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damn! foiled again

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It starts, like all horrible things in Renjun’s life, with poetry night.

At this point, he should really stop going, but twenty one year old Renjun Huang is doing his very best to live a balanced life of creative university student and crime fighting superhero, so he goes to poetry nights and paints portraits of the people he loves by day and takes down bad guys at night.

He never really intended to be a hero. Sure, everyone says that, but not everyone wakes up one day and starts coughing fire. He’s gotten it mostly under control (the fire powers, not the superhero lifestyle), but he’s singed his own hair and eyebrows more than he likes to admit.

Anyway, poetry night.

Renjun isn’t really into poetry, but he does perform a couple pieces. He invites out a couple friends because they’re very nice and supportive (even when they tease him). It actually goes quite well, so the problem isn’t necessarily poetry night. It’s what comes after.

“What’s got you so worked up, Flareon?”

It being Ghoul. Renjun already knows his real, non-villain name, but he refuses to call him that. They’re not friends, despite what Ghoul seems to believe.

“Stop calling me that,” Renjun snaps, gritting his teeth as he forms another fireball in his palm and launches it at Ghoul, who evades it easily, slipping into the shadows and disappearing. He reappears two feet away, his silver hair glimmering in the moonlight.

“I’m not gonna call you Firefox, that’s a web browser. So instead, you get to be a cute Pokémon!”

Renjun blushes. He did choose his alias after the web browser, but only because he didn’t know what else to call himself.

“You’re infuriating,” he says instead, throwing another two fireballs as Ghoul ducked and dodged.

“Hey, is that any way to treat a friend?” Ghoul pouts. He digs into the pocket of his (albeit shitty) costume which consists of an all-black ensemble and a long, dramatic cape, pulling out a charm bracelet wrapped in plastic. “I even got you a friendship bracelet!”

“That still has its price tag on it!” Renjun shrieks. “We’re not friends, you’re evil! You’re breaking the law right now!”

Renjun doesn’t know why Ghoul is acting like he wasn’t just trying to rob a bank.

Ghoul pouts even harder, his puppy eyes visible even through the mask that covered the top half of his face. “Is this because I didn’t come to your poetry night? I was in jail.”

“I am aware. I was the one who put you in there,” Renjun says with a long suffering sigh. “And—you weren’t even invited!” He’s aware how childish he sounds, but sometimes Ghoul makes him want to tear his hair out.

“I know! But don’t worry, I added you on Facebook so you can invite me next time! I won’t miss it for the world,” Ghoul says in a sweet voice. Taken aback, Renjun digs his phone out of his pocket and opens the Facebook app that he rarely uses. Probably not a good idea to take his eyes off a villain but whatever. Ghoul isn’t a threat, and he’s not trying to run away either.

Sure enough, Ghoul has sent him a friend request on his personal Facebook profile, because of course he knows Renjun’s name and identity. And of course, he doesn’t care if Renjun knows his.

Jaemin Na has sent you a friend request.

Renjun is about to click ‘Decline’ when he notices they have a mutual friend. He taps on Ghoul’s profile and stops short.

“You befriended my mom?!” Renjun shrieks, unable to stop himself. Why did Ghoul send his mom a friend request? And why did she accept it?!

“Yeah!” Ghoul beams at him with too many teeth. “I met her on that day last summer.”

Renjun winces. The day Ghoul is referring to is the day Renjun had shown up to a crime scene to take down a villain and gotten his ass handed to him when he was thrown into a building so hard the wall collapsed. It was Ghoul who pulled him out of the rubble and took him to a doctor for supers before delivering him to his mom’s house for monitoring. Renjun has almost forgotten about the whole incident.

“She’s a lovely woman,” Ghoul continues. “We’re going antiquing next Sunday!”

Renjun splutters, completely forgetting why he came here in favor of yelling hysterically. “You can’t make her an accessory to crime!”

“Hey, she won’t get caught with me!” As if to prove his point, Ghoul fades into the shadows once more, reappearing on the roof of a convenience store. Renjun tiredly tells him to get down from there like a disgruntled cat owner. He obediently jumps off back onto the sidewalk

“You get caught all the time!” Renjun points out.

