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Fallacious Hope

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The lights had been forcefully shattered, all the doors of the mansion estate remaining wide open, doors creaking.

In one of the rooms of the mansion lies the corpse of a spirit, who's time was running out, diminishing through the moments of seconds.

As she was dying, she kept her eyes directed towards nowhere and everywhere; her head stern, watching out the window of the mansion's library. She was wondering if she ever could have had the chance to see the world in her own eyes, outside of this cage that is the library.

The windows felt like bars, and her, like a bird with the key to the cage, but yet unable to escape.

As if her duty was complete, she watched in horror as her body was vanquishing, giving up on her the same way her mother gave up on her.

Holding onto an ornamented black book, her defensive nature she had given up on that moment as she hugged onto the book that has been with her for the many, tiresome centuries that had passed.

That book.. Was her dearest friend, through misery, through sorrow, through the pain, and the days she wept wondering if her mother would ever return.

Hugging onto the book, in search of comfort she won't receive. A hug, of comfort.

Shattering into reminiscent dust, as her corpse vanished into thin air.

All the time, she was smiling through her tears, feeling complete, yet incomplete.

As if there was still something for her yet to do.

The once established contract, now fulfilled.

Beatrice felt in-and-yet-complete, her non-existent desires fulfilled, her contract fulfilled.

She wished that if perhaps she was as blank as the pages of her book, perhaps all these years of isolation and misery wouldn't have affected her, and she could have completed her issued duty as per her mother's demand.

Beatrice wishes she could've been a better daughter.

Maybe her mother abandoned her because she was a bad girl? Was she? Beatrice contemplated in sorrow.

At the thought, she sulked a bit, her sobs not going unnoticed. Holding onto the fraying parts of her soul, she watched as she diminished into nothingness.

With the belief that she might meet her mother in the afterlife, no matter how much of a failure of a contracted spirit she was to her; Beatrice felt glad for once in her life.

Glad.. Was it really happiness she felt?

The spirit was being enveloped by emotions that would've, minutes ago, left her viewing them as foreign to her.

This joy, however sinister, was Beatrice's only joy. A joy that hasn't been felt since many centuries had come and passed.

Come and pass.. All life has to eventually fray into nothingness.

Yet she could only contemplate, questioning as to why everyone seems to be leaving behind.

Her mentor, Guese. Her brother, Roswaal A. Mathers. Her friend Ryuzu Shima. Her Mother.. Echidna.

All of the people that had thought her a reason to live for. Lessons that she would come to value, as she will not forget over the span of many years.

She's for certain she couldn't have survived so long if it weren't for her mentor's teachings - to not be slothful, and to have patience as all good will come over the span of time. For with the learning of virtue, she was able to stay patient, but now it won't be the same.

One and the same..

Was there someone who was like her? Weeping in despair, yet pushing away people who could've been potentially, they.

They… was that boy, perhaps they?

The witch of Greed, her mother, who gave way and created her existence. Too who, gave her life. To whom, assigned a duty however painful, in hopes of guidance no matter where they are to one and another, no matter the distance.

And now.. She'll be joining them.

''Mother.. I'm coming for you.. So please, wait for me, I suppose...'' she muttered as she gave her last breaths. With a deep sigh, she gave an actual smile for the first time in hundreds of years now; for her demise has been successful, as accordingly 'written' in her book.

Beatrice's tears having long dried now, she was watching as her life was, is, diminishing before her eyes.

Warm memories of blissful days play in her mind, as she feels oddly melancholic - gap in time.

Holding onto her hands, she watched as they turned transparent, her Od draining out.

If her heart was as see-through as she was now, one would be seeing the depths of despair, mixed with some degree of shame, that followed through time.

Her soul was giving up on her, the same way her mother gave up on the spirit, long ago.

Beatrice was dead, no traces remaining reminiscent she ever existed.

Watching at the sidelines, as they were leaning on the door, the perpetrator stepped into the light revealing the identity of the silhouette.

''Ah, slicing the stomach of a spirit really is the best. I couldn't have helped but wished you lasted longer, thought.'' Small giggles were escaping her mouth, as her sadistic smile was evident on her face.

