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The 118 and their Golden Retriever

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The 118 and their Golden Retriever

It was about 6 months into the so-called relationship with Ana Flores that the 118 family met her… It was also the first and last time they saw her.

Eddie Diaz was enthralled with the new relationship with Miss Ana Flores and wanted to introduce her to his chosen family. He was a little apprehensive even after this long because she never got why he considered them his family, and she had no desire to meet Buck. Anytime he brought up Buck in a conversation, she pursed her lips and changed the subject. She even did it when Christopher went on about the adventure he had with Buck on their days off and Christopher glared at her, stomping off. Eddie knew that despite the talk Buck and Chris had, his son still had obvious reservations about this relationship. He hoped to smooth things over if he could get Buck to agree to dinner, which was difficult because he always said he was busy. (How he was, Eddie didn't know because he was either with his niece or with Chris. Somehow he was never around when Ana was).

Eddie tried to set up a dinner to introduce Buck to Ana, because if he was going to date someone, he wanted Buck to approve of the relationship. Buck's first priority was Christopher, and after the Uber debacle, Eddie was determined to have his family get along. Yet neither Ana or Buck wanted to meet each other.

"For unknown reasons" Eddie thought as he saw the group text inviting everyone to a backyard party to celebrate May moving out and some birthdays they missed while pandemic raged. "This would be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone."

With everyone, including Christopher vaccinated, he deemed it safe enough to attend and texted the group to see if it was ok to bring Ana. He desperately wanted this relationship to work, if only so he could prove he did move on from his failed marriage. He knew that strong relationships took work, but he never thought it would be this easy. He felt that something was about to crash his hopes and dreams.

He just didn't know it would be Ana doing the crashing and burning. Which she did… spectacularly.



Ana was ecstatic to be invited to the barbeque at the Grant-Nash household because it meant Edmundo was serious about her and their relationship. She was uncertain about it since he was determined to have her meet Buck and wouldn't let the matter rest. It was obvious Evan Buckley was a bad influence on Christopher, who seemed to adore her at first but in the recent months, didn't want to be around her. Just because Bucky does certain things with Christopher doesn't mean it is right for a kid with a disability to do so. It also didn't help that when she mentioned it to Edmundo, he would look at her and say his doctors approved the activity.

Whatever she thought about Buck after that, she kept it to herself around Eddie because every time she even tried to question his presence, Edmundo would quickly shut down whatever she said. She loathed Evan Buckley, plain and simple. He was reckless, dumb, selfish, tried to parent Christopher and did it badly. He wasn't suited to look after a child like Christopher Diaz, and she was determined to make others see it.

The first person she met after Edmundo introduced her was a dark skinned woman called Hen. Edmundo mentioned she was married to a woman named Karen and has a son named Denny who played with Christopher. Ana didn't like to judge, but she never got same sex relationships. She knew that children needed both a mother and father figure in their lives.

Hen smiled at her, holding a glass of wine. She was keeping an eye on her son and Karen as they made their rounds. Ana held out her hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you. Hen, right?"

She leveled a look at the former teacher. "That's right. I'm surprised Eddie invited you. Occasions like this are usually reserved for family."

"Obviously, Edmundo thought it would be a perfect time to introduce me to all of you since we just celebrated our six month anniversary."


They were interrupted by the door opening and Buck announcing himself. "The fun is here!" Hen smiled indulgently because no matter what party he attended, Buck always announced himself like that.

The paramedic always thought Buck had a spectacular sense of style. He started off in jeans and shirts however after Abby, he was more conscious about his style. If there was a party, he was usually in a button down and slacks, with his trademark white sneakers. Today, he was in a blue sweater that brought out his eyes, with a tan plaid jacket over it, and tight dark jeans that accentuated his long legs. His sneakers ended the ensemble and suffice to say, Hen thought he looked amazing.

"Buckaroo! How nice of you to join us." Athena said, greeting him with a kiss to cheek and grabbing the bottle of wine he brought.

Buck looked down sheepishly. "Sorry, I was held up in traffic. It takes forever to get from Taylor's to here."

"Mmhmm, and where is Miss Reporter? I thought you were going to bring her."

