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Fleeting Sunshine

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You saved Dante's life. That's what he insists on telling others anyway. You may have saved him in one way or another, but you don't feel like you deserve any credit for that.

He did save your hometown. And your current home city. And there's no doubt in that. So you don't feel like you need to brag for giving him some herbal tea for his poisoning after he tried to save you from a nasty demon.

You are 15 years younger than Dante. And when you met, he didn't look that much older than you at all. But when you found out, it felt a bit weird to be so enormously attracted to him. You didn't want to be like your thirsty friend who ran after "daddies" all the time.

Resisting him for a long time proved itself to be a waste of time since you knew since day three you were madly in love with the red devil.

Your relationship started right after he got back from hell with his twin brother. The time apart filled you both with the desire for the other, so when he said he the fated three words, no resistance existed within you.

Dante was intense. And as it seemed, too intense for human contraceptive methods, as the tests in front of you proved.

Your loved one is not very fond of titles, maybe for the desire of staying away from his father's shadow. So as much as you're both quite official, he never asked you to be his girlfriend, much less wife. "Love of my life is quite the big deal already, don't you think?" He said whenever someone brought that up.

So you didn't know how he would react to the everlasting title of "father".

His possible reaction was freaking you out.

Dante is deadly afraid of losing more people he loves. His mom, his dad, his older brother (several times at that). Meaning he was always extremely protective over you, even after you proved yourself to be exceptionally resourceful multiple times.

His fear would grow exponentially with a child. Does he even want a child? The two of you never really had that conversation. With demons, portals to hell, a dysfunctional family, and constant battles with the bills, who could blame you?

Now there was no talk. Baby is here. At almost twelve weeks, the baby is very here.

But that doesn't mean you're ready to face Dante and just say " you're going to be a daddy, yay!"

You threw away all the pregnancy tests so Dante wouldn't find out through any other means of not your own words, you felt it would be a coward's move. And probably make things even more difficult to deal with.

Doing your best to muster your courage did not work. Whenever Dante was around you, you just acted like nothing was happening and just enjoyed your time with him, doing everything to keep him distracted and happy.

So the next best thing to do was to talk to someone else. That way you would be forced to talk to Dante. And also have some backup of sorts. You can be pleased with this entire situation if someone is glad as well.

Deciding to do that, you went to see Kyrie. That girl was bound to be happy with a baby, right? If she was anything less than delighted with the news, you would do the next most plausible thing: leave the country and start a new life with your baby, as the plainest office worker.

Calling Kyrie was a nerve wrecker to start with. Firstly because she didn't pick up quickly, so you had plenty of time to just hang up and start packing.

But she eventually answered you, sounding all too happy after recognizing your voice, so that was helpful. Being all too mysterious, you told her to meet you at the bookstore, where Dante would never step inside.

The good thing about Kyrie is: she says yes to anything the family asks. The second good thing about Kyrie is: she doesn't ask questions.

So you met her at the designated location, looking awfully suspicious for someone who would just went there to talk to a friend. Blessed be Kyrie's soul for being so innocent. She simply hugged you and complimented your form (that wouldn't last much that way). And after some chitchat about Nero, Nico, and the kids, you decided to just end it:

"Speaking of kids, you know the funniest thing ever? I'm expecting one. Yeah, there's a baby inside of me."

Her shocked face didn't last more than half a second. She was promptly smiling like she just couldn't control her facial muscles. Her arms hugged you so hard you understood how she survived to the whole Savior thing unscratched. She muffled her joyous screams on your bosom, jumping and making you jump a little too.

Seeing her so excited melted your heart and your fears away, as you joined her with the jumping and shrieking, tears running down your face since pregnant people have zero control over their lacrimal ducts. And as the gentle soul dried your face with a soft cotton handkerchief, you tried to compose yourself enough to not be kicked out of your favorite book store.

"This is so amazing! You're having a child! With Dante! And a baby that will have a full family to help them. To grow and be loved. Can I feel your tummy?"

"Yeah, sure, go ahead. I don't think there's a lot to feel at the moment, but here, try."

You opened your coat and let Kyrie put her small hands on the bottom of your stomach. It was a weird feeling. To be touched on your stomach like that, but you should probably get used to it.

"It feels so warm here. Oh, My, that's a huge miracle and it fits right here."

"I love the baby so extensively and so hard it pains me to think that maybe Dante won't be the most excited one after learning the News. I'm really scared of telling him. I wanted to talk to you because I knew you would show me again how much of a blessing this child is. Then maybe, I can show it to Dante as well."

