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There are a lot of things that Jungwoo knows he shouldn’t be doing. Like he knows he shouldn’t eat out so many times a week, guilty of stopping at his favorite street food stall on his way home from work. He knows he shouldn’t spend so much time playing video games because he has other things he should be doing instead. He knows he should come home earlier than two in the morning, especially on days he has work in the morning, only allowing himself a hands worth of hours of sleep. And Jungwoo definitely, absolutely, should not be wandering along a dark street at half past midnight several times a week. It’s a street that only leads to one section of Seoul, a hidden cluster of shops and bars that isn’t technically on the map. It’s the place where Jungwoo finds himself way too often and it’s exactly where he’s headed tonight, arms wrapped around his waist as the cold fall air swirls around him.

The bar tucked away in between a laundromat and a piercing shop is exactly where Jungwoo goes. It’s a small bar with less than a dozen tables and only four stools at the bar. It’s a dark bar, the inside being painted a deep red color and the decor does little to lighten it up aside from the large neon sign against the back wall that’s in the shape of an octopus and shines a different red color. Jungwoo’s eyes take a moment to adjust to the added darkness, the little bell on top of the door jingling as he steps in.

“Hey, Jungwoo,” a familiar voice says and Jungwoo turns his head to look towards the bar, another figure waving at him. “You’re early tonight.”

Jungwoo smiles, his eyes blinking a few times until he sees Yuta, the one and only bartender (at least the only one Jungwoo has ever seen). “I have the day off tomorrow so I figured I could get some extra time in tonight.”

Yuta grins, his arms crossing over his chest as Jungwoo walks up to him, slipping between two barstools but not caring to sit down. “Well, I have to warn you, they’ve been kind of off today.” Yuta’s gaze shifts over to the door off to the side, the one Jungwoo knows all too well before he returns his eyes to Jungwoo. “So if you need any help after, just let me know.”

Yuta’s words shouldn’t make Jungwoo’s fingers curl up against his side in anticipation. They shouldn’t make his stomach flutter or his face feel warm. But it does and Jungwoo bites down on his lip as he thinks about what those words mean to him.

“Who do you want tonight? Or do you want both again?” Yuta asks, breaking Jungwoo out of his thoughts.

Jungwoo shifts his weight onto his other leg, his lips pursing as he hums softly, “Maybe just Doyoung.”

Yuta doesn’t say anything in response, only huffs out a laugh and nods his head. He walks out from behind the bar and Jungwoo follows him as he normally does, trailing quietly behind as they walk to the door off to the side. The door swings open as Yuta unlocks the heavy set of locks on it, several being twisted and turned, Yuta holds it open with one hand as Jungwoo stands in the doorway of the dark room. “Doyoung!” He shouts, “Liven up, your favorite customer is here!” Yuta’s free hand pats at Jungwoo’s shoulder, flashing him a grin. “Have fun.”

As Yuta leaves, the door shuts behind him, the heavy metal of the door slamming hard against the frame and Jungwoo can hear the locks being clicked one by one. It’s a situation that should scare Jungwoo, him being locked into a dark room, the only light coming from the tiny window on the metal door and even then it’s barely enough for him to see anything. The sounds of rustling and the feeling of something wet and slimy sliding up ankles, bare skin getting coated in a sticky substance should be enough for Jungwoo to run and bang on the door to be let out. It’s not though, it’s exactly what he wants and soon, there’s arms wrapped around him, warmth that contrasts with the cool wetness that’s currently wiggling up against his stomach, pushing his shirt up.

“Jungwoo,” the voice says softly, a fondness running through the tone as Jungwoo leans back against the body behind him. “I didn’t expect you to be here so early.”

“Yuta said the same thing,” Jungwoo laughs, a gasp making his chest flutter as the wet, slimy feeling slides up his shirt fully, the wiggling tip brushing against his nipple. “He also told me you’re having a rough day,” he sighs out when another wet length rubs against his hip, “So I’m glad I came.”

“Mm,” the voice says, “Don’t say that. You don’t know what you’re going to get yourself into.”

Jungwoo lets out a breathy laugh, his head leaning back against the figure, eyes looking down into the darkness as the two appendages begin to unbutton his shirt, Jungwoo not having even bothered to change out of his button up from work. One by one, he feels his buttons being popped open and soon, both the slimy wetness is all over his chest, each one of the tentacles sliding over every bit of his skin, making Jungwoo’s entire body buzz with excitement. There’s lips on his neck as both the tips of the tentacles swirl around Jungwoo’s nipples. The sensation makes him arch his back, his body quickly being pulled back flush against Doyoung behind him, his arms keeping him against him despite the overwhelming urge to squirm away at the amount of pleasure.

“It’s so nice to have you here,” Doyoung whispers against Jungwoo’s ear, “You know you’re my favorite.”

Jungwoo nods his head quickly, a sense of importance radiating in him due Doyoung’s words. It’s not the first time that Doyoung has told him that, not the second, or third, or fourth even. Doyoung tells him nearly every time Jungwoo is with him, happily admitting to having a fondness of Jungwoo. Normally it’s not so early on, most the times it’s when Jungwoo is nearly spent and Doyoung is still playing with him, the creature sighing out that Jungwoo always makes him feel the best, how he’s always the most excited when Jungwoo comes. The first time it happened, Jungwoo thought it was just something that Doyoung said to all his clients, a way to boost them up and make them come back for his own gain. The second time Jungwoo thought the same thing, mind not wanting to jump to the conclusion that he’s actually someone special for the creature. It was only after the fifth time did Jungwoo actually begin to believe it, his mind finally accepting that it’s a compliment for him and not just one for show.

Doyoung’s arms around Jungwoo’s waist tighten as another tentacle slides up his leg, the wet slick beginning to soak into his jeans. The tentacle slithers up until it presses against Jungwoo’s crotch, the cool tip moving up and down his hardening cock in his pants, the tentacle doing its best to try and move along the outline of it. Instead of wasting time, Doyong’s hands are the ones to unbutton Jungwoo’s jeans, hastily tugging them down and his underwear along with it. The moment he’s bare, the tentacle that was playing with his clothed cock actually starts playing with his cock, the cold and slippery length wrapping around his cock, sending a wave of chills throughout Jungwoo. It’s wet and quick, the way his tentacle works Jungwoo’s cock to full hardness. There’s slippery slick covering his cock and it’s dripping onto his thighs with every buck of Jungwoo’s thighs he does. The sound of squelching mixes with Jungwoo’s moans, his teeth biting down on his bottom lip to try and hold them back but it doesn’t last more than a moment, his mouth parting for a sharp gasp when Doyoung lifts Jungwoo up, holding him flush against him as the creature moves them throughout the room.

