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On The Edge of Darkness

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Catra was sitting around the war table at Bright Moon alongside the other princesses to discuss how to take down the Horde once and for all. The Horde Lord has taken over Etheria, and it's up to the Rebellion, a rebel force of princesses and soldiers that have dedicated their lives to free Etheria from the Horde's grasp and bring peace to the world again. Catra was sitting on her chair, her head resting against her palms as she stared at everyone around the table argue about what's the best plan to do now. 


'' It won't work! Everyone has been trying to just kill her, but she is too powerful for an attack like that. She has been destroying all our weapons with just her sword! '' One princess, Netossa, shouted, glaring at Princess Glimmer who made that suggestion. Catra glanced at the queen, who was staring between her daughter and Netossa.


'' Ugh, this is too hard. '' Another princess, Mermista, groaned from across of Catra. The magicat was getting annoyed, this is going absolutely nowhere. Catra could feel the tension around the table, and usually, being the battle straightest, she had a lot to say. But not today, every plan has gone to the roof, making them do it all over again. Glimmer always suggested the same thing, violence. But the Horde Lord could take down the entire world with her powers, that's why no one has dared to threaten her in any way, except for the Rebellion. 


'' Catra, what do you suggest? '' Queen Angella said, looking at Catra with her eyebrow raised. 


Catra lifted her head to look at queen Angella with wide eyes before noticing how everyone's eyes went to hers. She didn't have a plan, not yet at least. She kinda felt useless right now, the only reason why she was even sitting here right now, was because she was good at what she does. But no today. She was empty, her mind blank and her words gone. She let out a sigh and looked at Queen Angella. '' I don't know, your majesty. Give me the night, and I will figure something out. '' Catra said before getting up from her chair, she turned around and walked out of the war room. 


As Catra walked through the hallways of Brightmoon Castle, she tried to figure out what to do. What to plan. It was hard to do this right, given that the Horde has been able to overcome everything the Rebellion has thrown at them. Which is confusing, because all the princesses have their powers. Their runestones were powerful, but that wasn't enough. Because the Horde Lord was more powerful than any creature in the entire world. She must have a weakness, something that could destroy her. Once and for all. 


Catra opened the door to her room, she was given her own room when Glimmer found her walking around the Whispering Woods. She was a nomad, walking around all alone with no place to call home. The Horde wiped her species a long time ago, leaving Catra all alone in the world. She found her new family, she saw Glimmer as a sister and Queen Angella was a mother figure, always there for Catra. 


Catra has always been a sarcastic, smart person. She never took shit from anyone, and she was hard to deal with from the start, still not trusting the queen nor the Rebellion. During the years, it changed and she can't ever imagine going back to where she used to be. Not knowing love, or a home. 


Catra closed the door behind herself before walking over to her bed. She let out a sigh, removing the headpiece from her head and setting it on the nightstand before laying down on her back. She closed her eyes, her arm resting over her eyes as she took a deep inhale before exhaling again, calming down her nerves. She was really tired today, she has been sitting around that war table almost all day, everyone nagging and arguing around her. She just needed some space so she could think properly. 


Her ear flicked when she heard a knock on her bedroom door, she let out a groan, but didn't open her eyes. Not yet. '' Go away. '' Catra said loudly, so that the person on the other end of the door would hear her and walk away. 


'' No. '' Glimmer said, standing by the bed with her arms crossed over her chest. Catra quickly jumped up on her knees, her tail fluffy and her ears pointed backwards as she stared at Glimmer with wide eyes. 


'' Stop doing that! '' Catra hissed before glaring at Glimmer, she grabbed onto her tail aggressively and flattened the fur that was standing up. Glimmer did what she could do, she teleported into this room, interrupting Catra's thinking. To be honest, if Glimmer didn't interrupt her, she would probably have fallen asleep. 


'' What's up with you? '' Glimmer asked, narrowing her eyes at Catra before raising an eyebrow again. '' You were really quiet during the meeting. '' 


Catra sighed, shaking her head before laying down on her back again. She stared up at the ceiling, she didn't want to answer Glimmer's question, because she didn't know the answer to it. '' Nothing. '' 


Glimmer looked around the room and slowly sat down by the end of the bed, her fingers fiddling with each other. She slowly looked at Catra and smiled softly at her. '' Listen, I know all of this is too much sometimes, and we totally understand in case you want to take a break. '' 


Catra looked at Glimmer, furrowing her eyebrows. Break? A break for what? The entire world of Etheria is Horde occupied, the Horde Lord is growing stronger and stronger every day. Catra can't take a break, she needs to help the Rebellion to defeat the Horde and protect Etheria again. The Etherians are scared now, too afraid to move around freely in case they get executed or taken away from their homes. 


'' I need to figure out a battle plan. Bright Moon is the only kingdom standing by now, and I bet the Horde don't take breaks. '' Catra groaned, she got up from the bed and walked over to large window. She opened the doors, the air was chilling and it felt good against Catra's fur. Glimmer was just watching her, her eyes following Catra's every step. '' They are probably planning an attack against the Rebellion right now. '' She said before stepping outside to the balcony. She gripped onto the balcony railing before jumping onto it, balancing herself with her feet and hands. She looked out towards the Whispering Woods, the place she once called home. Well, sorta... 


Glimmer slowly walked out to the balcony, she rested her arms on the railing and looked up at Catra. '' You know, it's not only your duty to plan these attacks. '' 


Catra let out a scoff, she looked down at Glimmer and smirked down at her. '' Like there is anyone better than me. '' 


Glimmer started to giggle, she closed her eyes before opening them to look over the Whispering Woods. '' No, not really. I mean, my mom certainly loves you in there. '' 


Catra chuckled and shrugged, she slowly looked over to the Whispering Woods. '' What can I say? She knows good quality. '' 


Glimmer rolled her eyes before elbowing Catra's legs gently. '' Hey, she is dismissing all my ideas, just to hear you come up with something. '' Glimmer folded her arms over the railing, she rested her chin against her arms and looked over the Whispering Woods. '' If only we could see what they are coming up with so we could counter their attacks. '' 


Catra nodded slowly, she couldn't agree more. It would be so easy if they could figure out what the Horde was planning. They were always coming out with different tech, different soldiers. and the Horde Lord was barely on the front lines. Always hiding in the Fright Zone. Catra has never seen her, never met her before. She had no idea what she looked like, only her other form. The form everyone feared. The form that was supposed to be light, but it turned into darkness. Then something hit her, a realization popped up like a light bulb over her head. 


Catra looked down at Glimmer with wide eyes, causing the pink-haired girl to look up at Catra with furrowed eyebrows, clearly confused why Catra looked at her like she was ready to pounce on her. '' You just gave me the best idea! '' Catra said excitedly before jumping down from the railing, she quickly walked back into her room. '' Call everyone to the war room, Sparkles. '' Catra said, walking to her nightstand to grab her headpiece.


Glimmer was following her into her room, she stared at her and shook her head slowly. '' What are you planning? '' 


Catra turned around, a wide grin spread across her face, showing off her fangs. '' Are we getting too excited? '' Catra said, poking out her tongue at Glimmer. Glimmer flipped off her middle finger at Catra with a glare before teleporting out of Catra's room. 



Adora was young, maybe too young to be sitting on this throne. She has always been strong, always been smart in the battlefield, but it has taken its toll on her. Sitting on this throne, wielding the power within her. She has been shaped to take over the Horde, to make a name of herself. She has been raised to be this strong, unstoppable force of power on the battlefield. She was getting used, played along like a pawn in a set of chess. The older she got, the more tired she got. Now, two years later, after killing the last lord, she is now the most feared creature in the entire universe. 


The old Adora would've hated it, she would have despised herself for this. Her mother figure was cruel, feeding hate into Adora, making her angry and... She didn't know what she was meant to do, and now, two years later, this felt good. Sitting on this throne felt right. It belonged to her. She loved all of it. She loved watching the guards shake when she raised her voice, she loved how her servants and her people bowed down when they saw her. She loved holding the sword, ready to strike when needed. She has taken over Etheria, something that Hordak was never able to do. 


No one dared to challenge her, they would be fools for trying. 


Adora was sitting on her throne, looking down as a guard bowed down to her, ready to tell her news about the outside world. About the siege on the town of Elberon. '' Well, guard, I expect it would be easy for you to siege the town in my name. '' 


The guard looked up at Adora with wide eyes, he nodded quickly before ducking his head again. '' Yes, my lord. The town of Elberon is now under the Horde's command. Under your command. '' 


Adora started to smirk, she gripped the handle of her sword and pressed the tip of the blade on the floor. '' Good. '' The guard swallowed thickly, he looked up at her and Adora could hear the shaky sigh that escaped past his lips. Adora's smirk dropped slowly, something was wrong and she was feeling the anger rush through her body. '' What are you not telling me, guard? '' Adora muttered through clenched teeth, she slowly stood up from the throne and walked down the stairs to come face to face with the trembling guard. 


'' We- '' He stopped, glancing down at the sword in Adora's hand before lifting his gaze to look Adora in the eyes. '' We lost Thaymor. '' 


Adora's eyes widened slightly before she glared brutally at the guard, she wrapped her hand around his throat and her eyes started to glow, she tightened her grip and lifted him off the ground, making his feet hover the ground. '' How? '' 


The guard was scrambling with his feet, it was almost hilarious if Adora wasn't so angry right now. '' The Rebellion! '' He screamed out, struggling to breathe properly. His hands were flying up to grab onto Adora's hand around his neck, desperately trying to pry her fingers free from his throat. '' My lord, please... '' He stuttered shakily, his face almost going pale and all Adora had to do was to keep her hand there for a few seconds before he stopped breathing. 


But she felt merciful today, so she tossed him down on the ground, making him wheeze and breathe sharply. He tried to regain his breathing properly, his hand caressing the area where Adora almost choked him to death. '' Leave. '' Adora said, glaring down at him. The guard scrambled up on his feet again, he bowed down quickly before leaving the throne room. Almost too quickly. 


Adora groaned, she pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes as she collected her calm. The Rebellion has been a pain in the ass for a long time now, it was time to wipe them all out. But the Whispering Woods was protecting them, making sure that the Horde can't go through it. Maybe she should go into the front lines. For some reason, the Rebellion has been coming up with new battle plans. Sure, Adora's army has been able to counter them from time to time, but nothing too big. Just enough to siege towns and the kingdoms was usually because Adora was there, in her other form. She has been able to wipe out their weapons, their powers. 


Everything, except for Bright Moon. 


It's time to take over it. Time to figure out a good battle strategy. Time to go to talk to Shadow Weaver. She is going to make sure that her mother figure starts talking to her. Adora walked out of the throne room, her fists balled against her sides as she walked through the hallways of the Fright Zone. She hated to visit her, hated to talk to her. The way she always gets inside Adora's mind, always manipulating her. It was all over now, Adora has grown stronger. She figured out Shadow Weaver's manipulation a long time ago, and when she got corrupted with power, she made sure to always remind herself about the pain that Shadow Weaver caused her. She has thrown her into prison, holding her there without her magic. 


Adora reached the holding cells, she walked with heavy steps to Shadow Weaver's cell. The woman was always in the same position, sitting down on her couch and reading a book. It was always so annoying how calm she was about her current situation. '' Shadow Weaver. '' Adora said with a sharp tone, glaring at the sorceress with a brutal gaze. 


Shadow Weaver slowly put down the book in her hand, she looked at Adora. It was hard to tell her face expression, she always wore a mask to cover up her stupid mistakes that made her lose her face. '' Adora, my lord, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? '' Shadow Weaver said, her voice was always creepy. Sending chills down Adora's spine. Adora hates to admit it, but this woman could get under her skin, even now. 


'' You are going to tell me how my army can march through the Whispering Woods. '' Adora said, she summoned her sword in her hand. Shadow Weaver looked down at the sword before lifting her head to look at Adora. 


'' With what? Magic? '' Shadow Weaver said, she crossed one leg over the other and tilted her head to the side. '' Are you losing control, Adora? ''


Adora let out a growl, she glared at Shadow Weaver before opening the cell door, she took a step in and walked closer to Shadow Weaver. '' I'm more in control than ever. Etheria is trembling in my presence, the people see me as a ruler. They love me. '' 


Adora looked down at Shadow Weaver, she could feel her heart pounding against her chest. She was so angry. Frustrated. Shadow Weaver has been useless ever since Adora took the throne from Hordak. She knew that Shadow Weaver was planning to use Adora as a weapon whilst she sits on the throne, but things didn't turn out the way Shadow Weaver wanted to. 


Shadow Weaver let out a laugh, it was dark and mocking. She looked up at Adora before slowly standing up, towering over her. '' Love you? They fear you, Adora. You've become a monster in their eyes, you are the scary story parents tell their children. You are a nightmare. '' 


Adora's eyes widened before she glared brutally at the older woman. She let out a growl, she grabbed onto Shadow Weaver's shirt and roughly pushed her against the wall, causing the older woman to let out a loud whimper. '' And whose fault is that?! '' Adora screamed, her face inches away from Shadow Weaver's face. It would be so easy for Adora to just kill her, to get it over with. But like all the other times, she didn't have it in her. 


Shadow Weaver looked down at Adora, the mask on her face was destroyed, a crack running in the middle of it. '' I take pride in my work. '' Shadow Weaver said, and Adora dropped down her hands. She let out a groan, and turned around to face away from Shadow Weaver. She was so close to killing her, her blood was boiling with anger. 


'' Whatever. '' Adora said, letting out a sigh and running her hand through her short hair. She took a deep breath before exhaling, another inch of hatred grew inside of her. '' I will figure it out myself. I have been able to conquer Etheria without you, and I will continue to do so. '' Adora said, walking out of the holding cell. She closed the door behind herself, still not facing Shadow Weaver. 


'' Then why do you always come here? Why do you always visit me? Why do you keep coming for advice? '' Shadow Weaver said, walking back to her couch and sitting down on it. Adora stared ahead with wide eyes, she didn't know why she keeps coming here. She didn't know why she kept asking for advice, knowing that Shadow Weaver would never give it to her. It's not like Shadow Weaver cares about Etheria, it's more that she is doing this to get back at Adora. For betraying her. 


'' Stay here and rot. '' Adora said before leaving the prison, her fists balled down next to her sides. She could feel the motivation once more, it usually always came when she needed to prove something, that she was capable to rule this world. 



'' You want to do what? '' Bow asked, he was the tech master in Bright Moon, and a heck of a good archer. Everyone gathered around the war table, just like Catra requested. She did come up with a plan, it might be foolish, but it also might work if she did it right. 


'' I want to infiltrate the Fright Zone. '' Catra said, looking at Bow before averting her gaze back to Queen Angella. Everyone around the table looked at Catra with worry in their eyes, this plan was bold and incredibly stupid. 


'' Catra, this might not be the best idea. You can risk your very life if she finds out the truth. How are you even planning to do this? '' Queen Angella asked, her eyebrows furrowed. She did always look at Catra like she was her own daughter, and Catra could hear the worry coming from Angella's voice. 


'' As we know, the Horde Lord has servants, right? They are working for her freely, mostly out of fear, but still. Everyone needs money to make it through the day, and I figured I could pose as one of the servants. '' Catra said, raising an eyebrow before looking over at the other princesses. 


'' Catra, you don't have any powers. There is no way for you to defend yourself. '' Spinnerella said, grabbing onto Netossa's hand gently. 


Catra rolled her eyes, she narrowed her eyes at Spinnerella. '' I have made it this far without powers, haven't I? Beside, the Horde Lord knows who you are. I have never even met her before. She wouldn't know who I am, and it would be easier for me to figure it out. '' 


'' This is dangerous, Catra. '' Glimmer said, frowning at Catra. The feline let out a sigh, she looked at Queen Angella and raised an eyebrow at her. 


'' What do you think, your majesty? '' Catra asked, it was a good plan. It would change the tide of war for them, it would make it so much easier to figure out what to do next. 


'' I have to agree with everyone else. This is too dangerous, and I won't risk your life for this war. '' Queen Angella said, she slowly stood up and let out a sigh. '' It's late, and I want everyone to get a good night sleep, because first thing in the morning, we are going to continue with the planning. '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she looked down at the war table and thought about her own plan as everyone left the room. Glimmer stopped next to her, she placed her hand on Catra's shoulder. '' Are you coming? '' 


Catra shook her head slowly, she didn't look away from the war table. '' No, I'm staying here a little longer. '' Glimmer let out a sigh before teleporting out of the war room. 


Catra started to feel frustrated, it was a good plan. Even though she could understand the dangers of it, it was worth it if it would help the Rebellion to gain information about what the Horde is planning to do next. Catra has always been ambitious, and she has great confidence for her battle plans. Everyone were worried about her, worried that she wouldn't able to pull it off. But she was manipulative, she was smart and she was a good fighter. Sure, she didn't have any powers like the rest of the princesses, but she did have her claws and they are able to cut through metal if needed to. 


Maybe she should do it without their knowledge, maybe she could show them that this was a great idea. All she needed to do was to get into the Fright Zone, and make the Horde Lord trust her. Catra tapped her finger against the war table before turning on the hologram that showed all of Etheria. She stared at the Horde mark on almost every village and kingdom around the world, they have covered so much ground. 


No, she has made her decision. She is going to infiltrate the Fright Zone, and she is going to end this war.


Once and for all. 



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Catra’s heart was pounding as she stood on a railing at the Fright Zone, she was looking down at the guards and the soldiers roaming around the place, and she knew that no one would spot her up here. Especially at this night time, it was dark and thankfully her eyesight was better than most people in the dark. She was scanning the area, trying to figure out a way in.


It was hard to sneak out here, she told Glimmer that she was heading to sleep early tonight, but she snuck out instead. She could already hear Queen Angella yell at her, telling her how irresponsible she was, how she disobeyed the queen. None of that matters, what matters is that Catra needs to find a way to destroy the Horde.


Finally her eyes stopped and focused on a door, which opened up by the guards with a password. Catra let out snarl, she glared down at a guard that just walked through the door. How is she supposed to get in there? The Fright Zone was heavily guarded, and she had to pretend to be a servant to get in there. 

Luckily for her, she also spotted a group of men and women, who didn’t wear guard uniforms. They seemed to be on their way in, and a smug smirk spread across Catra’s face. That must be the servants there, and all Catra had to do was to sneak in there among them. 

She leaped down from the tall building, and made her way to stand in line behind all the other servants. Thankfully, she wore a long cape and she pulled the hood over her head. This is so stupid. If she gets caught, she could risk it all. Who knows what kind of punishments the Horde Lord has in store for traitors? Not that it scared Catra, but all she could think about is how the princesses and Queen Angella would react if they found out that Catra was dead, or tortured. She could risk the entire Rebellion, but there is no going back. They have been walking around circles, trying to figure out a way to bring down the Horde, but it never works. 


As Catra walked slowly behind all the other servants, she kept her head ducked and hoped that she would just slide through without any problems. 


'' Your name. '' A Horde soldier said, and Catra quickly whipped her head up to stare at the soldier with wide eyes. Shit, names... The soldier that stood by the door had a badge on her chest, and she had claws, and a scorpion tail. Her hair was short, and white. And she had a list in her hand. Catra cursed herself, she had to play it cool and try to find out a way around this problem that popped up all of sudden. 


As all the servants said their names, the white-haired woman looked down at the notepad on her hand and nodded, gesturing with her claw for them to go in. And now, it was Catra's turn. 


'' Your name. '' The white-haired woman said, looking down at Catra. She was really tall, and Catra felt so small right now, but she still looked up and met eyes with the woman. 


'' Catra. '' 


The woman furrowed her eyebrows, she looked down at the notepad and shook her head slowly. '' No, no Catra here. '' The white-haired woman looked at Catra with a raised eyebrow. '' Is your name Catra? That's cute. '' The woman said, giggling a little before coughing lightly to stop herself from giggling any further. Catra could feel her eyebrow twitch at that. Sure, she is a magicat and her name is Catra, very funny. 


Catra had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, she forced a tight smile as she looked up at the white-haired woman. '' I'm a servant, brought here from Elberon. I'm supposed to be working here at the Fright Zone. '' 


The white-haired woman's eyes widened quickly before she nodded and grinned widely. '' Oh, right! Yes, yes, come on in. '' The white-haired woman said excitedly, she gestured her claw towards the open door and Catra looked straight ahead before walking in. 


It worked. Like, it actually worked. Catra was surprised, to say the least. It was too easy to lie to this person, she is either really stupid or really smart. None of that really mattered, because Catra is inside the Fright Zone. The white-haired woman followed Catra, and Catra could hear the doors shut close behind them. Catra's tail was lashing out nervously behind herself, her ear flicked as she heard the white-haired woman behind her speak. 


'' So, you're from Elberon, huh? '' The white-haired woman said behind Catra, rubbing the back of her neck nervously as a soft smile spread across her face. Catra didn't turn around, she didn't answer the woman. Actually, could she just go away? '' It's a great town, but uh, they don't usually have magicats there. '' 


Catra took a deep breath, she just shrugged as she kept walking. '' How many magicats have you come across? '' 


'' Uh, if we count with you, then uh, one. '' The white-haired woman said, blushing as she stared at Catra's back. 


'' Well, point proven. '' Catra said, letting out a quiet sigh. There weren't many magicats left around Etheria, she has never met one before and for all she knew, her species were extinct. 


Another Horde guard ran over to the white-haired woman, he saluted her before panting quietly. Catra turned her head to look at him with a raised eyebrow, it seemed like he was running all the way here for something. 


'' Uh, force captain Scorpia. There is a meeting called, and the servants are requested to serve food and beverage. '' The guard said breathlessly, he placed his hands on his thighs and let out a loud huff. 


Catra rolled her eyes, she turned her head to look ahead. The servants are requested to attend a meeting, will the Horde Lord be there? Should Catra just kill her if she was there? What if it doesn't work? No, she had to play it out, she needs to be smart about it. She can do a lot of damage at the long haul, she needs to patient. 


Scorpia nodded, she looked back at the servants and Catra with a wide smile. '' Alright, listen up. We are going to the kitchen first, and then we will serve the uh, force captains and uh, yeah... '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she glanced to the side and then to the other side to check out her surroundings. This place was a dump, there was nothing but scrap and metal. Brightmoon suddenly looked really beautiful, and like, well, a home. 


After the servants got escorted to the kitchen to bring the food and beverage, they made their way to a huge room, where a long table was set in the center of the room. There were four people sitting around the table, and all of them had a badge like that Scorpia woman on their chests. The servants stood in a line, by each other's sides and waited for... Well, something. No one really said anything, everyone were just quiet and Catra was getting tired to hold up the tray in her hand. 


Suddenly a door opened, and a bright glow showed up by the door. Catra narrowed her eyes as she stared at the bright light, she could hear footsteps and all of sudden, all the force captains stood up from their chairs and bowed down. Catra glanced at the servants, and they did the same. Everyone was bowing down, and Catra realized that the Horde Lord has made her presence now. Catra immediately bowed down, even though it stood against her nature. 


Everyone stood up, and Catra looked at the Horde Lord, and her heart stopped. She was actually really beautiful, looking almost like goddess. She had short, light blonde hair, which was faded by the sides and a slit on her right eyebrow. If you didn't know about the horrible things she has done, you would actually think she was a goddess, a light that would shine in the dark. But even though Catra was completely struck by the creature before her, she felt this anger surge through her body. 


She-Ra slowly sat down on her seat, and looked between everyone around the table. '' I'm sure you all know why I've called this meeting. '' She-Ra said, glaring slightly at everyone around the table. 


Scorpia looked at the servants and gestured with her head towards the table. Catra and the other servants began to serve around the table, bringing down glasses and pouring wine and placing food in front of them. Catra scrunched up her nose as the smell of the food clogged her nose. It smelled like it was burnt, and it looked absolutely disgusting. She was grateful for the food she gets at Brightmoon, because who could live with this? 


'' Yes. We have thought about sieging Thaymor once again, and it wouldn't be too hard, given its current state. '' One force captain said, looking at She-Ra. 


'' Why does a small town like that even matter? We have all the kingdoms in our hands. '' Another force captain said, looking at She-Ra before looking around the table as everyone stared at him with wide eyes. 


She-Ra looked at him, glaring brutally at him. '' Because, Grizzlor, I'm planning to take over all of Etheria, even the small towns. '' She-Ra muttered through clenched teeth before letting out a sigh. '' Every little inch of Etheria matters, so tell me, how does the plan look on taking Thaymor again? '' 


Catra glanced at She-Ra as she poured down wine into Grizzlor's glass. '' Shouldn't we go after the Rebellion? '' Another force captain said, Catra glanced up to look at him. He was a lizard, like a real ass lizard. 


'' In case it might have slipped your mind, I can't get passed the Whispering Woods with our weapons. '' She-Ra said, grabbing her glass of wine. '' And beside, the princesses are none of my concern right now. '' She-Ra's voice was filled with disgusts when she said princesses, like she despised them. Catra hated her, she could feel the anger inside her, and she was so close to lashing out. 


'' How about the Runestones? '' Force Captain Octavia said, raising an eyebrow at She-Ra. '' Why don't you take them out, that would mean the princesses powers would take damage? '' 


She-Ra took a deep breath before smirking smugly at Octavia. '' When the princesses gain power from their runestones, I get even stronger. Their powers are my fuel. '' She said before taking a sip from her wine glass. 


Catra listened to every word they said, her incredible hearing was so useful at times like this. But she needed to act in another way, she needs to get into She-Ra's inner circle. There is no way She-Ra would be foolish enough to spill her real plans in front of her servants, so Catra needed to move a step further. It's too risky, but if it works... 


'' If you take Thaymor back, it would be easier for you to gain access to Brightmoon. Even though the Whispering Woods is treacherous towards them who seek to do it harm, it can be really kind to those who know the area. '' Catra spit out, and looked She-Ra directly in the eyes. The blonde warrior looked at Catra, her eyes filled with shock. Everyone around the room were quiet, almost too quiet. Catra could almost hear the crickets outside the Fright Zone. 


'' Continue. '' She-Ra said, gesturing with a crooked finger for Catra to come closer. The feline took a deep breath, and walked closer over to She-Ra, her tail lashing out nervously behind her. 


'' If you take over Thaymor, you could use one of the locals to spy on the Rebellion to figure out where they are hiding. And you're right, the princesses are the least of your concern. If you're going to win this game of chess, you need to take out the queen. '' Catra said, looking at She-Ra with a raised eyebrow. Almost daring her to say something about Catra's plan. She is going to manipulate She-Ra to trust her, and play it from there. 


She-Ra looked between Catra's eyes, a smug smirk spread across her lips as she tilted her head slightly to the side. '' Everyone, leave us. '' She-Ra said, raising an eyebrow at Catra and smirking at her. Ugh, Catra wanted to wipe that smug smirk off her face, and claw her face out. Everyone left the room, and now She-Ra was alone with Catra. The feline stood still as She-Ra got up from her seat, she walked over to the feline and started to circle around her. '' Who are you? ''


Catra swallowed thickly, she didn't move as She-Ra circled around her, looking her up and down. '' I'm just a servant here in the Fright Zone. '' 


She-Ra let out a chuckle, it was almost dark, and it certainly send chills down Catra's spine. '' I've never seen you before, and trust me, I would have remembered you. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes, thankfully She-Ra didn't notice it as she kept circling around Catra, taking her in. '' I'm new here, taken from Elberon. I decided to work for you. '' 


She-Ra moved to stand in front of Catra, and Catra had to look up to meet She-Ra's gaze. She was around eight feet tall, and fuck, why does she look so beautiful in this form? '' As what exactly? A servant or a battle strategist? '' She-Ra said, looking down at Catra with a raised eyebrow. 


Catra looked up at She-Ra, she could feel her heart pounding and it was filled with anger and hate. She wanted to claw her eyes out, she wanted to do something. But Catra smirked up at She-Ra, her tail whipping back and forth. '' I'm whatever you want me to be. '' 


She-Ra started to grin wickedly, she moved a step closer to Catra and tilted her head slightly to the side. '' Oh, is that so? Are you mine, magicat? '' 


Catra wanted to glare at that, She-Ra was being so smug and so forward with her words. She must be so used to getting what she wanted in life, so used to people getting down on their knees for her. '' I only belong to myself. '' Catra spat out, narrowing her eyes up at the warrior. 


She-Ra raised and dropped her eyebrows quickly, clearly shocked to hear Catra say those words. She was also smiling, almost like she was impressed by the words. Catra didn't know how to feel about all of this, She-Ra didn't seem to be used to hearing those words being spoken to her. '' Do you have a name? Tell me, is it as beautiful as your eyes? '' 


Catra could feel the heat rise, she could feel her cheeks heat up with a soft blush at She-Ra's words. Even if she also wanted to roll her eyes at the cheeky comment. Her eyes has always been intimidating, but She-Ra didn't feel intimidated by anything. '' My name is Catra. '' 


'' Pleasure to meet you, Catra. '' She-Ra smiled down at Catra before transforming into her normal form, and this girl in front of Catra was absolutely beautiful, with ocean blue eyes and her hair was darker blonde than She-Ra's, but still as short with faded sides. The slit on her eyebrow was still there, and she wore a long-sleeved black turtleneck. '' I'm Adora. '' The woman, Adora, said with a smug smirk on her face. Catra was still shocked to see this woman, almost amazed over how beautiful she was. But she looked worn out too, like she hasn't been sleeping properly for some time now. 


Catra raised an eyebrow at the woman and crossed her arms over her chest. '' Isn't it unwise to speak about battle plans around the servants, Lord Adora? '' Catra said, hoping that Adora wouldn't notice the blush on her cheeks. 


Adora raised an eyebrow at Catra, she began cross her arms over her chest, mimicking Catra's body language. '' Do you actually think I'm foolish enough to discuss my real battle plans around common folks? '' Adora smiled at Catra, almost wickedly. '' My real plans are only for my force captains to hear. '' 


Catra narrowed her eyes at Adora, and they were locking eyes, blue oceans against the sun and the sky. Adora was just looking at her, her eyes moving to look between Catra's heterochromatic eyes. There was something about this girl, something that made Catra's hatred slowly fade, until she had to remember it once again. 