Stepping forward and picking up her daggers with the flick of a wrist, Elsa the gut hunter stepped out of the mansion library as if nothing extraordinary just happened.

With a shrug of her shoulders and a small smile, Elsa went out to see if Meili had fulfilled her part of the job.

''But before I do that, a few more task still remains, so I'll…''

Elsa's silhouette came to a stand still as her face was adorned with another sadistic smile, her new prey now found.


''N-NO!'' Petra shrieked out as she was being chased throughout the village.

Panting running forward, Mabeasts were following her, to whichever direction she would take and little path of escape was left available.

Petra took a hold of a tree branch as she went into a defensive pose, tears welling in her eyes.

The little girl did whatever she could to defend herself; threw rocks, sticks and even poked the Mabeasts with the tree branches she found on the ground, but they wouldn't leave her alone.

Petra was full on sobbing, as she was terrified, wondering what was going to happen now, as the mabeasts was only coming closer.

''Subaru, please, save.. me..'' She went down on her knees, kneeling as she started to hug herself.

Desperate to get out of the forest, and having been chased there, Petra could only cry out her frustration at herself for being so weak.

Fear was evident in her eyes, as she didn't stop wailing, asking for someone to help her.

A silhouette of someone stepping into the light came into the view, and the perpetrator behind all of this was a blue haired girl, of Petra's age.

She was in fact, one of the many children of the village, so how come she's now attempting to harm them?

''Hello there Petra, long time no see. Have you and the other village kids been doing well lately?''

Giving a small introduction in hope of easing the mode, Meili gave her iconic beaming smile.

''Why.. Why're you doing this?! Why do you want to harm us.. I thought we were friends! How much of everything that you've told us has been an lie..?'' Petra was sobbing incoherently at the realisation that Meili never truly was her friend, even more saddened at the prospect fact that Meili had betrayed all their feelings as if it held no weight to her.

''Now, don't give me that saddened look. Here, stand up.'' Meili reached out her hand to help Petra stand up, but she only slapped it away.

''Why.. WHY?!'' Petra's face was the very reflection of despair at this moment, as she had long stopped thinking logically, her feelings abrupt.

''Elsa will complain too much if I take too long.. I'm sorry Petra-chan~. I'll be quick!'' Meili's face grimmened as she commanded the mabeasts on what they should do next, muttering something incomprehensible that Petra had by now chosen to ignore.

The demon dogs were rushing forward, readying their fangs to attack their now found prey.

Petra's eyes had been puffed from all the crying, but at this extent her mind was only focused on easing her incoming panic attacks.

As her life was flashing by her eyes, she saw the flash of Subaru's smile, and his kind eyes. Petra's sobbing came to a stop as she reached her hand out, to take his hand.

''Subaru..'' Slight sniffles came out of her mouth, as she tried to take his hand, the one who has always been there for her, and escape. The imaginary fragments of the mind were her last feelings of comfort as her demise was reached.

With no hesitation, the voracious demon dogs were biting off, limb by limb, tearing the little girl's skin off, not stopping anytime soon. The demon dogs crunched on her bones, letting out disgusting sounds of gobbling for whatever their sight could spot. The demon dogs were now feasting on her currently dead corpse, howling as they enjoyed their newfound meal, and killed prey. The mess they left was but her bones, that some of the dogs chewed on, and her torn of veins. Birds came to eat the reminiscent livers, as they too feasted on the content delivered in front of them. Tearing, devouring, absorbing, voraciously. That was Petra's fate.

Meili, feeling her stomach churn at the sight, looked away, emptied the contents of her breakfast, as she vomited near a tree. She felt an empty feeling reminiscent in her heart of having done this to her friend.. But no matter. After all, ''Orders are orders.'' Her face now grim and empty, and the demon dogs having finished wolfing down Petra's corpse; Meili walked out of the forest with small tears welling in her eyes. ''These tears.. They're- mine?'' Shaking her head to rid of the sorrow, Meili questioned as to why this specific murder among many had her so emotional. Putting on her duplicitous facade, she masked herself with an assassin's poker face, empty. ''My soul is going to go numb if I stay here for too long.. I better hurry and see if that Elsa did her job properly.'' Small breathy sighs escaped her lips as Meili walked forward with her head lowered, in accumulated shame.

