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On The Edge of Darkness

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Catra was sitting around the war table at Bright Moon alongside the other princesses to discuss how to take down the Horde once and for all. The Horde Lord has taken over Etheria, and it's up to the Rebellion, a rebel force of princesses and soldiers that have dedicated their lives to free Etheria from the Horde's grasp and bring peace to the world again. Catra was sitting on her chair, her head resting against her palms as she stared at everyone around the table argue about what's the best plan to do now. 


'' It won't work! Everyone has been trying to just kill her, but she is too powerful for an attack like that. She has been destroying all our weapons with just her sword! '' One princess, Netossa, shouted, glaring at Princess Glimmer who made that suggestion. Catra glanced at the queen, who was staring between her daughter and Netossa.


'' Ugh, this is too hard. '' Another princess, Mermista, groaned from across of Catra. The magicat was getting annoyed, this is going absolutely nowhere. Catra could feel the tension around the table, and usually, being the battle straightest, she had a lot to say. But not today, every plan has gone to the roof, making them do it all over again. Glimmer always suggested the same thing, violence. But the Horde Lord could take down the entire world with her powers, that's why no one has dared to threaten her in any way, except for the Rebellion. 


'' Catra, what do you suggest? '' Queen Angella said, looking at Catra with her eyebrow raised. 


Catra lifted her head to look at queen Angella with wide eyes before noticing how everyone's eyes went to hers. She didn't have a plan, not yet at least. She kinda felt useless right now, the only reason why she was even sitting here right now, was because she was good at what she does. But no today. She was empty, her mind blank and her words gone. She let out a sigh and looked at Queen Angella. '' I don't know, your majesty. Give me the night, and I will figure something out. '' Catra said before getting up from her chair, she turned around and walked out of the war room. 


As Catra walked through the hallways of Brightmoon Castle, she tried to figure out what to do. What to plan. It was hard to do this right, given that the Horde has been able to overcome everything the Rebellion has thrown at them. Which is confusing, because all the princesses have their powers. Their runestones were powerful, but that wasn't enough. Because the Horde Lord was more powerful than any creature in the entire world. She must have a weakness, something that could destroy her. Once and for all. 


Catra opened the door to her room, she was given her own room when Glimmer found her walking around the Whispering Woods. She was a nomad, walking around all alone with no place to call home. The Horde wiped her species a long time ago, leaving Catra all alone in the world. She found her new family, she saw Glimmer as a sister and Queen Angella was a mother figure, always there for Catra. 


Catra has always been a sarcastic, smart person. She never took shit from anyone, and she was hard to deal with from the start, still not trusting the queen nor the Rebellion. During the years, it changed and she can't ever imagine going back to where she used to be. Not knowing love, or a home. 


Catra closed the door behind herself before walking over to her bed. She let out a sigh, removing the headpiece from her head and setting it on the nightstand before laying down on her back. She closed her eyes, her arm resting over her eyes as she took a deep inhale before exhaling again, calming down her nerves. She was really tired today, she has been sitting around that war table almost all day, everyone nagging and arguing around her. She just needed some space so she could think properly. 


Her ear flicked when she heard a knock on her bedroom door, she let out a groan, but didn't open her eyes. Not yet. '' Go away. '' Catra said loudly, so that the person on the other end of the door would hear her and walk away. 


'' No. '' Glimmer said, standing by the bed with her arms crossed over her chest. Catra quickly jumped up on her knees, her tail fluffy and her ears pointed backwards as she stared at Glimmer with wide eyes. 


'' Stop doing that! '' Catra hissed before glaring at Glimmer, she grabbed onto her tail aggressively and flattened the fur that was standing up. Glimmer did what she could do, she teleported into this room, interrupting Catra's thinking. To be honest, if Glimmer didn't interrupt her, she would probably have fallen asleep. 


'' What's up with you? '' Glimmer asked, narrowing her eyes at Catra before raising an eyebrow again. '' You were really quiet during the meeting. '' 


Catra sighed, shaking her head before laying down on her back again. She stared up at the ceiling, she didn't want to answer Glimmer's question, because she didn't know the answer to it. '' Nothing. '' 


Glimmer looked around the room and slowly sat down by the end of the bed, her fingers fiddling with each other. She slowly looked at Catra and smiled softly at her. '' Listen, I know all of this is too much sometimes, and we totally understand in case you want to take a break. '' 


Catra looked at Glimmer, furrowing her eyebrows. Break? A break for what? The entire world of Etheria is Horde occupied, the Horde Lord is growing stronger and stronger every day. Catra can't take a break, she needs to help the Rebellion to defeat the Horde and protect Etheria again. The Etherians are scared now, too afraid to move around freely in case they get executed or taken away from their homes. 


