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Mr. Beta got Sold

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The Itadori family has served the Zenin clan for generations and it will continue to.

Though the Zenin clan was mostly made of betas, they were well off and the only alpha, Toji, broke ties with the family.

And his son was an Alpha too, (recessive but an alpha nonetheless) and they had to take in an heir since the influence the Zenins had seemed to weather away.

"Megumi-sama, please get ready for the tea ceremony. The elders are waiting for you." , Yuuji said calmly.


"Megumi-sama?" ,Megumi looked at the other boy like he had grown another head.


"Oh shut up, you asshat. Naoya-san was there.  Put this on." ,Yuuji bellowed and threw the kimono at Megumi as he felt the yellow-haired man's scent fade away.

The two basically grew up together, joined at the hip ever since. Megumi doesn't treat him any differently than family. Rather he thinks his actual family is not to be trusted at all. 


And he's definitely not wrong.


"Must feel good being a beta." , Megumi says, devoid of any emotion.


"There you go on your tangent again."  Yuuji squints his eyes up to meet sharp light green ones. Megumi grew almost 3 inches taller than Yuuji in the span of 2 years. The pink-haired boy almost looked tiny.  


Damn alpha genes.


"Dude why?"


Megumi just gestured vaguely at almost....everything. And Yuuji just sighs.

"I don't get paid enough for this." 


Megumi realised that Yuuji was becoming more and more like their teacher's colleague with the tired eyes and stern demeanor. He just tries to blink at the mental image of that terrible fusion that flashed in front of his eyes.


He dresses up and reluctantly leaves his quarters after Yuuji's annoying banter about him acting like a spoiled brat and what not.


"You're not my nii-san, y'know." 

"Yeah yeah, now g'it."

{Ryomen household, 1 week ago}


The white haired assistant calmly walks in with a handful of paperwork tugged under their arm in a binder, plops it onto the desk, bows and then leaves without another word.


Uraume was efficient and knew exactly what kind of work environment  their employer wanted. To Sukuna, the lack of unnecessary chatter was just right. 


Sukuna takes off his reading glasses and leans back on his chair. His inability to let out all his fatigue through that long sigh only made him more frustrated.


Piles of cream hued sheets stacked one above another, mountains of binders and files surrounded him, the suffocating environment making his malaise worse. 

Sukuna ran his hand through his hair due to an exasperated feeling of utter regret and some annoyance in the poisonous mix.

Nonetheless he started combing through the stacks of paperwork after his miniature breakdown. 


Skim-read. Sign. Re-stack. Repeat.


This chain of repeated actions continued for 3 hours. It was almost dawn now. The servants have long before retired to their chambers, hallways empty without a single soul in sight as light filtered in through the curtains. Sukuna worked through furiously, as if fueled by spite towards himself. Now all that was left was just a slim envelope.


How strange. Uraume always reviews all letters sent, so why this one? 


 Sukuna flips the letter the other way to take notice of the sender and he'd be lying if he wasn't surprised in the least.



Zenin Naoya."

Now this was even more interesting. It was amusing enough that the renowned Zenin Clan had reached out to him rather than the fact that they had sent a letter like the Old Ages rather than sending in a simple email. 

Sukuna swiftly peeled off the seal and flicked up the lapel to bring out the plain folded piece of paper tucked in it. 


He flicks and jerks the paper straight and it reads:



Zenin Naoya

_ _ _ _ _ 

_ _ _ _ _ 

_ _ _ _ _ 


Date: _____ 



Ryomen Sukuna





Subject: An invitation for the meeting among clan heads.


Respected Ryomen-sama,


I, Zenin Naoya, representative of the Zenin clan, am writing this letter to inform you of the upcoming annual momentous meeting held in our humble residence two weeks hence. 


The respected guests will be the heads of the Kamo, Ryomen and Inumaki clan. The event will be the norm as of every year.


 If you have received this letter, please revert to this letter as soon as possible.


Yours Truly,


Zenin Naoya






"Humble, my ass. God-damn rat." 


