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Apply a little anarchy - OneShoot

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Vi was walking to the high school party room, it was a party in which the most important figures would be present, some summoners and many champions with the intention of standing out, building their reputation in the league and of course, having fun with dancing and drinks



However, Vi felt uncomfortable and it was not because of the way she dressed, she had a beautiful suit adjusted to her body, from the beginning she refused to wear a dress, that was not her style


She entered the room and observed several of her companions dancing, others were in the bar drinking and even others in a corner enjoying the darkness and drunkenness


Vi sighed and walked in to sit at a vacant table until a waiter came over and heard her





- ¿Can I help you? - asked the waiter


- I want a drink ... whatever is fine ... just be very strong - Vi replied with a slight sadness


- Now I'll be back - mentioned the waiter, surprised to see the Piltover executor in that way







She returned her sight to the table until after a few minutes, someone came over and sat in front of her



Vi looked up and her face reflected her surprise, Caitlyn was in front of her with a beautiful blue dress, she really looked beautiful







- Vi... you came ..... - Caitlyn mentioned softly


- I told you that if I would come, you did not have to worry - Vi replied


- I know ... it's just ... - whispered Caitlyn


- Cait ... don't make this more difficult for me - Vi mentioned as the waiter came to the table and left Vi's drink on the table - Thank you - Vi mentioned to the waiter


- Don't do anything stupid ... - Caitlyn mentioned when she saw Vi drink from the bottle


- I already did that ..... to believe that you would want to come with me to this party .... but I always forget that your reputation is very important - Vi replied


- You know why ... - Caitlyn answered


-I know ... it's just that it will be difficult for me to see you eat and dance with Jayce - Vi mentioned while she had another drink - but I still think that there would be no problem if you dance with me, the superiors of the institute know that we work together-


-Vi ... we already talked about this ... if the superiors saw me with you ... my reputation would be affected, they are something special - Caitlyn replied


- ¿Is that the only thing you care about? - Vi asked


- I'm Sheriff Vi .... I need to maintain my reputation while we're here in the league - Caitlyn said.


- ¿I am ashamed .. am I not? - Asked Vi something fearful







Caitlyn was surprised at the question and was slow to answer






- I didn't see ... it's not that ... - Caitlyn mentioned


-You know ... you should worry more about yourself ... and not about the opinion of others ... it's just a little advice ..... Cupcake - Vi replied as she took more from the bottle







Just then, Jayce had arrived at the party and walked over to the table






- Hello girls - Jayce greeted


- Hello gallant - Vi answered, bumping fists with Jayce


- Hi Jayce - Caitlyn replied


- You look amazing Cait ..... - Jayce mentioned surprised


- Thank you ... - Caitlyn replied with a small smile


-The table of the superiors is in the back, we should go with them Cait - Jayce mentioned, however his sight was on Vi, she felt the discomfort in the air


- Don't worry about me ... I'll survive - Vi joked






Caitlyn sighed and got up from the chair taking Jayce's arm






- See you later Vi ..... - Caitlyn mentioned


- As you say Cupcake - Vi answered taking another drink








The party continued its course for about 30 minutes, Vi's stay became a little more calm, it is as if nothing mattered to her, she stopped drinking out of boredom, she really wanted to go home and more now


The music began to play and several champions took to the dance floor, including Caitlyn and Jayce






Vi sighed, she did not wish to see such a scene






- You seem depressed - mentioned a voice in front of her






Vi looked up from her and saw red hair with a black pour with some Noxian details






- ¿Katarina? - Vi asked


- You seem to think too much - Katarina mentioned sarcastically







Vi smiled






- I guess so ..... - Vi sighed


- It's for Caitlyn ... ¿right? - asked Katarina


- I guess ... - whispered Vi


- You know ... she does not know what is lost, you have a lot to offer - Katarina mentioned in a provocative way


- ¿Are you hinting at something? - Asked I saw something blushed


-Maybe ..... but not with me, these things are not my thing, however .....- Katarina mentioned while her gaze was on the bar






In the background, a certain white-haired girl with a small tail was sitting, she had a beautiful red dress




- She is ..... - Vi mentioned surprised


-Yes ... it's rare to see Riven in a dress, but she looks very good - Katarina replied


- I do not deny it - replied Vi


-You have a chance there .... don't let her go - Katarina mentioned as she got up from the table and walked away






Several minutes passed, Vi watched Caitlyn and Jaice dance very close together, however Vi couldn't take it much longer







- Fuck it ... I'm tired - Vi thought as she got up from the table and walked in the direction of where Riven was sitting






She came and sat next to her





- Hello .... - Vi mentioned







Riven was surprised, however when she saw who it was she showed calm






- Hello Vi ... - Riven replied with a slight smile



- ¿What are you doing here alone? - Vi asked





The question caught Riven off guard and she did not know how to answer, of course Vi noticed this




- Well ... it doesn't matter, I wanted to accompany you a bit, I didn't want you to have my luck - Vi mentioned





Riven's curiosity returned to her eyes





- ¿Something happened? - asked Riven



-Caitlyn preferred to be with Jayce for fear of her reputation and the opinion of her superiors ... I have been alone since then - Vi replied


