a towel - she was already gay enough as it was. She turns the heat back up on the stove and brings the milk back to the boil. She whisks it again and ignores the sound of footsteps as Adora crosses the living room to Catra’s bedroom. She tries to not think about the fact that she has a naked Adora in her bedroom right now. 


Catra adds the chocolate to her little creation and begins stirring, watching, with great satisfaction, as the chocolate melted in the milk. She stirs it as it melts and then she hears the door to her bedroom open. Catra turns just as Adora enters the kitchen. Catra has to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing at what she sees.


Catra had definitely misjudged just how much bigger Adora was to her. The sweats were more like ¾ length, exposing Adora’s thick calf muscles, the top was too short too, and it was exposing a strip of Adora’s abs, and her shoulders were far wider than Catra’s, she looked like she was going to burst out of the thing. Adora looks unamused but something that does take Catra's breath away is that Adora has her hair down . Catra has never seen that before. “ I am not wearing this .” Adora signs. Catra’s eyes shine with amusement - she fails keeping that laugh in. 


I think you look great .” Catra replies as she walks up to Adora. Adora rolls her eyes and then she takes Catra’s shirt off . Adora was wearing her sports bra underneath but Catra was fully not prepared for a shirtless Adora in her kitchen. She debates the pros and cons of Adora lifting her up onto the counter and making out with her. Unconsciously, her hand reaches out and she runs her fingers over her hard, toned, stomach. Holy shit . Catra has never been this horny for someone before. She wants Adora to throw her over her shoulder and take her to her bed right now .


Catra does that for a long moment before she realises that Adora is staring at her. Catra clears her throat and shakes her head a little to clear her thoughts. “ I’ll text Scorpia, you can borrow some of her clothes .” Catra changes the subject, trying to ignore the thumping of her heart and the way her body practically ached to be touched by Adora. Adora nods and Catra returns back to her creation as she sends a text to Scorpia. 


Catra is very aware of Adora’s presence behind her as she waits for Scorpia’s text. Adora drifts closer and then her hands come to rest on Catra’s stomach. Her mouth hovers over Catra’s neck. Catra lets out a sigh as she melts into Adora, letting her eyes flutter shut as she leans back into her. Adora always makes her feel like this. In a way that Catra has never experienced before. Unfortunately, before things can get too good, Catra’s phone chimes and she jumps which causes Adora to step back.


Catra grabs her phone and then turns to Adora. “ Scorpia said it’s okay, just grab some clothes from her drawers. If you see anything in there, don’t tell me about it .” Adora blushes a little before she nods in understanding and leaves the kitchen. 


Catra sighs. She needs to know how Adora feels, at this rate Catra is ready to be everything with her: girlfriend, lover, fuck buddy, anything really. She just wants Adora, more than she has ever wanted anyone ever before. Catra finishes off her hot chocolate by adding some cayenne pepper and mixing it in. She serves it up in some mugs.


Adora returns in more fitting clothes. Although Adora was big and muscular, she wasn’t quite as big as Scorpia, so the clothes hung off of her a little, but she probably preferred that to the too small fitting of Catra’s clothes. Catra hands her a mug of hot chocolate and Adora smiles as she takes it. Catra grabs the candy that Adora had bought and then they retreat to the living room.


Catra throws on some movie that she didn’t really pay attention to and then she settles down on the couch next to Adora. It was already considerably warmer in the living room and Catra had shredded her blanket to sit in Adora’s jacket. Adora was happily sipping her hot chocolate and then she begins to sign enthusiastically to Catra. “ This is really good !” Catra can feel her enthusiasm from the way she signs and the way she was smiling. “ I’ve never had hot chocolate this good before .”


You’re welcome .” Catra signs back with a sly grin. She continues to sip her own hot chocolate, dipping various items of food in it. They just enjoy each other's company as they drink their hot chocolate and pay little attention to the movie that is currently playing in the background. Catra likes this about Adora, that they can simply just exist around one another and it not be weird. 


They make idle conversation, at some point they both mutually decide that Adora will be staying (probably the duration of the snowstorm). Catra has never had a girlfriend stay that long before, or anyone stay that long - except Scorpia but they were roommates - but she finds she doesn’t mind the thought of getting to spend a prolonged period of time with Adora even if they weren’t dating. Somewhere along the way, they set their empty mugs aside and start making out on the couch. 


So much for cracking Adora open a little .


Adora tastes like chocolate and her hair smells of Catra’s shampoo and soap. Catra loves that the blonde smells like her, and the thought makes her kiss Adora deeply and hotly, pinning her down on the couch and kissing her with pleasure. Adora doesn’t seem to mind, she kisses Catra back just as passionately, her hands gripping Catra’s hips and keeping her in place atop her. Catra always seems to end up making out with Adora - not that she’s complaining. Part of Catra has just accepted that they’ll kiss like this but they’ll never address the elephant in the room.  


Adora flips their positions so Catra is pinned below her as the blonde kisses her hotly. They part every now and again only to pant, hot breath brushing against puffy lips, before they dive right back into kissing each other again. Neither of them are paying attention to the movie that is playing on the TV, forgotten instead in favour of making out. Adora’s lips are hot against Catra’s skin, kissing along her jaw and down to her neck. Catra moans softly as she feels Adora's lips open and her teeth graze her neck . Her hands tighten in Adora's hair. God, she needs Adora to stop doing that if her intentions are to go no further. 


"Adora." Catra says, dumbly, and then she moans again as Adora's hands slide up her shirt . Catra taps her on the shoulder. " Adora ." She signs this time, tapping her for her attention. Adora stops immediately, looking at Catra with dark blue eyes. Her pupils are blown and she looks wonderfully destroyed. " Are you sure ?" Catra asks. Adora looks confused for a moment before her eyes light up in realisation. She pulls her hands out from Catra's shirt and begins signing. 


" You want to have sex ?" Adora asks and she looks so cute when asking - and surprised - Catra can't help but laugh. She nods quickly in answer and then Adora's desire is quickly replaced by what is quite clearly panic. 


" We don't have to. " Catra quickly signs. " Just ..." Catra pauses her movements and bites her lip, trying to keep her blush under control but failing miserably. " If not, I need you to stop. You're... turning me on. " Adora quickly moves back so Catra can sit up.


Catra suddenly feels vulnerable. She’s never been great at taking rejection and while she’s completely fine with Adora not wanting to have sex, she still feels as though she’s reading them all wrong. She looks at Adora who is obviously flustered, probably overthinking. Catra may not know everything about Adora (yet) but she does know she has a tendency to overthink - she also has anxiety. “ Do you …” Catra pauses her movements. “ Do you not want to have sex with me ?” Adora shakes her head quickly.


No! ” Adora’s exaggerated hand movements and the way her eyes widen give the impression of her yelling. Ouch . That stings a little, Catra won’t lie. “ No, ” Adora repeats again, calmer. “ I mean yes, but no .” Okay, so now Catra is just confused. Catra raises an eyebrow at her in question. “ I do, I really do, but not right now. I don’t think we’re there yet. And, we’d have to talk about it before, properly and thoroughly. I can’t hear you, Catra. So if we were to have sex, I’d need precautions in place. We couldn’t use a safeword, that kind of stuff .” Adora explains and Catra admits she feels a little better after Adora explains herself more fully. 


Are you saying the only reason we haven’t had sex yet is because we haven’t talked about it? ” Catra asks. It’s meant to be playful but Adora is obviously flustered by this line of questioning if her blush, which is noticeable even in the dim lighting of the apartment, is anything to go by. She nods slowly and then brings her hands up to sign further. 


And because…” She pauses momentarily. “ I just don’t know if our relationship is there yet .” Catra wasn’t even aware they had a relationship . She’s confused, but Adora gets weird whenever she talks about things that fluster her, so Catra doesn’t want to pressure Adora to speak about this further. 


Catra would really like to know when they developed a relationship . She thought they were friends, friends who kissed and maked out and maybe had sex if Adora was up to it, friends with benefits maybe, but no friends with benefits wait to have sex. Did Catra have a girlfriend and not know it ?


Catra notices Adora looking at her anxiously and she smiles. “ Okay .” Catra signs back before she grabs Adora’s hand and pulls her to sit next to her again. She wraps Adora’s arm around her shoulder and leans into her side. She decides to shelve the conversation of what they are (and sex) for a later date. Right now, she just wants to cuddle Adora and leech off her warmth. This conversation could wait for another time. 


Adora relaxes after a little while and they go right back to how they had been acting. Catra supposes that she can live with being unlabelled for now, but eventually she was going to need to know where the hell Adora actually stood. She understands anxiety relating to sex, especially given Adora’s anxiety relating to communication during said sex, but it’s nothing they can’t figure out together if they just talk about it. 


Whatever, it could wait.


They finish watching their movie and then retreat back to Catra’s room. They kiss more, obviously, and Catra still feels like it would be the perfect time to take their so-called ‘relationship’ to the next level, but Adora said no and Catra respects that. They end up spooning again, this time Adora has Catra trapped against her in her big strong arms. Adora is incredibly warm and she makes Catra feel safe. It doesn’t take her long to drift off to sleep with Adora spooning her from behind. 


* * *


It takes about a week for the snow to finally start melting and the snowstorm to be ‘over’. Adora had stayed the entire time at Catra's, borrowing Scorpia’s clothes (which she was totally going to thank her for), drinking hot chocolate and making out with Catra. It was about her favourite week in existence. They had still been studying, Catra in particular, Adora had been using Catra’s computer, since she left her stuff back in her own apartment, and Catra refused to let her go back - even when the snowstorm wasn’t even that bad. Adora thought it was cute that Catra was so worried about her. 


Now that people were emerging from their homes, someone had organised a gigantic snowball fight on campus and Catra had grinned and told Adora they should go. So that’s how they were currently standing on one of the many fields on campus with a mass amount of students also present. Bow and Glimmer had come, as well as Perfuma and Scorpia. “ Adora is on our team .” Glimmer signs and speaks before she grabs Adora by her elbow and drags her to her side. 


You can have her ,” Catra signs back with an amused smile. “ She’s wearing canvas sneakers in the snow again, she’s dead weight. ” Adora laughs and shakes her head. She had actually wanted to be on Catra’s team, but after that insult? Catra was going down


They split up after that. Adora makes sure her rainbow beanie is on correctly and her gloves are on. Adora doesn’t know who throws the first snowball but the field erupts into absolute chaos after. Adora only has one target in mind however: Catra. Adora peeks out from cover and then she’s hit on her back by something. She stops and turns. Standing there with a smug smile, eyebrows raised and another snowball in her hand already, is Catra. “ Too slow, Princess .” Catra signs. Adora isn’t sure where the Princess name came from but she doesn’t care. Catra has declared war


Turns out, Adora really is too slow. Catra is extremely fast and her reflexes are impressive, Adora only manages to land a couple shots compared to nearly all of Catra’s hitting her - even hitting her in the face . Eventually Adora manages to catch Catra off guard and she tackles her to the ground and into the snow. They’re both laughing hysterically and Adora pins Catra’s hands above her head. “Ha!” Adora speaks. “I win.” She smirks triumphantly down at Catra who was gazing up at her.


It is exactly then that Adora realises that she has not won. Catra grinds her hips up , against Adora, and Adora’s brain completely short circuits. Screw snowball fights, Adora wants to lean more into that . Catra smirks and her hands manage to slip free when Adora’s grip loosens. She places her hands to Adora’s hips and grinds more . Adora lets out a soft sound of pleasure and surprise. Adora should not be turned on by this.


Catra clearly knows what she’s doing because she smirks and wiggles her eyebrows playfully. Neither of them are signing, yet Adora feels as though they are communicating, in some kind of way. The atmosphere between them feels thick and almost suffocating, heavy . Adora wants to kiss Catra, and maybe do other stuff, so she does, because she can. 


Adora starts to lean in to kiss Catra. Catra gets a gleam in her eye that makes Adora pause long enough for Catra to bring up her hand, full of snow , and smash it into Adora’s face. She gasps at the cold but then she just laughs. Adora can feel Catra coming undone under her in a fit of laughter as snow melts off of her face. “ I think I won .” Catra signs smugly. Adora rolls her eyes and then she leans down to rub her wet cheek against Catra.


