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Pantheon: the daughter of Eris

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 The term demigod indicates the existence of half human and half divinity beings, Chloé used to hear about demigods during the hour of literature with Professor Bustier. Protagonists of stories that had been written centuries before it was born and that were still handed down now. 


In fact, that was what they were, simple tales. 


They weren't real. 


Or at least that's what Chloé thought, finding them a waste of time. Only Nicolais, her longtime friend, thought there was some truth to all of this. Nicolais was a tall, black-haired boy who used crutches to be able to move but was also a huge fan of Greek mythology, he loved to buy books about it and tell Chloé what he had just discovered. 


For Chloé, they were mere stories. Stories without meaning, of gods that did not exist. But how could she not be excited when Nicolais talked to her about how Theseus had killed the Minotaur? Or the adventures of the Amazons? Or the Odyssey? Or the search for the golden fleece?. 


But after all, they were just stupid tales. Ridiculous stories, utterly ridiculous. 


Until a day, when she was only eleven,  Nicolais asked her a strange question.


"Do you believe in the existence of the Greek gods?".


"No, why should I believe it? They don't exist" Chloé replied without hesitation. little Chloé Bourgeois could not help but boast of her intelligence, and soon began to explain, with an air of superiority, to her friend why she was right and he was wrong.


Nicolais frowned as he put a peach-colored dress on Chloé's favorite doll, Nicolais think about it for a while and then retorted "yes, but how can you be completely sure they don't exist? they are gods, they could take any shape, be anything and anyone."


Chloé was shocked, she had no words, she didn't know how to answer. But Chloé knew a person who had the answer to everything, to every question she had an answer. Her mother, Audrey Bourgeois.


Do the gods of ancient Greece exist?. A look of pure terror and disgust appeared on Audrey's face, her mother's reaction had been very strange. Audrey had decided to ignore the subject altogether, preferring to tell Chloé to go back to her room.


That night Chloé overheard her mother and father arguing in their bedroom. But that night her mother seemed angrier with her father than usual, and Chloé couldn't help but hear her name mentioned over and over again.


The blonde went to the door and put an ear to the door to listen to their conversation. She knew very well that if they discovered her she would be punished but curiosity killed her.


"Do you know what it's like to have to raise a child who isn't even mine? Every time I look at Claudette I can't don't see the woman you cheated on me with. The more she grows, the more she resembles her and you know it too Andrè , sooner or later you'll have to tell her that I'm not her mother! "


Chloé was shocked by what she had just heard. Wasn't Audrey her mother? Had her father betrayed her mother? Did Audrey hate her?. Tears began to pour from her eyes as she tried to hold them back.


"You blame me for my mistakes, but you think I don't know about Zoé?"




That name was new to Chloé she had never heard of before, but it seemed to have had an effect on her mother because for many minutes Chloé no longer heard their screams, but silence. An uncomfortable silence.


"I know very well that you know about Zoé, and it is because of my daughter that I am going to return to New York at least there I will be free from Claudette's presence! Strange that you have not yet sent her to that strange Camp"


Her daughter. Zoé was her mother's daughter.


Did this mean that Audrey had cheated her father? It was all so strange and confusing for Chloé.


"Of course, whenever things get complicated you run away. As for the Camp ...I was thinking of starting it in a few months, now her is old enough to know"


Before Chloé could overhear even more of the conversation she heard the door open and was nearly hit by it, she had to move away to come face to face with Audrey. The older woman looked down at her, and a smirk appeared on her face as she turned to André to show him that her daughter was hiding behind the door.


André looked at Chloé's shocked face, the girl's face was red because she had tried to hold back the tears and her little hands clutched her pajamas. André knew that he could no longer delay it, he could no longer hide the truth about her birth and who is her mother. There was no longer any excuse to delay it.


"Dad, who is Zoé? Why did Mommy say she is not my mum? Which Camp you want to send me to? If it is because I put a lizard in Dupain-Cheng's lunch, I promise you I won't do it again but don't send me away" She pleaded, Chloé could feel Audrey's judgmental gaze on her.


"Chloé, there is something I should tell you about", replied André, making her enter his room.






"Do you believe in the existence of the Greek gods?".



Days before Chloé would have said no without hesitation, but now with what she had discovered that way that seemed invented to her had become real and she, in spite of herself, was part of it.



"Do the gods of ancient Greece exist?".




Her mother, the woman who had given birth to her and then abandoned her, was a goddess. And if she existed it meant that every God of ancient Greek else existed.