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“Yours,” San pants out into the open air. Cool wind blowing past them and only sets his h skin ablaze.” I wanna be yours.”


“You are mine.” Seonghwa teased, his smile pulling up.” Quite easy actually.”


They’ve been doing this for months, meeting in this bright patch whenever they could. To talk, to feel.


To touch.


“Seonghwa,” San moans, body arching up against the ground to wrap his arms around his neck in a death grip.He’s close and even through his tense body clenching around Seonghwa, he fucks him through it and brings him to a place more beautiful than the field.


His eyes are wide, stars shooting across his eyes until they explode before him in a beautiful display.


“Seonghwa.” He mumbles again, fisting his hand into his shirt and gripping it. Seonghwa pushes him back into the ground to give San exactly what he wanted. What he needed.


Seonghwa dressed San always afterwards. It quickened the process and he cleaned him all the same.


“Your leader is an ass.”


“He’s not. But I promise we’ll be together. I’ll leave before he keeps me away from you.”


Seonghwa was a vampire, one of the oldest original vampires still alive, and where that information is true, valuable and has saved his coven many times, he doesn’t lead his coven.


Hongjoong takes care of political affairs. He’s taken everyone in and kept them as a loving group. However , he knew ever since he was created, he didn’t like werewolves.


And that’s what inhabited San, a wolf.


“I want to take you out somewhere.”


“That’s very risky.” San hugs him, pushing his face under his neck and taking in his scent. for someone dead he smelled awfully nice.


“I don’t care.” Seonghwa wraps his arms around him. He always believed they fit together so well and beautifully. Each curve was filled out by the other, a pocket of air covered by the other, he never felt whole without San.


“Are you going to talk to him?”


“I’m a lot stronger than Hongjoong. Bitten vampires feel pain that I couldn’t understand. Human pain.” He twirled one of San’s loosened curls along his finger, tightening it before letting go and watching it bounce along his forehead.” If he can’t accept you, he’ll lose his strongest fighter.”


San breathes in, teeth raking against his cold skin.” I’m so spoiled. I don’t wanna-“


A howl breaks the air, distant and loud. His alpha calling back for him before the pups head off to bed.” I gotta go.” He whines. He takes a few seconds to replace his skin with fur, bumping his and Seonghwa’s heads together before rushing off.


Seonghwa doesn’t leave a scent on San, and Wolf scents are exclusive to wolf noses. Their secret works out, but it’s the anticipation to see each other again that has them both worry. Lie after lie.


“Hyung, you’re back.” Yunho pipes like the bubble he was, running after Seonghwa to bring him into a hug.He turns and touches his cheek, giving the younger a small smile before stepping out of his hold.


” I need to speak to Hongjoong.”


“I think he’s out back with Woo.” He points out as if Seonghwa didn’t live there too.


Seonghwa leaves the younger towards the back of their home, slipping through  Yeosang and Mingi’s disagreement towards the garage door. He pushes it open, searching for the two who happen to be sitting and staring at the sunset.


Hongjoong’s feet don’t touch the ground.


“I need to talk to you.” He says beside him.


“It can’t wait?” He looks up at him with big expressive eyes and a pout.


“I’m afraid it can’t.”


They both travel inside and separate from the other members. Hongjoong leads Seonghwa into a studio below their home, his office where he studied music and equally important coven affairs.


“I have a boyfriend of some sorts.” He breaks straight into it, and Hongjoong almost jumps across the ornate table.


“Is he cute?” He says loudly, grabbing Seonghwa’s hand to fire another at him.” Is he tall or short.”


“A werewolf is what he is. My reason of telling you is-“


“That’s like a gazelle fucking a cheetah. That’s stupid, you’ll never work out. You’re too different.” Hongjoong dismisses the idea completely . Seonghwa expected such words, but hearing them himself left a bad taste in his mouth.


“We’re more similar than I thought. Extremely different in personality, but we bond easily.”


“How long? A month?” Hongjoong scoffed.


“Seven. Three prior to that as he stalked me for my attention. Cute little pup.”


“Seonghwa.” Hongjoong stares at him, running his fingers through white hair with an exhausted sigh. “ I’m not letting him into my coven.”