“Yeah, by you.” Ghoul throws his head back and laughs. Renjun tries not to find it attractive. “Don’t worry, Flareon. Everything will be fine.”


Everything was not fine.

Renjun huffs as he storms into the police station, muttering nasty things under his breath but smiling politely at the booking officer as he’s taken to the holding cell.

Sure enough, his mom and Ghoul are sitting together on one of the tiny benches, chatting away as if they hadn’t just been arrested.

“Look, I knew he’d come!” Ghoul exclaims when he catches sight of him, his face splitting into a grin.

“Don’t talk to me,” Renjun growled, seething with rage.

Ghoul’s smile falters. “Why are you mad at me?”

Renjun looks around the dingy cell, if only to avoid Ghoul’s hurt expression. He has no right to look that way. “I don’t know. It could be the fact that I have to bail you out of jail. Or the fact that I now have to bail my mom out of jail. Because of your little antiquing trip!”

“Come on,” Ghoul whines. “The price on that Victorian wardrobe should be a felony!”

“He’s right, hon. It was very overpriced,” Renjun’s mom adds, and Renjun whirls on her.

“Don’t take his side!” He snaps. “You’re not helping!”

She just smiles at him innocently, reminding him exactly of Ghoul. That’s it. Renjun is officially banning them from spending time together.

“Ugh. I’m only bailing my mother out. Not him.”

“Well, you’re listed as his emergency contact,” the booking officer says, and for a moment, Renjun is stunned into silence.

“Oh my god? Why?!” Renjun asks when he’s finally found his voice again.

“You’re the only one who knows about my allergies. And you have a key to my apartment!” Ghoul argues.

“Really, hon. You didn’t tell me it was serious,” his mother chimes in.

Renjun stares at her blankly, then it finally dawns on him. “Mom, what the fuck? No! I fed his cat once. When he was in jail!”

“Bingsu really likes him,” Ghoul tells her, and Renjun’s mom’s eyes light up. They immediately begin discussing Ghoul’s cat as if Renjun isn’t even there.

“Ugh, this is ridiculous!” He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. “You know what, just—I’ll just pay both their bails, okay? Can you direct me to where I can do that?”

He stomps down the hall after the booking officer, privately cursing Ghoul and his stupid ability to charm Renjun’s freaking mother.

Bingsu is a stupid name for a cat, anyway. Who names their cat after shaved ice?

His mom is released into his care after a couple hours of waiting (some fuck up with the paperwork, Renjun doesn’t know, nor does he care), and Ghoul is nowhere to be seen. He’s probably out wreaking havoc already. Renjun tries to remember if he left his super suit in the car.

“That boy is madly in love with you,” his mom tells him as they leave the police station.

Renjun snorts. “What? No. You’re crazy.”

“Trust me,” his mother insists, “I’m a mother, I know these things. He spent the whole day singing your praises, and he was so excited when he called you.”

Renjun had not been excited to receive a call from Ghoul who had gleefully told him that he had been arrested and needed Renjun to bail him out.

He scoffs. “He only likes me because I don’t beat him up too badly when I stop his evil schemes.”

“Oh, please. Jaemin doesn’t have an evil bone in his body. He just commits crimes because he wants to see you.”

“He needs to learn how to invite people out like a normal person instead of making me duel him on the street!” Renjun exclaims, his blood boiling. He yanks open his car door and drops down into the driver’s seat, suddenly exhausted. His mom gets in on the other side, looking bright and perky despite spending the night in a cell.

“Well, would you go if he asked, honey?” Renjun’s mom asks as he starts the car, backing out of the parking space silently.

He doesn’t have an answer for that.




“I heard your boy got arrested again.”

Renjun pulls his head out of the fridge to look at his roommate and best friend, Jeno, who’s currently eating his cereal. “What? Who?”

He goes back to looking for something to eat, and gives up, shutting the door and slumping into a chair at the table. He hasn’t really had time to go grocery shopping lately between taking down minor villains here and there.