'' Well, with everything that has happened lately, maybe you could use some new blood into your circle, Lord Adora. '' Catra said, smirking smugly at Adora. The blonde girl dropped her smile, she narrowed her eyes at Catra and took a step closer to her. Her smell clogged Catra's nose, it was sweat and kind of woody. But it smelled almost familiar. 


Adora looked Catra up and down, Catra's tail whipped back and forth in anticipation. She couldn't read minds, and usually she would be good on spotting what someone was thinking. But not this time, she wasn't sure if Adora would agree to letting Catra join her or if she would kill her right on the spot. 


Adora lifted her gaze to look at Catra, she let out a soft huff before shrugging lightly. '' Fine, Catra, let's see how well you do here in the Fright Zone. '' Adora said, raising an eyebrow at Catra before pressing a finger against Catra's chest, dragging it up her neck slowly. '' I think you and I are going to do great things together. '' 


Catra stared at Adora with slightly wide eyes, her heart was pounding against her chest as she felt Adora's blunt nail against her pulse point on her neck. That's it, she got in and it felt really easy, maybe too easy. Maybe Adora has already figured it out, and maybe she is just playing with Catra. 


It doesn't matter. Whatever happens, Catra will finish the job and she will make Adora pay for everything she has done to Etheria. 


For the Rebellion. 



Adora could feel some new sense of happiness that night, something she hasn't experienced before. When she spotted Catra, her heart was racing and she could feel herself become flustered. Not that anyone even noticed, but Adora knew. There was something special about this girl, something that Adora couldn't exactly pinpoint, but all she knew is that Catra made her feel... Happy? Nervous? 


Adora was laying in her bed, looking up at the ceiling with her fingers drumming against her chest. Catra is now officially her battle strategist, and she could use this girl to bring down the Rebellion once and for all. Adora knew that she shouldn't just trust someone out of the blue, but like she thought, there was something special about this girl and Adora wouldn't pass down the opportunity to get to know her. She has already given her a great plan about sending a local to find the Rebellion hideout. Maybe she could help bring back Thaymor, and bring Etheria into Adora's hand. 


But something was still bothering Adora, maybe she wanted to visit Shadow Weaver to tell her about this amazing new battle strategist Adora found. Maybe Shadow Weaver would finally see that Adora was capable to take over Etheria, maybe she would reconsider on helping Adora with everything. Even though Adora despised her mother figure, she still saw her as a mother, someone that could be by Adora's side, maybe... 


Maybe she could finally love her. 


Adora threw her feet over the edge of the bed before getting up, she ran a hand through her hair and took a deep breath before beginning to make her way towards the prison cells. Shadow Weaver was pretty angry when Adora got the throne, she already planned to dispose of Adora for claiming the throne herself and not give it to Shadow Weaver. But after years of benig nothing, but a weapon, Adora got pretty tired of it and decided to take what belonged to her. All of this was possible because of her. 


Adora opened the door to the prison cells, she took quiet steps towards the cell where Shadow Weaver was being locked up in. '' Shadow Weaver, are you awake? '' Adora whispered, biting her bottom lip nervously. 


She could hear shuffling, the room was dark and it was hard to see properly until Adora's eyes adjusted to the darkness. A shadowy figured appeared to stand up, looking at Adora. 


'' I am now. I thought I raised you to have more manners than this. Waking up an old woman this late is not such a kind thing to do. '' Shadow Weaver said, folding her hands in front of her. 


Adora let out a sigh, she walked closer to the prison cell until her hands grabbed onto the bars. '' I know, but uh, I wanted to tell you the great news. '' Adora said, smiling slightly at Shadow Weaver. 


'' What is it? '' Shadow Weaver asked, walking closer to the doors. Her cold hands slowly wrapped around Adora's hands on the bars. 


Adora glanced down at their hands, Shadow Weaver's hands were cold and it felt weird to feel them on her own hands, but still, there was some kind of familiarity with this. Adora lifted her gaze to look at Shadow Weaver with a soft smile. '' I have a new battle strategist, she is really amazing. '' 


Shadow Weaver tilted her head to the side, she looked at Adora with narrowed eyes. '' Who is this new battle strategist? '' 


Adora's smile brightened at that question, remember Catra made Adora feel a little bit happier right now. '' Her name is Catra, and she is a magicat. '' 


Shadow Weaver's eyes widened, clearly shocked to hear about Catra's origin. '' That's impossible. Hordak wiped them all out a long time ago. '' 


Adora nodded quickly, smiling brightly at Shadow Weaver. '' I know, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see her myself. '' 


'' Tell me about her. '' Shadow Weaver said, brushing her thumbs over Adora's knuckles. 


Adora let out a soft sigh, shaking her head slowly. '' She is absolutely beautiful, and she wanted to work for me. She is really smart, and I haven't gotten the opportunity to really see how smart she is, but I have a feeling that she will bring the Horde to greatness alongside with me. '' 


Shadow Weaver let out a dark chuckle, making Adora drop her smile immediately. Shadow Weaver looked at Adora with pity in her eyes, she slowly reached a hand between the bars and caressed Adora's cheek gently with her palm. '' My sweet Adora, no matter how ruthless you pretend to be, you'll always be weak in some way. '' 


Adora's eyes widened slightly, she dropped her hands from the bars and looked at Shadow Weaver. '' What do you mean? '' 


'' I can see it in your eyes, so desperate for someone to love you that you'll trust anyone who show you some kindness. '' Shadow Weaver said, dropping her hand from Adora's cheek. 


The blonde girl took a step back, her mouth agape. She wanted to say something, wanted to prove her wrong. This wasn't about love, this was about the war. To win it. To bring the Horde to glory. It wasn't- But nothing came out, she couldn't say anything. 


'' Do you actually think that someone wanted to work for you willingly? Do you actually believe that the people around you loves you? They are here because they fear you, because you are a monster. It would be so much better for everyone if you just died. '' Shadow Weaver said, glaring at Adora. 


Adora's heart was pounding as she stared at Shadow Weaver, tears threatened to spill from her eyes and she couldn't help the teardrop that rolled down her cheek and dropped down on the cold floor. '' That's not true, I- '' 


'' Isn't it? '' Shadow Weaver said, grabbing onto bars as she leaned closer to Adora. '' Don't forget that I raised you, and if I can't love you, no one can. '' 


Adora started to glare brutally at Shadow Weaver, she balled her fists against her sides and took a step forward, closer to her mother figure. '' That's only because you're incapable of love. '' 


Shadow Weaver tilted her head to the side, she and Adora were standing face to face. '' Or maybe you're impossible to love. '' 


Adora's eyes softened there, it was a mistake to come here, to think Shadow Weaver would be happy for her. No matter what she does, she will always be hated. By her own mother. Nothing mattered, but she is going to prove her wrong. She and Catra will prove her wrong. Adora wasn't a monster, she couldn't be one. No matter what Shadow Weaver believes. 



Catra was walking into the Whispering Woods, her hood was over her head and she made sure that she wasn't being followed by anyone. After her conversation with Adora, the warrior made sure that Catra would get her own room in the Fright Zone, somewhere to be. It was mandatory for the battle strategists to stay in the Fright Zone, in case an emergency came up. Catra counted on that, it was a little surprising how easy Adora trusted her. Maybe she was lonely? 


Catra managed to send Glimmer a letter, asking her to meet up with her in the Whispering Woods. Luckily for both of them, they pretty much grew up in the Whispering Woods, knowing the place like the back of their hands. Catra walked over to a big rock where she was supposed to meet up with Glimmer, and now she waited. She hoped that Queen Angella didn't find out about their secret plan, Catra explicitly told Glimmer to not tell anyone and to come alone. It wouldn't surprise Catra if Glimmer even came with Bow. 


It didn't matter, Bow wasn't the problem, but Queen Angella was. She was like a mother to Catra, and she never approved of this risky plan. 


It was dark in the Whispering Woods, Catra's ears flicked with every sound of rustling bushes, knowing fully well that the Whispering Woods was full of animals. She wasn't scared, but the Whispering Woods had a bad habit to just pop something hideous out of the bushes to attack people. Could Glimmer hurry up? Jeez, for being a princess that can teleport, she is really bad at keeping the time. 


Ten more minutes passed, and Glimmer was still nowhere to be seen. Catra almost gave up, she almost made her way back to the Fright Zone. Maybe Glimmer didn't get her letter after all?  Just when Catra decided to leave, her ear flicked and suddenly Glimmer popped up in fornt of her through teleportation. Catra let out a loud shriek, jumping back on her hands and feet with her tail fluffing up behind her. She hissed and glared at Glimmer, who decided that it was really funny and started to laugh. 


'' I hate you. '' Catra muttered through clenched teeth, standing up on her feet with a brutal glare towards Glimmer. She grabbed onto her tail, straightening up the fluffed up fur on it. 


Glimmer continued to laugh until tears formed in her eyes, she slapped her thigh and shook her head. '' That will never stop being funny. '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she ran her hand through her hair and shook her head slowly. '' So you decided to actually come? I was worried that you didn't get my letter. '' 


Glimmer stopped laughing, she looked at Catra and raised an eyebrow. '' Sorry, I got delayed. I tried to brush off mom from me, she was hovering over me at all times. '' 


'' I'm surprised she is awake this late. '' Catra said, walking over to the big rock before jumping onto it, slowly sitting down. 


'' She couldn't sleep, because someone wasn't home. '' Glimmer said, clearly talking about Catra. She narrowed her eyes at Catra. '' Seriously, where have you been? '' 


Catra looked at Glimmer, she chewed on her bottom lip before shrugging. '' At the Fright Zone. '' 


Glimmer's eyes widened quickly. '' What?! '' 


Catra's eyes were wide before she started to glare. '' Could you keep your voice down? I would rather not be attacked by some of these animals. '' Catra said, looking around her surroundings. She would leave Glimmer and run off if they got attack by anything bigger than both of them. 


'' Have you lost your mind? '' Glimmer said, walking closer to Catra. '' What do you mean you've been at the Fright Zone? '' 


Catra looked at Glimmer, she let out a sigh, her tail whipping behind her. '' I decided to carry out with my plan. '' 


Glimmer glared at Catra, crossing her arms over her chest. '' And you didn't think about telling me before walking into a death trap? '' 


Catra shrugged once again before looking down at the ground. '' It's a good plan, Queen Angella doesn't agree with it because it's me. But I'm right for this job, I can do this. '' 


Glimmer's eyes softened, she let out a sigh and leaned her back against the stone. '' So how did it go? '' 


Catra looked at Glimmer, a slight smirk spread across her face. '' Like a charm, I think. I managed to get a seat by the Horde Lord's battle table. '' 


Glimmer looked up at Catra with wide eyes, shocked to hear that it went by that fast. '' You met her already? '' 


Catra nodded slowly, she did meet her and she wasn't what Catra expected at all. The memory of Adora's eyes looking into hers spread across Catra's mind, reminding her how beautiful the blonde girl really is. '' Yeah, I did. '' 


'' How was she? '' Glimmer asked, curious about the Horde Lord. 


Catra shrugged, she looked at Glimmer and pierced her lips into a thin line. '' Different than we thought, she was kinda- '' Catra let out as sigh, shaking her head. '' Just different. '' 


'' Well, now that you're seated by her table, maybe we should just stick to that plan and- '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, shushing Glimmer in the middle of her sentence. '' Hold up. '' Catra said, her ears flicking as she heard some noise coming from the sky. Catra looked up at the sky, past all the trees and her eyes widened when she noticed large wings. '' Oh shit. '' Catra said before groaning loudly. 


In front of Catra and Glimmer, landed Queen Angella with a brutal glare in her eyes. She looked at Catra, balling her fists against her sides out of frustration. '' Where have you been!? '' Queen Angella roared, glaring at Catra. 


Catra jumped down from the rock, she looked up at Angella with an awkward grin. '' At the Fright Zone. '' There was no point in lying, Queen Angella would figure it out sooner or later anyways. 


'' You disobeyed my direct orders, Catra! You are lucky to be here right now, something horrible could've happened to you! '' The Queen Angella yelled, stepping closer to Catra. She sounded just like a mother who was worried about her child, nothing else. 


'' Yeah, but I'm here, aren't I? '' Catra said, glaring up at Angella. She was getting frustrated too, she just wanted Angella to see that Catra was capable to pull this through, to end the Horde this way. 


'' You are coming back home with me, do I make myself clear? There is no way that you're going back there, and-and... '' Queen Angella furrowed her eyebrows, thinking about what to say next. Queen Angella proceeded to glare at Catra again, her wings expanding behind her back. '' And you're grounded! '' 


Catra's eyes widened, her tail fluffing up behind her. '' What?! '' 


'' You heard me. Let's go. '' Queen Angella said, turning around to walk away and expecting Catra and Glimmer to follow her. Glimmer was just watching it all unfold, she didn't say anything and Catra wished she did, but she get it. Queen Angella was hard to argue with. 


'' No. '' 


Queen Angella turned around with furrowed eyebrows, shocked to hear Catra disobey her so openly. '' What? '' 


'' No. '' Catra glared at her before sighing, she bowed down with one knee. '' With all due respect, Queen Angella, no. I'm really positive about this plan, I know it will work if you just gave me the chance to prove myself to you. '' 


Queen Angella walked over to Catra, she put her hands on Catra's shoulders and pulled her up again. Catra looked at Angella with soft eyes, her heterochromatic eyes locking eyes with the queen. The queen's gaze wasn't unfriendly, she was just worried and you could see that.


'' My dear Catra, you don't need to prove yourself to me. I know what you are capable of, but you need to understand that I worry. I care about you, and I see you like my own daughter. This is too dangerous, and I don't know what I would do if I lost you. '' Queen Angella said, smiling softly down at Catra before reaching a hand up to adjust Catra's headpiece. 


'' Trust me, I have already gained a seat at the Horde Lord's table. I can get us the information needed to stop this war. I will be okay. '' Catra reassured the queen, hoping she would bend to accept this plan. 


'' In one condition, Catra. '' The queen said with a sigh, shaking her head slowly. Knowing fully well that Catra was stubborn '' You will report every night, okay? If I don't hear from you every night, I'm going into the Fright Zone, even if it costs my life. '' 


Catra stared up at her, unsure what to do. She didn't know if she would be able to write every night, but this needed to be done. So Catra nodded, a slight smile spread across her face.


'' I will make sure to meet you, as well. It would be hard to not see your faces. '' Catra said, shrugging lightly. She looked at Glimmer with a sad smile, the other girl was staring at Catra with tears in her eyes. 


This is it. 


The plan can begin. 


Chapter Text

Adora took a deep breath as she stood outside the door of Catra's room, her fists were clenching by her sides as she tried to build up the confidence to talk to the magicat. It was early in the morning, but this was usually the time everyone in the Fright Zone woke up, so Catra would probably be awake as well. Who could sleep through the loud alarm clock that keeps buzzing around the entire Fright Zone? It would be impressive if she did though. 


Adora grabbed onto the door handle and slowly opened the door, she looked around the room before her focus stopped by the bed. Catra was still laying there, nuzzling her nose against the  pillow she was hugging against her chest. Adora's lips perked up into a soft smile as she looked at the magicat, she looked absolutely adorable and so peaceful. But it was time to wake up for breakfast, and maybe Catra didn't hear the alarm clock. She would probably be grateful that Adora woke her up.


Adora walked further into the room, her steps were quiet and she tried not to scare Catra awake. As she hovered over the bed, she looked down at the feline and swallowed thickly. Her hand reaching down to touch Catra's shoulder and shake her awake. Catra let out a muffled groan, her eyebrows furrowed and her nose was scrunching up. 


'' Catra, you have to wake up. '' Adora whispered, she kept shaking Catra's shoulder gently. It felt almost illegal to wake this beautiful creature, to disturb her peace like this, but it had to be done. They would discuss battle strategy after breakfast, and Catra needed to be there. So Adora tried again. '' Catra, you have to- '' 


Catra quickly opened her eyes and jumped back on her hands and knees, her tails fluffing up as she hissed violently at Adora. Adora's eyes were wide as she stared at Catra, but she didn't flinch, she didn't move, she just looked at Catra and felt some sort of guilt for scaring Catra like that. 


Catra's gaze softened as she stared at Adora, she could feel her heart beating faster against her chest. How would you react? Waking up and seeing Etheria's most fearful enemy look at you, waking you up? There was a second when she forgot about her mission, she didn't even get to wake up properly and gather her thoughts when she met those blue eyes staring at her. Catra let out a growl and sat up on her knees, she ran a hand through her hair as she glared slightly at Adora. 


'' What are you doing here? '' Catra said, almost growling as she got up from the bed. She let out a sigh as she walked towards a mirror, her eyes felt heavy and she didn't really sleep that well tonight. She was feeling uncomfortable sleeping in a Horde bed, something she never thought she would do. It was different from Bright Moon. This bed was hard, and uncomfortable. Unlike Bright Moon's warm and fluffy beds. 


Adora smiled behind Catra, she shrugged lightly and tilted her head to the side. '' Well, I'm in charge of this place, so I can do whatever I want. '' She couldn't get over how cute Catra looked right now, Adora almost felt herself become all flustered and nervous around her presence. 


Catra turned around, she crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at Adora. '' So what? Privacy is not a thing here in the Fright Zone? '' 


Adora took a step closer until she and Catra stood face to face, their chests pressing against each other as Adora looked down at Catra. '' Is what what you want? '' Adora asked, raising an eyebrow at Catra. 


Catra's eyes glanced down at Adora's lips before forcing herself to meet Adora's gaze, there was something behind those blue eyes, something that made Catra's breath hitch quietly. '' I want a lot of things. '' 


Adora started to smirk smugly down at Catra, her eyes piercing into Catra's as she whispered. '' Am one of those things? '' 


Catra tried to fight the urge to roll her eyes at the smugness Adora was showing. Clearly no one has ever put this girl into her place, but Catra is not one to keep her mouth shut when she has something to stay. '' Has anyone ever told you how full of yourself you truly are, Lord Adora? '' Catra said, narrowing her eyes at Adora. 


Adora let out a soft chuckle, the corners of her eyes wrinkled up as she tossed her head back, closing her eyes. Catra's eyes softened as she stared at Adora, her laugh sounded really beautiful. Adora looked at Catra with a soft smile, shaking her head slowly. '' No, because no one has ever dared to speak to me like that. '' 


Catra smiled bitterly at Adora before shaking her head. '' Allow me to be the first. '' Catra said before walking past Adora, her tail slapping Adora's arm gently, causing the blonde girl to look down at her arm with a smile. 


'' That's what I find so interesting about you, Catra. '' Adora said, following Catra around the room like a lost puppy. '' You are the first person who hasn't bowed down to me when I enter the room, the first person who dares to speak to me like that. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes, not turning around to face Adora. What if she could see right through her? What if Adora finds out the truth? There is no way in hell that Catra would be able to get out of this alive if Adora finds out that she is working for the Rebellion, for the enemy. '' I'm glad I can keep you entertained, my lord. '' Catra simply said, putting her face mask over her head before turning around to look at Adora. 


'' You do. I mean, it's- '' Adora looked between Catra's heterochromatic eyes, her heart stopping at the sight of them. They were beautiful, just like Catra herself. It was hard to focus, hard to breathe properly. Adora could feel the faint blus on her cheeks, and given her pale skin, it would be hard to miss as the color change. 


'' Yeah? '' Catra asked, crossing her arms over her chest once again and raising an eyebrow at the blonde girl. 


Adora cleared her throat, shaking her head as she grinned at Catra. '' Are you hungry? '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she didn't know if she was hungry or not right now. Maybe too nervous to eat? Maybe she just wasn't hungry? She couldn't exactly starve herself right now, so she nodded slowly. '' Yeah, sure. '' 


Adora smiled brightly, she nodded and gestured with her head towards the door. '' Good, because it's the gray kind today, and those are great. '' 


Gray kind? Okay, now Catra was fearing breakfast. What even is the gray kind? It sounded gross, honestly, but maybe it's not? If the Horde Lord eats it, maybe it's better than Catra thinks. 


As they made their way towards the dining hall, Catra was pretty much quiet. She had no idea what to tell her enemy as they walked side by side. 


'' Trust me, it isn't as bad as you think. It sounds- '' Adora shrugged, she let out a soft chuckle and looked at Catra with a smile. '' It sounds kinda gross, but it's good. '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she looked at Adora with a raised eyebrow. '' I would assume that the Horde Lord would eat something fancier than gray ration bars. '' 


Adora let out another soft chuckle, she looked ahead and smiled softly. '' Yeah, I mean, I can totally do that, but I prefer to eat the gray kind. It reminds me of the time when I was a cadet here in the Horde. '' Adora said, shrugging lightly as she looked at Catra. 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, her tail was whipping back and forth behind her. So the Horde Lord was a cadet here before everything? That's interesting. What made her rise to power like this? Except for She-Ra maybe? Maybe she overthrew the throne by transforming into She-Ra. 


'' Oh, you used to be a cadet? '' Catra asked, raising an eyebrow at Adora. 


Adora nodded once as they stopped in front of a big door. '' Yeah, a long time ago. '' Adora said, looking at Catra with a grin. She opened the door for Catra with a dopey grin on her face. Catra narrowed her eyes at Adora before walking through the door. '' Don't be shy, Catra, try to make some friends. '' 


'' Are you not coming? '' Catra asked, looking at Adora over her shoulder. Why did she want Adora to come with her? Was she feeling safer with the warrior? 


'' Maybe later. I've some business to attend to, so I gotta go for now. But I will come back later to escort you to the war room. '' Adora said, smiling at Catra and tilting her head to the side. '' Wait for me here? I will be back in an hour or so. '' 


'' Fine, I guess I will see you later, my lord. '' Catra said with a light shrug. Adora smiled softly at Catra before closing the door as she left. Catra turned around to look at the dining hall, there were a lot of tables and chairs, and people fought, talked, and ate their ration bars. This whole place smelled like sweat, it was disgusting. Catra almost cursed her own smell sense, she smelled every bit of odor coming from each of the guards and cadets. 


Catra let out a groan as she walked towards the food station, where they were handing out ration bars for everyone. Catra didn't say any plates, but she noticed everyone eating with their hands, causing her to scrunch up her nose. So that's what she will do... Great. She let out a sigh and grabbed a ration bar before making her way towards a table with less people on it. Her plan to spy on the Horde Lord has been going sideways. Sure, Adora didn't seem to leave Catra's side, but she was now somewhere, probably planning something and Catra has no idea. 


Catra took a seat and looked at the ration bar in her hand with a disgusted look on her face. It smelled weird, maybe it tasted better than it looked and smelled. Catra slowly sunk her fangs into the ration bar with her eyes closed to take a bite off it, she pulled back and chewed on it slowly. It tasted like actual mud. Fuck... Catra let out another groan, she tossed the ration bar onto the table and glared at it. Guess she will just walk around hungry. 


'' Oh man, that's such a waste. '' Someone said next to Catra, and that voice was too familiar. Catra looked up at Scorpia with a slight glare. 


'' Oh, you again. '' Catra mumbled through clenched teeth before crossing her arms over her chest and looking down at the table. 


Scorpia smiled brightly as she sat down next to Catra, maybe a little too close. '' You don't like it? '' Scorpia said, glancing at the ration bar on the table before looking at Catra with a confused look on her face. 


Catra looked back at Scorpia, her eyes slightly wide as she stared at her, unsure what to say. '' Uh, not really, I'm not used to this kind of food, so I just need to get used to it. '' Catra shrugged lightly. 


Scorpia let out a soft chuckle and nodded. '' Yeah, I mean, I prefer the brown kind anyways. '' 


Catra scrunched up her nose at the mention of a brown kind, that sounded even worse. '' Uh, okay, no. '' Catra said before letting out a sigh. She furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head slightly to the side as a smug smirk spread across her face, an idea popping up in her head. '' So you're a force captain, huh? '' 


Scorpia's lips spread to a bright smile, she nodded quickly. '' Oh yes, it has been so much fun to be next to Lord Adora. '' 


Catra raised an eyebrow, she nodded slowly as she listened to the scorpion. '' And you're a part of the war table? '' Scorpia's smile dropped and she narrowed her eyes at Catra, causing the feline to drop her smug smirk and look at Scorpia with wide eyes. '' Uh, I was just wondering- '' 


'' Oh, you're trying to learn the ropes! '' Scorpia said excitedly, her bright smile back on her face. '' Do not worry, wildcat, I'll make sure to give you all the tips on how to succeed next to Lord Adora. We will have her impressed, you and I. The super pal duo! '' Scorpia said excitedly, throwing an arm over Catra's shoulder with excitement. 


Catra's eyes were wide, she stared at Scorpia with utter disbelief, unsure on how she managed to get into this situation. And- Wait, what? Super pal duo? Oh no. Catra groaned internally before grabbing onto Scorpia's claw around her neck and removing it from her. '' Uh, great, but uh, I wanted to know where the war room was. '' 


Scorpia's smile dropped slightly as she looked around the dining hall. She hummed quietly, obviously looking for something. Catra furrowed her eyebrows as she watched the white-haired woman look around all confused. Ugh, maybe this was the wrong person to manipulate. '' I know where it is. '' Scorpia said, looking at Catra with wide eyes. '' I'm just not sure if we should go there now, or- '' 


'' You know, never mind. '' Catra said, getting up from her seat. '' I will just find it myself. '' Catra said with a slight smile before making her way towards the exit of the dining hall. 


'' Oh, wait! '' Scorpia called behind her, causing Catra to close her eyes and inhale deeply in annoyance. She won't be able to get rid of this one any time soon. Scorpia caught with Catra and looked down at her with a smile as they kept walking towards the exit. '' I can come with you! It's easy to get lost in the Fright Zone. '' 


'' I'll manage. '' Catra simply said without looking at Scorpia, almost glaring in front of her in annoyance. 


'' Oh, I insist. We could be best friends, and I will teach you everything you need to learn. Most of it was covered in Force Captain Orientation, which I guess you didn't go to, because well, you are new here and uh- '' 


'' Force Captain Scorpia. '' A stern voice said behind them, causing both the girls to turn around and stare at Adora. Scorpia immediately bowed down to Adora, her head ducked. Catra looked at Scorpia before looking back at Adora, and against the voice in her head telling her not to, Catra bowed down on her knee and ducked her head as Adora came closer to them until they could see her shoes. 


'' Lord Adora, I was just escorting Catra to the war room. '' Scorpia said without raising her gaze to meet Adora's eyes. 


Adora turned her head to look at Catra with furrowed eyebrows. '' Stand up, both of you. '' Adora said, noticing how everyone's eyes were upon them around the dining hall. Adora always had her posture straight, her head up high and she radiated pure leader energy. Both Catra and Scorpia stood up, following Adora's order. '' Thank you, Scorpia. But I will take it from here. '' 


Adora walked past Scorpia and Catra rolled her eyes before turning around to follow Adora. She was sort of grateful that Adora was able to remove Scorpia from Catra's shoulders, but at the same time, she would have to spend time with the enemy again and she just wished she could just kill Adora right now, but the entire plan will fail if she tries and fails. 


They walked through an hallway, Adora looked at Catra with a soft smile. '' I thought I would show you to the war room. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes, she looked at Adora and crossed her arms over her chest as they kept walking. '' So the Horde Lord is showing me around? Should I be flattered? '' Catra aid before looking straight forward again. 


Adora let out a soft chuckle, she looked forward as well and shrugged. '' I have guards for that, but I think you deserve the best experience. '' Adora smirked and stopped on her tracks, causing Catra to stop as well. 


'' So what? '' Catra asked, raising an eyebrow as she turned to face Adora properly. '' Are you the best experience? '' 


Adora smirked smugly, she took a step forward, causing Catra to take a step back with her eyes wide. Another step forward, another step back. Until Catra's back hit the door, causing the feline to let out a hitched breath. She looked between Adora's eyes, there wasn't anything threatening in them, but still, Catra couldn't help but to extract her claws by her sides. Adora was looking at Catra like she was a piece of meat, something she wanted to eat. Never once before has Catra felt like a prey.


Until now. 


Adora leaned her face closer, their faces inches away from each other. Adora's eyes fell down to Catra's lips before she averting her gaze to look back into Catra's eyes. '' How about you come and find out? '' Adora whispered seductively, looking between Catra's eyes with a smug smirk on her lips. 


Catra's eyes were wide as she stared into Adora's eyes, she felt herself become all flustered at the lack of space between Adora and herself. Her heart was beating a bit faster, and she could feel her core heating up. The way Adora was staring at her was too intimate, too nerve-wrecking. It was hard to make up time and space right now. Catra swallowed thickly, her claws returning into her paws. It was too quiet right now, Catra could only hear their heartbeats and it was quick. Both of them. Even Adora. 


'' We are going to be late for the meeting. '' Catra whispered back, her eyes trailing down to look at Adora's lips before forcing her eyes to meet Adora's gaze again. 


The warrior smirked even wider at Catra before a bright light surrounded her, Catra closed her eyes when it became too bright and when she opened them again, she was met with light blue eyes looking down at her. Adora is She-Ra now, towering over Catra with her might self. She was so gorgeous, it was hard to focus properly right now. Catra could feel herself blush, and she hated herself for it. 


She-Ra slowly pressed her hand against the door behind Catra, and it slowly opened up. '' Let's go. '' She-Ra said, still looking down at Catra with a raised eyebrow. The feline let out a soft sigh, her ears were flat on her head as she turned around to walk into the war room. She-Ra slowly followed Catra into the war room, and to Catra's surprise, most of the force captains were already seated around the table. How did they even get her so fast? Maybe there is more doors that leads to this room. 


Everyone stood up when they noticed She-Ra entering the room, they bowed down at her and She-Ra could feel all the power she possessed. Catra wanted to roll her eyes, she wanted to tell all of them how stupid they were being for following this tyrant. But she couldn't. 