“I never asked for that.” Seonghwa stands and pushes in his chair.” I merely want your cooperation and respect for my boyfriend.”


“You know he’ll die eventually.”


“I’m aware of that. When he’s 80 I won’t look over 20. He’ll be wrinkly and old and I’ll appreciate the years of happiness he’s given me.”


“You’re being extremely irrational Seonghwa.” He knew he’d say that.” What’s wrong with us?”


“Nothing. I love you all, I could never deny that.”


“But you call him a boyfriend and us a coven.” Hongjoong mumbles. He wets his bottom lip, eyes narrowing at Seonghwa.


He’s oddly calm.


“What’s your excuse? You consider Wooyoung a boyfriend and us your coven? He’s more special isn’t he, or was it that you changed him personally that makes him so important.”


He hates the way he grimaced.“I don’t think you should date a werewolf. They’re destructive-“


“Don’t dismiss my question.” Seonghwa cuts him off quickly. “He’s not what killed your family. He’s sweet and kind. If you threaten our relationship, I won’t hesitate to leave this coven.”


“You’re putting us in danger for your own selfish needs because you found a fucking sex doll.” Hongjoong stands up to meet Seonghwa.” If you leave, we’ll be targets. We’ll lose respect.”


“Then let me ask you; What danger would he bring, he isn’t like that, he’s an incredible person.”  He turns to grip the handle. He hears when Hongjoong steps in front of him, he’s always been quick.  He had to be to make up for his loss in height.


“If you leave they’ll all be sad. I can’t fill that gap alone.” His voice drops down to a desperate whisper.


“I won’t leave if you accept him. He’s opened up to me, he’s had horrible experiences with vampires yet he set those aside because he loves me, Hongjoong.” Seonghwa grips the handle tight, almost snapping it off if he hadn’t calmed down.” He’s sparked something in me I’ve never felt.”


“I understand. If I do allow him in, he needs to be watched. I won’t allow another wolf to destroy my family.”


Seonghwa hums and opens the door, letting the smaller leave first and following after.


“I’ll be off for the night then.” Seonghwa sighs as he treads you the stairs into the common room.


“To where?”


“I told him if all goes well I’ll meet him once again, if not by the time the sun rises, we had an argument.” Hongjoong doesn’t say anything, he stares at Seonghwa’s back as he leaves through the doors.


“You must really care for him to put your entire coven on the line.”


“I didn’t put anything on the line. You’re simply still a paranoid boy stuck in the past.”


Hongjoong frowns deeply. He forgets he doesn’t have the same authority over Seonghwa as he does the rest of the coven. Seonghwa’s simply chose not to take responsibility. He couldn’t win in a fight, he couldn’t scare the older vampire.


So what was he to do?




“Darling.” He shoves the sleeping heap of fur awake, short growls forced into the dirt until he stirs awake at the vampires scent.


‘Did he say anything bad?’ It was a lot harder to form a telepathic bond with a vampire, considering they were dead, yet San tried every day.


It took a lot of patience and brain power and sleepless nights, but he managed to let the vampire in his head.


“He’s still on the fence with it, but he won’t try anything with you. Hopefully.”


Seonghwa has been off in the human world, he’s visited San in his apartment plenty of times and often cleaned up for the wolf.


He was quiet messy, but Seonghwa couldn’t bring himself to mind.


“I got that thing you liked.”


It was an little robot vacuum that slowly sucked up the floor. Seonghwa seen it and was fascinated by it. There were too many cons up against his pros for him to buy it, so he stares at it like a statue.


“You’re incredibly lazy.” He wraps his arms around the joyous wolf, the vacuum picking up his crumbs and small things he couldn’t be bothered to sweep.


“My rut is coming up, your coven wouldn’t like it if I scented you.”


“You’ve scented me before and no one said anything.”


“That’s a faint scent only wolves can pick up. If I do it while I’m in rut some humans can even smell it.” Seonghwa pulls him further into his lap, his nose tickling his neck as he smells the distinct scent gland along the wolf.


“You smell like something, but I don’t know what it is. It’s very calming.”


“You’ll figure it out eventually.”