The bed is exactly where Jungwoo knows they’re going. It’s a large bed with silk sheets, Jungwoo only knowing based on feel rather than sight, the light in the room having never been turned on. That’s where he’s gently put down, the cool sensation of the silk feeling welcoming, feeling familiar and it only revs up his desire, his mind immediately associating the space with what's to come. Doyoung is slow at turning Jungwoo around, carefully laying him down on the bed, his tentacles continuing to caress his body. One is still on his cock, steadily pumping his length, the slick frothing and collecting along his balls and sliding between his cheeks. Jungwoo’s legs spread, thighs eagerly letting Doyoung slide between his legs, another tentacle sliding up the inside of his thigh, wiggling and wetting every part of him it touches.

It’s a sensation that Jungwoo loves like the first time every time they meet. It’s nothing like anything he can replicate himself, nothing that anything he can do can come close to what those tentacles can do for him. There’s a handful now too, Doyoung having four (at least that's how many Jungwoo can distinguish) tentacles laid out around Jungwoo’s body. There’s two holding his legs apart now, wrapped just tight enough around his thighs to keep them from wiggling shut, one wrapped around his cock, the tip now swirling around the top of his cock, and a final one continues up between his legs, the wet tip flicking along his entrance.

“You’re still stretched,” Doyoung comments as the tentacle begins to push into Jungwoo, the slick squelching loudly. “I guess you did have both Jaehyun and I last night.”

Jungwoo lets out a pleasant hum that gets cut off by a gracious moan at the feeling of Doyoung pushing in properly. It’s true that last night he had both of them, the two creatures having their way with him, Jungwoo letting himself be bombarded and controlled by tentacles for hours. It left him incredibly sore this morning and with slime and slick sliding out of him all night, so much so that Jungwoo had balled his bedding up and tossed it in the washer when he got home from work. It’s a whole process that Jungwoo is used to by now, going multiple days in a row to get the same thing, his mind preoccupied with the desire to have more.

“Fuck,” Jungwoo moans out when Doyoung pushes in further, the stretch beginning to sting.

“Feel good?” Doyoung asks and even though Jungwoo has never seen Doyoung’s face, he can practically sense a smirk on his lips.

“So g-good,” Jungwoo stutters, his words being cut off by a sharp gasp when Doyoung begins to thrust the tentacle in him and it makes Jungwoo realize just how deep the creature was in him. “Mm, Doyoung,” Jungwoo adds, Doyoung’s name coming out of his mouth in a breathy mewl of happiness.

Jungwoo’s breath hitches when the tentacle slips all the way out of him, leaving Jungwoo feeling uncomfortably empty, the slick quickly becoming cold against his skin and entrance. The emptiness doesn’t last for long though and soon, his head is falling back against the bed, legs being spread more by the two tentacles holding them, making them spread until Jungwoo gets a tinge of pain as another tentacle pushes back into him. The tip is always easy to take, mostly because it’s small and pointed, allowing Jungwoo to adjust easily to it. But it’s also the fact that he frequents the bar far too often and there’s rarely a time where he isn’t still stretched and loose from the activities in the room he’s in now. Because he’s been with the creatures so much though, Jungwoo is able to take more, able to allow Doyoung to keep pushing his tentacle in him until it’s no longer slim and his stomach begins to bulge because of how deep it is in him.

That’s exactly how it is right now, Doyoung keeps pushing and pushing and pushing until Jungwoo’s toes curl up, his insides feeling all funny. He can feel the tentacle in him, the tip wiggling around as Doyoung begins to thrust, the loud squishing and squelching of the slick practically being louder than Jungwoo’s moans. At first, the feeling of being so full was uncomfortable, Jungwoo not exactly liking the unknown amount of tentacle that’s shoved in him enough to make his tummy pop out a bit. Now though, Jungwoo loves it. He loves being able to take so much of Doyoung that it now makes him feel complete to have him so deep in him. It’s part of a combination of things that Doyoung can do to make Jungwoo cum embarrassingly fast.

The other parts being the fact that the creature can stimulate him in so many spots at once. Jungwoo doesn’t exactly know how many tentacles Doyoung has, he’s pondered, tried to ask Doyoung himself but he’s never actually found out. The most he’s counted though is five and it’s how many are now on him as Doyoung lets the fifth one curl around Jungwoo’s neck briefly before it moves up against his lips, pushing at Jungwoo’s plump lips to ask for access. Jungwoo happily obliges, his lips parting to let the tentacle in, his lips tightening around the appendage to suck and the action brings a moan out of Doyoung.

“I wish you could see yourself when you’re like this,” the creature says just loud enough for Jungwoo to hear, Doyoung’s voice seeming closer than he actually probably is. “You look so perfect,” Doyoung adds and instead of a tentacle on his stomach, it’s Doyoung’s hand, moving up and down Jungwoo’s bulging tummy. “It makes me want to give you more.”

Jungwoo nods his head quickly, the best he can with the tentacle in his mouth and the pleasure increasing throughout his body. Doyoung lets out a sigh, one that turns into a low growl of sorts and suddenly the tentacle in him begins thrusting faster. It makes Jungwoo’s entire body move, shifting up and down on the bed as Doyoung’s hands now grab at his waist, attempting to keep his body grounded. As always, it doesn’t take much more for Jungwoo to start whimpering due to the beginnings of an orgasm. Doyoung senses it too, the tentacle around Jungwoo’s cock tightening and it no longer moves along the entire length, choosing to focus on the top in quick motions. The tentacle in him is moving just as fast too, a sensation that has Jungwoo’s eyes beginning to tear up and his hands clutching at the silk sheets under him.

His entire body arches the best it can when his orgasm finally happens. His thighs begin to shake, Doyoung’s tentacles around them doing barely anything to keep them from quivering. His chest rises and falls quickly, even squirming away as the one tentacle on his nipple refuses to let up. There’s splatter after splatter of cum landing on his skin, all the way up to his face, Jungwoo feeling some land on his cheek. Jungwoo’s orgasms have always been intense, even when he’s at home by himself, he finds his entire body being affected and the pleasure practically too much, Jungwoo’s eyes always swelling with tears and the smallest of whimpers coming from his throat. It’s even more overwhelming with Doyoung because the creature doesn’t let up even as Jungwoo’s body tries to twist and turn due to overstimulation.

The end is near though when Jungwoo feels the tentacle in him begin to swell, a sign that Doyoung is close to finishing. The creature continues to use all five of his tentacles to stimulate Jungwoo, not one of them slowing down and Jungwoo knows it’s because all five of them are bringing pleasure to not only himself but Doyoung as well. The tentacle in him swells so much that Jungwoo feels like he almost, almost can’t handle it and his chest flutters in a whine, ready to try and tell Doyoung the best he can with the tentacle in his mouth. Just as he does though, he feels the tentacle shrink slightly, enough for the sting of the stretch to begin to fade and the sensation of Doyoung cumming to overtake it.

“Always so good for me,” Doyoung says gently, his hands on Jungwoo’s hips caressing the skin there.