'' I need to figure out a battle plan. Bright Moon is the only kingdom standing by now, and I bet the Horde don't take breaks. '' Catra groaned, she got up from the bed and walked over to large window. She opened the doors, the air was chilling and it felt good against Catra's fur. Glimmer was just watching her, her eyes following Catra's every step. '' They are probably planning an attack against the Rebellion right now. '' She said before stepping outside to the balcony. She gripped onto the balcony railing before jumping onto it, balancing herself with her feet and hands. She looked out towards the Whispering Woods, the place she once called home. Well, sorta... 


Glimmer slowly walked out to the balcony, she rested her arms on the railing and looked up at Catra. '' You know, it's not only your duty to plan these attacks. '' 


Catra let out a scoff, she looked down at Glimmer and smirked down at her. '' Like there is anyone better than me. '' 


Glimmer started to giggle, she closed her eyes before opening them to look over the Whispering Woods. '' No, not really. I mean, my mom certainly loves you in there. '' 


Catra chuckled and shrugged, she slowly looked over to the Whispering Woods. '' What can I say? She knows good quality. '' 


Glimmer rolled her eyes before elbowing Catra's legs gently. '' Hey, she is dismissing all my ideas, just to hear you come up with something. '' Glimmer folded her arms over the railing, she rested her chin against her arms and looked over the Whispering Woods. '' If only we could see what they are coming up with so we could counter their attacks. '' 


Catra nodded slowly, she couldn't agree more. It would be so easy if they could figure out what the Horde was planning. They were always coming out with different tech, different soldiers. and the Horde Lord was barely on the front lines. Always hiding in the Fright Zone. Catra has never seen her, never met her before. She had no idea what she looked like, only her other form. The form everyone feared. The form that was supposed to be light, but it turned into darkness. Then something hit her, a realization popped up like a light bulb over her head. 


Catra looked down at Glimmer with wide eyes, causing the pink-haired girl to look up at Catra with furrowed eyebrows, clearly confused why Catra looked at her like she was ready to pounce on her. '' You just gave me the best idea! '' Catra said excitedly before jumping down from the railing, she quickly walked back into her room. '' Call everyone to the war room, Sparkles. '' Catra said, walking to her nightstand to grab her headpiece.


Glimmer was following her into her room, she stared at her and shook her head slowly. '' What are you planning? '' 


Catra turned around, a wide grin spread across her face, showing off her fangs. '' Are we getting too excited? '' Catra said, poking out her tongue at Glimmer. Glimmer flipped off her middle finger at Catra with a glare before teleporting out of Catra's room. 



Adora was young, maybe too young to be sitting on this throne. She has always been strong, always been smart in the battlefield, but it has taken its toll on her. Sitting on this throne, wielding the power within her. She has been shaped to take over the Horde, to make a name of herself. She has been raised to be this strong, unstoppable force of power on the battlefield. She was getting used, played along like a pawn in a set of chess. The older she got, the more tired she got. Now, two years later, after killing the last lord, she is now the most feared creature in the entire universe. 


The old Adora would've hated it, she would have despised herself for this. Her mother figure was cruel, feeding hate into Adora, making her angry and... She didn't know what she was meant to do, and now, two years later, this felt good. Sitting on this throne felt right. It belonged to her. She loved all of it. She loved watching the guards shake when she raised her voice, she loved how her servants and her people bowed down when they saw her. She loved holding the sword, ready to strike when needed. She has taken over Etheria, something that Hordak was never able to do. 


No one dared to challenge her, they would be fools for trying. 


Adora was sitting on her throne, looking down as a guard bowed down to her, ready to tell her news about the outside world. About the siege on the town of Elberon. '' Well, guard, I expect it would be easy for you to siege the town in my name. '' 


The guard looked up at Adora with wide eyes, he nodded quickly before ducking his head again. '' Yes, my lord. The town of Elberon is now under the Horde's command. Under your command. '' 


Adora started to smirk, she gripped the handle of her sword and pressed the tip of the blade on the floor. '' Good. '' The guard swallowed thickly, he looked up at her and Adora could hear the shaky sigh that escaped past his lips. Adora's smirk dropped slowly, something was wrong and she was feeling the anger rush through her body. '' What are you not telling me, guard? '' Adora muttered through clenched teeth, she slowly stood up from the throne and walked down the stairs to come face to face with the trembling guard. 


