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Growing Love

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It's incredible how just a couple of years on the surface could make even a man like Vergil careless with certain things. He fell in love with you. A couple of years (decades) younger than him.

And those years together were slow and careful, always watching your steps in hopes you wouldn't make the devil close himself up again. It was so hard to finally be open with him. To feel his arms around you for the first time. The first compliment, the first gift, the first kiss, the first holidays together... It was a huge mission.

Making him more friendly, showing the new world he missed, fixing his relationship with Nero, learning how to communicate in a way that made both of you comfortable and wasn't too much work... But now you're both officially dating, and it's been 6 years already!

The first accident with ripped condoms was scary but nothing happened. The other times also didn't result in pregnancy. Then, the first raw experience also didn't result in a mini Vergil. Neither did the others.

Both of you stopped worrying so much about it. About you accidentally having a baby inside of you. You two had done it in every way possible with no care and there was no problem.

Until now. Until you saw those frightening lines saying you're pregnant.

Not only on one of the pregnancy tests but on all 4 of them, different brands and everything. All positive. Thousands of things crossed your mind now. How would you tell Vergil? Oh, savior, how would you tell Dante?! What about Nero? Would he be alright with this?

Nero was always so good to you. He treated you like his mom, hugging you, asking for advice, visiting frequently, asking you to cook his favorite meals, and the boy was your baby boy, your beloved son, even if neither of you ever said the words "mom" and "son". Having an actual baby would be so complicated for your relationship with Nero!

You're carrying his half brother or half-sister inside of your womb. Would he feel betrayed? Like he wasn't enough for you like your child? Or, would he get jealous if Vergil acts as the father of your baby? The pregnancy was bringing lots of feelings to the surface and all of them made you feel even more nauseated.

The anxiety was telling you to do stupid things. Abort the baby? No way! You love this little bean too much already. Runaway and raise the baby on your own? That would just hurt everyone, even those who have nothing to do with it.

Who should you tell first? Dante? No, he can't keep a secret. Maybe Trish or Lady, but both of them were out on a mission, same as Vergil.

He was on a rescue mission and should be back in two days. That's all the time you're getting from the God of time.

You keep the results inside your apartment. Hidden on top of the less used wardrobe, no reason to go near that thing, so no one would find it. The box of the pregnancy test was thrown away four blocks from your residence, so, no connection to you. It was starting to sound like preparation for murder instead of just telling your boyfriend about the baby. It was certainly as stressful as murder.

Back home, a cold shower helped you to put your head back into place. So you decided to make things look as ordinary as possible as you scout for options. You had to deliver Dante's lunch soon since the older man wouldn't eat anything healthy otherwise. That would give you the chance to scout the surroundings of Devil May Cry and Dante himself.

Not that you're telling him first. He really can't keep a secret. But you can see if he is in a good mood and if he still adores you. So after making the best meal you could, you make your way to the devil's store and knock twice before getting inside. " Dante, I brought your lunch!" You announce, coming in slowly. The red Devil rushes down the stairs and hugs you tight, grabbing the containers with food from your hands.

"You're such a life savior! I thought I was going to have to eat bread and water today." Laughing and shaking your head, you guide the tall man to the table where he can start eating.

"You know you can always call me when you need a fresh meal, Dante."

"Yeah, but Vergil says I'm bothering you when I do this and then he screams and tries to stab me with Yamato..."

"What? I told him to stop the stabbing! He is in trouble when he arrives!"

"Yeah, tell 'im, mama." Dante mocks.

What an ill-timed joke... And he seems to notice your frown, giving a little rub of his finger against your forehead.

"It's not that bad. And I shouldn't bother you anyway."

"You're not bothering me! I love to cook for you, Dante. And Vergil barely eats so we have so many leftovers... He just needs to stop with the ridiculous rivalry."

"Hey, I'm still here if you want to... You know, get the better brother."

"You're always saying silly things, Dante." You laugh full heartily. "I'm not even your type. From the start. Vergil is just too worried to see obvious things like, for example, how in love I am with him..." You sigh.

"He's getting the hang of it," Dante says between the bites of his food. "He's a lot better already."

"No one can say otherwise. But we still have to keep walking."

"Sure, but he and Nero are doing better and better. He even asks Nero for advice on modern things from time to time."

"He's asking Nero's advice?"

"Yep. With cellphones and all. He listens to the boy. It's impressive." This time, Dante's mouth is full of food as he talks.

"That gives me a great idea. I'll see you tomorrow with your lunch, Dante. Take care, ok?" You kiss his forehead, grab your bag and make your way out of the store.

Telling Nero first is the best approach. He is the most balanced of the Sparda boys. And listens to you. And if you tell him first it will be clear you want him to be part of the growing family and that you trust him and love him, no matter what. Also, his reaction prepares you for both Dante and Vergil's reactions to the great news growing inside of you.