“Tell me.” Seonghwa pressed.


“No.” He looks at him with a smile of gold, dimples deep with those cute front teeth brightening his entire eternity.


“What would you do...if he killed me?”


“I’d kill him and anyone who assisted.”


“You’ve known him for much longer.”


“I’m not madly in love with him. I care for him, yes. Deeply like family. But if he wishes to cross the line between my happiness, I’ll end his suffering of immortality, permanently.” Seonghwa spoke with a surprisingly sweet voice.” I believe you’re still hungry.” He leaves him for the kitchen. Cooking often distracted him from the problems at hand. Before he met San, he had no one to eat the dishes he prepared.


“That’s a possibility.” Seonghwa cant show the worry along his face, he’s trained to hard to hold in his emotions, centuries of time to keep his feelings and expressions bottled away. He can’t show San that. His happy, small wolf.” I don’t want to change the subject if there’s a chance I may or may not be hunted by him?


“I’m not sure. I can’t stop you if you’d like to leave me for the danger you might meet.”


“I can’t leave you. I love you.” San looks up at him daringly, staring into the dark, lifeless orbs or Seonghwa. He’s stubborn, it’s incredibly apparent. As much as he loves it, he can’t risk it getting him killed.


“I might be stronger than Hongjoong, but I can’t always protect you from what he might possibly do. He knows people, humans and vampires alike. Hunters and people who just like the thrill.”


“I know how to fight, Seonghwa.” The wolf rolls his eyes like an ignorant teen.


“That’s the problem. You know how to fight, but you don’t know when to flee. Promise me you’ll run from him and call me if you get even a glimpse of anything questionable.”


“Seonghwa, I’m not a-“


“Hongjoong is much stronger than you. He can do things you wouldn’t know how to defend against. He’s sadistic.” He takes a few steps closer to San until he’s peering down at him.” He could rip you apart, and leave you unrecognizable.”


“I’m not running away from a vampire. I’ve killed many before.” Stubborn as always.


“Hongjoong isn’t one to give up easily. He believes you’re a risk. “


“A risk to what! They could all collectively kill me.” San shoves Seonghwa. He doesn’t budge even a little.” You can’t let him break us.”


“I’m not letting him break anything, you’re at risk, can’t you see that?”


“About what you said...about leaving. I’m not doing that.” San shook his head. He has a whole pack, his family. Those who protect and love him.


“It might be for the best if it means your safety. I don’t know his moves, he doesn’t answer to me.”


“Seonghwa, you love me right?”


“With everything in me.” The vampire answers without a second thought.


“Then I’m not leaving.” San pushes.


Seonghwa opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it. It’s the natural push and pull of life and death. Mates refusing to leave each other even in the harshest situations.

Yet Seonghwa has grown accustomed to leaving people behind before he can fully love them.


“I can’t just leave. I don’t have centuries upon centuries to just forget about you, about what we fucking have, Seonghwa.” San points to his own chest, grabbing his shirt and nearly ripping a hole in it.


Seonghwa walks away, and San chases as he always had.


“Don’t ignore me.”


He’s good at being silent.


He bends to the cabinet below where the pans were neatly placed, gathering two and placing them on the table behind him.


“Park Seonghwa.” San growls, the rumble of his wolfs voice taking affect, deepening his voice in hopes of intimidation.


He could never scare Seonghwa.


“I’m thinking.”


“Think out loud.” San leans over the table, grabbing the pan and placing it on the stove for him.” Please.”


“I don’t know if it will be possible, I may need to change you, for good.”


“Like...into a Vampire?”


“If it’s possible. I’d have to dilute your temperature completely, just enough for the venom to work and keep you alive all the same.”


“Isn’t that...impossible? Between us I never bothered to read it, but I know a werewolf and a vampire cannot exist in one body.”


“Hongjoong cannot harm you if you’re half vampire. He can’t harm anything that hasn’t committed a crime, you’ll also be immortal and unstoppable. I’m willing to do anything to keep you safe.”


“Seonghwa I don’t think we can pull this off...”


“My venom might be potent enough to actually penetrate into your bloodstream without being fried.” Seonghwa was thinking on his own now, completely ignoring the loud half argument forming behind him.