They all got seated behind on their chairs around the table, and She-Ra pulled out a chair for Catra to sit on, which the feline did. And then She-Ra sat down next to Catra, looking at her with a smile before looking over at her force captains. '' Alright, let's discuss the siege of Thaymor. '' 


'' We should maybe wait. '' Octavia said, looking at She-Ra. '' I mean, it's currently occupied by the Rebellion, it would be hard to find a way to circle them. Especially with princess Glimmer's teleportation. '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she looked down at the war table and noticed a huge map on it. Some part of it had Horde signs on it, some were empty, meaning that the Rebellion has that territory. 


'' But if we wait, there is a huge chance that the Rebellion will take some other place, maybe one of the larger kingdoms. '' Grizzlor said, looking at Octavia and shaking his head. 


'' Oh, oh! '' Scorpia said, raising her hand excitedly, causing everyone to look at her with slightly wide eyes. '' What if we just use the bots to shoot at them as distraction until we have an opening? '' 


Catra raised an eyebrow, that wasn't an entirely bad idea. She was listening carefully at their suggestions, trying to figure out a way to beat them. 


She-Ra looked at Catra as everyone discussed around the table, her eyebrows were furrowed as she observed the magicat. Catra didn't say anything, maybe she was shy? But she was being too quiet, and given the way she has spoken so far, Catra didn't have any problems with being talkative. 


'' And how do you see on it, Catra? '' She-Ra said with a calm tone. Everyone around the table went quiet as they stared at Catra. Catra quickly looked at She-Ra when she heard her name being spoken up. Great, she now has to make up a plan for She-Ra, and it made her even angrier. But still, they are playing a long game here. 


Catra let out a sigh, she slowly got up from her seat and walked to stand behind She-Ra, her tail whipping back and forth as she slowly leaned over She-Ra's shoulder. '' If we have Thaymor right here- '' Catra said, reaching her hand down to press her finger against the Thaymor area, her mouth hovering over She-Ra's ear. Catra's warm breath send shivers down She-Ra's spine as She-Ra stared down at the map. '' The Rebellion will probably protect it by either having the princesses there or their guards. '' She-Ra turned her hand to look at Catra, their faces were just a few inches away from each other and if She-Ra just moved a little closer, her lips would be pressed against Catra's cheek. 


'' What do we do about that problem? '' She-Ra whispered, and it didn't even matter that all the force captains stared at them. 


'' Don't send any bots, even though it's a great idea. But it wouldn't be too hard for the princesses to destroy them, but if you send in a team of skilled Horde soldiers, you could probably take them all down. '' Catra whispered and turned her head to look at She-Ra, and there her heart stopped. She-Ra has been staring at Catra, and Catra has no idea why she moved to be this close to She-Ra. Why did she even get up from her seat? Then it hit her. The way She-Ra was looking at Catra, it was-


She wanted her. 


Catra stood back up properly as a wide blush spread across her cheeks. Thank god for her dark fur, the blush wasn't that visible. She hoped... Catra returned back to her seat, looking at She-Ra as the warrior smirked at Catra. '' Sounds like a plan then. What time should we strike? '' 


Catra raised an eyebrow at Adora, she was still asking her and not her force captains. '' Midnight. The enemy would probably be tired around that time, so it would be a perfect opportunity to strike. '' 


She-Ra nodded slowly in approval, why did this feel like a test? Maybe it was. Catra took a deep breath, she looked down at the table on the war map. Maybe she should just try to convince Glimmer to let the Rebellion take a fall, to make Catra seem more trustworthy for Adora. Maybe it would be easier to get on Adora's good side, if she would get a win. 


'' So, are we doing that? '' Grizzlor asked, glancing at Catra before looking at She-Ra again with a raised eyebrow. 


She-Ra looked at Grizzlor with narrowed eyes and stood up from her seat. '' Yes, we are doing that. Tomorrow, at midnight. Notify some guards and make sure that they are well rested for an attack against the Rebellion. We are taking back Thaymor. '' 


Octavia looked between Grizzlor and She-Ra before her eyes stopped at She-Ra, looking at her with raised eyebrows. '' Are you not coming, my lord? '' 


'' I'm sure you don't need She-Ra to take over a small village. If so, maybe the Horde is doing a bad job on raising soldiers, don't you think? '' She-Ra said, glaring slightly at Octavia, causing the woman to duck her head in slight shame. 


'' Yes, of course, Lord She-Ra, we will make sure to get our finest soldiers to this mission. '' Grizzlor said, looking up at She-Ra. 


'' Good, do not disappoint me. Make sure we get our victory. '' She-Ra said, looking down at her force captains with narrowed eyes before leaving the war room. Catra watched Adora leave, suddenly all angry and annoyed with everything. She was a mystery, something that Catra was trying to solve. It would be hard, but it have to be done. 



That night Glimmer met with Catra at the Whispering Woods, Catra was able to sneak past the guards and she managed to keep Scorpia away from her. It was easy to tell the white-haired scorpion to find something else to do, something that distracted her. Glimmer teleported Catra to Brightmoon Castle, where she had a war meeting with all the princesses. 


'' So you just gave them a way to siege Thaymor again? '' Perfuma asked with worried eyes, she couldn't really understand why Catra did that. 


'' Yeah. '' Catra said, nodding once and looking at Perfuma. 


'' Ugh, why are you making this so hard? '' Mermista groaned and rested her head on her palms as she looked at Catra with a tired expression. 


'' Because I needed the Horde Lord to trust me, that's all. What good would I be if I just went in there with no way to gain information. I had to impress her, and it worked. '' Catra said, glaring at Mermista before looking at Queen Angella. '' They are going to attack Thaymor again and I need you all to lose. '' 


Everyone's eyes were wide as they stared at Catra with utter disbelief. She couldn't blame them, it sounded really dumb and quite weird. 


'' You want us to do what now? '' Glimmer asked, raising an eyebrow at Catra, looking at her like she just lost her mind. 


'' I want us to discreetly give Thaymor to the Horde. '' Catra said, looking between all the princesses. 


'' That's it, Catra has officially gone crazy. '' Mermista said, throwing her hands in annoyance.


That made Catra grow even more annoyed, she slammed her hands against the table and glared at them. '' Could you all just trust me with this? '' Everyone stared at her, they almost looked too scared to say anything right now. '' I made this plan for them, and if it works in their favor, the Horde Lord will trust me even more and we can destroy her. We are playing the long game, Thaymor doesn't matter right now. '' 


Queen Angella looked at Catra with a tilted head, her hands were folded on the table. '' Catra, do you actually believe this is a good idea? ''


Catra looked at Queen Angella with furrowed eyebrows. To be honest, she wasn't one hundred perfect sure, but it's the best plan they got right now. Adora would probably trust Catra even more if they win Thaymor. '' I do believe it's the best thing we could do right now. '' 


'' Very well, and when is the attack going to happen? '' Queen Angella asked, her voice was calm and collected. 


'' Tomorrow, at midnight. '' Catra answered, she looked between all the princesses before looking back at Queen Angella. '' Try to retreat so there won't be any casualties from our side. '' 


Queen Angella nodded slowly, she placed her palms against the table and stood up slowly. '' Very well, let's do that, but I want every Brightmoon guard to retreat and leave when things get too rough. No princesses will be at sight there, do I make myself clear? '' Everyone nodded in agreement. '' Alright, the meeting is over now. You can all go and get some sleep. '' 


Everyone around the table left the room, some were excited and some were annoyed by Catra's plan, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered, but to take down the Horde. Everyone left, except for Glimmer, of course. She just walked over to Catra, who was staring down at the war table with the hologram map on. 


'' Are you okay? '' Glimmer asked, sitting down next to Catra with a frown on her face. 


The feline let out a sigh, her ears flat on her head as she looked at Glimmer. '' I don't know. ''


'' How is the spying going? You know, except for the fact that you're sitting in the war table. '' Glimmer asked, placing her hand on Catra's shoulder. 


'' It's okay, I guess. I just miss Bright Moon when I'm there, they eat something gross. Something called the gray and brown kind. '' Catra said, raising an eyebrow at Glimmer's disgusted face. 


'' The- What now? The brown kind? '' 


Catra let out a soft chuckle, shaking her head slowly. '' It's some kind of ration bar, I don't know. '' 


'' And the Horde Lord? '' 


'' Her name is Adora, and she- Well, I don't know. I think she likes me... '' Catra said quietly, almost too quietly. But Glimmer heard that, as she stared at Catra with wide eyes. 


'' Like... She like-like you? '' 


'' She looks at me weird, like really weird. Like she wants to- Uh... '' Catra couldn't say it, it felt weird to think about it. Even weirder to think about how Catra blushes when Adora talks to her, how she feels herself getting wet when Adora comes too close and whispers to her. The way Catra moved closely to Adora about some war planning. 


'' Like she wants to fuck you? '' Glimmer said, crossing her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow at Catra with a smug smirk on her lips. 


Catra blushed furiously at that, she stared at Glimmer before letting out a loud groan, pushing Glimmer's shoulder back. '' Knock it off. '' 


Glimmer let out a soft giggle before her eyes widened as she looked at Catra. Catra knew that look, a new plan has gotten into Glimmer's head. '' That's perfect. '' 


'' No. '' Catra raised a finger at Glimmer, shaking her head slowly. '' Don't you dare say it. '' 


'' If the Horde Lord likes you, maybe you should play along with her little game. '' 


Catra let out a groan and dropped her forehead against the table, causing the hologram map to disappear. '' I knew it. '' 


'' It's perfect! When she thinks you're into her too, maybe she will trust you even more. '' Glimmer said, clapping her hands together in excitement. 


Catra lifted her head to look at Glimmer with a glare. '' So, I should fuck her? '' 


'' No, you don't have to fuck her. I mean, I would never ask you to do something like that, but try to flirt with her or something. You're good at that. '' Glimmer said, grinning from ear to ear. 


'' At flirting? '' 


'' At being manipulative. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. '' Geez, thanks. '' Catra said with a sigh, shaking her head slowly. 


'' Come on, you know what I mean. '' Glimmer said, punching Catra's shoulder gently with her fist. '' It would make it easier for Adora to let her guard down if she thinks you like her. '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she looked at Glimmer and tilted her head to the side. Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, maybe Adora would let her guard down and let Catra in if she believes that Catra is interested in her too. 



Chapter Text

The siege of Thaymor went perfectly, Adora claimed victory once more and according to the reports, the Rebellion put up quite a fight against the Horde, but retreated at the end. It was satisfying, and Adora couldn't wait to rub it over Shadow Weaver's face. 


Adora was grinning wickedly as she stepped into the prison, making her way closer to Shadow Weaver. She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at the witch laying on her couch. It was past midnight, and Shadow Weaver would probably be sleeping now. Adora let out a loud cough, startling the woman to sit up and stare at Adora with wide eyes. 


'' Wake up, witch. '' Adora said, grinning widely at Shadow Weaver. The older woman let out a sigh as she stood up from the couch, she walked closer to Adora. 


'' Once again, Adora, waking up a poor woman. '' Shadow Weaver said, grabbing onto the bars of the prison cell as she glared at Adora. 


Adora shrugged before shaking her head slowly. '' I really don't care about your sleeping schedule, Shadow Weaver. You are my prisoner and I will do whatever I want. '' 


'' There is always a reason for your visits. How about you spill what you have to say and then leave? '' Shadow Weaver said, dropping her hands from the bars as she looked at Adora. 


'' You were wrong about her. '' Adora said, dropping her smile slowly. Clearly, Shadow Weaver didn't know what she was wrong about, and that annoyed Adora. '' Thanks to her, we managed to siege Thaymor once again. '' 


'' And that shows you that you can trust the girl? '' Shadow Weaver said, a wicked grin spread across her lips. 


Oh, how Adora hated that smile. That wicked, evil smile. It always made her shudder, once in fear, now of anger. '' Woman. '' Adora said, correcting Shadow Weaver. '' And yes, she has shown to be a valuable access to the Horde. '' 


'' And an emotional access to you? '' Shadow Weaver said. 


Adora let out a quiet growl, her fists balled against her sides as she stepped closer to the bars. '' After all this time, I think I can spot a traitor when I see one. '' 


'' And yet you keep giving the girl the benefit of doubt. '' 


'' She is the reason that we managed to capture Thaymor again, she has done nothing but to help the Horde, and me. '' Adora said, glaring brutally at her mother-figure. 


'' Oh, Adora, your desperation for someone to love you will be the end of you. '' Shadow Weaver said, narrowing her eyes at Adora. 


'' It's not like that, and it will never be like that. I don't demand anyone to love me, I don't need anyone in order to survive! Despite everything that has happened to me, I've grown up bigger and stronger than anyone! I have overthrown the throne and taken it all for myself, Etheria trembles before me! I'm She-Ra, and I don't need you, or anyone else! '' Adora screamed, her eyes glowing blue as anger surged through her body. Her glare was deathly, it bore holes into Shadow Weaver's soul. 


Adora turned around angrily, her steps heavy as she walked out of the prison and slammed the door behind herself roughly. It hurt, because deep down, she knew that Shadow Weaver was right, but Adora will not tremble, she will not fall onto her knees and cry. No, she is going to prove her wrong, she is going to prove everyone wrong. She is stronger than anyone has ever been, more powerful than the entire universe. 


No, Adora doesn't need anyone. 



The room was dark as quiet moans echoed around it, Catra had her head thrown back and her mouth-agape, struggling to breathe properly. It felt so good, she was so close. Fuck, yes. Catra had her eyes squeezed shut, her ears laid flat on her head as moans escaped past her lips. Her hands were grabbing onto hair as she arched her back. 


'' Fuck, yes, so good... '' Catra moaned, she could feel the heat building up in her stomach as her core was being licked, sucked and fucked by someone. Two digits made their way inside her, fucking her hard and fast. Catra's claws dug into the scalp of the human between her legs. 


Suddenly the licking stopped, the human moved up until their grunts and hot breath was too close to Catra's face. The feline opened her eyes weakly, her eyes were half-lidded as she met two pair of blue eyes looking down at her with lust. '' You are such a good kitten for me. '' 


'' Adora... '' Catra moaned, she wrapped her arms around Adora's neck as the blonde girl kept fucking her with her fingers. Just a little more... Harder... Faster... Adora... 


A loud knock on the door startled Catra awake from her dream, her eyes opened immediately as she sat up to stare at the door. She was sweating, her fur was covered with it and she was panting quietly at the vivid dream she had before being interrupted.


'' Catra, Lord Adora wants to see you. '' A voice said from the other side of the door. Catra rubbed her hands over her eyes, both annoyed and grateful for being woken up. It felt weird, she was having a sex dream about Adora and all she could feel right now was the wetness between her legs. 


'' I will be there in a minute. '' Catra called back, she was feeling unsure if it was day or night right now. She let out a groan and threw her legs over the edge of the bed. Fuck, she cursed herself for dreaming about Adora like that, even if it was beyond her own control. There is no way she is thinking about the Horde Lord like that, she would rather die. 


The guard escorted Catra to the throne room, where Adora was sitting on the throne. She had her legs spread and her arms rested on the armrests as she looked down at Catra with a raised eyebrow. Catra gulped thickly as she looked up at Adora, it was almost hard to see her. 


'' I've brought you Catra, my lord. '' The guard said, bowing down to show respect to his superior. 


'' Thank you, guard. You can leave us. '' Adora said as she got up from the throne, she took a step forward and walked down the stairs. The guard immediately walked out of the throne room, and Catra stared at Adora as she came closer and closer to her. 


'' You asked to see me, my lord. '' Catra said, suddenly remembering the dream from this morning, where her heart was pounding too fast and her breaths became uneven. Sweet moans escaping her lips, Adora's sexual grunts and fuck, the wetness was back. 


Adora smiled softly as she stood in front of Catra, she folded her hands in front of her. '' I believe congratulations are in order. '' 


Wait, what? Now Catra was confused, why is she congratulating her? '' Uh, for what, my lord? '' 


Adora took a deep breath before exhaling as she started to walk around Catra, observing her. Catra felt herself become even more flustered when she felt Adora's breath against her neck, she knew she wasn't too close, but she could still feel it on her fur. '' For the siege of Thaymor. It was a success, and it's all thanks to you. '' 


Catra let out a sigh of relief, she was worried that Adora found out about her little spionage, but grateful that she didn't know anything. If Catra didn't know better, she would say that Adora was pretty naive and it would be too easy to play with her. '' No, my lord, it's all thanks to you. '' 


Adora let out a soft chuckle behind her before walking to stand in front of Catra again with a raised eyebrow. '' How come? '' 


'' You've raised good soldiers, the Horde is a great empire and it's all because of you. '' Catra said, her eyes locking with Adora's eyes. The gaze Adora gave her was filled with pride, almost aimed at herself. She loved the praise, she loved hearing that and Catra could see how Adora was covered with her own narcissistic mind. 


'' That's true. '' Adora shrugged before grinning widely. '' But I give credit when it's due, and you deserve it. '' 


Catra nodded slowly, it seems like the Rebellion did what they had to do in order for Adora to trust Catra. This is a good start, but it doesn't make the dream any easier to handle. Why did Adora have that kind of effect on her? Unless she has a witch or something that put a spell on Catra to think that way about Adora. She probably did something like that, she is evil after all, and now that Catra has figured out that Adora wanted to sleep with her, maybe that makes sense. 


'' Well, thank you, my lord. It makes me happy to hear. '' Catra said, looking at Adora with a steady gaze. She didn't want to appear weak, or anything like that. 


Adora took another step forward, towering over Catra as she looked down at her with a smirk. Catra's tail was lashing out behind her, both in fear and arousal. '' I'm glad that satisfied you, Catra. '' 


'' What are we going to do now? Now that Thaymor is back in your hands. '' Catra said, trying to get more information out of Adora. But the blonde girl didn't seem to want to talk about anything right now. Actually it looks like she hasn't been sleeping good at all tonight. 


Adora just smiled at Catra before shaking her head slowly. '' No, not now. We will discuss that during war meeting. For now, I want you to grab some breakfast, okay? I apologize for waking you up so early, I just thought I would share the good news. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes before crossing her arms over her chest, she looked at Adora with a raised eyebrow. '' I still don't understand how you all can eat ration bars every hour of the day. '' 


Adora let out a soft laugh, a tiny snort escaped her throat and Catra's eyes widened, she started to blush furiously as she watched Adora laugh at her comment. She was incredibly beautiful, her eyes were wrinkled by the corners as she laughed and god, Catra could stare at her forever. 


'' Don't worry, you will get used to it soon. At the meantime, I will let someone deliver you better food. '' Adora said, a smile on her face. She slowly leaned in closer to Catra. '' We just need to make sure that no one else sees it, I can't handle the complaints. '' 


Catra's lips twitched into a small smile when Adora pulled back from her, the blonde girl gave Catra a small wink, something she didn't miss. '' I'm sure you can handle anything. '' The words slipped past Catra's lips, and her eyes widened when she realized that those words came from herself. Adora raised an eyebrow at Catra with a smug smirk on her lips. 


'' There is absolutely nothing I can't handle. My soldiers know that, and so do my enemies. '' Adora said before tilting her head to the side. '' You should probably hurry, before all the ration bars runs out. '' 


Catra let out a scoff before turning around to leave the throne room. '' Like that would ever happen. '' 



After breakfast, Catra made her way to her room. First, she made sure that she wasn't being followed by Scorpia, and second, it didn't seem like the Horde Lord needed her right now, so she decided to take a nap. It's still a crime that they had to wake up this early, and Catra was not a morning person. Catra let out a deep sigh when she closed the door behind herself, feeling relieved to be alone and not surrounded by horrifying Horde soldiers. 


Catra removed her headpiece and tossed it onto the bed before running a hand through her hair. She closed her eyes, inhaling and exhaling. Just like Perfuma taught her. She opened her eyes again, and her ear flicked when she heard a weird noise coming behind her. Catra's heart leaped in her chest as she recognized the sounds as footsteps. Catra's eyes widened, she turned around quickly and extracted her claws as she growled at Grizzlor. 


How long has he been here? 


'' What the fuck are you doing in my room? '' Catra growled out, her claws were ready in case it would come down to a fight. She felt both uncomfortable and angry that he invaded her room like this. 


Grizzlor was grinning from ear to ear as he looked at Catra. '' I wanted to talk to you. '' He said, taking a step closer to the feline. 


Catra glared brutally at him, she was ready to claw his eyes out. '' What do you want to talk about? '' 


Grizzlor stared at Catra with slightly wide eyes, his yellow eyes were terrifying as he stared Catra down. '' You have peaked my interest, Catra. Coming out of nowhere, impressing the Horde Lord, taking control of the planning to capture Thaymor. '' 


'' What can I say? I had to do what you boneheads were incapable to do. '' Catra said with a small shrug, she was still in position, still ready to strike. He was too close, she felt so small in comparison to him. 


He let out a dark chuckle as his hand reached up to tuck some hair behind Catra's ear. The touch made her shudder out of fear, she didn't like that. Not at all. '' Yes, but there is something about you. I think you're hiding something. '' 


Catra's eyes widened at that, she felt herself become afraid all of sudden, like everything was for nothing. What if he tells Adora about what he had found out? 


'' I don't know what you're talking about. '' Catra said, that was the only thing she could say. 


'' You know, '' He whispered as he looked down at Catra with a grin. '' You're really a beautiful creature. Whatever it is you're hiding, I promise to keep it a secret. But only, if you give me something in return. '' He said, his eyes darkened and Catra's heart stopped beating. 


She knew exactly what he meant, she felt disgusted and angry. At herself. At him. She didn't know what to do, he is bigger than her, stronger than her. Yes, she is quick and she is a fighter. But he had claws too, he had everything she had and a fight would be difficult. But she would rather die than to be used like this. 


'' Fuck off, or I swear I will kill you. '' Catra muttered through clench teeth, her hands by her sides. She was glaring at him, refusing to show herself weak. 


'' Be a nice kitty now. '' He said, grabbing onto her arm. Catra reacted immediately, she put her hand up and clawed across his face. The action caused Grizzlor to stumble back with a loud groan, his hand flying to his cheek as blood began to pour across his cheek from the wounds. 


'' Why you little- '' He said with a deep glare, he stepped forward quickly and as Catra was ready to strike again, her door slammed open and She-Ra was glaring at them. 


Grizzlor turned around and quickly bowed down to the warrior, Catra could feel tears create in her eyes and she wanted to break down. 


'' What is going on here? '' She-Ra said, stepping into the room with a brutal glare. Catra stared at her, her heart racing and she was panting breathlessly. 


'' My lord, nothing. We had a discussion about the battle plans and- '' 


'' Silence! '' She-Ra interrupted him, glaring down at him as she gripped onto the handle of her sword harder. She-Ra lifted her gaze to look at Catra with furrowed eyebrows and a frown on her face. '' What happened? '' 


Catra's eyes were wide, she looked at She-Ra and then glanced down at Grizzlor before lifting her gaze to meet She-Ra's eyes again. '' I- Nothing, Lord Adora. If you'd excuse me, I need some air. '' Catra said, she knew she was going to cry, so she made a run for it. She quickly walked past She-Ra as tears rolled down her cheeks, she closed her eyes tightly as she left the room. 


She-Ra stared at the wall, shocked to see Catra's reaction. He did something, he scared her. 


'' Lord Adora, I apologize. '' Grizzlor said, standing up to face She-Ra with a terrified look on his face. 


She-Ra slowly turned around to glare at him, she could feel the anger inside her, the hate. She grabbed onto the collar of his shirt and quickly pushed him against the wall, causing him to let out a loud whimper. 


'' What did you do to her? '' She-Ra growled, her hand gripping his shirt harder until her knuckles turned white. 


Grizzlor grabbed onto her hand, he was trying to pry her hand open, but at vain. She-Ra lifted him from the ground, his feet was now hovering over the floor. '' I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I didn't think- '' 


'' That I would find out? '' She-Ra growled, her face moving inches closer to his as she glared brutally at him. 


'' No, no! My lord, please, I'm sorry! '' He cried out, closing his eyes tightly. 


She-Ra let out a sigh, she slowly put him down to his feet again as she looked to the side, her glare softening. She heard him let out a sigh of relief, and something snapped inside She-Ra. She let out a groan and quickly shoved her sword into his chest, right into his heart. He let out a loud whimper, and She-Ra looked at him, her glare returning to her eyes. 


She pulled out her sword, that was now covered in blood and looked down at him as he fell onto the ground. His eyes closed, his heart stopped beating and the air has disappeared from his lungs. 


It had to be done. 


He was trying to hurt Catra. 


She-Ra let out a sigh, she made her sword disappear into the thin air as she looked behind her at the guard that followed her here. '' Throw the body with the others. '' She-Ra said before leaving the room with heavy steps, glaring straightforward. She needed to find Catra, she needed to make sure that she is okay. 



Catra was sitting on a roof top, her legs were tangling over the edge as she thought about what had happened. The tears in her eyes has dried after spending some time crying about all of this. She felt so angry, so disgusted. By herself. By him. He had probably told Adora everything, making her also think that Catra was hiding something. As Catra looked out at the Fright Zone, she couldn't help the feeling of longing. She missed her family, her home. She considered going back, breaking off this entire mission. But for some reason, she didn't.


S he stayed. 


'' You like heights? '' Someone said behind her, causing Catra to look over her shoulder at the person. It was Adora, and she was walking towards Catra with a soft smile on her face. She slowly sat down next to Catra, her legs tangling over the edge as well. 


Catra let out a sigh and shrugged. '' Yeah, I think better when I'm high up. '' Catra didn't remove her gaze from the Fright Zone, looking out and avoiding Adora's eyes. 


Adora nodded slowly, she looked over the Fright Zone. '' Yeah, I know what you mean. This is usually my spot. '' 


Catra's eyes widened at that, she looked at Adora and shook her head. '' I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I will find some place else. '' As Catra attempted to get up, Adora grabbed onto her hand and smiled up at her. 


'' No, it's fine. It's nice with some company up here. '' Adora said, making Catra sit down again. 


The feline ducked her head slowly, her tail was whipping excitedly behind her until Adora's hand left hers, and her tail stilled again. '' I guess Grizzlor told you what happened. '' 


Adora shook her head slowly, she looked back out at the Fright Zone. '' Not really, I kinda figured it out myself. '' Catra didn't say anything, she avoided Adora's eyes. '' But I promise, he won't bother you again. '' 


Catra lifted her head to look at Adora with furrowed eyebrows. '' How do you know? '' 


Adora smiled softly at Catra before shrugging lightly. '' I took care of it. '' Adora slowly stood up, she reached her hand down for Catra. '' Come on. '' 


Catra's eyes glanced down to Adora's hand before shifting her gaze back to Adora's face. '' Where are we going? '' 


'' It's time for training. '' Adora said with a wide grin. 


This idiot. 


Catra rolled her eyes, she grabbed onto Adora's hand and the blonde girl pulled Catra up to her feet. So what? They are going to train? All alone? Sweating? Is it sparring? Or something else. Catra couldn't really think straight right now, all she could think about is how soft Adora's hand felt on her own. She took care of it? That means she took care of him. That means Adora protected her, and suddenly Catra didn't feel so afraid anymore. 


Chapter Text

'' So how long are we going to train for? '' Catra said, letting out a sigh as she walked into the training room with Adora behind her. Catra wasn't exactly a fan of training, she didn't really like moving around a lot, she preferred to just relax and enjoy her... Eh, secret life? 


Adora let out a soft chuckle as she walked closer to Catra, she looked at the feline and tilted her head to the side. '' How familiar are you with the sword? '' Adora asked, raising an eyebrow at Catra. 


The feline looked at Adora with narrowed eyes, shaking her head slowly. '' Why would I need a sword when I have these? '' Catra said, lifting her hand and extracting her claws. Adora's eyes widened as she stared at Catra's hand. '' They can basically cut through anything. '' 


Adora smirked at Catra and shrugged. She looked around at the empty training room before looking back at Catra. '' Fine, we will do hand-to-hand combat, but uh- '' Adora took Catra's hand and lowered it down slowly. '' Maybe without the claws? '' Adora said with an awkward grin. 


Catra let out a soft laugh before raising an eyebrow, she retracted her claws and placed her hands on her hips. '' Is She-Ra afraid of some claws? '' 


'' I would rather not die. '' Adora said with a grin as she stared at Catra. She couldn’t get over how beautiful Catra looked, the thought that Grizzlor hurt her in any way made Adora feel so angry, but somehow, this creature in front of her made her forget about all her problems and responsibilities. Catra made her feel… happy? 


Catra was going through a hard time, forgetting why she was truly here. She was here to kill She-Ra, to stop the war. But adora has gotten inside her head, messing up her thoughts and dreams. Why does this blonde, goofy girl make her feel so… weak? Why does her eyes make Catra feel so calm and… It was hard to explain, but the way Adora looked at her, it didn’t feel like she was a bad person at all.


'' Fine, if you’re so scared, I won’t use my claws. '' Catra said, taking a step back and bringing up her fists. '' Is it all in? ''


Adora let out a scoff before crossing her arms over her chest with a raised eyebrow. '' Like you would be able to throw a hit on me. '' 


'' Don’t be so cocky, Adora. It’s not a good look on you. “ Catra said with a smug smirk on her face. 


Adora shrugged before bringing up her fists, an arrogant smirk spread across her face. '' Everything is a good look on me. Especially you. ''


Catra’s smug smirk on her face dropped as a deep blush spread on her cheeks. Damn, she was smooth and Catra could feel the wetness between her legs return at Adora’s comment. It made her almost angry how she could easily lose her mind with every word of her enemy.


'' Less talking, more fighting. '' Catra said, glaring slightly at Adora to distract the blonde girl from the shade of red on Catra’s cheeks.


'' You’re acting like this is a real fight. '' Adora said with a wide grin. She took a step forward as she said that. 