'' We- '' He stopped, glancing down at the sword in Adora's hand before lifting his gaze to look Adora in the eyes. '' We lost Thaymor. '' 


Adora's eyes widened slightly before she glared brutally at the guard, she wrapped her hand around his throat and her eyes started to glow, she tightened her grip and lifted him off the ground, making his feet hover the ground. '' How? '' 


The guard was scrambling with his feet, it was almost hilarious if Adora wasn't so angry right now. '' The Rebellion! '' He screamed out, struggling to breathe properly. His hands were flying up to grab onto Adora's hand around his neck, desperately trying to pry her fingers free from his throat. '' My lord, please... '' He stuttered shakily, his face almost going pale and all Adora had to do was to keep her hand there for a few seconds before he stopped breathing. 


But she felt merciful today, so she tossed him down on the ground, making him wheeze and breathe sharply. He tried to regain his breathing properly, his hand caressing the area where Adora almost choked him to death. '' Leave. '' Adora said, glaring down at him. The guard scrambled up on his feet again, he bowed down quickly before leaving the throne room. Almost too quickly. 


Adora groaned, she pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes as she collected her calm. The Rebellion has been a pain in the ass for a long time now, it was time to wipe them all out. But the Whispering Woods was protecting them, making sure that the Horde can't go through it. Maybe she should go into the front lines. For some reason, the Rebellion has been coming up with new battle plans. Sure, Adora's army has been able to counter them from time to time, but nothing too big. Just enough to siege towns and the kingdoms was usually because Adora was there, in her other form. She has been able to wipe out their weapons, their powers. 


Everything, except for Bright Moon. 


It's time to take over it. Time to figure out a good battle strategy. Time to go to talk to Shadow Weaver. She is going to make sure that her mother figure starts talking to her. Adora walked out of the throne room, her fists balled against her sides as she walked through the hallways of the Fright Zone. She hated to visit her, hated to talk to her. The way she always gets inside Adora's mind, always manipulating her. It was all over now, Adora has grown stronger. She figured out Shadow Weaver's manipulation a long time ago, and when she got corrupted with power, she made sure to always remind herself about the pain that Shadow Weaver caused her. She has thrown her into prison, holding her there without her magic. 


Adora reached the holding cells, she walked with heavy steps to Shadow Weaver's cell. The woman was always in the same position, sitting down on her couch and reading a book. It was always so annoying how calm she was about her current situation. '' Shadow Weaver. '' Adora said with a sharp tone, glaring at the sorceress with a brutal gaze. 


Shadow Weaver slowly put down the book in her hand, she looked at Adora. It was hard to tell her face expression, she always wore a mask to cover up her stupid mistakes that made her lose her face. '' Adora, my lord, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? '' Shadow Weaver said, her voice was always creepy. Sending chills down Adora's spine. Adora hates to admit it, but this woman could get under her skin, even now. 


'' You are going to tell me how my army can march through the Whispering Woods. '' Adora said, she summoned her sword in her hand. Shadow Weaver looked down at the sword before lifting her head to look at Adora. 


'' With what? Magic? '' Shadow Weaver said, she crossed one leg over the other and tilted her head to the side. '' Are you losing control, Adora? ''


Adora let out a growl, she glared at Shadow Weaver before opening the cell door, she took a step in and walked closer to Shadow Weaver. '' I'm more in control than ever. Etheria is trembling in my presence, the people see me as a ruler. They love me. '' 


Adora looked down at Shadow Weaver, she could feel her heart pounding against her chest. She was so angry. Frustrated. Shadow Weaver has been useless ever since Adora took the throne from Hordak. She knew that Shadow Weaver was planning to use Adora as a weapon whilst she sits on the throne, but things didn't turn out the way Shadow Weaver wanted to. 


Shadow Weaver let out a laugh, it was dark and mocking. She looked up at Adora before slowly standing up, towering over her. '' Love you? They fear you, Adora. You've become a monster in their eyes, you are the scary story parents tell their children. You are a nightmare. '' 


Adora's eyes widened before she glared brutally at the older woman. She let out a growl, she grabbed onto Shadow Weaver's shirt and roughly pushed her against the wall, causing the older woman to let out a loud whimper. '' And whose fault is that?! '' Adora screamed, her face inches away from Shadow Weaver's face. It would be so easy for Adora to just kill her, to get it over with. But like all the other times, she didn't have it in her. 


