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Heroic Problems With Apocalyptic Solutions

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Midoriya and Ochako’s giggles float across the classroom again, requiring Mina to cover her mouth or risk getting in trouble again for squealing so loud. Not that she can help it, anyways; since Midnight assigned the class the project on cultural arts during the Edo period, they’ve been putting their heads together over one of Midoriya’s notebooks, whispering and giggling nonstop. And it’s just so adorable how they keep doing it even after the class turned in the assignment yesterday. Nothing major is even being assigned for the next week! Which means that since they’re still working together like that…


Mina hops up from her seat and skips over to Midoriya’s desk and slaps her hands on the tabletop, scaring the other teens out of their discussion. “Heya, guys! Whatcha talking about?”


Midoriya and Ochako stare at Mina for a moment before Ochako looks to her best friend. “You think we should tell them?”


His hand rises to his chin as he considers something. “I mean, it’s possible it could happen, so I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t tell them…”


Omigosh, they’re about to spill the beans! Mina starts to bounce rapidly. “Really?! What is it?!” Is my ship about to sail?! Are you dating?! Come on already!


They stare at each other for a moment longer before nodding and turning to Mina. “Okay, so remember back in our first training exercise how I damaged the building and effectively got Uraraka a massive club?”


“Yeah?” The first time we saw them working together!


“And how I used the debris Bakugo made during the Sports and almost beat him?”


“Yeah?!” That time Ochako was inspired by Midoriya to do better!


“And how I helped Uraraka and Tsu come up with Meteor Fatfrotskies?”


“Yeah?!” Only because Midoriya wasn’t quite able to make it work with Ochako yet!


“And how-”


Bakugo spins around and detonates a palm on Midoriya’s desk, snatching their attention. “Just fucking spit it out already, you fucking nerds! I’ve had enough of your fucking laughter and shit, so just fucking tell them!”


Midoriya and Ochako chuckle weakly, then turn to the rest of the class, who had started paying attention in the meantime. “Right, so we figured that with our powers combined, we could very easily destroy part of the city if we had to.”


Mina blinks as the entire classroom goes silent. That’s… not the confession I was expecting. 


Neither was it the one the rest of the class was expecting to hear, apparently. Iida is the first to do anything, sputtering as he stumbles over to his friends. “Midoriya! Uraraka! You can’t just casually talk about destroying the city as heroes! If Aizawa wasn’t asleep, what would he say?!”


“Hear us out, Iida,” Midoriya says as he raises his hands to placate the class president.


Tsu walks over, putting a finger to her mouth in her traditional thinking pose. “I fail to see how you would think of this as a good thing, kero.”


“But Tsu,” Ochako started, “What would we do if-”


“What could possibly be dangerous enough for us to wreck part of a city?!” Mineta cried out. “That bad guy All Might fought was bad enough! How could you guys think things could possibly get worse?!”


It isn’t long before the class dissolves into chaos again. The only thing Mina is able to make out is Tokoyami muttering, ‘What a mad banquet of darkness,’ but only because he is standing directly next to her. Midoriya and Ochako aren’t able to explain anything until Bakugo loses another explosion into the air to gather their attention. “If you extras want any kind of explanation, I suggest shutting the fuck up and listening to them!”


Silence reigns through the room before Midoriya clears his throat. “Okay, so Uraraka and I were talking about her being able to lift heavy objects and throw them with her Quirk once we were done with the last project. Which turned into ideas on how we could use our Quirks together to increase the damage she could theoretically do. Then Uraraka got to talking about meteors and the craters they can leave behind, and, well…”


“Most meteors are small enough that they burn up in the atmosphere before they impact on the surface,” Ochako continues. “But if the atmosphere wasn’t an issue, an asteroid only seven meters across that’s moving at terminal velocity would hit with the same amount of force as the bomb the Americans dropped on Hiroshima during the second World War.”


“So we figured- why not cut out the middleman?”


“I don’t like where this is going,” Shoji mutters.