Catra squirms under her and then they start to tussle. Adora absolutely gets her own back but so does Catra, both of them smashing snow into each other's faces and laughing. They roll around in the snow, play fighting that descends into both of them making snow angels. Adora has never felt this happy and carefree in her life. Catra is good for her, good for her soul, she makes her feel a certain way she has never felt before: happy . Don’t get Adora wrong, she has been happy before, but it’s just different with Catra, it feels more complete. 


Once someone calls for a ceasefire, and basically the entire student body is cold and wet from the snow, Catra and Adora stand up, Adora helping Catra. They reunite with Glimmer, Bow, Perfuma and Scorpia and then Catra signs as she speaks. “ How about we go back to our apartment? I can make hot chocolate .” Scorpia starts to speak and Catra translates with her hands so Adora can understand.


“Catra makes the best hot chocolate!” Scorpia exclaims. Adora has to agree with Scropia there so she nods her head enthusiastically. 


Plus, I don’t want Adora to die from hypothermia because she doesn’t wear appropriate snow clothes .” Catra signs with a grin. Adora can’t believe Catra is still teasing her just because she wore canvas sneakers in the snow. Adora knocks her shoulder against Catra’s. Bow says something enthusiastically that Adora doesn’t catch but Glimmer signs the word ‘tea’ and Adora pretty much gets that. 


So that’s how they end up agreeing to go back to Catra and Scorpia’s apartment. They dry off and warm up, Bow makes tea, Catra makes hot chocolate, and Adora kisses Catra more. At some point, Catra drags Adora into her bedroom just to kiss her passionately and then exit back to the living room again. 


Adora really could not be happier. 


* * *


Adora was studying with Catra. They’d decided to go to the library because that was an environment that Adora could focus in the best. Well, usually, but all the times Adora has come here in the past, Catra wasn’t here. Catra is very distracting, especially when she’s studying. She’s so focused and she looks so beautiful . Catra’s jawline is sharp, her curly hair is tied up and in a bun, the wild curls that don’t fit in her bun are held back by her headband, Catra is lean but she’s muscular so Adora’s letterman jacket, that she is currently wearing, is big on her (since Adora is much taller and bulkier generally). It hangs off of her, but Adora loves to see her wear it. Catra has two different coloured eyes, one blue, one a sort of hazel-gold, and Adora wants to kiss her so badly. So badly that she is barely paying attention to her textbook on amino acids right now. 


Catra’s hand raises after a moment. “ I can feel you watching me .” Catra signs and then her eyes glance up from whatever it was that she was reading. “ Wasn’t it your idea to come here and study so we wouldn’t end up making out on my couch? ” Catra asks. Catra can be cheeky sometimes, and it is all in the smirk. She smirks now, showing off her unusually sharp canines as she winks at Adora playfully and turns back to her books. 


It was true that this had been Adora’s suggestion. The reason the library was the best environment for her to study in was not just because it was quiet (which isn't really an issue for Adora anyway) but it was that people also behaved much more quietly. There were no people waving their hands around, doing actions that would distract Adora, nothing, most people had their heads buried in books - except for the few that were making out on the sofas in the back, in the secluded area behind the bookshelves where the librarians couldn’t see them. It was a calm environment, which was excellent for Adora’s anxiety. Though, she kind of wished she was at Catra’s right now so she could make out with her as Catra had said. 


I wonder if the book I’ve been looking for has been returned yet .” Adora signs absentmindedly. Catra glances at her to pick up her signs. “ But I’m enjoying my view .” Adora says as she smirks and leans her chin in her hand. Catra rolls her eyes and shoves her shoulder. 


I’m trying to study , some of us have more finals than others .” Catra signs but Adora knows she’s joking from the playful smile on her face. “ Go track down that textbook, dork .” 


I really want to make out with you right now .” Adora admits. Catra’s cheeks turn a wonderful warm red. She rolls her eyes again and then points at the bookshelves. Adora gets her message loud and clear: stop being a dork and go get your stupid textbook. 


Adora stands up from her seat and heads over to the section of books she knew the much wanted textbook belonged to. She could still see Catra from here. Sometimes Adora wonders why Catra likes to kiss her . Catra is so… She is… incredible . Gorgeous. Beautiful. Smart. The entire package. Adora never thought Catra would want to kiss her face. 


Adora focuses on finding that textbook. They’ve already been here for a couple of hours and it’s starting to get late. Adora has seen Catra study, she’s like a machine, her brain is amazing, Adora on the other hand… She gets anxious about tests and things, but she also has a limit on how much she can study and she’s reaching that limit - or at least her limit to be here in the library. She’d rather be at Catra’s, or in her own room. Maybe kissing Catra… Okay! Focus Adora!


Adora had been looking for this textbook since forever. It was like the essential sports medicine book, but every time Adora looked or checked online, it was always booked out. So Adora didn’t have high hopes. Sure, she could buy it, but paying money for books? That sounds like capitalism, libraries are free. 


Adora’s eyes land on the book. She could hardly believe it. She felt excited . So maybe she was a dork, and maybe Catra was right. Whatever . Adora grabs the book like it’s precious cargo and then heads towards where Catra was sitting. “Catra, Catra, Catra.” Adora speaks to get Catra’s attention. The brunette turns around in her seat with wide eyes. Adora winces a little, she doesn’t know how loud she just was but they are in a library so she sure hopes it wasn’t too loud. “ Look .” Adora signs as she presents the book that she just found. Catra smiles a little and takes Adora’s hand, dragging her into the seat beside her. “ Was I too loud? ” Adora asks as she places her book down on the desk.


No ,” Catra shakes her head. “ I was just surprised to hear you say my name .” Oh. That made sense. Adora doesn’t think she’s verbally said Catra’s name ever before.


Did I say it wrong ?” Adora asks, a little self conscious of her pronunciation. Catra shakes her head.


I love it .” She signs back. Adora feels a smile tug at the corner of her lips in a half, lopsided, smile. 


“Catra,” Adora speaks verbally again. Catra smiles and then leans forward to kiss Adora on her lips. Adora decides that if it gets Catra to kiss her, she’ll say her name a lot more often. Catra sits back in her seat and then turns back to her open text book. Catra has a lot of books, not that Adora doesn’t either, but Catra’s are thick and they contain a lot of confusing language - some of it is even Latin. Adora is blown away by just how smart Catra is. 


They’ve done some good studying but Adora is growing restless. She has trouble concentrating, sometimes it’s like pulling a tooth, sometimes she has bursts of productivity and other times she struggles. Right now, she’s made notes, read her chapters and she feels like she’s done sufficient studying the past week to sit her last final successfully tomorrow. Catra has a few more finals left, and she’s been studying like crazy. Adora doesn’t like to disturb her, since she knows how crazy stressful finals can be. Studying consumes so much of their time, they’ve still been hanging out, but usually they both have their noses buried in books and silently study without really talking . Adora feels ready (right now anyway) but she doesn’t know how Catra is feeling. 


I wanted to ask you something. ” Catra begins and she seems slightly nervous. Adora looks at Catra with her full attention. “ I was wondering I don’t know if you have plans for the holidays, probably, I just wondered if you’d like to… Meet my moms and hang out a few days before? ” Catra asks. She’s really cute when she’s nervous. Adora smiles happily and nods.


I’d like that, then I can give you your gift .” Adora signs happily. Catra’s surprise and relief is obvious as Adora sees her let out a soft sigh of relief. 


Wait, you got me a gift? ” Catra asks with wide eyes. Adora nods eagerly. She’d thought about this gift a lot, it wasn’t big or expensive but she was pretty happy with it and she was excited to share it with Catra. Catra looks like she’s contemplating something when Adora realises what it is. 


You don’t have to get me anything .” Adora reassures. 


Shut up, I’m getting you something .” Catra signs, rolling her eyes playfully. Adora lets out a soft laugh before she stands up from her seat.


I’ll check this book out and then we can go back to yours and eat pizza? ” Adora asks. Catra smiles and then nods her head as she begins to gather up all of her supplies again. Adora was excited to go to Catra’s for at least some of the holidays, it would be nice to meet the people who raised Catra, not to mention how she’d get to spend time with Catra too. Maybe Adora would even get to bring up their relationship status.


She had been thinking about that night for a couple of weeks now, how Catra had thought they were maybe going to have sex. It’s not that Adora didn’t want to, it's just that it was unexpected. She isn’t entirely used to people actually wanting to do things with her, let alone have sex with her. At least she knew Catra found her attractive, or, if not attractive, someone to have sex with. Adora hadn’t been sure they were there yet either, not that they were in a relationship, but sex is a big deal, right? Adora so wanted to have sex with Catra, but she didn’t know if she was ready to have sex with her. It’s all very complicated. 


Adora checks out her book and when she comes back over to the table Catra is all packed up. Adora packs up her stuff and puts her backpack on before she scoops up the books that Catra couldn’t fit in her bag and carries them for her. Catra smiles softly and kisses Adora on her cheek. Yeah, Adora definitely had feelings for Catra, and she was terrified that she was alone in that. They begin their walk back to Catra’s apartment after that. 


* * *


Adora was having the best Christmas break she had ever had in her entire life. She had agreed with Catra to come with her back to her home for a couple of days. They had technically left campus a few days before the term was finished, but once Catra had sat her last final they didn’t see the point in sticking around. Adora had given Bow and Glimmer their gifts, which were sitting under the tree in their shared apartment, and she had packed and gotten ready for her winter break.


The plan was for Adora to come down to Catra’s home for a few days, spend time with her, stay in her home, which meant that Adora met Catra’s moms . They were nice, all things considered, but Adora couldn’t figure out if C’yra liked her or not. They had spent the last couple of days exploring Catra’s home town, going to the Christmas market, drinking mulled wine and star gazing. It was incredible . But this was Adora’s last night before she’d have to leave for home tomorrow to make it back to Mara’s for Christmas.


They enter Catra’s house, giggling about something that Adora can’t fully remember. Catra laughs and her joy is infectious to Adora - whenever Catra laughs, so does Adora. They run into Catra’s moms as they enter the front door. They looked as though they were retiring for the night. They begin to speak, and Adora has no idea whatever it is that they’re saying until Catra starts signing and speaking. “ Can you please sign your words so Adora can be included .” Catra signs - she looks a little annoyed, which Adora finds somewhat cute.


Sorry .” Luna signs to Adora and Adora smiles, nodding her okay. “ We’re going to bed for the night. … is in the kitchen and- it’s probably best if I just show you what I’m talking about .” Adora misses a few of those signs but Catra nods and then looks at Adora.


Will you be okay ?” Catra asks hesitantly.


I’ll be fine, I’ll wait here for you. ” Adora signs back. Catra hesitates for a moment before she nods and follows her mom into the kitchen. 


That just leaves Adora alone with C’yra. If Adora is honest, she doesn’t know if C’yra likes her or not and she’s kind of intimidating. She looks a lot like Catra, but she’s slightly taller and Adora never knows if she’s being serious or playful when she signs/says things - she’s even intimidating to Adora’s six foot tall jock physique. “ We should talk .” C’yra signs. Adora immediately goes into uh oh mode but she nods anyway. “ What are your intentions with my daughter ?” She asks. Adora’s eyes widen a little.


She stumbles over her signs for a moment before she manages to organise her thoughts enough to form a coherent response. “ We’re friends, ma’am. ” Adora settles on - that doesn't seem to amuse C’yra who just stares at her. 


Look, I'm only going to say this once ,” She signs slowly and Adora straightens up in alarm. “ If you hurt my daughter, I will hurt you back, understand? I don't care if you seem… nice… Catra is my baby girl and if anyone, including you, harms her, they have me to answer to. ” Adora gulps a little and nods in understanding before C’yra seems to sigh. “ Also, figure out how you feel before you hurt both of yourselves .” 


Adora is about to ask what that means when Catra and Luna enter the living room again. Catra is holding a beautiful Russian blue cat in her arms that has a cute little bow on its collar. They are absolutely precious and Adora wants to pet them. “ Okay, ready for bed, Love ?” Luna says and signs to her wife. C’yra nods and as they turn to the stairs together she throws Adora a narrowed eyed look and a clear warning .


Once Catra’s moms say goodnight, that just leaves Adora and Catra to themselves. Adora reaches her hand out to the cat and lets them sniff it before she begins to pet them. They are adorable and they seem to warm up to her very quickly. Adora can’t hear it, but she feels when the cat begins to purr. 