Slowly, the tentacle in his mouth slips out, leaving Jungwoo’s jaw slightly sore and his lips and mouth covered in slick. It’s not the worst taste but certainly not the best and he pushes his lips together, letting the slick push past his lips, barely moving past his chin. It’s a lot and Jungwoo repeats the action several times, leaving his entire chin wet, some of it sliding down along his neck but most of it staying stuck to his face, even stringing between his parted lips. One by one, the tentacles all begin to move away as well. The one on his nipple slides down, caressing Jungwoo’s side for a moment before disappearing completely. The one wrapped around his cock tightens, making Jungwoo gasp out, his softening cock twitching as the tentacle retreats. The two on his thighs unwrap, leaving Jungwoo’s still shaking thighs to fall against the bed, the wetness that’s covering his skin becoming cold enough to make goosebumps appear.

The tentacle in him doesn’t move though and as Jungwoo tries to fully recover from his orgasm, he can still feel the appendage pulsing and twitching in him, the warmth that comes along with Doyoung’s orgasm not fading away. It takes several more minutes, at least it’s what it feels like, before Doyoung finally pulls out, the tentacle taking it’s time to leave Jungwoo. There’s a feeling, well lack of a feeling, that makes Jungwoo’s head tilt when Doyoung is fully out. Normally, there’s a rush of fluids coming out of him, a mixture of slick, what Jungwoo can describe as slime, and the thick cum that Doyoung pumps into him. Yet this time, there’s nothing but a small amount of slick that only comes out when Jungwoo clenches his muscles.

The thought is quickly forgotten when the bed creaks and a kiss is pressed to Jungwoo’s cheek. The hands on his hips slide up and down his sides gently enough for it to tickle, Jungwoo letting out a breathy laugh. There’s another kiss to his cheek before there’s a proper one, an action that Doyoung has just recently started doing and it makes Jungwoo’s heart flutter every time.

“Will you come back tomorrow?” Doyoung asks against Jungwoo’s lips.

Jungwoo nods his head eagerly and Doyoung responds by grinning against his lips.







In the several months that Jungwoo has been frequenting the bar between the piercing shop and the laundromat, Jungwoo has experienced what he would call normal side effects from getting fucked by a tentacle creature (and despite all the research he’s done, he refuses to call Doyoung nor Jaehyun monsters because they are not monsters). Firstly, there’s the obvious soreness that comes, beginning the moment Jungwoo stands up and only increases as he walks home. It’s a different kind of soreness than Jungwoo’s soreness he experiences when he graciously uses his toys at home, one that’s deep in him and is really due to the fact that the tentacles that get shoved in him are far bigger than Jungwoo’s toys. Secondly is the swollen stomach. It’s never big enough for anyone else to normally notice, not that Jungwoo is seeing anyone after he comes home in the middle of the night, but it’s big enough for Jungwoo to notice. The swelling is due to the amount of cum and other liquids that collect in him thanks to the tentacles. The majority of it leaks out by the time Jungwoo leaves the bar and most nights, he’s only left with the tiniest of swelling that always goes down after his shower.

There’s a few other bits and pieces that affect him but for the most part, it’s really only the soreness and the swelling that stick around the longest. And tonight as Jungwoo peels his sticky clothes off for his shower, he notices that the swelling hasn’t gone down much, if any at all. It’s also more, Jungwoo sees as his hand slides along his stomach, the bump being definitely larger than it normally is this far after he’s left. He does feel fuller than usual, his insides buzzing with warmth and a heaviness. He knows it’s because none of that usual combination of substances has come out of him like it does by this time, barely even a drop leaking out of him as he walked home. It makes Jungwoo suck in a breath, his hand gently pushing at his stomach, hoping to kickstart the process of getting it all out.

Nothing happens though, well nothing that he wants to happen. He feels his stomach squish and his insides shift as if there’s something in there. Jungwoo grabs his phone, the device resting dangerously close to the edge of his bathroom counter. His fingers work fast and his eyes scan various forums and responses from people that have had similar experiences and the tiny tinge of fear in him is quickly sighed away when he reads that it’s nothing serious (at least from the responses of people on the forum that he trusts). It’s a simple fix, one that Jungwoo reads can be done in a matter of minutes and he decides to do so before his shower, not exactly wanting to clog up the drain. Instead, Jungwoo grabs the towel hanging on the rack and sets it down neatly on the floor of the bathroom. He settles himself above it, squatting enough for it to be comfortable.

Nothing happens for what feels like forever and Jungwoo huffs out of frustration, wanting nothing more than to just get all the stuff stuck up in him out so he can go to bed because he does not want to wake up in a cold, wet, puddle of fluids. He lets his hand slide along his stomach, giving it the tiniest push until he feels that movement in him. Two, three, four, more times and then he finally starts to feel a shift. The shift makes him change positions, deciding to get on his knees instead of squatting for the sake of his poor thighs. He pushes on his stomach again and there’s a thick swallow as Jungwoo feels what he can only describe as a plug being pulled from a drain.

There’s not a rush like he expects, not a gush of substances coming out of him like it normally is. Instead, there’s a trickle at first, strings of slick and thick white slowly leaking down until it melts into the fabric of his towel. It speeds up for a moment before there’s a heaviness in him, one that has him lowering his hips for a moment at the odd sensation. Jungwoo’s entrance stretches for a brief second, just enough for him to feel a change, then something slips out of him that definitely has never come out of him before. Jungwoo goes to turn around, curious as to what has slipped out of him but another one pops out, and another one, and one more, and it keeps going. Each time it happens, Jungwoo can feel the pressure in him decrease, the heaviness in his stomach beginning to fade after every stretch of his entrance and drop of something definitely other than cum leaking out of him.

The pressure is still there but it’s barely there when Jungwoo finally turns around, his hands flat against the towel and his body twisting around slowly. What’s on the towel is certainly not just a big glob of what Doyoung puts in him. Well, that’s there but it’s not what Jungwoo’s eyes widen at. Instead, there’s a pile of tiny translucent white balls that sit in the mess of cum and slick. They’re not big, practically the size of boba if Jungwoo has to compare it to something. There’s at least a dozen of them, possibly more hidden in the thick fluids. Jungwoo swallows, his fingers twitching against the towel until one hand finally moves away from it, reaching out to gently poke at the tiny shapes. They aren’t hard at all and squish easily under Jungwoo’s touch, sinking down into the cum the more Jungwoo messes with it.

Jungwoo bites at his lip, grabbing his phone back off the counter and quickly takes a picture with the pure intent of finding out what just came out of him. He scrolls through his contacts until he reaches Yuta’s name, hastily typing a few emojis before he sends the picture. He doesn’t expect Yuta to respond right away so Jungwoo busies himself with cleaning up his mess. It’s fairly easy, choosing to pick up the majority of it with toilet paper and carefully flush the mess down the toilet until he’s left with a bit of slick and cum he can’t be bothered to attempt to nitpick at. As Jungwoo balls up the now dirty towel, he hears his phone vibrate. It vibrates once as Jungwoo waddles out into the living room, tossing the towel straight into the washer. It vibrates again as he tries to gather other clothes that need to be washed and it vibrates once more when he shoves them in the washer with his towel.