He and Kirye could help you to plan the revelation to the father and the uncle. Having some support now would be the best thing for you right now.

So you catch a cab to Nero's place, preparing a little speech as the car closes the distance between you and your adopted son. Love is important to be mentioned. Trust, sure, trust is very important. More love, just so he can be sure of it. Then the announcement. Can you even say the words?

"I'm preg... Pregna... I'm..."

The world gets stuck in your throat each time you try to say it. Breathing deeply, you pay for the cab and see yourself in front of Nero and Kyrie's house.

This has to be done. The sooner the better. You keep telling yourself.

You're eleven weeks pregnant already. You can't hide it for another week. Knocking on the door, Nero answers quickly and smiles seeing you, giving you a warm hug that melts all of your worries.

"Hey! What brings you here? Come in, sit down." You follow him inside and sit on the loveseat you always chose when you visit him and his fiance.

"Is kyrie home?" You ask.

"Groceries. She should be back anytime now. Nico went to the market with her."

"That's great. I need to talk to you. In private. It's very important. It's... About me and Vergil." You start slowly.

His face turned into a very worried expression. He can never stop himself from assuming the worse thing will happen. Who could blame the young devil hunter? Everything had gone wrong more than once. So when he starts to talk, you know it's something bad. His irises look as big as marble balls, so blue, so icy, so glassy... It pains you.

"What? What did he do? Tell me you're not leaving him, you're the best thing that happened to us and we're finally a family and.." You cut him and pats his shoulder, trying to calm him down.

Nero really could think fast when he wanted to. You keep holding his hand, squeezing it lightly.

"No, my dear. Nothing like that! I love your dad and I love you like you're my own child! I'm not leaving either of you, ok? It's something different." You take a deep breath. "I came here to talk to you because I want you to be the first one to know since I trust you to be by my side and also to tell me if this bothers you in any way."

Now his eyes are more curious than worried, with a tinge of playfulness, he stares at you and through you, trying to find a clue hidden inside your eyes.

"You two are getting married? Because he should have made that move 3 years ago, so finally, right?!"

You laugh nervously and shake your head.

"Not that one either. Although it would make me very happy. It's... Ok. Promise to keep loving me? I don't want you to push yourself away from me, promise me that, please Nero."

His big blue eyes look at you with care and concern, his lower lips quivering in a small pout, as he is considering everything possibly bad enough to make you say such a thing to him. But you're the mom he always dreamed of. He's staying by your side no matter what. 

"Of course, I promise."

It was easy to promise that. You're so good for him and his father. You made them close. You talked to him about girls, helped him to pick gifts for his girlfriend, taught him how to cook, you helped his girlfriend with the kids, and after she met you, Kyrie was a lot more outgoing and independent, going as far as asking Nero to teach her how to use a dagger. So his intense stare and his sweet smile help you to confirm your decision and trust the boy. You permit a long breath to leave your lungs and feel steadier now. Maybe you can say the words. Maybe it won't get stuck inside your throat again. But just in case you can't say It, you grab his hands and press them against your tummy.

"I'm pregnant." It was easier than you expected.

Your face was motionless, looking for any bad signs on Nero's expressions. But the boy smiled so wide you're sure his cheeks hurt. His laughter bubbling inside his chest and rosy cheeks making an appearance. He hugs you and laughs and jumps around the living room, "are you serious?" Always comes out of his mouth whenever his eyes land on your form. He can't contain his happiness with all of this. He can't stop staring at your stomach, at your face, then back at where the baby is growing. His brother...

"Yes, it's very serious! Eleven weeks. It's a growing baby." You smiled for the first time.

He is happy! There's no animosity here. He is exhilarated about all this. You have his support. You can count on your eldest son. You always knew you could.

"I'm going to have a baby brother! I can't believe it! I'm so glad it doesn't... Wow, I'm really happy! That's the best news ever, mom!" He said it as his hands cupped your belly.

That was not the word you were expecting to hear so soon.

"You called me mom..." You say, in a haze. Nero stops touching you and blushes, scratching his nose.

"Yeah... I wanted to call you like that for a while. Is it ok?"

Blame it on pregnancy hormones, but you cried like a baby. Your Nero was calling you "mom". That's the biggest proof of acceptance he could ever give you. All those years by his side, gaining his trust, taking care of him, doing everything you could to be at least ok with him, and now, " mom". So you cried like a baby, yes. You hugged him so tightly he wondered if you're only human or if there's some demon blood hiding there.

"Please, never stop calling me like that." You mutter amongst your tears.

"Ok, ok, I promise, mom. Now calm down, that's not good for the baby." He jokes, trying to make you sit down again.

You agree and try to breathe, drinking some water and telling your son more about how you found out about the pregnancy. And also how scared you are when it comes to the part of telling it to Vergil.

