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Bind Me But Love Me

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“Give or take?” Harry asked. His fingers tapping at the cold wood of his office desk.

The petite woman simply gulped at his question, not even bothering to meet his intense gaze as her eyes were glued at the floor in front of her.

Harry sighed, taking note of her stance and the way she fidgeted with the end of her skirt. She is nervous, he can tell. And by then, he knew what the answer was.

But for starters, well, she’s new at this. Harry sympathized with her being anxious because it’s not like she grew up just to be a perfect little cockwarmer of some sort and which she wasn’t. She grew up with a gold spoon on her mouth, gold slippers on her feet, and too many house elves to count. She's not trained to be the server that she is now. She's grew up to be posh, elegant, sophisticated, and artfully delicate. But it was saddening that there's no semblance of the Dracy that she was.

Harry was aware of her past. The famous legend of the Malfoys living with ruins. The Purebloods that were once at the top of the ladder have been pushed down the stairs, not even giving them space to redeem what was left of them. They were thrown down and she was left alone.

It started when the famous matriarch of the Malfoy Family, the beautiful Narcissa Black Malfoy died. Her husband, unable to cope with the heartbreak, got addicted to muggle drugs, casinos, and basically, being drowned with lust of horny sluts around the town and neighboring ones as well. He gambled his life’s worth until he can no longer fend for himself and for their daughter.

He sold the Manor for a million galleons after which gambled once again abruptly. He drank muggle alcohol to his heart’s content and practically started to live within the slums of London. To which The Daily Prophet had covered on front page and humiliated the Malfoy name, exaggerating some of what happened and like usual, have been on the fraudulent side.

The famous gossip that struck the whole Wizarding World was the only one left of the Malfoys, Lucius’ daughter, Dracy Malfoy, who have been publicized to be an omega when The Daily Prophet spied around the ragged apartment she’s living in. How did they even discover such a fact, Harry didn’t know.

She was hardly surviving at that dirty place, barely even working as a server at one of the crampy bars near Knockturn Alley. And guessing from the clothes she’s wearing—if you could even call them like that— she’s not getting paid enough.

Harry knew people hated Lucius and they have been so enthusiastic to pour those grudges into the princess turned beggar of a daughter. Especially with her standing as an omega, she could barely do something to fight for herself.

Harry had never met Dracy before until last week but he’d met Lucius quite dozen of times. Ministry balls, Wizengamot meetings, conferences with other high-ranking officials, and business meetings Harry always turned down.

Not because he have prejudices against the man but because he knows how Lucius works. Too many inside jobs, betrayals, and dishonest works have been reported to Harry when he investigated.

Omegas are known to be weak and dependent of their Alphas and Dracy doesn’t have one to lean on. There was just this particular scent that drew Harry in when he passed by at the bar she’s working on and when he went inside to look, he saw what may have been a real life painting. Straightly got from a magical brush and created the most stunning picture.

Her smell was filled of comforting smell, cinnamon and lavender that equally mixed just right. It was something he never smelled from other Omegas.

And being one influential Harry James Potter, he made sure to land himself the kind of Omega that can treat to his needs. Not just sexually but physiologically and definitely not emotionally. That’s out of bounds. The omega will just have to keep his Alpha traits at bay. Her scent can relax him especially when he wanted to be wild or reckless or in some secretive words, suffering with the issues inside him.

He made sure to get her and with one promise of a wealthy ease, Dracy happily (or maybe not) accepted his offer.

Because to be the slave of one particular man is better than to be a slave of everyone.

But one problem she can see in this is, it’s Harry James Potter. The Alpha that’s loved by many, followed by everyone because of the known Potter Tragedy, the Alpha that’s idolized by many, and the Alpha she never expected she could ever have.

Harry looked at her from head to toe, taking in how small she looked and how stressed she is even at such a young age. Her clothes are slightly ripped on the sides and the neckline is dropping, providing Harry a small bit of her cleavage. As enticing as it was, it wasn’t what Harry noticed the most.

Yes, the omega had stunning physical attributes, qualities that can tempt any hungry Alpha around, and drive every rutting males on the street insane. She can get easily manhandled for how frail-looking she currently is.

Harry raised his eyebrow and frowned at the bruise on the corner of her lips, a small one that could go unnoticed. He’s aware how the Wizarding World can turn their eyes blind when it comes to a Malfoy. She probably didn’t even possess her wand and maybe, she don’t even own her sanctity anymore.

She’s just existing for men to invalidate and molest when there are no other willing pussies to fuck.

“Dracy” he tested the name on his tongue, noticing the way she flinched.

He stood up silently and approached where she stood few feet away. He made sure the strong locking and silencing charms are in its place so they wouldn’t be overhead. For this time is not for the public to see. And not ever, beginning now.

Harry knows he wouldn’t display her like how others have done to her for years.

“Hmm?” he hummed, understanding why Dracy isn’t responding.

She’s scared. That’s very much acceptable because Harry may be idolized and loved by the public, but he’s an Alpha. A domineering Alpha who wouldn’t give control to anybody else just because he can. An alpha whose personal story haven’t been told since the tragedy that befell the Potter Household.

“Answer when you’re spoken to, omega” he purposefully lowered his voice and made sure he was clear in making a point.

It didn’t escape his eyes the way Dracy trembled with her fingers. Harry raised a hand and gently cup her chin. He tilted her head up and stared at the bruise.

“Who did this?” he asked.

Dracy glanced at him and her breath hitched. The Alpha before her is cold and dangerous. Something she had been dealing with for the past years and she’s very familiar with the likes of them.

But Harry’s different. He’s different. He’s cryptic and unreadable. He’s calm, collected, and too private to easily crack. He’s unreadable and mysterious. She cannot see what’s in the eyes but she can see the reflection of the depths within it. The depths where his story lies.

The eyes staring at her lips or specifically, in the corner of her lips, was intense and almost flaming.

Dracy gulped before trying to open her mouth to answer the man who just bought her, “S-some men in the bar”

Harry clicked his tongue, clearly not pleased of her answer. “I do not appreciate others marking up my property”

No matter how much Dracy’s mind shouted she is not a property, there was nothing she could do anymore. She had lost her freedom the moment her family broke apart.



“I had reduced my house elves because their work is gonna be yours” Harry instructed just as they arrived at his house. The newly renovated and redesigned house he inherited from Sirius. It was located in the middle of Muggle London and Wizarding World.

His parents are no longer with him (that’s a story he isn’t prepared to cross) but Remus and Sirius are, who’s constantly getting knocked up. The two are already married and happily bonded for years.

Sometimes Harry is jealous of that but at times, he’s glad he’s not yet bonded to anyone. As some Purebloods who hates his name claimed that he doesn’t have a heart. At times he agreed with it if only they knew what happens behind closed doors.

“Wait in the living room and we’ll talk about your duties ” Harry ordered.

Dracy nodded, not even looking around the elegant house she will be staying in from now on. She just went and find the living room quickly and sat down.

Harry went to his bedroom and took his coat out, he rolled the sleeves up to his elbows and when he went out of the room, he called the only remaining house elf in his house, Wily. No one is allowed inside his bedroom but him so he talked to Wily just in front of the door.

“Master Harry” Wily appeared in a pop and bowed his head.

“Prepare this bedroom for my omega immediately” Harry pointed at the room just beside his and Wily got into his work.

Harry returned to the living room to see Dracy sitting properly and is just staring at her hands on her lap. He sighed. Uncovering a wallflower would be too much work. But would be pleasing to watch her bloom.

“Dracy, you didn’t answer my question”

Dracy slowly raised her head and looked at him. Harry's tone and facial expressions weren't demanding for an immediate answer.

“Give or take?” he raised an eyebrow.

Dracy bit her bottom lips which Harry thought was a huge mistake because he suddenly wanted them on his own.

He shook his head to brush unnecessary thoughts away.

“I…” Dracy started, trailing off a bit to gather the voice she knew she’s losing when she’s facing Harry.

“I want—uhm, like to give as much as I take, Sir”

Harry nodded and considered.

“Fair play, I see. That’s enough” Harry paused, “You’re going to cook meals and clean the house. Other chores not stated are going to be done by the house elf”

“I do not permit anyone going inside my bedroom so under any circumstance, don’t. Your bedroom will just be beside mine and if you have anything to say, knock and wait”

“Your much more sexual and non-sexual obligations with me are needed when I need them and not when you want them.”

Dracy nodded submissively.

Harry sighed. He stood up from his seat and walked in front of her. Dracy looked up at him expectantly. Whatever it is those eyes are expecting, Harry didn’t try to know it but he needed to ask.

He’s an Alpha who’s taught how to really be one. He may be domineering in the eyes of others but he will not for someone that would live with him.

Once again, his hands found her chin, a finger brushing over to the corner of her lips and he murmured a spell. She immediately felt the tingling sensation of healing spell washing over her and she inhaled gratefully.

“Poor thing” he shook his head and bent down until their faces are hovering to one another. Harry’s fingers wound up at the back of her head, gripping her blonde hair but not too hurt but just to touch, feeling the silky strands between his fingertips.

“You do not worry inside here. You’re my omega.” he murmured, letting out a little bit of his Alpha scent to freshen her up, entice her to let go for a bit.

Dracy, who began to eye him with those expressions Harry refused to acknowledge, nodded breathlessly.

“What do you need?” he asked watching the way her eyes mirrored confusion..


“Of what care do you need?” Harry’s other hand begin to cup her cheeks, “My omega will be treated a treasure. Tell me what you need and want to”

Dracy’s eyes turned glassy and looked like she was getting emotional. The moment was overwhelming her. To hear someone ask her what she wants and needs felt like she’d been seen again but she’s still a little scared.

“Take your time. I do not wish to rush you” he knew how rushing omegas tend to be stressful on their side, “Tell me when you can, yeah?”

Draco nodded and Harry allowed himself to let out a small smile before turning it back to what it was seconds ago.

“Good girl”

Dracy found she liked to be complimented but didn’t say a word about it.

“I’ll cook you your dinner and you shall rest well after. Your duties start tomorrow” Harry kissed her pointy nose before disappearing to the kitchen.

Dracy exhaled sharply. Harry’s scent still lingering on her nose. It smelled of burning papers, dark chocolate, and unique citrus-like scent.



The day passed by into a blur. As usual, Harry’s work hours consisted of towers of papers being signed or trashed, countless visits from people of other Ministry departments, some to say something important and some to just blabber whatever nonsense they can invent.

He had heard the news of the mysterious disappearance of Dracy Malfoy. It was all over the The Daily Prophet and is present in every gossip he happened to pass by. The news traveled fast that she was missing. He doesn’t need to worry a little bit.

The owner of the bar made an unbreakable vow with him, never to tell a thing. He doesn’t fancy people bombarding him questions. His private life which consists of  his life and Dracy from now on should be left alone. Away from cameras, papers, gossips.

When the clock strikes seven in the evening, he gathered his coat and went into the floo.

He stepped out of his floo and looked around, the house seemed silent other than the clunking noise he can hear from the kitchen. He toss the coat in the couch and walked to see Dracy fixing the dining table.

“Dracy” he called. Dracy flinched, startled with Harry’s sudden voice then looked up.