It’s only when he hears three consecutive vibrations does Jungwoo realize that Yuta is calling him and he rushes back to the bathroom the best he can. The phone is picked up, Jungwoo holding it against his ear as he stares at his flushed face in the mirror. “Hey,” Jungwoo says quietly, not exactly knowing how to start the conversation.

“Hey, what was that?” Yuta asks, his voice practically a whisper. “Did that like come out of you?”

“Yeah,” Jungwoo admits, his fingers sliding against the small stain on his counter. “Do you happen to know what it is?”

There’s a pause from Yuta, one that lasts so long that Jungwoo parts his lips, ready to ask if Yuta is still there. “No, I’ve never seen it before. You were with Doyoung right?”

“Mm,” Jungwoo nods to himself, his chest quickly rising in a breath, “But don’t,” he pauses, teeth sinking into his bottom lip for a moment as he shifts his weight onto his other leg. “Don’t say anything to him about it.”

“Why not?” Yuta pushes, “He’s obviously the one that put those in you so he’ll know what they are.”

“I know, I know,” Jungwoo whines, his free hand sliding through his hair, his nose scrunching up when his fingers get stuck at the ends. “But what if it was like an accident or something. I don’t want to make it weird.”

“Jungwoo,” Yuta says with a laugh, “You sent me the picture with obvious intent of asking me what those things are and now you’re not even gonna let me ask Doyoung about it?”

There’s a pause and this time it’s from Jungwoo as he purses his lips out, contemplating his answer. Yuta is right, he took the picture and sent it to him with the purpose of seeing if Yuta knew what it was, the other working directly with both Doyoung and Jaehyun. Now though, at the prospect of finding out, he suddenly feels shy, his heart fluttering and his stomach twisting at the thought of bringing it up to Doyoung despite him obviously being the one to put those things in him. It’s all probably a simple explanation, maybe just some weird reaction of cum in him since it didn’t all gush out right away like normal. It’s really probably nothing and not only is it close to three in the morning now but the sudden desire to find out more about it all has faded the way only to be replaced by embarrassment instead.

“I’m coming back tomorrow so I’ll ask him then,” Jungwoo finally responds.

“Alright,” Yuta says, “But if anything weird happens to you overnight, I’m going straight to Doyoung.”

Jungwoo laughs, his head leaning back in a sigh, “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow night.”







Nothing out of the ordinary happens overnight. Or during the day, or on Jungwoo’s multiple trips out to browse the convenience stores for snacks since the ones in his cabinets weren’t doing it for him. The only thing that could possibly be considered abnormal is the small tinge of soreness he has running through his stomach. It’s no longer swollen but there’s occasionally a current of soreness as if he’s just worked out if he moves a certain way. Other than that, his day is normal and it’s like the whole thing never happened last night.

Jungwoo scrolled through his trusted forum for answers but he can’t find any conclusive ones or any that are informative really. There’s a few threads of what he thought was what was going on but it was only one or two of those things and they just turned out to be cum that reacted with the slick in a weird way. Originally, that’s what Jungwoo thought it was, his body creating some sort of reaction since it was in him that long, and it truly could have been that. Yet the sheer amount of them and the one post he saw with a corresponding picture, made him realize that that wasn’t it at all. The only correct answer he’s going to get is to ask Doyoung directly and for some reason it has Jungwoo’s hands all jittery as he opens the door to the bar just after one in the morning.

Yuta isn’t at the bar right away, the sound of the bells chiming over the door is what makes him scurry out from behind the swinging doors that most likely lead to the kitchen. The doors swing back and forth until they still and Yuta is at his normal position behind the bar, eyes looking over at Jungwoo as he walks towards him.

“Hey,” Yuta says, his breath slightly labored, “Thank god you’re here.” Jungwoo tilts his head, parting his lips to answer but Yuta finishes explaining before he can. “Doyoung has been asking for you all night. Like every ten minutes asking if you’re here.”

“Oh,” Jungwoo says, feeling his cheeks heat up at the statement, “Sorry,” he adds with a shy smile, “You could have texted me. I would have come earlier.”

The other clicks his tongue and shakes his head, his hand waving at Jungwoo. “I think Jaehyun has been keeping him company but you should probably still get in there before he throws a fit again.”

Jungwoo sputters out a laugh, nodding his head as he gives Yuta a gentle wave before sliding out between the barstools. Jungwoo makes his way over to the large door, the several bulky locks staring at him as he unlocks them one by one, a task that Yuta has previously allowed him to do. Before he unlocks the last one, he looks behind him, eyes locking with Yuta and the bartender gives him a thumbs up and they silently agree that he’ll lock the door behind him. The door opens and Jungwoo steps in, a familiar darkness overcoming him as the door shuts behind him, the only light coming from the small window on the door, barely being enough to let Jungwoo see anything at all. It takes a few seconds before he hears the locks begin to click behind him, one by one, all six of them heavily locking him in.

There’s silence for what seems like forever. Not a single sound, not a single movement, just empty darkness. It goes on for so long that Jungwoo takes a few steps back into the dim light from the window on the door, attempting to get his eyes to focus to see something, anything. As he does so, he feels the presence of someone, physically bumps into them, making him quickly turn around. In the light, he sees a person, another face, one that Jungwoo’s eyes blink at because he’s never seen anything in the room. But in front of him there’s someone, a very human face staring at him. The person is handsome, making Jungwoo swallow as his eyes try to map out all his features. He’s got pretty almond shaped eyes, the pupils a light green color that seem to glow even in the dim lighting. He’s got a nice nose, nice lips that have what looks like a scar on the side. His hair is jet black, nearly matching the darkness around them, and it’s styled nicely, bangs seemingly meticulously placed on either side of his forehead, swooping around the curve of his face.

In the months that Jungwoo has come to the bar, he’s never once seen anything in the room he’s in. It’s always pitch black (a type of sensory deprivation that took him several nights to actually get used to), the only light being dim and way too far away from the bed he spends most of his time on. He knows that Doyoung has hands, felt them against his own and along his body. He knows Doyoung has lips, ones that feel like human lips when he kisses Jungwoo throughout the night. But Jungwoo has never seen either of the creatures he spends time with so he’s only been left to his imagination as to what they actually look like. Now standing in front of him is only what he can assume is either Doyoung or Jaehyun, one of the creatures staring at him with practically as much interest as Jungwoo is staring at them with. And Jungwoo realizes that it’s the first time that the creature in front of him has seen him too.

“Doyoung?” Jungwoo whispers quietly, unsure what to truly make of the person standing in front of him.

“Yeah,” Doyoung responds and Jungwoo watches the way Doyoung’s lips part and his eyes blink at Jungwoo. “I’m Doyoung.”

