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Johnny likes cute things.

He can’t help but giggle every time the members are forced to do aegyo, he has far too many plushies decorating his bed, to the point Haechan likes to tease him by calling him a princess, but Johnny doesn’t care. He like them.

He likes feeling cute too, despite his tall stature. Johnny always goes for anything baggy or oversized, sweaters so big even he is drowning in them. They make him feel soft and fluffy, just like his plushies.

Johnny likes cute things, and it’s no secret that Mark Lee is irrevocably adorable.

It doesn’t matter how the stylists will dress him, Johnny always thinks he looks adorable. Johnny thinks its entirely endearing when the way his face scrunches while he lets out obnoxious laughs.

Maybe it’s the way his eyes do that thing, that wide eyed, doe thing that reminds Johnny of the emoji with the sparkling eyes. That emoji was practically made for Mark Lee. Johnny can’t help but giggle every time he sees it.

Johnny likes to scroll through his photo gallery, looking at the pictures of him and Mark where Mark looks so tiny beside him. In reality, they shouldn’t be that far apart in height, but somehow in pictures Mark is dwarfed by Johnny’s side and Johnny just wants to eat him right up.

One day he decides, why the hell not?

Johnny lets himself into the 10th floor dorms, finding Mark sitting at a table with a bowl of cereal. Despite it being noon, he’s probably only now eating breakfast.

“Hey, Mark,” Johnny greets, fond smile on his face as he watches Mark’s doe eyes look up at him, spoon poised halfway to his open mouth.

“Oh, hey hyung!” He smiles back, so genuine Johnny squeals on the inside.

Johnny takes a seat across from the boy, watching as he continues to eat his cereal. Well, there’s no other way to go about this.

“Mark, have you ever been kissed?” Johnny abruptly asks. It was probably the wrong move to make. Mark does a spit take, coughing up a storm from the other side of the table.

“W-what?” Mark chokes out, “Dude, I’ve been at the agency since I was like 12, when would I have had the time to kiss anyone?”

“I don’t know, were around people all the time.” Johnny says, “Maybe I should rephrase the question, have you ever kissed a boy?”

And Mark, who had been mid sip of water, starts to choke all over again. The boy actually slides out of his seat, hands sprawled on the ground as he wheezes for breath, water being spat out all over the floor.

“Fuck, man, are you okay?” Johnny asks, joining Mark on the floor. He feels a little bad for his poor timing.

Not knowing what to do as the younger continues to wheeze for breath, Johnny just rubs comforting circles across his back. When Mark finally speaks again, his voice comes out a cracked and strained croak, “I’m fine."

Mark aimlessly grapples for the end of the table to haul himself up, even though Johnny is right there and could have helped him. Mark grabs a towel and falls back to his knees to clean up the water.

Mark doesn’t speak for the next three minutes, instead goes back to eating his cereal (albeit shakily). Johnny goes back to his seat across from him, simply watching.

“Why do you ask?” Mark finally asks.

Johnny shoots his shot, “I was just thinking about how I haven’t kissed anyone in so long, and I kindofwanttokissyou!” Johnny rushes to say before Mark’s spoonful can reach his mouth and enact another choking session.

Mark gapes at him, the contents of his spoon falling back into the bowl.

“That is, if you want to, of course.” Johnny rectifies softly, not wanting to pressure the younger into anything. Mark pushes the bowl towards the middle of the table.

“Jesus christ,” He says, dropping his head to rake both hands through his hair. “Are you serious right now?” he asks, looking up at Johnny through his lashes. Johnny could coo, wants to reach over and pinch his cheeks but refrains himself.

Johnny nods as an answer, staring at the boy expectantly, hopefully.

Mark eventually sighs and gives Johnny the tiniest nod. Johnny could launch himself over the table and kiss him right now, but instead, he carefully gets up from his seat and joins Mark on the other side, sliding across the bench until they’re sitting thigh to thigh.

Mark looks up at him and Johnny is reminded of the London VLive they shot where they were sitting in similar positions. Mark had really tested him that time too, looking so fucking adorable as he traced along Johnny’s new tattoo. He almost wanted to cut the camera and kiss him right there, but Johnny is nothing if not patient. And after all this time desperately wanting to kiss Mark fucking adorable Lee—he finally gets his chance.

Johnny leans down to Mark, sees the way Mark gulps before his eyes slip closed, lips pursed in anticipation and Johnny lets out a little giggle at the sight. Cute.

