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Ice-Cream Idiot

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"No, Nanami, we are not getting ice cream." Hinata told Nanami for about the fifth time so far.

Spring time. For some reason, many people in Hinata's class liked the spring. He personally didn't see the appeal, even with all the oh-so convincing points his fellow classmates brought up. "Oh, the pretty flowers!" (He could always visit a greenhouse, you know. Besides, can't flowers bloom in winter? And autumn? And summer?) "Oh, the lovely weather!" (It's raining right now. Hinata's stuck under the bus stop because he didn't bring a stupid umbrella.) "Obviously 'cause of the absolutely bitchin' date spots!" (Oh, shut your mouth, Natsumi, with your personality, it's not like you'll be getting a date anytime soon. And they both knew he was right.) Spring was just another excuse for 'school activities' and 'spring break homework.' Though every time he complained about the season, Nanami would suggest that he thought about things worth looking forward to in spring. He did that and figured that things that were worth looking forward to in spring was March fourteenth, and... actually, no, yeah, that was about it. Nanami had given him a look between affection and annoyance when he told her that.

Speaking of Nanami...

"Why not? I'm pretty sure the nearest ice cream place is empty, most people don't go out when it's raining..." She argued.

"Are you messing with me or do I need to spell it out." He deadpanned, sighing when he saw her clueless face. "We can't get ice cream, because it's raining. Actually, I don't know if you noticed, but the whole reason we're stuck under a bus stop in the rain is because we didn't know beforehand, and didn't bring an umbrella."

For some reason, she want ice cream.

This doesn't really seem like an issue, and, honestly, it usually wasn't. He loved her to death, and would've gladly gone with her to go get ice cream. Usually. But out of all the times that Nanami could've went ahead and asked for the two of them to go get ice cream, she just had to choose when they were out, stuck under a bus stop in the rain, because, again, neither of them had a goddamn umbrella, and he was going repeat that last bit either until Nanami finally dropped the ice cream, because he's petty like that. However, something old Hinata that Nanami wasn't going to drop the ice cream nagging. (It kind of reminded him how a little kid would nagging their parents to bring them to Disneyland until they did, lest they throw a tantrum. The only difference was that Nanami wouldn't get pissed off to the brink of snapping, because she's not a five-year-old pissbaby. Ah, well, he digressed.)

"Huh... I thought you only shouldn't have ice cream during winter..." She murmured in fascination.

Hajime felt like she was mocking him. "It's the same premise: don't eat something cold when the weather is cold... it's just not a good idea."

"Oh, it isn't...?" Nanami tapped her chin, before shaking her head. "...nope, don't see it."

"'re fucking me, aren't you." He deadpanned, because there was physically no way she was being stupid naturally.

She blinked owlishly before going, "Actually, now that you mention it, I have been wanting to talk to you about bondage-"

"Wait, what."

"-and whether you'd be willing to try it or not, I guess." She continued. "I did some research about the whole thing, but I think it'd be better to actually try it instead of reading and, ah, fantasizing.  Sooo... would you mind being tied up?"

"I, what? I- guess I wouldn't mind?" Hinata replied, somewhat lost. Where the hell did that come from?

"Ah, sweet. Oh hey, speaking of 'sweet', can we go get ice cream now?"

Y'know what? Hinata was just going to ignore that whole bondage thing. (Well, up until Nanami ties him up. He did agree to it, after all... oh, wait, shit, he agreed to it.)

"Nanami, I've said it multiple times, and I'll say it again: we aren't getting ice cream." He was starting to get sick of repeating himself.

"Aw..." She softly whined. "Please?"

"No." Nanami opened her mouth again, but Hinata quickly interrupted her before she could get a peep out. "And before you even think about asking me why not, don't. I've already told you why."

Nanami pouted. "But saying you can't have ice cream when it's raining is like saying you can't drive straight because you're gay..."

"Aha... Nanami..." Hinata began slowly. "...what type of metaphor is that?"

"You heard me." She huffed at him. " least, I think you did so anyways." She added. "Besides, I thought you might find it a little funny. I mean, Mioda was practically rolling on the floor. And I have to admit, I laughed a bit when she told me what was so funny."

"Okay. Alright. Nanami, I think your sense of humor is broken."

"Oh, it is? Hm... no, I'm sure it didn't crash... how am I supposed to reboot a broken sense of humor, anyways?" Nanami pondered, before shaking her head. She stepped out from under the bus stop into the rain. "Hm... feels fine, Hinata. So let's go get ice cream." She stated, before beginning to walk away.

"For the last fucking time..." Hinata stomped out from under the bus stop to chase after her and grabbed her wrist. She turned to look at him with wide eyes. "We, are, not! Getting-!"

Nanami very rudely interrupted him by pressing her lips to his. Well, it's not exactly like he was complaining.

"All right." Nanami murmured to him when they parted, a small smile ghosting her lips. "Let's just get ice cream tomorrow... when it's not raining."

"...There, see? Was it that hard? Seriously, you were acting like it'd kill you to get ice cream some other day..." He scoffed, the blush on his face dying a little bit.

(It immediately flared back up when Nanami kissed him again.)