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Illegally In Love

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Why won't I be worried?! He hasn't reached out to me in like, a fucking century!





Wilbur groaned as he buried his face on the palm of his hands. He hasn't slept a wink and his heart is still filled with worry. He massaged his temples to calm himself and it worked...





A little bit-





Aha no, it's a fucking lie and it didn't help him at all...





He lift his head up and glared at his phone that sat in a good 5-meter distance. He's been sulking like a baby for god knows how long. His sanity started spiraling down since the day he last heard of him and it's been three fucking days.





Like, how and why wouldn't he be?





He doesn't have any idea nor news about what happened to him and also, it'll be super weird for a fucking 26-year-old man to visit an 18-year-old boy in his abode with serious intentions of dating them. He'll die in a millisecond... cuz' that boy is one heck of a jailbait, but Wilbur still couldn't find the strength to be angry at him.





He's just so goddamn cute, much to Wilbur's disadvantage.





Across the room, you will see Dream and Techno, shaking their head, faces filled with pity and annoyance. They were sick of Wilbur being so fucking difficult. They tried cheering him up, but it was no use. Wilbur's as love-stricken as Eros was to Psyche.





They stared once again at Wilbur, who was obviously daydreaming about a specific person. They sighed in unison once again for the umpteenth time. They cannot cheer him up in any way, shape, or form. It's all up to the guy to change Wilbur's mood.





And to think of it, it's very ironic how they are so calm about Wilbur liking a barely-illegal teen, considering Techno has a family of his own and a kid the same age as that guy.





Thinking about it would make you imagine Techno and Dream beating the shit out of Wilbur over and over again until his face is unrecognizable, but surprisingly, it didn't happen.





But I couldn't say that it wasn't close enough to happen.





To turn back time (oh oh gonna hit rewind-), we would go back 3 years ago when they first heard about Wilbur liking someone. They were ecstatic for him! Wilbur had gone through a very bad break-up, which resulted to closing himself off to everybody. Although, both Techno and Dream have to take care of him and meditate every single hour to cope up with they brunette's stubbornness, it's still worth it to see Wilbur thriving and living life to his pleasure.





It's good news, right?





So like any other curious shits, they begged Wilbur to tell them who they were, because Wilbur didn't even bother specifying them, but the brunette ignored their curiosity.





Over some time, Wilbur finally came out to them and told them that it was a guy. It was shocking news to them. They've never thought about Wilbur's sexuality, but it doesn't matter to them. They ended up supporting him whole-heartedly.





Still, the anonymity of the guy just prolonged their tenacity to know him.





In addition to that, they knew Wilbur was hiding something more. They confronted Wilbur about it one time and Wilbur was fidgeting so hard he spilled a glass of water on his lap and still continued to ignore them and bite his nails.





They were concerned and again, stubbornness prevailed as they drove Wilbur to the edge and he snapped. He confessed about liking a 15-year-old. He explained why he never wanted it and how he's sorry and he's tried to get over it.





Oh boy, Wilbur almost didn't survive the fury Techno had if only Dream hadn't taken Techno by the arms. Techno was fucking furious while Dream understood Wilbur more. Still, they were very disappointed at him.





Like, it's a child!





Why would he like a child when there's so many people he can like that are not freaking children!





It was baffling which led them avoiding Wilbur for weeks. But over the span of a year, they've reflected on it because they know Wilbur couldn't do such things that can hurt the his loved ones. It's very obvious that Wilbur didn't want to scare the guy. He cared about him so much, and the two knew it was sincere.





And this bullshit happened...





And they are ready to give up-





Going back to Wilbur, He's still fidgety as fuck. He could still imagine his beautiful grayish blue-green eyes and his blonde hair.





It was intoxicating...





He snapped out of his trance when he heard a notification from his phone. He ran and stumbled to the phone to opened it quickly, only leading to his dismay that it was just a reminder for the National Sex Day.










"Wilbur, come on... Cheer up, dude. Maybe he's just busy with something..."





Dream said while crossing his arms and leaning against the door frame. Techno scoffed and said,





"Yeah bRuHhHh sureeee~ The National Sex Day will keep him super busy. A very happy holiday to enjoy by an 18-yr-old. Yeah bruh~~"





Wilbur sulked more as he heard Techno's comment. What if his crush for 2 years liked someone else and had a one-night stand? He imagined his crush caressing someone else's skin, kissing their lips, someone tugging his hair, licking his neck, undressing their clothe-





"Wilbur.... Wilbur! Are you okay? Did we upset you?" Techno shook Wilbur while looking concerned, Dream also looked very concerned for his friend.