“With the lack of gravity affecting an object, it would be simple for anybody to move an object, regardless of the mass,” Midoriya says. “The only issue would be objects with more mass would still be difficult to move, despite the lack of gravity. But it wouldn’t be too difficult for anyone with a Quirk enhancing their strength. Or Uraraka herself, actually. Which is quite interesting, though; she’s actually much stronger and more durable than she looks, thanks to her Quirk and how it alters her body to compensate for the constant lack of gravity. Sure, she has some improvements to her inner body functions apart from her nausea, but the biggest components are actually the increased muscle and bone density. Under normal circumstances, a person’s body would degrade fairly quickly without gravity to keep our bones and muscles in place. But since we’ve started school Uraraka has shown no signs of muscle degradation, and I don’t think she’s broken a bone once apart from the time Iida kicked her knee using Recipro Boost. She was also able to beat Shoji and Kirishima in an arm wrestling match, which some of us would struggle to do without active Quirk use; a testament to both her training and how her Quirk affects her passively. Another interesting tidbit would be-”


“Deku,” Ochako interrupts as she tries to hide her blush. “The plan.”


Mina grins at the greenette as he turns scarlet himself, sputtering and stuttering along the way. I might actually be able to squeeze a confession out of them after all. Eventually, anyway.


“R-Right! So, um, a-anyways, even though I-I can’t use One- er, S-Superpower at anything higher than ten- uh, t-twenty percent, I can still move whatever debris she floats fairly easily. Maybe not fast enough to actually simulate the damage an asteroid can do- that would require moving at terminal velocity, and I’d probably end up destroying the projectile instead if I could and tried- but the speed combined with the weight of the debris once Uraraka returns its gravity could very well cause catastrophic damage. And we could likely devise a way to be able to make strikes in rapid succession.”


Ochako finishes recovering from Midoriya’s round of indirect praise and continues for him. “Yeah! When we were talking about what would become the combo move Tsu and I use, we tried having Deku flick at the meteors, but the rocks would go all over the place and cause lots of collateral damage. And now that he has better control over his power we realized we could have a better effect if we just did it with one or two rocks at a time! I would float them up, then Deku would jump up and shove them using Superpower! Even with him using less than a quarter of his power, it would still move fast enough that anybody that doesn’t have a Quirk dedicated to moving quickly couldn’t react quickly enough. And in some cases it wouldn’t even matter; the debris we would ideally use would be much too heavy for most of them to deal with anyways. Not to mention everything would only move faster and hit harder when Deku improves his power capacity!” She pulls Midoriya’s notebook off the table and flips to a different page. “I took the equations typically used to calculate asteroid impacts on the Earth and tried to apply them to our new attack! Which was easier to do than I thought, actually; Deku put a lot of thought into my Quirk like everyone else’s, and had formulas to calculate asteroid impact strength and other things relating to my Quirk already written on my entry. It’s a good thing he’s so thorough with our Quirks, or it would have taken us quite some time to determine what numbers we needed where. Those numbers make me look at my Quirk in a different light, and actually gave me ideas for other moves I could make up with his help! As a matter of fact-”


“T-t-that’s enough about my notes, Uraraka!” Midoriya waves his hands in front of his face, but doesn't move to take his notebook out of her hands. Mina can see Ochako grip the notebook tighter as she looks down and away. One day I’ll get them to say something. But they’re just too adorable like this…


“O-of course, Deku! Er, so like I had said earlier, the move itself is rather simple; I float something heavy, then Deku shoves it as hard as he possibly could. Once it’s moving I would return the thing’s gravity so it doesn’t just bounce off the ground. Unless the person we’re fighting has some kind of invincibility Quirk, the weight and speed of the thing we’re throwing ought to be big enough to bring down whoever or whatever it is we’re fighting at the expense of the surrounding area!”


“But why though?!” The class turns to look at Kaminari, who’s giving Midoriya and Ochako a perplexed look. “There was that brain thing at the USJ, then the dude that made All Might retire, the people that attacked Nabu Island and that yakuza guy that turned into a massive fleshy… thing! What could possibly be worse than them that would force you to make up a move that also destroys part of a city to take them out with?!”