''If only..'' Spinning on her heels, dripping blood from her accumulated wounds, Frederica, one of the mansions maids, took on a fighting stance.

She ran on the walls as she grabbed onto a chair spinning it around, in hopes of targeting the enemy.

''Oh dear, you seemed to have missed.'' Elsa jumped back, doing a back take as she grabbed her daggers in her hand, readying herself to fight back in any given moment.

Her eyes remained focused on one thing: to slice up the stomach of the feisty, beast maid and enjoy the sight of her blood and guts.

''I had hoped that would of had bashed your skull in.'' Voicing her disappointments, Frederica gritted her fangs as she fought back once again.

In the speed of light, Elsa took advantage of the walls of the mansion's hallway and used it as a kickstart.

Firing off her heels, Elsa jumped from wall to wall, aiming just below Frederica's stomach.

''You.. You're almost like a bug for god's sake.'' Taking advantage of her demi human blood running in her veins, she transformed her right arm to that of a beast.

With her sharp claws, Frederica ran forwards and took an aim towards Elsa's face, to which Elsa used her momentum to stab her with her daggers.

The knife pierced through Frederica's shoulder, her bones creaking in the process.

''HGK-KK..!'' Frederica let out a cry of pain as she shrieked, holding onto her shoulder wound.

Elsa backed away, a sadistic smile on her face as she licked her lips in exasperated joy.

Quickly seeking a cloth to use, Frederica ripped off her maid dress, tearing off the hem of her dress.
Quickly taking hold of the now acquired cloth, she crouched and took out the knife in her shoulder, as to quickly tie the cloth instead, in hope of easing the pain and stopping the bleeding.

Having finally managed to stop the bleeding, Frederica stood up readying herself to fight.

All the while, Elsa had.. Disappeared?

Alarm rising in her features, Frederica's gaze lurked throughout the mansion's hallway, now on alert as to where the gut hunter could've gone.

Because Frederica had not paid enough attention to the enemy and their whereabouts, she left herself in a vulnerable position, failing to notice her enemy's schemes.

''If only I'd have been more keen…'' Frederica scowled as she gritted her sharp fangs, to the point that she emitted sparks.

A melodic, sadistic laugh was heard throughout the mansion, but Frederica couldn't locate the location, try as she might, as she desperately readied herself in a fighting stance.

Frederica watched as the floor was adorned with blood, the tiles being endlessly adorned with tons of blood.

In horror, she watches as her stomach had been pierced the moment she averted her direction for no more than a second.

Her guts spilled out on the floor as she was coughing up blood, in severe pain.

Bleeding out to her death, Frederica fell on the floor with a loud crash, as the gut hunter withdrew the knives in her gut.

''Splendid, truly splendid, demi-humans guts truly are extraordinary!'' Smiling, Elsa was twisting her knife as she cleanly severed her prey's liver into pieces.

Her prey, having now fallen headfirst, seemed to be unmoving, twitching once in a while, as they were having a seizure.

The beast maid shattered as if she was but glass, her corpse lying evidence that she once was alive and well.

Spinning her knife and catching it, Elsa walked away further from the mansion's hallway, upstairs as she walked towards her final prey.

''I.. There is so much I wish I could've done in my last moments, I-.. What did I ever truly want..?'' Staring ahead, Frederica's eyes were empty, her life draining out in her own eyes.

Holding onto her stomach, she can feel how warm and boiling her blood is. Accepting her fate, being ruined beyond repair, Frederica accepted her impending demise, no matter how desperately she wishes to live on, to see tomorrow - with them.

The villagers back in the sanctuary, Ryuzu, and even Garfiel.

''Garfiel… I hope you're alright and well, may you live.. In.. Good.. Health… '' With small sobs escaping every now and then, and her throat tight with guilt, Frederica watched her life run out.

