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"Hello, Ladyblog fans!"

Alya waves at the camera, a smile on her face. It's her usual start to the blogs, yet something feels off.

"Some of you may have noticed some posts were deleted from the blog last night. No, I wasn't hacked, settle down. I just realized some of those posts were disrespectful, and in some cases, probably inaccurate."

An image appears next to Alya's face in the video: What used to be the thumbnail to a video titled: "My friend is best friends with Ladybug!! (not Clickbait)"

"My friend Lila has made several appearances on this blog, claiming to be Ladybug's best friend. Now, this fact has never been checked with Ladybug herself, meaning I only had her word to go off of when I made the video. Lila didn't provide any kind of evidence other than her word, either. Does that mean she was lying? Not necessarily. However there's something wrong with this declaration:

"Why would a supposed friend of Ladybug go on record to say she was her friend? Ladybug, who we know to be extremely private about her civilian life and has preached the importance of anonymity over and over. Ladybug, who has also stated that she didn't want to be associated with any civilian in an interview on this very blog, for the risk of that person being targeted.

"Why would a friend of Ladybug go public about being her friend? Come to this blog to talk about the heroine? It doesn't make sense. At the time, I didn't question it, Lila told me Ladybug was fine with it and that was that. But even if that's true, and Ladybug doesn't mind,

"Why would I risk my friend like that? By being affiliated with Ladybug, Lila is putting herself at risk. She's telling Hawkmoth: 'Hey, over here! Ladybug cares about me so I'm the perfect target!'. I gave her the platform to do that. I helped her broadcast this fact to everyone. I should know better than that. I should have been a better friend than that. I'm sorry, Lila.

"And I'm sorry, you guys. Like I said, I never thought to fact check Lila's claims. She's my friend so I trusted her, but you deserved proof. I promised to give you true information, and I failed at that. I should have been a better journalist than that. It won't happen again.

"Other videos and photos were also taken down, specifically from the Oblivio incident. Those photos caused a huge amount of speculation, and I felt it was disrespectful for the heroes. Ladybug looked uncomfortable after the kiss, and I know she felt uncomfortable with the picture being up. I know I'm like the most out-spoken Ladynoir shipper ever, but Ladybug and Chat Noir are still people with real lifes and I want to respect that. So I took the picture down. Sorry, LB, if you are watching this.

"I'll do a follow up video answering any questions you guys may have, but for now, Ladyblogger out!"




"Good job, Als!"

"Thanks, girl! So, that's part one down. Ready for part two?"

"Let's do this."




"Alya, why did you say I might have been lying? I would never do that!"

"Sorry, Lila." Alya's smile feels fake on her face. Probably because it is. "I didn't mean to make it sound like that! I just wanted to point out why it wasn't a good idea to have it up on the blog."

"I told you, Alya," Lila's smile also feels fake. Alya can't believe she never noticed it before. "Ladybug doesn't mind! And besides, I know she'll always protect me, I wasn't in any danger!"

Alya swallows the 'How many times have you been akumatized again? How many times has someone from this class been akumatized? How do we know it's not because of you?'

"I get it, girl, but it was the right thing to do."

"Well, If you say so. It's your blog. after all."

Truest thing to have ever come out of her mouth.




"Hello, Ladyblog fans! It's your girl again with a very special guest: Ladybug!"

Ladybug gives a small wave. "Hi!"

"Thank you so much for coming today!'

"Thank you for having me! And thank you, Alya for what you said in your last post. It's easy for people to forget we're just people under the mask."

"It was no problem. I'm sorry I didn't come to my senses sooner. And all that stuff with Lila…"

"Ah, yes. I'm glad those videos were taken down. Again, people don't realize that being associated with heroes is way more dangerous than it is glamorous. The five minutes of fame aren't worth it everybody!"

"Say, Ladybug, who is your best friend?"

Ladybug laughs. "Easy. Chat Noir."

"No civilians?"

"Nope. Too dangerous. I mean, you're cool and all Alya, but strictly professional!"

"So, for any Lila's out there, you heard it here first: Ladybug has no civilian friends and please stop claiming otherwise."

"Exactly. I'm sure Lila is a lovely person, but I don't know her. My list of friends boils down to Chat and the temporary heroes."

"Ooh, favorite temp hero?"

"Don't tell the others… but probably Rena Rouge."

"Ladybug, I must say, you have excellent taste."




“So… are we not going to talk about the elephant in the room?” Alix asks. “Why did Ladybug say that about Lila in the interview?”

“Oh, she was just trying to protect me! You know how she is.”

“You said she was fine with it, though.”

“Yeah, but she changed her mind. I guess what Alya said really got to her.”

“‘Changed her mind’? Please.” Chloé scoffs. “LB has been preaching about the dangers of being associated with civilians from day one. She was never ‘fine with it’”.

“I would have never done anything she disagreed with!” 

“Sure you would have. For example, lying about being her friend.”

Get her, Chloé.

Wait, am I really rooting for Chloé? Wow.

“I didn’t lie!”

“Um, hello? Ladybug said it herself. She doesn’t know you.”

“She was lying!”

“And I’m supposed to believe you over Ladybug? Yeah, right.”


“Wasn’t lying to protect you.” Alya interrupts. “I asked her off camera If she really wasn’t friends with you, cause I knew something like this would happen, and she said the only times she's ever talked to you was because of an akuma.”

Lila gapes at her.

“Moreover,” Alya continues, cause she sure as hell wasn't about to do this halfway, "I looked into all the stuff you told us. I mean, you lied about this so what else have you lied about? Apparently, everything."

"Alya, I didn't-'

"If I could direct everyone's attention to the board, please." Alya smiles, all teeth, danger glinting in her eyes."Thought I'd put my journalist talents to good use. Now, I have about 10 minutes before Mlle. Bustier gets here and there's a lot to cover, so let's get started. Marinette, if you please."

"Oh, I do please." Marinette says, smiling, as the projector comes on.

Alya walks up to her, Lila demanding, "What the hell are you doing?!" behind her, and throws an arm around Marinette's shoulders.

"Part two done and part three coming along nicely. Now this is a plan well done," she mutters to her.

"It's kind of my thing," Marinette whispers back, winking.

Alya bumps her hips into hers. "Now, now, don't get cocky on me. Part three is still going."




Fifteen minutes and a thank you to Mlle. Bustier for being late later, Lila sits white on her seat, while the rest of the class is in uproar around her.

In the chaos, no one notices Marinette and Alya fist bumping.

" Pound it! "