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Afternoon Delights

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It was normal for you to hear the door slam. In the mornings and early evenings when your boyfriend left for and came home from work. The townhouse you shared with your boyfriend was your little haven. It was always a good feeling being home. You never really took notice of the time and assumed it was early evening.
“Hey! Dumbass!” Bakugo shouted at you. You turned your head to your boyfriend’s barking voice. You blinked in surprise and noticed that the sun was still high in the sky. Bakugo never came home early.
“Kaa-chan, what‘s wrong? Why are you home so soon?” You asked, surprised. You were worried something terrible must’ve happened. Your heart was beating fast, and your mind was racing.
“I called your phone 10 times. Also, I sent a bunch of texts. Is your phone broken?” He asked angrily. The sneer that formed on his lips made your stomach fall.
“It’s probably dead or you were ignoring me.” He stopped for a minute and exhaled hastily. “More like trying to get another boyfriend,” Bakugo said sharply.
“I am sorry. My phone is on silent. It always is when I am working or doing research.” You replied not understanding where his anger was coming from. “I‘ll look at the messages if you’d like.”
He shook his head and clicked his tongue. He glanced at you up and down. The look in his eye didn’t match his attitude. You were genuinely confused. You picked up your phone and started looking at the messages you received from him. You rolled your eyes at him.
“Okay, Bakugo, what is going on?” You asked him with attitude. He ignored you and started walking away. He could definitely be infuriating when he wanted to be. You heard his footsteps on the stairs and decided to follow him. You were going to make him talk to you.
As you came up the stairs and into your shared bedroom you saw Bakugou. Completely naked on the bed waiting for you. There was a venomous smile on his face as you looked at his naked form. You couldn’t help yourself. You felt yourself growing wet looking at him. He was a masterpiece. He had those toned arms that you loved feeling around you at night. His six-pack always seemed hidden beneath a slightly loose shirt. Those legs that you knew held you up when he pinned you against the wall. Your mind had begun wandering to the last time you two were together. How long had it been since you two were intimate? A couple of days, right?
“Hey, you know this cock isn’t going to cum by itself,” Bakugo yelled at you. His dick was a sight to see. It was standing at full height when your eyes grazed over the length. He grinned at you. He knew exactly what he did to you. He could tell how wet you were for him.
You walked into the bedroom as casually as you could, but the only thing you wanted was to feel him inside you. “What do you want me to do, first?” You asked nervously as you walked into the room, trying to read how upset he was. Hopefully, though after some lovemaking he’d cool off.
“Strip. Everything off but your panties.” He demanded. You did as he asked. He was just as dominant in bed as he was when he was being a hero. He grabbed you and pulled you down onto him. Your clothed, wet sex directly on his hard cock.
“You look so good. I couldn’t stop thinking about you while working today. A week really is too long” Bakugou’s hands held onto your hips pinning you down. His smug grin made you want to moan out loud. You wouldn’t give Bakugou the satisfaction of knowing how much you wanted him. He forced you to grind yourself on his hardened length. He moaned deeply from within. You knew he was so needy for you right now, and you’d love to make him crave it.
“Let me feel how wet you are for me.” He said his voice filled with lust. It was more of a statement than asking. He was going to have you no matter what you did. He took two fingers, pushed your panties to the side, and slowly entered your slit. He groaned indistinguishably. That malicious grin he wore meant you were in for it. As he slowly sped up his fingers, plunging them in and out of you, you couldn’t help the soft moans that escaped your throat. Bakugo growled at your moans. He knew he was growing feral at your moans.
“Fuck Princess, you are soaking wet. I haven’t even gotten my hard cock in you and you’re already this wet.” Bakugo teased. He roughly pulled his fingers out leaving you feeling empty.
“Let me taste you, it’s been way too long since my tongue has been on this pussy.” He told you as he flipped you onto your back and ripped your panties off of you.
“Bakugo, those were my favorite pair!” You pouted at him, crossing your arms and legs denying him.
“I’ll buy you one hundred more.” He smiled at you as he kissed your pout away and slowly made his way down your neck, making sure to suck, bite, and lick you. As he moved further down to your collarbone he made sure he left marks letting everyone know that you belonged to him.
He took notice of your erect nipples and sucked at one roughly while rolling the other between his thumb and index finger. You gasped at the pleasure, while he chuckled, and switched sides. When he moved on down to your stomach, this caused you to twist and giggle because it was your ticklish spot. You saw a soft smile on his face as you giggled. He continued his trail of kisses downward. When he settled between your legs and you felt his tongue slide in you and you couldn’t remember the last time he’d just make you come undone like this.