"Ghoul?" Jeno says the answer like it's obvious, like Renjun has any boy, much less a man that's been adamant on trying to make his life miserable. He refuses to think about what his mom has said, that Ghoul acts out because he knows Renjun will come to stop him. Renjun could be saving the world or whatever, but instead he's stopping petty theft and crimes that never actually end up being committed.

Well... he guesses he can't really complain. Since he's always stopping Ghoul, he doesn't really have to worry about dying in battle or anything like that. And he still has time for a normal life, since Ghoul only really tries to do something illegal once a week (that Renjun knows of).

"Oh? What's he in jail for?" Renjun says, choosing to ignore the implications of Jeno calling Ghoul his boy. Does everyone think that way?"

"Punching a homophobe, or that's how Donghyuck tells it."

Renjun blinks. "Donghyuck? As in, Ghoul's lawyer?"

"Yeah!" Jeno beams at him. "We're friends now. He's giving me advice and stuff. I'm doing co-op at his law firm."

What a small, small world. "Well, is he getting him out?"

"Why?" Jeno's voice takes on a teasing lilt. "Worried about your boy?"

"No!" Renjun squawks defensively. "I'm just wondering 'cause if he's in jail, who's feeding his cat?"

Jeno looks worried. "Oh no. I'm gonna call Donghyuck and ask him. That poor kitty, it must be so hungry. Hopefully Jaemin has a spare key somewhere."

Renjun, holder of said key, goes, "ah, Jeno. I'll just go do it." Curse his roommate for making him feel bad enough about the cat to actually go to Ghoul's apartment again. He had sworn it was going to be a one time thing, yet he was already looking up how to get here.

"Hyuck says Jaemin's probably gonna be out tomorrow morning," Jeno tells him. "He's working as fast as he can."

Renjun nods, not really caring about how long Ghoul is in jail for. Although, he does admit that he's a bit worried. Despite being a villain, Ghoul really isn't much of a fighter, evident by how he rarely retaliates during their matches. He's someone who chooses to dodge more often than not.

Well, he's sure Ghoul's powers will give him a leg up in prison fights or something.

He procrastinates the entire day, and admits to himself as the evening approaches that he should really get going to feed the cat. What did Ghoul name it again?

Driving to Ghoul's apartment is easy enough. It's in a decent neighborhood, and a nice lady holds the door open so he doesn't even have to worry about getting buzzed in. He takes the elevator up and uses the spare key to let himself in. Immediately, he's greeted by mismatched furniture, eclectic paintings and posters, and rows and rows of knick knacks. He tries not to think about how much of it is stolen. Ghoul's collection has definitely expanded since the last time Renjun has been here.

His cat is hiding as always, but Renjun fills up its food bowl and checks to make sure it has clean water. He picks up the dish to rinse and refill it, his eyes catching on all the mismatched kitchenware in the sink, which he takes the time to wash, leaving everything in the drying racks. There's surprisingly a lot of it, Ghoul's kitchen is absolutely cluttered with cooking supplies. He doesn't know what he expected, but Ghoul being a cook surprises him. He sets the dish down and takes a couple minutes to look around.

Ghoul's fridge is covered in handwritten recipes. It's almost... endearing, Renjun has to admit. The recipes are dotted with little notes like "make sure to add the chili last!!" and "note: hyuckie likes this one less salty". There are quite a few of them too, and as Renjun reads over the titles, he has to admit that they sound good.

Nosy as he is, Renjun takes a peek behind Ghoul's fridge door, wondering what ingredients such an enthusiastic cook would stock. He's shocked to find the fridge depressingly empty, not much here or there except for a few condiments and things like that. Stunned, Renjun lets the door swing shut on its own. He pokes around the apartment and realizes that it's not just cluttered, but messy in a way that Ghoul wasn't before.

He wonders if something is wrong. Of course, he doesn't really know Ghoul personally, and whenever they meet, he's infuriating as always. But the mess and the empty fridge together is putting together a picture that he doesn't like, so he goes out to buy some groceries with a plan to make a couple meals. He's considering it his heroic duty of the day. A superhero must help anyone in need, right? That's what he tells himself as he makes fried rice, a simple soup, and a couple dishes packed with protein. Besides, it's kinda fun to look around Ghoul's kitchen. He has Hello Kitty cookware.