After a moment, they jump out of Catra’s hands and then curl up on the sofa. Catra smiles as she turns to Adora. “ They like you .” Catra signs. “ Usually it takes them a while to warm up to strangers. They’re called M-E-L-O-G, don’t ask. ” Well, Adora totally wants to know about how they came to be known as Melog now. “ I’ve had them for a while now, but the apartment complex doesn’t allow pets so they stay at home with my moms while I’m at college.


Melog? ” Adora finger spells in question. Catra sighs and rubs her forehead. 


I was like twelve, okay? Melog is golem spelt backwards .” Catra explains which really doesn’t help Adora whatsoever. 


Wow… you’re a nerd .” Adora teases. Catra rolls her eyes and shoves her shoulder playfully.


Come on, let's go to my room .” Catra signs as she grabs Adora’s hand and begins to drag her up the stairs. 


They were in Catra’s room. The entire house was quiet, Adora knew that Catra’s moms had gone to bed and now they were sitting under a blanket together, using a flashlight so they could see each other, and talking away. Catra’s childhood room was nice, it had posters from her teenage years, LED lights hung around it, casting the room in a gentle white light, she had pictures and trophies and her bed was quite big. Somehow they had gotten onto serious topics and Adora was telling Catra more about her Deafness. 


I love the way I experience the world ,” Adora begins slowly, her eyes sparkle a little as she tells Catra. She has rarely told people this, but she finds herself wanting Catra to know. “ This probably sounds strange to you, but I like being Deaf .” Adora pauses as she looks at Catra to gauge her reaction. Catra just sits there, watching with great attention on Adora’s hands as she explains. Gosh, she really likes Catra. Ever since she has met Catra, Adora has felt this energy between them that she just can’t explain. She wants to kiss her all the time, hold her hand, take her on dates… other stuff . She has liked her since she signed to her at the campus coffee shop.


It’s just… something about me. When I was younger, Mara was offered the chance for me to get cochlear implants .” Adora takes a deep breath as she feels the familiar guilt crush her. “ As a teenager, I used to resent her for not going through with it, for robbing me of hearing I guess, but… she was right. She wanted to wait until I could make that decision for myself. ” Catra nods just so Adora knows that she’s following her. “ I know now that those kinds of things take a lot of consideration. It’s a major surgery that can have nasty side effects .” Adora winces a little as she remembers what some of her friends had told her it was like. “ But… it was more than that. When the time came where I could get them I… didn’t want them. I don’t think I have anything wrong with me, I don’t need to be ,” Adora pauses just to throw air quotes around her next sign. “ fixed.” Catra nods in response. 


I don’t need sound to experience life, I don’t need it to kiss you, I don’t need it to be a doctor, I don’t need it to play soccer, my Deafness is a part of me, it doesn’t need to be ‘cured’.” Adora smiles a little as Catra leans forward to kiss her on the cheek before she sits back again. “ I don’t listen to music, I feel it. There are challenges, sure, but, right now, I don’t want to change how I experience life, you know? ” Of course there are times when Adora thinks hearing would be nice, but those moments are fleeting. She is attached to her Deafness, and she doesn’t think that will change any time soon. 


Catra looks nothing but engaged and she nods in understanding. Adora decides to go further with her emotional dump on Catra. “ I told you I was adopted ,” Adora begins and Catra nods. Adora knows that Catra has been waiting for more information on this and it’s not that Adora doesn’t trust Catra with it, she’s just never wanted to bum her out. “ My parents died in a car crash when I was five, ” Adora sees Catra get a look, the look that most people give her when they find out that she’s an orphan, but Catra already knew that. “ I was in an orphanage for a while, it wasn’t easy but I survived. Mara found me and she took me in. I am so thankful for all that Mara has done for me .” Adora pauses for a moment.


I don’t think it was just that I was neglected, and that Weaver obviously wanted to keep me to herself by refusing to teach me sign language. ” Adora signs carefully. Catra is watching so intently, her eyes following Adora’s hand movements with great focus. It’s nice to communicate with someone who gives her their utmost attention rather than just dismissing her or saying ‘it’s nothing’. It annoys Adora whenever someone does that. If she could hear, Adora would never need someone to explain something to her, or to translate, when people say ‘it’s nothing’ it feels like a dismissal - it was why she was so emotional when Catra started translating Scropia’s speech without prompting.  


It was  grief.” Adora states. “ Mara lost her wife not long after she found me. They had been looking to adopt before she passed and Mara decided to go through with it. I never really got to grieve for my parents .” Adora’s eyes water a little but she blinks quickly to dispel them. “ I couldn’t talk about them to anyone. Mara saw that grief in me, and she knew that we could grieve together. ” Adora smiles a little. “ I love Mara. She is kind, gentle, patient, and incredibly smart. She’s a mom to me. She took care of me, taught me that I was worthy of love. I owe her everything, but nothing at the same time, because that’s what real moms do. They give you love unconditionally, and that’s something Weaver never did. ” 


You’ve been through so much .” Catra signs slowly. “ But… You’re still a good person .” Adora smiles a little at Catra calling her a good person. “ I don’t think anyone would have blamed you if you had been angry and closed off but… you’re not. You’re kind, good .” Catra shuffles forward a little and Adora looks down at her curiously. Adora lifts her hands to respond. 


I was angry, I had an angsty teen phase .” Adora grins before her smile falls a little. “ It was Mara. I’m terrified of what kind of person I would have been if she had never adopted me .” 


No,” Catra signs and then she lifts her hand and places it to Adora’s chest, right where her heart was, before she pulls it back in order to sign. “You have a good heart. Not even that evil woman would have been able to snuff out the light inside of you.” Adora’s eyes sparkle a little and then she leans forward to kiss Catra. 


It was getting hot under the blanket they were currently under, but Adora didn’t want to stop kissing Catra. She moves her hands up to cup her jaw either side, holding her face in her hands as she kisses Catra softly. She will never get tired of kissing Catra. Catra pulls the blanket off of their heads and turns the flashlight off. Now they were kissing on Catra’s bed in her childhood room, illuminated in the soft white glow of the surrounding fairy lights. It’s almost like a dream.


Catra leans back and turns the lamp on her bedside table on as Adora watches her closely. The atmosphere has shifted, Catra pulls the blanket entirely off of them and then she looks at Adora. She seems to be asking for permission for something and, while Adora isn’t totally sure what it is, she is more than willing to find out. Adora nods and then Catra takes Adora’s hand and then guides it up to her breast. Adora’s eyes widen, and she immediately feels her cheeks flush, but she’s here now and she absolutely wants to stay here. 


Catra shifts and then begins to lay back on the bed. Adora follows, hovering above Catra as she gently cups her breast over her clothes. “ Okay if I take it off? ” Catra signs quickly and Adora nods eagerly. She still doesn’t know if they’re at the sex level yet, but she wouldn’t mind touching Catra in some way - plus, Adora really likes boobs. 


Catra doesn’t take her shirt off, instead, she brings Adora’s hands down her sides and then guides them to the hem of her shirt. Catra nods and Adora hesitates only for a moment before she slowly begins to peel Catra’s tank top off of her. Adora’s heart is racing in her chest, she can feel it thumping away as every new inch of skin is revealed to her. Adora is possibly too gay for this, she might just die. Everything about this feels charged, it’s technically colder now that they don’t have a blanket over them, but Adora feels like she’s burning up from the inside out. 


Once Catra’s shirt is gone - Adora only struggles a little getting it over her head - Catra is completely bare. Adora can see everything . Her skin is soft and smooth and warm , as Adora places her hands to her hips and squeezes. She moves her hands up Catra’s sides, briefly touching her toned abdomen before she comes back to where Catra had placed her hands before. 


Adora swallows. 


Catra’s boobs are on the smaller side, but they’re perky and they fit perfectly in Adora’s large hands. Adora wants to touch Catra forever . She leans down and kisses Catra hotly as she touches her boobs. Adora can’t believe this. How did she end up here? Adora can’t hear Catra but she sure as hell feels her. Adora feels so much, from the way Catra shudders under her touch, the way she arches into her palms, her sharp nails digging into Adora’s shoulder blades whenever Adora pinches . Adora knows she’s turning Catra on from the way she’s breathing, practically panting, so heavily and the way that Adora feels Catra’s hot breath every time she exhales. Holy shit . This might just be Adora’s favourite activity (and place) in the entire world. 


Adora can’t sign with her hands full, and she can’t hear herself, but she wants to speak to Catra. Often she refrains, she knows her speech isn’t perfect, but she can't touch Catra’s beautiful body like this and not praise her. “You’re… perfect…” Adora says between kisses. Catra’s nails dig deeper so Adora is semi-confident that what she’s saying is registering. “Beautiful… I could touch you forever…” Catra doesn’t say anything but she doesn’t have to anyway. Her body says it all: the way she tilts her head back, inviting Adora to suck there, or bite, Adora takes the invitation without hesitation. 


She flicks her slightly calloused thumb over one of Catra’s erect nipples as she bites Catra’s neck with her teeth . She’s pretty sure that’ll leave a mark and, so long as she’s given Catra one, she figures she may as well keep going. Catra is coming undone under her hands, her leg comes up to wrap around Adora’s waist at some point and pull her closer, attempting to grind . Adora doesn’t mind, if this is turning Adora on, it must be turning Catra on to be touched like this - Adora is glad Catra took her shirt off. 


Catra taps her on the shoulder and then signs a single word. “ Use …” She stops and then speaks her next words but Adora reads her lips carefully. “Mouth.” Adora looks at Catra for confirmation and she nods desperately. “Please, Adora…” Adora so wishes she could hear how Catra says her name, but she can feel it as she kisses Catra on her lips again and Catra utters Adora’s name against them.


Adora moves her lips from Catra’s mouth to the corner of her lips, to her jaw, where she peppers kisses along it, then down to her neck, leaving more marks - Adora was so glad that she was going home tomorrow and wouldn't have to confront C’yra about what activities her and Catra got up to in her bedroom, under her roof. Adora moves down to Catra’s chest and then Adora does her favourite thing in the world to do: she sucks on boobs. 


She bites and she sucks, marking Catra’s chest just as she did her neck. Whichever one she is not paying attention to with her mouth, she makes sure to massage with her hand. She sucks and she swirls , and Catra is squirming under her the entire time. Catra demolishes her ponytail at some point in the midst of her pleasure and Adora feels proud - and wet, she definitely feels wet.  She wants to do so much more, but she knows they should probably wait, so she pulls back after a long moment. 


Catra looks destroyed . She is panting and covered in love-bites from Adora, her eyes flutter open after a moment and then she smiles in a dopey satisfied way. Once Catra has calmed down she lifts her hand to sign. “ Wow .” Adora can’t help but laugh and grin. “ You’re good at that .” Catra signs, sufficiently boosting Adora’s ego. She sits up and grabs her tank top where she discarded it. “ Bathroom .” Catra signs before she stands. She wobbles a little on her legs as she makes her way to the bathroom. Adora watches her go and then she lies down on the bed with a soft sigh. 


Adora realises that they are way more than just friends who kiss. They’re even more than friends with benefits. Friends with benefits would have had sex by now, right? They don’t wait to have sex, they don’t kiss or cuddle, or do whatever it is that they just did, right? Maybe sometimes they do, but Adora knows there is an intimacy to their actions. They’re not just friends but they’re not friends with benefits either. Adora likes Catra, she knows, she could see herself loving Catra. Adora wanted her as her girlfriend, and there seemed to be an obvious shift in their relationship. 


When Catra comes back she’s no longer shirtless - which Adora is only slightly disappointed by - she has bruises on her neck and down her chest that disappear under the tank top she had on. She was still in her sleep shorts and she looked comfortable - Adora wonders briefly what it was that she did in the bathroom. 


Catra climbs into the bed again and settles beside Adora, she kisses her on the cheek before she lies back in the sheets. “ Thank you .” Adora signs to Catra. Catra tilts her head to one side in question.


What for ?” Catra questions, quirking a brow. Adora smiles as she wraps her hands around Catra’s waist and pulls her closer. She brings her hands back up so she can sign again.


For letting me get to Second base?” Adora signs, a little unsure. “I don’t know, I’m a soccer lesbian.” Adora doesn’t hear Catra laugh but she feels it. From the way Catra shakes a little with her chuckle, the brush of hot air with Catra’s release of breath, and the way Adora can see her grinning too. Adora may not hear it, but she already knows it is her favourite sound in the entire world. 


