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A Night for Us

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"You? Nervous? Never thought I'd see the day" 


The ice clinked gently against the glass as Oda took a sip from the glass. Tonight, it was just him and Ango. Dazai was off doing who knows what, claiming it was 'important'. 


" Shut up, I'm fine, " Ango said sharply as he looked at Oda from the corner of his eye. Yes, he was nervous, but he wasn't just going to let him know that. 


He was supposed to be calculated, collected. Hell, he shouldn't even be feeling what he felt. What was he doing, here developing feelings for someone on the enemies side. 


But.. Oda had just about everything he'd admired in a potential partner. He had a level head, he was caring and had a good heart. You could easily call Oda intelligent, he could easily hold conversations with Ango.


He was someone Ango felt like he could drop his guard down around him. Atleast, drop what he was able to. He couldn't let Oda know how he was a double agent, that would ruin everything.


"If you have to say something, go ahead," Oda continued, gently placing the glass down. He was ever so slightly buzzed, so he was feeling more outgoing right now. Normally, he'd never pester Ango to talk. 


He knew how to handle emotional people, he took care of a bunch of children. The most emotional creatures in existence, seconded to cats. So he went about Ango's emotions like he would with a cat.


" Right " Ango spoke as he cleared his throat, he never really felt these emotions since he was in high school. Even then he was chastised for the fact he was interested in men. He was more scared of Oda hating him rather than rejection.


Everything he rehearsed to himself earlier had completely left his mind, leaving it blank. " How do I word this …" He muttered as he tapped the bar anxiously as he tried to find the proper wording.


Oda stayed quiet, waiting for Ango to say whatever he needed. It wasn't like Ango to be unsure about what to say, so he wasn't going to rush him to do it.


" Honestly .. how would one speak about his admiration for another?" Ango questioned as he laid his hand flat on the table, resisting the urge to keep tapping away at the wood. 


Oda raised a brow, he quite didn't understand what Ango was talking about. Admiration… He wondered to himself, could Ango even admire someone? He always seemed far too stuck up to even care about people.


"What kind of admiration are you talking about Ango?" Oda asked, raising his glass again to his lips. He wasn't too sure what it was, but he was anxious to hear about it. 


"Erh" Ango paused, cursing himself for stumbling over his words and forgetting them. He just needed to remember how to say what he wanted to.


" Well… the kind of admiration one would have for a woman.." Ango spoke, hoping that sounded like he wanted it to. He couldn't quite describe how he felt exactly with words.


Oda paused for a moment, trying to process what he heard. He had never been good at advice, none of the less romantic advice. He couldn't even remember the last time he was with a woman.


" Well …" Oda started, bringing his glass back up to his lips. Thinking for a moment, his mind was fuzzy from the alcohol. What would be the appropriate response?


"I'd say you'd say it the same way, just… talk from your heart or something" Oda finished, placing his glass back on the table. He could practically hear the gears turning in Ango's head based on the look on his face. Eyebrows furrowed, lips tugging down as his eyes lit up with what seemed to be shock over confusion.


Cute ..


"Is that so?" Ango questioned, turning his attention away from Oda to the glass he hadn't even been touching. Tomato juice as always, after all he did have to drive. He was honestly just trying to keep himself calm. 


Looking at the other made him want to throw up, not because he was repulsed or anything. His nerves were already shot at even thinking about telling Oda how he felt. 


" Well , Oda" Ango started, letting out an exhale as he continued to stare down at the glass of tomato juice. "I have to say that.. I have come to admire you, erh.. " Ango paused, he already could see Oda watching him from the corner of his eye.


He was being patient with him, which was making this even worse for Ango. That was one of the things he loved about him, it showed he cared about him.


" I admire you like you would admire a woman "


Oda just stayed silent, watching Ango's face fluster red. He knew he had to be serious here, Ango just told him he liked him… he thinks. His head was too fuzzy to think about anything else besides comparing the man's face to his drink.


"Is that so.." Oda questioned, he didn't know what Ango really meant. But then again he was a little drunk so maybe he didn't know or would understand what Ango meant. He never really understood anything he said. 


"What do you mean exactly Ango?"

" I love you, Oda


Oda paused, lowering his glass away from his lips. He pondered what he heard for a moment, wanting to make sure he actually heard the other correct. 


"Tell me in the morning, I want to give you my response when I'm.. not.. drunk" Oda said, he smiled slightly as he just watched Ango become even more flustered. He knew most likely he'd tell Ango the same thing in the morning, but he didn't want to be rash while drunk.


"I can.. I can do that" Ango said softly as he reached down and lifted up the glass of tomato juice to his lips. He was trying to calm himself down, he knew he probably would be sleeping tonight.


He was far too anxious to sleep later, the simple thought of what he'd be told tomorrow was killing him. But, at least Oda didn't insult him or call him anything terrible. So, it could be much worse.


Oda simply reached over, patting Ango on his shoulder. He gave the man a gentle squeeze as he let out a chuckle. "Let yourself relax Ango, there's nothing for you to be so uptight about"


Ango just tensed up for a moment under the man's touch, but he gave the other an anxious smile. 


"Right, tonight's for us after all.."