Catra’s heart almost stopped, maybe that’s true. Maybe she is acting like it’s a real fight, maybe her hate for the Horde Lord wants this to be a real fight. Maybe she wants to use her claws, maybe she does want to kill her right now. It would be so easy, because Adora has let her guard down, she is naive and easy to manipulate.


Catra let out a hiss before throwing a punch across Adora’s cheek, the blonde girl stumbled back with her eyes wide, her hand moving up to caress her reddened cheek. Catra’s eyes were wide as she stared at the damage she just did. 


But Adora’s chocked expression turned into a impresses expression instead, a smile spread across her lips as she looked at Catra. '' Good, you got grit. Let’s see how you handle an offense. ''


Adora took a step forward again, closer to Catra before throwing a fist towards the feline. Catra was fast enough to block it with her arm, and she noticed that the punch wasn’t hard at all. She barely felt it, so she looked at Adora with narrowed eyes. '' Why are you taking it easy on me? ''


Adora tilted her head to the side with a smirk on her face. '' Who said I was taking it easy on you? ''


'' You barely gave it your all with that punch. '' Catra said, suddenly glaring at Adora in annoyance. She didn’t like that Adora was being gentle, like at all.


Adora threw her head back and laughed, that just made Catra even more annoyed. '' Fine. '' Adora said, looking at Catra. '' Let’s be real then, if that’s what you want. ''


'' I thought this was supposed to be training, not a play date. '' Catra said, rolling her eyes. 


'' What? Do you want to have a date? '' Adora said, smirking and giving Catra a small wink. 


Catra let out a groan before glaring at Adora. '' I can’t stand you. '' Catra spat out, she didn’t care about the lack of respect towards the Horde Lord. Her cockiness was annoying, to say the least.


Adora rolled her eyes in a cocky way. '' Fine. '' Adora crouched down and her leg swiped over Catra’s legs, making the feline drop down on her knees with a whimper. Adora stood up properly, she looked down at Catra with a smirk. '' Then kneel. ''


Okay, that’s it. Catra let out a growl as she got up and pounced on Adora, the blonde girl quickly ducked away from Catra before turning around to face Catra again. '' Woah, easy there, kitten. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt. '' Adora said with a grin as she raised her fists again.


Catra turned around with a brutal glare, she raised her fists and threw a punch at Adora, who quickly blocked it and punched Catra on her side. It didn’t really hurt, but it made Catra stumble to the side at the surprise hit.


Catra growled as she raised her fists again, this was getting really annoying. Adora was mocking her by now, and she would pay for those words. Catra took a step forward, and Adora decided to throw a punch, which Catra avoided by jumping up and onto Adora’s shoulders, pushing her back with her feet before landing on her feet behind Adora.


Adora stumbled forward, getting off balance. Catra grinned widely, a victory celebration in her head. '' Ha! '' Catra shouted, pleased with Adora’s shocked expression when she turned around to face Catra. 


'' Not bad. Not bad at all. '' Adora said, grinning from ear to ear in pride. She was impressed, to say the least. 


Catra growled at Adora's nickname for her, something that just crept through her spine. That stupid nickname reminded Catra of her stupid dream of Adora having sex with her, that stupid nickname was so degrading and fuck, the way Adora said it. Catra loved it. So Adora needed to stop saying it, or Catra would lose her goddamn mind. 


'' I can do better. '' Catra said, narrowing her eyes as they both began to walk around in a circle, not removing their eyes from each other. 


'' Prove it. '' Adora whispered, and then they went on again. Punching, blocking and ducking each other's blows. Catra managed to hit Adora a few times, and Adora managed to hit Catra a few times. Most of it was blocking, Catra managed to duck away from a few of Adora's punches and it always made the blonde girl impressed. She always imagined herself to be a hard opponent to beat, but Catra did pretty great and maybe she was a fighter, a warrior. Not just a battle strategist. 


'' Had enough? '' Catra said, panting breathlessly as she looked at Adora. They were both sweating, quiet pants leaving their breaths. 


Adora looked at Catra, her face was red and she was sweating as she shook her head slowly. '' Never. '' Adora dropped her fists as she stepped closer to Catra. The feline's nose clogged with Adora's smell, her sweat. Usually she would find it disgusting, but Adora's smell was sort of addicting. '' Have you had enough? '' An arrogant smirk spread across Adora's face as she leaned her face closer to Catra. '' Kitten. '' 


Catra let out a growl, she raised her hand and extracted her claws, ready to wipe that smirk off Adora's face. But the blonde girl quickly wrapped her hand around Catra's wrist, she pressed the feline quickly against the wall and pressed her hand against the wall hard, making it almost impossible for Catra to get free as she was trapped between Adora and the wall. Catra let out a hiss as she glared brutally at Adora, her tail whipping excitedly by her side. 


Adora let out a soft huff, she leaned closer as she locked eyes with Catra. The feline dried to remove her hand from Adora's grip, but at vain. The blonde girl held it tightly against the wall, Catra's claws still unsheathed as they were both panting quietly. 


'' I won. '' Adora whispered, licking her dry lips slowly. Catra's heart was pounding in her chest, both from the adrenaline from training, and the way Adora was way too close to her right now. Their chests almost pressed against each other, their eyes locking and Adora's hand loosened lightly around Catra's wrist. 


'' You won? '' Catra whispered back, her eyes glancing down at Adora's lips before she averted her gaze back to meet Adora's eyes. 


'' Trust me. I definitely didn't lose. '' Adora whispered, she could feel her own heart beat fast against her chest when she saw those beautiful heterochromatic eyes look at her. They were so close, Catra's lips were right there and the way she was looking at Adora, she needed... 


'' I- '' Catra whispered, trying to say something, but nothing came to mind. She couldn't think properly, not when Adora's breath was tingling her nose, not when she was so close. '' Adora... '' 


Adora glanced down at Catra's lips, her mouth was slightly open and Adora's mind felt unclear. She pressed her other hand against the wall, next to Catra's head as she leaned in closer. She lifted her gaze to meet Catra's eyes, the feline didn't protest. No, she actually inched closer as well. Catra's pupils were blown, her chest was falling up and down as their faces inched closer to each other. 


Catra fluttered her eyes closed, she parted her lips slightly as Adora moved in closer to kiss her. She wanted this, despite her mind screaming at her to stop this, her body didn't obey. She wanted to kiss her, just a little closer. 


Adora closed her eyes as her lips slowly brushed across Catra's lips. Catra let out a hitched breath, a small whine wanted to escape her throat, but she managed to keep it down. The butterflies in her stomach was going like crazy. Without realizing it, Catra sheathed her claws again when Adora's lips brushed across hers. 


Adora wanted to do it, she wanted to kiss her so badly. But she wanted to do this right, she wanted Catra to feel good about this. Catra didn't pull away from her, Adora's grip on her wrist was loose and it would've been easy for Catra to remove herself from her position, but she didn't. She wanted Adora to kiss her. 


'' Lord Adora! '' A guard shouted, pushing open the doors to the training as he ran in breathlessly. 


Catra quickly opened her eyes, she turned her head to the side to avoid the guard's gaze as she blushed furiously. She bit her bottom lip, taking a deep breath.


She almost kissed Adora. 


Adora was glaring brutally at the wall, annoyance and anger crept up on her at the disturbance. She looked at the guard with that brutal glare, a glare that would make anyone bend down on their knees. '' What?! '' She snapped at the guard, causing him to take a step back with his eyes wide. Catra lifted her hand to cover her lips with her index finger, too many thoughts wandering in her head. 


'' I apologize, my lord, but uh, Salineas- It is being reclaimed by the Rebellion. '' 


Catra's eyes widened quickly, all her thoughts about the almost-kiss disappeared quickly as she heard the guard. She looked at him, her eyebrows furrowed. She was shocked, but she couldn't show it. The Rebellion has made an attack, she didn't know about this. Who planned it? She thought they would wait for her signal, not just going in. 


Adora stepped away from Catra, her glare softened before she let out a groan and glared again at the guard. '' When? '' 


'' The battle is happening right now, but they are too powerful. Your presence is requested. '' The guard said, clearly scared to be the one to deliver the message to Adora. 


Adora balled her fists against her sides, she walked over to the guard and pierced her lips into a thin line. '' Get a skiff ready for me. We are going in fast, and hard. '' 


The guard saluted her before running out of the training room in a hurry. Catra quickly jogged over to Adora, she grabbed onto her hand and looked at the blonde girl. '' Wait, wait. Are you leaving to fight? '' The worry about her friends grew, she was scared that if She-Ra went into the battlefield, they wouldn't have a chance against her. 


Adora looked down at Catra with furrowed eyebrows, she reached her hand out to her side and the Sword of Protection appeared in her hand. Catra glanced at the sword before looking at Adora again, a bright glow surrounded the blonde girl and the next minute, She-Ra looked down at her. '' Clearly, no one else is capable of handling this, so that means I have to do it. '' 


'' When are you coming back? '' Catra asked, she couldn't show her worry right now. She needed to stay calm and collected, she needed to be a Horde member, nothing else right now. 


'' Don't worry. '' She-Ra said, smiling down at Catra as the almost-kiss replayed in her head. She reached a hand down and brushed some loose hair from Catra's forehead. '' I will be back as soon as I can. '' 



Glimmer let out a loud grunt as she threw some sparkles at one of the Horde soldiers at Salineas, the battle has been going on for quite some time and Glimmer has tried to not teleport, she didn't want to waste her powers yet. 


'' They are too many! '' Glimmer shouted, she looked towards Mermista who sent a wave of water towards three guards. They were fighting in the throne room, trying to protect the runestone. 


Mermista was panting breathlessly, she looked at Glimmer and shook her head quickly. '' We can take them! '' She shouted back before jumping into the water, her legs transforming into a mermaid tail. 


Glimmer let out a loud groan, she looked around for more Horde soldiers, which she spotted and quickly teleported next to them. One of them looked at her with wide eyes, he tried to punch her, but she teleported away and the soldier managed to hit one of his own across the face. Glimmer let out a loud chuckle as she teleported over that one guard, she throw a punch at him, sending him down on the ground. 


'' Now that's cute. '' She-Ra said behind Glimmer, her sword in her hand as she smiled at the sparkly princess. 


Glimmer's eyes widened when she saw She-Ra, she lifted her fists before glaring brutally at the warrior. '' You... '' Glimmer's thoughts went to Catra immediately, did Catra know about this battle? How does she feel about this? It was all planned without her knowledge, she is probably pissed off. 


'' Pleasure to meet you, princess. '' She-Ra said, smirking arrogantly at Glimmer. The sparkly princess let out a battle cry, she blasted a powerful beam towards She-Ra. She-Ra managed to immediately transform her sword into a shield and block the beam from hitting here. Glimmer's eyes widened when She-Ra lowered her shield, it transformed back into her sword. '' That was rude. Here I was, thinking we would share pleasantries. '' 


Glimmer rolled her eyes, her fists still up, ready to shoot if needed. '' Does anyone ever tell you that you talk too much? '' 


She-Ra dropped her smile slowly, she furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at Glimmer. Yeah, Catra. An hour ago, actually. She-Ra brought back her wide grin before shrugging. '' I've been told. '' She-Ra swiped her sword through the air, sending a energy blast towards Glimmer and a couple of Rebellion soldiers, sending them all to the ground. '' Only one person is allowed to speak to me like that. '' She-Ra said, glaring and walking closer to Glimmer. 


Glimmer let out a groan, she looked up and her vision was hazy as she watched She-Ra come closer. She was scared, almost terrified. But she wouldn't let it show, not now. Not in front of her. She saw a couple of Rebellion soldiers run towards She-Ra, but she struck them down one by one with her sword, killing them on sight without stopping her movements. Glimmer had to get up, she had to fight. She can't lose them. 


Glimmer closed her eyes tightly and managed to teleport away when She-Ra came closer. The warrior looked around the room slowly, her eyes narrowed as she scanned the place after Glimmer. She was gone, but something told She-Ra that she didn't really leave. A few seconds went by, still nothing. Out of sudden, Glimmer teleported behind She-Ra and shot some blasts, She-Ra let out a growl and turned around, but Glimmer was gone again. Then the sparkly princess started to appear and disappear around the place, throwing blasts at She-Ra. 


She-Ra grew angrier by every second, frustrated as her body took the hits. But she needed to remain calm, she needed to focus and listen. Properly. She could hear Glimmer pop up behind her, and She-Ra immediately grabbed onto Glimmer's ankle, throwing her harshly against the wall. The sparkly princess let out a loud whimper as her back hit the wall, cracking it up. She-Ra moved closer, she grabbed onto Glimmer's shirt and lifted her off her feet. She pressed her hard against the wall as she leaned in closer with an arrogant smirk on her face. 


'' I can't wait to shove my sword into your mother's heart. '' She-Ra whispered, grinning from ear to ear as Glimmer's eyes widened at that. She-Ra's face was covered in blood from Rebellion soldiers, it made Glimmer sick to her guts. She was helpless right now, wasting her teleportations on hiding from She-Ra. 


'' You will never win. '' Glimmer said, glaring brutally at She-Ra as her hands tried to pry She-Ra's fingers open from her shirt. 


She-Ra let out a dark chuckle, shaking her head slowly. '' I've already won. '' She-Ra lifted her sword, ready to kill Glimmer. But she was stopped when a huge wave washed over her, making her lose balance and stumble to her side. She-Ra whipped her head to look towards the cause of this, and Mermista stood there with her trident, glaring daggers at She-Ra. 


'' I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to my kingdom. '' Mermista muttered through clenched teeth as she raised her trident over her head. She-Ra glared at her, she turned her sword around and roughly shoved the tip into the ground, making it crack towards Mermista. The cracked floor kept moving, faster and faster, opening up a hole that was aimed to swallow Mermista. 


Glimmer looked towards her friend, she quickly used her teleportation to grab onto Mermista and then reappear behind She-Ra. The blonde warrior let out a growl, she looked behind her and glared at them. '' You think it's that easy to fool me? I'm the most powerful creature of this world! '' She-Ra growled out, she swiped her sword through the air and sending a energy blast towards the princesses. 


Glimmer's teleportations were low, she could feel her magic draining with every second, she didn't have the time to teleport them away. The blast made both Glimmer and Mermista fly away against the wall, they let out a loud cry at the pain it caused them. She-Ra could hear someone behind her, screaming and running towards her. She-Ra rolled her eyes, clearly getting bored with all of this. She turned around, and shoved her sword into a Rebellion soldier. 


The soldier stared at She-Ra with wide eyes, the air disappeared from his lungs. He closed his eyes as he took his finally breath, She-Ra pulled out her sword and the soldier fell to the ground. Her sword was covered with his blood, she turned around to look at Glimmer and Mermista, who was ready to continue fighting. 


'' Okay, you know what? I'm getting bored of this child play. '' She-Ra said, pointing her sword towards the runestone. '' Surrender, retreat or I will blow this runestone into tiny pieces. '' She-Ra said, glaring brutally at the princesses. Mermista's eyes were wide at She-Ra's threat, Glimmer was glaring at the warrior. 


They lost. 


They couldn't risk it. 


Even if She-Ra has gained control of Salineas, she never once touched the runestone. They wouldn't want to risk it, they couldn't risk it. Not now, not ever. Mermista's powers would disappear, and they knew that She-Ra was powerful enough to destroy it. The blonde warrior didn't have a runestone. Well, she did, but it was a portable one, which made it impossible to destroy. They needed to destroy the sword, in order to destroy She-Ra. 


Glimmer's eyes softened in defeat, she let out a sigh and raised her hands. '' Please, stop. We surrender. '' Glimmer said, ducking her head in shame. 


She-Ra smiled at the victory, she lowered her sword and took a few steps closer to the princesses. '' Don't get me wrong, princesses, I would kill you in a second. But I want you to deliver a message to your queen. '' 


Mermista glared at She-Ra, she lowered her trident before shaking her head. '' What? '' 


She-Ra leaned down, she grabbed onto Glimmer's jaw and forced her to look at her. '' No matter where you hide or how much you fight, I will win this war and I will bring all of Etheria down on its knees. '' She said with a smirk before pulling her hand away from Glimmer's jaw roughly. 


She is going to win this war, she will control everything and no one will stand in her way. No one. Not the princesses, not Shadow Weaver and definitely not Etheria. 



Catra was pacing the floor by the exit of the Fright Zone, worried about Adora's departure. She has no idea how the battle went, she has no idea if the Rebellion managed to survive this. She was growing impatient, tired of waiting for Adora to return. She wasn't worried about Adora, she knew that the Horde Lord could take care of herself, she knew that she was powerful. It would be easier if Adora just died at that battle, but it's unlikely. As long as her family is safe, Catra doesn't care about anything else. 


Ugh, what is she saying? 


That almost-kiss has been replaying in her mind, she wanted Adora to kiss her and she almost did. The dream has occupied her mind, Adora's presence makes her feel some kind of way. She hated it, hated how Adora made her feel. Hated that she started to see goodness in evil. She hated it. She hated herself for this. But none of that matters right now, all that matters is to find out how the battle went. Did it cause any casualties for the Rebellion? Did any of the princesses fight? 


Did they survive? 


Did she have to kill Adora? 


So many thoughts, so little time, not enough space to think. 


Where was she? 


A few minutes later, the doors to the Fright Zone opened and Horde soldiers walked in, passing Catra in a formation. Catra looked around, there weren't a lot of Horde soldiers left. It seems like the Rebellion did a number on them, and she felt pride for that. But still, Adora is yet to walk into the Fright Zone. Catra watched the entrance, hoping to see Adora walk in now, so she could ask her questions. 


At last, Adora- No, She-Ra walked into the room, a tired expression in her eyes. Catra's eyes widened when she noticed the blood on She-Ra's face, she wondered if it was her own blood. No, probably not. Whose blood is that? Catra could feel her heart racing in her chest, her ears were pinned back on her head as she walked slowly over to She-Ra. 


'' You're back. '' Catra said, looking up at She-Ra with furrowed eyebrows. The blonde warrior stared down at Catra, her eyes were completely empty. She let out a quiet sigh before walking past Catra, she didn't say anything to her. 


No, that wouldn't pass. Catra still needed information, so she followed She-Ra silently. The warrior didn't turn her head to look at Catra, not once. She was clearly exhausted, maybe the battle was getting too much for her. She followed She-Ra into her chamber, it's the first time Catra has gone into her chambers and it was huge, pretty big for one person alone. 


'' Why are you following me? '' She-Ra said without looking at Catra, she looked at a mirror instead, watching the dried up blood from her enemies. 


'' I wonder how it went. '' Catra said, looking at She-Ra with narrowed eyes. 


'' It went perfectly. I had some quality time with the queen's daughter. '' She-Ra said, turning to face Catra for the first time since their walk to the chambers. 


Catra's heart stopped, she stared at She-Ra with slightly wide eyes, her tail lashing out behind her. '' Is that her blood? '' 


She-Ra narrowed her eyes at Catra before softening them, she let out a sigh and shook her head. '' No. Unfortunately not. It wasn't her time to die, even though I did consider it for a moment. ''


'' Are you- Are we still holding onto Salineas? '' Catra asked, furrowing her eyebrows. Why didn't She-Ra look so happy? What bothered her right now? 


'' Yes, we are still holding onto Salineas. They miscalculated, they thought they could defeat me. '' She-Ra said, a soft smirk spread across her lips as she took a few steps closer to Catra. She transformed back to her human shape, tilting her head at Catra as she looked at her. '' I guess I just wanted to come back home to you. '' 


Catra blushed furiously at that, she choked on her tongue and nothing came out, she didn't know what to say next. She tried to muster her words, tried to control herself. '' Adora, I- '' 


Adora slowly placed her hands on Catra's hips, pulling her closer to herself. '' I know, I don't know what to say either, I just- '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she placed her hands on top of Adora's hands on her hips and pulled them away. '' I can't. '' 


Adora's smile dropped slowly, she looked down at their hands and she hated the feeling she got when Catra pulled her hands away from Adora's hands. '' Look, if you're thinking about what happened in the training room, I- It's fine, if you didn't mean it. '' 


Oh, how it hurt to say that. 


Please, tell me you meant it. 


Catra shook her head slowly, she looked at Adora, eyes locking together. '' That's the problem. I meant it. '' 


Adora's lips twitched into a smile, she wanted to smile, at least. But Catra's frown didn't mean good news, so Adora didn't smile. She couldn't smile. Not if Catra wasn't smiling too. 


Adora grabbed onto Catra's hands into her own, the feline looked away. Adora shook her head slowly, unsure what to say. '' How can that be a problem? We feel the same way about each other, that means- We like each other. I don't see the problem. '' 


Catra turned her head to look at Adora again, what was the problem? Catra's eyes glanced down to Adora's face, where blood was painted all over her. Right, that's the problem. That is what holds Catra back. The blood. The pain. The evil. 


Adora was the problem.


Catra wanted to cry, she could feel her tears form in her eyes. She ducked her head, slowly pulling back her hands from Adora's grasp. '' You are the Horde Lord, and I'm your battle strategist. It's not professional to do this, Lord Adora. '' Catra whispered, she closed her eyes as she lied through her tongue. Letting every word slip by. 


Adora could feel her heart break at that, she took a few steps back to give Catra some space. '' Catra, please, I- '' Adora whispered, looking at Catra. What was this feeling? Like her whole world is crashing down in front of her. She feels like crying right now, she wants to break apart, she wants to break something.  


'' What happened in the training room, '' Catra lifted her head to look at Adora, her heart heavy with sadness. '' Can't happen again. '' 


There it was, she could hear it. The crack on her heart. It left her shocked, speechless and hopeless. She couldn't have her, maybe never. Adora was in a position of power, she was above Catra, her lord, her ruler. It wouldn't be professional, but she wished Catra would rule with her, side by side.


Catra turned around, she left the room with tears rolling down her cheeks and she wrapped her arms around herself, hugging herself tightly as she left Adora alone in her chambers.


A tear rolled down Adora's cheek as she watched Catra leave, she didn't know what to do right now. She slowly looked at the mirror, she looked at the blood on her face and that tear roll down her cheek. Adora glared brutally at the mirror, she hated what she saw. She quickly punched the mirror, making the glass break, and there it was.


That reflection.


It showed her who she really was. 


A monster. 



Chapter Text

Catra walked into Bright Moon castle with heavy steps, she was glaring ahead with Glimmer following her. She was angry, frustrated with all of them for making a plan of their own without telling Catra about it, they could've risked it all. She had one goal now, she needed to find Mermista. Earlier tonight, Catra had to tell Adora that she didn't want this thing between them, and honestly, she didn't. Right? It's not right, it goes against everything Catra is. 


'' Catra, calm down, okay? It's not her fault. '' Glimmer said, panting quietly as she tried to keep up with Catra's steps. 


The feline didn't look back, she just let out a quiet growl as she kept walking through the hallways of Bright Moon city. At last, she saw Mermista standing in the hallway, talking to Perfuma. Catra could feel herself lose control, she was too angry to think about anything else right now. 


'' You! '' Catra shouted, pointing her finger at Mermista, causing the woman to turn around to look at Catra. Mermista seemed to notice Catra's anger, she crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at Catra. 


'' What? '' Mermista said, raising an eyebrow at the feline. 


Catra came face to face with the sea princess, both of them were glaring at each other as Perfuma and Glimmer watched with wide eyes. '' What were you thinking? Going to war against the Horde right now? '' Catra spat out, she was really frustrated about all of this. 


Mermista shrugged, she didn't remove her glare, it almost felt like a challenge. '' I was thinking about reclaiming my kingdom. '' 


'' I had everything under control! '' Catra spat out, her glare turning more brutal by the second, her fists were balled by her sides. '' You could've risked it all! '' 


'' I couldn't exactly wait for you, Catra. I mean, it has been a week since you left us and you've done nothing for us except for Thaymor. '' Mermista said, raising her eyebrows at Catra and dropping her arms by her sides. 


'' How dare you? I'm risking my life for Etheria. '' Catra muttered through clenched teeth. How dare she speak to her like that? After everything Catra is risking? 


'' I think you're letting yourself be played by the Horde Lord. I think you're enjoying it there. Who knows, maybe you're switching sides? '' Mermista said, rolling her eyes at Catra. 


The feline's eyes softened at that, she could feel the anger surge through her body again. She was furious. Catra started to glare brutally again, she lifted her hand and unsheathed her claws, ready to strike. She let out a loud growl, she wanted to claw her face, she wanted to- 


'' Catra! '' 


Catra turned her head to look at the direction of the voice, her eyes softening when she noticed Queen Angella standing there with her hands on her hips. Clearly looking very disappointed in Catra. The feline stared at Angella with wide eyes before turning her gaze to look at Mermista, who was staring at Catra, her eyes widened with fear and panic. 


What is she doing? She has never done this before, never crossed this line. Catra slowly lowered her hand, she sheathed her claws and looked at Glimmer and Perfuma. They were also looking at her with wide eyes, they almost looked scared of her. Catra's anger slowly disappeared, she started to feel regret over her reaction, over her non-verbal threat. 


This wasn't her. 


Queen Angella walked closer to Catra, the feline turned around to face Queen Angella before ducking her head slowly. '' Your majesty... '' Catra whispered, closing her eyes as she started to kneel down. The queen looked down at Catra, raising an eyebrow at her. 


'' Stand up, Catra. '' The queen said, her voice was low and strict. It made Catra shiver, it was unusual for her to talk like that to Catra. The feline slowly stood up, she didn't raise her head to face Queen Angella, she didn't dare. She felt so disappointing. '' What is going on here? '' 


'' I- '' Catra didn't know what to say, she couldn't really explain herself because she doesn't know what just happened. She doesn't know why she got so angry, she didn't know why she raised her hand and threatened Mermista. 


'' Mom, she is just tired. It has been a lot going on for her. '' Glimmer said, walking to stand next to Catra and defending her. 


The queen let out a sigh, she looked at Mermista and Perfuma, gesturing her head forward for them to leave. As they left, Queen Angella looked at Glimmer. '' You too, Glimmer. '' 


Glimmer's mouth was slightly agape, she didn't want to leave Catra alone. But she knew that there was no arguing with her mother, even though she was stubborn and wanted to do it. This was between her mother and Catra. Glimmer let out a sigh, she placed a hand on Catra's shoulder in support before leaving her alone with her mother. 


'' Your majesty, I'm sorry, I just- '' Catra said, shaking her head slowly. Why won't the words come out? She could say something, she could defend her actions. Then why was it so hard? 


Queen Angella raised a hand to stop Catra from talking any further, she was disappointed in her. The Rebellion has always cared for one another, never wanted to hurt each other. What Catra did, was unusual and Queen Angella feared that if she didn't step in, Catra would have hurt Mermista. '' Catra, stop. '' 


The feline lifted her head, and for the first time, she faced Queen Angella's disappointed eyes. It hurt to see that, it pained her to know that she was a disappointment. '' I have to defend myself. '' Catra whispered, shaking her head slowly. Her ears are flattened on her head in shame. 


'' There is no need to defend yourself, Catra. I saw what happened, but I have no idea what Mermista said to you that made you react that way. '' Queen Angella said, curiosity in her eyes. She folded her hands in front of her, like she usually does, and tilted her head to the side. 


Catra shook her head slowly before ducking her head. '' Does it matter? '' 


Queen Angella reached a finger under Catra's chin, lifting her head to look at her again. '' Yes, it does. '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she looked up at Queen Angella with furrowed eyebrows. '' She suggested that I might consider switching sides to the Horde. '' 


'' And is that the truth? '' Queen Angella asked with a raised eyebrow. 


Catra's eyes widened, she shook her head quickly and took a step back. '' No. Never. I would never even consider joining the Horde. '' Catra said, determined to convince the queen the truth about her intentions. 


Queen Angella smiled down at Catra, she slowly removed a strand hair from Catra's face before cupping her cheek gently. '' Then, my dear child, I don't understand why you reacted that way, if it is far from the truth. '' 


Catra closed her eyes for a few seconds, collecting her thoughts and trying to calm herself down. She doesn't know why she reacted that way, maybe it was the truth. Maybe Mermista was on to something. Something that Catra hasn't even thought about. 


We like each other. 




Catra opened her eyes again to look at Queen Angella with a determined look. '' It won't happen again, my queen. I have just been stressed, and the battle of Salineas didn't help my situation. ''


'' Catra, do we need to call you back home? '' Queen Angella asked, furrowing her eyebrows as she looked sadly down at Catra. She placed a hand on Catra's shoulder, squeezing it gently. '' We do miss having you around. '' 


Catra shook her head slowly, she forced a smile. '' No, I can do this. I miss everyone too, but I need to get the job done. '' 


Queen Angella smiled down at Catra, she could remember the time when Glimmer brought Catra home with her. She loves Catra, just like a daughter, and she always felt so blessed that Glimmer stumbled upon Catra in the Whispering Woods. '' Very well, you can return there, however I want you to report in case you're not feeling well in there anymore. '' 


Catra nodded slowly, she almost teared up, but she pushed it down. She felt like shit in the Fright Zone, and strangely enough, Adora was the only reason why Catra smiled in there. It sucked. Catra wrapped her arms around Angella's waist and hugged her tightly, and the queen returned the hug. Angella caressed Catra's hair, a soft smile on her face. 


'' I promise. '' 



The next day, Adora was sitting on her throne, her sword by her side as she gripped onto the handle and pressed the tip against the ground. She felt exhausted, she didn't sleep very well tonight because of everything that has happened between her and Catra last night. She was grumpy, angrier than usual. She knew that Catra was right, even though Adora wished things were different. She respected Catra's decision, but she couldn't help to be angry with herself. 


Catra didn't want her. 


Not really. 


No one does. 


'' Bring him in. '' Adora said, looking at her sword with a glare. She lifted her head to look at the guards that were dragging a man into the throne room, his legs were dragged over the ground as he had his head ducked, the guards were holding onto his arms. 


'' My lord, you wanted to see me. '' Catra said, peaking her head into the entrance of the throne room. Adora lifted her head, looking past the guards and towards Catra. She looked beautiful, like always. But something was bothering her, and would Adora be out of line if she asked what bothered her? 


