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love me in the morning

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When it all comes down to it, Renjun isn’t exactly sure how he ended up here — lying on his stomach, squashed between two boys in his small double-sized bed.

There’s a number of things about it, really, and with arms draped over his back and legs wrapped around his waist — the stuffy position isn’t actually the only thing worth noting.

The List reads: 1.) Those two boys are who he calls his boyfriends — two idiots that make him feel whole, and mentally he thanks the god that gave him two hands. 2.) Those two boys also happen to be his bandmates, fellow idol-mates. Whatever it is about this fact that makes it worth noting, Renjun doesn’t exactly know. Or remember, rather. He was sure he was going somewhere with that, but anyway — 3.) They’re actually really affectionate and clingy. If the day ends and he hasn’t gotten at least twelve kisses, the day isn’t over, and they’ll refuse to end it. Which is... well — He’s Renjun. He’s not exactly your Skinship Enthusiast.

But when he’s spontaneously asking for love, asking to be spooned, and jutting his lips out — pouting in a subtle request for kisses — really, Jaemin and Donghyuck beg to differ. Especially when it’s early morning.

The alarm rings, again, from missing the stop button and having tapped on snooze instead. It pierces through the tranquil silence of the morning that mingles along with the quiet breathing and gentle snores of his boyfriends beside him.

They don’t stir, unsurprisingly. Even with the alarm blaring loud into the small room. Renjun struggles to turn it off, trying to take his arm out from where it was squished under Donghyuck’s side.

“Ugh,” Renjun groans, wincing at the numbness of his arm. It’s too tired to reach for his phone which is pushed farther away than he remembers, so he sighs and drops his head back onto the pillow in defeat, eyes landing onto Jaemin’s sleeping face instead.

Pretty. He can’t help but think. Jaemin is pretty.

Jaemin is also pretty when he’s sleeping; long eyelashes fanned out on his cheekbones, lips gently pulled into a neutral line. Breathing even, Renjun sleepily watches the steady rise and fall of his chest. Jaemin is always pretty. Despite his drowse he doesn’t think he can ever tire of staring at his face.

The alarm finally goes silent after a whole minute, and only then does one out of the two boyfriends stir awake.

Donghyuck groans but Renjun feels him shifting around first — every single movement from the slight dips of the pillow by his head to the occasional bounce of the mattress — before he hears him. Not too long after, he feels the warmth of an arm disappear from his back and move down to his waist, pulling him close until his back meets Donghyuck’s chest, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“Good morning baby,” he mumbles groggily, voice rough and hoarse from sleep.

Morning.” Renjun slurs, stretching as much as he’s able in Donghyuck’s embrace. He’s a lot more sluggish compared to Donghyuck, despite having woken up earlier, and Donghyuck can’t help the chuckle that escapes him.

He attempts to pull him closer, but Renjun moves around instead, shifting up and twisting his body to plant a sloppy kiss onto Donghyuck’s jaw. He nearly kisses the wrong spot, narrowly missing his neck, but either way Donghyuck doesn’t mind — letting out a satisfied little hum at the affection.

“I love you.” Donghyuck whispers, into the low rumbling of the heater, to the sweet chirping of the birds, to the tender quiet of the morning — and Renjun sighs contentedly, warmth tingling throughout his entire being.

“I love you, too.” The response turns mumbled, getting cut off by a pair of lips pressing gently against his and making his eyes flutter close. Donghyuck holds him steady by the back of his head, fingers delicately carding through his hair, keeping him still.

They kiss for those few moments, gently, softly — lips languidly pressing against each other in a unhurried moves — and they stay like that, kissing slow and sweet before Renjun finds himself finally returning to his depth, realization hitting him and prompting him to use a hand to push Donghyuck’s face away with a groan.

“Morning breath.” He whines.

Donghyuck laughs, unbothered, eyes still rested close. “You say that after kissing me for how long?”

“My guards were down.” Renjun argues, yawning slightly. “I am so incredibly weak in the morning. Your breath stinks.”

The last comment lacks the bite he intends, because Donghyuck somehow manages a fond giggle, shaking his head and pulling Renjun closer, still. He buries his nose into the crook of his neck and inhales his scent.

“Sure thing, love.”

Renjun sighs, says nothing more, and goes back to gaze at Jaemin’s sleeping figure.

“Is he awake yet?” Donghyuck asks, muffled into his sleep shirt.

“No.” Renjun whispers, hand reaching out to look for Jaemin’s, lacing his fingers around his.

“We should probably wake him soon.” Donghyuck yawns, breathing hot air onto Renjun’s neck.

“Mm.” Renjun hums distractedly, shivering at the warmth, eyes not once straying away from the sleeping boy in front of him. “Our schedule’s packed today, isn’t it?”

