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For the Girl Who has Everything

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When Dai Yanqi comes skipping over to Misty Rain’s bench before the match, Chu Yunxiu smiles for the first time that night. 

“Sister Chu!” The young player salutes, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she comes to a stop in front of Chu Yunxiu. “Our captain apologizes for the loss you’re about to suffer!”

“Dai Yanqi!” comes Xiao Shiqin’s deeply scandalized shout from the Thunderclap bench.

Chu Yunxiu throws her head back and laughs. The sound of her own laughter echoes unfamiliar in her ears. The tenth season of the Glory Pro Alliance has not been kind for Misty Rain, and especially not for Misty Rain’s captain, but Dai Yanqi’s bright presence lifts a little of Chu Yunxiu’s exhaustion.

“A loss? Not if we have anything to say about that! Come here, it’s been too long,” Chu Yunxiu says, opening her arms to give her fellow Elementalist a hug. Dai Yanqi squeezes the breath out of her in return, her pigtails tickling Chu Yunxi’s cheeks. 

The referee sends both players a stern look, but visiting another team’s bench isn’t against the rules, so he doesn’t attempt anything further. Shu Kexing and Shu Keyi also come up for a brief hello, before returning to their own pre-match preparations. 

Chu Yunxiu links her arm through the crook of Dai Yanqi’s elbow and the two Elementalists chat for a while, walking back and forth along the small player area as they gossip.

“Sister Chu,” Dai Yanqi murmurs when it’s nearly time for the match, “since you’re staying in Wuhan until tomorrow, I wanted to invite you over tonight.” 

Reaching over, Dai Yanqi dips the pads of her fingers inside the cuff of Chu Yunxiu’s Misty Rain jacket, touching the soft underside of Chu Yunxiu’s wrist. Watching the older woman through the veil of her dark eyelashes, her voice lowers. “I collect anything that has your avatar on it. Would you like to see?”

Ignoring the jolt of heat licking the pit of her stomach - it’s been far too long if such a small touch can entice her - Chu Yunxiu raises her eyebrows, trying to determine if Dai Yanqi is intentionally making the offer her body language implies. Most of the participants in the pro player women’s chat know Chu Yunxiu is open to offers, but Dai Yanqi had never indicated an interest before.

“As Misty Rain’s captain, I probably shouldn’t visit Club Thunderclap without an official invitation,” she remarks, buying time while she decides if Dai Yanqi is serious.

“I keep my Windy Rain collection at home, not at the club,” Dai Yanqi replies, holding Chu Yunxiu’s gaze while her voice drops even lower, curling warm and coy in Chu Yunxiu’s ears. 

Out of sight from the audience, the pad of Dai Yanqi’s thumb begins rubbing Chu Yunxiu’s skin. “My parents are out of town on business this weekend. We won’t be bothering anyone even if we’re loud.”

Well. Chu Yunxiu swallows. That was unmistakably an offer for sex.

Dai Yanqi watches her senior’s throat bob, and her smile turns wicked.

When Chu Yunxiu predicted how tonight would unfold, Dai Yanqi propositioning her before the match, was not something she would’ve guessed. How bold! Honestly, she’s impressed. 

Chu Yunxiu tries to remember the last time she went to bed with someone. Too long, she finally concludes after failing to pin down a date. 

Her own grin sneaks onto her face. “Alright. I’ll come over.” A fun night with a friend? Why not?

Dai Yanqi brightens with her victory. “I’ll find you after the match!”

As Chu Yunxiu untangles their arms, she allows Dai Yanqi’s fingertips to brush against her palm as they slip out of her jacket cuff, the brief contact teasing the other woman in return. “I always smoke after the press conference is over,” she says, and returns to her teammates with a lighter step than before.

Misty Rain loses again, to nobody’s surprise. Chu Yunxiu detests how people have come to expect failure from her team, but tonight the disappointment weighs less heavily on her shoulders thanks to the spark of anticipation in her belly. The press conference is tolerable, and she even manages a smile for the reporters.

She’s just lit up her cigarette afterwards when a thin hand playfully snatches it out of her fingers. “Hey!”

“You should smoke less, Xiuxiu!” Dai Yanqi teases, pinching the cigarette between her fingers. The smoke curls around the Thunderclap logo painted on her nails.

Chu Yunxiu sticks out her palm. “I’ve kicked people in the shins for less.”