Harry chuckled, “You can call me Harry”

Dray nodded hesitatingly, “H-harry”

“That smells good, omega” Harry sat down and grabbed the spoon and fork. He began to eat the foods already on his plate when he noticed her still standing and watching.

“Sit down and eat”

Dracy’s eyes widened, “Me?”

Harry sighed and offered his hand, “Come here”

Dracy’s eyes widened even more, her eyes alternated between Harry’s hand to his eyes. She gulped before she move away on her spot to stand in front of Harry.

She gasped when Harry pulled her to sit sideways into his lap, one of his hands immediately encircling to her small waist to pull her close to his heat, “H-harry”

Harry smiled, “You may do chores around here, you may have been sold like a slave but you deserve to be treated as equal”

Dracy blushed, “Ahm—

“You can do anything you want here. If you need and want anything, tell me” Harry whispered.

Dracy fidgeted with her fingers. Too shocked and surprised to say something. She is not used to affections like this, sudden affections that came utterly from nowhere. Especially from someone who have brought her as a slave because that’s what she thinks she is.

But as an equal? She didn’t know. Many people have reduced her into someone to be called like a slut, a hole to fuck. Harry had brought her for thousands of galleons from that shitty bar she used to work in and she had fully expected that she was going to be treated worse.

She noted the way Harry’s eyes were cold and it was where she based her expectations to. From the gossips she used to hear in the parties she attended years ago, people described Harry as nice but unkind, welcoming but not warm.

So, to hear Harry tell her she’s an equal, it was such a nice but frightening to hear. There were times she longed to have what Harry is telling her and finally, having the chance to have it now seemed to be too dangerous.

If she tells Harry what she needs, what’s going to happen next? She cannot afford to lose the last bit of her purity. The one thing that signifies she isn’t what other people told her she is. But Harry had told her there are going to be sexual acts and she knows she cannot say no to that.

She had noticed how contrasting his statements are. The more sexual and non-sexual obligations will happen if Harry needs them and not when she want them but just now, he claimed she deserved to be treated as equal.

How does Harry defines ‘treated as an equal’?

“Have you thought about it?” Harry asked again.

Dracy looked down. She’s ashamed and afraid.

“I d-don’t know” she whispered so low she doubted Harry could even hear.

“Tell me when you can” Harry kissed her shoulder and resumed eating.

He took a spoon filled with food and began to feed her.



“Let’s talk about yourself” Harry started after their dinner.

They now settled at the living room, sitting across another. He had his whole attention to her but she wasn’t looking back. She’s just looking down and Harry slightly pitied her for it.

She had lost the confidence Harry was pretty sure used to be there.

When Dracy didn’t speak, Harry sighed. He’s nothing but patient.

“Then let’s talk about me” he started, his eyes hovering over her figure. Noting how much they’ll need to buy her clothes that’ll fit and clothes that are as beautiful as she is. He intends to bring her confidence back.

“I lost my parents when I was four” he started with a very personal topic. Something he’d never talked to anyone but he will with her just to make her at least a little more comfortable. She was so stiff when she was sitting in his lap. Harry may want a submissive omega but he doesn’t like forced submission.

“I miss them sometimes. I would stare at their pictures for hours.” Harry chuckled and shook his head, “It’s just that, their deaths are too sudden, you know? Yes, I’m an Alpha but I couldn’t handle the pain”

Harry realized letting some of the pain out eased him. It may not be much but it was nice.

This time Dracy raised her head to look at him, slightly looking sympathetic.

“They helped a lot of people and when they were gone, I had to take full responsibility. I finished my studies as early as I can. Traveled through different countries for an internship and came back and took what used to be my father’s title at the Ministry”

“Kingsley had offered me to be Minister but I refused because I still sometimes think I am not ready for that kind of responsibility”

Dracy’s lips parted, perplexity written all over her face, “But you’re an Alpha” her mouth spoke on its own.

Harry shrugged, “I am but I also thought I was still a kid. How can a twenty two year old man be a Minister? Alphas can be strong and they are but sometimes, they aren’t. And that’s when they need omegas beside them”

Harry smiled and stood up, he walked to stand in front of her, his hands cupped her cheeks sincerely, “And now, I hope you know why I took you out of that dirty old bar”

“Not only so you can lean on me but also so I could lean on you” Harry bent down and her eyes widened when he kissed her lips.

“Don’t stay up too late at night. Rest well, omega” then he walked away, leaving her with conflicting thoughts.

Who really is Harry behind the title ‘one of the most influential man in the Ministry’?



“How are things at home?” Hermione asked him when she visited his office. Aside from Pads and Moony, Hermione and Ron also knew his decision about having Dracy.

Harry shrugged and looked up from the documents he’s reading, “Good”

Hermione regarded him for a moment, “How is she adjusting to the new environment?”

He shrugged once more, “Wallflower”

“Maybe she’s shy and shocked when you suddenly walked in the bar she’s working in, gave the owner money and took her home”

Harry eyed her warily, “It’s not her home”

She sighed, “Oh, Harry.” she clicked her tongue, “Dracy have been through so much. Her home was taken away from her. Give her another”

Harry frowned, “I already gave her a house. What’s the need of a home?”

“You don’t see your mistake, do you? When you bought her for thousands of galleons, what did she think? She felt she’s treated like a thing to be owned. And I hope you’re not going to treat her like that, Harry. Not because she’s an omega she should be someone who will only do what you need of her”

Harry heaved a heavy breath. Someone who will only do what he needs of her? Is he? He’s not, right? That’s why he asked her of what she wants and needs so he could give it to her. Any material things and if she so wishes to not do any chores, Harry can give her the chance not to. Only he needs is to hear it from her.

“I’m not, ‘Mione. Can we drop the subject now?” he asked seriously. Not really wanted to hear Hermione’s opinion on the matter of how he should treat Dracy. He’s giving her as much as he could. If only she can open up a bit more.

“Fine. But do think about what I said” Hermione stood up and left his office.

Harry leaned on his chair and scoffed. Not to Hermione herself but more like for what she said. Home. How could he give someone a home when he doesn’t even have one? He can be good for Dracy but he surely cannot be the best.




When he arrived at his house after another exhausting day at work, he saw Dracy sitting at the couch and was busy holding a book but immediately perked up when she saw him.

“Harry” she spoke sounding nervous, “I s-saw a library when I was cleaning and just wanted to r-read” she began to explain frantically.

“I’ll return this now, I apologize” she bowed her head and turned back to walk away but Harry caught her wrist and pulled her to him.

Harry stared at her surprised expression and kissed her forehead. She smells so sweet.

“It’s alright. If you desire to read, you can. I don’t use the library much anyway” he shrugged, noting the way her eyes shone and a tint appeared on her cheeks.

“R-really?” she asked so innocently that Harry loved the way it looked on her.

Not having the strength to stop himself, he pulled her to him and sniffed on her neck. Dracy tensed at his action and blushed even more. What bewildered her the most was when she realized she isn’t disgusted but blushing. Blushing. She’s blushing.

The way he sniffed her isn’t something creepy, it was relaxing. The way those strong arms hugged her securely, pulling her to that rock hard chest, and inhaled the scent Harry released on his own. Providing her what she had provided for him as well.

She blushed at what seemed a very thoughtful action. He didn’t just take, he gave as well.

“Fuck, you smell so good” Harry growled on her neck. Dracy remained silent, noticing the way she felt her heart started to beat erratically and the way she seemed to not really mind the Alpha’s touch.

Undeniably, she feels serene and right. However, at the back of her mind, she knew of his purposes. Of why she’s here. It’s only a matter of time before Harry would require her of her bedroom services.

A moment passed before he pulled away, “Let’s go eat”




The weekdays passed like a wind just gushing over the window. Dracy would not admit it out loud but she had fun whenever she’s alone in Harry’s house. She can do anything she wants as long as she does what Harry wants her to accomplish.

Chores, meals, and whatnot.

She had clean a dozen of times but she had also read more than a dozen of times. That’s an activity she loves at an absolute level. Especially when she saw the library, she was in awe.

Harry said he doesn’t use the library that much and that was such a waste. He already gave her permission to read and use the library as she wants and she’s obviously having fun. Within three days, she’s able to finish a lot of books by her favorite wizard author, Valsken Vokbin. And she managed to reread her favorite muggle one, William Shakespeare. Like many others, she loves Romeo & Juliet the most. Whether or not because she desires love of her own, she didn’t know.

She just felt the way the characters really love each other and some nights she wondered what it would feel like to be romantically involved with someone. But who is she to wish? She suppressed herself to hope for more because she knows how vague those are now.

But there are times she think there’s still chance. The way Harry held her and kissed her when he arrives, she would be blushing and stuttering like a lovesick fool. When the owner of the bar she used to work in told her she’s been sold to someone, she dreaded the person who did it. She didn’t stop thinking how her already nightmare-like life have been turned much worse.

Looking at it now, it maybe wasn’t so bad. She had freedom, some of it. She has the space to speak and the time to do what she wants, all the while not worrying how to pay the monthly rent, how to supply her own food, how to be out of the public’s eyes.

She may have to give Harry a pieace of who she is but she knows he’d given her much more.

She hummed silently as she finished making Harry’s morning coffee. She set it on his usual seat whenever they eat and began to cook simple breakfast after. She’s not much of a good cook and even the simple meals she knows how to make had taken her months of practice in order to master at least a tolerable taste.

She washed her hands and wiped it on her long skirts after, it was old and loose on the side. No matter how much she wanted to magically fix them, she doesn’t own a wand and she’s too ashamed to ask Harry to do it for her.

“Good morning”

She jumped and abruptly looked around to see Harry leaning on the kitchen entrance with arms crossed and half-naked. She immediately felt her face redden and spluttered a little bit. The Alpha looked so good early in the morning and his confidence is glowing, she was envious for a bit.

But she knows how Alphas and Omegas differ in their psychological, physical, intellectual functions. Alphas are born naturally confident and Omegas are born introduced to such things. And she was taught how to be dashingly confident which slowly diminished over time.

“G-good morning” she stammered. She cannot get her tongue straight whenever it was Harry who talks to her.

She watched Harry lifted himself off of the wall and began to approach her. He stopped inches away from her and eyed her from head to toe. It bothered her for a bit. She’s well aware how ugly she looks on the clothes she’s wearing but it was what she could only afford. Her wealth was seized and her own vault was taken by her father. How many galleons she have stashed on her purse? Five. She only has five galleons and it’s not enough to buy decent clothes that will fit her.

“I do not want to pry but don’t you have any decent clothes?”

She sighed. That was what she’s just been thinking a second before. She shook her head and was about to bow her head when Harry cupped her chin and tilted her head upwards. Something she noticed he always do whenever she tries to avoid his leering eyes.

“I don’t.” she simply responded.

Her breath hitched when Harry raised his hands, hovering just above the hemline of her dress, “I can fix them for you”

Dracy sighed but before she could answer, Harry spoke again, “Or better yet, buy you new clothes that actually fit”



Dracy stood in the middle of the living room, not knowing whether to admit to Harry that she doesn’t like to go shopping and have him just magically repair her clothes instead.

She gulped and toyed with her fingers. There are a lot of possibilities that could happen and she doesn’t think she can handle to be outside with Harry, the whole world to see and newly gossip about.