Jungwoo feels his heart flutter at the confirmation that the figure in front of him is Doyoung, the creature that Jungwoo spends probably too much time with. Instead of taking a step forward, Jungwoo feels a familiar sensation of a tentacle running up his leg, wrapping around his thigh gently as Doyoung continues to stare at him. Another one joins only moments later, this time hooking around the back of his other leg, right along his knee and it tugs him forward enough for him to take a stumbly step towards Doyoung, into the light more.

“You’re even more handsome than I thought you’d be,” Doyoung says, the tentacle along his thigh tightening.

“You are too,” Jungwoo says in agreement, his head nodding quickly. “You’re really,” Jungwoo pauses, feeling his cheeks heat up at the words sitting along his tongue, “Sexy.”

When Jungwoo isn’t actually at the bar behind the bolted door, he daydreams about it, probably a bit too much. It’s become an obsession, Jungwoo has come to realize, a confession that he’s denied for several weeks until one night after getting home, he realized that he truly is obsessed. Both Doyoung and Jaehyun, the two creatures that lurk in the dark room in the bar can give Jungwoo something that no one or nothing else can give him. Jungwoo has tried to get his mind off of it, tried to distract himself by hooking up with others through an app, wanting a quick session to hopefully rid him of the overwhelming thoughts. Nothing can compare to it though, absolutely nothing. There’s nothing that can give him the amount of pleasure like the two creatures can, their tentacles being able to touch Jungwoo everywhere. They have the ability to make Jungwoo literally feel like he’s ascending to heaven whenever he lays down on the bed, their tentacles on him in seconds, making his entire body shake in pleasure.

There have been times when he’s laying in bed, hand down under his pants, fingers wrapped around his poor, red, cock, that Jungwoo has tried to imagine what they look like. He’s always imagined them with some human features, at least the ones he knows of, the ones he’s physically touched and felt. He’s never been able to try and piece things together though so getting to see Doyoung like this, only fuels his desire and want for the creature. Doyoung is sexy, he’s hot, he’s exactly what Jungwoo wants. And there’s a big possibility it’s just some crazy cover for what Doyoung actually looks like but Jungwoo could care less because the person staring at him right now with his lips curled up into a grin, is exactly who Jungwoo wants to fuck him.

“Did you like my present?” Doyoung asks, his lips moving into a more devilish grin. The present, Jungwoo thinks, it was those things. “Will you let me give you more?” Doyoung adds, the tentacles around his legs pulling him forward more, dragging him all the way in front of Doyoung, the creature's hands sliding along Jungwoo’s waist. “Will you let me breed you?” Doyoung says as the tentacle along Jungwoo’s knee slides up between Jungwoo’s legs, the tip moving along his balls and down between his cheeks, the sweatpants Jungwoo has on become wet quickly at the slick along the tentacle.

Instead of a tentacle, Doyoung’s hand is the one to press against his cock. It’s the very first time that Doyoung has ever touched him like this, the most his hands ever do is keep Jungwoo grounded while his tentacles do all the work. Jungwoo is undeniably hard, his body tingling in more ways than one at everything that’s happened in the last few minutes. The feeling is so much different than having the tentacle on him. Despite Doyoung’s appendages being rather cool and wet, his hand is the complete opposite, it’s warm and inviting, happily coaxing out a moan from Jungwoo as Doyoung shimmies his sweatpants and underwear down enough to allow his cock to pop out. Doyoung’s hand wraps around Jungwoo’s cock again, his fingers sliding up and down along the hard length, tips of his fingers collecting the precum that’s started to pool along the slit.

“You’re always such a good boy,” Doyoung says, his head tilting and his tongue darting out along his lips, “I’ve always wanted to breed you and Jungwoo, I need to breed.”

The words take the air right from Jungwoo’s lungs, his chest caving with an exhale and his cock twitching at the words. Doyoung was getting ready to breed him, Jungwoo realizes, his mind coming to the conclusion that whatever he had put in him the night before was to prime him, to get him ready and that’s why Doyoung asked him to come back tonight. Doyoung wants to breed him, whatever that means for what he is, but it sounds like a dream to Jungwoo. A dream that he’s truly only ever fantasized of, finding himself hastily jerking off at the concept of Doyoung filling him up with whatever he has to give him. He’s not the only one either, his trusted forum having an entire section dedicated to people having thoughts just like him and describing how badly they want to be bred and how their human partner’s breeding just doesn’t cut it.

“Please,” Doyoung says, his hand tightening around Jungwoo’s cock, “Will you let me breed you?”

“Yes,” Jungwoo says hastily, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip and his hips bucking into Doyoung’s hand. “Please.”

Doyoung’s free hand grabs at the collar of Jungwoo’s loose t-shirt, tugging him another step forward until their lips meet. The kiss is far more intense than their kisses normally are and Jungwoo immediately melts into Doyoung the best he can. The creature’s tongue pushes against his lips, asking for access only moments after their kiss has begun. Jungwoo doesn’t hesitate though and quickly opens his mouth, allowing Doyoung’s tongue to delve into Jungwoo. Like most nights that Jungwoo spends in the dark room, there’s pleasure that builds quickly. Doyoung’s hand moves away from his cock, leaving Jungwoo’s twitching member free until a tentacle comes to take its place, eagerly jerking him off. The one between his cheeks slides up and down, coating Jungwoo’s hole with a thick, slimy, slick that begins to drip along the insides of his thighs.

There’s practically no time wasted and soon, their lips part and Doyoung wraps his arms around Jungwoo, lifting him up and walking into the darkness. The bed is more inviting than usual, the smell of freshly washed sheets and cool silk welcoming Jungwoo in a way it’s never done before. Doyoung’s hands are the ones to pull off Jungwoo’s shirt, tossing it most likely off the bed as it normally is. At the same time, tentacles are tugging his pants and underwear fully off and within seconds, two tentacles are wrapped around his thighs, spreading them just how Doyoung likes them to be.

There’s a sense of urgency that Jungwoo feels, one he’s absolutely not complaining about. It’s an urgency, a desperation, that isn’t just coming from him this time. It radiates off of Doyoung, the feeling being able to be sensed through his rushed motions, his tentacles that take no time latching onto Jungwoo’s nipples, making him gasp out sharply. There’s a desperation that makes Jungwoo beam with happiness even in the dark room, knowing that a creature like Doyoung is desperate for him, for human Jungwoo. Doyoung is a statistically terrifying creature (what he exactly is, Jungwoo isn’t sure), one that the public fears and one that most likely has much more power than Jungwoo is aware of. Yet Doyoung is desperate for him, for Jungwoo out of everyone and that makes Jungwoo’s entire body swell with happiness and pride that Doyoung has picked him over anyone else.