"O-oh no no no- It's okay. I'm fine, you didn't do anything." Wilbur tried convincing the guys and himself but really, it failed. His eyes teared up and trailed down his cheeks. The gazes of the two softened and looked at Wilbur pitifully. Even if Wilbur sulked more than a toddler with a tantrum, this was the first time it happened.





Then, the little green piss baby's lightbulb lit up and he said,





"You know what? I'm tired of this lovesick bullshit. Let's go to a bar." Dream said while smirking.





"What the heck, Dream. I'm practically miserable and you want to go to a fucking bar? Depression and bar don't go well together. As a matter of fact, it leads to chaos and regret. I'm not going to be a cliché bitch in the movies. Also, I'm pretty sure you're trying to visit your precious gogy there"





Wilbur sniffled as argued and sneered at Dream. Dream blushed and pouted while Techno snickered. Silenced overtook the atmosphere until Techno spoke,





"I know I'm supposed to agree with Will here but... I really think it's a good idea to blow off steam and take your mind off of it. Give yourself some slack, dude. Drink something and enjoy the night. We promise to take care of you."





Wilbur refused though. It wasn't his cup of tea- or beer idk







And 2 hours later....







"Why did I fucking agree to those assholes. Fuck!"





Wilbur cursed as he looked around the bar to find those ungrateful bastards. Wilbur agreed to them because he "convinced" himself it's the best idea for now.





But look where he landed, a half-finished beer, tipsy mind, and the absence of those motherfuckers.





Wilbur decided it was enough and sat down on one of the couches near the stage, where it gives a nice view of the pole in the middle of the room.





Even if those fuckers left, they left him in a very fancy ass bar. The yellow lights illuminated the room as it gave off a show-like vibe. The couches are covered with black leather (they were clean as fuck) and tables were installed right in front of it. Wilbur observed his surroundings, and to his surprise, people were only chatting and having fun.





Not making out and jizzing on the couches like every other pig ass bar.





This was most decent bar he ever gone to and he considered visiting this bar again soon if he was in the mood.





He was too busy wallowing in his own self-pity and sadness.





Then, a crowd began to fill up the room.





The lights changed into red and white colors that made the atmosphere very enticing and inviting to say the least. The crowd cheered as the host got out of the black curtains and walked onto the stage. The host chuckled on the mic as he saw the amount of people. Wilbur swore he recognized the voice, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He shrugged it off and fixed his posture to turn his focus on the speaker.





"Wow! There are so many people out here tonight! I wonder why?" The host chuckled as many people chuckled, smiled, and cheered.






Wait a fucking minute... Is that... Tubbo?






No fucking way... It isn't him... He is too goddamn pure for this... No- Tubboooooo...






"Good evening everyone! Let me introduce myself to the newcomers here tonight. My name is Toby Smith and my father, Jay Smith, owns this place. It's quite cool, isn't it?"





Wilbur eyes widened at the confirmation as he stared at the brunette for a couple of seconds. He has so many questions right now as his face scrunched up in confusion.





His eyes were as wide as an owl's and he let out a exasperated whisper,










Since his seat was near the stage, only Tubbo heard it and saw Wilbur. His face paled and his eyes widened as they made eye contact. Wilbur's face screamed "WHAT THE HELL?!" and Tubbo just signaled that they are gonna talk about this later.





Tubbo put all of his strength and effort not to pull Wilbur to a corner or just run back to the backstage and freak out. Like...










He just smiled, took a deep breath while keeping everything professional. He was trained for this and this was his job. He needed to focus...





"Not to brag or anything but this bar is one of the most popular bars in town. Am I right, lads?"





The crowd shouted a huge "YES" and Tubbo smiled warmly at them.





"Seriously, you guys are the best!" and the crowd cheered. "And I wanted to thank you guys so much for going to this place, supporting the staff and the dancers. We will try our best to entertain you with the most good quality performances you will ever see!". The crowd released the "AWW" and Tubbo blushed.





"Enough of this sappy shit, this is a bar for god's sake." The crowd laughed, even Wilbur.





"Anyways, warm welcome to the newcomers and I hope you enjoy tonight's show!"





