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Rin whined out in pain as Sesshomaru flew her through the air to Kaede’s hut. She shifted uncomfortably in his arms as she closed her eyes, focusing on the pain coming from her abdomen. 

“S-sesshomaru... please.. hurry”, she requested in between pants. She took no notice of time until she felt him abruptly land. 

“Sesshomaru!” She heard Inuyasha stomp over.  She lost a bit of consciousness as they talked, only to soon feel Inuyasha gently wrap his hands around her waist as he separated her from Sesshomaru. 

“W-wait n-“

“You might wanna save your energy Rin, you can see this mutt later”.  She heard Inuyasha say, beginning to loose consciousness again. 

Moments later, Rin opened her eyes to see she had been placed on a futon, Kagome and Sango jolting up. 

“Oh Rin I was so worried!” Kagome sighed a breath of relief. 

“Kagome! Please, where is Sesshomaru?” 

“He’s went to go gather the girls, he’ll be back shortly”, her slayer friend Sango responded. 

Rin layed her head back, bringing her knees up as it seemed to ease the pain. She furrowed her brows in discomfort as she started taking deep breaths. 

“Am I near ready, Kagome?”

“Almost Rin! Just a couple more hours!”, her friend tried encouraging. 

Just as she spoke, she heard rumbling outside. “Father! How come you didn’t tell us sooner?!”, she heard her eldest daughter speak up. 

As expected there was nothing more of a response than a grunt until she heard her youngest, Setsuna, speak up. 

“You fool, he obviously had to tend to mother first!”, she scolded. Which started into a small argument by the time they made way through the door. 

The disagreement quickly halted as they gathered around their mother. 

“Mother! Are you okay?”, Towa began showing her concern along with a bunch of other questions. Setsuna on the other hand, gave her looks of worry and concern. 

“I’m alright, fairly exha-auh! sted..”, tears pricked her eyes as the contractions grew stronger. 

“Alright, ye girls go wait outside with ye father”, a wise voice entered the room. 

“Kaede!”, Towa expressed her joy with seeing the elder woman with a quick hug. Setsuna giving a sly nod of acknowledgment. 

Rin watched as her girls left, the feeling of excitement to birth another one of Sesshomaru’s children from her womb. 

“Wait, Kaede! Please.. I would like to have a private birth. With Sesshomaru only”. 
The room gasped as Kaede grew frustrated. “Are ye starting this now child? Ye know the traditions and rules”.

“Kaede- please”, Rin begged. 

“If Sesshomaru permits it, I guess ye shall be fine”, Kaede sighed. 

Kagome and Sango looked at eachother and giggled as they recalled a discussion they had with Rin earlier. 

Kaede eyed them suspiciously, as she called him in. 


“O-oh Sesshomar-~~ugh- u!”, Rin moaned as she felt two clawed fingers pump into her vaginal canal. 

She grabbed onto the hems of his kimono as he pumped her with inhuman speed. She gasped even more as he licked up and down the crook of her neck, giving soft nips with his fangs. 

“S-sesh-oua! Please! Give me more!”, she begged in between pants. Sesshomaru wasted no time as he grabbed hold of her ankles, gently spreading her. 

His cock pulsed as he studied her studied her dilating pussy, flowing with juices, begging him for attention. 

He placed his nose in between her folds and took a huge whiff of her sent, along with their coming pup.  He snapped out of his trance and gently flipped her on her stomach. 

Understanding the pressure on her body, he wrapped his arm around her sternum and the other under her bump. 

He used his hips to guide his penis into her entrance, thrusting his hips as he slowly entered her. 

Rin cried out as she felt his length slip inside her, filling her up. She felt her walls clamp down on him as he gently thrusted inside her. 

She gripped the futon as his tip neared her cervix, eyes softly rolling to the back of her head. She lost it as he started licking near her neck again, giving her lobes a few nicks and licks as well. 

“O-oh My- L-looord!” She whined as the relief of his giant cock filled her and over rode the pain of birth. 

She felt his dick pulsate as she sung his name out, both their releases approaching. To push her over, Sesshomaru licked over her mate mark, and sunk his fangs in, making her squirt and squirm with satisfaction. 

Her walls slithered around his penis, forcing his hot semen inside her. Staying in the position, they took a few more breaths until Rin began crying out again.

“M-my lord!”, she found her own strength and removed herself from him as she weakly threw herself back on her back. 

“O-oh Sesshomaru!”, she cried out in ecstasy and pain. “The bab- pup! The pup is on its way!”. 

“The pup is on its way!”, he heard his wife cry out. He immediately got to action as he got on his knees, picking up his wife. He put her back to his chest, holding her by her waist, helping her squat. 

As she gave birth with his personal guidance, he secretly snapped some photos in his mind of a few particular scenes. 

His ears ringed as their child wailed in his mother’s arms. Sesshomaru quickly dressed himself and went over to his new son. 

As expected, a full head of dark brown locks, and soft face and little ears poking out from the top of his head. 

He stroked his wife’s check with his hand, following the same action with his son. He turned his head as he heard many rushing to the hut. 

He quickly went to the door and made sure everyone knew a few people at a time, as he didn’t want to over whelm his petite wife. 

“Ay and there was no complications, Sesshomaru?” Kaede pestered him. 

He shook his head no, as he let the humans to themselves to see the pup. 

He jumped as he flew up high, landing in a tree a few miles from the hut. He found a quiet, secluded spot as he pulled down his hakama. 

He closed his eyes and pictured Rin’s birth, and began pumping his own member with his hand. 

The memory of seeing the child’s ears pop out, along with its head turned him on. Her vagina expanding to bring his pup into this word. 

He pictured the look of her labia stretching around the pups head, pre cum dripping from the head of his penis. 

He pumped even harder as he remembered seeing the baby fully seep out her pussy. Wishing to be coasted and tasting those juices, he came. 

The thought of drinking her breast milk brough him to another erection, which her quickly ignored it as he smelt a familiar half breed make his way. 

“Hey! Can you do that somewhere else you perv?!?” He came in pinching his nose together. 

“State your purpose half breed” 

Ignoring the hypocritical insult, he informed Sesshomaru of the quiet Rin’s friends and family allowed her to have and that she was once more requesting him. 

Before Inuyasha could blink, Sesshomaru bolted over there, his heart pounding hoping he could make it before the new pups feeding time was over.