She nibbled on her lips, left foot tapping in the ground. How is she going to say it without offending the alpha?

“You ready?”

She jumped in shock hearing Harry’s voice. She looked up and saw him by the doorway, wearing black jeans and a fitted black shirt. He looked casual but so handsome. She felt herself blush at that thought. Harry is handsome?

She wouldn’t deny that in her mind. Harry is absolutely gorgeous. The Alpha who’s want by many not only because the fat weight on his pocket but also for those godly looks. He’s tall and muscled. Broad chest, piercing eyes, veiny hands, and surely good fingers.

She heard tales of his magnificence, not just in work but also in bed. From whispering omegas in Diagon Alley and parties she used to be a part in. He’s not just good or better than others, those omegas who had successfully found their way in had claimed he’s the best.

He can fuck the best. That’s the gossip that’s never out of the trend and it’s only because he’s Harry Potter.

“Let’s go?” he asked and Dracy looked away. Contemplating on how to state what she wants without sounding as if she was shamelessly demanding for something.

“H-harry” she started, “Ahm, can w-we, uh, can we instead…” she paused when she cannot seem to finish what she has to say.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and stepped closer, “What is it?”

Dracy looked down, “I don’t want to, uh, don’t want to—

“Go?” Harry supplied for her easily and she nodded hesitatingly, hoping for him to not get mad.

She glanced at him when he sat down before offering a hand, “Come here”

Biting her lip, she complied. Her heart’s beating frantically inside her chest. She doesn’t want to be punished but Harry’s gentle eyes told her he wasn’t going for a punishment. When she was in front of him, he pulled her into his lap sideways and leaned his chin above her shoulder, his arms encircling her waist to draw her closer to his warm body.

“Tell me” Harry urged her.

“W-what I want?” she asked, not wanting to because she’s afraid to state what she wants in life ever since things have fucked up. People berated her for her desires.

Harry smiled warmly, “What you can”

Her heart gave a tug and she breathed heavily for a few times. Thoughtfulness is not something she had expected from him.

She gulped, her fingers unconsciously beginning to toy with each other again, “Public. No p-public”

Harry gazed at her for seconds, not answering and Dracy thought she had angered him. She was busy trying to fix up a coherent sentence to say when Harry’s thumb begins to caress the side of her waist.

She gulped at the tickling but relaxing sensation. The way the omega side of her reacted to the simple touch and unintentionally, her rigid body loosen up a bit.

“You don’t want to go in the public or you don’t want the public to see you?”

She shook her head. She wanted to say both but she didn’t try to force herself to speak.

“Do you want me to cast a glamour on the both of us?”

Dracy looked at him for what he had offered. His eyes were serious but somewhat earnest.

“Will you?”

Harry nodded, “I wouldn’t want them to see us both as well”

All the things she thought were nice and good about Harry were cut and were replaced by the disappointment she didn’t even know she’s feeling in the first place.



“This, this, this and this” Harry didn’t even look. He just grabbed anything his eyes found decent and beautiful and handed them to the staff that follows them around. Dracy is just walking beside him with their fingers intertwined. Something that Harry did when they just arrived in Diagon Alley.

They are both wearing a glamour so no one would recognized them. They arrived in the Diagon Alley by apparation thirty minutes ago. The place is crowded by many people, filled with onlookers, gossipers, and shoppers. The first two are the reasons she doesn’t fancy going out nowadays.

“Harry” she tugged on his hand to still him and thankfully, he stopped and turned to her, “That’s too much”

Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at the mountain of clothes the staff is trying to shrunk so it could fit in her hands, “It’s not. We still need more”

“But it’s too many. I cannot possibly fit them in the closet” as much as she loves clothes and shopping like she used to, she doesn’t want to exhaust Harry’s pocket even though it seemed impossible to even spend half of his fortunes.

“Are you suggesting we fix your closet?”

Dracy’s eyes shot up and she quickly shook her head, “No, no. I’m just saying it’s enough” she whispered.

Harry studied her for a moment before nodding, “Please take that to the counter and we’ll just be in the lingerie section” he stated to the staff who nodded knowingly and walked off.

Dracy didn’t have time to speak because Harry pulled her immediately to the lingerie section. Sure, she eyed them longingly, she used to wear expensive ones that were made with the finest materials.

They stopped at a rack of lacy ones. She looked up in confusion when she noticed that Harry stood behind her rather than beside her.

“Pick anything you want” he whispered. Dracy gulped when she felt Harry’s front pushed to her back, his hand unclasping her fingers and went to feel one lacy thong between his fingertips, “Anything that you feel pretty in”

Suddenly, Dracy felt his hot breath above her ears, feeling as if his lips are just hovering over it. She toyed with the end of her shirt, eyes looking at how his hands seemed to move smoothly, almost imaginary. It looked seductive, as if enticing a sexual reaction from her.

Her breathing started to get ragged, especially when Harry bent his body down, mouth leveled her ears and whispered huskily, “Pick anything and don’t let me see. One day you’ll surprise me, omega”

She panted when Harry gave a feathery kiss at her nape, the exact place where he could bite his mark to claim her and left the place to get to the counter. She blinked for several times. These kind of moments are hunting her.

She doesn’t know whether she’ll feel happy at the kind of attention Harry is giving her but she knows she’s grateful. She’s grateful because Harry looked like he’s taking slow steps, not rushing her. Slowly making his way up and that’s something that the men back from the bar were not known for. Patience.

She looked back and gasped when she saw him staring intently before completely disappearing from view.




She knew Harry spent too much galleons on her in one trip in Diagon Alley. What they bought were five pairs of lacy bra and panties on different colors, another five in lingerie dress, and one night robe in emerald color. When she checked the price from the nearby saleslady who was fixing a rack, she had told her that one pair costs two hundred and fifty galleons.

She hesitated to pick even just a piece of it but she remembered his statement that she can pick anything, anything that she’d feel pretty in. She gave up the control and began to pick while basing her preferences on her knowledge. She studied everything with close eyes and when she have them wrapped in a white cloth she got from the saleslady, she went in the counter and saw Harry paying what seemed to be more than a thousand galleons.

He watched her hand the lingerie to the staff packing what they bought and specifically asked her to hide it from view on the excuse of personal privacy.

After Harry paid all things, he shrunk the paper bags and have them fit in only one bag before they walked out and entered a shoe shop.

“Good morning, Sir, Madame” a male worker greeted them and smiled, “How may I assist you?”

“Female section” Harry said and followed the guy.

“We have every styles from different brands. We also have the latest editions on display and are all limited edition” The male informed and directed them to heels Dracy found beautiful. However, one pair caught her eyes. But before she could inspect it further, Harry spoke and pointed at a pair of red pumps.

“Can I have that one in size. . .” he paused and looked down at her feet, “Six”

“Right away, Sir” the male said and left them to get what Harry stated..

Harry turned to her and ushered her to take a seat at the cushions and he stood in front of her, looking down, he brushed a stray of hair and tucked it behind her ears, “Do you wish to buy any?”

She wanted to answer she wanted the pair of stiletto that caught her eyes. But she contemplated, “It’s okay”

Harry nodded and waited for the staff to return which didn’t take long. He handed him the shoes and Harry accepted before kneeling in front of her. Dracy’s eyes were glued to Harry for his action.

He’s kneeling. The Alpha is kneeling in front of her to assist her in trying on the red pumps. She bit her lips, her breath started to get uneven and her chest heaved. Why is this man so dazingly peculiar? But so strikingly bewitching in some mysterious ways?

“May I?” he asked and Dracy was unable to think clearly but managed to give a nod. She felt as if she was hit with a strong stupefy when Harry carefully wrapped a hand around her ankle and removed the shoes she’s wearing.

She didn’t take her eyes off of him when he massaged her feet, fingers softly caressing her skin, and his palm gliding at the sole of her foot before going back up to her ankle and pressed a gentle hand.

After the attention Harry shamelessly gave her, ignoring the male staff that stood across them, eyes watching their every moves, he put on the shoes, “Tell me if it’s nice and comfortable”

He looked back up and Dracy’s lips parted. She knows her cheeks are burning with shame, color and surprise already, “It’s nice and comfortable” she said without even really feeling how the pumps are to her feet.

She looked up and her eyes went back to the stilettos she found so pretty. It’s just a simple design of pretty pink with a small strap and is designed with what seemed to be magically shining stones.

“Do you want these pair, Ma’am? They’re limited edition and I’m sure will fit you” the staff spoke and Dracy perked up. Not really wanting for anyone to notice where she was looking. She blushed even more when Harry looked at her then at the heels she’s staring at.

“Do you want those?” he asked and Dracy’s lips parted, not knowing what to say so she fell silent.

“Another size six of those” Harry decided for her.



Harry looked over at the papers he has at his home office. The papers stack to one another as he tired to read and reread all information provided in the documents. He needs to have them sent to the Ministry urgently.

But he cannot focus because his mind keeps on going back to that moment when he held her skin, his fingers feeling how smooth it was despite the rough and heartless months she’s been suffering from having less than what she was accustomed to.

The way her lips parted and blushed. The crimson color on her cheeks looks cute but ravishing enough. He wanted to let his Alpha side take over then but held himself back. It has been days since they went out, days since his mind kept on rearing back to slightly intimate moments with her. And countless nights where he had began to seek her scent and her on his side.

He ruffled his hair in need to finish all the documents then go to bed, sleep then go to the Ministry tomorrow. But something is trying to knock inside him, clawing its way out and he knows what is it.

He looked at his watch to check the time when his eyes caught something on the left side.

The date. The fucking date. It’s the end of the month.

Fuck. His rut is coming. This explains his need to have the omega beside him, under him, and above him. His rut can be aggressive especially when there’s an omega in heat near him, ones that have the scent that can draw out sexual frustrations and need from him.

But right now, he doesn’t need to because he has one to provide his needs. He stretched out to relieve his back muscles and leaned at his chair after. Normally, he can easily control his sexual depravity—well, not depravity because it’s not. He can easily pick up omegas but he usually opts not to act on his Alpha’s urges but other times, he does.

He removed his eyeglasses and carelessly tossed it on the desk and closed his eyes. From his heightened senses, he can faintly smell Dracy’s scent. And it’s stirring him up more. His rut is going to come hours earlier if this continues but if he calls her now, his rut can immediately arrive.

He sighed for several times, he tilted his head to the side and stared at the door. His fingers tapping just above his lap, mulling over his choices.

If he calls her now, he’s not looking like he’s gonna rush her, is she? He started from those little affections to build his way up or maybe down. He didn’t want to end up like people who had tried to rush her and forced to hike the skirt up in one meeting.

It’s been days. And from the reactions he sees when he kisses her in the neck, forehead, and peck her on her lips, maybe it’s time or not. He can try or once again, not.

He flicked his hand to call Wily who immediately appeared, “Sir”

“Call Dracy here”

Wily disappeared in a smoke and Harry only waited for a few minutes before there was a knock on the door. Not moving from his position, he spoke, “Come in”

The door opened and appeared one blushing Dracy, toying with her fingers. One that Harry noticed she does whenever she’s feeling nervous, afraid, or ashamed.