“I thought you liked me!” Dai Yanqi laughs, their fingers tangling as she readily returns the cigarette. 

Chu Yunxiu enjoys the heat lingering from Dai Yanqi’s touch even more than the nicotine as she takes her first drag. “If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t have warned you.” 

“Okay, it’s fine then!” Dai Yanqi folds her hands behind her back and watches Chu Yunxiu smoke as if Misty Rain’s captain is the most interesting thing in the world.

Chu Yunxiu concentrates on finishing her cigarette as quickly as possible. Dai Yanqi’s unhidden regard makes her want things that will get her in trouble if she’s caught on camera. All she can do is stand there and feel goosebumps rise on her arms as the spring night breeze tickles her neck.

The taxi ride presents an even greater exercise in self-control. In the darkened back seat, Dai Yanqi lays her hand on Chu Yunxiu’s thigh, the tips of her fingers petting slightly under the hem of Chu Yunxiu’s skirt. 

“We’ll be there soon,” Dai Yanqi tells her, leaning close in a way that looks innocent, but causes the end of her pigtail to fall against Chu Yunxiu’s arm. Chu Yunxiu can smell the citrus scent of the other woman’s shampoo, and her heart starts beating a little faster.

Her arousal, slow to respond recently because of stress, finally starts to take a proper interest.

Chu Yunxiu glances at the driver, confirming his attention is on the road. Then she lays her palm flat on the small of Dai Yanqi’s back, and slides it down, down, down, sneaking under the waistband of Dai Yanqi’s skirt and panties.

Dai Yanqi bites her lip with wide eyes, looking flustered for the first time that night.

Chu Yunxiu grins. Her junior is confident, but Chu Yunxiu knows plenty of tricks. This isn’t the first girl she’s followed home.

By the time Dai Yanqi has paid the driver, they’ve ridden the elevator up to her family’s apartment, and she’s typing in the door code, Chu Yunxiu has driven them both desperate. 

Chu Yunxiu’s whole body burns like her blood is molten; each quick brush of contact makes the heat gather and pool. She’s lucky her clothes hide the way her nipples have hardened.

Dai Yanqi is red-faced, and her fingers slip on the keypad when Chu Yunxiu thumbs the line of her bra strap underneath her polo shirt.

The door finally gives way, and the two women stumble inside into a wave of cold aircon. The shock of it gives Chu Yunxiu a moment of clarity - long enough to lock the door, and double check that Dai Yanqi’s home really is empty. 

Dai Yanqi sneaks a quick rub of her thighs together while she thinks Chu Yunxiu isn’t paying attention. Misty Rain’s captain swallows.

“How do you want this?” Chu Yunxiu manages, already backing Dai Yanqi against the nearest chair with a hand on the curve of her waist. 

Even flushed red to her ears, Dai Yanqi flashes another playfully sharp grin. “Sister Chu doesn’t need to have any concerns. I want everything, but right now I want Sister Chu’s talented fingers.”

Chu Yunxiu is already on her knees. How can she resist giving such a gift to herself?

Flipping up Dai Yanqi’s uniform skirt, and tugging off her uniform shorts, Chu Yunxiu is rewarded by the sight of Dai Yanqi’s purple, flower-patterned panties, the cloth already damp with her partner’s arousal.

Chu Yunxiu inhales sharply. Shit, they’re both already so close to the edge. She strokes the back of her partner’s calf, urging Dai Yanqi to open her thighs, and settles herself between them.

“This is just to take the edge off,” she promises, mouthing at the bare skin above Dai Yanqi’s thigh-high stockings. “We’ll have time for something slower after that. I’ll show you that I’m just as good as you’ve heard.”

The thigh under Chu Yunxiu’s hand shudders, sliding the slick silk of Dai Yanqi’s stockings against her palm.

Chu Yunxiu’s belly clenches, and the wet ache between her thighs throbs. Hurriedly, she hooks her fingers in Dai Yanqi’s panties, and slides them off in a smooth, well-practiced motion.

Dai Yanqi squirms at the sticky feeling. “Sister Chu, we’re never going to get to the fun part if you don’t -”

She squeals, and Chu Yunxiu sits back with satisfaction, licking Dai Yanqi’s taste off her lips. “If that’s what you want, I’m not going to have any mercy,” she warns, giving a swat to her partner’s inner thigh, just shy of where Dai Yanqi really wants her to touch.