'' Yes, Catra. '' Adora said, trying to steady her voice. She needed to stay calm and collected, the last thing she needs is for the guards and everyone else to see her as weak. 


Catra took a deep breath, she walked towards the throne and swallowed thickly. She glanced at the man that was being held down on his knees before taking the stairs up to Adora's throne. Adora didn't look at her, she looked just past Catra. '' How can I be in your service? '' 


'' This man is a part of the Rebellion. '' Adora said, looking at the man with narrowed eyes. '' We are going to make him talk about the Rebellion's plans and I want you to figure out a battle plan that can destroy them. '' 


Catra quickly looked at the man with wide eyes, her heart racing in her chest. She has no idea who they caught, she doesn't know what is going on at all, and she feared the worst. Adora waved her hand towards the guards, and they immediately removed the sack from the man's head. 


The man quickly looked up as he regained his vision again after spending some time with his head covered in the sack. His eyes landed on Catra, and his eyes widened even further when he saw the Rebellion spy. Catra stared at him, she pierced her lips into a thin line and shook her slowly. Urging him to not say anything about her. He seemed to catch the drift, he looked back at the Horde Lord and glared at her. 


Adora let out a sigh, she placed her elbow on the armrest and rested her chin on top of her palm. '' Alright, you little rebel, I'm really exhausted today and I want to get over this quickly, so oblige and I will consider letting you go. '' 


The man glared at Adora, he tried to pull his arms away from the guards, but at vain. He was too weak right now, they held onto him pretty hard and he couldn't get loose. '' I would rather die than to give you any information. '' He spat out. Catra glanced at Adora before looking back at the guard, her hands folded in front of her. She couldn't help him, and it made her really pissed off. 


Adora rolled her eyes, she made the sword disappear before shaking her head slowly. '' Why does everyone always test my limits? I know that people keep saying that they would rather die, but trust me, I can make sure that you wish you died. '' 


'' You are scared, I can see it in your eyes. '' The man said, a smug grin plastered on his lips before he dropped it. '' I will never bend, so do whatever you want. '' 


'' Scared? '' Adora looked at the man with a tired expression, clearly bored with this. '' Does it look like I'm scared? '' 


'' You look like a bitch. '' The man spat out with a glare in his eyes. Everyone around the throne room went quiet with that, Catra's eyes were wide as she stared at him with disbelief. She couldn't believe that he dared to speak to She-Ra that way, maybe the Rebellion was braver than they thought. 


Adora's expression changed, it became colder and more rough than usual. She looked like fire, burning with hatred and anger. It made Catra worry, she almost feared that Adora would snap and just kill him on the spot. Catra glanced at Adora, waiting for the blow. But nothing came, nothing blew or snapped. 


Adora let out a dark laugh, throwing her head back in amusement. Everyone stared at her with wide eyes, even Catra. Is she actually laughing? He humiliated her. When Adora's laughter died out, she looked back down at the man and raised an eyebrow. '' Bold of you, I can give you that. But we are running out of time, and like I said, I'm tired. '' 


'' I won't talk, so you can do whatever you want with me. '' The man said, glaring at the warrior. 


Adora let out a groan, she rolled her eyes before shrugging. '' Fine, just kill him. '' Adora said, waving her hand and looking away. 


The guard raised his sword, ready to chop off the man's head, but Catra's eyes widened and she shouted, '' No, stop! '' 


Everyone's eyes went to her, even Adora, who was staring at Catra with furrowed eyebrows. '' Why? '' Adora said, raising an eyebrow at Catra. 


Shit, shit, shit. 


Catra doesn't know what to say, she just made a mess by yelling like that. Everyone was looking at her like crazy, all eyes on her and she didn't know what to say to defend herself right now. She swallowed thickly, looking around before averting her gaze back to the man. She needed to fix this. 


Catra looked at Adora, who was just staring at her, still as confused. '' Because I- '' What is she going to do? Adora is mad at her for last night, or maybe she isn't? Catra didn't know. She needed to fix it. '' Because I have a better idea. '' Catra whispered, her tail moving up and down Adora's arm, causing the blonde girl to look at it. Catra smiled softly at Adora, her tail slowly wrapping around Adora's wrist. The blonde girl looked up at Catra, a soft blush on her cheeks and her eyes slightly wide.


'' What do you suggest? '' Adora whispered, she looked up at Catra with her eyes and they looked absolutely vulnerable. She looked so confused.


'' Lock him up somewhere, I will pay him a visit from time to time and make sure that you get the information needed to defeat the enemy. '' Catra said, raising an eyebrow at Adora with a soft smirk on her face. '' What do you say, my lord? '' Catra whispered, her tail squeezing Adora's wrist gently. 


Adora took a shaky breath before exhaling, nodding slowly before looking back at the guards. '' Uh, throw him into an empty room. Tie him up and- Yeah, make sure no one comes in and out, except for Catra. '' Adora said before letting out a soft cough. 


Catra let out a sigh of relief, she looked back at the man and watched the guards drag him out of the throne room. 


'' Long live the Rebellion! '' The man shouted before the doors closed. 


Adora watched the man being dragged out of the throne room, she still felt Catra's tail wrapped around her wrist and the feline didn't remove it from there. It felt good, it was so soft and she felt like she was in control of everything. She felt powerful with Catra by her side like this. '' Well, Catra, I'm sure you can find a way to drag the information out of that rebel. '' Adora said, looking up at Catra with a raised eyebrow. 


Catra stared ahead, she didn't want to face Adora right now. Maybe Glimmer is right. Maybe she should flirt with Adora, play along with her feelings. She did listen to Catra, and only because Catra looked at her in a flirty way, her tail wrapping around Adora's wrist. She was controlling the Horde Lord and maybe that is what needs to be done. 


Catra let out a quiet purr, her tail slowly unwrapping from Adora as she turned around to face Adora properly. She tilted her head to the side, a soft smirk on her face. '' You have no idea what I'm capable of, Lord Adora. '' Catra whispered seductively, she slowly circled the throne, her tail dragging along the chair as she walked to the other side of it. 


Adora turned her head to look at Catra, a soft sigh escaping her lips as Catra's hand reached down to run her fingers through Adora's hair before cupping her cheek gently. '' What are you planning to do to him? '' Adora could feel herself become flustered, she felt aroused and weak right now. Like Catra had her under her spell. 


Catra grinned, her fangs exposing themselves through it. She slowly moved to stand in front of Adora before slowly straddling the blonde girl's thighs, her arms resting on Adora's shoulders. '' I'm planning to drag the Rebellion's plan out of him, making him wish that he was dead. '' Catra said, dragging her claw down Adora's neck, causing the blonde girl to shiver. 


Adora didn't know what to do, Catra was sitting on her, she was touching her and Adora's hands clenched on the armrests. She wanted to touch her, she wanted to kiss her. But Catra made her intentions clear last night, maybe Adora is reading too much into this. Adora craned her neck back to look up at Catra with wide eyes. '' Catra... '' 


'' Shh, '' Catra hushed Adora, her hand cupping Adora's cheek gently as she leaned in slowly. '' I know, Adora. '' Catra licked her lips slowly, her eyes glanced down to Adora's lips before averting her gaze to meet lustful eyes. Adora was breathing heavily, she still didn't touch Catra, but fuck, did Catra want her to touch her? Why did she do this? This was such a bad idea. But there is no turning back now. 


Catra brushed her lips across Adora's, and at that moment, Adora grabbed onto Catra's hips, holding her in place. Wild eyes met the ocean as they stared at each other, words not needed when both of their wants were written all over them. Catra couldn't help it anymore, she needed to taste, to smell, to touch her. Catra closed her eyes when she pressed her lips against Adora's, she could hear Adora let out a soft sigh against her lips before kissing back slowly. 


Adora's heart was fluttering in her chest, her eyes fluttered closed when she felt Catra's lips upon her own. She tasted amazing, a mix of wood, smoke and fire. She loved it. She could do this forever, she could kiss Catra for all eternity. This... Was... Perfect... 


Adora deepened the kiss, her hand moving to press itself against the back of Catra's neck, pulling her closer as they kissed each other more passionately, more heated. Adora could feel the tear roll down her cheek, she felt so completed, so... Loved. 


Catra couldn't believe how good Adora tasted, how amazing it felt to kiss her. She felt her heart beat faster against her chest, this feeling was too overwhelming, so fulfilling. She never wanted to stop this, all thoughts of the war disappeared as she felt Adora deepen the kiss, pulling her in closer. When Catra brushed her thumb over Adora's cheekbone, it felt wet. Catra furrowed her eyebrows, pulling back from the heated kiss to catch some air. 


They both blinked their eyes open, they stared at each other with such passion and longing. It felt awful, being apart from each other. They wanted to kiss each other, they didn't want to let go. They didn't have to say it, they could feel it. 


'' Catra, I don't understand. Why are you doing this? '' Adora whispered, looking between Catra's eyes to find something, hoping to find love. 


Catra let out a sigh, shaking her head slowly. She looked between Adora's tearful eyes, guilt washing over her for what she has done. But there is a truth behind it, this wasn't just a plan to trick Adora, she really wanted to do this and she was tired to fight against it. '' Because I'm done fighting it, Adora. I want you. '' 


Adora's eyes widened slightly at those words, something was hidden behind those blues eyes. Catra's heart stopped when she realized that Adora looked at her with a mix of disbelief, want and need. It pained her to see Adora like this, that tear falling down Adora's cheek like a rain drop falling down from a rose petal. Something so beautiful, yet so ruined. There is so much more of Adora than what she lets on, than what people believe and now, more than anything, Catra wants to know what it is. 


Catra slowly leaned in again, pressing her lips against Adora's lips once more, tasting her yet again. It felt like home, and the way Adora closed her eyes, letting Catra kiss her. She could feel Adora's hesitation, but also the way she leaned in, pulling Catra closer, her hands wandering with no destination. Adora let out a soft sigh against her lips, her hands moving to grab onto Catra's hips and deepen the kiss even further. 


Catra let out a soft chuckle against Adora's lips, she pressed a hand against Adora's chest before pulling back from the blonde girl's lips. She looked down at the warrior, who was just staring up at Catra with a dopey grin and bright eyes. Catra rolled her eyes before tilting her head to the side. '' If we keep going, I won't be able to get my hands off you. '' Catra whispered, her claw dragging down Adora's chest teasingly. 


'' No one will bother us here, so you don't have to worry about that. '' Adora said before leaning in to kiss Catra's neck. The feline tilted her head to the side, a soft sigh escaping her lips as Adora kept kissing her neck slowly. No, wait, it's still too risky. 


Catra let out a whine, she pushed Adora back onto her seat and raised an eyebrow at her. '' How do you know? '' 


Adora rolled her eyes before looking at Catra, her hands were rubbing Catra's sides gently. '' Because no one dares to come in here. '' 


And at that moment, the pair could hear someone whistling nearby and both their eyes looked towards the sound. A guard was walking past the throne, whistling in boredom. Catra's eyes were wide as she watched him casually walk past them, clearly not noticing them. Adora was glaring brutally at him, unsure if he actually wanted to die or if he is just an idiot. 


But no, he still didn't turn around. He just kept walking until he left through another door. That was odd. Catra looked back at Adora with a raised eyebrow, a clear I told you so, which made Adora shut up before groaning. 


'' Fine, we will go to my room. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes, she pushed back Adora's chest and got up from Adora's lap. The blonde warrior let out a whine, she looked at Catra with a pout and it might be the most adorable sight Catra has ever seen. Catra crossed her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow at Adora. '' Do you think I'm just going to sleep with you, Lord Adora? '' Catra said before placing both her hands on Adora's thighs, leaning in closer until she could whisper into her ear. '' If you want me, fight for me. '' 


Adora shuddered when she felt Catra's hot breath against her ear, all of this felt unreal, like it was a beautiful dream that Adora didn't want to wake up from. Adora let out a soft chuckle when Catra leaned back up again, she slowly stood up and came face to face with Catra. '' Is that a challenge? '' 


Catra shrugged before smiling, she pressed a hand against Adora's chest. '' I have to interrogate the prisoner. '' 


The warrior smiled at Catra with love, her heart was filled with happiness for the first time in a long time, and she couldn't wait to show Catra off to the whole world. With her by her side, she would reign victorious above everything and everyone. They are meant to rule this world together, they were meant to control Etheria by each other's sides. She couldn't wait to show her how powerful she truly is, how much love she is able to give her. 



When Catra walked through the halls of Fright Zone, with two guards escorting her to the prisoner, she couldn't help but to linger her fingers over her lips, which were kissed a few minutes ago by Adora. It felt weird, because Catra did enjoy it and during that moment, she never wanted it to stop. But it needed to have an end, because Catra was right. If they didn't stop kissing, who knew how far it would have to go? Adora listened to her, just by Catra's tail touching her. Who knows how much power she possess of the warrior from kissing her? From... Giving her false hope. 


The guards stopped by a door, this didn't seem to be the prison, this didn't look like a prison. It was just another room in the Fright Zone. The guards opened the doors to Catra, and the feline walked in. Her ears were pinned down on her head as she took a few steps further into the room. The rebel soldier was tied up on a chair, his mouth was gagged and his eyes were blackened. It seems like the guards had some fun with him before Catra's arrival. 


Catra took a shaky breath before looking over her shoulder at the guards, she raised an eyebrow at them. '' Leave us alone. '' She said, the guards looked at each other with uncertainty before nodding and leaving Catra alone with the prisoner, they closed the door behind themselves. Catra wasted no time, she immediately walked over to the prisoner and removed the gag from his mouth. 


He stared up at Catra with half-lidded eyes, blood was dried up on his bottom lip. '' What are you doing here? '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she knew that the princesses and the queen didn't tell their soldiers about Catra's whereabouts, afraid that someone might betray them and expose Catra. '' I'm on a mission for the Rebellion, I'm here to expose the Horde's plans. '' 


The soldier looked at the door behind Catra before averting his gaze back to her. '' How long have you been here? '' 


Catra let out a sigh, she almost forgot the time she has spent here in the Fright Zone. '' A week by now. '' 


The soldier furrowed his eyebrows, shaking his head slowly. '' Did the Horde Lord ask you to torture me? '' 


Catra shook her head slowly, she looked at him, observing his face and every bruise created by the Horde soldiers. '' No, I'm here to ask you for information. '' 


The soldier glared weakly at Catra, shaking his head. '' I won't talk, and you know that. '' 


Catra let out a scoff, she nodded slowly. '' I know, but I'm not asking you to spill the real information. '' He looked at her, confused about what she is asking of him. '' I want you to play along with me. I need to distract the Horde Lord, and give her false information about the Rebellion's plans. I want you to tell her everything, except for the truth. Something that I can report to the Rebellion and make the Horde lose. '' 


'' Like what? '' He whispered, leaning his head closer to hear what she has to say. 


'' I want you to tell the Horde Lord that the Rebellion is planning to reclaim Erelandia and that the attack is happening later this week. '' Catra said, looking at him with slightly wide eyes to make sure that he understands. 


'' And what are you going to do? '' He asked Catra, raising an eyebrow at her. 


'' I'm going to plan the Horde's battle attack, but the Rebellion is going to know about the plan and beat the Horde. '' Catra answered, she looked back at the door before averting her gaze back at the soldier. '' Do you understand? '' 


He nodded once, his eyes were filled with determination and hope. The Rebellion has always been about hope, hoping that they would win, hoping that they would get free, hoping to save Etheria from the Horde's evil grasp. 


'' I understand. '' 


Catra stared at him, she knew what needed to be done next. She hated it, hated that she had to do this to one of her own. '' I'm going to hurt you now, to make all of this reliable. '' Catra whispered, she lifted a hand and unsheathed her claws. The soldier stared at her hand with wide eyes, fear replacing the hope. But he too knew that it needed to be done. 


Catra closed her eyes, she took a deep breath before opening her eyes again and slowly dragging her claw down his cheek, making him bleed. The soldier let out a cry at the pain, his closed his eyes as Catra began to cut him on different places on his body. Catra wanted to cry, she felt herself become more and more destroyed at the thought of ruining a soldier of the Rebellion, but Adora needed to believe her, she needed to trust Catra and the only way to do it is to go down at the same level as Adora. 




Chapter Text

Catra had to figure something out, she needed to make a plan for both the Rebellion and the Horde. The Horde plans are just bullshit, her real focus is on the Rebellion and she knew exactly what to do. She was annoyed, because this was a spontaneous planning, something she wasn't sure would work, but she needed to get the message to the Rebellion as soon as possible. 


Catra was waiting in the Whispering Woods for Glimmer's late night arrival. It took some time, but Catra had some time to think about her battle strategy. The Rebellion soldier is still locked up in the Fright Zone, and Catra made sure that he would tell Lord Adora that the Rebellion is planning to take Erelandia back. Adora immediately called for a war meeting, and Catra made a plan along with the other force captains. Adora seemed to think that the plan was good enough, she didn't really have much faith in the Rebellion, she is almost so certain that the Horde will win, and honestly, Catra was starting to think the same. 


It's not that she didn't believe in the Rebellion, it's just that the Horde has She-Ra, and they are ruthless, they don't care who they hurt in the process. They just needed to get the job done. Most of them had a fear of failure, it's like they don't believe they are worth something if they don't win this war. It's kinda sad, when you really think about it. Your worth is based on the number of people you kill, or destroy. 


After a few more minutes of waiting on that stupid rock, Glimmer finally popped up in front of Catra with a frown. The feline looked at Glimmer, almost glaring at her. She was still angry about the whole Salineas plan, still angry about the fact that the Rebellion was ready to risk Catra's life like this. 


Glimmer let out a sigh, she shook her head slowly as she walked closer to Catra. '' Listen, I know you're still angry about Salineas, and I understand that, but- '' 


'' But nothing, Glimmer. '' Catra said, glaring at Glimmer as she jumped down from the stone. '' You guys didn't believe in me, you made a whole plan without me, and you almost risked everything I've worked for. So safe your apologies, and explanations. I really don't have time for them. '' Catra said before letting out a sigh. She placed her hand on top of Glimmer's shoulder and looked at her. '' Just teleport me to Bright Moon. '' 


Glimmer closed her eyes, she let out a sigh before teleporting them away and directly into the war room, where everyone was already seated after Catra's instructions. The feline looked at them, almost with a disappointed look on her face. Catra was always able to hold a grudge, she was always able to stay mad for days and weeks. It didn't matter right now, this entire mission was spontaneous and she didn't know it would work. 


Catra walked over to her chair around the war table, everyone was silently following her steps with their eyes. As Catra sat down on her chair, she looked at Queen Angella and shook her head slowly. '' The Horde has a Rebellion soldier among them. '' 


Some of the princesses around the table started to gasp silently, Queen Angella's eyes widened at that. They didn't seem to know who was in there, and they didn't seem to realize that someone was missing. They probably thought that the soldier died in the battle of Salineas. 


'' Are they alive? '' Queen Angella asked, folding her hands on the surface of the table. 


'' Yes. The Horde Lord wanted to drag the Rebellion's plans out of them, but I managed to convince the Horde Lord to let me take over and I made sure that the soldier told the Horde Lord lies. '' Catra said, looking around the table at everyone else. 


'' And how did you manage to convince the Horde Lord? '' Mermista asked, raising an eyebrow at Catra. The feline glared at her, growling quietly as she dug her claws into the war table. 


'' Because of your little stunt in Salineas, I had to figure something out. '' Catra said, she was trying to calm herself down from going absolutely crazy on Mermista. She knew what she was implying and it wasn't wrong, but Catra does what she has to do for the Rebellion. 


'' How does the planning look? '' Glimmer asked, looking at Catra with furrowed eyebrows. 


The feline looked at Glimmer, her glare was softening as she let out a quiet sigh. '' In about two days, I need you to reclaim Erelandia. '' 


'' How are we going to do that? '' Perfuma asked, and Catra nodded once before pressing a finger against the war table. The hologram map appeared, all along with the Horde signs. 


'' This is supposed to be a surprise attack. The Horde is expecting you to attack later this week, but I want you to surprise them and take them out sooner than that. '' Catra said, looking around the war table. Everyone seemed to understand what she meant, so she continued. '' The Horde outpost has a communication centre, which I want you to destroy, so that they won't be able to contact the Fright Zone or She-Ra. '' 


'' I can teleport us in there. '' Glimmer said, looking at her mother before averting her gaze back to Catra.


Catra nodded before looking at Mermista. '' You should go with Glimmer, to use your water to destroy the communication devices. '' 


'' Sounds good. '' Mermista said, shrugging and looking absolutely bored with all of this. 


'' And the rest of you, you need to be ready. Despite being a surprise attack, the Horde is not to be messed with. They are not like us, they aim to kill. '' Catra said with a serious tone, she looked over at Queen Angella who nodded at Catra's suggestions. It always made Catra happy to know that she has Angella's approval on things. It makes everything so much easier, to not feel like a failure. 


'' Are you going back to the Fright Zone? '' Perfuma asked with wide eyes, her hands were clasped together in front of her. She looked worried, and Catra knew that they all feared for her life in there. 


'' Yes, I'm not done yet. But please, '' Catra said, letting out a sigh before looking between all of them. '' Make sure that this mission succeeds, because I fear that if they find out that I'm a spy, they will end my life. '' 


'' Don't worry, Catra. We will make sure that this goes by smoothly. '' Bow said, smiling softly at Catra and reaching over to grab her hand into his own. Catra looked at her friend, a slight smile on her lips. She wasn't sure if they would be able to make this happen, worried that the plan might fail. This is risky, but it needed to be done. Fortunately for them, Catra also knows about the Horde's plans, and it would make it easier for them. 


But what happens to the soldier when Adora finds out that he has been lying to her? Most importantly, what happens to Catra when Adora finds out that she had something to do with it. 



Adora was walking to her chambers, it has been two days since the rebel soldier told them about the Rebellion's plans. She felt confident enough to know that the Horde will destroy them, there is no question about that. She didn't even think that the Rebellion knew that they were missing a soldier. She felt so sure, so confident, so... Happy? And Catra... She hasn't seen her today, not as much as she would like. Catra was feeling tired today, so she has spent almost all day in her room. Adora didn't want to bother her, so she didn't. 


It has been boring day, and it usual was. Every day was the same, but now Catra was here. She has made the days in the Fright Zone much more fun, so enjoyable. She hasn't been kissing her as much, no matter how much Adora wants to. It kinda feels like Catra has been pulling away from Adora, almost like she has regretted it. But then at times, Catra would look at her, smile at her, touch her hand or just peck Adora's lips with a soft kiss. 


Adora walked into her room, t was pretty late at night and a good night sleep would suit just great right now. Adora took a deep breath as she walked over to her mirror, she looked at it and tilted her head to the side. She had the mirror replaced after her last breakdown, the day when Catra told her that there wasn't going to happen anything between them. It kinda baffled Adora when she found out that Catra had changed her mind, but maybe she couldn't resist it anymore. At least that's what Catra told her. 


Adora placed her hand on the glass of the mirror, a soft smile spread across her lips. She didn't hate what she saw this time, she saw someone who was capable to be loved, and she enjoyed the feeling. The warm feeling in her chest, the way her heart was pounding when Catra looked at her, when she kissed her, when she smiled at her. 


Her Catra. 


Just as Adora was ready to go to bed, a guard quickly ran to her door, panting breathlessly as he looked at her. '' My lord. '' 


Adora turned around to look at him, her softened eyes widened when she noticed the state he was in. This wasn't going to be good news, she could feel it. '' What is it, guard? '' 


The guard cleared his throat, he stood up straighter and looked at Adora. '' We lost Erelandia, the Rebellion made a surprise attack and took us out. '' He said, his voice trembling and his hands were shaking. Adora was breathing heavily, she quickly glared at him before letting out a growl and punching the wall, causing it to crack. 


'' Get out! '' Adora screamed at the guard, glaring brutally at him. How? How did they lose this? The soldier... He lied to her. He tricked her! And she fell for it. She could feel the anger rise inside her, the rage fueled her as it filled her lungs and pumped her heart. The guard ran out of the room quickly, too scared to stay in case he got in the way of Adora's anger. 


This is all too much, she needed to scream, to punch, to destroy something. She summoned her sword, hitting it over all the furniture in the room; the desk, the drawer, the mirror, the door. Everything was too much right now, she is losing control of herself. She could feel her eyes water, tears threatening to spill from them. She can't cry, she couldn't show herself weak. It is just one town, why is she feeling so much? How does it stop? Why can't it stop? She feels like she is losing everything, it feels like faith has turned its back on her, it feels like she is losing Etheria. 


'' Adora? '' 


That voice... That beautiful voice... 


Adora was crying, she could feel her tears roll down her cheeks as she dropped the sword on the floor, she pulled on her hair and closed her eyes tightly. Suddenly, two pairs of hands grabbed onto her face, lifting her head up. Adora blinked her eyes open, she looked at the person in front of her with half-lidded eyes. '' Catra? '' ¨


Catra looked at Adora with furrowed eyebrows, her thumbs caressing Adora's cheekbones. '' Hey, it's okay. Just breathe for me. '' Catra said, inhaling deeply before exhaling. Adora stared at Catra, she nodded slowly as the sword disappeared from the floor. Adora mimicked Catra's breathing, and surprisingly, it did help her calm down. Adora closed her eyes again, breathing in and out slowly. 


Catra watched Adora, she looked at the tears on Adora's cheeks before looking around the room. It was mostly destroyed by Adora, all of this made her angry. She was walking through the hallway when she heard a guard talk to the other guards about Adora's reaction to the news about the Horde's loss in Erelandia. Catra, without hesitation, ran to Adora's room to check on her and found a broken girl. 


When Adora opened her eyes again, she was feeling calm and collected. She stared into Catra's eyes, feeling relieved and safe right now. The fear of failure has taken its toll on Adora, making her feel weak. This was never about Erelandia, it's about the feeling of being a failure, she needed to control all of Etheria. To prove everyone who has ever doubted her wrong. To prove Shadow Weaver wrong. She couldn't lose this, she has already lost her heart and soul. 


It can't be in vain. 


Adora grabbed onto Catra's wrist gently, shaking her head slowly. '' We lost Erelandia. '' Adora whispered, she felt like crying again, but she didn't. She was just so tired right now, so drained. The only thing comforting her right now was Catra's touch, her eyes and just her energy. 


Catra let out a sigh and nodded slowly, she chewed on her bottom lip. A feeling of guilt crept up on her, this is her fault, but she is doing it for Etheria. Even if this will break Adora's heart in the process. '' I heard, but don't worry, we will get it back. '' 


Adora nodded slowly, she backed away until her knees hit the edge of the bed, she slowly sat down and shook her head slowly. '' I know, but it's more than that. I just feel like I've been tricked, like I've been fooled. I'm She-Ra, I'm meant to be better than this. '' 


Catra slowly walked over to Adora and kneeled down between her legs on the floor, she placed her hands on Adora's thighs and rubbed gently. '' I know that, but you don't always have to feel like you need to do this. It's okay to lose a battle, Adora. '' 


Adora looked at Catra, her gaze filled with love and appreciation. Maybe Catra was right. Maybe it's okay to lose a battle, but to win the war. '' I really appreciate it, Catra. Thank you. '' Adora said, smiling softly down at Catra as the feline stared up at her, smiling back softly. 


'' Maybe what you need right now, is a distraction. '' Catra said, raising an eyebrow with a soft smirk on her lips. Adora stared at her, slightly wide-eyed. Catra could almost laugh how Adora was a scary, ruthless Horde Lord, but a nervous mess when it came to girls. Well, more specifically girls that are interested in her. 


'' What did you have in mind? '' Adora asked, smirking down slightly at Catra with a soft blush on her cheeks. She is suddenly feeling so much better. 


Catra let out a soft huff before leaning up, catching Adora's lips into her own lips. Adora let out a quiet sigh against Catra's lips before kissing back, she closed her eyes and took in Catra's taste. 


Catra didn't mean to use Adora, she needed to calm her down, because at the end of the day, she never wants Adora to feel like this. She could pull back now, Adora was okay now. But why won't she pull back? No, this feels too good to stop, she needed more. Catra grabbed onto Adora's face, she deepened the kiss as she stood up slowly. Adora was forced to crane her neck to continue kissing her, refusing to pull away. Adora placed her hands on Catra's lower back, slowly laying down and pulling Catra down on top of her. 


Catra let out a soft sigh, she continued to kiss Adora with everything she got and a soft moan escaped her lips when Adora's tongue forced itself into Catra's mouth until their tongues touched. The kiss turned more heated, Adora's hands were rubbing Catra's back and the feline was laying on top of Adora, her hands holding onto Adora's face. This is too good, is kissing supposed to feel like this? It feels powerful, satisfying, fulfilling. Catra craved more, she craved more of Adora right now. 


As they kept kissing, Adora reached for the zipper of Catra's suit, pulling it down slowly. Catra just let her, she kept kissing Adora as the blonde warrior undressed herself slowly. Suddenly Adora flipped them around, getting herself on top of Catra. Adora pulled back from the kiss, she looked down at Catra with lustful eyes. The feline stared up at her, her pupils were blown up and her ears pinned back against her head. Adora bit her bottom lip, shaking her head slowly. 


'' You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my entire life. '' 


Catra wanted to roll her eyes at that, but instead, she was blushing and she could feel herself become even wetter between her legs. She wanted Adora right now, wanted her to fuck her. She didn't understand it, she hated her in some way, but maybe she hated She-Ra? Maybe she saw Adora in a different light? But it's the same person, so Catra couldn't understand it. 


'' Adora, I want you. '' Catra whispered, caressing Adora's cheek gently. The blonde girl leaned into the touch, closing her eyes before opening them up again. She slowly leaned down, kissing Catra's soft lips again. The feline wrapped her arms around Adora's neck, pulling her in closer as Adora's hands slowly pulled Catra's pants down. Catra was now laying under Adora, completely naked and ready for Adora to take care of her. 