Mina blinks at the electric user, then slowly turns to look at the green and pink hero students. As adorable as they are, that is a valid question…


Midoriya holds up a hand to forestall any more questions. “You’re right. Between everybody in the class, we’ve fought a lot of difficult villains and criminals. And we’re not even halfway finished with our first year. We know it doesn’t seem right to make a move like this for an eventuality that may never happen.”


“But at the same time, Quirks are so diverse,” Ochako continues. “No matter what we do, there’s always going to be villains and other people that aren’t happy either with society or their lot in life, and some of them may be creative.”


“Remember when we watched Endeavor fight that Nomu on the news?” The class nods as a whole at Midoriya. “Unless the Pros happen to destroy the organization responsible for creating them before we graduate from U.A., our enemies are only going to grow stronger. What happens if we can’t fight them by conventional means?”


“Or what happens if somebody manifests a Quirk that effectively starts a zombie outbreak? Or a forest fire is threatening to take out a large population center? Or something else that affects a large area?” Ochako closes Midoriya’s notebook and taps it against her knee. “Deku could talk about it better than I could, but it’s been centuries since the first Quirk appeared, and we’re still uncertain about a lot of things about our powers. You could make up any power, and either someone had it once, does have it or something similar could pop up in the future. While it would be impossible to make a plan for every possibility, it would still help to have a contingency plan for the worst-case scenario.”


“Maybe not something so drastic,” Midoriya asserts for the class, “but one can’t have too many plans to fall back on.”


“As irrational as the necessity for such a contingency may seem, Midoriya is correct.” Everyone jumps in shock, then turns to see Aizawa is awake and listening in on Midoriya and Ochako’s idea. “It’s better that such a scenario never comes to pass, but in the event that something requires such drastic force, it’s only logical to have some kind of solution to be able to do as much damage as possible. You never know when there’s an illegally built high-tech warship dressed to the nines with ICBMs that need to be obliterated on the spot. As heroes, it is our job to limit any kind of damage to the citizenry’s daily lives. Unfortunately, the necessity to deal as much damage as fast as possible may require such solutions as this.”


Mina watches as Sero raises a hand. “An illegal warship? Sounds like there’s supposed to be a story behind that, Sensei!”


“There is, but not with class starting in two minutes,” Aizawa says. “Everyone return to your seats and get ready to start class. Midoriya and Uraraka, I want an essay on your new combination attack on my desk before the end of the week. I’ll leave it up to your discretion on how long you think it should be.”


The group piled around Midoriya’s desk immediately scatters as they return to their seats, preparing to start another grueling day of classes.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


That was over half a year ago now, Izuku reminisces as he gingerly lifts himself off the ground he was nearly smashed against. The essay itself was rather simple to write; most of the groundwork had already been done, even if there was little opportunity to actually test out the maneuver. Izuku had been the one to jot down the relevant information on actually using their Quirks in conjunction (even though Uraraka cut out most of the notes on heroes similar to them he’d tried to add) while Uraraka took the mathematical equations to consider the potential damage and affected area their proposed attack could inflict (Izuku triple-checked her math, just to be sure.) Aizawa had given them a little bit of extra credit towards their Heroics course, but warned them not to attempt their maneuver at all unless they came across a situation where they absolutely needed to use it.


An opportunity would come up several months later, during the Hero Commission's assault against the Paranormal Liberation Front. Not that they ever got the chance to try it, anyways; the moment he had realized All For One was coming straight for him, Izuku and Kacchan abandoned Uraraka and the rest of their classmates to directly fight Shigaraki’s possessed body head on. A decision that rapidly devolved into the most brutal, difficult and drawn-out fight Izuku had ever been a part of up until that point. For better or worse, most of the area around them had been cleared of civilians and was mostly reduced to rubble, anyways. It would have been the perfect solution to stop All For One on the spot even though it would have killed Shigaraki. It wasn’t meant to be, unfortunately; Uraraka was on the other side of the city rescuing the citizenry and unwittingly happened upon Himiko. And so they were forced to let All For One retreat in Shigaraki’s body in order to finish constructing his form. An action that finalized Izuku’s decision to leave U.A. and try and draw out One For All and his underlings.