“Harry” her voice small and soft. Harry looked at her even though she seemed a little blurry in the eyes. However, he can still make out what she is wearing, a simple flowery dress he bought from their shopping trip in Diagon Alley.

“Come here” he ordered firmly and Dracy took hesitant steps until she reached him.

She gasped when Harry roughly pulled her into his lap and hugged her, feeling her small form to his and he groaned.

“How are you?” he asked, one of his hands feeling her back and massaging her nape, “How are you adjusting with the new environment?”

Dracy gazed at him innocently and nodded, “It’s nice”

“If I touch you now, will you feel rushed?” his fingers slid up to the back of her head, feeling the silky strands and Dracy panted and shook her head adorably.

“Here?” His hand that’s on her waist slid down to her knees, “Is this okay?”

Dracy feeling the heat between her lower abdomen and the way her breath started to reflect her mysterious anticipation. For whatever reason, her heart started to beat faster, her sight keeps on focusing and unfocusing. Harry’s fingertips felt like his breathe and those palms felt hot as muggle lava.

She didn’t know what she expected when Wily knocked on her bedroom door and told her Harry wants her. But to feel those hands in her body was not it. His fingers are slightly calloused but gentle on its movements. She watched the hand go higher.

“Is this okay?” Harry asked again when his hand goes underneath her skirt, he massaged the top of her thigh to the side of it and settled in the inner part, “This?”

Dracy bit her lips to prevent some moans coming out from her mouth and nodded. She really felt okay with Harry’s hands on her compared to those who tried to push their way in. Harry’s Alpha is much more tolerable, captivating, and affectionate but surely not stepping a boundary.

He asks for consent and lets her have the chance to speak. Harry watched her pupils dilate, his fingers nearly hovering over her pussy which he’s sure is dripping of slick already. The smell even sweeter and fucking beguiling.

“Everything’s good?” he whispered, pushing her head nearer to his and inhaled her which did its magic to calm down frustrations he was feeling a while back, “If I touch you now, will you get mad?”

Dracy weighed her choices. She wished her good life back when everything in her life fell apart, didn’t want people touching her especially when they only see her as a pussy to have but now, from days staying with Harry’s, he provided her a new outlook of what and where she’s in.

He had brought her as a slave but respected her in some ways.

She breathed deeply before shaking her head as an answer. She looked at him in the eyes when Harry pushed her thighs open, his hand dangerously close to her cunt. Harry pecked her on her lips before finally letting a finger to the center of her pussy covered by the lacy knickers she’s wearing.

“Fuck, you smell amazing” Harry complimented her, his fingers started to play with her pussy lips, “And already so wet”

“A-alpha” she can no longer keep herself from moaning. Harry smirked and brushed her knickers aside and completely felt her. He teased her clit with his thumb while her middle finger hovered over her wet hole.

Harry felt his head swirling inside his head. Dracy felt so fucking god, he wanted to taste her, bury his head between her legs, and discover how she seems to easily inflame him with fire.

“So wet for me, Dracy” he whispered and inserted a finger which hugged him immediately and he felt the wetness and heat inside her. Her slick is dripping to his thighs and he felt the sharp throb of his cock.

Dracy leaned at him and moaned, “H-harry”

“Hmm?” he said, slowly pumping his finger in and out before inserting another.

Dracy didn’t know how but she felt amazing. She felt so good and nice. His fingers inside her started to scissor her open, all the while fucking her. She kept on moaning, the possibility of having to see and personally experience what she’d heard from other people is exciting her.

She whimpered when Harry put a third finger and started to finger fuck her pussy harder causing more slick to slid down from inside her. She can smell the whole office reeks of her lust and the sensations Harry is giving her.

The way he knows just when to thrust slow and when to begin faster to draw out most of the carnal sounds, Harry’s fingers are excellent. She can also feel a hard cock poking at her back and she can already see it in her mind how huge it may be.

“Harry” she moaned when she started to feel this unknown one that tightens her insides and a fuzzy feeling swirling inside her head. She gripped his arms and looked up at him to see him already looking down at her, “Fuck. So good. So good” Harry whispered and brushed his nose to her cheek.

“H-harry” she purred.


She obeyed and clenched her pussy around his fingers as she let herself go. She gushed her juices out to his fingers to his hand to his wrist. Her thighs trembling as she came and came. When she was done, she felt her body sagging against Harry’s. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Harry took his fingers out and begin to leisurely lap the cum off of his fingers, producing slurping noises and Dracy blushed deeper when she realized what he was doing.

“Tastes so good” he complimented and spelled her body clean.

Dracy hummed when Harry stood up while carrying her in his arms and left the office. She cannot find her voice to ask where are they going now, feeling tired all of a sudden.

Harry opened a door and stepped in. When she opened her eyes to try to look, she noticed they were in her bedroom and he carefully laid her down on her comfortable bed.

“Sleep well, omega” Harry whispered, giving one last kiss on her neck and inhaled deeply.




 Dracy stared at her reflection in the mirror. She had been standing in front of the mirror and staring the changes she’d noticed on her body physically.

She looked. . .lively.

The person looking back at her had a color on her cheeks, something that she knows never disappeared since Harry had shown her little affections. Her eyes that were once too confined within its own looked to be slightly blooming. There was joyful purity that reflected within her silvery eyes.

How long since she last saw a color on her face? Long suffering months before she met Harry. The person who managed to make her feel something and provided her what she cannot say.

What happened last night keeps on repeating back inside her mind. The way those fingers touched her intimately, fucked her just right, and tired her even when she wasn’t giving but just taking and receiving.

It was something. Something good but perplexing.

Dracy isn’t one for sweet gestures before but everything changed ever since her family fell apart. What she suffered from alone, no galleons to depend on and basically had to beg to be employed and hardly accepted how little the owner pays her was very exhausting.

She sighed. She had lost the confidence that was once glowing in her and Harry, the Alpha that can get anything he wants, decided to have her and took her out from that dirty place she used to be in.

He doesn’t force his way in and is patient not to rush her even when she felt how hard he was last night. He made her cum, moan, writhe, and whimper. He let her lean on him and when they were done, carried her to her bed and told her to sleep well.

She had dreamt about him. Her omega side had dreamt about the man touching her in inappropriate places once again. Wanting to feel her bare skin against him.

He is able to turn her on and the way he lapped her cum off of his fingers was hot and sexy.

How could she ever resist the man when all she wants now is to wait for more?

She bit her lips as her eyes begin to travel down her body. It used to look starved and five meals away from giving up but days living with Harry had done her such wonders. She can see how she filled up nicely and it made her breasts perked up more.

She turned around and walked away from the mirror to dress. She just had finished taking a half bath to calm her anticipating nerves. She put on a simple shirt and shorts before going out of the room to begin preparing for dinner.

She noticed the way her pussy seemed to throb and felt the little slick that oozed out of her hole and wet her lacy knickers.


She just finished cooking the curry when she heard the familiar sound of the floo. Deciding to go greet Harry at the living room, she walked over there.

She saw Harry rolling his sleeves to his elbow, his coat laying at the arm of the couch. He noticed her presence instantly and Dracy took note of his expression. Something hot and cold at the same time.

Harry clenched his jaw and walked over to her, pulling her close to his chest and kissed her on the lips before immediately burying his head at the crook of her neck.

“Fuck. You smell so good” Harry stated and Dracy blushed, not knowing where to put her hands.

She bit her lips when Harry began to sniff her and afterwards licked at her collarbone, “Ngh” she whimpered when he bit her on her neck and sucked hard.

Harry stayed at her neck for a few minutes before pulling back. Dracy gasped when he lifted her off of the floor and helped her encircle her legs around his waist.

When Harry pulled his head back, they stared at one another. Dracy feeling her heart started to feel like it was dancing rather than beating. Harry’s eyes were glazed with want and it is making her feel things, especially neediness.

Her hands moved and slowly went around his nape without breaking eye contact. She nibbled on her lips. She instantly noticed the way Harry’s eyes glazed with darkened desire, mesmerizing flame, and ravishing look.

She cried out softly when Harry kissed her, deepening it right away and dominating the kiss. Harry moved his lips and Dracy let him on, his tongue found its way inside her mouth and she moaned.

“H-harry” she called in between kissing and Harry groaned. Walking over the couch and sitting down with the omega straddling him.

Harry’s Alpha is already rutting inside him, needing and wanting to knot inside her and bite her to officially bond with her but he tried to control his mind and scolded not to let it do things impulsively.

He grounded her to his hard cock and she moaned in the sensation. Her pussy quivering and throbbing, slick already wetting her knickers and when he pushed her to his covered erection again, he felt the wetness in her knickers and her arousal very visible in the air.

“Ooh” Dracy’s hands tightened at his nape, one hand sliding up to reach for his hair and tugged on it, her lap moving on its own accord to feel at Harry’s huge cock in her wet pussy. But all those clothes in their bodies prevented her from really feeling so.

“Harry” she kissed him on his cheeks and brushed her nose at it after, trying to get his scent to hers. It was intoxicating and addicting, “Harry, please”

“Sssh” Harry shushed her, his hands going to her ass and began to play with both cheeks while humping her to his lap.

Dracy felt so good. She cannot stop moaning as she writhed above Harry, her head sliding down and leaned on Harry’s shoulder.

She didn’t feel like this ever. She had a kiss back then with her friend, Blaise Zabini, but it felt nothing like it did with Harry’s. Her right hand unclasped from his hair to rest at Harry’s chest, the hard muscles pushing in the sleeves he was wearing and almost as if they were roaring as Dracy’s palms landed on them.

“Fuck, ohh” Harry growled, feeling good himself. Dracy’s body is amazing. It felt too good above him just as it felt amazing last night when he fingered her. It didn’t matter if he’s not yet penetrating because this one felt so good already.

He cannot seem to have enough. He wanted more but didn’t dare to act on it now. Feeling Dracy’s face buried in his neck, her lips faintly touching at his skin and the feel of the small body in his is making his Alpha try to find its way out more.

To take over, claim her in the wooden floors, atop the dining table, have her behind bookshelves, in the bed, under the shower, and everywhere they can fit in.

The feel of her pliant body above him, humping on its own accord and the hot breath he can feel in his neck, he would stake anything to see her naked on the bed, eyes rolling at the back of her head, back arching, and legs quivering.

“Hmm” Dracy whimpered, tensing in his arms and Harry groaned and helped her to move her hips harder and thrusted his hips upwards to meet hers and after a few seconds, Dracy shivered and tensed.

“Alpha” she whispered.

“Come” Harry whispered back. Hugging her tight to her waist as she let go. Her while body going rigid and lips parted.

“So good, omega” Harry said, letting her go down of her high and when she finished, Harry began to thrust his hips rougher until he had finally chased his own orgasm. Groaning above Dracy’s head.

For a few minutes, they stayed at the couch. Letting her lean on his body to rest and his hands caressing her back to comfort her.

“Thank you” he heard her whispered and he let out a small smile before turning his head to give her a kiss in the forehead.

He’s as much thankful to her in return. For now, his Alpha’s contained.



“How are things with you, mate?” Ron asked as they eat their lunch in his office.

Harry shrugged easily. Ron and Hermione cannot stop asking him about Dracy and whether he thought about what she said about giving the omega a home. Truthfully he didn’t but in order to shut her up, he told her that he’s thinking about it.