The tentacle on his cock tightens around the base, almost too much for Jungwoo to handle, making his hands go down in attempts to loosen it around him, they’re quickly pushed away, the two tentacles that were on his nipples wrap around his wrists, pinning them down against the bed above his head. Jungwoo swallows thickly as a tentacle slides up between his cheeks, adding another layer of thick slime to his skin. The tip wiggles along his entrance, flicking and swirling around before it finally pushes in. Jungwoo’s back arches, his fingers curling into his palms in pleasure. He’s still plenty loose from last night and Doyoung keeps pushing in, in, in, until it’s nearly as far as he was the night before.

Doyoung is the one to moan out when he starts thrusting, the tentacle pushing even more into him. His hands come down to hold onto his hips, much like they do most nights, holding Jungwoo’s hips still as he fucks into him. The rest of his tentacles go to work too, fully stimulating Jungwoo like how he loves. The two stay on his wrists, making sure they’re planted against the bed as the one on his cock starts to move again with quick, deliberate movements. Another one slides up Jungwoo’s stomach, the tip making circles along the skin and soon, Doyoung’s own hand joins it, pressing flat against his belly button.

“Are you starting without me?”

Jungwoo tilts his head at the voice, one that comes from a familiar figure. He looks around, attempting to see anything in the darkness but all he gets is the creak of the bed and another tentacle that curls under his jaw, tilting his head back.

“I told you that I wanted him first,” Doyoung grunts out, his hand pushing down more on Jungwoo’s stomach, making his eyes squeeze shut for a moment. “We agreed I could breed him before you.”

“Mm,” is all that Jaehyun says back, the tentacle around Jungwoo’s jaw curling up enough for the tip to press into his mouth.

Then, something that has never happened before, happens. There’s a burst of light, not a necessarily bright one but it’s light that exposes enough for Jungwoo’s eyes to squint. It’s barely anything more than the light that comes from the window on the door but it’s bright enough for Jungwoo to see when Jungwoo’s eyes adjust. What he sees first is Jaehyun, his first look at the creature. Like Doyoung, Jaehyun has a human face. His features are much more defined than Doyoung’s. His cheek bones are easily collecting light, Jungwoo’s eyes going down to his cheek where he sees dimples pushing in the skin on both sides as Jaehyun grins down at him. His hair is a lighter brown and bangs are messily on his forehead but in a pleasing way. The sight makes Jungwoo’s eyes flutter shut, his stomach beginning to tighten with the implications of an orgasm approaching.

“You should see yourself,” Jaehyun says, his head leaning down closer to Jungwoo’s the tentacle pushing more in his mouth, making Jungwoo’s jaw begin to ache. “You’ve never seen Doyoung fully, have you?” Jungwoo shakes his head the best he can, his moans becoming muffled as the tentacle begins to thrust in his mouth. The tentacle only stays for a second longer before it slides out of Jungwoo’s mouth, Jungwoo coughing slightly at the feeling. “You should look,” Jaehyun urges.

There’s a rush of hesitation that makes Jungwoo suck in a breath, wondering if he wants to finally solve his fantasy, finally being able to see exactly how he’s getting fucked instead of simply imagining it. Yet there’s a part of him that wants to keep the mystery, loving the way the creatures fuck him in the complete darkness, Jungwoo simply being a playtoy for them. He isn’t exactly sure what makes him decide to take Jaehyun’s advice and tilt his head down but the moment he does, he immediately lets out a moan, so loud that he’s sure the people out in the bar have heard him. The sight is so intense, so much that it makes Jungwoo’s thighs shake and his orgasm to finally start, his cock twitching and throbbing heavily, cum shooting along his stomach and chest in a quantity that Jungwoo only achieves when he’s with the creatures.

The sight that made him orgasm is the sight he’s back to looking at now when his body finally loosens and his eyes open again. The sight of tentacles all over him, jet black in color much like Doyoung’s hair, all of them busy working a different part of Jungwoo. There’s one heavily laying on his stomach, the slickness of it shimmering in the dull light from whatever Jaehyun turned on behind them. It’s thin at the tip and thickens the closer it gets to disappearing where the light doesn’t reach. The two around his thighs are the same, the tentacle becoming thicker the further down his thighs they go until they disappear behind his thighs, back to Doyoung where they’re connected somewhere. The one around his cock, still pumping and playing with it as if he hasn’t just cum, is moving with precision, the thick tentacle practically engulfing his whole cock with how much is on him. And finally, the one thrusting in him, must be directly connected to Doyoung closely because Jungwoo watches as Doyoung’s hips snap, only a tiny bit of the tentacle being able to be faintly seen before Jungwoo sees what vaguely resemble Doyoung’s waist.

Jungwoo is sure that Doyoung heard Jaehyun urge him to look at Doyoung but there must be a moment where Doyoung actually registers that Jungwoo is watching him, soaking in the creature for all he’s imagined. Doyoung leans forward, his face in the light and his bare torso hovering over Jungwoo as their eyes meet. The other has blush on his cheeks and in the brighter light, his eyes seem to shine even more, the green nearly fluorescent as they stare into Jungwoo’s.

“Hold him,” Doyoung commands and it’s when Jungwoo feels Jaehyun’s hands slide along the undersides of his arms until they reach his shoulders. “Jungwoo,” Doyoung says as the creature tilts his head, a smirk pulling his lips up and it nearly matches the animalistic nature that his eyes are giving. “I’m going to fill you up so well.”

Jungwoo hears Jaehyun laugh behind him and he sucks in a breath when he feels Doyoung push in him more, the thickness starting to become enough to stretch him more. “Doyoung, don’t fill him up too much or else I won’t have room.”

“You can always make him swallow,” Doyoung says, his body sliding back into the darkness, only his shadow being able to be picked up by Jungwoo’s eyes. “Or wait until he gets them all out.”

“Yeah right,” Jaehyun scoffs, “The amount of eggs you make, it’ll take weeks.”

Jungwoo bites down on his lip, his heart beginning to race due to the conversation Doyoung and Jaehyun are having. He parts his lips to speak but a sharp pain shoots up his spine, Jungwoo’s legs beginning to wiggle. The pain continues and Jungwoo registers that it’s coming from between his cheeks, Doyoung’s tentacle stretching him out wider and wider, until Jungwoo gets tears in the corners of his eyes.

“You’re really going to make me wait weeks to breed him?” Jaehyun pushes, “You know we’ll be out of our window by then.”

Doyoung still doesn’t respond and Jungwoo’s hands curl into tight fists when he feels the tentacle stretching him even more, so much that Jungwoo is sure he can’t take anymore. There’s one more sharp pain and then Jungwoo feels something go in him. The sensation is much different than just Doyoung cumming in him. It’s different than when he pushes his slick in him, trying to get him completely wet and lubed when he takes both Doyoung and Jaehyun. No, this is actually something being pushed in him, something that Jungwoo can feel move into him, settling right in his stomach. The feeling is confirmed when Doyoung’s hand rubs at Jungwoo’s stomach, feeling around until Jungwoo feels his hand meet with the object in him.