- That's wrong ... - Riven whispered thoughtfully


- I know ... - Vi replied





Then it took a few minutes for Riven to sigh





 - I was supposed to come with Irelia ... but she still has problems with me when dancing ... I guess she didn't want me to embarrass her - Riven mentioned


- That's wrong ... - Vi replied with a small smile






After that they both laughed, it seemed a somewhat ironic situation to them





- So we're both alone and sold out .... - Vi mentioned


- It seems that it is ... - Riven replied






Vi thought for several seconds and then smiled





-  ¿And if it were not so? - Vi asked


- ¿What do you mean? - asked Riven


-We can have fun .... you and I .....-  Vi mentioned with a smile as she approached Riven's face - ¿Do you think it could be your type? - she ask







Riven's face turned very red, however she did not back down, she would not give Vi that bliss






- It is very possible ... you are strong ... - Riven mentioned with a smile


- And you are more beautiful than I remembered ... - Vi whispered


- Enough ... - Riven replied somewhat sadly


- ¿What are you saying? - Vi asked


- The supervisors will see us ... consequences may appear ... - Riven mentioned






Vi got even closer to Riven, her lips were very close to her, she could feel the warmth of each one





- Apply some anarchy ... - Vi whispered on Riven's lips


- One night ... just us ... no one else ... - whispered Riven


- No one else - replied Vi






After a few seconds, Vi felt Riven's soft lips in contact with hers, they conveyed a heat and a sensation that Vi herself could not describe






- Well ... ¿what do you have in mind? - Riven asked with a smile


- ¿You want to dance? - Vi asked


- Maybe ... - Riven answered





Vi stood up while Riven hugged her arm and they both walked to the dance floor and began to dance very close together, her steps were slow but synchronized




They were soon the center of attention, they even caught the attention of Caitlyn who was sitting at one of the tables next to Jayce




Caitlyn only felt something at that moment, jealousy






Meanwhile Riven and Vi's bodies were closer together, the music was slow and calm, even Riven settled her head on Vi's shoulder.




- You know that when we finish dancing Caitlyn will approach us ... ¿right? - asked Riven


-It does not matter ... she leaves everything in my hands, besides ... her reputation is fine ... and we do not care - Vi replied calmly







Riven just smiled and followed her movements to the beat of the music




It took several minutes for Riven and Vi to return to the bar for a few drinks before leaving






- I'll go for some extra drinks .... back quickly - Vi mentioned


- Sure - Riven answered with a smile






Just as Vi walked away from her, Caitlyn stood up and walked in Riven's direction and sat next to her






- You're ... Riven ... ¿right? - Caitlyn asked


- Yes ... it's me, I can help you with something ... ¿Caitlyn? - Riven answered


- ¿Do you know me? - Caitlyn asked


- They have a great reputation even in other regions, don't be surprised ..... also ..... I was dancing with your partner - Riven mentioned with a smile


-¿She ... she invited you? - Caitlyn asked slowly


- We were both alone .... and yes .... it was her idea, but you were with Jayce .... ¿Why the question? - asked Riven


- I ..... - Caitlyn sighed - I don't know ..... I guess I felt jealous to see you dance with Vi - Caitlyn mentioned


- Take advantage of her ..... she transmits incredible security,You really feel safe in her arms, next time ..... I hope your reputation is not more important- Riven mentioned as she stood up.


-¿Next? - Caitlyn asked


- Yes ..... because tonight ..... she is mine - Riven whispered just at the moment in which Vi returned


- Oh ... hi Cupcake, I see you met Riven, I met her at a league game - Vi mentioned with a smile


- Yes ... I already noticed ... - Caitlyn mentioned trying to hide


-¿Are you okay Cait? - Vi asked as she cupped Caitlyn's face with one of her hands






Caitlyn blushed and took a few seconds to respond






- Yes ... I'm fine Vi - Caitlyn replied


- Well ... okay, then ... I guess I'll see you tomorrow - Vi mentioned


- ¿You're leaving now? - Caitlyn asked


-Yes ... I made some plans with Riven today, I didn't want to bother you and Jayce - Vi replied as she walked away with Riven -I'll see you later Cait- Vi said goodbye with a smile






As they walked away, Caitlyn watched as Riven winked at her which made her just sigh and acknowledge the mistake she had made






-I'm not going to lose you Vi .....- she thought - You won only this time ..... Riven-









Both girls went in the direction of Vi's room and each time you could feel the desire and the effect of the drinks taking effect





They entered the room and closed the door





- This is very crazy ... you and me ... now ... - Riven mentioned


-We had a bad day, but no one mentioned about having a good night ... at least just one ... just today ...- she mentioned until some lips interrupted her


- Wow .... - Vi sighed - you take my breath away when you do that .... -


-Imagine what awaits you ....- Riven mentioned as she took off the straps of her dress and revealed her naked body before Vi's eyes, she approached and whispered in Vi's ear


- Apply a little anarchy ....- Riven whispered as she stripped Vi of her shirt, showing her breasts





Vi smiled and brought her lips to Riven's as they lay back on the bed, Riven's hands placed on Vi's hair as she kissed Riven's neck and then returned to her lips





- ¿Ready? - Vi whispered


- Surprise me - Riven whispered with a smile







One of the best nights they both had