Tears streaking her face she remembered how she left her own brother for her own ideologies. She felt as if she'd burdened him by making her hoarse decision, and deep down wished that he was well, hoping that she didn't wound him with her abrupt leave.

''Please, Od Laguna… make sure my brother is all right… and protect him better than I ever could have had.. That's all I wish…'' In her last moments, Frederica uttered her deepest desire, her wish. Knowing she can't live to see tomorrow, she hopes at least her brother can, and will enjoy the many pleasant surprises of life.

Feeling her eyelids growing heavy, she closed her eyes, now remaining unmoving.
Frederica's demise had been met.

''El-huma!'' Chanting a spell, holding onto her wand as she ran along the wind; Ram wasn't going to let herself fall and vanquish to defeat easily, and that is certain.

Stepping onto a table, Ram sliced it into two pieces, letting the table fly along the wind in hopes of hitting the perpetrator.

The table landed as the gut hunter fell from the impact, somersaulting backwards as to land. Readying her stance, Elsa stood up with her daggers in her hand.

A devilish smile arose as Ram managed to get a hit on the gut hunter, she readied herself to block off any attacks the gut hunter could issue.

''Interesting, you're one of the maids that live in this mansion, I presume?
Elsa grinned as she took in the sight of her surroundings in the span of moments.

''That is not for you to know, none of your business.'' She gave a snort as she flicked her wrist, planning on how to get rid of the enemy, and fast.

Incarnating another el-huma spell, Ram was aiming for the enemies limbs as to immobilise them.

''El Hu-''

''-Don't think I'm giving you the chance to attack.''

Grabbing hold onto Ram's wrist, Elsa spun her dagger to attack the open prey with it.

Ram held onto the gut hunter's arms, as she spun her around with her inwardly strength, but Elsa took advantage of the given momentum and stepped towards one of the walls.

Trying to give herself a kickstart, the gut hunter jumped off the walls bearing her daggers in both of her hands.

To which, Ram took advantage of the moment and fired incarnated wind magic towards Elsa.

The gut hunter quickly evaded the attack, the impact leaving the walls of the mansion's room shattered.

Furrowing her brows, as her eyes lit with anger, Ram slowly lost ahold of herself throughout the fight.

The oni took a hold of a nearby chair, and tore off the table leg. She ran forward with all the speed she could gather, as she gripped onto the gut hunter's arm once again.

She sharpened the table leg with some degree of wind magic, making it a useful weapon, to some degree.

''This should do the trick..'' The oni muttered under her breath.

''Oh? And what could you possibly be doing now..?'' Elsa, feeling herself getting excited at the property chance of an exciting fight, readied herself on the spot, with a sadistic smile on her lips.

Ram reverted her attention towards the sadist, as she gripped onto the table leg, rushing forward as to create momentum.

She ran with all might as she could muster, running forwards and forwards and never looking back…

The clock ticked, as she felt as if an eternity had passed alone by the momentary of her rushing forwards for the attack.

And just when she thought she'd landed her attack, the bowel hunter was long gone, betraying her high hopes.

Elsa kicked the back off the oni, leaving her rolling down as she gripped onto the residents' vases.

The gut hunter caught the vase in both of her hands, in a firm grip.

The oni threw the vase towards the attacker, as she desperately tried to make herself stand up, through the aching pain of her back.

Elsa spun on her heel yet again, as she took the vase in her hand and threw it towards the maid.

Through her attempts to stand up, she failed to avoid the vase hitting her head first, cracking upon impact.

Glass shards went everywhere, flinging towards the walls, the floors, everywhere it could reach.

Ram could've sworn she'd gained a concussion through that vase hitting her, but that didn't matter right now. Ram gave a pained shriek as the glass went in her eye, leaving her face a bleeding mess.

''Fucking hell, you'll pay for this, bitch cladded in black!'' Ram snarled.