Dai Yanqi wiggles with a noise of discontent, and Chu Yunxiu muffles a laugh into her skin.

She promised Dai Yanqi her fingers, but Chu Yunxiu wets her lips anyway - then leans forward and fastens her mouth around the pink clit straining toward her, sucking hard. 

Dai Yanqi arches her back and moans without shame, laid out across the back of the chair.

Chu Yunxiu doesn’t relent. Holding open her partner’s labia with her fingers, she moves lower to lick and suck at every part of her. The shaking and crying she receives from Dai Yanqi shows she’s doing very well, and she dares to sink her tongue inside her partner’s hole.

Dai Yanqi wails, clenching around her tongue, and squeezes her thighs together around Chu Yunxiu.

Chu Yunxiu draws back to take a deep breath, and grins. “More?”

Dai Yanqi makes an indignant, encouraging sound. She’s so wet from both Chu Yunxiu’s mouth and her own arousal that she’s dripping down to her thighs, staining her skirt and her stockings.

Chu Yunxiu shakes, and it takes all her self-control not to rub herself. She settles for palming her own breasts, and leans forward again.

Her mouth goes back to lavishing attention on Dai Yanqi’s clit. From the tremble in her partner's hips, it won’t take much more for Dai Yanqi to come. 

Bringing up her free hand and teasing Dai Yanqi’s hole with her fingers, Chu Yunxiu decides to help her along, sliding one finger inside the slick heat, then two.

Dai Yanqi shrieks and nearly kicks her. “Xiuxiu, please, please…”

The response makes Chu Yunxiu clench down on nothing in want. Her breathing picks up, and she plays with her breasts a little rougher.

Gasping in a breath, Chu Yunxiu keeps sucking, while curling the fingers inside Dai Yanqi and stroking against her walls.

Dai Yanqi breathes in little pants, and clenches down around Chu Yunxiu’s fingers, tensing as her orgasm overtakes her. She’s quiet except for the hitch in her breath, and Chu Yunxiu keeps rubbing her until she relaxes.

“Now I understand why everyone praises you,” Dai Yanqi says after a minute of lying limp in the chair. “Come up and let me reward you.”

Chu Yunxiu chuckles, and winces a little at the soreness of her knees. Her arousal still pulses in her belly, ready to flare up at the slightest touch.

“I’ve always loved your hair,” Dai Yanqi tells Chu Yunxiu, taking a handful of the loose strands and pulling her down into a kiss. A hand cups Chu Yunxiu’s breast at the same time, and Chu Yunxiu groans into Dai Yanqi’s mouth.

Her eyes sparkle with delight, and her other hand dips more daringly beneath Chu Yunxiu’s skirt. “I’ve often thought about getting you off while you’re in uniform. I’m making a lot of my fantasies come true tonight!”

Chu Yunxiu’s snicker is cut off when Dai Yanqi palms her, finally receiving the pressure she’s wanted. Her hips jerk forward and she grinds into the heel of Dai Yanqi’s hand desperately; she’s sensitive after being aroused for so long without relief.

The hand against her breast rolls and pinches her nipples; the fingers slipping inside her panties find her clit without hesitation, stroking and rubbing.

Chu Yunxiu’s head goes dizzy. She pushes against Dai Yanqi’s hands without restraint, desperately chasing her orgasm. Dai Yanqi kisses down her throat, against her collarbone, even burrowing under her shirt collar to nibble her shoulders while her clever hands take Chu Yunxiu apart.

Mist Rain’s captain comes with a cry, turning her face against Dai Yanqi’s hair, breathing the scent of citrus and sweat.

Her legs shake, but she manages to remain standing, steadying herself with a hand on the chair. “Not bad,” she gasps.

Dai Yanqi smiles wickedly. “I’m paying my respects to Sister Chu, I have to show off properly.” One of her pigtails has come loose, and the lip gloss she wears has smeared. 

Chu Yunxiu licks her own lips, and tastes sweetness. Then her stomach rumbles.

“Think we can order takeout?” she says, not even a little ashamed.

“I want to eat an entire pig,” Dai Yanqi replies without the slightest hesitation, already glancing around to figure out where her phone went.

Chu Yunxiu helps her up, tugging Dai Yanqi’s skirt down over her lack of underwear. Her fingers tickle the soft hollow of her partner’s knee along the way. “You’ll need the energy. I’m not finished with you.”

“Neither am I,” Dai Yanqi shoots back, a promise held in her smile.