Adora pulled back from the kiss, instead she kept kissing down Catra's jaw to her neck. Catra tilted her head back, her mouth was slightly agape as soft pants escaped her lips. Adora was a great kisser, and she could feel the blonde girl nibble on her neck, kissing her, sucking there to mark her. It made Catra more aroused, to know that Adora was marking her, claiming her. For some odd reason, Catra wants to be Adora's. 


'' Mine. '' Adora mumbled against the skin of Catra's neck before sitting up. Catra let out a whine of disappointment, she blinked her eyes open and looked up at Adora. The blonde girl was pulling her shirt over her head, undressing herself completely. Catra's eyes widened slightly at the scars on Adora's chest, marks that almost looked like a tree. They were red, but yet so beautiful on Adora's pale skin. Many questions appeared in Catra's head, but all thoughts disappeared when Adora laid down next to Catra again, pressing herself against Catra's side as she continued to kiss her neck. 


Adora's hand moved over Catra's soft stomach, lower and lower. Catra closed her eyes again, she bit her bottom lip and tilted her head back to give Adora more access to her neck. All of this felt so good, so perfect. Adora let out a shaky sigh against Catra's neck when her finger moved between Catra's folds. The feline let out a soft moan, the feeling of Adora's finger upon her felt amazing, she just needed them to move. 


And god, did they move. Adora moved her fingers between Catra's folds, from the entrance to the clit. '' Adora... '' Catra moaned, her hands gripping Adora's biceps, her claws digging in slightly. Adora seemed to enjoy the pain as she bit down on Catra's neck before sucking on the spot. Adora's rolled two digits over the bud of Catra's clit, earning another shaky moan from the feline. 


'' You like this? '' Adora asked, almost hesitantly. Catra wanted to say something, but all that came out from her mouth was soft moans. The feeling was sending sparks through Catra's body, the movement of Adora's fingers on her clit was making her lose her mind. Inside. She needed her inside. She needed more. She needed Adora to fill her, take her, fuck her. 


'' Fuck me. '' Catra whined before moaning louder as Adora's fingers started to move faster. That's it. More. '' Inside, Adora, please. '' 


The blonde girl bit her bottom lip, she looked down to Catra's center, her lips feeling dry all of sudden. She wanted more? Adora wants to give her more, she wants to give her everything. She wants to give Catra the world. Adora could feel how wet Catra was, making her more determined to finish Catra off, to make her scream her name. Adora raised her head, she looked down at Catra and took in all of her beauty. She looked even more beautiful like this, ready to be taken. 


Just like Etheria. 


Adora slowly leaned down, her breath was ghosting over Catra's ear, causing the feline to flick her ear. '' You want more, kitten? '' 


Catra let out a groan, Adora's fingers were slowing down, but they were just as skilled, bringing Catra closer and closer to the edge. '' Don't call me that... '' Catra said through broken moans. God, she got even wetter now. So pathetic. Yes.


'' I can call you whatever I want, and you know why? '' Adora whispered, closing her eyes before pressing her nose against Catra's temple. The feline let out a whine, her grip on Adora's biceps tightened as she was nearing the edge. '' Because you're mine, kitten. '' 


'' Adora... '' Catra cried out, she leaned her head back as a small orgasm ripped through her, destroying her in a delicious way. Catra's back was slightly arched as Adora kept circling her fingers on the bud of the clit. Adora placed soft kisses against Catra's temple, soothing her as she helped her ride through her orgasm. 


Catra let out a soft growl, she grabbed onto Adora's hair and lifted her head quickly to press her lips against Adora's lips for a deep kiss. They kissed passionately, Catra's claws were digging into Adora's scalp. Catra pulled back from the kiss, their foreheads were leaning against each other. Catra locked eyes with Adora, both of their pupils were blown with lust. 


'' More. '' Catra panted out, her half-lidded eyes looked at Adora as she tried to regain her breathing properly. 


Adora smirked down at Catra, her eyes were filled with mischievous and pride. God, she is so cocky, and Catra loved it. '' It will be my pleasure. '' Adora whispered, slowly making her way to kiss down Catra's neck to her chest to her stomach. Catra was leaning her head down on the pillow, her eyes following Adora's lips on her skin. Adora looked up at Catra as she kissed Catra's inner thigh, the smell of Catra's arousal clogged her nose and she got addicted. She needed to taste. 


Catra's heart was pounding when she craned her neck to get a better look at her lover, the blonde girl stared right into her soul. Catra’s claws ripped onto the sheets as Adora sucked Catra's folds gently, not breaking eye contact with Catra. And when she took the clit between her lips, Catra’s head dropped back onto the pillow and her hands quickly shot up to grab onto Adora’s hair and her legs rested on Adora’s shoulders. 


'' Fuck, Adora, mm... '' Catra moaned, closing her eyes tightly as the blonde girl ravished her, Adora's lips were wrapped around her clit, sucking and licking it. She was wrapping her arms around Catra's legs, holding them spread open so that she could get a better access to her center. Catra tasted amazing, and she couldn't stop licking her. The sounds she was making made Adora want to do more, she needed to get more out of Catra. 


Adora's tongue flicked on Catra's clit, causing the feline to let out a soft mewl. Catra needed to grab something, she needed to hold onto something as Adora ate her out. Her heels were digging into Adora's shoulderblades, pulling her in closer. Catra's hands grabbed onto Adora's short hair, pulling on it and pushing her face closer to her center. 


Adora looked up at Catra through her eyelids, she didn't want to miss the pure bliss Catra will experience when she comes. She needed to watch, and she needed to make Catra come. Adora pressed two digits against Catra's entrance, she was so wet, it would be so easy to push in and Adora did. Sliding two digits into Catra's hole until she filled her to the knuckles. Catra let out a shaky sigh that turned into a moan when Adora started to thrust her fingers in and out of Catra whilst licking her clit. 


'' You taste so delicious... '' Adora mumbled against Catra's center before taking the clit between her lips, sucking on it. Catra's moans became louder as Adora quickened the speed on her fingers, curling them and thrusting them. Hitting Catra's g-spot with every push and pull. Adora's fingers were digging into Catra's thigh, holding her as she moved her fingers inside, this was all too much. 


She loved it. 


She drowned in it. 


Adora pumped her fingers harder and faster, her tongue speeding up, licking Catra's clit like her life depended on it. Adora was a conquerer, she always does everything with her best effort. This wasn't any different. 


Catra was whining, whimpering and moaning. She was so desperate, so fucking tight. Her cunt was sucking Adora's fingers in, her claws were digging into Adora's scalp, causing the blonde girl to let out a groan against Catra's clit. Catra turned her head to the side, biting her bottom lip as more moans escaped her throat. She started to grind up, into Adora's face and fingers. 


'' I'm so close... '' Catra breathed out, squeezing her eyes shut as the pure feeling of her orgasm crept upon her. She could feel the heat in her stomach, she could her insides burning up as she was ready to explode. With a few more pumps of Adora's fingers, with a few more flicks of her tongue. Catra let out a loud mewl, she tightened her grip on Adora's hair and arched her back as she came, fluid gushing all over Adora's fingers and face. '' Adora! '' Catra screamed out, and in that moment, Adora felt pride fill her mind and body. 


Just like that.


Good girl. 


Adora sucked Catra's clit, guiding her through her orgasm as the beautiful creature above her was shaking, whimpering. Adora lapped up the juices, her fingers were moving slower now and she looked up at Catra through her eyelids, watching her come with Adora's name on her lips. 


This was the moment she has waited for. The moment she always wished for. 


When Catra came down from her high, she loosened her hands on Adora's hair and dropped them by her sides. Her legs were going slack, she was panting breathlessly and Adora took it as a cue to stop doing anything. She slowly pulled away from Catra's center, pulling her fingers out in the process. The feline let out a whine at the emptiness, but honestly, she was too tired to even continue. 


Adora placed a soft kiss on Catra's thigh, a soft smile on her face. Adora wiped Catra's cum that was dripping from her chin as she moved up on the bed, laying down next to an exhausted Catra. Adora looked at Catra, her smile turning into a soft smirk. 


'' You okay there? '' Adora asked with a cocky tone, she was actually really proud of herself. This was beyond anything she has ever dreamed of, but she knew that she could do this. She is She-Ra after all, there is nothing she can't do. 


Catra blinked her eyes open, she looked at Adora with half-lidded eyes and felt the annoyance creep up on her as she noticed Adora's cocky smirk. Catra let out a weak scoff, she pushed Adora onto her back. '' Don't be an idiot. '' Catra whispered weakly, still feeling incredibly exhausted. 


Adora let out a soft laugh, she turned her head to the side and stared at Catra's sweaty and beautiful face. '' Can you blame me for being cocky about this? I mean, you should have seen you. I was making you lose your mind. '' 


Catra glared at Adora, shaking her head slowly. '' I will leave this bed. '' 


'' You will come back for more. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes at that, she hated that it was the truth. Is she starting to feel something for the blonde girl? Catra stared at Adora, her gaze softening as she took Adora's face in. She was beautiful, her hair ruined and her face flustered, her blue eyes were looking at Catra with such passion. Catra let out a soft sigh before leaning in, pressing her lips softly against Adora's against her better judgement. 


Adora closed her eyes, she wrapped her arms around Catra's shoulders and pulled her closer to herself as they kissed each other softly. Catra pulled back from the kiss, she cuddled closer to Adora and leaned her head against Adora's collarbone. She was so warm, it was comforting. 


'' Shut up. '' Catra mumbled, nuzzling her nose into Adora's neck as she inhaled deeply. 



Adora's arms were wrapped around Catra's shoulders, Catra was resting her head on Adora's collarbone as she dragged her claw softly over Adora's abs. The blonde girl let out a soft sigh, she watched Catra's finger move on her stomach before moving up to her chest. Trailing the scars with her claw. 


'' Adora? '' Catra whispered, hesitant to ask any questions about the scars. But curiosity took over, and she needed to know. But didn't curiosity kill the cat? 


'' Mm? '' Adora hummed with a soft smile on her lips, clearly pleased with tonight's events, even though the horrible news about Erelandia. What did it even matter? She got to spend the night with Catra, and that's enough to make her happy. 


'' Why do you have these scars? '' Catra asked, furrowing her eyebrows as she watched the red scars on her. These weren't ordinary scars, these were something else, something different. Did Catra really want to know? What if Adora gets mad that she asked her? 


Adora watched Catra's finger stop on top of the scars on Adora's chest, her smile dropping slowly. She let out a quiet sigh and grabbed onto Catra's hand on her chest. She pressed her index finger against the back of Catra's index finger and started to trail Catra's claw over the scars again. '' I have a lot of scars, but I'm guessing you're referring to these. '' 


Catra nodded slowly, she watched Adora guide her finger over the scars. '' Yeah, the red ones. They kinda look like trees. '' They did, spread out like branches. 


'' When I was a cadet in the Horde, a long time ago, I was raised by a woman. Someone I considered a mother. '' Adora said, it was hard to talk about this, she never did. This might be the first time she has told anyone about this, but she trusted Catra, she knew that she could tell her anything. '' She wanted me to achieve greatness, and this was before I knew that I was She-Ra. Usually our training consists of bots that we need to destroy and well, train, but I spend my free time with her, training without Hordak's knowledge. '' 


Catra didn't understand where Adora was going with this, but she had a bad feeling. Something inside her was growling with worry, with anger. Why did Adora sound like she wanted to cry? '' What did she made you do? '' Catra whispered before biting her bottom lip, she traced her finger over the scar close to Adora's collarbone, right next to her own head. 


'' She made me attack her. '' Adora whispered, her voice cracking slightly. She could feel the tears in her eyes, she wanted to cry, but held it in. This was too painful to talk about, but it's Catra and she deserves to know why Adora is the way she is. '' Her name was Shadow Weaver and she controlled the Black Garnet. '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she looked up at Adora. '' The runestone? '' 


Adora wasn't looking at Catra, she just stared at the ceiling as the memories flashed before her eyes. '' She struck me with lightning whenever I messed up. I was just a kid, and she destroyed me. '' 


Catra's eyes softened as she stared up at Adora, shocked to hear about her past. '' Why don’t you heal them? '' Catra said, placing her hand on top of Adora's chest, rubbing soft circles to calm her down. 


Adora smiled slightly, she looked down at Catra with tearful eyes. '' Because they are a reminder of my goals. A reminder on why I’m doing all of this. '' 


Did Adora know what she is doing was wrong? Does she still care about the damage that she is causing? Or maybe she is damaged enough to not care anymore. 


'' When did you realize that you were She-Ra? '' Catra asked, unsure if she should continue asking questions. 


'' I had a dream one day, and I don't know, I just knew what to do to become her. '' Adora said, shrugging lightly before looking back up at the ceiling. She wasn't always like this, and some part of her cares about the people she is hurting. But another part of her, the more powerful part of her, wanted the world to burn. She wanted Shadow Weaver to burn. And she would not stop until she gets to prove everyone wrong. 


'' Where is she now? That woman? '' Catra asked again, looking back down at Adora's scars. She could hear Adora's heartbeat, she could feel it pounding and it was so relaxing. 


'' She is dead. '' Adora said, lying through her tongue. God, how she wished it was the truth. Maybe her past self wished for it to be true. '' She died of old age. '' 


Catra closed her eyes, she rested her hand on top of Adora's scars before placing a soft kiss on her neck. '' She can't hurt you anymore, it's over. '' 


Adora furrowed her eyebrows, she looked down at Catra and hugged her closer to herself. Catra is here, Adora is feeling loved and cared for. There is nothing that could hurt her now, not even Shadow Weaver. Catra can't find out the truth, no one can. No one knows that Shadow Weaver is alive, imprisoned in Adora's secret prison. She can't escape, because that would mean worse things for Etheria. 


Catra was snoring quietly, causing Adora to smile slightly. This was calming, it made Adora relax and feel peace for the first time in a long time. She can't lose Catra, and she will do whatever it takes to keep her happy. Adora closed her eyes, she leaned her head back against the pillow with a soft smile on her lips, drifting off into peaceful sleep. 




Chapter Text

The problem with the Fright Zone was the lack of sun shining inside it, but Adora knew when it was time to get up in the morning, and she was happily greeted with a soft Catra in her arms. They were laying in a spooning position, Adora had her arms wrapped around Catra's waist as they were fitted against each other like puzzle pieces. Catra's tail was wrapped around Adora's ankle, holding her close. The blonde girl blinked her eyes open, she let out a quiet yawn with her eyes closed before she looked at the back of Catra's neck. The feline was still sleeping, soft snoring escaping her throat. 


Adora smiled sleepily, she nuzzled into the back of Catra's neck and squeezed her closer before peppering kisses on her shoulder. '' Time to wake up, gorgeous. '' Adora whispered sleepily, she lifted her head to look down at Catra and the feline was still very much asleep. Adora shook her head slowly, she leaned her down again and kissed Catra's temple gently. '' Catra... '' 


Catra finally woke up, she let out a whine before mumbling sleepily. '' No, more sleep. '' The feline said, she placed her hands on top of Adora's hands on her waist as she scooted back closer. 


Adora let out a soft sigh, she looked down at Catra with narrowed eyes before grinning widely. They needed to eat breakfast, and Adora had to wake her up. In one way or another. Adora started peppering kisses on Catra's cheek, earning a loud groan from her lover. '' Time to wake up, time to eat breakfast, time to start a new day with new possibilities. '' Adora said whilst kissing Catra's cheek repeatedly, annoying the feline even further. 


Catra let out another groan, she squeezed her eyes tight and her tail slapped Adora's naked thigh. '' Leave me alone, you annoying Horde Lord. '' 


'' Nah, you enjoy having me in bed with you. '' Adora said, grinning from ear to ear. Catra blinked her eyes open, she managed to roll them once before turning her head to face Adora with a sleepy gaze. 


'' You are making me regret last night. '' 


'' Well, that doesn't mean it didn't happen. '' Adora shrugged before looking down at Catra with a dopey grin on her face. 


Catra rolled her eyes, she reached out her arms and Adora took it as an invite to lay on top of Catra so she could wrap her arms around Adora. Catra whined loudly, she glared at Adora and shook her head. '' Are you always this hyperactive in the morning? '' 


'' No, only when I wake up next to a beautiful girl. '' Adora said, wiggling her eyebrows with a smirk on her lips. 


Catra narrowed her eyes at Adora as she wrapped her arms around the blonde girl, pulling her down closer. '' And does that happen often? '' Catra spoke with a jealous tone. 


Adora's eyes widened, she stared down at Catra with regret in her eyes. No, wait, she didn't mean it like that. '' No, hold up. '' Adora said, laughing awkwardly. '' That's not what I meant, I was just- '' 


Catra let out a soft giggle, shaking her head slowly. '' I'm just messing with you, 'Dora. Calm down. '' There was something weird going on with Catra, she didn't regret last night at all. She barely even thought about it negatively. She didn't regret it, she seem to forget all about the war and how evil Adora truly is. 


'' Oh, you think you are funny? '' Adora said, grinning widely down at Catra.


The feline shrugged before grinning back at Adora. '' I think I'm hilarious. '' Adora rolled her eyes, she grabbed onto Catra's hips before peppering kisses all over her face. Catra let out a whine, she pressed her hand against Adora's chest and pushed her back. '' Adora, stop! '' 


Adora pulled back, she looked down at Catra with a smile. '' Can't help it, I just feel so powerful when I kiss you. '' Adora said, leaning down again to kiss Catra's neck. 


'' Aren't you the most powerful creature in the world? '' Catra said, leaning her head back against the pillow and closing her eyes as Adora kissed her neck. 


'' With you by my side, with Etheria in my hand, I'm the most powerful creature in the entire universe. '' Adora whispered against the skin of Catra's neck, she lifted her head and looked down at Catra. 


Catra stared up at Adora, she admired the way Adora's eyes brightened when she mentioned her power, her strength. This girl has been told that she was greatness itself, and it is shown in her expression. The way Adora carried herself was beyond impressive, the way she was confident that the world belonged to her was incredibly sexy. 


Catra reached a hand up to caress Adora's cheek, their talk before they went to sleep replayed in Catra's mind. Adora might be broken, but can Catra fix her? '' Adora? '' 


'' Mm? '' Adora mumbled, closing her eyes and leaning into Catra's touch. 


'' If I have to eat ration bars for breakfast again, I will literally leave this place. '' Catra whispered, looking up at Adora with a stern expression. The blonde girl opened her eyes, she looked down at Catra with wide eyes before laughing softly. She rolled off Catra and stood up from the bed, fully naked as she stared down at Catra on the bed. 


'' Fine, let's get you something better then. '' Adora said with a smile, reaching her hand out for Catra to grab on.


But Catra didn't take her hand. No, she was just staring at Adora's body, her eyes moving up and down to take her in. Fuck, she is so... Catra licked her lips, she looked up at Adora's face and grabbed her hand. '' I have a better idea. '' Catra whispered before pulling Adora back down on the bed, causing the blonde girl to let out a loud yelp at the sudden pull. 


Catra quickly pushed Adora back on the bed, straddling her waist and kissing her deeply. Adora grabbed quickly onto Catra's hips, kissing back just as deeply. Yeah, they are going to go round two, because fuck it, this is better than anything in the world. 



After a delicious breakfast, Adora had some business to attend to and wanted Catra to join her. They started the morning on a good note, fucking each other before getting dressed and leaving for breakfast. Adora was feeling calm at the time, like nothing can bother her. But she is still the lord, and she still needs to put some people back in their places. 


Adora was sitting on her throne, legs spread and one arm resting on the armrest whilst the other one was wrapped around Catra's waist. The feline was sitting on the other armrest, her tail wrapped around Adora's arm to make sure she doesn't fall, one leg crossed over the other as her hands rested on Adora's shoulder. Catra hasn't been able to pull away from Adora, not that she wanted to. She loved sitting here, next to Adora, whilst she did her lord duties. It just felt so fitting, like she was supposed to be here. 


'' You all know why I've called you here this morning, don't you? '' Adora said, looking down at her force captains with a slight glare. She wanted to know what happened last night, she wanted to hear the report of last night's events on Erelandia. 


Octavia looked up at Adora, her eyes wide and filled with fear. '' Because of the attack on Erelandia, my lord. '' 


Adora let out a sigh before nodding slowly. '' Exactly, force captain. I want you to tell me exactly what happened. I want to know exactly why you didn't manage to defend Erelandia. '' Adora growled out, glaring more brutally at her force captains. 


Catra took a deep breath, her hand was squeezing Adora's shoulder gently as she looked down at the force captains. They seemed really scared, but Adora had some right in being angry. They lost a town, a town that... Catra was responsible of. Guilt was creeping up on Catra, she almost regretted her role in the attack. 


'' We- I was in charge of the outpost in Erelandia, my lord. We came up with a battle plan, the rebel told us that they would attack in three days, not-not... '' 


'' I know what the rebel said, I know about our plan! I was there, wasn't I? I don't need you to tell me things I already know, I want you to tell me things I don't know. Like why did we lose Erelandia? '' Adora said with a loud voice, her voice was echoing in the throne room, causing Catra to stare at her with wide eyes, almost in fear, but also in admiration. 


Octavia ducked her head, shaking it slowly. '' We were taking care of the outpost like we usually do when our communication tower went out. '' Catra looked down at Octavia, her ears were flicking as she tried to listen to every word. '' I sent two guards to look it up, but they never came back. After a few minutes, the outpost was attack by princesses and rebel soldiers. They were too many, they took us by surprise, and-... '' 


Adora lifted her hand, stopping Octavia to continue any further. The force captain stared at Adora with wide eyes, she glanced to her sides to watch the other force captains duck their heads to avoid Adora's gaze. Octavia looked back at Adora, her eyes glancing at Catra before averting her gaze back to the Horde Lord. 


'' You pathetic, useless bunch. '' Adora muttered through clenched teeth, her arm tightened around Catra's waist as she glared down at the force captain. '' What use do I have of you if you can't even handle a simple sneak attack by a couple of princesses? '' 


Catra swallowed thickly, she stared at Octavia, too afraid to meet Adora's eyes in case she would see something behind them. Catra could feel the worry creep up on her, her feelings taking its dull on her. Her mission has gone totally south, she never imagined that she would fall for the Horde Lord, and now that she has gained feelings for her. Should she abandon the mission? Should she leave? Or stay with Adora? 


'' My lord, I'm sorry. '' Octavia said, taking a step back to avoid Adora's fury. 


'' Enough! '' Adora shouted, glaring brutally down at Octavia, making the woman flinch back. '' I'm getting tired of you! '' Catra stared between Octavia and Adora with wide eyes, unsure if she should get in between this. After all, it's Catra's fault that they lost Erelandia. '' I'm seriously wondering why I raised you in our ranks. '' Adora let out a sigh, she leaned back against the throne and shook her head slowly. '' In fact, I'm wondering if you truly belong in the Horde. '' Octavia's eyes widened at that. '' Guards, dispose of her. '' Adora said, glaring down at Octavia.


'' Lord Adora, I'm sorry! I won't repeat the mistake! '' Octavia shouted in fear, she looked around herself as guards came closer to her, ready to kill her for making a mistake.


Catra's heart was pounding in her chest, she needed to stop this. How? She stared at Adora, she could hear Octavia's screaming in the background as guards tried to pull her out of the throne room. '' Adora, wait. '' Catra said before looking at Octavia. 


Adora furrowed her eyebrows, she looked at Catra before looking at Octavia. '' Stop. '' Adora said, causing the guards to stare up at her. They were holding Octavia's arms, and the force captain stared up at Adora with a tearful eye. Adora looked back at Catra, she was wondering why Catra just stopped her like this, but she is ready to hear the reason. '' What's wrong? '' 


Catra looked back at Adora, she reached a hand up and caressed Adora's cheek gently. '' Look, I know she messed up, but you've gotten so far with her help. '' Catra needed to stop this, she was feeling guilty about Octavia's situation, knowing fully well that it's her fault that Octavia might lose her life. She can' live with that. '' She made a mistake, give her another chance. ''


'' But Catra, if I don't make an example out of her, the mistake will be repeated. '' Adora said, placing her hand on Catra's thigh. She always did this, made examples out of everyone. They loved her, but feared her. Maybe they feared her more than they loved her. Maybe Shadow Weaver was right, Adora wasn't loved at all. They all looked at her with fear in their eyes. 


'' If the mistakes are repeated, do what you need to do. They know your true power, I'm sure they will appreciate your mercy for now. '' Catra said, piercing her lips into a thin line as she dropped her hand from Adora's cheek. 


Adora let out a soft sigh, she nodded before looking back at the guards and the force captains. '' Fine, release her. '' The guards dropped Octavia on the ground, the octopus woman looked up at Adora with wide eyes. '' I'm feeling merciful today, make sure that you don't repeat your mistakes or I won't be so kind. I will give you a faith worse than death, do you understand me, force captain Octavia? '' 


Octavia nodded quickly, she placed her hand above her chest. '' Yes, my lord. '' She stood up, ducking her head. '' Thank you, my lord. '' 


'' Don't thank me, thank Catra. She just saved your life. Down on your knees for her, and thank her. '' Adora said, glaring brutally down at Octavia and the rest of the force captains. 


Octavia looked at Catra, she slowly got down on one knee and ducked her head. '' Thank you, Catra. '' 


Catra took a deep breath as she looked down at Octavia, she could hear her voice trembling, but why did she enjoy the feeling of Octavia bowing down for her? 


'' Now leave, all of you. '' Adora said, looking around the room at everyone. '' Nobody comes in here unless I say so, understood? '' 


'' Yes, Lord Adora. '' Everyone said in unison before leaving the room, leaving Catra and Adora alone in the enormous throne room. 


Adora looked at Catra, a soft smile on her face. '' Satisfied? '' Adora whispered, causing Catra to look at her with wide eyes. 


'' Beyond satisfied. '' Catra whispered back, a soft smile spreading over her lips as she placed a soft kiss on Adora's temple. 


Adora let out a soft sigh, she grabbed onto Catra's hips and lifted her up to make her sit on her lap instead. Catra let out a soft giggle, she placed her hands on Adora's shoulders and looked at the blonde girl with a raised eyebrow. '' What are you doing to me? '' Adora whispered, leaning in to nuzzle her nose against Catra's soft neck.


'' Hmm, am I doing something to you? I haven't noticed. '' Catra said with a grin, Adora pulled back to look up at Catra with a raised eyebrow.


'' You are turning me soft. '' Adora said, smiling up at Catra as she rubbed her hands on Catra's hips. 


'' I think you've always been soft, maybe you just don't know how to act like it. '' Catra said back, caressing Adora's cheek gently with her palm. 


Adora leaned into the touch, she stared up at Catra. '' You know, being called soft in the Horde is never a good sign. '' 


'' Luckily for you, I'm the only one who gets to see your soft side. '' Catra whispered back before leaning in to place a soft kiss on Adora's lips. Adora kissed back, a soft sigh escaping her lips when Catra's lips touched her own lips. 


'' You are making me lose control. '' Adora whispered against Catra's lips, causing the feline to pull back with a soft smirk. 


'' Maybe- '' Catra whispered, extracting a claw from her index finger as she slowly dragged it down Adora's shirt, splitting the seams slowly to expose Adora's chest. '' I want you to lose control. '' Catra said, looking at Adora with a intense look in her eyes, her pupils blown as she breathed heavily. 


Adora looked down at her exposed chest with narrowed eyes before lifting her head to look back at Catra. '' Catra, what are you doing? '' Adora whispered, biting her bottom lip.


Catra leaned in, her lips hovering over Adora's ear and her breath ghosting over it. '' I want you to fuck me, I want you to take me like you've taken Etheria. '' Adora let out a quiet whimper as Catra whispered those things into her ear. '' I want you to claim me on this throne, the throne that you've taken everything on. '' 


Adora let out a growl, she grabbed onto Catra's hips and lifted her off, standing up in the process whilst turning around to place Catra on the throne. Catra stared up at Adora, her mouth slightly agape as the blonde girl slowly wrapped her hand around Catra's throat, leaning in slowly to brush her lips across of Catra's. '' You want me to take you like I've taken Etheria? '' Adora squeezed her fingers around Catra's throat, causing the feline to let out a soft gasp. 


'' Do it. '' Catra whispered, wild eyes locking with ocean blues. She could see how Adora's pupils blew up, she was breathing heavily before letting go off Catra's throat. Catra took a sharp breath as her breathing got controlled again. Fuck, she wants Adora to do that again. But she is not one to beg, at least not yet. 


Adora slowly kneeled down between Catra's legs without breaking eye contact with Catra, the feline could feel the wetness between her legs, the aching that wanted to swallow her whole. The wait is so frustrating, but Catra welcomed it, because she knows that Adora will make it worthwhile. The blonde warrior slowly pulled Catra's pants down, licking her lips slowly in anticipation. 


Catra was breathing heavily, staring down as Adora undressed her, her insides were screaming in frustration, but she knew better than to rush the Horde Lord. As soon as Catra's pants were off her, Adora tossed them aside and leaned down to kiss Catra's soft thigh. The feline let out a soft sigh, leaning her head back against the throne and her claws digging into the armrests, leaving marks on them. 


'' So soft, so perfect. '' Adora mumbled as she placed soft kisses on Catra's thighs, so close to where Catra wanted Adora's mouth. Just a little further to the side, please... '' Mine for the taking. '' Adora whispered before biting down on the inside of Catra's thigh, causing Catra to let out a loud yelp. It hurt so bad, but the pain was so delicious. Adora's teeth sunk into Catra's flesh, leaving marks under the Catra's soft fur. 


'' Adora... '' Catra moaned quietly, she didn't want to look away, she wanted to watch Adora mark her body like she belonged to her. Like she could do whatever she wanted with Catra. 


'' Shh, kitten, I will give you everything you need. Just be patient. '' Adora whispered, looking up at Catra as she kissed up her thigh. After a few more kisses, Adora decided that it was enough. Catra's arousal was clogging her nose, and she needed to taste her. Right now. '' Lift your legs. '' Adora ordered, and Catra obeyed. 