''My, my, how rude of you, and just know I was going easy on you out of solemn pity.'' Elsa giggled manically, as she looked onwards with eerie glee. She spun the blade in her hands licking her lips deviously, as she looked down on the maid on the floor, struggling, in pain and agony when she barely had started! ''Oh, and here I thought you'd prove to be an entertaining opponent. Too bad~''

Ram's world went dim. the maid thought, as her brows furrowed, and her teeth gritted so hard it could create sparks. ''... '' It only proved to further agitate the wrathful oni.

She tried to stand up, but her ankle had been cut off by the gut hunter, screaming.

The echoing of the clock ticking as a cavern in her head, was the only thing that kept her conscious through her concussion, her repricussion.


She watched as she was sliced and diced by the gut hunter, but her pride relentlessly refused to make herself relent to admit defeat.

She stood up amidst the pain, her head pounding, feeling as if her skull was about to break apart.

She was kicked down mid-attempt by the gut hunter, yet again.

The oni, clenched the hem off her dress, as she fought back against the sobs that would escape every now and then.

The clock was ticking, and the oni wasn't willing to give up against her opponent who clearly has the upper hand. Ram relentlessly fought back.

Unbeknownst to her, the perpetrators patience was diminishing, running out the same way the time of the clock was.

Tick, tack, tick, tack.

No matter how much the maid tried to block out the sound of the clock, it wouldn't work, the whole situation only proving to eat away at her sanity, body, and wearing away her mind.

''You know, I'm kind of tired of playing this game of relentless chase.. Your desperate standing-up-despite-the
-pain, game of false courage, doesn't seem to be in favor of you either. So let's end this, shall we?''

Butchered and bruised, scarred and bleeding, barely breathing, inhaling, exhaling. The constant motion was Ram's resolve, pleading to live onward and to complete her goals, she can't die in such a place and for such a minimal cause, after all.

Her will, her pride, her wants. What is it that she truly wants?

She wants to be noticed, and viewed as a potential lover even, if not completely, by Lord Roswaal.

But other than that, what does the oni really live for?

Family… She had a sister?


Ram clutched her skull as she felt as if she was having a full on blown migraine, as she clutched her right eye.

''The least thing I can do to prevent infections, and that which would guarantee my survival..''

Ram gave a breathy sigh, she grabbed ahold of the corner of her eye, as she firmed her grip on it.

Holding tight, and etching on her eye.. She caressed it.

Until she plucked it with fierce strength out, gouging her eye bear for view. She closed her left eye, only resorting to her right. Ram's steeled resolve.

''Haah, hah!'' Ram gave a light huff between intense breaths and panting as she stood up, despite the nerves in her bleeding ankle should have been preventing her from standing up, and despite her concussion should have been leaving her unconscious long by now. But in that moment she was running off of the adrenaline from her moment of high. Sweat surging, as she stood up, no traces of elegance that of a maid ever reminiscent on her face. Badassery, that only befitting of an oni, as she would put it.

Elsa clapped. She clapped and clapped and clapped, to the speed and momentum of the clock ticking. Ram felt oddly dizzy looking at the motions of the bowel hunter clasping her hands, but she kept her head up in fraying pride.

Elsa was.. Smiling? She seemed to be pleased least to say, but to this, the oni only felt alert, as a wave of trepidation overwhelmed her.

''Congratulations. You're display of bravery was proving to be entertaining to me.'' Elsa gave an eerie smile unbefitting of the situation as she continued.

''You're truly, fierce as a demon..''

Elsa sprung up in motion, as she ran up the walls in inhuman speed. She bashed the clock, the ticking of the clock coming to an end.

The gut hunter watched as the maid took ahold of a plate throwing in her defence, but Elsa only neared towards her, at every given second.

Elsa dragged her daggers across the room as she rushed forwards once again, full charge against the maid trying to desperately fight back.

But suddenly, a loud 'plop' sound gave away. The oni's corpse fell limp.

Throughout the charging, the gut hunter wasn't aiming towards her all along. No, the gut hunter was aiming for-

''ACK! The walls h-huh..?''