The said Zenin was the most cunning of all, if not levitating into the nasty territory. Said nastiness seems to have made Sukuna throw the letter on his desk out of distaste.


"This has not been a good day. And now I gotta go to some shitty meeting again, fuck you, Zenin."


It has not been a good day for Yuuji.


 Due to the Annual Clan Meeting, there was a lack of servants who used to clean the residence. So now with a wet duster, gloves and a bucket full of muddy water, Yuuji sat tired to his bones with Junpei, who was as tired as him, smiling, feeling content with their daily quota of work done. 

"Hey hey, did something good release recently? I need a good movie and some snacks. I'm so done with clan lords and official paperwork and shit." , Yuuji whines as he plops his head on Junpei's legs—

"Save meeeeeeee….." 


The pink haired boy throws his hands up in exasperation and Junpei just sighed.


"You gotta do your job, Mr. Right-hand man of the future Clanlord." 


Junpei felt Yuuji silently scream on his legs and heard muffled sounds from the half buried face.


"Get up, I can't hear ya."


"I said buy me a Gari-Gari popsicle, I'm dying because of this damn summer heat." 





"My legs feel asleep." 

The disappointed expression on Yuuji's face was comical enough that Junpei would have half cried and half laughed but decided against it for the sake of his own sanity. 

More childish whining ensued while two of the clan heirs came to a halt at the sight of their associates. 

"Good afternoon, Kamo-sama, Megumi-sama." ,  greeted Junpei as recognition dawned upon him, ignoring the fact that Yuuji was still whining like a baby. 


Kamo Noritoshi was appointed the heir of the Kamo clan despite being an omega, simply due to his level-headedness and calm demeanor. 

"Hello Itadori-kun, Yoshino-kun."— Kamo inquires as he slowly approaches the resting pair—"Good work both of you." 

Yuuji looks up to see Megumi fondly smiling at the calm, raven-haired senior of his.


Yuuji discreetly mouths a word at the future heir of the Zenin clan and the expression scrunches up in distaste.


It definitely did cost Yuuji a sharp hit on the top of the head afterwards. 



"You really spend a lot of time with Junpei, don't you?" ,snorted Megumi as he took a bite of his takoyaki


"Oho? Is our Megumi-sama jealous because I'm stealing your one true love, hm?", snickered Yuuji as he swirled his cup of mango smoothie, side-eying his friend who mirrored his expressions.


"He's right here, y'know?", Nobara scoffed at the two as she sipped her cold coffee.


While Junpei just stood there with his two towers of vanilla ice-creams, done with their shit. 

The omega stared at his friends in both annoyance and adoration and snickered.


"Fucking dumbasses."


Unified voices uttered "Hey!! I'm not dumb, he is!!"  filled their shared corner of the café along with more reprimands from Nobara, resulting in small cowardly protests that seemed to fade away into the air like smoke.

Everyone loved days like these. 

Walks back to the Clan house were unsurprisingly loud, mostly Yuuji and Junpei talking about the upcoming movies and Nobara occasionally chatting in, holding a few of her shopping bags while most of those were carried by Megumi and Yuuji. Meanwhile Megumi had his eyes glued to the screen of his phone. 


The guys seemed to break out of their discussion about "Which Pop Culture Icon Do You Dislike The Most?" , seeking an answer out their aloof friend, only to receive a long confused stare as an answer.  


"You guys said something?"


They sighed in defeat. The thing is, Megumi has the very special ability to listen to conversations along with doing things that would require a person of all their attention. However there has been a brand new exception.


"Kamo-san again?" 


"That's Kamo-sama to you." , Megumi scoffs as he brings an arm up to his face. 


"He told me he's gonna come to Tokyo tomorrow, for that meeting. That's it." 

"Eh?? Really?~~" , the three stretched the query in a sing-song, with devious faces Megumi was sure that only Oni (Japanese word for Ogre) could make. 