Catra's heels pressed down on Adora's shoulder blades, the blonde girl wrapped her arms around Catra's thighs before diving face first into her aching pussy. Catra let out a loud moan, her hands quickly tangled themselves into Adora's short hair as Adora started her work. Adora let out a soft hum as soon as Catra's fluids touched her tongue, the taste was addicting and it made Adora go absolutely crazy. 


Adora dug her blunt nails into Catra's thighs as she began licking up from the entrance to the clit before taking the bud of Catra's clit between her lips, sucking and flicking her tongue over the sensitive area. Catra let out a cry, arching her back slightly from the throne as her nails dug into Adora's scalp. The pain was delicious, she never cared how rough Catra would get. 


Catra was moaning mess above her, her eyes closed as soft moans escaped her lips. She could feel the heat in her stomach build up with every lick of Adora's tongue on her. All her cares and worries disappeared out of the blue whenever Adora touched her, and she wanted to keep this feeling forever. 


'' Adora, yes... '' Catra moaned out, biting her bottom lip and pushing Adora's face deeper into her pussy. '' S'good. '' 


Adora felt the pride bloom in her chest as she ravished Catra's centre, eating her out like it was her last meal. She pulled her lips back from Catra's clit and began to lick around the area, moving down to push her tongue into Catra's entrance, as far as it was allowed. She loved hearing Catra's moans, loved hearing her name come out of her lips like that. She was so ruined by Adora's touch, so willing to give herself over to Adora. 


What a good girl. 


Adora continued to lick Catra's cunt, savoring the taste and the sounds coming from Catra's mouth. Catra's wetness was dripping down her thighs, and Adora felt such pity at the waste of it. She wanted to lick it all, she wanted to keep it all to herself. 


Adora kept licking Catra, flicking her tongue over the bud of her clit with every upstroke of her tongue. She wanted to drive Catra crazy, and given the way Catra's claws dug into Adora's scalp, the way her moans kept escaping even when Catra tried to push them down, meant that Adora did what she was supposed to do. 


'' You taste so good, Catra, and you're all mine. '' Adora murmured against Catra's cunt, her eyes were closed as she savored the taste of her lover. Now, more than ever, could Adora appreciate all of Catra, everything she is giving to her. 


Catra let out a whimper, her eyes were squeezed shut and she was biting her bottom lip. She was so close, and Adora's words were just edging her on, taking her closer and closer to her orgasm. The ecstasy of pleasure was building up, Catra's stomach turned in the heat that was devoured in it. Just a little closer... Adora's tongue was working wonders on her, taking it all like it belonged to her. 


Adora could feel Catra's legs tense, squeezing her head to keep it in place between her legs. Adora let go off Catra's clit with a light pop before licking down to her entrance, she shoved her tongue inside and thrusting it lightly. She then began to lick the entrance furiously, Catra tried to grind up against Adora's face, but Adora's hands on her thighs were keeping her from doing so. Adora is in control here, Adora is in charge of everything. She is the only one to control the pace, but she couldn't help herself.


She wanted to give Catra everything, and with a few more licks, Catra arched her back from the throne and a loud cry escaped past her lips as she came. Adora let out a soft moan as Catra's juices filled her mouth, coated her chin. Adora licked Catra through her orgasm before pulling back, she looked up at Catra and the feline was flustered, her eyes closed as soft panting escaped her lips. 


'' You okay there? '' Adora whispered, kissing Catra's thigh gently as she looked up through her eyelids at Catra. The feline had an open-mouthed grin on her face as she nodded slowly, she blinked her eyes open and looked down at Adora, petting her short hair. 


'' I'm feeling amazing. '' Catra whispered quietly, smiling down weakly at Adora. The blonde girl let out a soft chuckle, she slowly stood up and placed her hands on her armrests before leaning in to press a soft kiss on Catra's lips, which the feline happily returned. Her own taste was stuck on Adora's lips, and Catra could taste herself. 


'' Catra, how do you feel about being filled properly? '' Adora whispered against Catra's lips, their eyes locked and Adora noticed Catra's pupils blow up at the mention of that. Oh, she likes that, doesn't she? Adora's lips quirked into a slight smirk, her heart was beating faster against her chest. 


Catra let out a quiet whimper before nodding slowly. '' Please, my lord, fill me. '' Catra begged, her eyes fluttering closed as Adora kissed her jaw softly. 


'' Patient, my little kitten, I will make sure to give you everything you need. '' Adora whispered before pulling back from Catra, she grabbed onto Catra's arms gently and pulled her up along with her. Catra looked at Adora with half-lidded eyes, her mouth slightly agape. Adora grabbed onto Catra's hips, turning her around before pressing her hand against Catra's lower back, pushing her down to bend over the throne. Catra supported herself by pressing her palms against the armrests, holding her upper body up. 


Adora licked her lips slowly, she watched Catra's ass in full display for her. Adora took a deep breath, her hand caressed Catra's buttock. She wanted to fuck her now, it already took a lot of Adora's willpower to control herself, and she needed to get it done. 


Adora started to undress herself before summoning her sword in her hand. Catra didn't turn around, she was just breathing heavily and waiting patiently for Adora. The blonde girl enjoyed that, she enjoyed the effect she had on Catra. Standing naked behind Catra, Adora transformed her sword into a strap-on, it was gold and blue colored with a white harness around her hips. The dildo wasn't too big, above average, but it was slightly thick and Adora knew that Catra would go crazy with it inside her. 


'' Adora... '' Catra whined impatiently, wiggling her ass back. Adora let out a soft chuckle, she grabbed onto Catra's hip with one hand whilst wrapping her other hand around the dildo. 


'' Patient, okay? We are taking this nice, and slow. '' Adora whispered, she looked down at the dildo in her hand before slowly pressing the head against Catra's entrance. The feline let out a soft gasp when she felt the broad head against her entrance, she swallowed thickly and closed her eyes, getting herself ready to get absolutely wrecked by Adora. 


'' Please... '' Catra whispered shakily, her claws dug into the armrests as she pushed back against the dildo. Adora let out a shaky sigh, she took a hold on Catra's hips and slowly pushed in, earning a long moan from Catra. She was so wet, it slid into her so easily, but at the same time, she felt absolutely full. Her inner walls clenched around the dildo until Adora bottomed out. 


'' Good girl... You are taking my cock so well. '' Adora whispered, rubbing smooth circles on Catra's buttock to relax her a little. It shocked her how easily she was able to slide inside, how tight Catra was. The wetness did help, a lot actually. Adora looked down between their bodies, she watched how the dildo spread Catra's folds. Fuck, she was so hot. How did Adora get so lucky? 


Adora dug her blunt nails into Catra's hips, she started to pull out until the tip rested by the entrance before pushing in. Catra threw her head back, squeezing her eyes closed as a loud gasp escaped her lips. '' Yes... '' Catra moaned quietly as Adora began to thrust inside her, fucking her like she promised. 


'' You are so tight. '' Adora breathed out, looking down and watching the dildo move in and out of Catra as she was thrusting into her. She could feel the end of the dildo press against her own clit, taking her closer and closer to her own orgasm. 


Catra ducked her head, moaning quietly as Adora rearranged her guts, Catra's inner walls were clenching around the dildo, squeezing it in an effort to hold it in. But Adora's relentless thrusting kept it from staying inside. '' Harder... Fuck, Adora, please, faster... '' Catra cried out, and Adora did do what she asked of her. She began to speed up her thrusts, fucking into Catra harder and faster. 


'' Fuck, s'good. '' Adora groaned, she was unable to keep her eyes open, so she closed them and leaned her head back as she moved her hips, motions that refused to stop, not even for one second. The sounds of their skin slapping against each other filled the throne room, the sounds of their moaning and groaning echoed. Adora's desire to always deliver the best of herself was taking its hold on her, making her move faster and harder. The head of the dildo was brushing against Catra's g-spot, making the feline go absolutely rigid as she took Adora. '' S'tight. '' 


'' Adora... Mm... Ah! '' Catra moaned loudly, she pushed back against the dildo and began to move back and forth in time with Adora's thrusts, taking it like she was in charge. Adora's hips stopped, she blinked her eyes open and looked down to watch Catra push back against the dildo, fucking herself on it. Adora let out a groan, she bit her bottom lip and guided Catra's hips with her hands. 


'' That's it, kitten. You look so good, fucking yourself like this. '' Adora said, trying to encourage Catra to continue, and the feline did, ramming herself back against Adora. The blonde girl could feel her heart pounding as she became too warm. Her hand slapped Catra's asscheek, causing the feline to throw her head back with a loud moan and stopping her movements in absolute shock. Her body was tensing up, and her inner walls squeezed the dildo inside her. Adora smirked down at Catra, she rubbed her hand over the reddened area of Catra's asscheek. '' Fuck, you like that, don't you? '' Adora asked before moving her hips again, thrusting in and out of Catra slowly. 


Catra ducked her head again, she bit her bottom lip as she felt her insides fire up. Fuck, she liked that. More, please. '' Again... Fuck, Adora, please, again. Harder.'' Catra demanded, and Adora obliged, slapping Catra's other asscheek harder. Catra let out a whimper, a tear rolled down her cheek because of the intensity. '' Yes... '' 


Adora held onto Catra's hip harshly with one hand as she began to fuck Catra again, harder and faster. Spanking her ass every now and then, earning louder moans from Catra with each strike, with each thrust. '' You are mine, Catra. Mine to fuck, to love... '' Adora moaned, grabbing onto Catra's hips with both hands and continue thrusting into her lover. 


Love? Catra blinked her eyes open, unsure if she heard correctly, but she couldn't care right now, not when Adora was fucking her like this, not when she was so ready to come and explode. But her tail was making its thought known as it wrapped around Adora's forearm. Adora was groaning behind her, her nails were digging into Catra's hips, clearly leaving bruises there. 


'' Yours... '' Catra moaned out, closing her eyes tightly as Adora brought her closer and closer to the edge. She was so close, so tight. She was going to come, she might explode.


She was Adora's. 


She was being carved out by the toy, Adora was rearranging her guts with her relentless thrusting, moving like a well-oiled machine. She tried not to beg, to not fall in Adora's hold, but god, her legs were shaking and her arms barely kept her up anymore. It felt so good, so nerve-wrecking and she couldn't wait to get destroyed completely. She could feel the heat in her stomach build up, she was going to scream. She was trying her best to not do that, but she couldn't. It was going to wreck her, the entire Fright Zone will hear how well she is being fucked and how she gets destroyed by the Horde Lord. 


'' You wanna come for me, kitten? '' Adora moaned out, she was so close too. She was ready to come, and she wanted Catra to come first, or at least, together. She wasn't doing her job if Catra didn't scream her name in pure pleasure. Catra was so tight, so fuckable for her. She didn't stop pumping in and out of Catra, and Catra just took it. Every sound of her moans was edging Adora on, encourage her to continue with her hard thrusts. 


'' Yes! Please, don't stop! '' Catra cried out, throwing her head back with her mouth agape, moans escaping through her throat. Adora reached forward, she grabbed onto Catra's hair to get a better hold as she pumped her hips back and forth, hard and fast. 


'' Come for me, kitten. Let me hear you scream my name. I want all of the world to know who you belong to. '' Adora grunted, her hold on Catra's hair was harsh, but the feline enjoyed the pain of it all. With a few more thrusts from Adora, Catra came with a loud scream of Adora's name. Her inner walls were fluttering around the dildo, squeezing it as her juices coated it. She couldn't stop coming, she could see white behind her eyelids as stars exploded. 


Adora was groaning and grunting behind her, she kept fucking Catra to ride out her orgasm and bring her own orgasm closer. When she heard Catra scream out her name, it was the final straw for Adora as she came with a loud groan. She kept fucking into her lover, not stopping pumping her hips. When Catra let out a whimper, Adora finally stopped moving. 


Both the girls were panting breathlessly, they were flustered and sweaty. Adora blinked her eyes open, she looked down at Catra before pulling out of her. As soon as Adora pulled out the toy, Catra slumped down, but Adora was quick enough to catch her before she hit her beautiful face on the throne. Catra let out a quiet whine when Adora wrapped her arms around Catra's waist to keep her up, the blonde girl slowly turned Catra around to make her sit on the throne. 


Catra blinked her eyes open, she felt absolutely ruined in a good way. Her entire body was relaxed when Adora placed her on the throne, a weak smile spread across of Catra's lips as she looked at Adora, who was looking at Catra with a worried expression on her face. '' Come here. '' Catra whispered, and Adora quickly leaned down to kiss Catra softly on the lips. Catra let out a soft sigh against Adora's lips, the taste of Adora was never getting tiring for Catra. She loved kissing her, her heart always warmed up when she felt Adora's lips upon her own. 


Adora pulled back from the kiss, she nuzzled her nose against Catra's gently. '' Are you okay? '' Adora whispered, leaning her forehead against Catra's. The feline let out a weak chuckle before nodding slowly. 


'' Never been better. '' And that's the truth, and she hated it. But also loved it? She didn't know what she feels, she just knows that being here with Adora is the right place to be. It felt like destiny to be here with her, she just wished it was under other circumstances. 


'' I was kinda rough. '' Adora let out an awkward chuckle as she slowly kneeled down between Catra's legs, rubbing her thighs as she looked up at Catra. 


Catra looked down at Adora with furrowed eyebrows before tilting her head to the side. '' Nothing I didn't ask for. I loved it, Adora, and I love- '' 


Don't say it. 


You don't mean it. 


You're going to break her heart. 


It's inevitable. 


Adora was staring up at Catra, her heart was beating faster against her chest. Three words. That's all she needs to hear. It's possible, right? It could happen. She wants to hear it, she needs to hear in. Please. 


Catra let out a fake chuckle, shaking her head slowly. '' I love sleeping with you. '' Catra lied. Well, it was the truth, but that wasn't what she wanted to say. But she can't. It's enough to play with Adora, but to give her false hope for a love story that won't happen. 


Adora could feel her heart break, but maybe it's too early for those three words. Maybe Catra didn't feel that way, at least not yet. But Adora had hope, she could see how Catra looks at her. You can't fake that. Adora smiled softly up at Catra and nodded slowly. '' Yeah, I really love fucking you too. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes, she reached down and ran her fingers through Adora's hair softly. '' Do you have to say it like that? '' Catra said with a soft smile. 


Adora let out a chuckle before shrugging. '' What else are we supposed to call it? '' 


Catra narrowed her eyes down at Adora, she didn't know the answer to that either. There was a lot of things Catra didn't know. '' Good question. '' 


'' I'm good at a lot of things. '' Adora said with a smug smirk and a wink, causing Catra to roll her eyes again. 


'' Shut up, and get me dressed again. '' Catra said with a soft scratch on Adora's scalp. 


The blonde girl shrugged, she leaned down and kissed Catra's thigh softly. '' Mm, sure, but I'm taking you to bed, because I want to fuck you again. '' 


Catra let out a chuckle, she leaned her head back against the throne and closed her eyes in bliss. '' Thought I would have to beg. '' 


'' Who said you won't beg? '' Adora said with an arrogant tone, causing Catra to look at Adora with narrowed eyes before letting out a soft sigh when she looked at the smug look on Adora's face. 


'' Oh, fuck. '' Catra groaned before grabbing onto Adora's hair and lifting her up to kiss her deeply again. 


What is she doing to Catra? 



'' Glimmer, stop worrying. I'm sure she is okay. '' Bow said, sitting on a cushion in Glimmer's room as he watched his girlfriend pace the floor, back and forth. It has been two days since they had any contact with Catra, the feline was nowhere to been seen whenever Glimmer teleported to their meeting place in the Whispering Woods. Bow had a good feeling that Catra was okay, but Glimmer didn't agree. Something was up, and she is going to find out what it is. 


'' We don't know that, Bow. We haven't heard from her since our attack at Erelandia, what if the Horde Lord figured out that Catra was lying to her? What if she killed her? '' Glimmer said in a worried tone, she turned her gaze to look at Bow with wide eyes. '' Oh my god, what if she is dead? '' 


Bow let out a sigh, shaking his head in disagreement. '' No, okay? I can feel it, Catra is okay. I'm sure she is just trying to figure out a way to escape that place for the moment. '' Bow was always optimistic, even though he was worried too. They needed to be positive about this, or else they would lose their minds worried. 


'' Do you actually think that Catra would be able to survive the Horde Lord's wrath? '' Glimmer said as she walked over to Bow, sitting down next to him on the floor. She placed her hands over her face, groaning loudly. '' Are we just supposed to sit here? '' 


'' There is nothing we can do, Glimmer. We have to wait for Catra to show up and trust me, she will show up sooner or later. '' Bow said, wrapping an arm around Glimmer's shoulders, pulling her closer to him. 


'' We can teleport into the Fright Zone and try to find her? '' Glimmer lifted her head to look at Bow with wide eyes, hoping to gain his approval on her spontaneous plan. 


'' Your mother would go crazy if we risked our lives like that. '' Bow said, letting out a sigh and ducking his head. He wants to do it, but if Catra is truly dead, they would risk it all for nothing. Or if she isn't dead, they could expose her. 


'' I don't care. It's Catra we are talking about, she is my sister. '' Glimmer said with a slight glare, she knew that Bow meant well, but she was stubborn and something was entirely wrong. 


'' Let's say that we teleport into the heart of the Fright Zone to look for Catra, and she is okay. We can expose her, and risk her life even further. '' Bow said, looking at Glimmer with sad eyes. 


Glimmer let out a sigh, she ducked her head as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. '' I just can't shake the feeling that something terrible has happened to her. '' 


'' What does your mom say about all of this? '' Bow asked, raising an eyebrow at Glimmer.


The sparkly girl shrugged lightly before shaking her head slowly. '' She is really worried too, she is thinking about sending in an elite force into the Fright Zone, but the problem is, she isn't sure if she could risk so many soldiers' lives for one person. She has to think like a queen, and not let her emotions get the best of her, which is bullshit, if you ask me. '' 


Bow nodded slowly, he looked at Glimmer and tilted his head slightly to the side. '' You are not going to let me stop me, are you? '' 


Glimmer stared at Bow with wide eyes before shaking her head. '' No, not really. It has been two days, Bow, and I really miss her. '' 


Bow let out a sigh, he really missed Catra too, and this mission has taken a toll on them. They missed their best friend, they missed having Catra around and they couldn't wait for this mission to be over. Or maybe it already is, and they don't know it yet. 


'' I miss her too, and you know what, if I can't convince you to not do this, then I'm coming with you. '' Bow said with a soft smile on his lips. Glimmer's eyes were gleaming with love and appreciation, she couldn't ask for a better partner than Bow. She loved him with all of her heart, and they will bring back their best friend. 


Back home again. 




Chapter Text

Catra let out a soft giggle as she nuzzled her nose into Adora's neck playfully. They were on the bed, Catra was straddling Adora's waist and laid on top of the blonde girl early in the morning. They kept spending the days in bed, forgetting all about the outside world. Nothing mattered, but this moment. This moment where Catra was nuzzling into Adora's neck, the moment where Adora was laughing softly with her arms wrapped around Catra's body, holding her close. 


This moment was everything. 


'' Why are you so perky this morning? '' Adora asked, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back as Catra kept nuzzling into her neck, soft purrs escaping her throat. Catra placed soft kisses on Adora's neck before lifting her head to look at Adora with a raised eyebrow. 


'' I have no idea, actually. Maybe you're a bad influence on me. I used to be so hardworking. '' Catra giggled before nuzzling her nose against Adora's neck once again, inhaling deeply to smell of her lover. 


Adora chuckled, shaking her head slowly. '' Why do I have a hard time believing that? '' 


Catra lifted her head to narrow her eyes at Adora before raising an eyebrow again. '' What? It's true. '' 


'' Where did you used to work then? Is there a kingdom I should know about? '' Adora asked, a soft smile on her face as she stared up at Catra. She couldn't get over how beautiful Catra was, her hair was kinda messy right now given that she just woke up and just started to kiss Adora repeatedly on the face to wake her up as well. They have been sleeping together ever since, Catra has barely seen her own room for three days. Adora loved having her here, she loved waking up next to her. 


She couldn't imagine a better way to wake up in the morning. 


Catra stared down at Adora, unsure how to answer that question. She did slip with that, she didn't realize what she was saying until it was too late. You can't blame her, she was in the moment, too caught up with waking up next to a person who made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She swallowed thickly before shaking her head slowly. 


'' Nowhere, except for Elberon. I used to work there as a servant, as you know. '' Catra said, forcing a tight smile. The lies are starting to get too heavy on her shoulders, they were weighting her down and she couldn't support herself on her legs anymore. 


'' And now you're working for me. '' Adora said, grinning widely from ear to ear. She was happy that Catra decided to stick around, she never imagined that something that amazing would happen to her. 


Catra rolled her eyes, she pressed her hand against Adora's cheek and leaned her forehead against the blonde girl's forehead. '' Is that what we are calling this? Strictly work? '' 


Adora smiled brightly as they locked eyes, wild eyes meeting the ocean. '' With benefits. '' 


Catra rolled her eyes before placing a soft kiss on Adora's lips. '' You're lucky you're cute. '' 


Adora chuckled before shaking her head. '' And late. '' 


Catra let out a whine, she leaned her head back down and nuzzled into Adora's cheek. '' No, don't go. Please? '' Catra said as she lifted her head again, batting her eyelashes for Adora. 


The blonde girl rolled her eyes, a soft smile on her lips. She bit her bottom lip, tilting her head slightly to the side as she stared up at Catra with a loving gaze. '' As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, duty calls. And you've distracted me enough. '' 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she didn't even realize that she has been distracting Adora from her real cause. Maybe that's good. Catra could be the one that makes Adora break this evil pattern. Catra let out a sigh, she sat up straighter and pressed her hands on Adora's chest. 


'' You are being rude. I mean, are you seriously going to leave me alone in bed for duty? '' Catra raised an eyebrow down at the blonde girl, maybe she should distract Adora even more. 


Adora let out a soft sigh, she rubbed her hands over Catra's naked thighs and shook her head slowly. '' We lost Erelandia, Catra. We are planning to retake it, and I need to make sure to check on the armor. '' 


Retake it? Catra wasn't there for that war meeting, she had no idea about this plan, but maybe Adora didn't want to bother her with it. Still, it kinda annoyed Catra that she wasn't included in that meeting. 


'' Isn't that the force captains' jobs? '' Catra asked, pouting slightly as she rubbed her hands over Adora's chest. 


'' In case you haven't noticed, beautiful, but the force captains are idiots lately. I can't seem to trust them with anything, so I need to make sure that it's all ready for the retaking of Erelandia in about two days. '' Adora shrugged lightly, her gaze lowered down to stare at Catra's neck where hickeys became all too visible. Adora made them, she marked her, because Catra asked her to. 


She loved it. 


Catra let out a sigh, she glared down at Adora before rolling off her, laying on her side instead, facing away from Adora. '' Fine, then I will just go to sleep again. '' 


Adora huffed softly, she slowly sat up before leaning down to place a soft kiss on Catra's temple. '' I will be right back, beautiful. I promise. '' Adora whispered, her lips lingering over the skin of Catra's temple before pulling back. Catra couldn't help the soft smile that twitched when she heard Adora's soft nickname for her, and that soft kiss... God, her heart was fluttering in her chest, the love she had for her was incredible and she would do anything for Adora. 


But it wouldn't be like that. No, she would've to watch the girl, that has stolen her heart, break apart because she feels something for Catra, something that is real, but still a lie. And Catra feels something for her, something that she's never felt before, and she is not ready for Adora's heart to break. She wasn't ready to tell the truth, because that would destroy her. 


Is there even a future for them? Catra hated what Adora has done, she is here to destroy her once and for all. But her feelings has taken over, making her question everything she believes.


If Adora stays like this, will Catra be able to stay with her? 


If Adora decided to change, will she be redeemed? 


Could they make this happen? 


Probably not. 



Catra was groaning as she rolled around on the bed, she has been trying to go back to sleep for an hour and nothing. She could feel the annoyance creep up on her, and worst part is, Adora isn't back yet. Catra has thought about looking for her, but she was off God knows where, and Catra is not in the mood to spend all morning looking around the Fright Zone for Adora. She will probably be back soon, but Catra has become restless on this bed. 


Catra rested her arm over her forehead as she stared up at the ceiling, she was getting incredibly bored with laying on the bed all day. It's not really fun without Adora next to her, but she didn't know what to do. Maybe a nice walk would be good for her? Maybe she should do that to get her thoughts gathered up so all of this makes more sense, because no matter how hard she tries, she just can't seem to make sense out of all of this. She had too many questions going around in her head, too many ifs and buts.


She let out a sigh, threw her legs over the edge of the bed and got up. She ran a hand through her messy hair and pouted slightly as she looked around the room. Adora's room has become a little too comfortable for Catra, she enjoyed being here and the bed was much nicer than the one in her room. Adora barely had a lot of things in her room, it was mostly the basics, but nothing special, nothing that screamed ' Adora '. 


Except for the marks on the walls, sword marks. Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she placed her hand above one of the marks. It ran deep into the wall, it was made by Adora's sword. There were a lot of marks on the walls, the door, even the posts of the bed. It makes her think of the day the Rebellion reclaimed Erelandia, how she found Adora in the room, angry and frustrated. She remember the way Adora dropped her sword, and it disappeared into thin air. The way the tears rolled down her cheeks, and Catra knew that she was the reason for it. 


She didn't regret it, she did it for Etheria, but her feelings are getting a hold on her. She makes stupid decisions that her heart decides for her, and she didn't know what to do about it. She couldn't help her newfound feelings for the Horde Lord, but she could help her actions, and they have done horrible things. 


It's inevitable. 


Catra unsheathed a claw, she tilted her head to the side slightly and stared at the mark on the wall. She then pressed her claw against the concrete wall and dragged her claw over the sword mark until she marked the wall herself. Right next to Adora's own mark. 


The anger. 


Catra started to glare at the wall and let out a quiet hiss before shaking her head and running her hands through her hair. She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply before opening them up again. It doesn't matter anymore, she is doing this for the Rebellion, for Etheria. 


A walk. 


Catra started to get herself dressed for a walk, she should probably keep herself as close as possible to the main building of the Fright Zone. So she didn't get lost or anything, she barely knew this place. She hasn't really left the main building, so it would suck to get lost in this place. Plus, Adora will probably be back soon. 


When Catra reached the exit of the building, she just kept going forward, away from all the prying eyes. She didn't appreciate that the Horde guards were keeping their eyes on her, she was usually used to being a loner. She couldn't really imagine what it would be like to have all eyes on you, and she knew that the guards didn't mean anything by it. It was just a security protocol, to keep an eye out on those who enters and exits the building. After all, the Horde Lord is in there and they needed to defend her. 


Out of sudden, just when Catra got away from the Horde guards, someone grabbed onto her and she didn't see Fright Zone anymore, because at the next second, she was in her room at Brightmoon. Catra let out a loud growl, she pushed Glimmer back with such a force that made the sparkly girl stumble backwards. 


'' What the hell do you think you're doing? '' Catra said with a loud tone, glaring daggers at Glimmer, who just stared at Catra with wide eyes, clearly shocked at Catra's behavior. Bow was there too, he stared at Catra before running over to her to give her a big hug. 


'' Catra, you're okay! '' Bow screamed out, almost sobbing against Catra's shoulder with relief. Catra didn't appreciate this physical contact, and they knew that. Catra let out another growl, she pushed Bow back and balled her fists against her sides. 


'' Of course I'm fucking okay! What's your problem? '' Catra asked, frustrated and annoyed at Glimmer's and Bow's stupid assumption. Of course she is okay, why wouldn't she be? Anger crept up on her, the Rebellion keeps jeopardizing her plans and they get her in risk every time. Can't they just let her do her job? 


Glimmer glared brutally at Catra, she balled her fists against her sides and stepped forward, closer to Catra than what the feline would've liked. She didn't appreciate Glimmer's sudden movement towards Catra, she could also see how the princess started to get angry. '' What the hell do you think? We are saving you. '' 


'' From what? '' Catra said whilst throwing up her arms in the air, her tail was whipping behind her as she glared at Glimmer. '' I didn't need saving, I was doing just fine! '' 


'' Oh yeah?! Then why haven't we heard from you in three days, Catra?! '' Glimmer spat out, and Catra stopped. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her anger disappeared and was replaced with panic. She didn't realize that it has been three days since she has talked to the Rebellion, and to be honest, she has barely thought about them. She has been lost in her own little world, with a person who suddenly meant a lot to her. 


Catra needed to say something, but what? Time was running out, she could see how Bow and Glimmer waited for an answer from her. Catra glared at them again, shaking her head slowly. '' I was trying to figure out a plan for us, okay? And Adora... '' 


'' Adora? '' Glimmer asked, her eyes softening as she looked at Catra with confusion. Did Catra just call the Horde Lord by her name? Like it was the most normal thing to say, like Catra has been saying it for years. 


'' Who is Adora? '' Bow asked with furrowed eyebrows, tilting his head slightly to the side. 


Catra took in a sharp breath, her eyes softening as she looked at her best friends. She slipped, fine, but uh, it can be saved. Catra swallowed thickly, she ducked her head and shrugged. '' The Horde Lord's name is Adora, and she has been keeping an eye on me. You know, '' Catra lifted her head and looked at them with slightly furrowed eyebrows, her ears were pinned against her head. '' I'm a stranger, and she isn't sure about me yet. ''


'' Catra, we have been worried about you, okay? '' Glimmer said before letting out a sigh, she closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose with two fingers. 


'' I'm sorry, but I need to go back. I'm not finished yet, and I think something big is about to happen. '' Catra said with a pleading look in her eyes. She couldn't help but to think about Adora, how worried she must be and she will probably go berserk if she found out that Catra wasn't in the Fright Zone anymore. 


Glimmer glared at Catra again, shaking her head quickly. '' Have you lost your mind? You're not going back there. '' 


Catra glared back at Glimmer, she unsheathed her claws and took a step forward. '' Who is going to stop me? You? '' Catra growled, glaring daggers at Glimmer, but the princess didn't back down, instead she took a step closer. 