He shrugged. "She didn't want to come…"

Hen spoke up, wondering why he was a little down. "Why Buck? Eddie brought Ana," nodding to the woman next to her.

The blonde sighed. "We ended things. She wasn't happy with me ditching her to be with Christopher all the time."

Said child had finally noticed Buck and screamed for him, barreling into his legs. "Bucky!"

"Hey bud, where were you that took you so long to notice I was here?"

"Outside with Harry and Denny. Come on Buck, we are playing tag and you're it!" Hen watched as Chris dragged Buck out to the back lawn, chattering away. She noticed Ana's stiffness as she watched the two and wondered why.

"I don't understand how a male like him has to dress like that for a barbeque. It screams he is gay or something. Obviously he is." Ana said succinctly. "He really shouldn't be around Chris if he can't decide if he wants to date a woman or a man."

Henrietta Wilson was not going to let that comment fly. "Excuse me?"

Ana nodded, "Usually a gay male dresses like he does. Christopher should know how to dress properly and not like him."

"Not like Buck? Just because Evan Buckley is bisexual does not give you a reason to say he doesn't belong around children." Hen whispered harshly, "Or do you have a problem with gays altogether? Or just Buckaroo?"

"Children should have both mother and father figures in their life. It gives them a rounded childhood." Ana responded, glaring at the man across the backyard "Buck shouldn't confuse Christopher with his comings and goings. Obviously Edmundo hasn't told him to stop coming over."

"There is no universe where Edmundo tells Buck to back off his relationship with Chris. Or does he know your conservative views about relationships?" Hen couldn't believe this woman. She obviously knew about the 118 and the various sexual identities each person had. Buck has admitted to her two years ago that he was bisexual and he tried his hardest to accept that part of himself. There was absolutely no way she wasn't going to defend her friend and brother.

"Edmundo believes the same, I assure you."

The paramedic laughs harshly. "Oh honey, you have no idea do you? I'm a proud lesbian, married to that wonderful woman over there. Athena's ex husband? He's gay and in a serious relationship with another gay man. And Buck over there. He has finally accepted he is bisexual and there is nothing with that."

"He still shouldn't be around Christopher so much. It will confuse him."

"There is no confusion, Miss Flores. Edmundo is close friends with not only me, but my wife also. He thinks we have the most stable household and is proud we foster children too. In no way is that man homophobic." Hen stands to her full height, looking the brunette in the eyes. "You are in for a rude awakening if you think you can turn us against Buck. Try it again and you will regret it."

Hen turns and walks away from Ana, who stood there dumbfounded. She needs to start a new bet about how long Ana will last with Eddie after today and update her bet on Buck and Eddie.

the 118 - 1

Ana - 0

She really has work to do to see this through.



Howard "Chimney" Han was not looking forward to this barbeque only because Bobby agreed to allow Eddie to bring his girlfriend. He heard about how Eddie turned into the pod person who just wanted to impress his parents and forgot how to function like an actual adult around her. Eddie didn't realize the reason Buck never wanted to meet her is because he ran into her at a store and basically got told to back off. He went straight to Chim and Maddie's and cried for about an hour.

Chimney decided then that he loathed this woman. No one made his brother cry and tried to take the family he made away. He was holding Jee-Yun while Maddie was conversing with Michael and Karen, when said enemy approached him.

"Oh she is adorable!" Ana said, smiling. "How old is she?"

He looked down at his daughter, trying not to roll his eyes. "Four months. She is the light of our lives."

"She looks like it. I'm Ana by the way." The Asian man just stared at her. "You know, Eddie's girlfriend. I was dying to meet all of you."

"Were you really?" Chim really needed to keep the sarcasm out of his tone or this wasn't going to end well.

"Of course! All Eddie talks about is Christopher and all of you." Her eyes strayed to Buck who was now discussing eels with Bobby and David at the grill. "Why is he talking about such a strange subject at a barbeque? I swear he just wants to hear himself talk."

Chimney's eyes narrowed as he gripped his daughter tight. "How would you know? You never met Buck or interacted with him!"