"I can't say I fully understand that, but I can imagine you're very concerned about his reactions to this. It will change everything."

"I want to find a way to tell him that makes the baby sound like a time to start good changes and not just ' we're not ready, what are we going to do?' And all the despair. The baby deserves to hear their daddy sounding happy when the news is out..."

"I might be able to offer some insight." You jumped at the sound of Vergil's voice coming from the end of the corridor. "I couldn't help but hear your banter. Is it true? Are you expecting a child with the blood of Sparda?"

Of course, that's just your luck! Book stores are Dante-free zones. But bookstores are also Vergil's lair. Seeing him so close again, and without Dante around you to make things lighter, it was getting hard to breathe calmly. Still, you had to defend your baby and your Devil.

"I'm having a baby with Dante's blood and my own.' You make it very clear. Enough of letting Sparda's name bury Dante's own name. " And yes, it's true. I made all the tests I could to corroborate it."

You expected to see a stoic and angry Vergil looking at you with two ice cubes staring at your face but when you looked, he was actually smiling, his feet bringing him closer and closer to you. Until he got down on his knees and pressed his ear against your stomach. And may the heavens fall, Vergil started to cry!

"I can hear the little heart beating. It's hard, but if I focus enough, there it is. The little life form is beating, it's hard." You had never in your existence with Vergil heard the man speak in such a gentle voice, so full of adoration, and you dared to think, even love for his nephew or niece. "This deserves more than a reunion at a bookstore! We have to celebrate properly!"

"Wait, Vergil... I still have to talk to Dante. And I'm afraid of what he is going to say... It really scares me. What if he doesn't want a baby? Or if he never says something like " that's great" but isn't happy? I'm still so afraid of how bad things can go..."

"Ease yourself, sorcerer, my brother is no coward. And he is not going to lie to a person who will spend the rest of his life with. I'm certain we can all guarantee the revelation to be something to lift his spirits and his acceptance. Doubt will eventually come, small one." He touches your cheek and you sigh with such sweet contact. "But when he sees the baby, it's all worth it. Trust me."

In secret, Vergil shows you a picture of Nero. A picture he keeps inside his wallet. It's a cute gesture you wouldn't expect from Vergil. And now, all of this seems to be falling in place. You could do it! You have Vergil's support, what can possibly go wrong now?

Talking to friends is the best solution. Always.

Vergil gives you a couple of pieces of advice he wishes he had followed when he was younger and a couple of things he wished Nero's mother had told him. Basically telling you "don't you dare to run away from family". And maybe being away from Nero was a bigger pain than you had thought.

Calmer, with a plan formed and the support of the person everyone knew would support you " Kyrie", but also the help of the person no one even knows where he is more than half of the time "Vergil", you armed yourself with new strength, bought a delicious strawberry cake with an obscene amount of chocolate and red fruits, you went straight to Devil May Cry.

You bathed, changed your clothes to the cutest dress you could find, wore Dante's favorite perfume, styled your hair, and put just a little bit of makeup, just to make your cheeks rosier.

Cake? Ready. Confetti? Ready. You? Ready! Dante? Late.

You decided to pamper him a little bit, ease his heart and mind, then tease, just so you could have a chance to tell him what happens when he is too hot around you.

The sound of Dante coming back home could be compared to a buffalo beating the doors open. So it was no mistake, your Dante is here, and you run to hug him, kiss him and say how much you missed your old devil.

" I missed you too, Sunshine. I couldn't wait to finish that contract. I just need to be close to my love or I won't work right."

You laugh as he traps you into his arms and assaults you with kisses and kisses and the slight scratch of his stubble against your softer skin.

"Ah, you bought my favorite cake, honeybun, you're the best." Dante just digs in and you smile at the familiar scene.

Maybe you would have a boy too. And he and Dante would compete to see who can eat more of mommy's cooking. It warms your heart to think about your family and the new element growing inside of you.

So you sit by Dante's side and play with his silver hair, running your fingers through the silky locks. A dreamy expression completely taking over your face.

"What's up, hottie? Something on your mind?" Dante asks, full of cake filling on his chin.

"Yeah, there's a little something I've been meaning to tell you. That's why I brought the cake. Because it's something we should celebrate." You remember Vergil's advice. Lift his spirits.

"Oh, something good, eh? I kind of want my dessert after dessert." He eyes you seductively.

"Well, it is, in fact, related to your dessert, baby." You blink and Dante is pretty sure he's going to have a lucky night with you.

"You're always so strong, and rough and goes so deep inside you hit all my best spots and it feels amazing. Every. Single. Time." you say. Making your way to his lap, to which he gladly gives you access. "My Dante is so hard that... Nothing can stop his little guys to find me. And give me beautiful baby."