Renjun's so distracted checking on the soup simmering on the stove that he doesn't even hear the apartment door opening, but Ghoul's loud voice going, "ohoho, now what do we have here?" has him startling so badly he drops the ladle he was holding.

"Ghoul!" Renjun whirls around. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in jail?"

"Hi, honey, I'm home," Ghoul teases, and Renjun barely manages to suppress an eyeroll. "Kidding. Hyuckie got me out early." Renjun doesn't know how to cope with the villain that tries to rob banks calling his lawyer "Hyuckie" in such a sweet tone, so he just tells Ghoul to sit his ass down.

"Here." He fills a bowl with soup and scoops out some rice onto a small plate, passing them to Ghoul with a spoon and a napkin.

"You made this for me?" Ghoul's voice sounds so strange, like the concept of a meal being made for him is both abnormal and devastating.

Renjun shrugs. "Yeah, I made a few other meals, too. They should be good for up to a week if you freeze them. I bought some groceries as well, so don't let your fridge get that empty again, okay? It's depressing."

Ghoul doesn't reply to him, and when Renjun turns around, he's just staring blankly at his soup as if it contained the answers to the universe. Renjun hugs himself around the middle, feeling awkward. Has he overstepped?

"You..." Suddenly, Ghoul buries his face in his hands and lets out a heavy sob, one so full of pain and anguish that it breaks Renjun's heart immediately upon hearing it. His hands flutter uselessly as he rushes over to Jaemin's side. He's not really sure what to do. Maybe he should leave?

He's about to back away when Jaemin's hand shoots out and his fingers lock around his wrist. Despite the desperation in his eyes, his grip is gentle. Renjun could break free if he wanted to. But he doesn't want to.

"Wait, don't go," Jaemin begs. His face is so open. This is the first time Renjun's seen him without his mask. Not his supervillain mask, but the wide, slightly unnerving smile he always puts on. Even when he's in pain, or when he's tired, he's always wearing it. Now, though, there's no smile to be seen. "Thank you, Renjun, I..."

"Haha, you act like no one's ever cooked for you," Renjun jokes, awkward in the face of Jaemin's sincerity. He must have said the wrong thing, because Jaemin's face falls. "Jaemin...?"

"It's been years since anyone has," Jaemin admits, his voice cracking on the last syllable. Renjun thinks of all the times Jeno has made him dinner, or how his mom often sends him home with containers of leftovers that are enough to feed him for a week. He thinks about how cooking for someone is his own love language, and it hurts him that Jaemin has been missing out on this kind of love for so long. So he does the only thing he can think of.

He pulls Jaemin into a hug.

At first, Jaemin's arms remain at his side and his back stiffens. Renjun's about to pull back and apologize when he realizes that Jaemin's hands are hovering in place, like he wants to touch but he's not sure he's allowed.

"You can hug me back, you know," Renjun tells him, and it seems like that's all the permission Jaemin needs. He wraps his arms around Renjun's back and clings, burying his face in his hair. He starts shaking again, and Renjun feels dampness in his hair.

He doesn't let go, even after his tears have dried and he's stopped trembling. He holds onto Renjun until the sun has completely set. Renjun's legs are tired; scratch that, his whole body is tired from holding up Jaemin's weight. He wonders how long it's been since Jaemin's been hugged, if he finds comfort in being held by a near stranger.

Except they're not really strangers. Renjun has been chasing Jaemin around the city for close to a year now. Jaemin knows his birthday and even gave him a gift, though Renjun later found out it was stolen and returned it to the original owner. He's met Jaemin's cat. Jaemin is friends with his mom. Somehow without realizing it, a villain has integrated himself in Renjun's life.

Though, can Renjun really call him a villain? He's, like, a criminal at most. Very morally questionable. But he doesn't hurt people, and he doesn't really have any evil intentions. He's just a kleptomaniac and someone who threatens to rob banks, but never actually does it. Mostly because Renjun stops him...