“Good” Harry answered and drank his water.

Ron nodded and studied him for a pointless moment, “Have you thought about claiming her yet?”

Honestly, at the back of Harry’s mind, he knew he did but these past few days, he managed to keep his alpha at bay and didn’t do impulsive things mid-rut. Thankfully, Harry can control himself very well.

Claiming is easy. He can claim her in various ways but if Ron meant claiming her and bond with her is something Harry should ponder seriously. Bonding meant mating and mating meant lifetime.

He’s not sure whether he can handle that. That wasn’t a part of his purpose.

It wasn’t his intention to get Dracy with him so he could mark her. So how could Harry answer his bestfriend’s question?

“No” he responded, not bothering to lie because he knew Ron wouldn’t scold him like how Hermione scolds him. He wouldn’t push Harry to do things he doesn’t want.

“So, your plan is to live with her unmated, unbonded until you grow sick of her?”

Harry cringed, “That sounded so bad, Ron”

“I’m just putting it as it is. Well, Harry?”

Harry sighed. There’s just one thing Ron doesn’t understand here. Mating and marking is a huge commitment and it wasn’t Harry’s purpose to when he got her out of that bar. His intentions were good and it maybe isn’t pure in some aspects but he believes that claiming should be consented in both sides.

It wasn’t just the Alpha who decides. It also depends on how the omega feels about it.

When he came home, he didn’t see Dracy in the kitchen or the living room. He was confused when he didn’t even see her in the bedroom when he went to look for her.

He wandered in the house until he got into the library and found her.

She was sitting at the floor and leaning at one of the shelves with a book on her lap and eyes closed. Harry stood in the doorway for seconds just watching her. She was simply wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt and bare footed.

She looked beautiful. The way the light inside the library lit her pale color more. She looked fresher than when she’d just arrive. She looked so frail then but now, there is this little glow and she had filled her body so she wouldn’t just be skin and bones.

She already look beautiful then but now that she doesn’t look like she’s carrying the biggest problem of all and isn’t suffering from prying eyes and hands, she looks gorgeous and not to mention, smells so calming and sweet.

Harry can say he’s lucky because he managed to get her without any preamble. His alpha wanted her omega but the question remains, does Harry want Dracy?

He sighed. That’s an issue he had not thought in the first day he met her. An issue to a man like him. Quietly walking over to her, he bent down and carefully pulled the book away from her hands. Then he brushed a hair away from her lovely face.

“Beautiful” he murmured and gave her a kiss in the forehead before picking her up.

He walked over to her room and laid her down on her bed. He pulled the blankets to cover her body and walked out.

She needs her rest.



Her heat is coming.

Dracy woke up sweaty and feeling hot all over her body. She feels sudden cravings of certain foods and wanted a certain Alpha beside her to cuddle her while the other part of her wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and be wrapped in a thick blanket and curse the world.

All of her heat before have been handled with potions to contain in symptoms and lessen the pain she can feel for not having a knot inside her and for not having an Alpha she can mate or bond with.

She whined and hugged her pillow. She knows Harry must be looking where his dinner is or maybe breakfast, or his lunch or whatever because she’s not aware what time it is already. The last thing she can remember was she was reading a book about muggle fantasy. It amazes her how muggles can think of something so magical despite being clueless.

They just thought about dragons so they made a story about them. She loves reading about them.

That’s what she can remember. How is she in her room? Did Wily levitate her to her room or maybe it was Harry who carried her? Nevertheless, she’s grateful.

She wiped the sweat on her forehead, starting to feel slick dripping out of her hole into her sheets. She whimpered and cried out. Harry. She needs Harry. She wants him.

She lied in her bed while also moaning in pain. She can handle her heat before with the help of potions but now that she didn’t take any, she can feel it full force. The need to have something buried inside her, arms around her, kisses on her lips, and Harry’s scent. She needs it all.

She sobbed. Wanting to stand up and find him but her legs are quivering and she cannot have the strength to push herself up. So she decided to just stay in bed, enduring the pain and the wanton need of a presence of an Alpha.

Harry sighed and looked at his wrist watch. It’s already time for breakfast and he had asked Wily to cook them their meals. He didn’t bother waking the omega up, thinking she needed a thorough rest.

He’ll be late if he’ll wait until she wakes up. He had half a mind to eat alone then go to the Ministry right after but half of his mind wanted to go knock on her door and wake her up. Folding his daily supply of Witch Weekly, he stood up and decided for the latter.

As he was few feet away from her door, he smelled something so utterly familiar.

An omega’s heat.


He closed his eyes and stopped on his tracks. She smelled so sweet, sweeter than usual and even from their distance, he can feel her needs and he so wanted to fill it, sate the poor omega but he also wanted to turn his back and ran away.

He had never once had sex with an omega in heat because it can get wild, wild in a way that he could accidentally mark an omega. Something he wouldn’t want to.

But this, well, he had the rights to but he also stated from the beginning that her obligations occur when he needs them and not when she wants them. He didn’t realize about the heat. He knows how painful it can get especially with an unmated omega.

It could also get dangerous. He knows about a few reported cases of unmated omega rushing to the hospital needing to get treated because their heat was so painful and hard to handle. He weighed his choices and sighed.

One, go. The other, leave.

He furrowed his eyebrows together when he heard something that sounded like a pained whimper and he clenched his hands into fists. Taking a step closer, letting some of his Alpha win this.

Her smell is getting stronger that it makes him vulnerable. As he stepped closer until he was standing in front of the door. He can hear groans and mewls coming from inside and when he knocked, he heard his name being called.


That sounded so good. So good. He grunted, feeling the rush of blood to his cock that’s starting to harden.

“I-is that you?”

“Ha-harry, come inside”

He took a heavy sigh and turned the door open. To see her in such a state, am absolute mess but still so beautiful in the eyes caught his breath and he stood there.

Her eyes are glazed with lust, her legs dripping with sweet slick Harry had a sudden urge to taste and lap it all up, her hair messy and her forehead sweaty. Her whole body was shaking with desperate need. She looks so weak but at the same time, still winning this situation that pins them both with vague choices.

“P-please” she begged and sobbed.

Harry clenched and unclenched his jaw. He walked over to her and crouched down. Dracy immediately encircled her shaking hands at his nape and kissed him, moaning instantly. Harry inhaled, pressing his clothed erection to her wet pussy and grunting.

“N-now, please. Now, alpha” Dracy moaned at the soft pounding.

Harry growled, his head sliding down to suck and bite at her neck and waved a hand to magically get their clothes off. She purred and tried to entice him to claim her already, “Please, Alpha. Need you. Need your knot”

Harry growled and held his hard cock and slowly entered her, his tongue licking at her sharp collarbone.

“Move” Dracy cried out and Harry started to move slowly. Feeling her warmth and the slick lubricating him. Her pussy is perfect. The sweet scent enveloping them both and the reality that he had her under him, naked and writhing with lips parted and her nails digging through his back. Scratching and marking in some way ways.

“Ooh. A-alpha, faster”

Harry nodded and started to pound faster and rougher. Dracy moaned louder, her legs wrapped around his waist and move her hips.

Dracy cannot stop whimpering. The feeling of having a cock buried inside her, on heat is comforting and relaxing. For the very first time, she experienced what it is like to be in heat and having an Alpha try to ease you from suffering. She moaned wantonly. Harry’s controlled strength so he wouldn’t crush her followed by his pounding after pounding was fascinating.

She’d never had one person touched and take her like this before.

Even more that this time she’s in heat and she have an Alpha to comfort her and kissed her as if she’s the only omega left in the world. As if she’s the only omega destined to have that body above her.

She caught his head and kissed him on the lips again. Harry’s huge cock and his harsh pounding didn’t falter as they tongue kissed. His right hand played with her nipple. They both felt the way his balls slapped her pussy. She felt like swaying and he felt like addicted.

She’d never once understand her childhood friend, Pansy, who’s now living in Switzerland with her husband. Pansy used to tell her about the amazing experience she had whenever her now husband have sex with her whenever she’s in heat. The way his cock pounded roughly but lovingly and now, she’s slowly realizing why Pansy didn’t want to take potions.

Having a huge cock inside you, ramming and kissing you at the same time was ecstatic. She can feel her lower abdomen tightening and unconsciously, she clenched around him and causing for Harry to pull away from the kiss and aligned his nose with hers. His hands sliding down to play with her clitoris and Dracy moaned aloud, feeling so close. So desperately close.

“Alpha” she called, her thighs shaking.

“Come” Harry whispered and within a second, she trembled, her back arched and her eyes rolled at the back of her head. Her nails roughly dig into his skin and she may also have left some bruises.

Harry caught her lips for one more kiss, his teeth pulling at her bottom lip to play with it as he began to chase his own orgasm. The sweet scent of hers causing him to want to pull out and slid down until his head is leveled at her pussy with her cum dripping out of her. And tongue fucked her for another mind blowing orgasm.

“K-knot me. Knot me, please alpha” Dracy murmured and Harry growled and cussed, “Fuck fuck. Ooh”

Harry groaned as he felt his balls drawling up and he harshly slammed his hips to her abused hole and came. He collapsed on top of her and breathed heavily. He stayed inside her as his knot begin to form, his lips finding her nipple and he began to suck on it as they both waited for his knot to subside.

“So perfect” Harry whispered, his tongue circling her nipple, wanting to taste milk but unfortunately, there’s none.

Dracy closed her eyes as she savored the sensations. She can feel Harry’s huge cock and the knot filling her up even more. She smiled. Merlin. That was utterly perfect.



It turns out her heat was the ticket to have Harry beside her. His touch that never left her side since then. Those unrelenting hands wandering around her body, feeling her, caressing her sensually, kissing her shoulder, her breasts, her lips, her cheeks, and everywhere it could reach.

And she’s always left sated. The way Harry takes her in the mornings before going to the Ministry, tasting her before and after they eat dinner then letting himself in whenever she’s taking a bath and one time, proceeded to have his wicked way with her in the library while she’s busy reading a book.

For Dracy, it was starting to get impossibly wonderful and beautiful. It’s just that Harry doesn’t only possess a huge cock and amazing musky smell that appears whenever he lets the Alpha take over but there’s a whole new outlook she discovered as the days go by.

It is a chivalrous Harry Potter.

 One that doesn’t normally appear in The Daily Prophet as it was much more interested in writing about his family’s tragedy, his possible lovers and concluding that he might already have the ‘special’ one because they haven’t seen him with anyone else.

Harry took care of her. Not just in heat but also whenever after they would have sex. He would charm cleaning spells on her but would also wiped her with a clean and damp face towel to freshen her body. He would also fetch her a glass of water and some chocolates.

He would kiss her before he leaves and kiss her again when he arrives and sometimes, with a flower in hand. Her chores have been lessened but she still insisted to cook food for him.

He would walk her into her bedroom and kisses her good night. It was all good but also at times, scary. Whenever she’s alone in her room, staring up the ceiling and wandering what will happens if one day Harry realized he’s no longer okay with the set-up and would want to return her from where she used to be.

What scares her the most is the feeling of adoration and fondness that started to appear inside her chest. The way she would feel her heart beat erratically and twice, she realized how she stared up to him with googly eyes while Harry never stares the same.