"Yeah, I don't know how the old man will react. But I think he is going to be happy to start a family with you."

"Expand the family." You correct him. "Ah, it's so risky to know when it comes to Vergil... But I have to tell him. The tummy is getting bigger."

"Whose tummy is getting bigger, because I'm not sharing my chocolates." Nico shows up.

"Oh, my!"

You almost panic. It was supposed to be a private conversation. Mostly because you just can't handle all that attention now. And you haven't told Vergil yet! If he hears it by any other mouth that not your own, it would kill you.

"Tell them! They can help us!" Nero encourages you.

"Juicy news? I'm down." Nico sits down in front of you.

Kyrie just smiles after kissing your cheek and goes back to putting away the groceries.

"Well, we need to find a way to tell Vergil that he... Well, me, to tell Vergil I'm preg... Pregnant." It was harder with Nico, even though you're both good friends.

"Whaaat??? That guy is a really good shooter!" She howls. "Oh, I'm making a huge fireworks display for that."

"No, Nico, not all that!" You try to control the creator.

"Oh, baby? Congratulations! That's such happy news!" Kyrie shows up, cleaning her hands on a towel. Her voice is so sweet it makes you smile.

"Guys, tone down. The old man will be back tomorrow. We need to think of something not crazy or super shinning to tell him I'm going to have a baby brother or baby sister." Nero puts his hand on your stomach. "And no screaming. It's not good for the baby."

Someone is overprotective already. You laugh to yourself, finding it adorable and endearing. And then something clicks inside your head.

"I know. Nico, can you make a music box? I think Chopin's nocturne number 9, andante, is a good choice."

"Yeah, sure, that's easy."

"Great. Could you put a little something inside?"

"Like what?"

"Oh, I know, put a small pregnant woman inside! It will be so cute! A girl with a big stomach, on a chair, hugging her belly." Kyrie adds.

"That idea is better than the one I had. Do you think you can do it, Nico?" You give her your best puppy eyes.

"For you, yes. It will be ready around the morning. I'll ask Nero to deliver it to you."

"Sounds perfect. Thank you so much for doing all this for me, kids. I was super scared before coming here. Now I'm eager to meet the new Spardas." You smile sweetly.

"We'll be here whenever you need." Kyrie kisses your cheek again as Nero hugs you.

"Awn, kids, don't make me cry." You say as if you're not crying already.

"I'm going to start working. You take care of yourself, Auntie." "

"Thank you, Nico. I'll be going now. I need to clean up a couple of things. Tomorrow is the big day."

Anxiety rushes through you but leaves as soon as you see Nero's smile. Nero drives you back to your apartment. He also stays and helps you with the cleaning and cooking for tomorrow, leaving only around 10 pm.

"He's such a good boy... My son Nero." You murmur.

With everything almost ready, you go to your shared bedroom.

You undress completely and stare at your reflection. You're certainly gaining some pounds around your waist. But your chest is getting plump too. The bump on your stomach can't be seen yet. But as your hands move to cup the area, your heart speeds up, getting warmer and full of vitality for this little bean of life growing inside you. Your baby with Vergil, the love of your life. It's the life you never even dared to dream of. Your beloved, you, babies, a comfortable home, Dante as an uncle, Nero being your older boy. Nico building toys for the kids, Kyrie singing for them... It was enough to force you to hold back a couple of tears.

Wearing a soft dark blue gown, you crawl to your side of the bed and hug a pillow, trying to smell a little of Vergil there, falling into a slumber later.


Waking up wasn't hard at all. You had quite the energetic rise up, running to your restroom to empty your already empty stomach. Morning sickness is inevitably going to be part of your routine for a while.

You wonder if it will be harder than normal... The baby is a quarter demon and all that. As long as they are born healthy, you're more than happy.

Having a little Vergil running after the mini Vergil would be the cutest thing to ever be seen during the entire existence of this planet.

The thoughts helped you to keep your head positive as you washed the foul taste from your mouth.

Feeling stronger after your morning routine, you wait for Nero to come to your house with the gift your little crew decide to make yesterday.

Sitting on your precious bean bag was the most athletic activity you had done after the pregnancy test. And it wasn't to protect the baby. It was just because you felt drained all the time. Hungry, thirsty, and sleepy. Yesterday was big and special. And highly tiresome. Vergil's favorite food was ready for him, the house was sparkling clean, you bought him a new book, and then, all left to do is telling him about the baby.

You were sluggish, sleeping on your huge bean bag until you heard a couple of knocks on your door, forcing you to get up and open it. It was Nero, a little paper bag in his right hand.

"Here, it's all ready for today! We'll be waiting for your call. Don't keep us waiting, mom!" The boy kisses your cheek and wishes you luck before leaving.

You began to heat the dinner when it was close to 6 pm. Vergil should arrive any minute now.

