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Rainbow Life

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Rainbow Life

Author’s Note: Enjoy the story and R&R.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to or of the various Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

Pairings: Acknowledged canon ships.


Somewhere over the rainbow, Rainbow Dragon gathers Yu-Gi-Oh’s rep.

“Can we just go home?”

“Awww, Getta-chan, are you nervous? You know what Romin said about opening up!”

Taira Getta and Kirishima Roa got off the bus. Right ahead down the yellow brick road was the timey wimey sight of Duel Academia, deposited next to Goha HQ by the Ultimate Gem God, Rainbow Dragon.

Roa stopped at the entrance because a kid was looking at him.

“Why hi there, Little Princess. Would you like an autograph from yours truly?”

The “Little Princess” – Rally Dawson – stepped full force on Roa’s foot, then scampered off to locate his missing heart’s desire.

Where’d Yusei go? He better not be with that guy in the dark glasses!

“Roa…That was a dude.” Getta grabbed his shoulder.

“Yeah! I noticed!”

“Hello!” an upbeat voice greeted them.

Roa and Getta followed the voice to the tarp set up at the door.

“I’m Todoroki Takashi, your Event Rep! Would you two like to join the contest?”


“Yes! You and your boyfriend seem like a darling pair! Visitors vote on the cutest couple! Do you have the chemistry to take on manga Yuma-kun and Astral? Or IV-san and myself?”

“Sounds like a blast! Sign us up!” Ai cut in line and registered on Todoroki’s list.

“Aniki and I are going to win, su!” Roboppy cheered, his outfit proudly featuring trans flag colours.

When the odd duo moved on, Roa winced. “Somebody call the cops. That age gap…That can’t be legal!”

At that moment, he thought of Dian Keto from his Duel with President Goha, cracking her leather billy club. Manga him was into that. But anime him?

“Ignore everything I just said.” He shuddered.

“Those scoundrels? Yuma and I will KO them, easy!”

Roa and Getta blinked in harmony.

“Don’t mind him. He’s delusional,” Todoroki apologized for Alito.

“Whaaat? You honestly think you’re in this race?”

“Well, IV-san understands how I feel. Have you confessed to Yuma-kun? Actually confessed?”

“Not necessary! The burning spirit between men is ranks above what words can express!”

“Uh huh?” Todoroki shrugged. “To sum it up, we don’t stand a chance against Yuki Judai-san, anyway.”

“Mm? Yuki Judai?” Roa asked.

“And Johan Andersen! I hear Yuki Judai’s in a relationship with him and a past lover who’s also a Duel Monster with both male and female parts! To top it off, he’s got all these other guys fighting for his attention!” Alito griped.

“Hell! I hate to share the stage, but give that man all the awards! He has a friggin’ harem!”

“Dumbass, have you seen your groupies?” Getta yelled at Roa. “You want to talk about age gap? One of them’s a 37-year-old woman!”

“Yeah, but they’re princesses! I want a throng of Getta-chans!”

“Bastard! There’s only one Taira Getta, and he’s me! Don’t cheat, or we’re breaking up again!”