“What if he doesn’t stop?” San asks, his eyes gloss over. A vampire he’s never met is toying with his life, his everything.


“Then I’ll kill him.”


“And if I’m not normal? If I try to kill you-“


“I’ll restrain you to the best of my ability. I’ll let you harm me before I lay a hand on you.” He caresses his cheek.” Now what would you like to eat, puppy?”




Seonghwa didn’t come home for a few days, and to Hongjoong, this wasn’t good.


He doesn’t mind the embarrassment or even the degradation. Without Seonghwa, their coven is vulnerable. His friendly manner kept others away, his strength alone put people down and his age earned them respect. In other covens around Korea, he’s their Sire.


In Incheon, he made Exodus, gave them all eternal life and century long friendships.


X was another coven, he was the sire to their leader. If he wanted to, he could claim them all, form the largest coven in the city and take care of anyone who disagreed with him.


Even in the thousand years of bloodshed, wars he’s fought, people he’s tortured and mercilessly killed.


He was a pacifist of sorts.


San looks up at him with wide eyes, lips blue and skin pale in the ice bath. He’s been cold before, he’s struggles through winters.


This, however, was torture. Six gallons of ice, more ice than actual water rubbing against his skin.


He lost his warmth after the fourth bag was poured over his naked body.


Seonghwa’s winter cold hand caressing his knee didn’t help much.


“It’ll be over soon, I promise I’ll make it quick.”


“You’re won’t bite me, right?”


“Of course not.” There’s a syringe not to far on the sink, large and scarier than any needle he’s face. Seonghwa takes it after leaving him, grasping it between his hands and stabbing into his mouth. He hooks up into his gums horrifically, pink protruding as well. Using  his tongue  to massage into the roof of his mouth.


He Pulls the syringe, extracting it painfully slow. The small pocket showing clear liquid filling into syringe, thick and almost jello-y.


“This will kill you initially.” He smiles  as his mouth healed.”If you don’t die, this simply means my venom was killed by your body, and change is impossible.”


“My toes are numb.”


Seonghwa snorts.


He moves around some of the ice, aiming just as over his thigh before stabbing straight into his pale wet skin.


“It’s going to burn. You’ll feel as if your on fire for a moment, but only because the ice cooled you.” Seonghwa explains. San stares at him, the effect kicking in immediately.


He jumps and attempts to leave the tub, quickly being subdued by Seonghwa.


“If you shift, it’ll die. It will be mercury in your blood until you eventually excrete .”


San’s neck is red, the first threatening sign of the wolf beginning.


“San.” The vampire warns, rolling up his sleeves to fully press San into the ice.



“I’m fine.” He gasp desperately.” I’m so fine. I’m great!” He screams, veins protruding from his neck, red flowing down his chest and spreading across his arms.


“Your wolf is attempting to save your body from going under.” Seonghwa’s trails is hands up the heat of his arm, lava heat spreading like wildfire. His skin dusted pink all over, the water reflecting his color. It rippled as he shook, pain finally becoming too much for him.


San pants like a dog, literally. His lips are parted, tongue between his teeth as he bites into it like steak. Blood drips down the back of his throat and over his chin.


He feels his muscles spasm in the ice cold water, fighting his own wolf to keep control of his form and reaction. He’s so cold and so heated he wants to rip his own skin off.



Then, he stops.


Seonghwa didn’t know what really happened. He was on the brink of a seizure, eyes rolling back as his body tensed and began to shake, but as soon as it started, it just stopped.


His head lulls to the side, mouth falling slack as his head hits  the tub.


Seonghwa closes his eyes. It’s a little unsettling seeing your boyfriend’s dead eyes. He closes them, letting him rest for now. He can feel the faintest heartbeat left within his wolf showing he was still very much alive.


He takes him from the water, wrapping him in the robe alongside the tub and carrying him away from the bathroom.


“You’re going to be ok, pup.”


If this works, he’ll be safe from any threat without the fear of death. He’ll stop aging. Worse case scenario, the venom denatures and he’s alive once more with no modification.


Seonghwa, he’ll have San.