When their lips connect, a firework display could be going off in Johnny’s chest right now and he wouldn’t have questioned it. The fireworks crescendo when Mark seems to melt into the kiss, leaning more into Johnny. Johnny lets his hands come up to cup the younger’s neck to keep him close.

Johnny’s not sure how long they kiss for, the little licks, and nibbles, and sucks, nothing too rated R and it’s honestly perfect. Mark kisses exactly like he looks, adorably.

When Johnny pulls away, Mark’s eyes flutter back open, looking at Johnny dazedly and Johnny can’t help but coo and peck his nose cutely.

“You’re cute, Mark Lee.”

Mark blinks up at him, “T-thanks.” He says numbly, and Johnny giggles again.




The kissing doesn’t stop there. It ends up being a rather frequent occurrence, ramping up from every so often to daily to multiple times a day. They even take it beyond kissing after a few months. Despite Mark’s inexperience, he’s a fast and eager learner and Johnny teaches him all there is to know.

Besides, Johnny can’t quite help himself every time he gets a flash of Mark’s doe eyes, and Mark is always so compliant, easily falling to the elder’s wiles.

One day, Johnny comes up with another grade A idea. Mark’s already cute, but Johnny wants to dress him up like his own little doll. He decides it’s worth a shot asking the younger.

Johnny’s got Mark on his bed in his lap, sweetly kissing the younger when he decides to spring the question.

“Markie,” he starts, his heart swells at the adorable pout Mark gives him for taking his kisses away. Johnny surges forward to peck him on the lips once more, eyes scrunches into crescents as Mark gets a dopy look on his face.

“Markie, how would you like it if I dressed you up?”

Mark blinks at him, mouth parted cutely. Johnny would very much like to lick past his lips.

“Like a stylist noona? A stylist hyung?” Mark giggles and Johnny’s large hand squeezes his small waist. Johnny can actually just barely touch his fingers if he wraps both hands around Mark’s waist. His brain goes a little dumb every time he thinks about it.

“Yeah, like a stylist noona.” Johnny smiles at him. “So, what do you think, baby?”

Mark likes that nickname the best, he smiles cutely at Johnny, nodding his consent, and Johnny grins big before the make out again.




A week later and Johnny has Mark’s outfit all ready for him. He’s bursting with excitement, itching to get Mark into the lingerie. He practically pounces on the younger when Mark gets out of the shower after dance practice and ushers him into Mark’s room.

“I got your outfit, baby.” Johnny coos, watching as Mark’s eyes widen and a smile comes onto his face.

“Really, hyungie?”

“Yes, want me to dress you?”

Mark nods cutely and Johnny eagerly goes to pull out the garments. Mark gasps as he sees the display. Johnny had bought him a set, a baby blue lace bralette with little pink flowers sewed onto the straps. Mark won’t be able to quite fill out the cups but that’s okay. It will look adorable on his anyways.

Along with it comes matching lace panties, a thigh garter, and a little, see through lace skirt, so short he’s sure Mark’s cute bubble butt will peek out from underneath.

Johnny motions Mark closer, the latter of which has yet to take his eyes off the clothes, an awed look in his eyes.

“Do you like it, Markie?”

Mark quickly nods, looking up at Johnny with a lip caught between his teeth. It drives Johnny crazy how Mark will do such sexy things without even meaning to. He almost choked on his food the other day when Mark had sensually bit into a cookie with hooded eyes staring straight at Johnny. And Mark hadn’t even meant to do so.

Johnny tugs Mark’s shirt off his body and shimmies his sweats and boxers off his legs until Mark is standing naked in front of him. This isn’t the first time he’s seen Mark naked, far from it, but the younger’s cheeks still color a rosy red in embarrassment, and he looks down not meeting Johnny’s eyes.

“Hyung,” He whines out cutely.

“Come here, baby. Don’t hide.” Johnny says gently, pulling Mark closer by his waist. “Sit down on the bed, baby.”

Mark does so, and Johnny gets to work dressing up his precious doll.

Mark’s breath shudders when he feels the lace brush against his skin, his sensitive nipples perking up at the touch of the fabric. Johnny then slides the panties up Mark’s toned legs, the younger lifting and spreading his legs shyly so Johnny can get them on more easily.

Mark lets out a little noise when Johnny places his hand under his butt to get him to shift his hips up, and then gently tucks the younger’s half hard dick inside. He pats at it softly, making Mark’s hips stutter. Johnny giggles at the reaction.

He then slips on the baby blue lace thigh garter, and fuck, they wrap around Mark’s thick thighs so beautifully. Johnny really wants to fuck him with the cute accessory still on.