Those eyes that looked with respect but never the same or similar with the way she does and she’s scared of what would she have to endure for this.

She would complain in her mind but other times, she convinced herself that she already has it good as it gets. He pulled her out of the dump she’s stuck in. Why would she complain of the lavishness Harry is giving her?

She also had contemplations to enter Harry’s bedroom especially when she notices herself to get needy but just one call of his name, he would come and take her then and there.

Like now…

“Alpha” she whimpered, her head kept turning left and right and for a few while, she would try to turn her head to look at the man who’s taking her from behind.

His cock hitting up to the hilt and hitting her sweetest spot at all times.

Harry grunted as he stared at the sweaty back, the way her back would move as if it was creating abstract illusions that makes him want to kiss her all over. Feel her skin over his skin and smell the scent that caged him like no other.

“Fuck. So beautiful” he gripped her by the hips and impaled her to his hard cock, providing her another chance to pound harder and rougher.

Dracy felt like the luckiest person on the whole of Wizarding World because the topic of conversations and papers is right there with her, taking her and ravishing her. Leaving her hungry for more but as well as, sated.

“H-harry. Nggh” she supported herself by the elbows and buried her head between them as she began to grow even more desperate and the next thing she notices, she was begging.

“Harder. Please, ooh, harder. I’m coming, Alpha” she moaned loudly and Harry did just that.

Tightening his grip on her hips, he pulled her up and encircled one hand around her waist while the other fondled with her breast, toying with the hardened nipple at hand.

He kissed her by the nape and licked the exact spot where he could mark and claim her for eternity.

His teeth is grazing the smooth skin and without informing him, she came. She gripped him by the wrist tightly to support herself from falling face first into the bed.

“Mmm. So delicious, omega” Harry moaned in her ear as she begin to come down from her orgasm.

Harry followed not long after. He buried his face at her nape after and sighed deeply.

Dracy leaned on him and smiled at the wall she’s staring at.

“Harry?” she asked, her voice felt small.

Harry pecked a kiss on her shoulder and hummed, “Hmm?”

“Would you, uhm, would you mark me?”

The silence that befell around them felt heavy and downright alarming.Well, It was for Dracy’s side and she doesn’t know how Harry feels about the question because he didn’t respond.

Harry clenched his jaw, closing his eyes and opening them a second or two after, he pulled out and held her by the waist. Dracy felt the chilling sensation of a cleaning charm all over her as she watched him helped her under the blankets.

When she was all tucked in, Harry dressed into his pants and swing the shirt over his shoulders. He eyed the woman and smiled, he really doesn’t know how to say no without offending the omega so he just bent down and kissed her on her forehead, to her nose, to her lips.

“Have a good night, Dracy”

Dracy was left staring at the door Harry walked out off.

Why didn’t he answer?




Harry looked up from his coffee as he looked at Hermione entering his office. She sat down across him and looked at him. After a second, she creased her forehead and studied him.

Here comes Hermione’s insightful gazes that sometimes just really is borderline intrusive.

“Is everything all right?”

Harry lightly frowned at his cup, “Where’s Ron?”

“So, something is wrong?”

“I didn’t say that” Harry stated, not really keen in talking about something so personal in his life to Hermione. He knows how Hermione can be. She’s smart and intelligent but there are times that she can be one-sided and favor what she thinks should be favored.


He leaned on his chair and stared at her, “Are you comfortable talking about my insatiable rut?” he lied.

Seeing the slight surprise blooming over Hermione’s eyes was quite satisfying. She turned her eyes to his desk and bit her lips uncomfortably.

“I, uhm, I think I’ll go get Ron”

Hermione left his office and Harry sighed, massaging his hands to his temple. Her question definitely caught him off guard. He had thought about marking omegas to bond with in the future but the future is definitely not now.

It’s something he should consider with in-depth thoughts. It’s not just about marking an omega, it’s being with each other for all days in the future. Suspending or trying to cut of bonding is a long process and can be really really hurtful. That’s according to some testimonies he had heard over the halls of St. Mungos by crying omegas who were claiming their Alpha is not responding to them with how they wanted.

And he doesn’t want to upset Dracy with emotional turmoil if he fails to meet her expectations to be her Alpha lover. Maybe marking her is something he really didn’t consider before he made a decision of getting her out of that stinky bar.

He rested his chin over his palm and waited for Ron to arrive. Fortunately enough, the man appeared within a few minutes and sat down from where Hermione sat a while ago.

“’Mione said you’re having troubles with your rut. What happened?” Ron raised an eyebrow, “You never talk about your ‘insatiable’ rut to anyone, Harry. This must be some serious problem” he added and did a dramatic quotation over the word insatiable.

“It’s not about my rut. It’s actually about a question Dracy asked me last night and I couldn’t answer”

Ron perked up and smiled, “Did she propose?”

He gazed at the man in confusion. What? That’s ridiculous.

“No. Why would you think that?” he asked as if Ron had grown another two extra heads like Fluffy.

Ron shrugged nonchalantly, “I don’t know. I just know that to render one Harry Potter speechless is to have someone propose to you”

Harry scowled, not really liking the idea of having the other party propose because it should be him to do the effort. It’s just something he was taught to think of.

“No, Ron. She asked me if I would mark her”

Ron fell silent and nodded, “So, did you?”

“No! That’s a big step and I just wanted to think about it more. Marking her would completely change everything”

Ron nodded once again before furrowing his eyebrows together. He opened his mouth but closed it again immediately afterwards. Harry waited for what he has to say but it looked like he was having a hard time releasing the words out.

“Uhm” Ron began, his palms rubbing over his jeans and sighing, “What makes you think your decision of buying her out of the place she used to work in wasn’t a big step?”

It was Harry’s time to furrow his eyebrows together in bewilderment, “I don’t follow?”

“Mate, you did a huge step the day you made a decision to pull her out of that bar. That’s a huge step that completely changed everything. What more do you need? If you didn’t get her to mark her, then what’s the reason? Just an omega to warm your bed? And if it’s not huge step for you, then what is?”

“You see, think about this, Dracy have been seen as the fallen angel since the issue with her father escalated full force and since then, I know she had not felt warmth or appreciation because people have been so quick to judge her and make fun of her. So when you came, assuming you provided her some attention that her omega liked, it was what pushed her to ask such question”

“And you know how omegas are, bud. They never ask unless it’s what they really need and want to. You must have been an amazing alpha partner. She needs you and trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t”

Harry made sure to pin all of Ron’s statement in mind to think about in his room, “Why are you so expert on this?”

Ron smiled, “I regretted when ‘Mione walked away from me when I refused to mark her when she asked”



Flooing back home, he paused on his own thoughts. Home? Really? Now he calls it a home?

He sighed. He didn’t signed up for this but things really don’t go in the way you expected them to, do they?

He looked around the living room and walked over to the kitchen to find her fixing up plates on the dining table. She looked at him when she notices his presence and she smiled, “Harry”

Harry nodded and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “How was you day?” he willed himself to ask, not wanting to open the subject of her question last night.

“Great. I’ve read two books and cleaned the place”

Harry sat down and nodded, “That’s nice.”

“How was yours?”

“Boring. I have to stare at documents for hours and read until my back is aching” Harry groaned in irritation and stretched his arms upwards until he can hear some of his bones crack.

When they began to eat, he noticed that Dracy was about to speak but he beat her up to it and opened his mouth, “Anyway, my friend’s are coming”

Dracy’s eyes widened in surprised and sat up properly, “What?”

“They’re coming to visit tomorrow”


“They want to meet you”




Dracy cannot stop looking at herself in the mirror. She keeps on twirling around and making sure her dress don’t have any wrinkles and she really cannot magically make sure because she doesn’t have a wand. She’s not sure whether she still can remember how to cast a simple levitating charm. She’s also not good with wandless magic even before.

She was only wearing a simple white dress with small flower designs, the sleeveless strap on her shoulders are tied criss crossed to her nape and she’s only wearing a simple pumps and have decided to tie her hair up to really show the design on the dress.

It’s already seven in the evening and Harry told her his friends will be arriving in any minute now and the longer she stares at reflection, the longer she grows agitated. What if she makes a mistake? Or what if they ask her about something and she doesn’t know the answer? What will Harry do? What will she do?

She initiated to cook but Harry said he’d already ask Wily to so she wouldn’t stress herself up.

She sighed and continued to examine herself. She has to look good so Harry wouldn’t be disappointed. She turned her head at the door when she heard a knock, “Dracy?”

“Come in” she stated. Harry came in and stood by the doorway. He was wearing a simple white shirt and washed-out jeans. He looked at her from head to toe and nodded approvingly, “You look gorgeous”

Dracy blushed and smiled, “Thank you, Harry. You look handsome as well”

He offered a hand and she felt her heart skip a beat. Now, now, calm down.

“Come on. They’re here”

She nodded and gazing at herself for one last time, she walked away from the mirror and stood in front of Harry. She took his hand and they walked towards the living room where she would meet his friends. Hopefully they will all get along and they wouldn’t ask about her status now that her father is nowhere to be found.

When they arrived, she saw two people sitting at the couch with held hands. The woman had a bushy hair and is smiling kindly at her. While the man has red hair and freckled skin. Unlike the woman beside him, he isn’t smiling but instead just looking.

“H-hello” she said and looked at Harry who smiled at her, “Hermione, Ron, this is Dracy, Dracy, these are my friends” he introduced.

Hermione stood up. Dracy was expecting for a handshake but she gasped when Hermione hugged her and squeezed her tight, “Nice to meet you!” she pulled away and looked at her husband, “Ron?”

Ron stood up and offered a hand, “Nice to meet you, Dracy”

“Nice to meet you too” Dracy smiled at them after shaking hands with Ron and stood beside Harry, leaning against him a bit because she’s never been comfortable with eyes all on her since everything came crushing down.

Sensing her mood, Harry put a hand around her waist and pulled her closer, “Let’s go eat?”

Thankfully, the dinner went fine and nice. Hermione and Ron didn’t ask questions that would put her in another very unease situation. They only talked to her about little things and most of the time they conversed with Harry who was sitting on her side with one hand resting atop her thighs.



“She seems nice, Harry” Ron said the next day they were in his office, chilling.

Harry nodded in agreement. Dracy really is nice. It’s a wonder how other people described her to be a spoiled brat. The woman can barely state what she wants.

“Yeah, she is” he answered after seconds of silence on both sides.

Ron nodded and shrugged, “So, what’s your plan? Have you figured it out yet whether you want to mark her or not?”

Harry raised an eyebrow at him and shook his head, “It’s for me to handle. Don’t worry yourself about it”



Dracy looked at the thing on her hands with dread.

No, no. She can’t be! She cannot be! She looked around the area to make sure not even Wily had seen what she’s holding and frantically stashed it inside her pockets. Her trembling hands came up to gripped her hair tight and she screamed.

This must be a mistake!

And it is her fault for rummaging inside her old clothes and saw that thing and decided to try it!

No! No!

Harry will hate her! He will throw her out! He will kick her out! And where would she go? How will she return from her former job? How is she going to survive in a rundown apartment? Or is she going to live in the streets? No! She cannot!

What is she going to do?!

She breathed deeply and held her stomach. She cannot hide it forever because it will show. Harry will notice and she will get fat and ugly and moody and no! She will get ugly!!