And it made you more anxious than that time demons abducted you trying to get to Vergil. Or the time you have to go on a mission with Lady because she needed an innocent and cute bait. Those were temporary situations. This is a lot more permanent. There are too many ifs.

And as you stare at the music box, so pretty and adorned with silver and blue velvet, you wondered if it was a good idea after all... You had put the positive pregnancy test index in the music box as well. It was straight to the point. And maybe... Maybe too straight. Maybe you should just wait until tomorrow or next week. You're sure he would arrive tired and that could complicated things... But time was not granted to you.

Vergil opened the door and walked in, calling out your name as he always did when he came back from a mission. Longing made his voice heavier and your body, faster than your mind, responded to him, getting up and going to find the one that made every cell on your body sing with happiness.

"Hello, my love." His arms held you and then all that fear melted away. All coherent thought too, sadly.

"Vergil... I've missed you so much! It's been 29 days." Mutters were forced against his chest.

"I know, I'm so sorry, my love. I tried to be faster but demons constantly brought the crisis towards me." He whispers as his lips kiss the top of your head.

"Tell me the stories?" You ask, puppy eyes staring at him.

"Of course, love. I'll indulge. But now, I smell some of my favorite foods here and I dare to say, I'm quite famished."

"Great! Nero even helped me. So you'll have to relish it even more." Vergil laughs throatily and rests his hands on the bottom of your back, guiding you to the seat closer to his.

You relax under his touch, his voice, his eyes. You see all the warmth hidden there. All the care and love, just beneath a thin layer of ice. And while you both feast, you can't stop yourself from stealing a couple of kisses from the dark knight.

Once the food was over and the two of you relaxed on the big couch, lazily watching tv, you decide to leave his embrace, momentarily, of course. You just need to bring the gifts.

You deliver the Book first. It's an American classic. And one of the first editions of The catcher in the rye. And Vergil's eyes shine when he sees such a piece in front of him.

"I should be the one bringing gifts! But there was nothing worthy of you there..."

"My gift is having you here with me. Safe." Your smile is quickly met with a kiss. "But I do have another gift for you. Here."

Taking the music box from the back of your body, you put the object right in his lap, your legs leading you to sit by his side. And now you felt like the baby could come out through your mouth along with your heart.

"Oh, your heartbeat is so fast, my love. What's wrong?" He speaks and opens the music box?

The melody is familiar to both of you, after listening to it so many times as you watched the stars... But the sculpture of a pregnant woman and the pregnancy test seemed to have done its part, telling him the news.

"Is... Is this true?" He finally looks up. Right into your eyes. His blue orbs appeared to be ready to crack, just like ice.

You weren't sure yet. He wasn't angry, right? Maybe... Overwhelmed? Nothing else gave away his feelings, his face stoic as usual. You just had to be strong and continue this conversation.

"It is. I'm having a baby, Vergil. Your baby. Our baby."

You hold his hand. And you didn't expect him to put away the music box and hug you so tightly your breathing was hard. And he cried, oh so much. His shoulders trembling from his hiccups and shaking breath. One of his hands rested on your back as his right hand touched your abdomen in awe, such feather-like touches as if he was afraid you could break.

"I can't believe it... I can't believe I'm getting a second chance." You can hear him saying. "I'm going to be here for you, forever. I'm never leaving your side, nothing matters but to be here..." His eyes find yours. "For both of you."

And once he looked up, you could see all the adoration and love blooming there. Hope for a better chance. The hope of making it right this time. The hope of raising this kid with you, forever. How could he ever show so much love to you when you had his seed growing inside of you? Tears found your eyes as well, like a contagious disease, and you smiled and ran your fingers through his hair, unable to believe how lucky you are.

"We are having a baby, Vergil!"

"We are. We are!"

He grabs you by your thighs and carries you to your shared bedroom. Being sat on the edge of the bed, Vergil uses Yamato to cut a piece of his jacket. long and thin.

"What are you doing?" You ask as you dry your tears away.

"Improvising." Getting on his knees, Vergil looks at you and smiles. "I was too blind to see how much time I've wasted with things I believe to be important. But now, I won't make that mistake again. My power, my true power is you. Is Nero. Is our baby. There's nothing that makes me stronger than my will to keep you safe. To have your support. To know that no matter what brings me down, you're right there for me. So, my beloved and precious girlfriend, will you be my beloved and precious wife?"

Your "yes" came out ragged and full of tears as you hugged the man in front of you, chanting the world again and again as you kissed his face. It was too much to process at once, but Vergil is calmer than you. And he puts that piece of cloth around your ring finger.

"I promise to give you the most precious ring in the future."

"No, this is perfect. It's a piece of you. Always with me." Your lips kiss the handmade ring. "I don't want a ring. I just want you. That's all I always wanted."

"Your order is my desire." He whispers close to your lips.