There’s a slight pause from the both of them, trying to mentally recount all the things their manager have discussed with them the day prior. It proves to be a struggle — the morning is too new, too early for them to get their brains to work.

“Seems like a lot,” Renjun finally says after a while, though truthfully he hasn’t been thinking at all, so he doesn’t actually know what schedules they have for the day — leaving it to Donghyuck to recount.

And recount, Donghyuck does. “It is.”

Renjun nods in understanding, then feels a warm hand over his — the one that’s currently entangled in Jaemin’s, rubbing small circles on their knuckles.

The alarm rings once again.

“Argh.” Renjun groans loud, not bothering to be quiet anymore. It’s the third time he’s heard the alarm ring and now, with Donghyuck completely wrapped around him, hand atop of Jaemin’s and his own, there’s no way he can dream of reaching to tap the stop button.

Donghyuck laughs at his obvious frustration, planting a short kiss onto his nape before reaching over and straining his neck to finally end Renjun’s suffering.

Thank you,” Renjun breathes out. Another cackle.

Jaemin starts stirring awake, brows slowly pulling into a furrow and Renjun and Donghyuck stop to watch as his eyes flutter open, squinting through the dim room.

“Good morning.” Renjun is first to say, sending him a soft smile.

“Mmh,” is all Jaemin manages, lifting his head to look around the room but soon enough he doesn’t even try to bother and lets his head fall onto the pillow.

“Morning.” He yawns, smiling back lazily. “What time is it?”

“I don’t know,” Renjun tells him, giving his hand a small squeeze. Donghyuck tugs on their hands to pull them closer.

“But I do know that if we took any longer, we’d be late.”

Jaemin nods, letting it sink in and giving it some thought. He unclasps his hand in their hold and places theirs around his waist, scooting closer and successfully sandwiching Renjun in between the both them.

“Been cuddling without me?” He pouts, which earns a light giggle from the two.

“Maybe.” Donghyuck says, just to tease. Renjun presses a soft kiss onto Jaemin’s forehead, though, and snuggles closer — moving down to rest his own forehead on his shoulder, feeling Jaemin’s arms snake around his waist.

Jaemin rolls his eyes playfully at Donghyuck, but takes his hand to kiss the back of it sweetly. He opens his palm to slip his fingers between his.

“We really need to hurry if we all want to take a shower,” Renjun mumbles, the ever so punctual. He treasures his precious turn at showering — wants to take his time, but it’s proven to be a difficult task when it’s the third time the alarm has rung and neither of them had taken a shower yet.

Jaemin chuckles, leaning down to kiss the crown of his hair. “But I just got here.”

“That’s because it took you so long to wake up.” Renjun retaliates, giving the skin of Jaemin’s collarbone a light nip — making him yelp slightly in surprise.

Donghyuck giggles, for what he notices is quite possibly the nth time that morning. He can’t help it — hard to, really. Not when he’s so so enamoured, so endeared and fond over his boyfriends. The warmth and love simmer in his chest and bubble up into laughter he can’t contain, feeling happiest with them.

He doesn’t doubt the other two feel it as well.

Not when Jaemin is always checking on them, extending his time and never not making them feel like they have someone to fall back to. Not when Renjun — who, despite having established the fact of slightly struggling with openly showering them in love and affection — still goes out of his way to hold their hands, working to open up and accept their love whole.

Not when it’s early morning, and they’re all well on the road to being late, yet they still lie here in bed, holding each other close and smothering each other in kisses, even if the day is packed.

He’s filled with an insurmountable amount of love, and he knows they are, too.

Then comes a knock on the door.

“Are you three done being sappy and gross?” It’s Jeno. “We have less than an hour to get ready. The bathroom’s free.”

Jeno’s footsteps start padding away right after he tells them, muffled behind the door and leaving them alone in Renjun’s room once again.

“We need to get up.” Renjun tells them both after a beat. His tone leaves no room for arguments. “Right now.”

Jaemin and Donghyuck mirror a pout on their faces. Renjun can’t exactly see it, but he knows well enough to be able to tell that they are.

When a few moments pass and neither of them make a move to get up (Renjun not being able to, because he’s squished in between them,) he takes matters into his own hands and reaches behind him to pinch Donghyuck’s side.

“Ow!” Donghyuck yelps, and Jaemin’s already flipping himself over on his back, moving away, not wanting to be Renjun’s next unfortunate victim.

Before Renjun could even think to move and sit upright, Donghyuck moves quick — already muttering a hurried ‘come on’ and rushing to get up as soon as he recovers from the sudden attack to his side, untangling his legs from the bedsheets.

“What’s with the sudden rush?” Jaemin laughs, surprised, but he doesn’t let him get away so easily and pulls him down by the wrist. Donghyuck lets out a squeak and falls back down to the bed in the space between him and Renjun, feeling arms wrap around his waist in a vice grip.