Ana stood there shocked. "All I hear about is what Buck wants to do on Eddie's day off. Never what Eddie or Christopher want to do. I am glad he won't be raising a child like that or around babies like yours. He is too selfish to understand children's needs."

The paramedic took a deep breath as he met Buck's eyes. He realized that the other man heard what she said and his shoulders slumped. Oh hell no, Miss Flores will not be getting away with that comment.

"You have no right to talk about Buck like that. That man is the greatest uncle to Jee here and always drops everything not just for us but for Eddie and Christopher. I'm sure you noticed that. Evan Buckley is the least selfish person you will ever meet. His heart is the biggest and is full of deep love for everyone here."

"I just don't see it. He's always looking up things on his phone when he can't give an answer." Ana replies, "I mean, that's what Edmundo tells me."

"Buck strives to learn everything. He wants to give the correct answer to Chris if he asks something. That man would die for any one of us. He almost died while saving lives in the tsunami and he has saved mine twice. I don't know where you are getting these ideas, but I advise you to keep them to yourself." Chimney turned to walk toward Maddie when he turned back to her stunned face. "You may be Eddie's girlfriend at the moment, but if you want that relationship to last, don't bring Buck down. We will only raise him up. Because that's what family does."

Ana stood there stunned for a minute, trying to think of ways to show people who Buck truly was and so far no one took the bait.

118 Fire Fam: 2

Ana: 0

This really wasn't going her way.



If there was one person Ana needed to impress, it was her boyfriend's captain and father figure. She has heard bits and pieces about Edmundo's tumultuous relationship with his parents, which she didn't get. They were correct in their assertion about raising a child like Christopher. She approached the man at the grill, wanting to introduce herself. The other tall black man looked at her and promptly walked away.

"Captain Nash, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person."

Robert Nash wasn't an impulsive person, but he was extremely protective of his family. That same family that included Buck. Bobby always kept an eye on everyone, both on the job and off, and he definitely noticed both Chimney and Hen walking away from Ana angrily. He could only imagine what they were speaking about.

Bobby decided to be kind and respectful. "It is nice to meet you too, Ana. It's about time we all met. Six months is a long time to not meet us."

"With Covid, Edmundo and I thought it wise to keep the group small."

Bobby turned back to the grill and rolled his eyes. Edmundo? "More like Eddie and Buck made that decision, Miss Flores. They did that at the beginning of the pandemic."

Ana stumbled over her words for a minute. "I mean after I met Christopher as his girlfriend. After all, we have been together for six months and he trusts my judgement about his son."

Bobby looked at Chimney and Buck wildly discussing the rescue Eddie and Buck did two days ago. "Who knew Eddie could learn the maneuver! After the well, I thought you refused to have him on the ropes!"

Buck chuckled. "He's a bit smaller than me, and the opening was tight. He saw me do rope rescues enough times to do it. And I have forgiven him for the well."

Bobby shook his head when he heard Chimney reply "Right... you don't tell him the daring rescues you make without him."

"Bobby was the one who split us up in that five alarm fire!"

"And what happened?"

"You guys had to come save me."

"Eddie basically ran to you, Buck. He will always come save you, no matter the cost."

Ana bristled, knowing if Buck wasn't so reckless, Eddie wouldn't risk his own life to save Buck. "How can Buck be so reckless with other lives? Edmundo goes on about these rescues where he had to go in after Buck! Doesn't he realize Edmundo has a son to come home to?"

Bobby stood there shocked. This woman had no idea that Evan Buckley was one of the best damn firefighters he had ever worked with. Bobby was about to discuss the possibility of mentoring Buck to take over as captain, maybe even be a Battalion Chief one day.

Bobby met Buck's eyes when he realized the younger man overheard Ana. He realized he needed to state the facts.

"Firefighter Buckley is one of the best goddamn firefighters in the LAFD. What he does when he works and even when he is not working, is why Evan Buckley is receiving the medal of honor next week."

Several gasps were heard, and Buck's jaw dropped. Ana was again stunned beyond words.

Well crap. He wasn't supposed to blurt that out. That was supposed to be another surprise tonight. He waved Michael over to watch over the grill and turned directly to Ana.