Elsa had thrown one of her daggers as a boomerang, when Ram was unnoticing, wounding her the moment the maid misdirected her attention, underestimating her opponent. Due to her short mindness and wrath the oni had indulged herself in, she had gotten lost in time, ironically losing time in the process.

The walls that Elsa ran on was not only to create momentum; it was the bowel hunters devised plan to bash the walls when the opponent was unnoticing, and every step she took in the walls, forcing her body weight on it - the more she managed to weaken the mansion's walls; leaving crack and holes as an result.

It was clear all along, who had the upper hand. It was, but a fallacious game of cat and mouse.


Ram was unable to stand up as the walls crashed down on her, her legs stuck under the rubbles, and her midsection and body stuck under the heavy weight of the weights.

The pressure of the walls forced Ram to inhale from her nose, taking a vigorous breath as her organs were being crushed under the weights.

''...'' She fluttered her eyelashes incoherently as she laid limp, unable to move herself away from it all, no matter the pain.

''This is really the end for me, isn't it?'' She coughed up blood as she spoke. Having overworked herself in the battle, and being mentally exhausted from it all, she laid there just herself and her thoughts.. Was a bit much.

The nonexistent clock ticked in her brain, as she felt herself it go off like an ticking bomb.

Bomb.. She truly had an explosive personality. Dishonest to herself, and to others.

Had she gathered up the courage too, she could've asked Roswaal out. Then she'd be complete, having her love for the one and only person that has ever been for her acknowledge it… Mutual love…

She loved Roswaal because he was her everything and only thing.

But really, other than for her love, what reason does she have to live for?

Her family is dead - ACK.

Her village got burned, where she remains as the last person of oni heritage, she- HGKK-

''There- there was someone more? Like a.. Sibling?'' As if an epiphany struck her, Ram tried to desperately piece together the missing puzzle pieces in her head. She felt as if something, someone, having been taken away from her, was just now being mentioned, and she was about to find out.

Her blood was dripping from her wounds as she continued to contemplate her life, whilst it all was diminishing. Like the time of the clock, going tic tac tic tac just like in her mind, running out.

The black spots took over her vision at some point as she eventually lost consciousness, taking a hold of her whole being.

She closed her other eye, the demon's fierce rampage coming to a rest.

Ram.. Was dead.


Swaying left and right, walking along the hallways of the mansion. A long, unclear path, endless at sight. Fraying paths as another step induces, with the only sound audible being the footsteps of someone.

Subaru was holding onto his stomach, desperately trying to keep his organs from falling out. His guts had been sliced in the span of seconds, by the gut hunters skillful technique, and now he was walking the thin trope of life or death.

His face was grim, as he simply kept his head walking forwards. His left eye having been gouged out of his eye socket, he simply kept on looking forward, yes, forward and forward and never back, staring at something far out of his reach. His melancholic nature left him on a standstill, unable to be bothered to ask himself, ''what'd I do to deserve this?''

Questions left unanswered, and questions arising, he simply looked on. One destination.. One headed destination that he had to reach, otherwise what was the reasoning for him to co-exist?

''It's a failed loop for sure.. Really, I'm hopeless aren't I?' Chuckling as he reminisced on the memories of previous failed loops, his face was blank, being the mirror image of despair.

He held onto the walls, he held onto his guts, and, he held onto more than he could reach. For a hope that can't be reached. But an eventual demise that will, might, won't reach.

Pathetic failure to his parents, high school dropout, good for nothing who proves to be more troublesome than useful, the thoughts in his head went rapid.

He sulked slightly, small sobs escaping his throat every now and then. His shoulders, heavy with responsibility. His once bright smile dimenned, as he only queried himself of why he never could do anything proper.

He couldn't save them. He couldn't save the villagers, the people that trusted in him. He couldn't save his friends, who always let him rely on them for support, and, he failed Emilia.

''At the very least, I can try to save… her.''

The smashed lights of the lamps, and the oddly long hallways of the mansion, felt as if it was empty, dimmed.

The lives of many that had once been inhabiting the residence, is now, but non-reminiscent.