And he was winking, whistling, and howling with your naughty words. Until he hard "baby".

"Sunshine... Are you telling me...?"

You simply nod.

He pulls you flat against his chest and just starts shaking. Soon, you can hear him whispering:

"My baby, there's a baby, my baby, my loving baby, mine, my own baby."

After that, you can feel him crying. And that's your biggest fear.

"Are you angry?"

He pulls you away and breathes he feels like he is ready to talk.

"No. I'm just... I'm so happy, Sunshine. I'm really happy I can't even process any of this." You try to dry away his tears, but more keep coming.

"I'm having a beautiful baby with the most beautiful, strong, courageous, and most loved woman in the entire world, I don't deserve so many good things happening to me, it's just too perfect and I'm over the moon and back, my Love, because my happiness can't even fit inside of the earth." His hiccups forced him to stop a couple of times.

You just cry a little, so relieved about the fact he is happy now. He wants the baby. He wants to have the baby with you.

"Did you confirm it? Did you go to the doctor?"

"I went to the doctor when I felt sick. I have the results from the lab and also from pregnancy tests. It's official. Out first prenatal is next week."

"I'll be there with you. I'm every single doctor appointment! I'm going to do everything with you! I'm going to save up money for the baby, I'm saying no to any job that takes more than a day to complete, I'm not leaving your side!" He promises with the utmost resolution.

"I know, Dante. I know. I'm sorry for doubting you." You kiss him deeply.

"I understand. Honestly, I never thought about having a baby. But now, it's not a choice anymore. The only choice here is to stay and be the most badass dad this earth has ever seen."

"Now that's how my Dante talks!" You laugh.

The fuzzy feeling of joy and exhilaration was overwhelming for both of you. Neither could keep the hands away from the other. Kisses and more kisses made your lips swollen and more and more pleased sighs left your pouty lips.

Dante was no different. Little grunts left his throat whenever you touched his neck. His hand massaging your abdomen would never stop looking for the baby. His look of pure adoration fell upon you. Saved his life and now is giving even more life. You must be a goddess, he thinks to himself.

"Hey, I know what I said about titles and everything but... Things are different now. Our baby will call you mommy and call me daddy. And I need to call you my wife, don't you think?"

The day certainly gets more and more surprises to throw at your face.

"Dante... Do you mean it? You don't have to... I think it just a bunch of titles anyway, like you."

"I want it. It's the title I chose. To be your Husband. I wish I could be known like that all across the worlds. " sunshine's husband."

You laugh and slap his chest, lightly.

"That won't inspire much fear."

"That is the surprise element!"

You sigh after laughing a bit more and then nod.

"Yes. I want to marry you, Dante."

"That I knew. because my luck knows no limits! And guess what? I have a ring for you, my beauty." He reaches his jacket's pocket and fishes a small box.

"You were going to ask this today? Without knowing about the baby?" You notice.

"Well... I have wanted to do it for a long time now. So I got this ring and said I would put it on your finger, so everyone would know. And then everyone would be jealous because my wife is amazing."

"Dante!" You blush and look down, timid.

"I want this. I want these titles. Your husband. Father of our kid. Those really tell others who Dante is. So, never take this off, ok?"

He holds your hand with the most gentle touch he ever used before and places the silver ring with a red ruby on top, like a brilliant cherry.

"It's gorgeous, Dante... I'm never, ever taking it off."

"I know." His expression of adoration is back again and you just want to drown in his big arms.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Sunshine."

You fell asleep in Dante's arms and woke up on your shared bed, alone. And after checking the entire devil may cry, you still couldn't find the red devil anywhere. Your brain was making pointless accusations, saying he left you, and you did your best to ignore it. Dante would never do something like that, especially after asking you to marry him! Especially when he was so happy about the baby you're both having!

So you just calmed yourself, showered, ate something, and sat on the couch, waiting for news.

It took around an hour, but someone opened the door. Followed by several footsteps. And abruptly you're surrounded by everyone you know: Lady, Trish, Nero, Kyrie, all the kids from the orphanage, Vergil, Dante, Morrison, and by the stars, even Patty is there.

"What's going on here...?" Your smile builds up carefully.

"Happy Pregnancy, new Mom!" They all scream at once.

"We all came here to celebrate it with the two of you. As it should." Nero smiles.

"Mister Vergil and I cooked all kinds of delicious foods!" Kylie announces, going to the kitchen to leave several pots and pans with food. The smell is heavenly.