They all got a straight hit on their head from the Zenin heir, except Nobara of course. He does not have the death wish of wanting to die a gruesome death from the hands of the female beta in his household, also known as the Iron Maiden of Zenin Household. 



The day of the meeting arrived in the blink of an eye. Despite its auspicious relation to this date and time, the day itself looked solemn and dark. Not a single bright cloud indicated filtering of sunlight. Grey sky loomed high above the dirt. The days of rain were still far. It was barely summer. 


The current weather report said there is a high possibility of a storm, or at least some light drizzle. 

Despite these conditions, most of the clan heads, a few delegates and servants all arrived safely. Except the Ryomen household. But that was nothing out of the ordinary.  The Ryomen household always arrived last, due to some health issues the heir had. 

By the time the Ryomen clan arrived, it was already pouring down hard. The roof seemed to sing a symphony of 'pitter-patters', the petrichor mixing into an intoxicating bend of ground coffee as Yuuji went ahead to escort the guests from the sleek black limousine.  


It was a fairly strong scent and Yuuji was pretty sure none of the servants were going to do anything with coffee today since it was only tea on the supplied menu. Hell, it was raining too so it's not like they were drying the beans either. But that is not a topic he should be thinking about right now. So it took its temporary position on the irredeemable "Back-of-Yuuji's Mind" , never to be seen again. 

The tall valet with bluish-grey hair opens the door for his master to step out and immediately moves back to his position while Yuuji walks at a moderately fast pace with careful, trained steps so as to not slip on the smooth asphalt. 


Yuuji has never met the new head of the Ryomen clan. Scratch that. He hasn't even seen a photo of him. Knowing about his personality is a far-fetched dream compared to this current lack of information. But nonetheless, Yuuji went on, with an opened large umbrella, shielding himself from the thick drops of rain.


"Such an unfortunate situation for such an important meeting, isn't it, sir? 

The mysterious strong smell of coffee grew stronger with each step—

"Good afternoon, this servant's namesake is Itadori Yuuji. I shall be your escort for today." 

It was extremely strong now, almost enveloping him, almost making him lose strength on his arm that held the umbrella—

"Thank you for you and the Zenin Clan's  hospitality.  However—

Yuuji flinched back as the tall man, actually too tall in his opinion, stepped out and grabbed both Yuuji's arm and the handle of the umbrella, gazing down at surprised brown eyes looking at him.

—I believe you will tire out your arm if you would have to hold it so high up, don't you think?"


The man seemed to be towering over him, almost two meters tall and quite buff, even though it was slightly hidden under the form-fitted suit, Yuuji could tell at first sight. 


Sukuna was sharp enough to have taken on what was happening with this little escort from the Zenins.


"Now then, please lead the way, Itadori? Was it?" 


"Ah yes, Please follow me, Ryomen-sama."


The professional smile clashes with the customer service smile at full gusto.  Yuuji knew the Ryomen heir was a powerful alpha but didn't think it would be this bad. Health issues? My ass. His scent was bad enough and now another awkward situation that Yuuji was going to lose it in a matter of minutes. 

Thankfully Sukuna was not the chatty type, so Yuuji led him to his guest chambers as fast as possible without being suspicious and greeted the heir goodbye and took his leave. And by 'leave' here, it means 'dashing 50 yards in 11 seconds straight to his own chambers'. He got greeted by a simple "Yo." upon his arrival, sighing in relief and slid down to the straw matted floor since he saw the two most familiar faces of his whole life. 


"So?" , Nobara asks in unveiled curiosity. 


"He was hot." , Yuuji utters out with no hesitation and buries his face onto his palms. 


Nobara just chokes on her chips while Junpei just falls on the ground laughing. 

Small, flustered protests from the pink-haired boy edge their laughter even more but calm themselves after a few moments.  


Nobara composed herself and asked, with intent curiosity,


"So, is he….really that tall?" 


"Dude, he's fucking huge. "


More cackling noises boom into the cramped bedroom. 




Yuuji's flustered protest fell on deaf ears who still had to calm their high of laughter. 