Dork .” Adora is pretty sure Catra loves to call her that now. Catra rolls over and turns the lamp back off and then she curls up in Adora’s arms, both of them holding each other, face to face. Adora kisses Catra until she falls asleep and then she feels herself being dragged into unconsciousness. She knows, without a doubt, that she is falling for Catra, hard , and she is more than willing to do it. 


She surrenders herself to Catra. 


* * *


They’re sitting outside on the porch of Catra’s house, drinking hot chocolate and eating fried sugary sweets that Adora dips into her hot chocolate - it was seriously the best hot chocolate that she had ever had; Catra’s moms made it exactly as she had back in her apartment. It’s cold, and when Adora breathes she can see her frozen breath. She was wrapped up in a flannel jacket with a hoodie underneath, her rainbow hat on her head and her scarf wrapped around her neck. Catra was wearing several layers but when they had woken up she had grabbed a turtle neck Christmas jumper to hide the darkening marks that Adora had left on her skin. In the light, they were way more noticeable and Adora wasn’t aware she had been quite so aggressive. 


Adora was leaning against the railing of the porch, watching the snow falling in front of them. Maybe she’s getting ahead of herself, but she could see this in her future; her and Catra, side by side, sipping hot chocolate on the porch of their own home. Adora places her mug down on the railing and then reaches into her pocket. She pulls out her neatly wrapped gift and then presents it to Catra. Catra raises an eyebrow and places her own mug down as she accepts the gift from Adora. “ Merry Christmas .” Adora signs happily.


It’s not Christmas yet .” Catra signs back with a bemused expression. Adora rolls her eyes fondly. What is it with Catra pointing out the fact that it isn't a certain holiday to her?  


Merry Not Christmas then .” Adora signs with only a hint of sarcasm. Catra laughs and smiles. 


Merry Not Christmas .” Catra signs back in agreement. Adora gestures to the gift, wanting Catra to open it before Adora had to leave in order to make it back to Mara’s for the holidays. Catra raises an eyebrow, she looks like she wants to say something else but she begins tearing into the paper. 


It was just a small box, so it doesn’t take her long to tear into the paper to reveal the small black box. She looks so concentrated on the box, Adora thinks it’s adorable , but she doesn’t want to disturb Catra by pointing that out. Catra lifts the lid of the box to reveal a necklace. She pulls the chain out of the box and holds it out. It was a silver necklace with the initial ‘A’ on it. Adora grins and then pulls her shirt down to pull her own identical necklace out that had the initial ‘C’ on it. Catra smiles so genuinely it makes Adora’s heart ache . “ I thought it was cute .” Adora explains. “ I thought… we could have matching ones. ” 


I love it .” Catra signs as she presents the necklace to Adora. “ Do you mind? ” She asks as she turns around and lifts her hair out of the way. Adora steps towards her and then brings the necklace around Catra’s front before she fastens it in place at the back of Catra’s neck. She kisses Catra on her neck before Catra turns around and grabs Adora by her shirt, kissing her lips fully and properly. Adora doesn’t know how she’s come to feel this way about Catra in such a short period of time, but she had. She could really see herself loving Catra. 


After the kiss they rest their foreheads against each other and just enjoy the moment. Catra plays with the necklace around Adora’s neck with a smile before she steps back. “ Okay, stay here, I have your gift inside .” Adora nods as Catra hurries inside. Adora finishes off her hot chocolate and she faces the front door, waiting for Catra to come back.


It doesn’t take her too long and she returns with quite a large box. Adora’s eyebrows shoot up when Catra deposits the thing in her hands. “Heavy.” Adora speaks. Like really heavy. Catra just grins and nods. Adora was already kind of feeling bad, she got Catra just some necklace and here Catra was giving her some big heavy (and probably expensive) gift. 


Open it .” Catra encourages. Adora hesitates only for a moment before she takes the lid off of the box. When she sees what’s inside, she has to do a double take.


It’s a bowling ball, but not just any bowling ball, it’s the bowling ball. “ You remember ?” Catra questions hesitantly. Adora nods at her in answer. When Adora had lifted Catra, the first time she had been tempted to kiss her, it was the bowling ball that they had won with. Adora looks at Catra in a mixture of awe and confusion. She places the box to one side. 


Did you steal this ?” Adora asks with a laugh. She doesn’t understand how Catra has this. Catra looks at her with great amusement. 


It’s okay, I know a great lawyer .” Catra responds. Adora rolls her eyes in amusement - Catra was talking about herself. Adora wasn’t going to argue Catra’s point about her being an amazing lawyer, but she still doesn’t understand how, or when, Catra got this bowling ball. “ I didn’t steal it. I paid one of the people who works there to take a ball, they didn’t even question it. Sure did take me a while to track down the right ball though .” Adora stares at her and Catra gets a nervous expression on her face. “ Do you not… Do you not like it? ” Adora beams .  


I love it .” Adora signs back, emphasising the ‘love’ by doing the sign twice. Catra smiles softly and steps towards Adora. They kiss on the porch in the cold after exchanging gifts and everything feels perfect . Mara was right, Adora was an idiot. She knows now that she absolutely wants Catra as her girlfriend, she wants to date her, and kiss her, and be with her, she just has to tell Catra that - and that’s the scary part. Adora decides that confession can wait until they return back to school, for now, Adora just enjoys her final moments with Catra. 


Once they’ve drunk their fill of hot chocolate, and eaten their fill of food, Adora lugs her baggage from Catra’s bedroom and loads it into her car - bowling ball included. Once Adora is packed and ready to go, she turns to Catra. She doesn’t want to leave, but not spending the holidays with Mara is out of the question. Adora smiles at Catra. “ Thank you for letting me touch your boobs .” Adora signs playfully and Catra shoves her shoulder with a laugh. Adora lets out a heavy sigh after she’s finished laughing. 


Don’t forget about me .” Catra signs to Adora.


I could never .” Adora responds. And then they kiss, again. Adora can’t believe she ever thought they might not be a thing. They kiss for as long as they possibly can before Adora has to leave. 


She climbs into her car and fastens her seat belt. She stares at Catra’s reflection in her mirror, feeling her heart long just to be kissing her again. Yep, Adora was in so deep . She had been a fool to think that she wasn’t. She just hopes that her confession can wait until they’re back at college and the holidays are behind them. 


Adora starts up her car and pulls away. She watches Catra in her mirror until she disappears and Catra watches her just as long. Adora, for the first time, considers if it’s possible to fall in love with someone you’ve only known for a few months. 

Chapter Text

And here it is, our final night alive

And as the earth runs to the ground

Oh girl, it's you that I lie with

As the atom bomb locks in

Oh, it's you I watch TV with

As the world, as the world caves in

- As the World Caves In, Matt Maltese




Adora isn't jealous. She isn't . She is absolutely, 100%, not jealous. The girl talking to Catra at the bar laughs way too hard at something Catra just said and brushes her hand against Catra's shoulder. 


Okay, so maybe Adora was jealous. 


This wasn't even her plan, and now her ‘Not Girlfriend’ is being flirted with by a stranger in some random club. When Glimmer had suggested a club for Adora’s birthday, Adora had been sceptical but agreed nevertheless. Adora downs her vodka coke and then drops her glass down to her table. It must be loud even over the pounding music because Glimmer looks at her. Adora looks back at her. She doesn't know what she looks like, but she honestly feels like she looks like she just lost a million dollars. Glimmer turns around to look at where Adora had been staring - more like glaring - before she turns back. 


" You need to tell her that you like her ." Glimmer signs while rolling her eyes. Adora huffs and slumps over her empty glass. She knows that she should tell Catra about her feelings, but it just never seems like the right time. 


Adora had decided to wait until they came back from winter break, and then she felt like she couldn't just say it. It should be romantic, right? But they'd been going through a sort of... dry spell. Catra hadn't kissed her since they came back from winter break which, Adora knows, really wasn't that long ago, but she had sort of been expecting they'd go back to their old dynamic. Adora was worried that Catra regretted the whole boob thing, or if she had maybe gone too far. 


It's not like Catra had been avoiding her, she hadn't, but Adora felt awkward around her - and she's pretty sure Catra noticed her weird behaviour. It wasn’t even that Adora was awkward with Catra, she just felt like she was keeping something from her - and Adora is a bad liar, which resulted in her being weird. She was reluctant to confess her desire to be Catra’s girlfriend from the fear of rejection, and she’d found every excuse in the book to avoid doing it, and the more she put it off the more she felt a sense of urgency and discomfort. She did this a lot, the putting off of a task from anxiety, and she had a tendency to believe the worst outcome would happen, which resulted in her avoiding it even more, and now she had waited too long and Catra was being flirted with. 


Adora couldn’t see Catra’s face, her back was to her, but she didn’t seem to be shying away from the other girl’s touch. Adora pushes back off the table. She could go over, right? Maybe Catra needed rescuing from the other woman, maybe she was trying to find a polite exit, Adora could give that. Or, maybe , Adora’s brain whispers cruelly to her, Catra doesn’t want you like that and she’s enjoying this other person’s attention more than she enjoys yours . It’s a dumb thought, Adora knows, but usually she has time to calm herself down from these thoughts in the calm environment of her room. That wasn’t possible right now. 


Glimmer watches her go and Adora suddenly finds herself standing behind Catra. The other girl notices her first, and Adora rests her hand possessively on the small of Catra’s back which results in Catra jumping a little. Her mismatched eyes look sideways and she seems to relax when she realises that it is Adora that was standing there. Catra seems to breathe out a soft ‘oh’ but Adora can’t say for sure. The girl looks quizzically at them both. “ This is my…” Catra pauses her signing for a moment before she carries on, “ friend, Adora .” That stings a little, but it is true. Adora gives a small wave in greeting. 


The girl, Adora doesn’t know her name, regards her cautiously. She can’t really read her expression, but Adora doesn’t like it, she feels as though she’s being judged by her for some type of reason - it makes Adora feel self conscious. Catra nods at something she says and then the woman seems to say something else that Adora can’t possibly lip read without the context of the conversation, and that’s when Adora realises, with a sickening drop in her stomach, that Catra isn’t translating. Catra does seem to tense, however, at whatever the girl says. She seems slightly annoyed now, and Adora has no idea why. She wishes she could know if she should punch this girl for offending Catra in some way or not. 


Instead, Adora draws her attention to Catra. She looks incredible . Catra always looked incredible, but tonight she looked so hot it should be a crime. She wore a red shirt, that was half-way unbuttoned, exposing her chest that was concealed by a black tight top below, she had the shirt tucked into some skinny, tight, black trousers that had gold stripes up the sides that were held up by a belt and she wore her hair in a ponytail. But, to top it all off, as if Catra had been trying to make Adora gay panic with her fashion choices, she was wearing a leather jacket . Adora had seen her wear it before, of course, but something about it being worn with this outfit had Adora on the verge of a nosebleed. She was still wearing her combat boots though.


Adora was wearing a blue button down tucked into white trousers. She knew white was somewhat of a risky and bold colour, but it looked good on Adora. Catra had given her a long look over at the start of the night that made her confident with her choice in clothes. 


Catra says something else and Adora was concerned about whatever it was that was happening but she also feels anxiety at the fact that Catra isn’t translating the conversation for her. That is a huge concern for her, Adora feels almost sick, her heart is beating so fast it's rattling her rib cage. The girl rolls her eyes before she turns to leave and then Catra turns to face Adora fully. She pauses when she sees her and Adora smiles weakly. “ Are you okay? You look pale .” Catra signs. Catra’s eyebrows pinch together in concern and she actually looks incredibly cute but Adora can’t focus on that right now.  


What did she say ?” Adora asks, her fingers shaking just a little too noticeably. Catra looks at her with concern before she shakes her head a little. 


Nothing .” Catra responds. That’s about the worst thing Catra could say to Adora. Adora stares at her before she backs away slowly. 


I need… I need… air .” Adora signs quickly before she turns and walks away. If Catra calls for her, or follows her, Adora doesn’t know, but she really could use that air - she feels suffocated currently. 


When Adora manages to shoulder check her way out of the club, she takes a long gulp of fresh air. She finds a wall down the side of the club and leans against it, while bending over to place her head between her knees and takes deep breaths to calm herself down. She does that for a long moment before she starts to feel better and she slowly pushes herself upright again. When she does, she sees Catra standing just a ways off from her. “ Are you okay ?” Catra asks hesitantly. Adora sighs and then nods.


