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Overworking Is Not Hot

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"What." Komaeda deadpanned. "Do you think you're doing.

Komaeda was an orphan. Unsurprisingly, people would never take this as normal news. Anytime he would tell someone that he didn't have parents anymore, they would always give him those stupid pitying looks that he grew to hate so much.

Well, Hajime didn't. Komaeda got lucky with him. Heh, 'lucky.'

His parents were rich, so he inherited an actual shit ton of money, as well as their house. Probably because there wasn't anyone else to inherit it. Komaeda would have rather that he didn't get their house. Not that it made him want to curl up into a ball and weep away his sorrows-

(Was he a terrible person for carelessly saying that his parents were dead? He was only stating facts, and his indifference towards their death was totally genuine...)

-no, it was quite the opposite actually. The home that was supposed to be his home just... didn't feel like his home. It just didn't. So he decided to not use it. He would probably never use it. Instead, he took one of the dorms that Hope's Peak offered the Main Course. It felt slightly stuffy, but it worked. While he was taking one of the Main Course dorms, he accidentally learned that the Reserve Course also had dorms. Specks of dirt didn't deserve to have dorms. Until he learned Hajime was occupying one of those dorms. If anything, Hajime deserved to have a Main Course dorm. So, he kind of forced Hajime to stay with him in his dorm. (He always got lucky whenever he snuck Hajime to stay with him. That's to be expected. After all, that's the only thing he's good for.)

Komaeda has also learned that Hajime had a terrible habit with work. It pissed him off every time Hajime would avoid sleeping just to get something done.

And of course he was doing it again. Of course he was.

"What do you think I'm doing, you blind shit?" Hajime snarked back with no genuine bite. He was sitting at Komaeda's desk with an assortment of papers around his lit laptop. "And why are you up? It's..." He shot a quick glance at the clock on the laptop. "Oh fuck, it's twelve...?"

"I could ask the same thing to you." He crossed his arms.

"Answer me first, I asked first."

"I asked second."

"You're the one who started this conversation."

"You're the one who's supposed to be sleeping with me."

Hajime winced at his argument and chuckled sheepishly. "You've got me there. Well, I have this project due tomorrow? It was supposed to be a group project between four people, but all my teammates totally dumped their part of the project onto me."

"Sounds like a shit ton of work." Komaeda offered sympathetically.

"It is a shit ton of work." He groaned. "But I'm almost done, so, uh... leave?"

Komaeda huffed and moved closer to Hajime, hugging him from behind. "No."


"What. If you're not sleeping, then neither am I."

"Go back to sleep, dickhead."

"I'll go to sleep when you get your Reserve Course ass back to bed."

"Damn, aren't you annoying."

"Well, you're twice as stubborn as I am."

Hajime lifted his head from the laptop to glare at him. "I told you I'm almost done, sheesh. Can't handle being five feet apart for more than a minute, clingy?"

"You're the one who always cuddles me in your sleep." He retorted.

Komaeda felt Hajime's skin heat up at his words. "Shut up, you can't prove shit..." He softly argued back.

"So you weren't clinging onto me like a puppy last night after we-?"

"Shut your damn mouth." Hajime grumbled, effectively cutting him off before proceeding to change the subject back to what they were originally "arguing" about. "And anyways, just go back to bed. I'll follow you soon."

"Yeah right. I'd rather we just go to bed together."

"What, you don't believe me?"

"Only an idiot would believe a Reserve would have a decent sleep schedule."

Hajime let out a small chuckle. "Ouch, that's a little too true..."

Komaeda let out a small sigh. "And that's the whole issue, you dumbass leech."

"Leave it to the one and only Nagito Komaeda to show he cares about you by insulting you..." Hajime said fondly. "That's my lucky student..."

He felt himself flush at just how affectionate Hajime's tone was, before clearing his throat and continuing: "Listen, I just- I'd rather that you just get some sleep. With me. Preferably right now."

"Okay, geez." Hajime snickered. "I can go back to bed once I finish this, 'kay? Go ahead back to sleep."

"I'd rather just stay and watch you." He replied firmly.

"Okay, okay, fine..."

Their conversation fell into a comfortable silence. Komaeda leaned behind Hajime as he watched him type away on his keyboard. As Hajime formed more and more sentences on the document, he stole a glance at one of the papers on the desk, the text on it slightly visible due to the lit laptop screen.

"...hey Reserve, how many paragraphs is this supposed to be?"

"Thirty-six, give or take." Hajime responded aimlessly, continuing to type away. "Each member was supposed to do nine each. Why?"

"How many have you done...?"

"Uh..." He quickly scrolled through the essay and counted everything he's typed. "About, like, seventeen paragraphs? Well, eighteen if you count the one I'm working on."



Komaeda cut him off by scooping him up from the desk chair - Hajime let out a very undignified squeak. "Komaeda!?" - and began to carry him to the bed. "Sorry, but fuck this."

"Komaeda, what the fuck!?" He yelled. "Put me down!"

"Sure." He unceremoniously dumped him onto the bed.

Hajime let out a small 'oomph-' at the impact. Komaeda slipped next to him and clung onto Hajime in order to not let him leave. He squirmed around a bit, trying to break out of his grasp. "Komaeda. Komaeda, I still need to finish-"

"No, you don't."


"No. You. Don't."

"Sheesh..." He sighed. "Can you at least let me save my progress?"

"Calm down, the document probably auto saves." Komaeda reassured listlessly. "So just stop moving and sleep."

Hajime let out a small whine. "Just..."

"I have other ways to make you go to sleep, I hope you know that."

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"Wouldn't you like to now."

"Actually I really would like to know-!"

(The next day, when Hajime and Komaeda hung out with Nanami during lunch, she asked him if he had any idea why Hajime was limping. He barely managed to keep a straight face the entire questioning.)