Applause echoed inside the room as Tubbo bowed and returned backstage. Wilbur, still short-circuited, was super curious about everything. How the hell is Tubbo here? Why does Tubbo's father make him work here?





Tubbo is barely legal and this is a fucking strip club. He seemed to be experienced with this. Does Dream and Techno know all about this?





Does Tommy know?





While all sorts of thoughts clouded his mind, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Tubbo's face. It showed a sense of urgency and humiliation that made Wilbur quite concerned. Tubbo pulled him into a VIP room and Wilbur followed him. Tubbo locked the door and shyly fiddled with his hands, his eyes not landing on Wilbur. Wilbur pulled a chair and invited Tubbo to sit on the opposite side of the table. Tubbo complied and Wilbur spoke,





"I have so many questions right now and I can't seem to express how baffled I am-"





Tubbo eyes widened as he sputtered excuses and explanations that Wilbur cannot comprehend. Wilbur just decided to pat boy's shoulder and hug him. Tubbo reciprocated the hug and pulled out, giving the older a weary smile.





"I know you feel ashamed and embarrassed right now but you don't have too. I'm not going to judge you just because of your family business. As long as you are happy and comfortable with it, I will support you."




Will reassured the boss' son as he rubbed his back soothingly. He will always support Tubbo. He treats Tubbo like his little brother, together with Tommy.





The only difference is that he is in love with the blonde.






"Will, thank you so much for the support but you deserve to know the truth..."





Tubbo started to talk about the whole story and when it began.





"It all started 24 years ago when his father met his mother in this very bar. My mother was the bar's famous club dancer while my father was a successful business man. My parents fell in love and began dating months later."





Tubbo paused but continued,





"But the thing is, my mom's family didn't know about her "occupation". My mother lied about being a flight stewardess to her family because she couldn't find a job that could pay well. So, she earned money by dancing to feed her poor family. Also, my dad's reputation would be ruined instantly if the media somehow knew he was dating a dancer in a bar. They tried to date privately, away from the public's prying eyes but of course, all good things must come to an end."





Tubbo smiled sadly at Wilbur, and spoke again. Wilbur listened intently, but internally expressing his pity at the fact that Tubbo addresses his mother's family like it wasn't his own.





"Eventually, mom's family knew the truth about her job. They disowned her and threw her out of the household. My father's reputation was tarnished as the news spread around the country. My parents were having a tough time because not only their life's work was ruined, but people treated them like outcasts. Only the bar stayed as their safe haven and luckily, my mom was able to continue her job. My father applied to be a bartender and he got accepted. Over the span of 5 years, they saved up for a house, got engaged, got married, and me!"





Tubbo smiled warmly as he reminisced his parents' story. It was so heart-warming and Wilbur can't help but to smile too. Tubbo is such a ball of sunshine. Tubbo said that as a kid, he was lucky to have his parents, and Tubbo also told him about how he found out about the bar.





"I was 15 at the time where I discovered that my dad was earning money by being an owner of a bar. I noticed him going out very often and decided to follow him. I was shocked as I saw dad entered a bar. I really thought that dad was cheating on mom. It was so dumb."





Tubbo chuckled at the thought and Wilbur smacked his arm, telling him it's not dumb.





"I ran home crying like a stupid kid and mom got very concerned. She asked what's wrong and I sobbed so hard. I couldn't tell her that easily but I really tried to tell her what happened. I was so fucking confused when mom chuckled at me. She fucking just chuckled at me! I swear I never forget that."





Wilbur laughed at Tubbo as he sulked in annoyance. Tubbo made Wilbur shut up and said, "And you know, my mom called dad and told him to come home. I just sat there listening to them rambling about their love life, basically fucking pushing it to my face that I'm single or smth..."





Tubbo explained the rest of the story to Wilbur while keeping out...





Some other points like...



Ehem ehem like...








As Tubbo finished explaining, Wilbur smiled and said,





"I'm glad you and your parents are happy with what you all have. Don't be afraid to tell me everything, okay?" Tubbo nodded as Wilbur smiled. "Now, let's watch the show, shall we?"





Tubbo nodded again as he followed Wilbur exiting the room but something was bothering him. He checked the time...





4:20 A.M





Tubbo's eyes widened as his face paled at the time. In the next 10 minutes, Tommy will be dancing on the stage. Ah crap! He forgot about it!




He has to tell Tommy about Wilbur now!