Everything about Mark is adorable. He’s spread out on his bed with a shy gaze and rosy cheeks and Johnny wants to eat him up he’s so cute.

“Last piece, baby.” Johnny says, and once again, Mark lifts up his lower half so Johnny can slip the tiny lace skirt up his smooth legs, fingers trailing across the skin as he goes. Mark’s eyes slip closed, humming as Johnny gets the skirt into place.

“Fuck, Markie.” Johnny groans when he pulls away to take in his doll. Mark is a sight to see. Everything about him looks so soft yet incredibly sexy. Johnny thinks he might just combust on the spot.

“Oh, one more thing, I almost forgot.” Johnny goes over to his desk to pick up the blue headband he’d gotten, walking over to Mark to place it in his hair.

“There you go, baby. You look like the prettiest present.” And he does, with the boy in his hair, Mark looks like he’s just waiting to be unwrapped.

Johnny quickly slips his phone out of his pocket, “Let me take pictures of you, you’re so fucking pretty.”

Mark looks down shyly as the camera shutters go off. Johnny gets every single angle, from between Mark’s legs, from down below, from hovering above Mark, a side profile. He even has Mark lay in different positions, with one leg bent as he lies on his back, hair haloed around him on a pillow as he looks demurely at the camera.

Johnny has him sit up with his legs bent out to the side, so the skirt fans prettily across the tops of his thighs, exposing the rest of them to the camera.

Pretty, pretty, so fucking cute. Mark is Johnny’s personal doll to dress and to fuck.

“Mark,” Johnny groans after he puts his phone away to climb up over Mark’s body. Mark blinks up at him, pupils blown, the cute bow still placed in his hair. Johnny leans down to capture his lips in a kiss. Mark eagerly reciprocates, and Johnny can feel his desperation, matching his own.

“Markie, do you want me, baby?”

Mark nods, whining into the kiss. He’d clearly gotten worked up during their little photoshoot. Mark’s fingers curl around Johnny’s bicep. Johnny looks down to watch as Mark traces lightly over his sunflower tattoo, another reminder of a VLive shot long ago.

Johnny groans. He slides his big hands up Mark’s thighs, up under his skirt. Mark’s breath hitches when Johnny kneads at his thighs.

“I want to fuck you thighs, baby, will you let me?”

“Y-yes,” Mark agrees, “do whatever you like, hyungie.”

“So polite, my pretty little doll.” Johnny coos, peppering kisses all over Mark’s face, heart melting when the younger giggles.

“On your knees, pretty baby.” Johnny says, sliding his hands back down Mark’s legs. Mark quickly gets into position, flipping over so he’s on his hands and knees in front of the older.

Johnny groans when Mark’s plump ass is in fact, on display, the short lace skirt doing little to nothing to hide it. Mark wiggles his hips and Johnny’s not sure he even realizes he’s doing it.

Johnny can’t help but reach forward and grope Mark’s ass. The younger whines, pushing back into Johnny’s hands. Johnny watches tantalizingly when he nudges Mark’s butt cheek continuously to watch it jiggle.

Mark squeals, pressing his thighs together, but Johnny just pushes them apart again, hooking one finger around the thigh garter and letting it snap back against Mark’s skin causing the younger to yelp in surprise.

Johnny gropes his ass some more, kneading his plump cheeks like they’re dough before flipping the skirt up. Mark gasps as the feeling, back caving beautifully.

Johnny uncaps the lube bottle, pouring a generous amount onto his hand and rubbing them together before he slicks up Mark’s thighs. Mark hums at the feeling. Johnny gets a little sidetracked at massaging the youngers thick thighs. He can’t wait to get his dick between them, squeezing him so tight and beautifully…

Johnny moans, pulling away to quickly strip himself of his pants and boxers. Mark’s panting on the bed even though they haven’t done anything yet, and Johnny’s eager to get his hands back on his asap.

He pours more lube onto his cock, making sure he’s nice and wet before he slips his dick in between Mark’s thighs, and urges the boy to press his thighs together.

Johnny groans when he feels the muscles flex around his dick. He experimentally thrusts and they both moan, Johnny able to feel the lace material of his panties with every push and pull.

Mark’s keening high in his throat as Johnny’s thrusts get faster and more desperate. His cock rubs up against Mark’s lace covered dick and it’s clearly affecting both of them. Johnny reaches over to flip back down his skirt and groans at the pretty sight of lace fanning over his plump ass.