I’m okay .” Adora confirms. That entire situation was just a lot and Adora managed to work herself up into a panic. 


Do you want to talk about it ?” Catra asks tentatively. Adora smiles a little at the invitation - and it is an invitation . It reminds her of Catra’s birthday, which is ironic, given it is now Adora’s birthday, when they had stood on the balcony, Catra getting air. Adora appreciated this about them, they didn’t pressure each other into voicing their concerns, they were both patient. Adora blows out a breath. She might as well tell Catra.


I asked you what she said .” Adora signs. Catra blinks at her.


I didn’t think it was important .” Catra explains and Adora looks at the ground for a moment. Her aim isn’t to make Catra feel bad here, but she does wish to explain to her why what she said and did bothered her so much. 


That’s for me to decide, isn’t it ?” Adora asks. Catra turns her head to the side. “ If I wasn’t Deaf, I would have heard what she said, important or not, but I can’t hear, and you telling me it’s nothing, it just doesn’t feel… great. ” Adora explains. Catra’s eyes seem to light up in realisation and then she immediately looks guilty. “ You didn’t translate for me either, which you usually do. I guess it was a lot all at once, I’m sorry .”


Why are you sorry ?” Catra questions, stepping closer. She steps into Adora’s space and takes her hands. Catra’s hands are warm and they feel… vivid as they hold Adora’s cold ones. She squeezes them softly and then kisses her knuckles and Adora can’t help but smile. She spots her ‘A’ necklace around her neck and the sight of it soothes her as Catra’s presence also soothes her. Slowly, Catra takes her hands away so she can sign to Adora again. “ I’m sorry, do you still want to know what she said? ” Catra asks. Adora considers it. Part of her thinks it probably doesn’t matter, but she also really wants to know, so she nods. 


Catra seems to hesitate for a moment, before she sighs and begins to sign. “ When you came over she asked if you were deaf and I said yes. She then said you didn’t look deaf and then I got pissed .” Catra explains. She goes from hesitant to angry, Adora sees it. Adora is exceptionally good at reading people’s body language - sometimes that’s all she has to go off - and the way Catra’s eyebrows turn down a little and she frowns, her eyes darkening a little, she is clearly angered from what the woman had said to her. Adora, honestly, isn’t that bothered. She is well accustomed to ignorant people, people have accused her of lying about being Deaf, it comes with the territory, but Adora suddenly realises something: Catra wasn’t attempting to exclude her from the conversation, she was trying to protect Adora. That makes Adora soften considerably, but Catra is too worked up to notice. “ I asked her what a deaf person looked like. Who even says something like that? It’s messed up-” Catra’s rapid and jerky hand movements are cut off when Adora kisses her. 


Catra is clearly surprised because Adora sees Catra’s eyes widen before they both close their eyes. Adora has missed kissing Catra, and she can’t believe she’s waited this long. Somehow, Adora ends up pinning Catra to the wall as she kisses her hungrily. It quickly goes from innocent to heated in seconds, like all their pent up frustration, and lack of kissing recently, is finally relieved. Catra is more aggressive than usual, and her tongue finds its way into Adora’s mouth - not that she’s complaining. Adora goes from leading, to following pretty quickly. 


Catra bites Adora’s bottom lip and she doesn’t hear it, but she knows she moans at the sensation it gives her. It sends a spark of electricity right up her spine, and somewhere else too, as Catra eagerly switches their positions, pinning Adora against the hard wall instead. Adora places her hands on Catra’s hips, pulling her impossibly close while Catra’s hands slide into Adora’s hair, destroying her ponytail. Adora must have sunk down against the wall, because Catra isn’t on her tiptoes to kiss her like usual, and Adora definitely feels like she may have melted from the way that Catra is kissing her. 


Adora moves her hands to the belt loops of Catra’s pants and she tugs on them. That’s when Catra pulls back. When they part, they stay close, Catra leans her forehead against Adora’s and she brushes her soft lips against Adora’s as their hot breath mingles in the space between them as they both pant. It’s cold out, and their hot breath makes small clouds in the cold temperature between them, but Adora feels endlessly warm from that kiss. 


It takes them a long moment, but eventually Catra takes a step back and Adora gives her a dazed, lopsided smile before she begins to sign to her again. “ Was she flirting with you before I got there? ” Adora sees Catra let out a bark of laughter and her dilated lustful pupils light up with amusement instead. She nods in answer. 


I wasn’t interested .” Catra says. “ She’s not my type .”


What is your type ?” Adora asks curiously with a smirk. 


Definitely not tall, blonde, soccer players, that’s for sure .” Catra signs back but she has a playful smile on her face. Adora knows for a fact that that’s not the least bit true. 


I guess my type isn’t short and incredibly intelligent brunettes .” Adora jabs back. Catra rolls her eyes at her playfully before she shoves Adora’s shoulder, then extends her hand, nodding her head in the direction of the club. 


Adora stands upright and begins to follow after Catra. “ Were you jealous, Grayskull ?” Catra asks teasingly as they make their way back. Adora huffs and rolls her eyes. She hesitates before she nods slowly. 


Maybe. ” Adora signs. Catra looks surprised by her admission but it’s the truth. Adora knows now that she will absolutely ask Catra to be her girlfriend soon, but later, when Adora wasn’t so spun out. Catra smiles.


Come on, birthday girl ,” She signs. “ I think Glimmer wanted you to do shots .” Adora groans at the thought. “ Hey, you can put your hand on my ass for the rest of the night so people know I’m yours .” Adora’s breath catches a little. Mine . That Catra was hers? Adora hadn’t been sure that Catra wanted that, but with the confirmation… She still couldn’t believe that Catra just said that she was Adora’s. 


Adora just needed to make it official.


* * *


Slap. Slap. Slap. 


Catra grips her pen in her fist, trying to tune out the sound. She feels bad that it's annoying her, but it is. She's trying to study. Adora had come to visit her before her game tonight. Catra had the late shift at work, she had to close up, which meant she'd have to make her way to the game just before it started, meaning she couldn't be with Adora beforehand, but she also had a big paper coming up, and she had to get this work done, which meant her time spent with Adora was her studying and Adora sitting on her couch. Except, Adora was dressed in her soccer uniform, which was pretty distracting as it was, but she also had a ball and Adora finds it difficult to sit still. 


She probably doesn't mean for it to be annoying, she probably doesn't even know that it is annoying, because she can't exactly hear the noise she's making. Adora keeps tossing the thing up and catching it, which makes sense given the position she plays on field but it's less than ideal for Catra's studying habits. Catra knows she probably finds the repetitive motion comforting. Adora does that sometimes, she’ll find a rhythm she likes and keep doing it, Catra has seen it in the library when her leg bobs up and down under the desk, or she’ll click her pen a whole bunch of times that people will glare at her (Adora never notices and Catra always glares back at them to shut up), sometimes it’s her tapping on the desk, just something . Currently, it was her and her ball. 


Catra sighs and places her laptop down on her coffee table, grabbing the attention of Adora who, unfortunately, was in the middle of tossing her ball up that it lands on her face . Catra has to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing out loud. She closes her eyes briefly and when she opens them again, Adora is glaring playfully at her and rubbing her head. “ I’m sorry ,” Catra signs as she moves to sit on the couch beside Adora. “ That was just too funny not to laugh at. ” Adora rolls her eyes and sets the ball down on the other side of her as she scoots closer to Catra. 


Was I annoying you? ” Adora asks worriedly. Catra smiles softly at her. 


Don’t worry about it, I can study at work too, I think it’ll be a slow day .” Catra kisses Adora on her jaw gently and pats her thigh. 


I should probably get going anyway, to warm up and stuff .” Adora explains. Catra resists the urge to groan. She kind of just wants to cuddle Adora and kiss her, she doesn’t want her to go. Catra decides to take matters into her own hands. 


She climbs into Adora’s lap, straddling her hips and keeping her trapped against the couch. Adora’s eyebrows go up and the pupils of her eyes dilate somewhat. “ This okay ?” Catra asks and Adora nods her head. “ Do you mind if I kiss you ?” Catra asks, wanting confirmation that Adora would be okay with it. She nods so eagerly that it draws a laugh out of Catra. 


Adora is hard to resist for several reasons and Catra can’t believe she missed out on getting to know Adora sooner. If she had only gone to one of Scorpia’s games - in her defence, Catra hates sports, but she was going for Adora . Especially motivated by seeing Adora in her goalie uniform. It clung to her, showing off her muscles, even if it was long sleeved. It had threads of gold laced through it and Catra had learnt that she was known on the field as She-Ra , for her height, stature and her ability to save the most impossible of goals - it was also printed on her back. Adora’s hands come to Catra’s hips and Catra doesn’t know why, but the fact that Adora is wearing her goalkeeper gloves is so hot . Her gloves are gold and white too. 


Catra moves in to kiss Adora. Catra has to say, she loves how easily Adora gives in to her. Sure, sometimes Adora can be handsy, and lead kisses, but when Catra takes control, Adora follows her. It’s kind of sweet actually. Catra has a pretty good idea of which way Adora leans in the bedroom - though she really did take charge that night in Catra’s childhood bedroom. Catra sometimes thinks about it when she’s alone and… tending to her needs. Even now, she can feel the invisible touch of Adora’s hands on her chest. The thought makes Catra roll her hips a little. 


Adora lets out a soft moan and Catra manages to slip her tongue into her mouth. Adora melts under her, and her hands at Catra’s hips squeeze softly as she pulls Catra closer. This kiss is quickly turning heated and Catra can feel her body responding to Adora in ways it never really has with anyone else before. 


Eventually, Catra pulls back. Adora chases after her lips before she lets out a long dreamy sigh and collapses back into her seat, her eyes closed. Catra is happy to see that Adora is affected by her as much as Catra is affected by Adora. Part of Catra wonders why they haven’t gone further than what they have, but she understands Adora’s nerves surrounding it. Still, the sooner they talked about it, the sooner they could relieve some of that tension. Catra just didn’t want to pressure Adora, that was all. 


Slowly, Adora blinks her eyes open and then she gets a big goofy smile on her face. Catra lets out a soft laugh at the sight of it. Adora is hot, sure, but she is also remarkably cute too. Catra lifts her hands to cup Adora’s face as she gently rubs circles into her jaw. She’s so beautiful . Adora speaks first - or signs first. “ Wow ,” She says and Catra snorts. “ That was amazing. I was wondering, would you mind if I gave you a sign name ?” Adora asks. Catra turns her head to the side a little. “ It’s something Deaf people do, it’s quicker than for me to spell your name out every time .” She explains. Catra knows exactly what a sign name is, she just wasn’t expecting it.


Go ahead .” Catra signs back, dropping her hands from Adora’s face in order to reply. Adora pauses now and Catra can feel her heart beating faster. She isn’t sure if it’s from the kiss or if it’s maybe from Adora adding a new level to their relationship - it’s probably both. 


Adora begins her signing, she starts with the sign for baby, as in, an actual baby and not the sign for the pet name baby. Catra raises her eyebrows as Adora grins and then lifts her hand up to her cheek, making the sign for cat. Catra blinks a little. "Baby... Cat?" Catra asks (and signs) with a little confusion. Wait a second... Did Adora mean Kitten ? There was no official sign for kitten, but baby cat pretty much did it. Catra laughs in a mixture of disbelief and amusement. " You want my sign name to be baby cat? " Catra asks, raising an eyebrow. Adora looks at her with shiny eyes of amusement. Catra knows sign names are significant and important in Deaf culture, so she's honoured that Adora feels close enough to give her one. 


Catra pulls out her phone and shows Adora a picture of a kitten and Adora nods her head enthusiastically. Catra can't help but smile. " If you get to call me baby cat- " Adora interrupts to point at the phone. Catra rolls her eyes, replacing baby cat’ with ‘Kitten’ in her head. " Kitten ," She points at the phone. " Can I give you one? " Adora nods happily and Catra smirks. She makes her sign with her fingers, moving them from one shoulder to the other before she moves it down to her hip. Adora blinks at her. 


" Princess ?" Adora raises a brow. “ Why am I Princess ?” 


Why am I Kitten, other than my name? ” Catra fires back and Adora lets out a wonderful sound of amusement and laughter. “ Plus, you are a Princess, my Princess .” Adora actually blushes at that. 