"Evan is the person you turn to when one of your firefighters is trapped, needs help or is hurt. I cannot tell you how many times he has pulled out the last survivor alive from a fire. That's what he did in that five alarm fire. He will never leave anyone behind." Captain Robert Nash took a deep breath and stared his surrogate son in his eyes.

"Anytime I split Eddie and Buck up, one of them needs rescuing and I can trust the other to do whatever is needed to save them. We run into fires as an occupation and there is no one, no one, I trust more to have my and this team's back."

Athena stood by Buck and hugged him tightly. "I may have made mistakes in the past with that man over there, Ana, and yes he may be a little reckless, but he is not reckless with other people's lives. He is the one firefighter you want saving you because he will do anything to do that. In a dangerous situation, you want Buck to Buck."

When he was done with his tirade, Bobby went straight to Buck and placed his hands on his shoulders. "You deserve this medal, Buck. The brass heard about the lives you saved in the tsunami, saving the deaf lady, Saleh in that fire, and so many others including myself, Chimney, Hen, Athena and Eddie. You will make a fantastic captain one day."

Buck was crushed against his captain's chest in a tight hug. Ana watched as the rest of the 118 surrounded him in a group hug, Edmundo included. How do these people not see how dangerous Buck is to have around their kids?

Hen was keeping count. Her fire fam - 3

Ana - 0

There had to be someone here that sided with her.



Maddie Buckley nee Kendall was fiercely protective of her younger brother. She may not understand his need to save everyone, but he had a heart of gold and gave his love freely. He may have been born to save Daniel, but in the end Buck saved her multiple times.

The minute she saw Ana, dressed in a floral skirt and pastel blouse, she wanted to slap her. She tried to not be a violent person but she kept hearing the little comments she made about her brother. She has no idea how Eddie was so oblivious to Ana's disdain for his best friend.

Howie handed her their daughter and she gave him a kiss, cuddling Jee-Yun to her chest. Ana came out of her shock and started walking toward her. The older woman managed to not roll her eyes or turn away. It was better to be nice and sweet than to completely ignore her.

"Hello, you must be this adorable baby's mother! I'm Ana, Edmundo's fian… girlfriend."

Maddie resisted laughing because she knew Eddie was in no way going to propose to her. Eddie and her became friends after Albert's accident, and they had the same dark humor. She knew he was so in love with her brother, and vice versa. This entire party may be the kick in the pants the two need.

"I'm Maddie Buckley, Buck's sister and Chimney's better half." Ana's eyes widened a bit and smiled smugly. In the background Chimney yelled "Most definitely the better half!" and someone was definitely getting something later.

"Oh you're Buck's sister?"

Maddie smiled sharply. "Oh definitely. I changed his diapers, cleaned up cuts and ran to him after I left my abusive husband. And he is the BEST uncle to Jee here."

Judging by the look on Ana's face she was about to say something she was going to regret. "Buck acts like a family man and is family oriented but he doesn't even get along with his parents. I mean they only had him to be a donor. He obviously has issues and doesn't know how to be part of the family."

The dispatcher gasped. How dare this woman bring up their parents? How did she know about them anyway? Only the 118 was around for that.

Her eyes narrowed. "You do not get to say anything about my family. Evan is my little brother and he has so much love to give to everyone. He is the reason I ran from my husband, he's the reason I'm alive. Our parents had nothing to do with Evan. I raised him, I made sure he knew what love could feel like."

Maddie inched closer to the vice principal. "You have no right to judge if my brother is a family man or not. You obviously know he is otherwise you wouldn't try to say the things you have tonight. Get out of my face before I slap you."

Ana didn't back down. "You need to get along with your parents to know what parenting is. Buck has nothing to give to Edmundo or Christopher."

"Walk away now. I suggest you say this to Eddie''s face and see how he reacts." Because I want to see who he chooses, this vile person or his Buck.

Maddie turned away and walked to her brother, handing him Jee to hold. Watching him hold her was a marvel. The way he melted looking at his niece and the care he held her with. She watched as Eddie gave him a soft look and went over to Hen. It was time to hatch the Parent Trap.

118 and their extended family - 4

Ana - 0.