“Press together harder for me, baby.” Johnny instructs, voice a low rumble. Mark does so, clenching his thighs and squeezing them tighter as hard as he can, which is pretty hard. Johnny moans at the tightness, fucking in and out and smearing precum all over the younger’s panties and thighs.

Mark is a whimpering mess below him. He’s trying hard to press his thighs tighter and make it good for Johnny, but Johnny can see that the younger boy is shaking at the strain.

Johnny’s not going to last much longer like this. He slides his hand into Mark’s hair and yanks slightly, causing a strangled moan to fly out of Mark’s mouth.  Johnny stops in surprise when a wet feeling starts to drip down his cock.

He knows for a fact he didn’t cum yet, which means…

“Mark, did you just cum?”

Mark is shaking beneath him, and when Johnny pulls away, he collapses onto the bed, face pressed into the mattress like he’s embarrassed.

Johnny easily turns Mark over so he’s on his back. Mark whines, trying to cover himself but Johnny’s fast to pull his hand away from his crotch, sucking in a breath when he sees the front of Mark’s lace panties are drenched in the younger’s cum.

“Oh, Mark,” Johnny moans at the sight, “Such a slutty doll, aren’t you? Couldn’t even stand having your master fuck your thighs without creaming yourself, could you?”

Mark’s body shudders at his words. Johnny peels Mark’s panties off so his cock is fully exposed to him now, his to do whatever he pleases.

Johnny runs a finger lightly up the younger’s cock through the white mess, making Mark’s breath hitch at the fleeting sensation, dick still sensitive from his orgasm.

Mark’s cock is huge, really. No matter how cute and petite the rest of Mark is, his cock is nothing to be cooing over. Drooling over, maybe. He’s lucky Johnny’s hands are so fucking big, they wrap around Mark’s cock and immediately begin to pump him.

Mark cries out, body jerking like he’s trying to stop Johnny, but Johnny gives him one stern look, “Dolls don’t move, now do they?”

Mark gulps, falling back against the bed and fisting the sheets below him in an effort to stay still. Something dangerous blooms inside Johnny’s chest at that. Mark’s so fucking good for him.

He must have accidently said that out loud, because the younger keens high in his throat at the praise. Mark’s always had a praise kink as well.

“Will you be good doll for master and let me use your body, Markie?”

Mark hums and nods fervently, Johnny’s hand never stopping his ministrations, simply changing speeds, or swiping a thumb across his slit occasionally.

“Good boy,” Johnny coos, before letting go of Mark’s red cock and lightly slapping it a few times, making Mark jolt under the sensation.

“Spread your legs, baby.”

Mark always manages to look so innocent when they play, even though they both know he’s far from it. His wide doe eyes take in Johnny as he slowly spreads his legs apart for the older.

Johnny hums, hands traveling up and down the younger’s skin, going back to the garter to snap it against his thigh a few times, before traveling back up and massaging the area right around his dick, but not actually touching it.

Mark moans all the while, tipping his head back into the sheets, he’s so fucking precious, Johnny could eat him whole—but he’s got other plans for tonight.

“Now, I want you to be as still as possible, okay, doll?” Johnny instructs. Mark nods setting into the sheets.

Johnny reaches out to grab the blue ribbon he’d set aside earlier. Mark watches intently as Johnny wraps the ribbon around the base of Mark’s dick, letting out a gasp when Johnny tightens the ribbon and ties it off into a bow, effectively staving off any orgasm Mark might have.

“This is to make sure we don’t have anymore accidents, baby.”

Mark whines a little in dismay but stops when Johnny gives him a warning look.

 “You look so cute, Markie.” Johnny says, leaning over Mark to kiss him. Mark lazily kisses back and he’s adorable.

So fucking cute.

“Look at you, all wrapped up pretty for me.” His headbands gone a little askew atop his head, but Johnny actually likes it better this way, it makes Mark look even more debauched and slutty.

Johnny holds out three fingers for Mark, who takes them into his mouth instantly, swirling his tongue around the digits to get them wet. Johnny hums appreciatively before pulling them out and reaching down to probe at the younger’s entrance.

Mark groans when Johnny’s index finger breaches his rim, wiggling around and rubbing at the younger’s warm, velvet walls before slipping in a second. It doesn’t take long to get Mark worked up, the younger’s chest heaving up and down, hands curling into the bedsheets in attempt to stay still for Johnny, to be a good doll.

Johnny coos at the younger, praising him for being so good. When he’s three fingers deep into Mark, he pulls them out, wiping the excess wetness by smearing them across Mark’s hips.