It wouldn’t be until a couple months later after the new school year had started when Izuku and the heroes he had teamed up with finally found All For One, but not before he launched an assault to bring down Japan’s heroes and fully bring the nation under his thrall. His first and primary target; U.A. High School, to put an end to the class of students who have given him so much trouble over the last year. According to some people the heroes had taken prisoner, he wanted to eliminate the students before they got too much more powerful and lure Izuku and One For All out into the open where he can assimilate or eliminate them, all in one fell swoop. The Heroics Course students and what few heroes were available to help were able to intercept One For All in an abandoned area of the city. Izuku was able to catch up, but not before a large portion of the force sent to stop the man who would be king was decimated. Upon arrival, Kacchan made an opening for Izuku and Uraraka to hit All For One with the special meteor attack they had devised before Izuku left. In a turn of events, Shigaraki broke through his mentor’s control just long enough to hold himself in place for the improvised asteroid strike to land directly on top of him, sacrificing himself to bring an end to All For One. 


The resulting impact reduced the remaining buildings that were still standing to rubble and what rubble was already there to ash. Heat from the kinetic energy from both the impact and the sheer air friction blasted the two teens as they struggled to find some form of shelter as they were catapulted even further into the sky. Debris was sent sailing into the air with them, shredding their already damaged costumes even further to the point it was a wonder they were still intact enough to cover them decently. They reached the apex of their trajectory, prompting Uraraka to hold out a hand for Izuku to grab onto so they wouldn’t get separated. He responded by sending out Blackwhip to grab her and bring her in until their hands touched, where he released the ephemeral dark strand and grabbed her himself. Even as they fell to what could possibly be their death, the two tired teens smiled at each other, happy to finally be in contact with each other- physically and metaphorically- after so long apart. 


They carefully applied their respectives Quirks to slow their fall and keep themselves from separating until they landed heavily on the ground in a heap. Neither teen moved, happy to be on the ground to catch their breath. Not that they’d let themselves truly rest just yet; they still didn’t know whether they were able to completely stop All For One. So Izuku stands and helps Uraraka to her feet. Their arms are slung around each other as they limp over to the edge of the hole they made in the ground. Cresting the lip of the crater rewards them with the sight of All For One’s body; crippled, smashed and otherwise unmoving.


“Y’know,” Izuku pants as he and Uraraka stare down into the crater All For One’s body is lying in, “when we designed this combo attack after the Cultural Festival, I never expected to have a reason to actually use it.”


“Me neither,” she groans in response as she rubs her stomach.


Both teens support each other as they limp over to a spot relatively clear of debris where they could sit down. “At least we can move it out of the realm of the ‘theoretically possible,’ though. Even if we shouldn’t ever have to use it again for anything,” Izuku notes.


“Were you considering our combo attack as a way to kill All For One when we were talking about it?” Uraraka’s face displays a mixed bag of emotions as she asks her question. “Or was he even in the equation at the time?”


Izuku chuckles weakly as they reach their destination, sinking to the ground. “No, actually. I just wanted to make a cool move that only you and I could pull off. We’ve made moves before, sure, but just about any of them could have been pulled off with similar effects if either one of us were swapped out with one of our classmates. And it might be similar to your big attack with Asui, but the potential damage is still incomparable! Not to mention my additional Quirks thanks to One For All can set the attack up for us better!”


A hum is Uraraka’s only response as they settle into more comfortable positions while they wait for help to come. Izuku sighs as he stretches himself out on the ground. Finally, All For One is gone for good and he can rest! There’s nothing that can conceivably end his future as a hero that saves everyone with a smile!

“Oh, by the way, Deku, you and I are going to have a long talk about putting more faith in your friends once we’re in a more comfortable place.”