This really was getting out of control. Ana needed to do damage control or she was going to be sitting in a jail cell.


Athena (and May)

Athena was reaching her limit with the guest that arrived with Eddie because everywhere she turned Ana Flores was there bashing her adopted son. Her glare leveled on the petite brunette after Maddie stormed away and handed Buck his niece. If there were more people here, ovaries would have exploded.

Ana, on the other hand, was standing there glaring at the blonde firefighter. Athena has no idea what her problem is with Buck but anyone who has a problem with him needs to be handled. In the Grant-Nash household, no one insult their Buckaroo. Ana wasn't wooed by the baby in Buck's arms like Eddie was, and it showed. The police sergeant watched as the other woman's eyes narrowed and she took a step toward Buck. May quickly intercepted and stepped in front of her surrogate brother.

The former teacher set her eyes upon Athena, thinking she would be the solution to her problem. Obviously a police officer would know if the son of her boyfriend was in danger. She watched as Buck handed his niece to her boyfriend, who looked amazing holding a baby. He would be absolutely wonderful with any kids they had.

"Your house is amazing, Sergeant Grant. It is nice to meet everyone that Eddie works with."

Athena refrained from rolling her eyes and stared her down. "They don't just work together, Miss Flores, but we are family. You understand the concept behind that right?"

"You can't choose your family and Edmundo has a wonderful family already." Ana replied, watching Edmundo sit Christopher down so he could hold the baby. She didn't understand why the adults trusted a child with cerebral palsy to hold a baby. "Buck just keeps putting all the children in danger. He encouraged Christopher to hold the baby! Both of them could be hurt."

"Miss Flores, let me be clear. Eddie Diaz may have a good family, but his parents consistently berate him and tell him he is not a good father." Ana turned to the older woman.

"I haven't met his parents yet, but I assure you that they would love me. For Edmundo and for Christopher."

Athena held her nose between her fingers and sighed. Ana smiled at her and turned to see Eddie hold Jee-Yun again and Buck twirling Christopher around. Her immediate demeanor changed watching the two. "Christopher! Be careful!" she yelled across the yard catching the attention of her boyfriend.

They watched as Buck stopped and let go of Christopher who just glared at Ana. "You're not… not my mother!" Christopher replied and jumped back into Buck's arms.

The vice principal scoffed. "He better listen to me. Both of them should before Buck causes that poor child to get hurt." She turned toward Athena. "You see this right? It's reckless endangerment! Not to mention he lost Christopher in a tsunami! How dumb can he be?"

Miss Flores' voice kept rising an octave and Buck tried to shield the kid who thought of as a son from her rants. Athena watched as Buck picked him up and started a conversation.

"Aren't you going to do anything? You're a cop and should just arrest Evan. I can take both of them home if you can do that."

"And why would I even do that when there is nothing wrong with how Buck plays with his son." Athena replied sharply, emphasizing his son.

"CHRISTOPHER IS NOT HIS SON! EDMUNDO IS HIS FATHER!" Ana's shout caught the attention of Eddie who looked ready to come over and shut her up.

"Yes, Buck is in every way that child's second father. He has raised him with Eddie even while Shannon was in the picture." The brunette twirled around to see Athena's hand on her hip, like she was ready to unclip her gun.

"Evan Buckley has no rights to that child. I will be his mother and he should learn his place! That relationship is wrong!"


Ana held her face as she faced May, whose hand was still raised. "You. Do. Not. Get to talk about my brother that way."

Eddie's girlfriend scoffed. "He's no more your brother than he is Christopher's father."

"Don't make her smack you again, Miss Flores. Your insinuations will not be tolerated," Athena smiled at her daughter. "You deserved that slap."

Ana seethed, "I want to press charges!"

Athena shrugged. "I didn't see anything that warrants charges. However, I will kindly ask you to leave the premises."

May stepped back and stood with her mother and noticed Ana about to go to Eddie. "I don't think so. You stay right there."

Buck stopped playing with the kids when the slap was heard. He watched as Ana seethed and glared at him. Chris tensed beside him and they both knew a showdown was about to happen.

"Edmundo! You get over here and tell them the truth!"