This wasn’t planned! Harry obviously doesn’t want to mark her and not, she’s—she’s—Merlin she cannot be! No! She refuses to accept this! It will break them!

She sobbed on her hands. She doesn’t think she can afford to lose Harry. She had grown fond of him and was hoping to bond with him but she really doesn’t know now.

She fucked up. She’s messing up. Harry will hate her like how everybody hates her family. The family she refuses to acknowledge she’s in anymore. She’s Harry’s now, right? Right? It’s better.

Even if she’s a secret to the whole Wizarding World, it’s better than being recognized as someone who’s a failure just like her father.

She jumped on her feet when she heard the floo activating and Harry arrived. Quickly composing herself, she walked out of her room to greet him.

“Welcome back, Harry” she saw him removing his coat and not quite looking at her yet.

Her eyes widened when she remembered something.

She…forgot to cook dinner! Merlin. The Alpha is going to be mad at her.

“I-i forgot…” she drawled.

Harry raised his head and turned to gaze at her. He raised an eyebrow and urged her to continue.

“I forgot to c-cook dinner” she bowed her head, “But, but, I’ll go start now”

She turned around and was about to rush to the kitchen when a hand around her wrist stopped her. Harry turned her around easily and met her eyes. He stared at her for a long time and slowly, he raised a hand and cupped her cheeks.

Dracy stood there, feeling her heart thumping like crazy as she seemed to suddenly lose her voice. Harry was gazing at her as if he was observing her and studying her. He began to brush a thumb over her cheekbones and finally, opened his mouth.

“Something is wrong”

Shocked at his statement, she asked, “What?”

“You’ve been crying. What’s wrong?”

She gaped. Is it that obvious? She gulped and shook her head, “N-nothing. Everything’s all right”

Harry’s eyes softened. He bent down and pecked a kiss on her lips, “If you’re ready to talk, I’m here. Come. I think I owe you a treat”

He pulled her to the kitchen and led her to sit at one of the dining chair before he got to his own thing. He pulled ingredients out and began to peel and slice. Dracy watched him as he cooks. Harry is cooking for her. Such a nice and sweet gesture.

She toyed with her fingers. Thinking whether to ask him something or just let it be until it just flows out because of time.

Unable to abate her curiosity, she opened her mouth, “Harry?”

“Hmm?” Harry responded without looking.

“H-how do you feel about…kids?”

Harry stopped and kept silent. He just stood there in front of the stove and Dracy felt nervous of his reaction. Did he put two and two together? Did he somehow manage to untie the knot?

She gulped and is about to rephrase the question or probably change it entirely when Harry turned around and stared at her.

“Are you…pregnant?” he asked, voice low and neutral. There’s no contempt, hate, or anything that would indicate he’s mad at her. For a second, it somehow comforted her a bit. But the lack of reaction is stressful.


“You are, aren’t you?” Harry cut her off and sighed. Dracy didn’t respond to that and watched him massage his temples and heave another deep breath.

She doesn’t know if Harry is okay with this or not because he’s not giving anything away. He doesn’t look mad but he’s not smiling either. But the silence is making her more nervous. She needs him to say something. Tell her what he thinks or how he feels about this but no matter what he gives her, acceptance or denials, she will not abandon this pregnancy and she will do everything to push through this.


Dracy blinked like an idiot. Okay? That’s it? Okay? No big deal? That sounded so bad. Worse than the thought of Harry mad at her for something she cannot even control.




Things have gone south.

That’s what Dracy had noticed for the few days that passed since Harry learned that she’s pregnant. She’s sure that if this goes longer, she may end up on the streets. Worse than she used to be.

It baffles her to no end that Harry acted so casual back that night then it pains her when she observed that Harry had gone a little colder. He didn’t shout but he’s not talking to her anymore unless it’s something important.

He greets her when he arrives from the Ministry, eat food in silence then that would be it. End of the day. No kisses, no hugging, no sweet anything. She had even thought of letting out her scent to entice him but it didn’t have the reaction she was aiming for and she ended up embarrassing herself.

She tried to approach him one night, asked him if everything is alright between them and only to be cut of from an emergency owl from work. She’s doesn’t even know who’s the real Harry anymore. This cold Harry or the warm Harry.

Things are getting out of hand and she’s starting to grow needy. There are nights she would wish for Harry beside her and there are times she wants to punch that hell of a man. It’s irritating her how emotional she’s turning out to be all because of this pregnancy.

Her baby bump is nit that visible yet but she felt like she already have the roundest baby bump ever. She’s not complaining because it’s natural but sometimes she cries for feeling so bloated, and fat, and ugly then the next second, she’s eating chocolates, bread on a stick, and tea with coffee.

She hates how weird her cravings are. There was this one time she literally craved for ketchup with vinegar. Could you honestly believe that? Her pregnancy is very comical and peculiar. She hates it.

“I miss Harry” she sobbed on her pillow and sniffed.

“I hate him too” she then added and wailed, “No! I love him!”

She stilled, “Wait…what?”

Her eyes almost popped out of its socket for the sheer surprise it got to her, “AAAAH! NOOO!”

She threw her pillow across the room and stood up. No. No. This is her omega hormones. She’s just horny. How could she honestly love that bastard? She can’t! That man is a galaxy out of black holes, the shine of her dim world. He’s handsome, chivalrous, nice, and a strong alpha and she loves him?! Ridiculous!

“Want to punch him!” Dracy pouted and walked out of her room to go to the library when her eyes stopped at Harry’s bedroom door.

Having an impulsive idea is dangerous but more often than not, in her case, they end up more entertaining than she expected.

Listening to everything but not one good and reasonable thought, she walked over Harry’s room and opened it. Thankfully, it was unlocked for some odd reason. No one goes to his room? Well, she will be an exception. That bastard who’s taking her breath away. Oh, he will be the death of her.

Looking around his room, there seemed to be nothing foreign. The design is simple, the whole room is neat and reeks of him. The bed is wide, there’s a discarded shirt on the love seat, curtains drawn open and a door that she knows leads to his bathroom and a closet just beside the bathroom door.

Typical room. Shrugging, she walked over to the love seat and took the shirt in her hands. Without giving it much thought, she took her own shirt off and put on his shirt. It’s too big for her but it smells exactly like him and it’s actually comforting and nice so she decided to keep it on.

She needs her alpha but he keeps on ignoring her for some unfathomable reason. If only she knows how flying kick works.



He didn’t see her in any part of the house when she arrived and even Wily didn’t know where she went. He went to the library and in any part of the house where she could possibly be in but she was nowhere.

Distressed of where she could be, he proceeded to go inside his bedroom to change clothes but as he stepped inside, he stopped at the doorway upon seeing someone that should not be in any way inside his room!

Dracy, herself, is lying on his bed sleeping. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that she’s pregnant. Walking over to his bed, he gently nudged her awake.

“Dracy” he seriously called her. For whatever reason she may carry right now, he didn’t need them. He needs her out of his room.

It didn’t take long before she opened her eyes and immediately widened upon seeing him. She frantically stood up, blankets tossed out. Harry noticed what she was wearing and he didn’t know what is but there’s something inside his chest that felt squished, as if it was crushing him into something more than who he is now. Fuck.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

Draco fidgeted and gulped.

“No one comes into my room but me. Do I need to remind you of that thrice?” he asked gravely, “Leave”

Her lips parted and her eyebrows furrowed. She felt as if her nostrils flared up for Harry’s audacity to talk like this as if he’d never avoided her! This jerk!

“How dare you!” before she could even stop herself, she raised a hand and slapped him! Harry’s head turned to the side with the impact, the loud smack resonating throughout the room and Dracy didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt. If ever, she felt better.

“You ignored me for days ever since I told you I am pregnant! Avoided me and didn’t touch me like how you did before for what? Just because I’m pregnant? I’m suddenly should be avoided?!” she pushed him back by his chest and glared. All the emotion she caged insider her exploded.

“You ignored me like I have some contagious disease! As if being near me disgusts you! Well, news flash you incorrigible jerk, I hate you! Not because you’re an alpha you have the right to rule me like this. Talk to me when you feel like it, ignore me whenever you want to? Who even are you?!” Dracy taunted.

“Enough” Harry whispered but Dracy is not having any of it. She’s going to let it all out!

“I’ve been so fucking patient. Allowed you to do things to me, gave you consent to touch me, accepted you even when you BOUGHT ME LIKE A FUCKING WHORE! You don’t even want to mark me! Claim me completely and don’t want to love me as your omega! And as soon as you’ve knocked me up, you do this—


Dracy stepped back. Startled from how rough Harry shouted. What Dracy sees is the Alpha and not Harry. The strict expression on the face and this invisible wall Dracy felt begin to distance them apart from each other and the hard clench of his jaw indicated that Harry is not pleased with her outburst. She’s not either but she’s pregnant and moody.

Go on, Dracy. Clench your fist and punch him. Her mind supplied.

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He looked at her straight in the eyes in silence for a whole minute before he spoke, “You’re distressed. You should take a rest”

Dracy blinked in surprise and chuckled humorlessly, “That’s all what you have to say? I’m distressed? Wow. I didn’t know an alpha like you could be so insensitive”

Dracy looked away, fighting the tears welling up in her eyes. Her hands fisting the sides of the shirt she’s wearing, “They’re right. You’re a jerk”

Fuck these pregnancy hormones. She had found she wanted to kick him in the balls but wanted his hug as well.

“I’m leaving” she harshly announced and walked away, wanting to begin packing right away and return to where she used to be. Back in that crampy place. Who cares?!

Before she could get away, she felt a hand around her wrist and she turned to look at him, “Don’t touch me”

“Don’t leave. I understand you might not want to be in the same vicinity with me so I’ll be the one to leave.”

Dracy wasn’t able to buffer an appropriate response as Harry grabbed a jacket and left the room but before he could fully stepped out, he turned back and gave her a small smile, “Just please leave my room. I really don’t allow anyone inside for personal reasons, Dracy. I hope you understand” he respectfully stated and left. After minutes, she heard the sound of the floo roaring to life.

Dracy gulped. Thinking the way how serious his tone was with a hint of gloominess in it. Dracy wiped her eyes and pouted sadly. Is everything ruined?

Personal reasons. What could they be? It was obvious Dracy knows nothing about the Alpha. He’s too secretive of his personal life.



“She’s pregnant”


“Since when?”

Harry sighed. Feeling the headache beginning to appear because of Hermione’s exaggerated scream.

“Dracy’s pregnant”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I’m telling you now” Harry regretted even telling. He should’ve told it to Ron when they are alone but Hermione’s his great friend too. But sometimes, overreaction comes before reason with her. And that’s Harry wants to avoid after the stressful quarrel he had with the pregnant omega.

Dracy had vented out and believe it or not, Harry actually realized some things. One of which is that Dracy had a point. He has been ignoring him and mainly because Harry cannot find what else to do.

This pregnancy thing is not what he anticipated when he started this, this whatever it is. Impregnating an omega is surely what he doesn’t have in mind when he brought her to her house.

It was her scent. Damn it.

That scent that calmed his alpha down.

“How did this happen, Harry?”