“You weren’t so eager to get up a while ago.”

He could feel the outline of Jaemin’s smile pressed onto his clothed back, warm in the area where his lips meets the cotton fabric of his shirt, and he himself smiles a little alarmed — a little panicked — towards Renjun, forced grin in a silent plea and Renjun can only return it evilly, hands posed in a way that shows he’s ready for yet another tickle attack, and this time Donghyuck has no way out.

“Yeah Hyuck,” Renjun clicks his tongue, showing his teeth a little menacingly. “What’s the sudden rush?”

“Shower—” He manages to let out, and Renjun’s eyes quickly glint in a different light when he’s hit with understanding.

He moves immediately — newfound determination to occupy the shower. If they wanted to be ready on time, two of them have to share it — and he isn’t so keen on the idea of not having a shower all to himself. He moves to stand on shaky legs, trembling on his weight and the uneven surface of the bed, and tries to walk over Jaemin and Donghyuck’s tangled legs that were currently blocking the edge of the bed.

It’s a mess really, a plan not well thought out — and he stumbles, nearly tripping over and hitting his head against the wardrobe had it not been for Donghyuck, who reaches to grab him by the elbow, keeping him steady.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Donghyuck cackles, turning the tables around. He pulls him back down on the bed, right back into his and Jaemin’s arms, and out of all the things that are running in his mind — Renjun worries that time will run out enough that they would have to share a bathroom for three.

“Let me go!” He thrashes around, terrified.

The evil cackle that tumbles out of Jaemin is not unlike Donghyuck’s — though it’s rather uncharacteristic that Jaemin is already this energetic in the morning. Renjun is ready to admit that he’s sure it’s because of him and Donghyuck — love makes you do things you usually wouldn’t.

Not for him though, because no matter how much he loves the dorks that cling onto his arms right beside him, like dual devils sitting on his shoulder, his heart is a heavy believer of solo shower rights.

“Rock paper scissors for it!” He suggests, tone desperate, trying to shove Donghyuck’s arm off his torso.

Attacks are automatically thrown from the amount of times they’ve done this, the game coming natural to them. It’s a double rock and paper.

Renjun cheers in triumph, holding a hand of victory in the air. “Solo shower rights!”

Donghyuck pouts, settling down while Jaemin presses a kiss onto Renjun’s temple, not seeming very bothered by having to share a bath. He shoos Renjun away to make him occupy the bathroom.

And Renjun does. He makes his way towards the door and to the bathroom with a light lilt and skip to his step because he’s somehow so incredibly happy, and when his bedroom door finally shuts close, Donghyuck turns over to his side and surges forward to snuggle with Jaemin instead.

“He’s so cute.” Donghyuck murmurs, leaving a small peck on the exposed skin from Jaemin’s loose collar.

“Mm.” Jaemin smiles, threading his fingers through Donghyuck’s curls. “You both are.”

No.” Donghyuck pulls away slightly to look at Jaemin and disagree, before rushing to peck his lips and return back to the warm juncture of Jaemin’s shoulder. “We all are.”

Jaemin’s shoulders bounce in laughter as he shakes his head. In the quiet of the morning, their breathing then slows down and moves to even out, returning back to a steady rise and fall just like it had been not too long ago. This time Donghyuck is in his arms.




“Hurry the fuck up, you two.” Renjun shakes the both of them awake after shortly falling asleep once he had left for the bathroom, damp hair getting droplets of water everywhere.

Donghyuck groans first, but knows that there’s no escaping out of it, so when he stands he makes sure to hold Jaemin’s hand — just to ensure that the taller follows after him.

They both nearly trip in the hallway, hand-in-hand. Jisung notices and laughs at them. Both are too half asleep to care.

In the shower, Donghyuck turns his back on Jaemin and lets him run the bath warm. Jaemin lathers the shampoo up in his hands, letting it foam, until he finally cards his hands through Donghyuck’s hair, blunt fingernails gently scratching against his scalp.

Donghyuck nearly falls asleep to the feeling — stumbles backwards until his back hits Jaemin’s sturdy chest. Jaemin has to finish up with both of their hair and rinse all the bubbles off himself, but it’s okay — because Donghyuck takes the towel from his hands and dries Jaemin’s hair for him after they shower, a tender smile when the wet fringe falls to his eyes.

Not a while after, they’re all ready, miraculously, with some time to spare. Renjun sits between them on the couch and holds both of their hands in his own as they wait, using his shoulders to lay their heads on.

The day is packed with schedules, he thinks to himself, with their manager having given him a short briefing while the other two were taking a shower.

Truthfully, he dreads the day that’s yet to start, but as long as Jaemin and Donghyuck are by his side, he doubts exhaustion will come easy.