"The kids wrote you letters saying what they think a good mommy needs," Nico tells you, and one by one, the kids fill your hands with letters and drawings.

The fight against pregnancy hormones is greatly lost. You're crying, but just a little bit.

"Thank you, kids, you're little angels."

"I brought you a book about what to expect of pregnancy." Vergil offers you the book.

"Awn, thank you so much, Vergil. It will help me very much." You hug him, and oh surprise, he allows it. And even hugs back.

"My turn! I got you tickets to a spa! So you can relax when your tummy is super big and you feel like a cargo ship."

"A very adorable cargo ship." Dante kisses your cheek.

You brush it off. You know you're going to be huge in a couple of months. But it is worth it.

"Thank you, Nico, I'm sure I'm going to need it soon."

"My gifts are the best, I know, I know." She kisses both of your cheeks. " And I won't smoke anywhere near you and precious little baby." She promises.

"I appreciate the effort you're doing for us, Nini."

"anything for you, my girl."

Nero approaches timidly. He carries a little box. You've been his "auntie" for years now. But maybe he saw you as a friend more than an aunt. Now you're pregnant and that's very adult, so the separation grows. So you hug him, mess up with his hair and make him laugh. No timid and uncomfortable Nero around you!

"I got you a little something too. I made it myself, so I hope you like it. It's okay if you don't, though. It's chill."

"Don't say stupid things, Nero, I'm going to love anything you give me."

And you open the little box. It's a metal sculpture. And no need for hormones this time. Your crying is your own fault. Nero made a tiny version of you and Dante looking over a cradle. Scraps of metal and bolts turned into a cozy scenery where your future looks eternally perfect.

You hug Nero as you're almost sobbing on his shoulder, your words babbling like a mix of crying and "ish so purfect nerooo" and "I loved it sho much!"

And the boy was glad you liked it! But the crying was not very nice, so Kyrie came to the rescue and helped you to calm down.

"My gift now!" It's Morrison. "Got you something the kid will love."

Dante comes closer, curious about this gift in particular.

"Awn, Morison, it's a cowboy outfit! Dante, you'll have a match now!"

"Yes! Lucky, this city is big enough for the two of us!" He pretends to put away his guns.

"Me, me, me!" Patty pushes her way through the crowd. "I got you something too!"

It's a big box. You just hope isn't something too expensive.

"You're a mom, and moms need to look prettier than everyone else!" She says and you reveal the gorgeous white dress Patty bought for you.

It's so light, cute, and has room for your growing belly. It's a perfect dress for a young mother.

"Your fashion sense never fails, Patty! Thank you, I'll wear it all the time."

"Hehe," she giggles when you kiss her face several times.

You put away the gift and Lady and Trish ambush you so fast the others didn't even have a chance.

"Our gifts complement each other," Trish says. "We hope you like it!"

If Patty's box was big, whatever monstrosity Lady and Trish brought to your house certainly would have some trouble fitting.

And Dante sees the big box and jumps like a kid during Christmas, offering himself to open it up so you don't tire yourself.

"It's a cradle!" He beams.

"And I got the electronic babysitter and some plushies," Lady adds.

"Also, it's fully assembled. I don't trust Dante's skills when it comes to it."

"I have to agree with that." The snort came out without your permission. And Dante heard it."Thank you so much! You two shouldn't have spent so much money..."

"I'll give anything to see that baby healthy and safe." Trish cups your face. Maybe... Maybe there is something of Eva there.

"I just want to be the rich auntie that brings the cool things when she comes to visit." Lady just admits.

"All those gifts will help us so much, guys, thank you, thank you so so much." You bow to them.

"Wait, there's one missing, baby." Dante gets up and approaches you.

"My heart can't take all of this!" You whimper as you feel your husband holding you.

"Come with me."

He guides you outside, everyone following suit, just as curious as you. Dante is a show-off. And a crowd-pleaser. So it could be anything. But you're betting is something extravagant.

But it's a car. A normal car. Obviously red. A sticker saying "devil baby onboard" is placed in the rear of the car. Did he get a car during the night? How did he do it?


"Got it as payment for a job! It's brand new! Now we can go to every doctor's appointment together!"

"You won't ride your bike?"

"Not when I'm with you and our baby. I want you to be comfortable and safe. And... I sold the bike. The store needs some repairs if we're raising anything in there."

"Awn, Dante..." You hug him and pull him into a deep kiss, whistles blowing behind you.

"I'm going to do this right." He says, lowly, just for you. "I love you."

"I know."

He kisses your stomach and then both of you go back to the party. With your family.