Shadow Weaver looked down at Adora, the mask on her face was destroyed, a crack running in the middle of it. '' I take pride in my work. '' Shadow Weaver said, and Adora dropped down her hands. She let out a groan, and turned around to face away from Shadow Weaver. She was so close to killing her, her blood was boiling with anger. 


'' Whatever. '' Adora said, letting out a sigh and running her hand through her short hair. She took a deep breath before exhaling, another inch of hatred grew inside of her. '' I will figure it out myself. I have been able to conquer Etheria without you, and I will continue to do so. '' Adora said, walking out of the holding cell. She closed the door behind herself, still not facing Shadow Weaver. 


'' Then why do you always come here? Why do you always visit me? Why do you keep coming for advice? '' Shadow Weaver said, walking back to her couch and sitting down on it. Adora stared ahead with wide eyes, she didn't know why she keeps coming here. She didn't know why she kept asking for advice, knowing that Shadow Weaver would never give it to her. It's not like Shadow Weaver cares about Etheria, it's more that she is doing this to get back at Adora. For betraying her. 


'' Stay here and rot. '' Adora said before leaving the prison, her fists balled down next to her sides. She could feel the motivation once more, it usually always came when she needed to prove something, that she was capable to rule this world. 



'' You want to do what? '' Bow asked, he was the tech master in Bright Moon, and a heck of a good archer. Everyone gathered around the war table, just like Catra requested. She did come up with a plan, it might be foolish, but it also might work if she did it right. 


'' I want to infiltrate the Fright Zone. '' Catra said, looking at Bow before averting her gaze back to Queen Angella. Everyone around the table looked at Catra with worry in their eyes, this plan was bold and incredibly stupid. 


'' Catra, this might not be the best idea. You can risk your very life if she finds out the truth. How are you even planning to do this? '' Queen Angella asked, her eyebrows furrowed. She did always look at Catra like she was her own daughter, and Catra could hear the worry coming from Angella's voice. 


'' As we know, the Horde Lord has servants, right? They are working for her freely, mostly out of fear, but still. Everyone needs money to make it through the day, and I figured I could pose as one of the servants. '' Catra said, raising an eyebrow before looking over at the other princesses. 


'' Catra, you don't have any powers. There is no way for you to defend yourself. '' Spinnerella said, grabbing onto Netossa's hand gently. 


Catra rolled her eyes, she narrowed her eyes at Spinnerella. '' I have made it this far without powers, haven't I? Beside, the Horde Lord knows who you are. I have never even met her before. She wouldn't know who I am, and it would be easier for me to figure it out. '' 


'' This is dangerous, Catra. '' Glimmer said, frowning at Catra. The feline let out a sigh, she looked at Queen Angella and raised an eyebrow at her. 


'' What do you think, your majesty? '' Catra asked, it was a good plan. It would change the tide of war for them, it would make it so much easier to figure out what to do next. 


'' I have to agree with everyone else. This is too dangerous, and I won't risk your life for this war. '' Queen Angella said, she slowly stood up and let out a sigh. '' It's late, and I want everyone to get a good night sleep, because first thing in the morning, we are going to continue with the planning. '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she looked down at the war table and thought about her own plan as everyone left the room. Glimmer stopped next to her, she placed her hand on Catra's shoulder. '' Are you coming? '' 


Catra shook her head slowly, she didn't look away from the war table. '' No, I'm staying here a little longer. '' Glimmer let out a sigh before teleporting out of the war room. 


Catra started to feel frustrated, it was a good plan. Even though she could understand the dangers of it, it was worth it if it would help the Rebellion to gain information about what the Horde is planning to do next. Catra has always been ambitious, and she has great confidence for her battle plans. Everyone were worried about her, worried that she wouldn't able to pull it off. But she was manipulative, she was smart and she was a good fighter. Sure, she didn't have any powers like the rest of the princesses, but she did have her claws and they are able to cut through metal if needed to. 


Maybe she should do it without their knowledge, maybe she could show them that this was a great idea. All she needed to do was to get into the Fright Zone, and make the Horde Lord trust her. Catra tapped her finger against the war table before turning on the hologram that showed all of Etheria. She stared at the Horde mark on almost every village and kingdom around the world, they have covered so much ground. 


No, she has made her decision. She is going to infiltrate the Fright Zone, and she is going to end this war.


Once and for all.