Adora grows quiet, staring at the ground, avoiding Catra’s eyes. Catra just waits, knowing Adora had more to say. Eventually, she lifts her head again, meeting Catra’s eyes. She looks nervous, Catra notes, which she confirms when she sees the nervous tremor in Adora’s fingers as she begins to sign again. “ There’s something else I want to call you .” Adora signs carefully. Catra frowns a little in concern. Adora seems really nervous. Catra turns her head to the side, nodding to encourage Adora to continue. “ I want…” Adora pauses. “ I want to call you my… girlfriend .” 


Catra feels like the world stops. She keeps replaying the girlfriend sign over and over again in her head. Adora wanted to be her girlfriend ? She wanted to date Catra? The question had caught her completely off guard. It’s not that Catra didn’t want that, but she kind of thought Adora didn’t want to be her girlfriend, that she liked their current question mark relationship status, Catra was clearly wrong . “What?” Catra says dumbly but Adora seems to catch it anyway. 


I just mean, we have been kissing a lot, and I don’t really want to date anyone else other than you, I haven’t since we met. And when you told that girl that I was your friend, and not girlfriend, it kind of hurt I guess? I don’t know- ” Adora’s hands start to move quickly to the point that Catra doesn’t fully understand her signs. It’s like when someone rambles nervously, Adora sometimes does it with her hands, it’s very endearing actually. 


Catra’s eyes move from Adora’s worried and anxious face to her hands and Catra reaches her hands out to take them, stopping Adora’s anxious signing. Catra brings her gloved hands up to her lips and kisses them. They smell of rubber, and Catra wishes she could kiss Adora’s actual hands, but it gets Adora to take a breath. Catra slowly looks back up with her, beaming with happiness as she releases Adora’s hands. “ I would love nothing more than to be your girlfriend. ” Adora looks shocked at that and Catra laughs, shaking her head. “ Did you think I’d say no ?” Catra asks, poking Adora on her forehead.


I thought you might .” Adora admits before she fully relaxes. Catra hadn’t realised how tense she had become underneath her until then. “ Your answer is yes? We’re girlfriends ?” 


We’re girlfriends .” Catra confirms and then it hits her (as it also seemingly hits Adora) Adora is her girlfriend . They’re exclusive . Catra hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to relationships, but with Adora it just all seems to slide so easily into place. Catra is confident that she wants nothing more than to be Adora’s girlfriend, officially, and she is! Adora is her girlfriend. The thought makes Catra feel giddy, like a teenage girl getting asked to prom. 


I really should go though ,” Adora signs. Oh. Right. Catra was still pinning Adora to her couch. 


Catra sighs and rolls off of the blonde, landing on the cushion beside her. Adora kisses her on her cheek and then stands up. Catra watches her as she begins to fix her soccer uniform, tucking her shirt into her shorts and rolling her knee high socks up her legs. Should Catra be concerned that she finds this so incredibly sexy? Or is that completely normal? When it comes to Adora, Catra thinks it might be normal. 


Once Adora has fixed herself up, she grabs her sports bag and slings the thing across her chest. “ So you’re coming to the game ?” Adora asks. Catra nods.


As soon as I close up, I’ll be on my way. ” Catra smiles.


Will you be wearing my jersey ?” Adora asks with a grin. Catra rolls her eyes fondly.


Obviously I will be wearing my girlfriend’s jersey .” Catra signs back. Adora blushes a little and rubs the back of her neck before she signs again. 


I still can’t believe you said yes .” Adora signs and Catra raises an eyebrow. She stands to her feet and comes face-to-face with Adora. She leans up on her tiptoes and then presses a kiss to Adora’s lips. 


Dork, of course I said yes .” Catra had been caught off guard, sure, but she had been thinking about this ever since they spent the holidays together. Catra so wanted to be Adora’s girlfriend, and she was just glad that Adora wanted the same. Sometimes she had thought that her feelings were one sided, but Adora had proved that wasn’t true. 


You really turned me on before, when you started rolling your hips .” Adora says suddenly. Catra wasn’t expecting that . She flushes a little with the new information. It’s not like it was new new, Catra had put two and two together when Adora had moaned , but she wasn’t expecting Adora to say it or admit it like that. When Catra manages to settle her racing gay heart, she sees that Adora is smirking at her.


Go to your game, Princess .” Catra says, shoving her towards the door while blushing furiously. When they reach the door, Adora stops and turns to Catra.


Good luck kiss from my girlfriend ?” Adora asks. Catra rolls her eyes and ignores the way her stomach fills with butterflies at the fact that Adora keeps calling her girlfriend . Something about seeing it signed makes it feel even more significant. Catra gives in and kisses Adora one last time before she turns her around and pats her on her butt to send her on her way. Adora looks over her shoulder one last time, blushing, before she walks off.


Catra closes her door and leans against it, sighing lovingly. Catra feels so incredibly happy, happier than she’s ever felt before. It reminds her of when Adora first kissed her. She can honestly say that she has never felt this way about someone before. Catra’s moms used to tell her that you got one greatest love in your life. Adora is that love. Catra can’t explain it, she feels inexplicably connected to Adora on a level that is almost scary. Catra thanks every higher being that exists for whatever power it was that brought Adora into her coffee shop that one autumn day. 


Catra sighs again and then stands upright. Speaking of said coffee shop, Catra had some studying to do before her shift started. She goes back to her study station (her arm chair) and tries to stop the giddy feeling bubbling in her chest from distracting her too much.


What is Adora doing to her?


* * * 


“Catra?” Catra looks to her left to see Kyle standing there, looking at her.


“What?” She asks, standing up straight.


“I said, should I start sweeping up?” He asks nervously. Catra knows she makes Kyle kind of nervous, probably because Catra doesn’t exactly treat men with the most kindness. Catra glances at the clock, they had about ten minutes till closing. Catra had been sure to clean as they went to make less work for them before closing, they could be out of here by half past the hour if they were quick. 


“Yeah,” Catra says, handing him the brush. “I have a soccer game to get to.” 


“Oh!” Kyle says suddenly. “Me too! My boyfriend’s girlfriend is playing.” 


“You boyfriend’s girlfriend?” Catra asks, raising an eyebrow. “Who’s that?”


“Lonnie, you might know her, she’s-”


Lonnie?! ” Catra exclaims, her eyes widening. No way . She was totally going to use this new piece of information against Lonnie. “So she’s not your girlfriend?” Catra asks and Kyle shakes his head. “But she’s your boyfriend’s girlfriend?” Kyle nods. Catra wasn’t expecting that, but she has nothing against it. “Good for Lonnie.” Still, Catra was absolutely going to bring this up to her. 


They don’t get any customers in the remaining ten minutes and Catra helps Kyle clean up before she goes to the back and changes her shirt to Adora’s jersey. She brings it up to her nose and sniffs it. It smells like Adora. Adora had given her it one day, and Catra had been confused as to why, but now it made sense: Adora wanted her to wear it to her games. It was February, but the weather still hadn’t really warmed up enough to brave it in just a shirt, so Catra grabs Adora’s letterman jacket. She exits, with Kyle, Catra figured since they were going the same way, they may as well walk together, she locks the shop and the shutters and then they’re off. 


When they get to the game, Catra can tell it’s not far from beginning. Catra loses Kyle, probably so he can go track down his boyfriend. Catra makes her way to the stands, pushing past people to get to where she could see Perfuma and Glimmer standing. “Hey,” Catra greets. “Looks like I’m just on time.” Catra comments as she settles on the bench, wedging herself between Glimmer and Perfuma. 


“You’re actually a little early,” Glimmer says, “the cheerleaders are about to-” Glimmer stops talking suddenly and Catra frowns as Glimmer stands up, climbing onto the bench. Catra cranes her head up to glance over people’s heads to see Bow in a crop top and pants and cheerleaders uniform doing some incredible tumbling on the track below. 


“Holy shit-” Catra can’t believe it. 


“WOO!” Glimmer yells. “THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND!” Catra laughs at Glimmer’s screaming and then Bow turns and bows before he sends kisses to Glimmer. The crowd cheer for him before the cheerleaders begin their routine as the players file out onto the field. 


Catra has to admit, she’s never been to sports games before, but the atmosphere is almost electric . Everyone around them seems to be buzzing with excitement. The opposite team comes out and the crowd boos and Catra laughs and then their team comes out and Catra has to stand on her bench in order to be seen by Adora. Catra waves her hands to get Adora’s attention and Catra watches her eyes scan the crowd before they land on Catra. Catra smiles so wide her cheeks hurt and it’s made only better when Adora makes a little heart on her chest to Catra. 


Some girl behind Catra gasps. “Do you think that was to me?” They ask. “Oh my gosh, did She-Ra just make a love heart to me?!” Catra snorts. She never really considered that Adora would have adoring fans but it makes sense that she does, she’s a very attractive, tall, blonde, jock, of course people have crushes on her. Too bad, she’s all mine . All they have to do is read the back of her jacket. 


“Go Adora!” Catra yells. She knows Adora can’t hear her, but that is not going to stop Catra cheering for her. Adora gives her a thumbs up before she turns to her team huddle. 


“Hey, you’re part of the jock significant other group now.” Glimmer comments from beside Catra. Catra laughs as she stands off of the bench, so she wouldn’t fall. 


“Does this mean this will become my regular?” Catra questions. 


“What? Soccer games? Probably.” Glimmer replies. “But it’s nice, you get to see the person you love do something they love, you know?” Catra blushes a little at the ‘love’ part of Glimmer’s words. Catra doesn’t know about love, but she really does like Adora a whole lot. 


“Scorpia is a defender,” Perfuma says proudly. “She’s very good at it.” 


“I’m sure she is.” Catra responds. She watches Adora jog over to her goal, warming up a little by sidestepping on the line of her goal. Catra feels herself flush. Adora is so attractive it’s probably some kind of crime, Catra is sure. 


The game starts and Catra watches diligently, during half time Adora comes up to the stands and Catra kisses her despite how sweaty she is. Adora really is a talented goalkeeper, she manages to make some amazing saves and by the second half Bright Moon is leading 1-0. Catra can tell the other team are not playing how they should be, deploying some dirty tactics against the Rebels that has resulted in a few yellow cards for them. Catra still cheers on her girlfriend


Suddenly, within Bright Moon’s box, one of the opposite team’s players shoulder checks one of the Bright Moon players. Catra can see some kind of commotion between the players but she can’t see precisely. She's not exactly a giant soccer fan, or any kind of team sports fan for that matter, but the Rebels seem to be arguing with their opponents after that nasty take down. Catra recognised the Rebel player as Mermista. That was definitely an illegal tackle. 


Adora is in the crowd of players trying to calm things down, with her height and her golden blonde hair, Catra can make her out pretty clearly - plus her white and gold kit make her stand out from the others. Adora isn't saying anything, but she is putting herself in front of her players. What a kind hearted idiot. 


Unfortunately, Adora’s attention is divided as she tries to keep the peace between the two teams and she turns to the opposition at just the wrong time as one of their players swings. Catra isn’t sure they intended to hit Adora, or another player, but it doesn’t matter because they hit Adora . Adora is obviously and completely caught off guard. Catra is far away, but even she can tell the punch was hard and hit Adora right in the eye. Catra completely freezes as she sees Adora crumple. 


Time seems to stop for a moment, the people in the stands gasp then fall silent. Catra is moving without even thinking about it. She pushes past people and to the barrier, hopping over the edge and landing in a crouch on the track below. Catra takes off in a sprint to where Adora was lying motionless on the pitch. The referee is blowing their whistle and showing a red card but Catra doesn’t care. She only cares about Adora. 


Catra skids to a stop and drops down to look at Adora. She hears Scorpia say her name in surprise but Catra is busy checking out Adora’s face. She’s awake, thankfully, but she definitely seems dazed. Her eye is watery and she keeps blinking as she tries to regain her vision. There’s a tiny cut under her eye from the impact and it already seems red. She was absolutely going to have a black eye from this. “ Okay ?” Catra signs, trying to keep her words short for Adora to understand. 


“Can’t…” Adora shakes her head after she speaks and Catra notices that she seems flustered. Catra realises that Adora doesn’t want to speak in front of so many people, but she probably can’t sign either due to her dazed expression - plus, god knows if she had a concussion. Catra helps her sit up and then she turns to see the player that had punched Adora.


