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in the heat of the moment

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Renjun’s shirt is sticking to him in all the wrong places, glued to his upper torso by the layer of sweat that glimmers underneath the sun. His hair is limp and matted against his forehead, it’s usually honey color now a darker brown. A heatwave has hit and it takes all of his energy to walk back to the beach with the bag of snacks in his hand. 

At least he’s not suffering alone. Next to him Donghyuck sucks at the cherry portion of a rocket pop with the bottom blue half melting and trickling down his hand before dripping off and falling into the grass below. It’s kind of disgusting, but Renjun supposes he can’t blame him. It’s nearly one hundred degrees out, and if Donghyuck wants to waste half of his rocket pop by letting it get him all gross and sticky, then who is Renjun to complain? Besides, he knows Jaemin keeps baby wipes in his backpack like he’s the mother of a really messy toddler, so in the end it doesn’t really matter.

“Hey.” Donghyuck says, smacking Renjun on the arm with the back of his sticky hand, “Can we stop by Mark’s trailer? Jaemin forgot his waterproof sunscreen.”

Renjun looks down at his arm, nose wrinkling up as he shuffles a few steps away. He glances back up at Donghyuck with a scowl, “Can’t you go alone?” 

“I don’t want to walk halfway across the parking lot alone!” Donghyuck pouts, his cherry red bottom lip plump from the cold treat, “Besides, my hands are sticky and if I grab Jaemin’s bottle like this I’m ninety-eight percent sure he’ll pop a blood vessel.”

“You could just wash your hands.” 

“I still don’t want to go alone!” 

Renjun rolls his eyes. The last thing he wants to do is spend more time with Lee Donghyuck. He’s already upset that he was forced to go on the snack run with him, let alone make the trek to the RV and back.


“No. Go by yourself,” Renjun mutters, snatching the other snack bag from Donghyuck’s clean hand. He gives Donghyuck one last glance before heading towards the stairs that lead down to the beach. 

“Renjun!” Donghyuck whines. Renjun ignores him, and then a cold hand wraps around his wrist, making him gasp. It tugs Renjun in the opposite direction, making him stumble as he trips on his own feet and gets tangled in the shopping bags.


“I promise I’ll be really quick!” Donghyuck pleads, leading Renjun in the direction of the parking lot. Renjun grumbles and makes an attempt to pull at Donghyuck’s hand latched tightly around his skinny wrist. 

“Let me go!” 

“No! You’ll run away.” 

“That’s the point!” Renjun scoffs. 

He accepts defeat the second they hit the blacktop of the parking lot. It’s too far of a walk now that the fight wasn’t even worth it anymore. He might as well just accompany Donghyuck to Mark’s trailer, grab Jaemin’s stupid overpriced sunscreen, and then head back to the rest of the crew on the beach where he can ignore Donghyuck and find some joy in the novel he left behind in Mark’s care. 

He spots Mark’s tin can of an RV, the rusted metal of the exterior looking surprisingly lackluster under the sun. Jeno’s red pick up it’s attached to isn’t faring any better, though, and really it’s a wonder that they even made it here alive. It’s a short walk from where they are and the RV, and soon Donghyuck is grasping the handle to the door and pulling with more force than should be necessary, the rusty hinges of the door squealing in protest as it opens. 

“After you,” Donghyuck grins, finally letting go of Renjun in exchange for motioning to the doorway. 

“I’m not going in that thing.” Renjun frowns, planting his heels into the ground, “It’s gonna be like a literal oven in there.” 

“I don’t want to go in alone!”

“What is with you and not wanting to be alone? Do you have abandonment issues?” 

“Just get in the RV.” 

Renjun groans, but climbs up the small step into the RV anyway. He’s immediately met with the humid air of the RV. It makes it hard to breathe, the air thick. The inside looks like Mark hasn’t redecorated since he was sixteen and bought all of his furniture from the dollar store or repurposed items from his parent’s attic. Renjun can already feel himself beginning to sweat more and sits down on Mark’s bed. It’s messily made, thanks to Chenle who decided earlier that it would be a good idea to throw himself onto Jisung and refuse to get off, and the heavy blankets Mark sleeps with make him feel impossibly warmer. The black bedding is a harsh contrast to the bright orange carpet installed, and Renjun grimaces at the pattern that looks like it belongs in the 70’s. Renjun doesn’t doubt that it’s the original carpet, he knows Mark’s interior design sense is bad but it’s not that bad. 