“He’ll have room,” Doyoung finally says, “He’ll be able to fit a lot.” Doyoung then leans forward enough for Jungwoo to see him, “You’ll be a good boy and take all our eggs, won’t you, Jungwoo?”

“Oh god,” Jungwoo breathes out when he feels the stretch beginning to sting again. He sucks in a breath, his body trying to wiggle away from the pain as another one pushes in him, another egg, settling right up next to the other one, earning him a gentle stomach rub from Doyoung’s hand. “Yes,” he finally chokes out, “Please, give them to me.”

This is probably the time that Jungwoo should become concerned. It’s probably the time he should realize that maybe what he’s been doing for the last few months hasn't actually been a good idea. Now he’s tied down to the bed by both Doyoung’s tentacles and Jaehyun’s hands as Doyoung breeds him, fills him with eggs that Jungwoo didn’t even know the creature had. They keep coming though, one after another, each one stinging a bit less as Jungwoo’s body begins to adjust to the stretching. But as he adjusts in that way, his stomach begins to struggle in another. Jungwoo can see it beginning to swell, not in the way it does after being full of cum but in a much more uniform way. It’s rounder and not just under his belly button but his entire stomach begins to pop as Doyoung continues to fill him up. This is probably the time where Jungwoo should realize that maybe the two of them are using him for something he isn’t aware of, Jaehyun’s words about them being out of their window lingering in the back of Jungwoo’s mind. Yet the more that Doyoung stuffs him, the more Jungwoo lets those words of concern fade into the darkness of the room, his cock quickly becoming hard with pleasure.

Jungwoo has lost count of how many that Doyoung has put in him when the creature finally stops, Doyoung letting out a loud, pleased sigh. Slowly, all his tentacles around him begin to retract. They unwrap from his thighs, making them fall weakly to the bed. The ones around his wrists untie and Jaehyun’s hands move away from his shoulders as well. His cock is let free to twitch against his stomach, the slick and slime dripping onto his swollen tummy. Finally, the one in him begins to pull out and the moment it’s out, Jungwoo quickly tightens his muscles, letting them flutter around nothing. Despite being full in another place, Jungwoo feels incredibly empty. He feels alone without anything on him but it quickly changes when Doyoung’s hands slide up his swollen stomach. Doyoung leans forward, his eyes locking with Jungwoo’s as he presses a kiss to Jungwoo’s skin, right above his belly button that’s threatening to pop out due to how full he is.

“Such a good boy,” Doyoung whispers, his voice seeming as if it’s right in his ear instead of against his stomach. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fill you like this.”

Jungwoo nods his head quickly, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip because despite how odd he feels, there’s a thick sense of happiness that clouds everything else. Yes, this is exactly what he’s meant to be for them, isn’t it? They chose him to breed over anyone else, the two creatures arguing about breeding him, both of them wanting their share of Jungwoo. It’s a happiness that Jungwoo never imagined to feel. It’s a happiness that’s different from when Doyoung kissed him the first time, from when he told him he was his favorite. Different from the time Jaehyun held him after they fucked, pressing kisses along his cheeks and body to soothe the ache he created. They pamper him every time he’s here, every single time he’s laid out on the bed with tentacles all over him. They pampered him for months for this moment.

“It’s my turn,” Jaehyun says firmly and Jungwoo feels him slip out from behind him, the bed raising up as Jaehyun slides off. “God,” he exhales as he and Doyoung begin to switch places, “It’s been so long since we’ve bred anyone, hasn’t it, Doie?”

“Years,” Doyoung confirms. “I can barely even remember the last time. But,” Doyoung pauses, his hands sliding along Jungwoo’s cheeks, making him lean his head back to look up at Doyoung. “We knew you were perfect the moment you came to us.”

The compliment sends all sorts of sparks off in Jungwoo, like a whole firework show going off. His lips curl into a smile, one he tries to hide by biting his lip but it’s no use and his lips quickly fight the restraint off, exposing his smile to Doyoung. The other gives back his own smile and it’s when Jungwoo feels the tentacles begin to slide back on him. There are two that hold his arms down, Doyoung’s black ones returning to the spots they were minutes ago, slipping right back into the wet spots that they had left behind. Two on his thighs, this time pushing them to the side more than having them up against his stomach, his stomach being a bit too big to be in the position. Then one slides up his balls to his cock, making Jungwoo buck his hips up at the sensation, his poor forgotten cock happily twitching at the touch.

Unlike Doyoung, Jaehyun’s tentacles are dark purple. It’s a royal kind of purple, one that almost sparkles like a galaxy in the light. They’re slightly thicker all over than Doyoung’s, though it’s a fact that Jungwoo was already aware of, easily being able to tell the difference between the two of them when he’s squished between them. They feel the same though, cold wet appendages that slide along his skin in a way that he’s let his mind wander off about at work. The tentacles bring him a pleasure that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t recreate it, making him crave the two creatures even more. It’s a sensation that’s almost as comforting as the silk underneath him when he first lays down on the bed for the night.

Jungwoo’s chest hitches in a sharp breath when Jaehyun pushes in him, his entrance sore from the stretching. There’s a sting that lasts longer than Jungwoo wants it to but Doyoung quickly distracts him by sliding a tentacle along his nipple, quickly making Jungwoo moan out, his back arching at the feeling. Jaehyun keeps pushing and pushing in him, going for the same deepness that Doyoung had achieved with him, the tip of the tentacle situating in his full stomach and for the first time Jungwoo can feel the eggs shift in him as Jaehyun adjusts. As he looks down, he can physically see his stomach move too, his stomach moving with every movement that Jaehyun makes.

“Such a good boy,” Jaehyun says, further pampering Jungwoo with praise. “You’re going to be such a good home for our eggs.”

Jungwoo nods his head quickly, his lips quivering in a whimper as he begins to feel the stretching start. “I’ll be the best.”

It’s a response that both Jaehyun and Doyoung seem satisfied with. The response seems to be what pushes Jaehyun to let the egg in him, the stretch becoming painful then quickly fading as Jungwoo feels it move throughout him until it settles with the rest. The feeling becomes one that sends pleasure spikes throughout his body, his cock pathetically twitching in the grasp of Jaehyun’s tentacle as his stomach continues to become full. This time, Jungwoo watches, his stomach wobbling and shifting with each one that Jaehyun pushes in him. His belly button pops, poking out when his stomach becomes big enough for Jungwoo not to be able to see past it anymore.

“Jungwoo,” Doyoung says and another tentacle slides up along his neck, the tip pushing at his lips, “Can you take one for me?”