'' No. '' A voice said behind them, Catra quickly turned around and her glare disappeared as she saw the angelic creature before her. '' Me. '' Angella said, narrowing her eyes at Catra and Catra could tell that the Queen was angry with her as well. 


Catra was breathing heavily, she sheathed her claws again and got down on one knee for the queen, ducking her head. '' Your majesty, I- '' 


Queen Angella walked closer to Catra until Catra could see her feet. '' We had a deal, Catra. Every night, you were supposed to report to us. And now, we haven't heard from you in days. '' 


Catra looked up at the queen before standing up, she shook her head slowly and her ears were pinned down against her head in slight fear. '' I apologize, my queen. But there has been so much going on in the Fright Zone, and I- '' 


'' Don't you understand, Catra? I have been worried sick, telling myself awful things about what the Horde might have done to you. '' Queen Angella said, interrupting Catra's explanation with a raised hand and a slight glare. 


'' I'm sorry, but I need to go back. '' Catra's tone was low, it was almost like a whisper. She didn't know what to say or do right now, she was just hoping that Angella had hope for her. 


'' No, Catra, you're not allowed to go back to the Fright Zone. '' Queen Angella said with a stern tone, looking down at Catra with her hands folded in front of her. 


Catra's eyes widened at that unwanted decision, she couldn't believe this. She was this close to actually destroy the Horde, and- She needs to destroy Adora as well. 


'' But, mom- '' Catra's eyes widened and she blushed furiously, she stared at Angella with wide eyes and couldn't really believe that embarrassing slip up. Even the guards stared at Catra with wide eyes, and she just knew that Glimmer and Bow did the same. Catra cleared her throat before shaking her head slowly. '' Your majesty, please, I do good in there. I have given you good information. Information that has helped the Rebellion and Etheria, and- They are planning to retake Erelandia. '' 


Queen Angella furrowed her eyebrows, she took another step forward and shook her head. '' When? '' 


'' In two days. “ Catra simply said, a little bit of hope spread across her chest, she was hoping to return to the Fright Zone and see-




Angella let out a sigh before nodding. '' Very well, we will plan for that attack then, but Catra, my decision is final. You are to stay in Bright Moon, and do not disobey my orders. '' She said before turning around to leave the room.


Catra’s eyes started to tear up, she couldn’t believe this. She didn’t know what to say, she didn’t know what to do. So she just stood there, her mouth agape with no words coming out.


She needed to see Adora, they are keeping them apart. They are ruining everything. Does Adora know that Catra is gone? How is she feeling? What is she doing?



'' Find her! '' Adora screamed at a guard with tearful eyes, her heart was racing and she was extremely worried.


Catra is gone. 


When Adora returned after checking out the armory, she was looking forward to see Catra again, but she found no one in her room. Assuming that Catra got hungry, and went to find something to eat. But the guards told Adora that they saw her exit the main building, but no one saw her leaving the Fright Zone.


The guard, that Adora was yelling at, just stared at her with wide eyes, he shook his head slowly. “ Lord Adora, we have looked everywhere in the Fright Zone and she is nowhere to be found. “ He swallowed thickly as Adora glared brutally at him, waiting for him to finish. The guard raised a hand and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. '' Have you maybe considered that she left on her own accord? ''


Adora’s heart skipped a beat, she stared at him with a shocked expression on her face before shaking her head slowly and stepping forward to him. She glared at him again, and summoned her sword to shove it into his abdomen, causing him to groan out loud in pain. She pulled it out, blood dripping down her blade. The guard fell down on the ground, all air leaving his lungs as Adora turned her gaze towards her other guards who stared at her with shock and fear.


'' Does anyone else have any theories about Catra’s disappearance? “ Adora muttered through clenched teeth, causing the guards to shake their head quickly. '' Good. Now find her for me. ''


They all saluted her before walking away to look for Catra. Adora let out a sigh, she looked down at the dead guard by her feet. Something was entirely wrong. Catra was gone, and no one knew anything about it. No one saw anything, it's like she just disappeared into the thin air. Nothing make sense either, Catra wouldn't' leave her like this. She was supposed to wait for Adora's return. 


The blonde warrior let out a sigh, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, a tear rolled down her cheek. Was she crying? She didn't even realize that she has been crying about all of this, but the worst things ran through her mind. What if something bad has happened to Catra? 


Adora opened her eyes again, she walked out of the throne room and decided to look for Catra by the main building. Maybe she left a trail behind her, maybe... Fur? No, that's insane. But insanity... It fits right now. Adora was slowly losing her mind. She needed to find her, she was supposed to see her lover again. She was supposed to cuddle with her in bed after her return, she was supposed to have dinner with her tonight. 


Where is she? 


'' Catra...? '' Adora said, her voice cracking as she looked around, but there was no magicat in sight. Adora could feel her heart break, it was hurting against her chest and she couldn't handle this. Maybe the Rebellion found out about their relationship and decided to take vengeance by using Catra to hurt Adora? But someone would have seen princesses run around the place, and they wouldn't dare to walk into the Fright Zone because of their fear of She-Ra. 




Not a sound. 


Catra was gone. 


Adora rubbed her palms over her face, she was trying to breathe properly and collect herself from the madness that was running through her body and mind. Maybe they just haven't found her yet, maybe Catra got lost in the Fright Zone. No, no. It didn't make sense, Catra wasn't stupid. She wouldn't just leave like this, she wouldn't just get lost. She would ask someone about directions, or-or not go too far. 


Maybe... Adora's eyes widened, she lifted her head from her hands and stared at absolutely nothing as fear started to run through her. Maybe she took her. Maybe Shadow Weaver is the reason for this. Adora glared brutally at nothing before turning around to make her way towards Shadow Weaver's prison. The heat in her body was too hot right now, she could kill anyone for standing in her way, sure. But this time, she is going to do much worse. 


Whilst walking towards the prison, Adora transformed herself into She-Ra and the sword was held in her hand. She reached the underground prison, and was met with Shadow Weaver's figure standing before her behind bars. She-Ra was breathing heavily, her glare more brutal as she came face to face with the sorceress. '' Where is she? '' She-Ra said with a low and threatening tone. She opened the door and stepped in, causing Shadow Weaver to widen her eyes. 


'' I have no idea what you're talking about, dear child. '' Shadow Weaver said, and She-Ra could feel and hear the mocking tone in her voice. She-ra let out a yell, she grabbed onto the collar of Shadow Weaver's shirt and lifted her off the ground, pressing her against the wall. 


She-Ra moved her face inches closer to Shadow Weaver's own face, her eyes started to shine as she pressed the tip of her sword against Shadow Weaver's throat. '' Where is she? '' 



Chapter Text

'' Where is she? '' She-Ra asked again, the tip of her sword was pressed against Shadow Weaver's throat and she fought back the urge to shove it in. To watch Shadow Weaver's eyes close, all air disappear from her lungs. Despite Adora's hatred for her, there was still a bit of love for the sorceress. After all, she was like a mother to Adora. Maybe not a good one, but still, she raised her. 


Shadow Weaver shook her head slowly, her feet were hovering over the floor as She-Ra lifted her off the ground. '' What makes you think I have anything to do with it? '' Shadow Weaver asked, her hands reaching up to grab onto She-Ra's hand on her shirt. 


She-Ra let out a growl, she glared more brutally and leaned her face closer to the sorceress, a flame of fire erupted in She-Ra, it was made completely out of anger. '' Because you've taken every opportunity to destroy my life, why would this be any different? '' 


Shadow Weaver let out a dark chuckle, shaking her head slowly. '' Don't you see, Adora? Maybe your lover made the right decision, maybe she realized how broken you truly are and decided to leave before you drag her down with you. '' 


She-Ra's glare softened, she stared at Shadow Weaver with wide eyes and her hand was shaking as she tried to hold the sword steady. What if it's true? What if Catra did leave because she didn't want to be with Adora anymore? 


'' No, that doesn't make sense. '' She-Ra said, it sounded more like she was trying to convince herself. She didn't want to believe that it might the truth, she wouldn't give Shadow Weaver the satisfaction of knowing that she was right all along. 


Adora was unlovable. 


'' Doesn't it? I have told you in all these years, that it's impossible to love you, child. '' Shadow Weaver said, and She-Ra just knew that she was grinning behind that awful mask of hers. 


'' You should watch your tongue, witch. It's not a good idea to piss off someone who holds a sword against your throat. '' She-Ra muttered through clenched teeth, her anger kept rising and rising. Shadow Weaver didn't make it easy for her either. She kept pushing on Adora's buttons, kept trying to rile her up. 


'' If you wanted to kill me, you would already do so. '' Shadow Weaver said with a low tone. 


She-Ra furrowed her eyebrows, shaking her head slowly. '' Don't think that I'm not capable to do so. You made me this way, and I'm planning to drag out your torture. '' 


'' Maybe you should stop blaming others for your mistakes, Adora. '' 


She-Ra let out a growl, she pulled Shadow Weaver away from the wall before pushing her roughly against it again, causing the witch to let out a loud whimper in pain. '' Tell me where she is! '' She-Ra was losing her patience, the sorceress was playing with her and she doesn't have time for this. She needed Catra right now, she needed her to calm her down, because she is going berserk right now. 


'' I don't know. '' Shadow Weaver said, staring at Adora with wide eyes. '' Maybe your lover isn't who she says she is. '' 


She-Ra's heart was pounding in her chest, she has learned to not fall for Shadow Weaver's manipulations anymore, but she couldn't help the creeping feeling that she might be right. 


No, wait. 


She is never right about anything. 


'' I'm not falling for your mind games anymore, Shadow Weaver. '' She-Ra said before letting go off Shadow Weaver's shirt, sending the sorceress to the floor with a loud whimper. '' You might not know where Catra is, but she didn't just leave. Something has happened to her, and in some way or another, I'm going to find out what and bring her home to me. '' 


She-Ra turned around to leave the prison cell, but a dark chuckle stopped her on her tracks. '' Home? I bet she couldn't wait to get away from here, from you. '' 


She-Ra let out a sigh, she ducked her head and closed her eyes. '' You know, I spend a lot of years, hoping that you would change and finally love me. '' She-Ra opened her eyes again, she turned around to face Shadow Weaver, who was still kneeling on the floor. '' I now realize, there is no hope for you anymore. I wasn't meant to be this way, '' She-Ra kneeled down in front of Shadow Weaver, she pressed her hand against Shadow Weaver's cheek. '' And you created this monster. '' 


'' You think I'm the reason for the darkness inside you? '' Shadow Weaver said, pulling her face away from She-Ra's touch. She glared at the warrior, it was always so brutal and Adora used to be terrified of that, but not anymore. 


'' Yes, and I believe Catra is the light. '' She-Ra turned back into her true form, her human form as she stood up slowly. '' That's why I need her back. Despite the darkness inside me, she wants to be with me, because Catra sees something that no one else does. '' 


'' And what is that? '' Shadow Weaver asked curiously, looking up at Adora.


Adora smiled slightly down at Shadow Weaver before shrugging lightly. '' The good inside me. '' Adora turned around and left the prison cell, leaving Shadow Weaver alone in the dark room. Tears started to create in Adora's eyes, she quickly wiped the tear that rolled down her cheek with the back of her hand. She still needed to find Catra, and she would do anything to see her face again. 


When Adora reached the throne room, all hope was lost. It has been hours, and she haven't heard anything from the guards, and she didn't know what to do. She could always turn every stone in Etheria in search for Catra, but somehow, she didn't. Shadow Weaver's words kept echoing in her head, what if Catra did leave because of Adora? Maybe she didn't want to stay here anymore, and Adora couldn't really blame her. 


Adora slowly sat down on the throne, she rested her elbow on the armrest and supported her head between her fingers as she closed her eyes. She could hear loud footsteps running towards her, and Adora lifted her head to look at the source of it. Scorpia was approaching Adora, she looked almost scared as she came closer to the throne. 


'' Lord Adora, uh, I'm bearing bad news. '' Scorpia said whilst saluting to the Horde Lord. Adora let out a sigh, she nodded once and encouraged her to proceed with the bad news. '' Unfortunately, my lord, Catra is nowhere to be found. We have looked everywhere in the Fright Zone, and nothing. '' 


Adora stared at her, she opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She didn't know what to say, and some part of her wasn't even angry anymore. She was worried, scared and maybe sad, but not angry. She pierced her lips into a thin line, nodding slowly before dismissing Scorpia with her hand. 


Scorpia slowly turned around to walk out of the throne room until Adora let out a sigh and called for her again, causing her to turn around with wide eyes. '' Scorpia, do you think... '' Adora reached a hand up, she rubbed the back of her neck nervously. '' Do you think she left us? Do you think she left me? '' 


Scorpia furrowed her eyebrows, she walked closer to Adora and shook her head slowly. '' I mean, jeez, I don't know. '' Scorpia let out an awkward chuckle before shrugging. '' I don't think she would leave like this, no. This is... It's her home now. '' 


Adora stared at Scorpia, she dropped her hand to her side again and shrugged. '' But uh, can I ask you something else? '' 


Scorpia nodded slowly, she didn't step too close to Adora. She feared her too, Adora can see that and she didn't enjoy that. She thought at least that people looked up to her, that they maybe loved her for taking them closer to victory than ever before. But Adora has made a name for herself, something that was awful and fearful. She grew up with these people, and now, they can't even look at her properly anymore. 


'' Do you hate me? '' Adora whispered, she hated feeling vulnerable right now. Even though Scorpia doesn't believe that Catra left because of Adora, the blonde warrior had a hard time believing that she truly thinks that. Maybe she just said that because of her fear of She-Ra. 


'' Hate? No. '' Scorpia said, taking a small step back from Adora. 


Adora furrowed her eyebrows, she stood up from the throne and walked down until she stood face to face with Scorpia. '' Do you fear me? '' 


Scorpia gulped thickly, shaking her head slowly. '' I'm not sure if I should answer that question. '' 


Adora let out a sigh, she reached forward and grabbed onto Scorpia's hand gently. '' Please? I promise I won't hurt you, I just... I need to hear it. '' 


Scorpia looked down at their hands before averting her gaze to look back at Adora's sad face. There was something up with the Horde Lord, she looked completely destroyed and messed up. '' I apologize, Lord Adora, but uh, if you want the truth, it's kinda ugly. '' 


'' Say it. '' Adora whispered, ducking her head to avoid Scorpia's gaze as she waited for her to tell her the truth. 


Scorpia let out a sigh, she pierced her lips into a thin line and nodded slowly. '' Yes, my lord. '' 


Adora nodded slowly, she pulled her hand away from Scorpia before lifting her head to look at the tall woman. '' Do you think Catra feared me? '' 


'' I haven't known Catra for so long, my lord, but she doesn't have a bad heart. It's warm and probably really red. '' Scorpia said, shaking her head slowly. Adora could see in her eyes that she was scared to say all of this, but she put faith in Adora's promise that she won't hurt her. 


'' And mine is black. '' Adora simply said, shrugging lightly. She knew it was true, she has done awful things to Etheria, to everyone. Catra was perfect, she was everything good about this world, and Adora was a plague, she destroyed everything in her path and she left bloody footprints wherever she went. 


Scorpia shook her head slowly. '' No, actually not. '' Adora looked at Scorpia with furrowed eyebrows, she didn't understand what Scorpia meant by this. How could it not be? '' I don't really believe that anything is completely black, and I think you can always fix it. '' 


And at that time, Adora's badge lit up and turned red as a guard's voice echoed through it. '' Lord Adora, Catra just appeared by the main building. '' Adora's eyes widened as she stared at her badge, her heart racing in her chest. She looked at Scorpia with a bright smile, shaking her head quickly. 


'' Catra is home. '' Adora said quickly before running past Scorpia to reach the main building with excitement. Catra is home, she came back again. That means she didn't leave because of Adora, but something did happen and Adora will find out what. 



A few hours earlier


Catra closed the door to her bedroom roughly, a brutal glare in her eyes as she walked fast towards her bed. Her tail was whipping behind her, her fists clenched by her sides as she tried to figure out how everything went so wrong. What felt even more wrong, is to be without Adora for such a long time. It doesn't make any sense, she shouldn't be feeling like this, but some part of Catra knows that she belongs with Adora, to be in the Fright Zone with her. But at the same time, Adora is the Horde Lord and Catra needs to stop her. Their love was doomed to fail, it would never last for long. 


But she needed to get back to her love, in one way or another. Catra can be selfish, and this was one of the selfish acts. She is playing with Adora, even though it's real. Her feelings, that is. Maybe this would be for the best, maybe Adora will figure out on her own that Catra is a liar, a rebel. It would be easier for both of them, even though it would hurt. 


Catra slumped down on her bed, she tucked her knees against her chest and hugged the pillow as tears rolled down her cheeks and stained the fabric of the pillow. Everything just changed, and she could understand the Rebellion's worry. She hasn't contacted them in days, and she was in a dangerous territory. Queen Angella gave her strict instructions before she began her mission, and she didn't follow through. She has been distracted, confused and most importantly, too happy to care about anything of the war. 


It was wrong. 


This is war and you can't let your personal feelings get the best out of you. You had to fight, you had to win and you needed to do awful things in order to achieve greatness and peace. But something about those blue ocean eyes, that dopey smile and that gorgeous face. Something about that soft voice, that body, that beautiful skin. That smell. It drove Catra beyond her own limits, it opened up a whole new world for the rebel. 


It felt right. 


How could something so wrong, feel so right? 


That question has been bugging Catra's mind, and all she could do now is to dream about Adora. All she wanted to do was to sleep and forget about all of this. Perhaps, if the universe allows it, she would wake up next to Adora. And this was all a dream. An awful nightmare. But it wasn't and Catra knew that, she cursed the stars for that. The longing was creeping under her skin, itching her. Why was Brightmoon so quiet? She felt alone, lonely for the first time since she arrived to Bright Moon as a child. 


She can't stay here. She needed to leave, and she needed to disobey direct orders. If Queen Angella decides to punish Catra for this, let it happen. But at least, Catra gets to meet Adora and maybe, she could convince Adora to let go of this awful idea of conquering Etheria. Adora was good, she had good inside her, but there was something behind her eyes, something she hasn't told Catra yet. Something was making her act like this, making her angry and broken. She knew about her mother figure, who is deceased, but maybe there is something more than this. 


Catra glared at the large window in her room, the sun was still out and she realized that it might have been two hours since Glimmer brought her back to Bright Moon. Glimmer... Catra was so annoyed with her, she didn't want to talk or look at her after Queen Angella's exit. They betrayed her, they didn't trust her. Now she had to break all the rules, and she needed to push her feelings aside now. She needs to prove to everyone that she isn't just a brain that needs to stay behind, she needs to break the Horde from the inside. But that means that she needs to break Adora. Can she do that? Does she have the heart for it? Does she have the heart to keep one promise and break another?


Could she do it?


Could she watch Adora's heart break apart in her hand? 


Catra let out a sigh, she slowly stood up from her bed and walked towards the large window, opening it until she was able to walk into the balcony. She placed her hands on the railing and looked around, the whole castle was surrounded with guards, and it would be really hard to sneak out. However, when the sun goes down, it would be much easier and Catra would take the risk, if that's what needed to be done. 


When the sun disappeared and the moon appeared in the sky, Catra got her plan into action. It has been hard, she hasn't left her room all day, despite Glimmer's and Bow's attempts to lure her out, trying so hard to make Catra eat something, but Catra always told them to just go away. She could always hear Glimmer's scoffs and Bow's sighs, and nothing mattered. Because now, she is making a run for it. She is going home. 


Catra stood up on the railing of her balcony, she looked around and supported herself by holding onto the railing and balancing her feet on it. The entire place was surrounded, but it would be easy, given that Catra was stealthy and pretty quiet. It would be hard to spot her, and human eyesight isn't the greatest during the darkness. But Catra's... She can do it. Catra took a deep breath, preparing herself. She knew that the Rebellion wouldn't be able to go inside the main building, they wouldn't be able to grab onto Catra from in there, so she needed to stay there and not leave again. 


Catra started to jump down quietly to the next balcony and all of sudden, something popped up in front of her. Glimmer was looking at Catra with crossed arms over her chest, a raised eyebrow on her face. She let out a sigh and shook her head. '' What are you doing? '' 


Catra let out a groan, she stood up properly and glared at Glimmer. '' Please, Glimmer, don't try to stop me. '' 


Glimmer threw her hands in the air and glared at Catra. '' What do you expect me to do? You are disobeying my mother's orders, you are trying to sneak back into the Fright Zone. Don't you think I know you, Catra? How stupid do you think I am? '' 


Catra let out a hiss before relaxing her face again, she shrugged. '' Pretty stupid, but I guess I was wrong. '' 


'' Why are you trying so hard to get back in there? '' Glimmer asked, taking a step closer to Catra, despite Catra's unsheathed claws. Glimmer knew that Catra wouldn't hurt her, it's just a empty threat, something she has done before. 


'' Because I have a mission to finish. '' Catra lied, she couldn't exactly tell her truth, could she? Glimmer wouldn't understand, she couldn't. The Horde has done so much, they have destroyed everything and how could Catra tell Glimmer that she has fallen in love with the Horde Lord? 


'' You have already done so much for us, Catra. '' Glimmer said, taking Catra's hands into her own, causing Catra to retrieve her claws. '' It hasn't been the same here without you. '' 


Catra's gaze softened, she has missed them all too. There is no doubt about that, but her heart doesn't belong here anymore. She belongs with Adora, she is meant to be with her. It's her destiny. '' I have missed you too, Glimmer. But the Horde is still in control of Etheria, and we have to stop them. You said it yourself, I have done so much in there. I can continue doing so, until the Horde is destroyed. '' 


'' What if the Horde Lord figures out that you're a spy? What if you die because I let you go now? '' Glimmer asked, tears welling up in her eyes. 


Catra shook her head slowly, she reached a hand up and wiped up the tear that rolled down Glimmer's cheek with her index finger. '' She won't hurt me. '' 


'' How can you be so sure? '' Glimmer sniffled, closing her eyes before opening them up again. This time, her eyes were tearful and she couldn't help the tears that rolled down her cheeks. 


'' I just do. She trusts me, she won't figure out the truth. '' Catra assured Glimmer, even though it might be empty words. All lies get exposed sooner or later, and maybe Catra will be the one that exposes that truth. There is just so much lying she could take. 


'' You are so stubborn, and I know that there is no way to convince you. '' Glimmer let out a sigh, she placed her hands on Catra's shoulders and swallowed thickly. '' Hold on tight. '' 


Catra closed her eyes for a split second, and the next second, she opened them up again. She was right by the gates of the Fright Zone, and Glimmer was hugging her tightly. Catra let out a soft sigh, she closed her eyes again and hugged Glimmer tightly. '' I love you. '' Catra whispered, holding onto Glimmer like it was the last time they would see each other. 


'' I love you too. '' Glimmer whispered before pulling back from Catra, she looked at the feline with sad eyes. '' I will take care of our mom. '' Glimmer said with a slight smile. 


'' It was a spur of the moment thing! '' Catra groaned with a deep blush spreading across her cheeks. She never meant to call Angella mom, it just slipped, dammit. Glimmer let out a soft chuckle before teleporting away, leaving Catra alone by the front gates of the Fright Zone. 


Catra took a deep breath as she walked into the Fright Zone, everyone was walking around and they seemed to be looking for something that they didn't seem to notice Catra's arrival. Catra rolled her eyes at the incompetence of the guards, and she slowly started to realize Adora's frustration with them. 




Catra is home now, and she needed to see Adora. 


She made her way to the main building, where Adora is, and looked at a guard who stared at Catra with wide eyes. '' Are we opening up the gates or...? '' Catra asked with a raised eyebrow, her hands on her hips as she looked at the guard. 


The guard nodded quickly, he pressed his finger against the Horde badge and talked into it. '' Lord Adora, Catra just appeared by the main building. '' The Horde Lord said before pressing his finger on the Horde badge again, turning it off. He opened the gate for Catra and stepped aside for her to go in. 



Adora was practically running towards the gate, too eager to see Catra again and she prayed to the universe that she would be alright. She swore to the stars if she saw any marks on Catra's body, she would destroy the one who caused them. When she arrived to the main building, Catra was standing there and looked at her with those beautiful eyes. She slowed down her steps, her eyes wide and a blush spread across her face at the sight of her lover again. 


Adora's heart was pounding against her chest, she was walking slowly towards Catra and all that worry disappeared. She was happy again, and it looks like Catra was okay. Not a scratch on her body. 


'' Catra, you are here. '' Adora whispered, and she didn't quite understand why she was surprised by it. Maybe Shadow Weaver's words got stuck in her head.


'' Missed me? '' Catra asked with a slight smirk and a raised eyebrow. Adora let out a soft huff before hugging Catra tightly, she buried her nose into Catra's hair and closed her eyes, inhaling the sweet smell of Catra. 


'' More than anything. '' Adora whispered back, her heart filled with relief. '' I was so worried. '' Adora mumbled against Catra's hair before nuzzling her nose against Catra's temple. 


The feline closed her eyes, she tucked her arms under Adora's armpits and hugged her back just as tightly. She nuzzled her nose into Adora's shoulder, feeling comfort by being with Adora again. '' I missed you too. '' Catra whispered, soft and low. She didn't even realize how much she missed Adora until she saw her again, and she could feel that form of comfort that she never imagined that she would feel with the Horde Lord. 


Adora let out a sigh, she pulled back from the hug and looked at Catra with tearful eyes, shaking her head slowly. '' Where- Catra, you were gone for hours. Where were you? I thought you- '' Adora pierced her lips into a thin line, she didn't know if she should say it, but the words slipped past her lips. '' I thought you left me. '' 


'' Never. '' Catra said without hesitation, almost immediately. Never. She could never leave her, and if Catra could be the one deciding their destiny, she would have stayed with Adora forever. 


'' What happened? '' Adora asked again, her eyes were still filled with worry as she looked between Catra's eyes, trying to find an answer without words,  but that was impossible. She needed Catra to say it. So Adora could believe it. 


Catra furrowed her eyebrows, she opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. What was supposed to come out? 


The lie? 


The truth?


She is mixing them up. 


The desire to tell the truth is echoing in her heart.


But the desire to lie is pounding in her head. 


'' I got lost. '' Catra said, ducking her head to avoid Adora's gaze as the lie came out. She couldn't really say that she was taken to Bright Moon, by her best friend. She couldn't say that she went home. 




Home is where the heart is. 


And it belonged with Adora. 


'' Lost where? '' Adora asked, she grabbed onto Catra's hands into her own and looked up and down Catra's body to find some sign of resistance, pain or wounds. Nothing. She looked like Adora left her. Completely flawless. 


'' I was taking a walk through the Whispering Woods. '' Catra shrugged, looking down at their joined hands and watched how Adora's thumbs rubbed the back of Catra's hands gently. 


Adora let out a soft gasp, she squeezed Catra's hands gently, causing Catra to look up at her with wide eyes. '' Look, I know that it can get pretty boring in the Fright Zone, but next time, please, tell me or a guard so that we cane escort you. At least then I will know that you're safe. '' 


'' Yeah, you're right. I just- I couldn't find you. '' Catra shrugged lightly, she stepped closer until her chest pressed against Adora's chest. 


'' I will make sure to give you a communication device, okay? That way you can each me when we are not together, but I think after this, I probably won't leave you alone. '' Adora chuckled, shaking her head slowly. 


Now this is going to mess things up. Or maybe not? Glimmer said that she would take care of Angella, but knowing Angella, she is probably furious about Catra's escape and would probably try to bring Catra home next time. She couldn't' report back to the Rebellion, so what was the point of this mission? Is the mission still active? Maybe she could report to Glimmer in secrecy. Honestly, this is a problem for another day. She is just happy to be back with Adora again. 


'' Just the way I like it. '' Catra whispered with a soft smile, she leaned up and caught Adora's lips into a soft kiss. Adora smiled against Catra's lips, both the girls' eyes fluttered closed as they savored the kiss. 


Adora pulled back from the kiss and looked down at Catra with slightly wide eyes, causing the feline to look up at Adora with furrowed eyebrows. '' Are you sure you're okay? ''


Catra let out a squeaky laugh, that always made Adora blush furiously. '' I'm fine, 'Dora. I'm just- '' Catra let out a soft yawn, reaching her hand up to rub her eye with the back of it. '' Really tired. '' 


It has been a long day. 


Adora smiled softly down at Catra, she reached her hand up and caressed Catra's cheek gently. '' Let's get you to bed then. '' 


'' Your room. '' Catra said like it was an order, and not a request. She was narrowing her eyes at Adora, daring her to decline Catra's wish. 


How could she? 


Adora let out a soft laugh, nodding before leaning in to place a soft kiss on Catra's forehead. '' Of course. I just need to take care of something real quick, but I will be right behind you. '' 


Catra raised an eyebrow,w she tilted her head slightly to the side. '' You promise? '' 


'' I promise. '' Adora said, dropping her hand from Catra's cheek. The feline smiled sleepily at Adora before turning to walk towards Adora's chambers. Her tail dragged itself under Adora's chin as she left, causing Adora to blush and stare at Catra with wide eyes. Her hips were swaying more than usual, and Adora let out a dreamy sigh. 


It's good to have her home. 


And Adora was honest, she is right behind Catra, but she needed to take care of something. It was time to take down the Rebellion, but something was preventing it from happening, and she thinks she knows exactly what it is. 


Adora pressed her finger against her Horde badge, activating the communication device. '' Force Captain Scorpia. '' 


Out of the device came Scorpia's disoriented voice. '' Y-Yes, my lord? '' 


Adora couldn't help but to roll her eyes at the trembling voice of her force captain, she couldn't be that bad of a person. '' I need you to send the message. '' 


'' What makes you think that they will help? '' 


Adora looked at nothing, a soft smirk spreading across her lips. '' Because they would do anything for the right price. ''