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Apologies Accepted.......I guess?

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Adrien liked Nino.


Nino was fun and told great jokes. Nino was kind and compassionate. Nino helped Adrien understand public school better. Nino was the best seat partner that Adrien could ever have. In fact, Adrien couldn’t imagine not having him to sit by.


He liked hanging out with Nino too. It was great that they had a school project together, which also meant that he got his father’s permission to go to his friend's house to work on it. As long as it was school related of course.


That’s how he found himself sitting in Nino’s bedroom, attempting to keep a straight face for one minute—which they both failed to do. Adrien forgot what they were even laughing about, they were just laughing at every little thing.


“ Dude, you're going to make me split my sides. I’m in pain and it’s all your fault.” Nino said after catching his breath.


“ Oh, sorry.” Adrien apologized, his laughter ceasing. He didn’t mean to hurt him. He would never want to cause his friend pain. Maybe he isn’t great at having friends after all.


“ What?” Nino questioned, his eyes crinkling in confusion. “ I wasn’t serious. I meant like…..” Nino trailed off as he struggled to explain. “ a metaphor. You know.”


“Ahh.” Adrien nodded in fake understanding. He kind of understood, but then why would Nino say something like that in the first place if he didn’t feel it?


Adrien returned his gaze back to Nino to find the brunette staring at him, his face pulled into a concentrated look as he studied his friend.


“ Why do you do that?” Nino commented.


“ What do I do?” Adrien’s eyes widened. Gosh, could he do anything right? Why did he always have to mess everything up?


“ You always apologize all the time.”


“ I didn’t even realize I did that.” Adrien answered, a sincere glint flashed in his bright green eyes.
“ Sorry.”


“ Bro, are you kidding me.” Nino said, clearly flabbergasted.


It was clear that the blonde didn’t do it on purpose, which made the situation even funnier. Nino sat up, abandoning his pencil and paper to get level to level with his friend. Placing both hands on his shoulders Nino forced intense eye contact with Adrien.


“ You don’t have to apologize for everything.” Nino insisted.


“ Okay, sorr-“


“-No!” Nino interrupted. “ Say it with me. I.”


“ I.” Adrien repeated..


“ Don’t.”


“ Don’t.”


“ Have.”


“...Have….Nino this is stupid.”


“ No, it’s what you need—trust me.” Nino tried his hardest to keep a straight face and maintan character. “ To apologize.” He continued.


Adrien sighed. Casting a fake annoyed voice, he declared in a sarcastic voice. “ To apologize.”


“....For everything.”


“ For everything.”


“ See, was that so hard?” Nino smugly smirked, only to get hit by a lone pillow.


Adrien cackled, only to get bombed by two in return.


“ Oh it is on!”


The two boys went on to chuck pillows and blankets at one another, giggling. Adrien stepped on the paper essay they were supposed to be working on, and Nino had removed everything off of his bed. It was a raging battle that neither had won, and both had agreed in a stalemate. At the end, the two, winded, plunked down on the bare mattress, bursting out laughing once again.


“ Adrien!” Nino forced out through the laughter. “You have feathers in your hair!”


Adrien wheezed. He seemed so carefree(Radiant, dreamy.) and cheerful. Not at all like the stuffy, unlifelike model his father tried to mold him into. It was great to see his friend be himself.


Adrien's phone dinged from across the room. His whole ecstatic demeanor relinquished. He knew where this was going. Ascending from the bed, he slumped his way over to the shelf and picked up his phone. Reading the text message he confirmed his suspicions.


“ That’s my bodyguard.” He muttered defeatedly. “ I have to go now. Thanks for playing, Nino.”


Nino smiled politely, though he inwardly winced. They were fifteen years old, they did not play. Though, what was the activity they were doing the last half hour? Schoolwork? Nino really needed to update his friend on the modern terms.


“ Of course. We should do this again soon, Adrien.” Nino grinned as Adrien lightened up, an elated expression instantly spreading across his face.


“ Always. Bye Nino! I had the best time with you today. The best I’ve had in a while. I’ve never done this before.” Adrien genuinely professed. He grabbed the loose papers scattered about and stuffed them in his folder. Slinging his book again over his shoulder, he awkwardly turned back to his friend, mulling over ways he could properly excuse himself.


“You’ve never had a pillow fight before?” Nino raised his eyebrows as Adrien shook his head. Huh, Adrien sure was interesting. Something as simple as a homework hangout kept him content.


Adrien turned to go when Nino grabbed his arm.


“ Just so you know, you're my best friend. You can always talk to me, bro.”


“ You’re my-my best friend too!” Adrien seemed taken aback from the bold statement, but returned it nonetheless, all while beaming.


“ Oh, and remember…..” Nino lifted up his fist for a fist bump. “ You don’t have to apologize for everything.”


Adrien And Nino joined fists. “ I think I get the memo, Nino Lahiffe!”


“ Oh do you, Adrien Agreste?”


“ Oh yes, I’m ever so sorry it wasn’t clear.” He laughed.


Nino was glad he finally figured out his classmate, especially now that he got a best friend out of it too.