The door shuts behind them with a high shrill that makes Renjun wince. Donghyuck shuffles past him and stops in front of the olive colored couch to look through Jaemin’s ‘emergency bag’, which is practically just a glorified diaper bag disguised as a duffle bag. 

“I’m beginning to think Jaemin is a mother of five,” Donghyuck chuckles, pulling out yet another first aid kit from the bag. His hand disappears back into the bag and then a second later pulls out a jumbo sized bottle of waterproof sunscreen. He hums happily and frantically shoves the first aid kits back into the bag.

“Okay, you found the sunscreen.” Renjun says, picking the bags of snacks back up. He stands and shuffles over to the door, “Let’s get out of here.”

Donghyuck nods and walks over, cradling the bottle like it’s a baby. Renjun turns and pushes against the door to the RV. Except, it doesn’t open. He frowns, glancing back at Donghyuck for a moment before he shoves at the door again, this time harder. It remains closed. 

“Quit messing around and open the door,” Dongyhyuck huffs. 

Renjun glares at him in response and tries the door again. Eventually Donghyuck gets fed up and pushes him to the side before ramming his shoulder into the solid metal. He winces, draws back, and tries once more. The door is still shut. 

After a moment of quiet where the only audible sound is Donghyuck rubbing against the fabric of his t-shirt as he nurses his arm and stares at the door, he turns around, looks Renjun straight in the eye, and declares, “We’re locked in.”




Renjun cannot believe that this is his life right now. 

“Isn't this great?” Donghyuck chirps cheerfully as he watches Renjun bang on the door of Mark’s RV, “Just dudes being dudes, homies chillin’ in an RV at the beach, best friends doing fun things together and making memories—” 

“I will give you five dollars if you shut the fuck up,” Renjun interrupts, swiveling his head to glare at him. Donghyuck smiles brighter, looking awfully unbothered on his spot on the built in couch. In fact, he almost looks too unbothered, considering the situation. 

“Call Mark again,” Renjun demands, giving up on trying to push the door open. It’s no use. 

This was supposed to be a fun day at the beach, a time for Renjun to get away and relax after studying nonstop for months for finals weeks. He couldn't have been more happy to agree to the trip when Mark had first proposed it all those months ago. Now he wishes he had turned the offer down and went backpacking through Europe, or went to go see Niagara Falls, or chose to be literally anywhere else

Not that it is Mark’s fault Donghyuck and him are currently blocked in by the big ass RV that parked next to them. It must be nearly twice as big as Mark’s dingy one and is probably complete with the living room that expands and has a king size bed that gets its own master bedroom. So no, it isn't Mark’s fault that he’s locked in an RV with the literal spawn of Satan himself. 

However, it is Mark’s fault that he hasn’t been answering any of their calls. 

“If he didn't answer the first ten times, he’s not going to answer the eleventh.” Donghyuck states and then points at the other end of the couch, “Come sit down. We can try calling Jeno.” 

Renjun huffs and crosses his arms over his chest, but shuffles over and sits where Donghyuck told him to anyway. It's starting to get just a tad too warm, he can see it in the way Donghyuck is beginning to look shiny and can feel it in the way the sweat collects in the dip of his collar bones. He watches silently as Donghyuck tries calling Jeno, listening to the phone ring and ring until eventually it stops and the automated voice on the other end informs them that Jeno has yet to set up his voicemail. 

“Useless idiots.” 

Donghyuck chuckles and throws his phone down onto the couch, “Don’t worry, they can't be in the ocean forever. Besides, I’m sure they’ll notice we’ve been gone for too long eventually.” 

Renjun scoffs at the idea, he knows damn well they're all too stupid to consider the idea that Donghyuck and him are still in the RV. 

They sit in silence for a while, basking in each other’s company. Every once in a while Donghyuck will reach for his phone, check his notifications, and then drop it back down to it’s new resting spot. Renjun listens to Donghyuck hum a song that had been playing on the radio earlier and lets himself relax into the couch a bit. Donghyuck’s pretty voice serves as a good distraction for the way he’s getting increasingly more sweaty. 

He hopes one of their friends answers them soon. Mark’s RV is basically a glorified oven with it’s tin walls and small stature. The air conditioner won’t turn on unless it’s connected to power, so without Mark’s generator or his truck being on, it's only a matter of time before the RV will literally be hell on Earth. 

“Can’t we open a window?” Renjun asks, putting a sticky hand against the tempered glass in an attempt to figure out how it works. 

“Nope. It’s bulletproof, remember?”

“Why the hell would Mark’s RV have bulletproof windows?” 

Donghyuck shrugs, “Something about how he bought it off his cousin who was a drug dealer?” 