He closed his eyes as he felt the cold walls, harsh at touch. He turned the knob off the door as he stepped forward, to his last mission in this temporary life.

The doors creaked as he opened it, and in it was but a room only furnished with a bed and a drawer, minimalistic furniture at use.

It had felt as if the room hadn't been of use for too long. And if there was life there, which it would be unlikely too; who could've have valued themselves to such an extent that they choose to live there?

In the bed, lies a comatose woman, dressed in a cyan gown. Her hair was shortly cut, of blue hue, and she seemed to be peacefully asleep.

But, among all of it, there was something which wasn't right.

She was…

The boy let out his cries of frustration at the sight before him. Sobbing, as he tries to desperately dry up his tears. He had fallen on his knees, fear and sorrow enveloping his features. He was too late.

The sight before him… Was gut wrenching.

For the sight before him was…

She was stabbed in the heart, unmoving, not heaving to inhale or exhale any breath.

She was defenseless as she slept, now for an eternity, blood dripping off her stomach down the edges of the bed.

The bed sheets had her blood which had long dried by now on it, an awful lot of stains.

And on the edges of the corners of her eyes, lay small tears of agony.

Rem is dead.

He had stopped holding onto his bleeding stomach, as he walked forward the bed, his throat tight with guilt.

Fallacious hope.

He brang a chair nearby as he took it near just in front of the bed. He sat down, clutching her cold and limp hand in his.

The frays of sunlight that escaped the window peered through, as he looked at the ceiling, eyes remaining fixated on everything but the sight before him. The cold breeze gave way to his despairs, as he muttered something incoherent.

He stood up, letting go of the oni's hand as he walked away with a face, blank of emotion.

He grimaced as he recounted all his wrong doings in life, but in this moment, he put them on hold.

He placed the chair down on the side of the room, as he opened up the drawers. In it, lies rope that had been meant for other occasions, so he silently pleaded for forgiveness for what he's about to use it for.

''...'' Not uttering a single word, he fixated himself on the ceiling for quite some time. He shaked his head, deciding that it is better late than never.

He threw the rope over the ceiling just to get it around it.

He grabbed a hold of the rope, as he stood on the chair, with an relentlessly tired sigh.

He was tired, exhausted both mentally and psychically, and this loop was beyond a failure, he was beyond a failure. That's why..

''This is the least I can do for them. For everyone I've failed to save..''

He no longer contemplated his thoughts, as he broke down into a small smile. Relief, escape, shame.

He grabbed the rope with both of his hands, as he placed it on his neck. He held on the rope on his neck, as he touched the rough feeling of the rope brushing against his neck.

He silently shed a tear, a smile not befitting of his current situation, as he jumped a leap of fate.

The light bulb shattered, the salty breeze of the sea shores blew in through the windows, as the grain was thrown away of its course. The air entered the room, giving in to the yet chilly breeze.

The inhaling and exhaling of his lungs, the heaving of his chest as he took a breath, all of it was but shattered glass; frays of something that isn't to exist in this world.

His corpse was hanging from the ceiling, the rope keeping him upright.

Natsuki Subaru, was dead, yet once again.

She chased him down, ran searched towards every inch of the corners, opened every door she could find until she found him.

The gut hunter looked up as she saw his corpse hanging from the ceiling, her eyes dim.

''You really.. Didn't have the resolve to live, did you?''

Your eyes, I absolutely despise. Looking not towards a future, but not to your demise. People like you, without the will to live.. Are the worst.''

Else gave her insight, as she spat in disgust, but deep down, she couldn't help the motion of having herself moved by his actions. But she saw him as a coward, one who ran away from his fate. That, is not to change… But among all the people she've murdered, this one.. Felt tragically bleck.

The bowel hunter took her leave after her successful endeavours. The death of a despairing spirit, an fallacious demi-human, an fierce oni, an coma-induced woman, a odd young man (thought, suicide on his part), and if Meili was successful; an young village girl, would be among the successfully eliminated people by the gut hunter and mabeast-handler for that day.

''Yet another successful day. I'm sure mother will be pleased.'' Elsa hummed in delight.