“Are you serious?” Catra growls. “What kind of person punches someone like that?!” Catra knows for a fact that Adora never said anything either, yet the person had still punched her.


“I wasn’t aiming for her!”


“That doesn’t make it better!” Catra yells. “You’re lucky she’s okay or I’d be kicking your ass right now!” Catra sees the Rebels’ coach come over. 


“Take Adora to the locker rooms,” She says. “We’ll have our substitute goalie take her place.” Catra nods. She knows Adora isn’t going to like missing out on the rest of the game, but there is no way in hell she can continue to play. 


Catra helps Adora to her feet and then begins to lead her off of the field silently. Catra hears the game continue distantly as she enters the locker room. She deposits Adora down onto one of the benches and then she looks at her properly. Adora seems very quiet and not fully present. “ Ice .” Catra signs, telling Adora she was going to go get some ice for her eye. Adora doesn’t respond at all and Catra is slightly worried about that. 


Catra manages to track down that ice pack, and she grabs a bottle of water for Adora too, before she returns back to Adora. The locker room is dark, the only light is coming from one of the nearby bathrooms, bathing Adora in a soft white light.  She’s fiddling with her fingers and her dazed expression has changed to one that looks like she’s thinking but also not present.


Catra comes over to the bench and shuffles Adora back on it slightly before she sits in front of her, straddling the bench between her legs. She lifts the ice pack to Adora’s eye. Adora winces a little and pulls a face before she sighs. She takes the water bottle and takes a few sips. Adora seems far away and Catra just wants to make sure she’s okay. “ Okay ?” Catra asks again. Adora looks at her but she doesn’t answer right away. 


I haven’t been punched like that in years .” Adora finally signs. “ Not since Mara found me .” Catra’s breath gets stuck in her throat in realisation. Adora had told her about her life in the orphanage with her foster carer (Catra does not give Shadow Weaver the title of mom whatsoever) but she hadn’t really pushed her beyond what she was willing to share. 


Catra hesitates before she begins to sign - she has to put the ice down in order to do it. “ Shadow Weaver, did she… used to abuse you ?” Catra asks carefully. Adora shakes her head after a moment.


Not physically ,” Adora answers. “ But the other kids… Kids can be so mean, you know? ” Catra does know. Catra’s heart aches in her chest at the thought of a young Adora being hit by the other kids she was living with. She had already told her how they used to tease her sometimes, but she had no idea they had physically harmed her. “ I was just the Deaf girl to them, an easy target, and Weaver didn’t care if the other kids hurt me, she said it built character. ” Catra shakes her head as she picks up the ice pack again. She feels angry, but that was the past, she had to find a way to help Adora now


You’re not back there ,” Catra reassures, signing as best she can. Adora smiles and the sight of it warms Catra endlessly. The blonde places her hand over Catra’s on the ice pack to allow Catra better range to sign. “ You’re with me, and you’re safe, and I will never hurt you .” Adora drops the ice pack. 


I will never hurt you ,” Adora signs, her hands holding a certain weight to them, and Catra knew that Adora was being, without a doubt, completely serious - she absolutely meant every single word. “ I promise .” Catra’s heart squeezes in her chest. Part of Catra had been afraid that Adora would hurt her, she already knew she was in deep but after Adora asked her to be her girlfriend. If Adora broke her heart, Catra knew she would break as a person. 


Catra takes Adora’s hands in her own, she had taken her gloves off in Catra’s absence, and Catra seizes the opportunity to lift them up to her lips and kiss them. “ I promise .” Catra repeats, crossing her heart before she presses her fingers to Adora’s chest. They would never hurt each other. Of course, Catra knew that there would be highs and lows, those were inevitable, that was life, but Catra would never intentionally hurt Adora in any way. 


Adora stares at her for a long moment before she leans forward and wraps her arms around Catra in a tight hug. They spend so much time kissing, and making out, that Catra had almost forgotten the simple intimacy that a hug provides. Catra brings her hands up and wraps her arms around Adora’s waist. She buries her nose in Adora’s neck and takes a long inhale, drinking in her scent. 


After a long moment of them just hugging, Adora leans back in order to sign. “ Take me home ?” She asks.


Always .”


* * *


Catra takes Adora back to her apartment. She was feeling better emotionally, physically? Her eye stung like a bitch and it hurt whenever she moved her face in a certain way, but she’d be fine. They get back to Adora’s apartment and Catra sets her down on Adora’s couch. They so rarely hang out here, mostly because Adora lived with Glimmer and Bow, so they were often hanging around, whereas Scorpia was often absent from Catra’s place, staying with Perfuma. 


Ignore the Christmas decorations, I was meant to get around to taking them down .” Adora signs as Catra sits down on the coffee table across from Adora. Adora sees her laugh a little. It was dark in the apartment, except for the LED lights that were still on the Christmas tree in the corner. Catra’s apartment was usually well organised and clean, Adora’s was definitely more chaotic. Adora’s room was neat and tidy, she made a conscious effort, even if it was difficult, to keep that space organised, but three students living in one space and sharing a kitchen, bathroom and living room? It was obviously a little chaotic, even if Bow often cleaned. 


They did have a system. Adora made sure her room and the bathroom was clean, Bow cleaned the kitchen and then Glimmer and Bow shared keeping the living room clean and Glimmer tackled their room, but their system wasn’t always perfect and sometimes they were simply too busy or tired. “ Sorry for the mess .” Adora apologises. Catra simply waves her hand. 


Feels like home .” Catra responds with a smile and Adora knows exactly what she means. When Adora had shared a dorm with Glimmer the first year, they had had to keep it clean for room inspections and things, but this apartment? It was lived in, they had made so many memories here, Adora loved it just as she loved her best friends. Still, she wasn’t sure she could stay with them next year, part of her was considering asking Catra - but she didn’t want to put pressure on their relationship, like what would happen if they broke up? And she also didn’t want to kick Scorpia out of her place to steal Catra away from her, though Adora is sure she would love to live with her girlfriend Perfuma.


What’s it like living with a couple ?” Catra asks, distracting Adora from her thoughts. 


I’m glad I can’t hear whatever it is they get up to in their room .” Adora admits and she sees Catra snort. “ And I have seen things I wish I could unsee .” Catra just looks highly amused by that. She shuffles closer to check out Adora’s face, gently moving it and holding her chin with her thumb and finger. Catra squints a little as she examines Adora’s face and Adora doesn’t know why, but she blushes.


After a moment, Catra releases her face. “ I think the cut has already scabbed over but we should maybe put some disinfectant on it just to be sure and maybe ice your eye a little more.” Adora nods at all of that and then she glances at the bathroom door. 


Can I shower first ?” She asks. Catra pauses before she nods. 


Sure, I’ll order us some food. ” Adora stands to her feet, wobbling only a little. She moves to her bedroom to grab some fresh clothes and then goes to the bathroom, closing the door and locking it.


Adora unfastens her boots first, kicking them off, she struggles to pull her socks off of her shin pads but she manages and tosses them aside before she takes her shin pads off. Next she pulls her shorts down and takes her shirt and bra off and tosses them into a pile on the floor - Adora would clean it up later. She runs the water of the shower and takes a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Her eye was already bruising, and there was a small cut there on her cheek. Adora sighs. She was an idiot for getting between the players without fully understanding what they were talking about, but she wasn't expecting to be punched . Adora pulls her hair out of it’s ponytail, letting the long golden locks sit on her shoulders and sets the hairband on the sink.


She turns to her shower and sees the steam coming off of it. She steps into the tub, pulling the curtain to and then she stands under the stream of hot water. It immediately makes her relax. Adora starts to wash off the sweat and dirt and grime from her game, using her soap. She washes her hair quickly and then spends the rest of her shower just enjoying the hot water. Her mind begins to wander.


She doesn’t mean for it to, but she starts to think of Catra in a… intimate way. Adora feels the heat building between her legs. She isn’t really sure she should exactly do this, but the shower is the best place for it and she feels… wound up. It would be the perfect relief. 


Adora runs her hands down her side to her stomach and then further down. She closes her eyes and imagines that it’s Catra doing this to her and not herself. 


At the first touch, Adora feels a moan escape her lips. She hopes that the sound of running water and the door is enough to muffle the sounds Adora is bound to make. Though she tries to keep quiet, she's not entirely sure how loud she's being. Adora is somewhat of an expert when it comes to touching herself and she knows she can get herself off pretty fast and pretty easily, which is perfect for Adora's current situation. 


The steam of the shower has Adora feeling slightly woozy, but the water means that her fingers practically glide as she touches herself. She braces her arm against the wall to keep herself steady as her body temperature begins to rise. She presses her fingers to her clit and circles a few times before she moves down and carefully, slowly, enters a single digit. Adora moans again, her free hand flexes as she hooks her finger and then adds another. 


Adora knows it might be kind of weird to go from being punched in the face to masturbating in the shower, but Adora is nothing if not a little strange - besides, having Catra so worried about her, and her being near was… a huge turn on. Adora had been wound up since Catra had made out with her on the couch. " Catra-! " Adora gasps, cutting herself off with another moan. Adora removes her fingers and focuses on her clit, she is already pretty close and her hips buck as soon as her fingertips touch her clit again. She just thinks about Catra. Catra. Catra. Catra . It works significantly well. Adora comes with Catra's name on her tongue. 


Her legs shake a little but Adora manages to keep herself upright. She rinses herself down again once she's regained enough conscious thought and then she steps out of the shower, switching it off. She hopes and prays that Catra never heard any of that. She dries herself down. She had grabbed some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt to change into after her shower just to laze around in while Adora spent time with Catra. She towels off her hair and then exits the bathroom, leaving it down. She was anxious that Catra might not be there if she had heard what Adora had been doing. 


At first, Adora does panic, but then she sees a pizza box on the coffee table and Catra in the kitchen. Adora breathes a sigh of relief. Catra smiles at her. " Pizza came. You wanna eat now ?" Adora nods eagerly and she settles herself on the couch. 


She feels clean and she feels relaxed after relieving herself. She eats the pizza with Catra, leaving some slices for Glimmer and Bow and Adora ices her eye for a little longer, wiping the cut with some disinfectant that stings , before Adora turns to Catra. " Hold me ?" Adora asks and Catra nods at her. 


Together they retreat to Adora’s room. Adora lies down first and then Catra wraps her arms around her, cuddling her from behind like a little jetpack. Adora can't help but smile at the thought. Catra has taken care of her today, and Adora has loved every second of it. She drifts off to sleep easily in her embrace, feeling safe, comfortable and cared for. 


That's the first indicator to Adora that her feelings may be deeper than she first thought. 


* * * 


Adora arrives at Catra’s apartment for their movie night date night. Adora was just happy that they had found some time that they could be together. Adora’s eye was bruised, as Catra had suspected it would be, but it was well under way to healing. Catra had said that it made her look sexy, like some boxer or something. 


When Catra opens the door, Adora's brain short circuits. Catra had had a haircut. Her hair had been quite long, usually pulled out of her face in a loose bun or held back by her red hairband, but now it was short, not shaved but definitely cut close, where it was longer the hair was curling in the way Catra’s hair usually naturally curled. She looked cute as hell and Adora is entirely too gay to be surprised with this. 


You look …” Adora trails off, losing track of her thoughts to her gay thoughts. “ Wow… ” Is all Adora manages to articulate. Catra laughs and grabs her wrist, dragging Adora towards her room. As far as Adora could tell, they were home alone - no Scorpia.


Usually I wait until it gets a little warmer ,” Catra signs, “ but it was really starting to get on my nerves. I missed how easy short hair was .” Adora is definitely in support of the short hair, she wants to run her fingers through it as she kisses Catra. 


Catra leads Adora into her room. Catra had set up her laptop with some movie on it, on her bed, and she had cuddled into Adora’s side pretty quickly. Adora is sure that the current movie playing on their laptop is very interesting, but it's just not as interesting as Catra . To be fair, the new hair was like catnip to Adora, she just couldn’t get enough of her. Adora runs her fingers along where her skin is exposed before she starts kissing her. Catra, to her credit, is actually paying attention to whatever is on the laptop, Adora just couldn't care less. Adora is far too invested in Catra to care. 


She kisses up her arm until she makes it to her neck and then she really pulls her A-game out. Catra leans back against her but she's still watching the laptop. Adora nips at her tender skin, kissing down to her collar bone that she sucks on, marking her. Catra finally closes the laptop. " Are you even paying attention? " Catra signs and Adora shakes her head. She sees Catra laugh, the breath brushes Adora's face and Adora feels a smile tug at the corner of her lips. 