Renjun groans and eyes Donghyuck out of the corner of his eye when the younger suddenly decides to stand. He reaches for the teal fabric of his light flannel that he has over top of a tank top. Shrugging it off, he tosses it aside and then reaches from the hem of his shirt, skin shiny with the sheen of sweat clinging to it. 

Renjun can feel panic bubbling in his throat as Donghyuck lifts his shirt up just enough to reveal his flat stomach, and he flails forward with little grace, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Donghyuck blinks owlishly at the outburst and freezes, “I’m taking my shirt off?”

Renjun gulps and shifts his eyes to stare at Mark’s dirty fish tank, “I can see that! But why?” 

“Maybe because it’s like a hundred and three degrees in here and counting?” Donghyuck laughs. Renjun’s eyes follow one of the goldfish in the tank (seriously, when was the last time Mark cleaned that thing?) and tries not to think too much about Donghyuck stripping next to him. 

Thankfully, Donghyuck sits down afterwards and hugs a pillow to his chest, claiming that it was cold, helping cool him down and “Renjun, you should totally try this!”

They fall back into silence. Renjun opens up his drawing app and tries to make the most of the situation, using the time to brush up on his realism skills whilst sending unanswered SOS texts to all of his friends who came on the trip. He absolutely does not think about the half-naked boy sitting next to him who, despite being the most annoying person Renjun knows, is still very attractive to Renjun’s poor little gay heart. 

“You know,” Donghyuck begins, “I think this is fate.” 

“I think you’re insane.” Renjun snarks, folding his arms over his chest, “Why the fuck would this be fate?” 

“It's fate because I asked the universe for a moment alone with you.” 

Renjun freezes and lets what Donghyuck just said sink in. He asked the universe to be with him? Alone? 

“Why would you do that?!” Renjun gasps and stands up. All of his instincts are telling him to make a run for it.

“You’re so dumb, Renjun.” Donghyuck states with an eye roll. He ignores Renjun’s offended noise and continues, standing to look straight into his eyes, “I like you.” 

“Y-You what?!” 

“I like you.” 

Renjun blinks in response. In front of him Donghyuck is smiling. But it’s a different kind of smile. It’s more sincere. It’s the kind of smile Donghyuck doesn't use a lot, not unless it’s something he’s truly happy about. Renjun gulps, he loves that smile. 

He knows that he has two options. He can push Donghyuck’s hands off him, take a step back, and declare that he’s an actual lunatic. Or, he could latch onto Donghyuck and pull them closer until there’s absolutely no room left. 

Donghyuck chooses for him. 

The hands on his shoulders travel down to his waist, mapping out the curves of his body as they go. His hands settle, squeezing gently as he tugs Renjun closer, those dark eyes watching his every move for any warning signs that he could be uncomfortable. When Renjun doesn’t give him any, he smiles softly and his eyes trail down to his lips. 

He leans in, slowly, and pauses just for a second, just long enough to give Renjun time to back out. 

Renjun doesn’t think he ever could. Not anymore. Not ever. He closes the distance between them, capturing Donghyuck in a kiss. Donghyuck kissed like he was in love. It was slow, yet sweet. He tasted like the sugary cherry of his rocket pop and something entirely Donghyuck. It took Renjun's breath away and made his heart want to burst out of his chest. 

It was perfect, even if they were far too sweaty for such an intimate act. 

There’s a long, grating screech just as Donghyuck allows his hands to slip under Renjun’s shirt that makes them jump apart. 

“What the hell are you two doing in here?” Chenle asks, looking between them like they've grown two heads, “It’s like a million degrees in here.”

Renjun clears his throat. He’s thankful for Chenle breaking them out of this glorified tuna can, even if it was at the worst time possible. 

“We got blocked in by this big ass RV.” 

“Are you sure you two didn't just come in here to make out?” Chenle smirks. 


Chenle snickers and starts walking away, “Bring Jaemin’s diaper bag. Jisung got stung by a jellyfish.” 

“You’re lips are stained red.” Donghyuck says to him when Chenle’s far enough away. Then, he stuffs the oversized bottle of sunscreen back into Jaemin’s bag and slings the strap over his shoulder, “Race you to the beach!” 

“You’re dead when I catch you Lee Donghyuck!” Renjun calls after him. He smiles when he hears Donghyuck’s bright laughter and takes off after him, barely remembering to close the door to the RV.

Donghyuck glances over his shoulder, blows a kiss, and responds, “Bring it on, babe!” 

Maybe this trip turned out alright after all.