“’Mione, it’s obvious. They had seggs”

“Shut up Ron! And your plan? Harry?” Hermione began using her strict tone, prompting Harry to answer unless he wants to see a catastrophe.

“Have you claimed her? Marked her? Or you immediately jumped into knocking her up? Harry, show a little bit of compassion here. She’s not just an omega.”


“What was your reaction when you learned about the pregnancy? Did you appreciate her for it? And why are you here? You should be with her. Omegas in pregnancy gradually becomes more needy. Wanting the presence of their alpha beside them—

“I know” Harry rubbed his temples. Sometimes, Hermione’s nagging really just pisses him off and it’s worsening his headache more.

“Go back—

“Enough” he cut her off. Voice going cold and jaw clenched which thankfully, really did shut her up. He stood up from their couch and sighed. He can understand what Hermione is trying to point out and he’s not really sure whether he’s up for it.

He knows he’s an asshole in some people’s eyes. He may come off as condescending especially when they misinterpret what he’s saying but there are just some things even a strong Alpha like him never did try to cross.


Love is not easy. It’s not something you can just pick up from the side of the road and it’s not something you can just buy in Diagon Alley.

It is felt and it is found. Sometimes, it comes to you itself, dressed in these various kinds of stories so you’ll have something to tell to your children, to your wedding day. It’s not just about giving. Loving is not just about giving, it’s the feeling that Harry never tried to step into. For his whole life, he always used his mind.

But he can admit something awakened inside him when he smelt her scent. The scent that he always craved because it was what he felt he needed. But of course, the question remains: what about her needs? He asked her before, right? And he still haven’t received an answer.

“I’ll go ahead” he said and apparated away.



Dracy woke up smelling bacon, milk, and chocolates.

When she opened her eyes, she gasped in shock upon meeting two emerald eyes staring at her.

“H-Harry” she said anxiously. Sitting up and covering herself with blanket. She saw breakfast at the bedside table.

Is it morning already?

Harry was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing new set of clothes and hair damp and absolutely messy. She was about to ask what’s this weird thing early in the morning when she noticed what he was holding.

“What is that?” she asked, index finger pointing at the thing in his hands.

Dracy’s lips parted for a bit when Harry smiled at her. Not the smile that she sees on The Daily Prophet but the kind of smile that just strikes you in. The smile that would enchant you and catch your attention not for how handsome it looked on him but because of how sad it was.

What is happening? This must be a dream. She shouted at him last night and she was pretty sure it might take days before Harry decides to return.

Harry looked at it before extending his hand and offering it to her. She contemplated for a second before accepting it.

She stared at it, eyes carefully examining the whole thing. It was a picture of Harry and what she assumed was his parents. The man looked exactly like Harry. He was wearing glasses, hair as messy as his and he was cradling little Harry on his lap and looking at him. While the beautiful woman was smiling straight in the camera while her hands was holding at a rounded belly.

They looked so happy.

But what confuses her was that the picture had marks as if they were once rip apart and was only fixed by a charm. And when her fingers gently touched the area where the mark was most prominent, she felt that magic that’s holding the picture together.

“H-harry?” she hesitated because she wasn’t sure whether it’s alright for her to ask what’s happening.

“You know the Potter household tragedy, I presume?” Harry stated and without looking, Dracy shook her head, “Harry, you don’t have to”

“You don’t have to go there” she whispered, just enough for her to hear. She knows of the tragedy because it’s a story that involved the kind of love pass within the boundaries and standards. Mr. and Mrs. Potter defied the conventional, they proved but were still criticized and that tragic incident was something she wouldn’t like to force Harry to let out.

“When you shouted at me last night, I realized what I have done to you. And you asked me who even I am”

“Harry” Dracy called. She raised her head and looked at him and what she saw was something she never thought she’d ever see on the Alpha. Vulnerability looked so heartbreaking in him. She’d rather have the mysterious Alpha back in the day they just met and someone who may not have been so warm but surely was affectionate.

“This may sound so weak of me” he began and Dracy really wanted to make him stop. Doesn’t want to force his story out on his lips that kissed her with kindness but now is about to tell a story that never touched anyone’s life, “But I was traumatized”

Dracy gently laid the picture beside her and reached out. Merlin. This wasn’t supposed to be their morning. The morning that should happen is them angry from last night’s mess.

“Since their death, I was followed by everyone. Wanting to interview me, ask me about what I think about what happened to my family. They were so focused on my life, so desperate to get a statement”

Dracy didn’t think much of it when she crawled to Harry’s lap and encircled her arms around his nape. She shook her head, still trying to stop him but Harry didn’t budge and continue. He encircled his arms around her waist and pulled her towards his body

“They followed me everywhere. Wouldn’t stop even when I tried to tell them to. My room have always been the safe place for me. The tears I shed in the place, the frustrated and broken emotions it had seen out of me. All those traumatized nightmares that never went out. That’s a personal space I can be who I am. The not so s-strong Alpha everyone make me out to be”

Dracy gasped when she saw a tear rolling out of his eyes. It broke her heart to see Harry in such a state. She pulled him to her chest and shushed him. He’s strong. He’s definitely strong for holding for too long.

“Harry, ssh. It’s alright. It’s alright. I’m h-here” even she stuttered at the end. She can feel tears prickling her eyes but fought not to shed them. She’s broken and she suffered from her own life but it’s not as much as Harry had been traumatized.

Harry was always so strong in the eyes of the public. So cold, well-endowed. He was never this broken, transparent, and torn.

“My mom was pregnant when she was killed and w-when you told me you are, I j-just got this memories and thought a-about the sibling I s-should’ve—

“Ssssh, Harry” Dracy cut him off when he sobbed and hugged him even tighter and buried his face in her chest. She felt her clothes starting to get wet but she didn’t care.


She let him cry all those emotions out. The reality that Harry held for so long crushed her own heart. She kissed him on the head for several times, letting some of her scent to comfort him, ease him, and hopefully, make him better.

They were both shattered from their own stories. Dracy was hated that she suffered and Harry was so loved that he was caged within his own emotions. The public didn’t let them move on because they always ask and intruded.

She rested her cheek on top of his head and bit her bottom lips, fighting for her tears. She couldn’t let herself fall because this time, she should be the wall Harry needs.

He saved her from that crampy, dirty, barely surviving place. He saved her from millions of prying eyes, disgusting hands, dirty and bastard Alphas, he saved her from thousands of pain. But who did save him? No one. And here she was demanding some attention when it was him who needed it the most.

She played with Harry’s hair, twirling it between her fingers. Not bothering to make a sound because she knew all he needed is silence.

“I’m sorry if I’m insensitive. I just d-didn’t know h-how to. . .” he trailed off, not knowing how to finish his statement.

“It’s alright, Harry. It’s alright” she murmured softly. She pulled away and cupped his cheeks to make him look at her.

She smiled at him and wiped his tears away before she bent down and kissed him on the lips.

Harry immediately responded, his hands tightening around her waist and pulling her into him even more. He took control of the kiss and deepened it.

Dracy moaned. Harry began to trace the outline of her lips with the tip of his tongue and biting her bottom lip after. His hands cupped her butt and squeezed them.

“A-alpha” she whimpered, feeling her pussy letting out some slick. The need of an alpha inside him was so strong. She missed Harry’s presence, touch, kisses. She missed all of him that she begged, “Please”

Harry pulled back and smiled at her. He removed her clothes before he laid her down gently on the bed and dived to kiss all of her body.

“I’m sorry” he apologized, pecking her neck to her collarbone.

“I’m sorry for ignoring you” he kissed her heart.

“I’m sorry for making you think I am disgusted” he kissed her chest and played with her nipples. He bit and sucked on them and Dracy had felt little milk coming out of her breast. She moaned and gripped his back tight.


“I’m sorry for buying you like a whore. You’re not. Fuck. I swear you’re not” he groaned and slid down and kissed her stomach where it’s beginning to swell and in another month or two, an obvious baby bump would surely start to appear, “You’re so much more. And if you’ll let me, I want to know you. I mean to really know you”

“You’re pregnant” he murmured, “We’re parents. We may not consider ourselves to be family now but I know we will in short time”

She felt him smile and kissed her stomach once more before lifting himself up to level her.

They stared at each other’s eyes and Dracy gradually realized one more thing. She run a finger on his jawline, thinking about the man in Harry that was just let out and she was the first to see.

She pulled him forward and kissed him full on the lips. She felt Harry grinned at her lips before he pulled away for an inch while gently sucking her bottom lip to his mouth. She moaned at the action.

She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and took it off of him. She pushed him away and smiled at Harry’s shocked expression. She straddled his waist, not minding how naked she is in Harry’s eyes.

It was by far too intimate to care for anything. Not just physically but for the moment they are both sharing and are both mentally and emotionally present. Dracy realized something more.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you” she apologized for her own mistakes as well, “Sorry for demanding things without considering how you feel”

Her fingers began to caress his torso. Starting from those abs to that finely build chest, she looked at him straight in the eyes before slowly, she bent down and peppered him many lovely kisses. Giving him love bites and inhaled his scent that enveloped hers as if they just connected, been intertwined and formed a spark that can never be achieved with a mark on the nape.

And they did. Not because Harry got her pregnant or because he took her away from that bar but because from this last realization came to be what she did not expect it to be.

It wasn’t him who bound her. It wasn’t him who possessed her because it was her who did.

Harry shook his head, “No. You have the right to. I asked you what you want before”

Dracy smiled, “No. That’s not what I want anymore”

“Then what is? Tell me?”

Dracy sighed, her hands coming to cup him on the cheeks again.

She smiled at him. A smile so bright, smile so nice and kind, and smile that reaches out. If it wasn’t her scent, Harry wouldn’t get her out of that. If it wasn’t for the omega in her, his alpha wouldn’t budge. Harry saved her from that hellhole and Dracy didn’t realize how he needed saving too. But now, she does.

All those things she thought in the beginning, she wasn’t a slave for a particular man. But Harry was a slave of his own tortured past. Dracy thought she needed a house, nicer place to live in and thought Harry gave exactly that. Now, she realized, Harry have this house but doesn’t have his home.

She thought it was her who needed loving but in reality, it was him who needed it the most. She bound the Alpha with her. Now, she will love him.

For she was saved from her dark past, it is her turn to pull him away from his cruel monsters. It wasn’t him who lacked, it was her who failed to reach out after all the things he did. But now, beginning now, she will.

‘Not only so you can lean on me but also so I could lean on you’. That’s his statement before, isn’t it? He hinted at it. He needed someone. How could she be so dumb not to comprehend?

The process will not be easy. It will require effort but she know she will manage. For inside the place they are in, she will build him their home. She will make sure to love him as much as she can until the time they both can share their hearts. Until the time he’s ready to claim her and bind her in the way she did to him.

“Be with me. Will you, alpha?” she asked so sincerely that a real smile blossomed on Harry’s face and for the first time ever, he blushed.

“You do not need to worry here. You’re my Alpha” Dracy murmured close to his ears. The same statement he told her before. He was her savior and it's her turn to be his.

She remembered her statement. She likes to give as much as she takes. She took Harry's affection, kisses, sweet gestures. It's her turn to give him the same and more.

Harry conquered her world and it’s her time to conquer his.

Now she realized, she bind him and she loves him.