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“Thank you so much again, Seoho hyung” Xion said looking at Seoho while eating his cotton candy.

Seoho just nod and smile at him while still making a cotton candy. Well, this is Xion's challenge but things doesn't work out well so he called his favorite hyung to rescue him.

Xion is still wearing his Winnie the Pooh outfit, looking cute as ever that's why Seoho can't help but to pinch the youngest cheek which returns in to a whine and pout.

“Smile now, the genuine one even there's no To Moons watching at you. You've been quite the whole afternoon, Juji” Seoho said while putting the last cotton candy he made.

Xion stayed quite and put down his cotton candy while cleaning the table they used. Seoho just shook his head then helped the youngest. He became quite again and it's bothering him since their maknae is always like this whenever he doesn't feel good, hiding something or what.

After they finished cleaning, Xion gets his cotton candy and eat again. He followed Seoho who's leaving the building now. It's a serene silent but their mind is clouded that they didn't realized that they are already on their dorm building. Xion already finished his cotton candy that's why Seoho gave his to the youngest.

Xion confusely looks at him. “Isn't this yours,hyung?”

“No, take it. I think you need lots of sweet to be hyper again”

Seoho put it on his hand and enter their dorm first. Xion just shrugged and started to eat again.

When they enter the dorm, Hwanwoong and Keonhee are at the living room and when they saw Xion's cotton candy, they already snatched it to him.

Keonhee looks at Hwanwoong then Seoho while raising his one eyebrow because Xion just gave it to them. If this is on a normal situation, Xion will whack them or bite them for snatching his food.

“He's still like that?” Hwanwoong asked Seoho who just nodded.


After a few minutes, Ravn went out of their room to set the movie. Watching movies together is ONEUS bonding time especially now that they don't have much schedule. Hwanwoong, Keonhee and Seoho are already there so Ravn called Dongju who sat on the side of the sofa.

“Where is Leedo?” Ravn asked.

Keonhee was about to answer when the front door of their dorm opened and theu are greeted by a smiley and energetic Leedo who sat in the floor.


“What happened to you?” Keonhee asked.

“Nothing” Leedo answered but still smiling widely.

“How's your event today?? What was that? Twitter Space?” Seoho asked.

“Well...” Leedo smile widely again and they already know that. Well, everyone knows that since To Moons keep on tweeting the moments of Wyatt and Leedo.

“ Yea, don't continue it. To Moons and Fuse you made them your third wheel” Hwanwoong said while chuckling. Leedo couldn't help but to feel flustered and smile.

“And why did you came late again?” Ravn asked again.

“Ah, Wyatt hyung and I just ate outside” Leedo shyly answered. Keonhee and Hwanwoong smacks Leedo since at last, he finally hang out with Wyatt.

“How was it?”

“It's awkward at first but Wyatt hyung keeps on leading the conversation. We will hang out tomorrow again” Leedo blurted out that cause another cheers from Ravn, Keonhee and Hwanwoong.

Everyone may be focus on Leedo but Seoho's eyes were fix on their maknae who still silent and just looking at the television eversince Leedo arrived. It's confusing since this maknae will nag to Leedo or whine whenever he arrived late but today's different.

The cheering and chitchats are getting louder and louder so Xion stand up and stomp his feet, making a loud thump that makes everyone looks at him except to Seoho who's observing him eversince. All eyes are confused on his sudden behavior and Leedo just realized their maknae was here.

“You all loud, I can't focus on the movie. I'll just sleep on Onewe's” Xion coldly said as he rushed out, running and shutting the door closed.

His feeling is too overwhelming. He can't explain why does he is acting this way. He run and run until his feet reach the park infront of their building. He sat on one of the bench as he tries to catch his breath.

He was about to wipe his tears when suddenly, he realized that he's crying while running.

“What the hell is this Son Dongju?!” He angrily said to himself while pulled his hair. He's panting and tears keeps on betraying him.

“Why are you crying?”

Xion was shocked when he looked on the owner of the voice.

“and why are you here?” Xion asked back as he stares on his eyes.

Leedo doesn't know what to do when he saw the youngest crying. He steps forward and acts to wipe the youngest tears but Xion steps backward

“Why, Xion? Why?” Leedo asked softly, pain is evident on his eyes as he saw Xion's state.

Xion just smile and shakes his head. “Just go back to dorm and talk about Wyatt hyung. I'll go now”

Leedo looks shocked when he figured out the boy was jealous so he grab Xion's hand and make him face him.

“You're jealous to him even you're my boyfriend?” Leedo asked.

“Am I? I never saw you being giddy and happy eversince the first time you met me. You never feel flustered whenever you talked about us!” Xion panted after he said that to Leedo.

“What are you talking about?” Leedo tries to calm down Xion but he can't. The boy burst out all his frustration and feelings for the whole day.

“ I'm using my account on twitter when you two talked. Well, both of you fits together. Haha. You both have deep voice, he always leads you to conversation, you both can do workouts and supports you. While, while me?! I'm still lacking at everything! He also told you two were destiny so maybe he's right and To Moons were correct, we were just thirdwheeling on your blind date.” Xion chuckled even the pain in his chest keeps on kicking.


Leedo doesn't know what to say. He makes his boyfriend hurt, he makes his baby in pain.

“Why are you being like that? He's just a friend for pete sake, Xion” Leedo gritted.

Xion looks shock but composed himself immediately.

“Stop telling me that because we also started being like that. What's the difference? Seems like you're happier with him. Never saw you being happy like that”


“I'm sorry” Leedo bowed his head as he can't look to Xion.


“You know what hurts the most? You promised me to be the guest on my challenge on vlive but I can't contact you beforehand. Then you didn't even pay attention or greeted me when you're home. I just realized you went on a dinner date with him by ditching me. I can let you do that but you didn't give notice, hyung. I had wait for you!”

Xion tried to removed Leedo's grip in his hand. His vision's became blurry and started to run until he heard Leedo calling his name. He continue to run not knowing what's happening around him. After a minute of running while crying, all he's seeing is a truck, beeping on him and Leedo's calling his name.