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Villanelle: Hi Kill Commander. Wanna Hang? Vx 

Eve decided to play along and answer her.

Eve: Okay.

Eve: Now?

Villanelle: Yes.

Eve: Where?

Villanelle: Come to my place. For a movie. I’ll make popcorn.

Eve rolled her eyes. Was she serious?

Villanelle: Are you coming?

Apparently she was. 

Eve: Okay.

Eve checked her appearance in a nearby mirror. She adjusted her jacket, let her hair down and walked out the door. 



Eve was going to knock, but decided to walk right in. It was one of the only ways to show dominance over Villanelle and it boosted her confidence. 

“You could at least pretend you don’t have a key and knock,” Villanelle projected from the kitchen counter as Eve waltzed in. 

“Really?” Eve responded, rolling her eyes. 

Eve pulled her jacket off and sat down on the couch.

“So you really want to watch a movie?”

“Yes,” Villanelle answered in a serious tone. 

“Okay,” Eve sighed. “What movie?”

“Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future?!”

“Yes it’s a total classic. I’m just making the popcorn.”

Eve stood up and walked over to where Villanelle was preparing the snacks. She looked down at the container of unpopped kernels and read the name on the side.

“Ladyfinger popcorn?” Eve laughed. “That’s the name of the popcorn??”

“Yes. It’s delicious. Don’t make fun of it,” Villanelle responded defensively.

“No, you don’t see the joke there. Lady. Finger? ...Nevermind,” she said walking back to the couch. 

Eve listened to the popping noise and the lovely smell of popcorn filled the room. Villanelle finished and brought over some bottles of water, little wrapped chocolates and a large bowl of the freshly popped popcorn and sat next to Eve on the couch. 

“Where’s mine?” Eve asked.

“I figured we’d share,” Villanelle offered, pushing the bowl closer to Eve.

Eve rolled her eyes while Villanelle grabbed the remote control. 

The opening credits rolled and Villanelle turned down the side table lamp. Villanelle was all smiles and her good mood was starting to rub off on Eve. Slowly. 

At first she didn’t take any. Then after a few minutes Villanelle asked, “Aren’t you going to eat any?” 

Eve reached in and grabbed a small handful and pushed it into her mouth. It was super salty. And...amazing!

She didn’t say anything to Villanelle because she didn’t want to give her the satisfaction that it was actually really good. They continued to watch the movie and eat. Villanelle chuckled at a few amusing parts and Eve thought it was cute. Eve kept reaching back into the bowl for more. Repeatedly. 

“You like it don’t you?” Villanelle asked with a smirk. 

“It’s okay.”

“Oh so then you won’t mind if I just keep the rest of this for myself? You’re good?” she teased, pulling the bowl over to her side of the couch. 

“If you take that away from me I will kill you.”

Villanelle raised her eyebrows slightly and pursed her lips thinking about the comment.  

“Too soon?” Eve joked. “Sorry.”

They resumed eating and watching. 

On occasion they would both reach into the bowl at the same time and Eve’s finger would touch Villanelle’s, but she didn’t seem to take notice of it. ...Until she realized that it kept happening. She might have been doing it on purpose, Eve thought.

Villanelle sipped at her drink and Eve became more aware of the eating noises next to her and started paying attention to those more than the movie. She stole glances of Villanelle when she would let out a laugh, reach for her drink, or to pop some chocolate into her mouth. She glanced over and watched her lick the salt and grease off of her fingers. She looked away, gulping hard. If she held the gaze for too long, Villanelle would glance over at her and Eve would quickly look away and back at the movie. This little game went on for a spell. 

After awhile they were no longer shoveling entire handfuls of popcorn into their mouths. Now they were taking one or two pieces at a time. And it became obvious they were both just reaching back into the bowl to touch hands. Eve was secretly praying the popcorn would last for the entire movie.

Their hands touched again in the bowl and Eve didn’t pull her hand away. She let it linger while Villanelle did the same. Neither of them looked at each other. Villanelle’s pinky curled around Eve’s. Then she gently let the tips of her fingers slide between Eve’s.  

Eve’s eyes closed and she took a shaky breath. Once she opened her eyes she turned her head to look at Villanelle who was still facing the television. But Eve continued to stare at Villanelle until finally she turned her head and met her gaze. They looked at each other intensely for a moment. Their fingers slowly intertwining and caressing. 

Until Villanelle pulled out a handful of popcorn and threw it at Eve. 

“Oh my god really?!!” Eve exclaimed, and did the same in retaliation. Villanelle laughed and they engaged in a pelting match with the flakes. 

“Well don’t waste it!!!” Eve yelled, suddenly very protective over the delicious morsels. 

“Okay, here eat it!!” Villanelle exclaimed, lunging forward with a handful in her hand pushing them into Eve’s mouth, her fingers brushing against Eve’s lips momentarily. Chewing, she stopped laughing now that Villanelle was so close to her. 

Villanelle picked up two flakes and put them into her own mouth. Eve watched intently. Villanelle sucked at the tip of her own finger as she did so. Then she reached out and put two flakes into Eve’s mouth purposely inserting her finger into Eve’s mouth in the process. Eve closed her lips around it letting her tongue run along the tip as she slid it out. 

As she swallowed, Eve now had a taste of Villanelle’s fingers and skin. Glancing down to her lips, she wondered how they would taste as well after eating the popcorn.

She didn’t have to wait to find out as Villanelle leaned forward and kissed her. The popcorn bowl fell to the floor spilling the rest of its contents. 

The kiss was tentative at first, soft and unassuming. She didn’t expect it to be gentle. She expected Villanelle to pounce like a wild animal released from captivity. This was the opposite. She took her time, pressing into her, hesitantly tasting her. The smell of her was hypnotic beyond reason. Her lips tasted like a salted truffle, sweet and rich as the kiss deepened. It was the kind of kiss that left little room for thought. Villanelle pushed her down against the side arm of the couch. The feeling of her body pressed against her own felt forbidden. It suddenly became a fervent tangle of legs and hands moving and exploring. Like a magnet her hand reached under Eve’s shirt and sank into her skin with a mind of its own. 

It was passionate and intense for less than a minute until Villanelle pulled away and stood up after hearing her phone going off in the bedroom.

She walked away to answer. Eve was breathless and dazed as she sat up fixing her shirt and wiping the edges of her lips and the side of her mouth now wet from the kiss. She looked down at the couch and floor and there was popcorn everywhere. She knelt down to try to pick some up, but it was useless.

Villanelle emerged from the bedroom. “It was Konstantin. He’s on his way over here,” she informed Eve.

“Okay I’ll go,” Eve replied pulling on her jacket, still a bit shook.

“Let’s do this again tomorrow,” Villanelle suggested with an eyebrow wiggle. 

“Do you think I’m just at your beckon call and I’ll come here whenever?”

“....Yeah. You’re my ‘density’,” Villanelle joked.

“Your what?”

“From the movie?...Nevermind.” Villanelle shook her head figuring the joke was lost on Eve.

Eve walked out and shut the door. 

Two minutes later Villanelle received a text from Eve.

Eve: You mean… I’m your ‘destiny’. See you tomorrow.