Johnny then reaches out for the long vibrator he’d placed out of sight at the edge of the bed when he’d gone to get the headband. He grabs the lube to slick it up, watching as Mark’s eyes follow his hands, eyeing the vibrator in a mix of want and trepidation.

Johnny gets right to it, spreading Mark’s legs a little further apart, rubbing the left over lube up one thigh before beginning to push the vibrator into Mark. Mark tenses at the sudden intrusion.

“Come on doll, be good and loosen your hole for me.”

Mark takes a shuddering breath, before Johnny pushes the vibrator all the way in. Mark moans out, legs twitching at the fullness. Then Johnny turns it on, and Mark’s whole body jolts, curling in on himself instinctually.

Johnny tsks, manhandling Mark back down into the sheets as the younger cries at the onslaught of pleasure to his asshole.

“What did I say about keeping still, Mark?” Johnny ups the vibrations to the second highest setting causing Mark to wail.

“I’m s-sorry! It’s so much!

“You can take it.” Johnny’s tone doesn’t leave room for negotiation. He’s got an arm holding Mark’s hips down forcibly as he shoves the vibrator in and out of him, making sure to spend extra attention to his swollen prostate, making Mark cry out even louder.

He loves the cutes sounds the younger makes when he’s overwhelmed in pleasure. Johnny loves seeing cute little Mark Lee pliant and open beneath him, for him.

He’d like it even better if his slutty doll would stay still.

“If you keep squirming, I’m going to have to leave you here tied up. You don’t what that, do you, doll?”

Mark chokes on a sob, quickly shaking his head, “N-no.”

“Then stop. Moving.” Johnny demands, and Mark’s body instantly goes pliant under him, though Johnny can still feel him shaking.

“Good, now stay that way.”

And with that, Johnny ups the vibration to its highest setting, and Mark starts to outright sob. His fingers holding onto the sheets so tight his knuckles are white.

Mark’s babbling incoherently, pleas no doubt, and Johnny thinks he’s cutest like this. Fucked out and completely at the elder’s mercy.

Johnny reaches for his phone, leaving the vibrator inside of Mark to press up against his prostate mercilessly, and snaps a few pictures of the younger.

Mark’s head jolts to the side in surprise the flash, Johnny decides he’ll let it slide.

After a while, Johnny starts to make out what Mark is babbling over and over again.

“Please, please Johnny hyung, master—”

“What do you want, baby?” Johnny asks, head fogging a little at the desperate way Mark called him master. Johnny slides his hands up Mark’s thighs, raking his fingernails gently across his skin. He can feel Mark’s muscles jump under his ministrations.

“Wanna cum, please, please,”

“You can cum, baby, go ahead.”

Mark’s head twitches, “N-no, I can’t. The ribbon—” he explains like Johnny doesn’t already know, like Johnny’s not the one who did this to him.

“Yes, you can, Markie. Cum,” Johnny coos, pushing the vibrator in harshly to press up against that bundle of nerves. With a shout, Mark’s whole body convulses, angry red cock straining against the ribbon, and Johnny knows Mark experienced a dry orgasm.

A little bit of liquid slips out of Mark’s cock slit, dripping pathetically down the side of his dick. Tears flow heavy down Mark’s cheeks as he curls up on his side, shaking. The vibrator still buzzing away in his ass.

Johnny decides the younger has done well enough.

Johnny whispers sweet praises into Mark’s ear as he reaches out to stop the vibrator, but doesn't pull it out. He rubs comfortingly across the younger’s sweaty skin.

“You did so well for me, baby. Such a good doll.”

When Mark’s eyes open to stare up at Johnny, it takes all the breath out of his lungs. The younger’s eyes wide and red rimmed, tears still falling. Johnny reaches out to wipe his tears away with a gentle swipe of his thumb.

“I did?” Mark asks, sniffling. Johnny coos, reaching out to wipe his snot away too. Mark is the cutest doll. All his.

Mark reaches out for a hug, clearly wanting to cuddle, but Johnny’s not quite done with him yet. His own cock is straining against his stomach, begging for attention. He can’t wait another minute to get his dick inside of his fuck doll.

“You did, baby. Now, just one more thing for hyungie and we can cuddle all you want, okay?”

Mark’s face falls slightly at the understanding that Johnny’s not done with him yet, but he’s a good doll so he doesn’t complain.

“Okay, hyungie.”