Suddenly they're moving, Catra is under her rather than in front of her, and they're kissing - if you can call Adora having her tongue in Catra's mouth kissing. It suddenly feels hot in Catra’s room. She straddles Catra's hips to the bed with her hands, squeezing, and feels Catra moan against her lips. Catra whispers something against Adora's lips, Adora doesn't know what it is, but she doesn't need to. They don't talk during these moments, they communicate almost entirely through body language, looks, gestures and occasionally signing. 


Catra's hands come up to bury themselves in Adora's hair, destroying her ponytail. Adora moans into Catra's mouth. She moves her hands up to cup Catra’s face, tilting her head back and kissing her fully, hotly, desperately, like they might never kiss again. Catra's hands land on Adora's stomach, slipping under her shirt, and Adora gasps. Catra bites her bottom lip gently and Adora groans. She practically melts


"Shirt." Adora speaks and looks at Catra hopefully. Catra's eyes flutter open. Blue-gold meets blue in the darkness and then Adora sees Catra nod. Adora moves down, peeling Catra's shirt up slowly, exposing inch-by-inch, smooch soft skin. Adora kisses from the waistband of Catra's pants, up her stomach and she trails her tongue over her belly button. She feels Catra arch off of the bed, and Adora smirks. She stops when she reaches more fabric. Catra seems to freeze. 


Adora stops immediately. She looks up at Catra, who was looking at her incredibly nervously. "Off?" Adora asks. She gestures to her own shirt and then Catra's. Catra bites her lip before she nods. Adora helps her take the shirt off completely, that's when Adora learns that Catra sometimes binds. She recognises it only because Bow had used them before his top surgery, Adora had even considered buying one for herself, but she usually felt comfortable in her sports bras. She looks at Catra. Catra looks nervous , maybe even afraid, which is insane to Adora that she would be nervous to reveal she is wearing a binder. If anything, Adora completely understands that. 


Adora brings her hands up to sign, she is thankful for the moonlight spilling in through the window that allows for Catra to see. " Do you want to keep it on? " Adora asks. Catra seems stunned for a moment. 


" You're not... weirded out? " Catra asks and Adora smiles. She sees the moment Catra instantly relaxes. 


" Not even a little, why would I be? " Adora asks, turning her head to the side. Catra shrugs in a ' I don't know ' gesture. 


" You like boobs. " Catra signs and Adora laughs. She shuffles closer, resting her hands on Catra's hips. Catra looks into her eyes with surprise. Adora withdraws her hands only so she can sign her words. 


" I do like boobs, true ." Adora agrees. " But I like touching you ," Adora emphasises the ‘you’ as she gently nudges Catra's chest with her fingers, " the most. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable ." Adora smiles as she drops her hands. 


Catra stares at her for a long moment before she suddenly drags Adora in for a heated kiss. Adora makes a sound of surprise - she's sure - from the suddenness but Catra doesn't seem to mind. Adora kisses her back happily, threading her fingers into the short hairs at the back of Catra's neck. 


When they pull away, Catra is panting, like she's been running a race, and her pupils are blown wide. She has the most beautiful smile, Adora notes, as she sees her smiling so genuinely and so happily at her. "Adora Grayskull," Catra speaks but Adora manages to read her name on Catra's lips. "I ---- I'm -- ---- ---- you." Adora blinks a little. She doesn't know what Catra just said then. She looks at her with a puzzled expression. Catra pauses for a long moment that Adora thinks she might not explain. " You're amazing. " Catra signs. Adora is pretty sure that isn't what Catra said, but maybe it was something similar anyway. Adora smiles at her. 


" I know I am. " Adora signs back and Catra chuckles, her body doing the little rumbling thing it does whenever she laughs. 


" And humble too. " She jokes. Adora pecks her on the lips. 


" What does this mean? " Adora asks. " Do you want me to use different pronouns? Different name? What do you need? " Catra stares at her with absolute awe, that it makes Adora blush a little. This is the bare minimum, isn't it? Catra looks at her like Adora hung the stars and the moon in the sky. She shakes her head. 


" She/They, whatever. Still Catra. " Catra answers. " It means that gender is really fucking weird, and sometimes I like to bind. " She signs and Adora nods. She totally gets that. Fuck gender. " You can still touch me though. " Adora laughs a little. They fall into a motionless silence, just looking at each other before Adora speaks. 


"Shirt?" She asks. Catra looks at her with great confusion before Adora gestures to the hem of her own shirt. Catra's eyes widen and she looks up at Adora's face as though to check that she was comfortable with that and totally sure. Adora only nods. 


Catra reaches for the hem of Adora’s shirt and begins rolling it up, exposing Adora’s abdomen, and then her sports bra, the shirt gets stuck for a moment, resulting in Adora giggling and feeling Catra laughing too before the thing comes off entirely. Catra gestures to her sports bra. “ This okay too ?” She asks. Adora nods again. 


Adora is a little flustered to be showing so much to Catra but she trusts her completely and feels safe and comfortable with her. “Wow…” Catra breathes once she manages to slip Adora out of her sports bra. Adora doesn’t hear it, but she does manage to read that word pretty well on Catra’s lips. Adora blushes a little before Catra looks her in the eyes. “ Beautiful .” She signs, which makes Adora blush so hard she feels the heat reach the tips of her ears. 


They go back to kissing, but this time Adora has a new sensation as Catra gently fondles her breasts. Adora had no idea it could feel this amazing , but it does. Catra gently lays Adora back in the bed and Adora happily follows her lead. Catra’s breath feels hot as she trails her lips along Adora’s jaw and down her neck. She pauses there for a moment, opening her mouth to suck on Adora’s skin. Adora squirms under her, hooking her leg around their waist. Catra’s hips grind down against Adora and Adora’s hand at the back of Catra’s neck tightens in the short locks there.


The bedroom suddenly feels hot and stuffy with Adora’s laboured breathing as Catra goes lower . First she leaves open mouthed kisses on Adora’s skin, occasionally sucking and marking but what really has Adora throwing her head back against the pillow below her head, and arching into Catra’s touch, is when Catra runs her hot tongue over her nipple. Holy shit . Adora has never felt that feeling before. Don’t get her wrong, Adora has had sex before, though not a whole lot, she has experience , but things with Catra always feel far more intense . It’s as though they have some kind of connection, and Catra can make Adora feel a way she has never felt before. 


Catra opens her mouth and she sucks . Adora moans, she knows she moans, she doesn’t even care how vocal she is being and, judging by the way that Catra doubles her efforts, Catra doesn’t seem to mind either. Adora feels so wound up, she feels so close, that she could possibly even get off from this alone. Adora becomes putty under Catra and when the brunette finally pulls away, Adora is almost disappointed. Part of her wants to go further, but she still hasn’t managed to bring that topic up to Catra.


Instead, they settle on the bed together, face-to-face. They're both bare chested and they cuddle each other, pressing their bare bodies up against each other. Something about this feels far more intimate than anything else they could do. They kiss, and Adora reaches her hands up to gently sweep Catra’s short bangs out of her face before she sighs lovingly. They stare at each other, and Adora kisses Catra on their forehead before she lies back down on the bed. 


They fall asleep just like that.


* * * 


Catra wakes up before Adora, which is a rare occurrence, but Adora had been running a lot of soccer drills recently. She looked so peaceful in a way that a person can only in sleep, her face unmarred by worry and anxiety, and showing her calm, peaceful face. Adora had moved in the night and she was currently lying on her stomach, arms tucked under her pillow, with her golden blonde hair spilling around her. She’s absolutely gorgeous . Catra kisses her bare shoulder and then she rolls over and stands. 


Last night was pretty incredible. Catra hadn’t expected Adora to just be okay with the binder thing but maybe she shouldn’t have doubted her so much. She also hadn’t been expecting Adora to take her own shirt off. Things seemed to have shifted last night, but for the better. Catra grabs a t-shirt and pulls it on before she leaves her room and heads to the kitchen. 


Catra sets about making her coffee in a slight daze. "I think I'm in love with you." Catra had said that to Adora. She’s pretty sure that Adora didn’t know what she had said but she had said it. Catra thought it was a little insane and maybe a lot too soon, but it had come out of her mouth all the same. She had known Adora for about five months, which was a relatively long time, but was it long enough for Catra to be in love with her? Catra really didn’t know, she was new to the whole love thing. Catra doesn’t think she’s ever been in love. Of course she loved Scorpia, loves her even, but she wasn’t, and probably was never, in love with her. 


Catra finishes making her coffee, she adds two sugars, no milk and moves to her couch. She sits down on it, placing her feet against the edge of the coffee table as she holds her cup close to her face to smell the sweet aroma of coffee. She thinks she really might be in love with Adora. She’s never felt this way about someone before, and she doesn’t think she ever will feel this way about anyone else either. 


Catra sighs and sips at her coffee. She was slowly waking up. She glances at the window to see it was quite sunny outside. If Catra had to guess, it was probably about eleven in the morning if not noon. Catra always slept better when Adora was with her. What is going on with her? Catra was acting like some love struck puppy or something. 


Catra hears movement in the bedroom and she knows that Adora is awake. She hears shuffling around and then the next minute the slight creak of the door on its hinges. Catra doesn’t look at her but she doesn’t have to anyway. Adora appears in front of her. " I want to have sex with you. " Catra stops what she's doing - as in, sipping her coffee and looking into space - to stare at Adora. Only Adora would tell Catra that she wants to have sex with her in this way. Only Adora would make said announcement in her boxers and tank top in the middle of Catra’s living room after they spent all night last night practically making out and almost having sex. Adora looks so serious too, like she's been planning this for so long, her hands are on her hips and she has a look of determination


" Can I drink my coffee first? " Catra signs back playfully. That throws Adora's whole serious thing off. She practically goes the same shade of red as her letterman jacket. 


I didn’t mean right now ,” Catra was aware of that but she doesn’t say anything as Adora sits down beside her. “ I think we should talk about it, so we’re prepared, and then… It can happen when it happens, you know ?” So Adora wants to have sex with her, and she was putting in the ground work now so they were prepared? That was so Adora. But, if it made her feel more relaxed and comfortable, then Catra was willing to listen. “ Safe word .” Adora signs. “ I can speak if you do something I don’t like ,” Adora explains. “Red.” She speaks and Catra smiles a little. Adora is so damn cute. 


Adora has a slight accent when she speaks, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Catra happens to love the way that Adora says her name, and she’s sure she’ll love it even more when Adora says it when Catra has her head between her legs. “ You can hear me perfectly fine ,” Adora signs. “ But I can’t hear you .”


Couldn’t I just sign red? ” Catra asks.


What if you don’t have your hands free ?” Adora asks. Catra raises an eyebrow.


Are you planning on tying me up? ” Catra asks. Adora blushes and looks away. Interesting


I don’t know .” Adora signs slowly. “ Maybe we could use a drop object? ” Adora suggests. “ Something that lights up, or that I can see, so we don’t rely on my hearing .” Adora starts doing that rambly thing with her signs again and Catra stops her by gently taking her hands in her own. 


Adora ,” Catra signs and Adora pauses. “ I understand why you feel we need to talk it out, but we’ll figure it out, I promise. Don’t worry so much .” 


You know me ,” Adora signs back with a smile. She takes Catra's hands again. “ I worry .” Catra lets out a soft laugh. Adora does worry, about everything , but Catra wants her to know she doesn’t have to worry about this . They can figure it out together, in bed, out of bed, whatever, but Adora doesn’t have to worry about it. 


Is there anything you don’t like ?” Catra asks curiously. Adora shakes her head.


I don’t think so, you? ” Catra shakes her head too. At least, she’s never found something she doesn’t like before. 


Maybe you let me lead?” Catra suggests. Adora pauses for a long moment before she nods once. Catra smirks a little, Adora is going to enjoy being under Catra. So many thoughts were running through Catra’s mind now, images, scenes, things she wanted to do to Adora, but now wasn’t the time. Adora shuffles closer to Catra and lays her arm over Catra’s shoulders, so they are snuggled together. 


So they were going to have sex sometime in the near future? And Catra was in love with Adora. Adora leans over and kisses the side of Catra’s head.


Well, shit . Catra was fucked. Literally and figuratively.