“If you don’t come while I am down here, I’ll just punish you.” Bakugo looked you dead in the eyes. This wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. You weren't sure if you wanted to know what punishment he was going to dole out for you. Either way, you know he’d leave you satisfied. You felt him sucking and teasing you, the guttural moan that escaped your throat let him know you had just cum.
“That’s my good girl listening to me.” He said as he gave you his trademark smirk. He pulled himself on top of you and eyed you.
“You look absolutely ravished and I hadn’t even used this dick yet.” He was full of himself, but you knew he had every right to be. Bakugo’s lips caressed yours softly for a moment before he went into a deeper more lustful kiss.
“Baby, please.” He whined into the kiss, he was asking for consent. You put your hand to your chin pretending to think about it. You decided that you’d make him suffer for a bit. Just because he was being an insufferable, horny asshole earlier.
“You know Kaa-Chan, you weren’t very nice to me. I don’t think I should allow you to continue.” You told him shrewdly.
“ Please, Y/N. I am sorry.” He pleaded with you. The one thing you knew about Bakugo is when he was wanting release he’d beg and plead and give you almost anything you wanted.
“I think I am good.” You told him coldly. You saw his face fall.
“Please, anything at all. It’s yours. I just need you, I need to cum. I am sorry, I’ll become a villain if you want. Anything at all. Please. Baby. It’s been a week since I’ve been inside you. I missed you. I love you.” Your heart skipped a beat at the last sentence he spoke. Sure, he was hot-headed, loud, and could be selfish in the lovemaking department. When he told you he loved you, you knew he had meant it every time.
You pressed a kiss to his chest and smiled at him.
“Thank you Bakugo, but I don’t think so. I love you, but that doesn’t mean you can be rude to me.” You spoke as you propped yourself up on your elbows.
“Y/N. Please.” He pleaded one last time in hopes of you changing your mind. If he knew one thing it was that you were stubborn and unmoveable about the attitude. One last huff escaped Bakugo’s lips as he rolled off of you.
“I understand.” He said completely defeated. You stretched your legs and arms out, noticing Bakugo fighting himself internally, which led to him softening. You turned over to face Bakugo and decided he’d had enough of your teasing. You took your left leg and swung it over Bakugo’s body straddling him.
He gave you a confused look. You placed your hands on his face and kissed him. You slid your tongue over his and deepened the kiss. His hands gingerly caressed your body as you kissed.
“Y/N. I thought you said no.” He said furrowing his eyebrows together. You let out a small chuckle.
“I was just teasing you. Making you pay for saying I’d be trying to get another boyfriend.” He looked down in embarrassment. This vulnerability he showed you wasn’t something you got to see often, but when you did get to see it, you’d fall harder for him.
“Y/N, I am-” You placed your finger to his lips to shush him. With your free hand, you took his cock and started to pump it. When he had hardened again you lined him up with your entrance. The devilish look returned to your boyfriend’s face and he entered you slowly, placing his large hands back on your hips.
“Damn, you look so fucking hot from down here.” He said as he sucked in a breath when he slid into you so effortlessly. A moan escaped from both of you. You leaned forward a bit to adjust for his hardening length.
Bakugo grabbed your hips and pressed them tight against him, as he did a loud smack echoed throughout the room. The stinging of your butt cheek let you know that Bakugo most definitely left a mark.
“You’re mine,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck as he started kissing, and biting you. A shiver rushed through your body as he started moving faster underneath you.
“Katsu, I-” You felt your insides knot into a ball. The way his cock was hitting all the right spots inside made you ready for urgent release.
“Princess, I know you’re close. I can feel you clamping down on me. It’s been too long since last time. Please, just let go. Enjoy the feeling.” Bakugo panted into your ear. He increased his speed to what he thought you needed. You had to admit that he always knew exactly how you wanted it. His thrusts were coming faster, his grip was getting tighter on you, and your moans grew louder.
“Katsu, I- I- can’t. I’m-” you stuttered breathlessly. The knot inside uncoiled as your insides clamped down on Bakugo and you released. You tried to get your bearings as Bakugo kept his speed up.
“Y/N” he was completely out of breath, “I’m- I’m”. He stammered. You felt him release hard and deep inside you. You collapsed on top of him.
You didn’t dare ruin the moment. Bakugo stroked your hair while you listened to his heartbeat wildly. You close your eyes taking in this moment. After a few minutes, you heard Bakugo snoozing. You decided to curl up and nap along with him. There’s always time later for a second round, you thought just before falling asleep.