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it's a process (you wouldn't understand)

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If there was ever something that Ahsoka Tano was good at, it would have been glaring. 


(And since she liked to stick to what she was good at, Ahsoka Tano decided to put her superb skills to use.) 


“This is illegal,” she deadpanned, eyes fixed scathingly on the head of the man directly in front of her. And maybe she shouldn’t be one to talk about what was legal and what wasn’t, but she found immense satisfaction in the words anyway. 


She squirmed uncomfortably, cursing the unnamed man in front of her and still, after at least twenty minutes of having her hands bound in what was starting to become the depressingly familiar chafe of cool metal cuffs behind her back, fruitlessly struggling. 


There was a snort from the driver's seat of the severely out of date car that, in Ahsoka's opinion, was in desperate need of an upgrade. 


“Kid, everything about you is illegal,” the deep voice of the man in the front seat met her ears, and Ahsoka fought the urge to growl. Take that for trusting someone again , she thought to herself. What an idiot I was 


She’d assumed he’d been a part of Ghost Company, what with the signature yellow of the stripes across his face, but now, she wasn’t so sure. Only someone who worked in law enforcement could sound that cocky when speaking to a fourteen year old they’d just kidnapped. (And okay, maybe that wasn’t entirely true about cops, but Ahsoka was starting to get increasingly annoyed at her predicament, and the signature metal cuffs of a police officer digging into her wrists were not helping her mood.)


“This is called the law ,” he emphasized, humor present in every vestige of his tone. He seemed much too amused for his job of kidnapping teenagers. 


Ahsoka rolled her eyes. Yeah, definitely a cop 


“No, this is called kidnapping .” She gave another sharp tug on the metal rings behind her back, and when that proved nothing but to further exacerbate the beginnings of sores on her wrists, she resigned herself to scowling instead.


Ahsoka glared at the back of his head from where she was sitting unwillingly behind him. She would have loved to give the man a nice head-butt to the back of the skull. Who knew, maybe it would shrink his ego down a few notches. Unfortunately, the headrest of the seat was his only saving grace. Ahsoka scowled at it. She was beginning to hate this car.


“Whatever you say, kid,” he told her. Ahsoka huffed. She was looking forward to the next time she had both hands free so she could strangle him. 


(Speaking of — the free hands part, not the strangling part, as tempting as that was — she should probably figure out how to pick her way out of handcuffs, with the increasing frequency she was beginning to find herself in them. She wished she had a bobby pin or something sharp in the back pocket of her jeans so she could figure it out from there, but alas, she did not. She made a mental note to talk to Fives next time she saw him. He’d definitely have a trick or two up his sleeve to teach her.)


Ahsoka finally resigned herself to making the most over dramatic noise of disapproval she could, before slouching back in her seat as far as she could go until her bent knees were level with her eyes. 


And then she kicked. 


The noise that the yellow-face-painted man made was one that she reveled in. 


“Quit it, kid!” he squawked, eyes still on the road but posture tense with discomfort. 


“Make me,” Ahsoka told him. She wasn’t so angry anymore , what with this annoying man’s new predicament. Quite frankly, she was starting to enjoy herself. She should have known her amusement would be short lived. It seemed they’d reached their destination.  


“Now I know what he meant about feisty ,” the man muttered under his breath, and Ahsoka bristled. 


“What?” She demanded, struggling up in indignation. “Who’s he ?”


But she didn’t have to wait long for an answer. As the car rolled to a stop in the parking lot of the city police station, Ahsoka looked out the window. She really shouldn’t have been that surprised at what she saw. Or, more accurately, who .  


There, standing smugly under the overhang by the back door of the station, was none other than brown-haired, blue-eyed Skywalker 


Ahsoka found herself making a very disgruntled noise. “Oh, no way ,” she hissed, face twisted in annoyance as she refused the reluctantly proffered hand of the cop who’d brought her in, instead forcing herself to her feet and out of the beat up, embarrassingly depressing Chevy Aveo without his help.


 You Again ?” She found herself stomping dramatically over toward him, feet carving their own frustrated path across the slick black of the concrete. 


And even through her indignation, the man had the audacity to smirk . “Hey, Snips,” he said, way too joyously for the ungodly hour of five am. “Long time no see.”


Ahsoka groaned loudly as she reached him. “Ugh! This is cheating ,” she informed him with a huff, eyes narrowed angrily. 


Skywalker raised his brows. “Is it? I thought you told me you weren’t ‘stupid enough to get caught again’ .”


Ahsoka glared at his mockingly recited quote of her’s from the last time they’d seen each other. “ Yeah , but I haven’t done anything wrong this time, so this is cheating ,” she emphasized, just as the other man managed to catch up to them. 


“Jesus, Skywalker,” he shook his head, shooting an amused look in Ahsoka's direction. “You could have warned me she’s the devil incarnate!”


Ahsoka bristled, looking up at him. Serves him right , she thought, baring her teeth in a scowl. 


Skywalker smirked, unsurprisingly. He looked like he wanted to add to the conversation, so Ahsoka took it upon herself to interrupt.


“Hey, if you’re done insulting me, are these really necessary ?” She asked, shaking her hands to the best of her ability so they could hear the soft clanking of the cuffs binding her wrists before Skywalker could retort with inevitably another comparison to some sort of demonic creature. 


Skywalker looked up at the man beside Ahsoka and gave a short shrug. She saw the man roll his eyes, before she felt him move behind her and the telltale sign of a key finding a lock. 


As soon as Ahsoka heard the click that meant her hands were free, she wasted no time in slamming her head backwards and hoping to hit home. If the rattling of her skull was anything to go by, and the sharp yelp of pain, then she'd hit her target right in the bullseye. 


She took off, already tasting the sweet liberation of freedom on her tongue. 


Take that you karking detective, I'm home free, she thought. Which was, of course, when everything went wrong.


Before she could make it so much as five feet, a pair of two, strong arms wrapped around her middle from behind, pinning her arms pathetically to her sides, and completely sweeping her off her feet as though she weighed nothing. 


“No!” She shrieked, feet kicking fruitlessly at open air as she writhed. “Let go of me, you kriffing bantha!”


She heard a low laugh next to her ear. “Not so fast, Snips,” Skywalker (and of course it was Skywalker who had caught her) said. “We still need you.”


 Ugh !” Ahsoka scoffed, feet still spasming uselessly and hitting nothing. “Screw you!”


“C’mon, Snips,” Skywalker told her brightly, ignoring the lewd curses spilling unabashedly out of her mouth, and spinning them easily around even as Ahsoka still struggled uselessly in his iron hold. “Let’s go solve some crime.”


Ahsoka scowled. 


Kriffing Skywalker and his kriffing detective-ing 


It would be too soon the next time they saw each other again, she thought. But currently, all Ahsoka could do was curse Skywalker as she tried to fruitlessly escape, and try to be as annoyingly difficult as possible. 


She knew, at the very least, she would be successful in at least one of those things.