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Hot n Cold

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Shoto knew something was up the moment he stepped into the class hallway.
Shoji and Sato were waiting for him while Ojiro disappeared down the hall quickly.
“What’s going on?” He asked when the two didn’t let him enter the classroom.
“If you go in, the only way you’re leaving is if you catch Midoryia,” Ojiro said, Sato smiling next to him.
Shoto felt his face heat but only gave the two a scowl, “let me in.”
The two stepped aside and Shoto opened the door. The classroom was completely empty. All the chairs and desks had been removed to show an empty space.
It was at this moment Shoto knew, he fucked up.
The door slammed shut behind him and the lights clicked off.
Sound came from somewhere in the room.
A light switched on and Uraraka was pointing a finger at him.
“You, change your mind, like a girl, changes clothes.”
Momo lit up next to her “yeah you, PMS, like a bitch, I should know.”
Tsuyu appeared in front of them, “And you, overthink, always speak, cryptically.”
The lights turned off and focused on the opposite wall where Midoryia was standing, “I should know, that you’re no good for me.”
The lights went out then lit up Kirishima on a chair “You’re hot then you’re cold,”
Kaminari was next to him on another chair “you’re yes then you’re no”
Tsuyu was next, “you’re in then you’re out”
Then, of all people Iida “you’re up then you’re down.”
Uraraka lit up and now Shouto was surrounded, “you’re wrong when it’s right”
Ashido appeared next to her, “it’s black and it’s white”
Bakugo lit up and turned to face him “we fight we break up”
Someone pulled on his tie and Shouto found Izuku’s face a breath away from his “we kiss we make up”
The light focused on him.
A flash of red rolled passed, taking Izuku into the dark singing “you don’t really want to stay, no”
Ashido turned him around “but you don’t really wanna go”
Uraraka rolled past on a chair “you’re hot then you’re cold”
Iida went passed him “you’re yes then your no”
Tsuyu swung around “you’re in then you’re out”
Kaminari sparked him further into the death trap “you’re up then you’re down”
The room lit back up showing an empty room.
“What the fuck…” Shoto whispered.
The lights turned back off again, Momo linking her arm in his. The light focused on him. “ We, used to be, just like twins, so in sync,”
Uraraka linked his arm on the other side “the same, energy, now’s a dead, battery,”
Bakugo stood in front of him as the two girls slunk back into the darkness “used to laugh ‘bout nothing, now you’re plain boring,” he snapped and walked off.
“I should know, that you’re not gonna change,” green lightning lit a circle around him.
Now people were rolling past him too fast for him to keep up.
“'Cause you're hot then you're cold”
“You're yes then you're no”
“You're in then you're out”
“You're up then you're down”
“You're wrong when it's right”
“It's black and it's white”
“We fight, we break up”
Shouto felt someone lean against his back and heard Izuku sing “we kiss we make up,”
Kirishima appeared and grabbed Shouto, taking him across the room “you don’t really wanna stay, no”
Kaminari took him and rolled him back “but you don’t really wanna go”
People started appearing around him and spinning him and pushing him”
“You're hot then you're cold”
“You're yes then you're no”
“You're in then you're out”
“You're up then you're down”
The room went back to normal lighting, the music still playing, with no sight of students or chairs.
The room went dark and a wide circle surrounded Shoto revealing his class circling him.
The light expanded to show the class circling him on rolling chairs, singing and dancing in sync.
“Someone call the doctor
Got a case of a love bipolar
Stuck on a roller coaster
Can't get off this ride”
The lights went dark and Izuku appeared on two tables across the room. Shoto wanted out of here. He raced towards him.
“You, change your mind, like a girl, changes clothes,” Izuku sang softly. He was almost there. Izuku winked and it went dark.
Multiple lights focused on his classmates as they rolled around the classroom singing.
“'Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down
You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up”
“We kiss we make up” Izuku appeared on the opposite side of the room, smiling at him and opening his arms.
Shouto started running after him, trying to avoid his classmates as they rolled in his way and started redirecting him.
“You're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down
You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up”
He was almost there. Izuku was so close.
“You don't really want to stay, no
But you don't really want to go
You're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down”
Shoto reached for him, his hand barely grazing Izuku’s when the light went off.
The lights came back on and the room was empty, the music gone.
Shoto looked around, his mind trying to catch up.
Shoto let out a scream, falling to his knees.

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A few hours earlier:
“Do we have everything?” Izuku whispered as class 1A gathered in the lunch hall.
Iida nodded. “I have made sure everyone knows their roles.”
“Performers raise your hand.”
Kirishima, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Iida, Kaminari, Momo, Ashido, and Kacchan raised their hands.
Jiro and Koda raised theirs.
“Tokoyami you’re on the darkness right?”
He nodded, “Dark Shadow and I move the people and the chairs to their positions when the lights are off.”
“Who’s on Mineta?”
“I’m on it!” Hagakure said happily.
“And Dadzawa?”
Ojiro raised his hand, “he won’t expect me to be up to something.”
“Oh that’s gonna change by the end of the day,” Izuku grinned. “And then everyone else is on lights. We’ve been practicing for a month! We got this you guys!”
“Revelry in the dark,” Tokoyami said, smiling darkly.

“He’s coming!” Shoji whispered into the classroom.
Everyone nodded and Ojiro went towards Aizawa’s office.
Aizawa was just exiting his office when Ojiro ran into him.
Aizawa raised an eyebrow.
“Do you need something?”
Ojiro nodded, “yes. I was wondering if you could tell me ways I could improve in combat and academically?”
Aizawa’s eyebrow raised higher.
“What are you doing?”
“Stopping you.”
“Stopping Hagakure.”
“Stopping Mineta.”
“Getting freaky in the dark.”
“And it’s dark, why?”
“‘Cause the lights are off?”
“Do I want to know?”
Mineta came rocketing around the corner, nose bloody and black eye forming.
They watched him pass and heard the soft thumps of Hagakure’s feet rushing after him.
Aizawa sighed.
“Let’s go.”
Ojiro put his hand up to stop him, “not yet.”
The two waited, Aizawa getting more annoyed by the second.
Then a scream echoed down the hall.
Ojiro dropped his hand, “now you can go.”
Aizawa rushed towards the sound of the scream, barely noticing Shoji and Sato standing like guards at the door.
He opened the door and turned on the light to find the children sitting at their desks, looking innocently at Aizawa.
“Who screamed?” Aizawa asked.
The kids pointed.
Aizawa looked to find Todoroki sitting in the corner with his knees tucked to his chest. He was muttering about the dark and having to catch Midoryia.
“What happened?”
“We were entering the classroom and as we sat down, the lights went out probably due to a black out. Shouto just screamed and hid in the corner,” Midoryia said, his voice edged with worry, but eyes glinting with slight mischief.
“Damn icyhot can’t handle the dark like some loser. Weak,” Bakugou spat.
“Hey,” Kirishima said, pushing Bakugou lightly. “Lay off Hot n Cold.”
Todoroki screamed once more and promptly passed out.
“Well someone isn’t a Katy Perry fan,” Kaminari grumbled.
Aizawa rubbed his eyes, fighting off the incoming migraine. These kids were going to be the death of him.