Ah, shit. Just the conversation he doesn’t want to deal with. He should have expected it, really; Izuku abandoned U.A. and his class. If that isn’t reason enough for them to completely cut their ties with them, the fact he told them via handwritten notes that he has All Might’s Quirk and has- had , now- potentially the worst villain the world has ever seen coming after him would have been the nail in the coffin. Nobody would want to be friends with a liar, much less a kid who was born Quirkless that happens to have such a special Quirk. And why should they? The issues Izuku had with One For All at the beginning of the school year and the actions he performed otherwise put several of his classmates in danger at many different points in time. Really, he’s just a danger to the classroom, which was why leaving the school was the right decision in the end. It’s ironic, really; Izuku was an outcast before U.A. because he was different, and he’s become a pariah again because he’s different, albeit for the opposite reason. Especially because he's holding multiple Quirks now. After all, with him being so-


Uraraka flicks Izuku’s forehead, bringing him out of yet another mumble spree. “Dummy. We trusted you, Izuku. Still do, even. You just need to trust that we still believe in you.”


Izuku blinks at her, staring into her eyes before she pulls him in for a hug. “You… You’re not mad at me?”


He hears her chuckle. “Oh, believe me, I’m pissed that you left so abruptly and without thinking to ask for our help. I’m definitely going to be chewing you out for hours once we’re home.” Uraraka’s hold on him tightens as she starts to run her fingers through his hair. “But for now, I’m just happy to finally be with you. I can kick your ass later.”


Her words roll through Izuku’s head for a moment, then he wraps an arm around Uraraka , pushing his head further into her hand in the process. “Yeah, I deserve it anyways. I’m sorry, Uraraka. I should have talked to you, at the very least. Even though you would have fought to go with me rather than staying behind.”




Izuku sputters and looks up at his friend, who is still stroking his verdant locks. “I- we- you’d -we’re - what?!”


“We’ve been best friends since the beginning of the school year, never mind all the things we’ve been through,” she explains as she looks back down at him. “I’d like for you to use my given name- and, if you’d allow it, for me to call you Izuku?”


She wants- I can call her- We’re best- Does she actually?!


Tears rise unbidden to Izuku’s eyes as he turns slightly to wipe away at them. Ochako chuckles over him. “I take it that’s a yes?”


“I’ve never…” He sniffles and presses himself closer to her. “I’ve never had anyone want to consider me their best friend, let alone letting me use their given name…”


“Because all the kids in your last schools probably only saw your Quirklessness and were jackasses because of it,” she scoffed. “None of us in 2-A care that you were Quirkless to start with; we know what kind of person you actually are. The fact that you weren’t born with your Quirk doesn't change things, and for the most part nothing would have changed if we met you when you were Quirkless. Being powerless doesn’t change who you are at heart.”


Izuku blinks away the rest of his tears, then returns to his original position. “Thank you, Ochako. I guess I always knew that, I just needed to hear someone else say it.”


She hums in response, idly tugging on one of his bangs. “Have you gotten your hair cut since you left? It’s longer than it used to be.”


He looks at Ochako out of the corner of his eye and through his hair. Could she possibly…? “No, I haven’t had a haircut in a while. Should I get one?”


“I mean, that’s really up to you…”


Here goes. “What do you think would make me look good?”


Izuku can see her blush marks reddening some as she looks to the ground. “Er, you could cut it back to what it was before Jakku. I think what you want to do with your hair is more important, though.”


He turns to get a better view of her face. “But I want my best friend’s opinion, Ochako. How do you think I should get it cut?”


Ochako’s face combusts as she begins to stutter a response, causing Izuku to smile. She’s acting just like I was at the beginning of the year. How could I possibly have missed this? He chuckles and leans against her. Of course I was dense enough to wait for the literal apocalypse to happen before I noticed…


He knows she’s going to ream him later for his stupid decisions since he left the school, let alone what the rest of their class is going to say. The faculty certainly would have plenty to say. What’s more concerning is what the remnants of the Hero Commission are going to day about this. Hopefully the public wouldn’t catch wind of what’s happened for a few years. But for now, he’s just happy to be in his crush’s arms, having just saved Japan.