"Wish I could see the guy though." ,Junpei chimes in, "But I'm not allowed to. Hahhh, sad life." ,he adds in with a few dramatic sobs. 


"Why aren't ya allowed?" 

"Naoya-san's attendant told me to stay here. That's it. Actually none of the omegas are allowed outside during the meeting. " 

"How unusual. This never happened before. Not even during the usual annual meetings so why now? " , Nobara chimed in, uttering the exact thoughts Yuuji had in his mind. 

But then again, Yuuji was not the kind to think hard so there it went, to the irredeemable 'Back-of-Yuuji's Mind' once again.



Sukuna got rid of his slightly wet clothes and put on a fresh set after a warm shower. He put on his reading glasses and took refuge under the warm kotatsu. Moments later, a soft knock on the wooden hull of the paper door is heard. 


"Come in."


Uraume walks in their swift steps and says lowly,

"Your dose, master." 


And leaves a thin plate having medicines and a glass of water.

"You may leave." And Uraume does so, as swiftly as they arrived inside the room. 


It took barely a minute for Sukuna to take a swig of the water and swallow the medication. 


"How bothersome."

This day of arrival has not been on good terms with him, to be honest. The rain always seems to get on his nerves, especially heavy downpours. And how the flaring up of his " condition" has been affecting things. He did not want to be any part of this silly meeting either, especially because the meaning of this very occasion has been lost in the path of blinded tradition. If it wasn't for his old man, he wouldn't have bat an eye. 

And now even the servants have been distant. Not that he didn't know the reason. He knew the reason why very well. He knew  it the best. 

However if he had to pick a slightly amusing tidbit of today's memory, it would definitely be that young man who came to escort him. The poor guy looked so anxious even though he tried his best to hide it with that overused customer service smile. Sukuna snickered as he flopped down on the straw mat. 

At least he could tell that he wouldn't be bored in the least as long as that "escort" of his will be around during the meeting. 


The next day, that is the day when the meeting is to be held finally arrived, bringing forth another day of scorching sun, dry winds and meek disgruntled nagging of almost everyone in the residence. True, there is proper air conditioning but even that does not seem to suffice enough at all. Since the rooms happen to be too large for it. So more hours of suffering was the only thing written in their fates. 

But without further ado, the meeting finally commenced right on schedule. The delegates were already sitting on a cushion as their employers, or rather, the clan heads in this respect, soon took their appointed seats along the tall table. 

Zenin Naoya took the place as the lead today, sitting at the very end of the table while Megumi sat just behind him, mostly for observing every little detail that occurs throughout this event. 

There were mostly alphas and a few betas, no omegas in sight. Even Utahime-sama, an omega but she is a force to be reckoned with for most of the people here. And she has never missed a meeting. Not even once. Yuuji, who stood behind the Zenin heads, as their aid, wondered about it absentmindedly. 


He could understand Naoya (no honorifics since Yuuji can't stand this old fox)  dismissing the omega servants for the day due to their sensitivity to pheromones and the complete risk of their heats flaring up but Utahime-sama was different. Then why–


Yep the old fox is at it now.

Yuuji stole a few glances at Sukuna, his eyes occasionally drifting away to the edges of his silken black kimono, some of the pure white hakama peeking out like it should, the shash tugging firmly at his waist, which looked too small in his opinion , along with the fact that his muscles were still visible despite being under at least 4 layers of clothing amazed him. 


How packed is this guy? 


Thankfully, Yuuji didn't say it out loud unlike the multiple previous occasions where it definitely did not end well. Soon his attempt to simply steal glances progressed into intense staring. The discussion about annual expenditures, lack of workforce and what not slowly fading away into background noise and incomprehensible mumbles until icy grayish-blue eyes stared right back at his own brown ones. Yuuji mentally slaps himself and turns away and covers his flushed face with his arm. 

That was embarrassing…

Yuuji's moment of shame was knocked away by a tug at his shirt sleeve. He looked down to see Megumi smirk at him and whispered the one word which fulfilled the raven-haired boy's revenge.