Athena glanced at Eddie who was confused. He turned back to his son and his best friend, who stood there helplessly.

May growled. "What truth would that be?"

Ana smiled, "We're getting married!"


Eddie (and Christopher)



Eddie Diaz was an idiot, plain and simple. There were no other words to state how he was feeling about his girlfriend meeting his chosen family. His son barely spoke to her after the few times she tried to stifle his activities. He was trying to make another failing relationship work and he just wanted their approval.

And judging by the smack that was heard across the backyard, Ana Flores was not getting it. He tried to understand her disdain for his best friend. Buck was the one person in this world that he trusted his son with, and his own life. This was why Buck was a legal guardian of his son and his power of attorney in case he was incapictated.

It was clear to Eddie after the first conversation Ana had with Hen, that this night was going to end badly. Despite what his girlfriend might think, he kept a close eye on her as she went from person to person. He didn't hear many of the conversations but he noticed as the night wore on, Buck became less bubbly.

His son was becoming more clingy to Buck as the relationship with Ana progressed. He refused to come out of his room if Ana was over, and if they had dinner he would barely say anything. Instead, he just took Ana out on dates out of the house while Buck and Christopher hung out. His abuela and tia were not happy with Ana after they came over to the house one time. His girlfriend proceeded to lecture his family about how to act and what Chris could or couldn't do.

He was honestly surprised Ana wasn't slapped then. He had no idea why he was still with her when Buck was right there.



He was in love with Buck.

Well crap.

Seeing Buck with Jee-Yun was an eye opener and he just melted when Buck handed her gently to him. He wanted babies with Buck and only Buck. When his son asked to hold Jee-Yun, he heard the scoff Ana made and decided tonight was the night to break things off.

He watched as Chimney and Maddie stormed off away from Ana and Hen was collecting money. Bobby completely ignored the vice principal after she insulted Buck, and watched as she tried to get Athena to her side.

He heard her yell at Christopher to be careful and his son's snarky reply that she wasn't his mother. That comment set Ana as she progressed into what one would consider a toddler tantrum. It was impressive.

He heard her say that Buck and Chris's relationship was wrong and that's when he had enough. And he wasn't the only one when he heard the slap and was surprised it was May who did it.

On second thought, he wasn't surprised because May was lurking everywhere and heard everything his now ex girlfriend said about Buck. May was her mother's daughter after all.

"Edmundo! You get over here and tell them the truth!"

Eddie sighed deeply before nodding his head toward Buck and Christopher. He wanted them to hear what he had to say. As he approached Athena and May, who was now joined by Michael, Hen and Karen, he heard Ana say they were getting married.

Oh hell no.

"Ana, there is no way in hell we are getting married." Eddie stated, standing in front of her. Her eyes were wild with rage and she was clenching her hands. "You really think I would marry you after my son refuses to even be in the same room as you?"

"Yes! Christopher just needed to get used to my parenting style and he would be alright. He may even be better off with your parents, since you obviously have no regard for his safety."

"Oh? My son is better off with the people who don't let him do anything? I don't think so." Eddie growled. "It wouldn't matter anyway. He can't be taken away with our both parents' permission."

Ana scoffed. "Shannon is dead, Edmundo. If you agreed, it wouldn't be a problem." Christopher cried out behind him and lunged for Ana. He walked up next to him and smacked her with his crutches.

"You told Buck to stay away after he promised he wasn't going anywhere!" Smack! "Stop trying to take my Bucky away!"

Buck realized what Chris was doing and swept him into her arms. "Hey bud, don't worry about her. I'm right here and I will always be here for you, ok?"

One by one the 118 family stood behind Eddie and crossed their arms as they stood in front of Buck. "Oh please, not one of you sees that this entire relationship is wrong? Christopher needs a mother, not another father!"

"There is no other person in this world that I trust more with my son than Buck, Ana. There is a reason he is Chris's other legal guardian and if I die, he gets custody of Chris. Not my parents, not my abuela or tia, or you. Evan Buckley does."

He heard Buck gasp behind him. Ana steps forward into his space and tries to kiss him while Eddie turns his head away and steps back. "Oh please, the courts would never agree to that. Especially if they hear all the activities they do together. And he lost Christopher in the tsunami! Something is obviously defective with Evan!"