Johnny leans down to peck his lips and then pulls the vibrator out of the younger’s hole, leaving it gaping and clenching around the absence. Johnny lets out a low groan at the sight. He slicks up his cock with the liquids slipping out of Mark’s gaping hole and goes to stick it right in meeting absolutely no resistance.

Mark cries out anyway, hands scrambling for purchase, trying to wrap around Johnny’s neck, but Johnny has another idea.

“Turn around, baby. On your hands and knees.”

Mark whines but does as he’s told. Johnny doesn’t even pull out, just sits and watches as Mark struggles to flip himself over. His whole body shaking with the strain to keep him up on all fours.

Johnny places a hand on the small of Mark’s back, sliding down to grip at the waistband of his skirt, and then thrusts in harshly.

Mark yelps, falling down instantly at the intensity of Johnny’s thrusts. Johnny lands a hard spank on Mark’s ass cheek, arousal swelling at the way the skin reddens and jiggles.

“Up.” Johnny says simply, and Mark scrambles to get back into position. Johnny doesn’t make it easy, slamming into the younger over and over again.

On the third time Mark’s arms give out under him, Johnny sighs, but decides to let it go. He’s so close anyways.

“Johnny, Johnny, please,” Mark whines, and Johnny really has no idea what he’s whining for.

“Is this not enough for you, Mark? Is my dick ramming into your filthy hole not good enough for a cock slut like you?”

Mark sobs, face falling into the mattress. “W-wanna c-cum, please,” Mark pleads, words barely discernable to johnny. Oh, right, the ribbon was still tied tight around Mark’s dick.

“Alright, let’s cum together, baby.” Johnny grabs hold of the end of the ribbon but doesn’t pull it off instantly. He adjusts so his thrust are right up towards Mark’s prostate, causing the younger to cry out.

Oh, please! Please, hyung, please,” Mark begs, and it only takes a couple more thrusts before Johnny’s yanking the ribbon loose and they’re spilling together. Johnny’s dick throbs as warm cum shoots out, defiling Mark’s asshole.

Mark is babbling once again as his body convulses, streams of cum shooting out of him over and over again. In fact, it lasts so long Johnny starts to grow somewhat concerned.

He pulls out of Mark, causing the younger to shudder at the loss, and gently flips the boy over so he’s lying on his back once again. Clear liquid spurts out of Mark’s cock at intervals and Johnny is left to start at him in shock.

“Oh my god, baby, you’re squirting.” Johnny says in awe. And it’s fucking adorable. Johnny thinks his heart just combusted in his chest.

Mark keeps shaking at each spurt, seeming rather out of it. His eyes are glazed and staring out at nothing. Mark’s fingers blindly reach out and grasps one of Johnny’s plushies that he'd stole from him months ago. Mark pulls the whale plushie to him to hug it tight to his chest.

Johnny groans all over again, Mark will be the death of him.

He hastily reaches for his phone once again, snapping some more pictures and a video as Mark clutches the whale tightly to his chest as his cock spurts clear liquid all over the both of them. Johnny will have to wash the plushie later, but it’s worth it.

Johnny carefully cleans Mark up after the younger finally stops squirting. Mark is dazed and completely out of it at this point. Johnny worries maybe he went a little too far.

It’s a while later when Mark comes around again, stirring in Johnny’s hold as the older has him clutches tightly to his chest in a back hug.

“Hyung?” Mark’s rough voice calls out, shot with all his crying.

“I’m here, baby. Are you alright?”

“’M fine.” Mark says, turning around in his embrace to face Johnny. “What happened?”

“You squirted baby, and then you were out of it for a while.” Johnny explains, concernedly. Mark’s cheeks blush red, and Johnny’s heart swells, leaning down to press kisses to them.

“I s-squirted?” Mark questions, looking shocked.

“You did.” Johnny hums, “I took a video if you want to see.” He doesn’t wait for Mark to answer, reaching beside him to grab his phone and thumb over to the video to show Mark how cute he looked clutching his plushie and squirting.

“H-hyung!” Mark exclaims embarrassed, eyes wide as he watches the video before hiding his face in his hands.

Johnny chuckles, “You just looked so cute, even held on to Blue here.” Johnny says, nodding towards the aforementioned whale plushie. Mark eyes it in horror before burrowing into Johnny’s broad chest.

“F-fuck hyung, I only remember it felt really fucking good.”

Johnny hums contentedly, “Good, we can do it again next time then.”

Mark sputters and Johnny laughs. Mark hugs him tighter.


Yes, Johnny loves cute things, and he’s convinced there’s nothing cuter in the world than Mark fucking Lee.