Jungwoo’s brows furrow together, his lips parting slowly as Doyoung pushes his tentacle in his mouth. He expects it to stay along his tongue like how it normally does but instead, Doyoung pushes it back, moving it down into Jungwoo’s throat, an action that makes him jerk with a gag, his eyes beginning to water. It’s not the first time that Jungwoo has taken a tentacle like this, Jaehyun having a habit of making him suck one like this, it’s the first time that Jungwoo sees the tentacle swell as he does so though and Jungwoo immediately realizes what Doyoung had meant. Jungwoo tries to open his jaw more as the egg moves throughout Doyoung’s tentacle and into his mouth. It doesn’t seem as big as the ones in his stomach but it’s still enough for the tears resting in the corners of Jungwoo’s eyes to slide out when he squeezes them shut. The feeling is completely different from the one that’s happening in his lower half. The moment the egg is past the tip of the tentacle, Doyoung pulls out and rubs at Jungwoo’s throat, his other hand pushing at his jaw, holding his mouth shut. Jungwoo swallows and it hurts in the way it does when he swallows an air bubble before the pain slowly resides and Doyoung lets his jaw go, making Jungwoo immediately sputter out a cough.

“Open,” Doyoung commands and Jungwoo shakily does so, fully expecting the tentacle to come back.

It doesn’t though and Doyoung shifts, leaning down until their lips are almost meeting. Jungwoo waits patiently, unsure of what Doyoung is going to do but then he feels something drop on his tongue. Jungwoo quickly closes his mouth at the feeling, realizing that it’s not an egg but it’s one of the small balls that Doyoung had put in him the night before. Jungwoo swallows and slowly parts his lips again when he realizes that Doyoung is still close, obviously waiting to give Jungwoo another one. There’s one, two, three, four, five, so many that Jungwoo loses count as Doyoung just drops them in his mouth. His mouth becomes so full that Jungwoo can barely breath and it’s then when Doyoung finally pulls away, his fingers wiping at his mouth as they stare at each other. Jungwoo doesn’t know what to do with his mouth being so full so he closes it slowly, fearful that he might choke. He doesn’t choke but he only manages to swallow a few before he begins to gag, the majority of them slipping out from his lips and sliding down along his neck.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Jaehyun says in a teasing manner, “Doyoung’s a bit greedy, isn’t he? Trying to make you swallow all that.”

Doyoung either doesn’t hear or chooses not to respond because there’s nothing back from the other creature. The black tentacles go back to messing with Jungwoo’s nipples, making him squirm the best he can with everything going on. There’s another egg in him and this time it hurts when it gets to his stomach. The pain makes Jungwoo look down, seeing how swollen his stomach looks, mimicking the stomach his nine month pregnant coworker has at the moment. It’s so big that the skin around it feels like it might rip in half with how tight it is, a result of being stuffed in a short time. It’s so big but he feels another egg push in him, this time having a bit of trouble before Jaehyun stops attempting to guide it into place.

“Ow,” Jungwoo says for the first time when Jaehyun shifts in him, pushing around the eggs in him, making his tummy wobble.

“I think that’s it,” Jaehyun says in response, his tentacle continuing to shift around in Jungwoo, making him squeeze his eyes shut in pain. “You’re full.”

There’s a relief that washes over Jungwoo at the words because right now, he truly does feel as though he’s going to burst. His stomach is tight and big, bigger than Jungwoo would have ever imagined. His legs are sore from being held up, wrists also the same due to the tight grip of the tentacles. His cock is still hard but Jungwoo can’t even see it anymore and everything else is overpowering his desire to cum. And his hole is incredibly sore, the pain making Jungwoo whimper as Jaehyun slowly pulls out, the tentacle slipping out of him and leaving Jungwoo feeling swollen and gaping. Then he’s once again left empty of tentacles, the slick beginning to cool against his skin and harden as it’s exposed to the air.

“Look at you,” Jaehyun says with a happy sigh, his hand sliding along Jungwoo’s swollen stomach. “Doyoung wasn’t lying when he said you could take a lot.”

“Um,” Jungwoo breathes out as the bed creaks from behind him and his body lays down fully now with Doyoung not behind him. “How many are in me?”

“Well, Doyoung took up most of the space and put like twenty in you so I could only fit ten,” Jaehyun responds with a click of his tongue and Jungwoo hears Doyoung scoff off to the side.

“Jungwoo was mine first,” Doyoung responds, “I have the right to give him more.”

The two exchange a few more words back and forth but they’re words that Jungwoo can’t understand, a language that he doesn’t even have the mental power to try and think about. Instead, he lets his fingers run through his hair, letting his bangs fall back on his forehead before he sucks in a breath. Slowly, Jungwoo attempts to push himself up, the feeling of wetness on his neck nearly being forgotten until he raises himself up and the forgotten spit up balls slide along his skin. It takes another deep breath for Jungwoo to be able to sit up properly, his stomach being heavier than expected and the adjusting makes the eggs in him move too, his swollen tummy shifting as he does.

In the new position, Jungwoo sees just how big he is. His stomach is heavy, settling between his thighs as he spreads them to try and get a better position. His belly button is poking out and his skin is red from the stretching. He lets his hand run along it slowly, experimentally almost, fingers barely touching his sore skin as he lets his hand move over the bump. Staring at himself like this makes Jungwoo fully begin to register what has happened, his hand fully laying along his stomach.

“Stay with us,” Doyoung says softly, bringing Jungwoo’s attention to the other as he settles down on the bed behind him. “Won’t you?” The creature asks, his own hand joining Jungwoo’s on his stomach.

“He doesn’t really have a choice, does he?” Jaehyun laughs as he joins them on the bed, his face being the only thing seen in the dim light. “If you go anywhere, they’ll be mad.”

“But,” Jungwoo starts, his eyes meeting with Jaehyun’s vibrant green ones, “I have w-work.”

Doyoung clicks his tongue behind him, his lips pressing against Jungwoo’s neck, right under his ear, making Jungwoo tilt his head to allow him more access. “You don’t need any of that anymore,” the creature whispers against his skin. “You're ours now.”

Jungwoo lets his eyes flutter shut slowly as he nods his head. Right, he doesn’t need work. He never wants to be there anyways, he only wants to be right here like this, with the two creatures he daydreams about nearly all day. If he stays, he can get as much as he wants no matter the time or day. He doesn’t have to rush home to finish his work and come so late anymore. There won’t be anymore four in the morning showers and two hours of sleep only to go to work for twelve hours the day after. If he stays right here, he can have Doyoung and Jaehyun anytime he wants. And now he’s got something much more important to take care of anyways.

“You’re right,” Jungwoo whispers out as he feels Doyoung’s hand slide along his side, making Jungwoo lean his head back against Doyoung’s shoulder. “I don’t need anything else.”

“That’s right,” Doyoung confirms in Jungwoo’s ear. “You don’t need anything else besides Jaehyun and I.”

As Jungwoo lets his eyes open, he sees Jaehyun grinning at him, his tongue licking at his lips slowly. “Only us, Jungwoo.”

And Jungwoo nods his head because that’s all he needs; Doyoung and Jaehyun.