"Oh she did not just say that!"

"Mom, can I slap her again?"

"Hold me back Karen. She's going to get punched."

"Get in line, Hen."

"How dare she speak to my brother like that!"

"Can I get some beer and popcorn?"


"It's like watching my neighbors but right in front of me!"

"He's right, you know. It is like watching a train wreck happen."

"Still too soon Bobby!"

The muttering of his family behind him has become noticeable to Ana who is just standing there waiting. Like Eddie is going to defend her after that comment. They all had to remind Buck he wasn't defective and that he was loved.

"Oh you want a reply to that comment?" Eddie said, his hands clenching. "There is no way in hell that I will agree with you Ana. Buck is the best thing to ever happen to me and Chris."

"You know deep down that I am the one for you, Edmundo. Kids need both mothers and fathers in their life in order to have a good childhood. Evan is a danger to our kid…"

"HE IS NOT YOUR KID ANA! NOR WILL HE EVER BE!" Eddie yelled at her. "We are done. I heard everything you said tonight. These kids have either two moms, a mom and two dads, and a Buck."

"Oh Edmundo, you don't believe that! Buck is nothing to us." Ana said in a flirty tone.

Eddie threw his hands up in the air. "There is no us! You have nothing at my apartment, but Buck does. Buck fights for our son every day, and makes sure he understands the world. You just want to control him and smother him. He doesn't deserve that."

"It's always Buck this and Buck that. I AM TIRED OF BUCK!" Ana tried to pull Eddie's hand to her chest. "We could go to the courthouse and get married, and I would be the best mother to Christopher and our future children."

"We haven't even had sex, Ana! I cannot even get it up around you!" He yelled back. "There will be no Diaz children for you!"

The people behind him were snickering and so he turned around to face them. He motioned them to the side so he could grab Buck, who still had Christopher in his arms. Eddie has one chance to prove to Ana they were done.

He grabbed Buck's wrist and yanked him to face him. He pulled his best friend's head down to his level and kissed him with everything he had. Ana started yelling and screaming behind him, while Buck held him closer. They broke apart and stared at each other, smiling widely.

"It's about time you caught up," Buck whispered. Chris held out his arms to his father who was pulled into a three way hug.

Beside them, they heard money being exchanged and "I can take you on a fancy date!" from Athena, while the others groaned. Nothing ever changed with his family.

"You can't be gay Edmundo!" Ana started flailing around. "This isn't right. Wait until I tell your parents, they will try to get custody of Christopher. Stay with me and that won't happen."

Eddie turned to her, and looked her straight in the eye. "They can try, Ana but they won't win. He has a stable household, food on the table, a roof over his head. My son excels at school, and is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Buck is second to that. I am in love with this man right here and I wasted six months with you."

Buck set Christopher down and stood next to Eddie. "You came in here expecting my family to like you because you were with Eddie. Instead you insulted me at every turn and my family defended me. You showed me that no matter what, these people right here will have my back. Now if you could please leave before my mom escorts you out in handcuffs"

"They aren't your family." Ana lunged for Buck only for him to stop her. She bounced off his muscles and landed in the grass.

"Yes we are!" the 118 replied in unison.

"Or did you forget I'm his sister!"

"So am I! He's the best big brother!"

"Remember Bobby, he's your son when he's an idiot. He's my son right now."

Eddie grabbed Buck's hand and intertwined them. Athena knelt next to Ana and grabbed her arm. "It's time for you to go, Miss Flores. You are no longer welcome here or anywhere near us."

They watched as Athena marched her to the front door and shoved her out of it. Cheers rang out from the crowd as the Buckley-Diaz family stood here stunned. One by one, the rest of their family surrounded them and hugged them tightly.

Eddie held his son and love of his life tightly as the others circled them.

He may have wasted six months with Ana, but he knew that tonight would have made or broke them. Edmundo Diaz was just glad he had this crazy, unstoppable, and amazing family to share in their struggles.

They were all right where they belong.

Evan Buckley: 8

Ana Flores: 0

Don't mess with the 118.