Wait, then is his mom right? Does Jaemin really act out for his attention?

Does that really matter now, with Jaemin breaking down in his arms for something as simple as a meal?

Renjun slowly pulls away, and when Jaemin makes a little whining noise, he gently guides him through the kitchen and into the hall. It takes him two tries to find Jaemin's bedroom, but he eventually gets Jaemin all tucked in. He looks sweetly vulnerable with the blanket pulled up to his chin and his cheeks still flushed red and wet with tears.

"Please don't go," Jaemin says when Renjun's about to leave. "I don't... I don't want to be alone right now. You don't have to... there's another bedroom at the end of the hall. But please... please stay."

"Okay," Renjun agrees easily, reaching up to push Jaemin's hair out of his eyes. Jaemin leans into the touch with his eyes closed, exhaling heavily. "Goodnight, Jaemin."

Jaemin's gaze follows him until he's out of the room, and even once he's back in the kitchen to put away the food, he still feels it sticking to him like a second skin.




Renjun wakes up to the smell of bacon.

Disoriented, it takes him a moment to realize where he is. He’s not in his own home, but rather in Jaemin’s guest bedroom. Right, he had come over to feed the villain’s cat and ended the night with Jaemin crying in his arms. He shivers a little when he remembers the warmth of Jaemin’s embrace, and his sweet voice when he asked Renjun to stay.

Still sleepy, Renjun shoves the blanket off of him and gets up, wandering into the kitchen. Jaemin is stirring something on the stove, a pink apron dotted with polka dots is tied around his waist and he’s singing along quietly to whatever bubblegum pop song is playing over the radio. He looks so much happier today, and Renjun leans against the wall and watches as he flips over bacon frying in the pan.

Wait a minute. Renjun’s eyes narrow. He didn’t buy any bacon.

“Renjun, good morning!” Jaemin greets when he catches sight of him, looking delighted. He’s the picture of domesticity in his apron and a spatula in his hand, with two place settings already on the table. “I made breakfast! Have a seat.”

Sighing, Renjun obediently sits down, watching curiously as Jaemin flutters around the kitchen. Despite his seemingly random way of organizing his things, he has no trouble finding everything he’s looking for. He gives Renjun a plate stacked high with crepes and strawberries, decorated with powdered sugar and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. He doesn’t stop there; he also places a tray of eggs and bacon in the middle of the table and beams proudly, and although Renjun knows he didn’t buy any of these ingredients, he can’t even be mad as Jaemin eagerly awaits his reaction after he takes his first bite.

“It’s good!” Renjun says, somewhat surprised. The crepe is thin and practically melts in his mouth, cooked to perfection and the right amount of toppings. Not too much and not too little.

It’s almost strange, eating breakfast with someone he once considered his enemy of sorts, but Jaemin fills the air with cheery conversation and Renjun finds it easy to relax and engage. He finishes his breakfast with a surprisingly ravenous appetite, before realizing that he hadn’t actually eaten anything yesterday and that’s why he’s so hungry.

They’re doing the dishes together when Jaemin finally addresses the elephant in the room. Or, one of them at least. “Are you going to punish me for stealing those groceries?”

Renjun just sighs. “How about we go get you some legally acquired groceries instead?”

Jaemin practically lights up. “Okay!”

It takes some time for them to get going (Jaemin forgoes getting ready in favor of playing with Bingsu, and Renjun has to raid Jaemin’s closet to find something to wear that’s not black) but finally, they’re in Renjun’s car and driving to the closest grocery store.

It’s so surreal that just a week ago, Renjun was throwing fireballs at Jaemin’s face, and now he’s chasing him down the frozen food aisle as he rides around on the shopping cart.

“You know,” Jaemin says once he’s debating between corn flakes and honey nut Cheerios, “you don’t really have to do all this.”

“Sure, I do. It’s my heroic duty or something.” Renjun squints at the nutrition facts before putting the box of Cheerios into the cart and dragging Jaemin away from the cereal aisle.

“If it were really your heroic duty you’d let me get cinnamon toast crunch,” Jaemin complains.

Renjun’s eye twitches. “That’s too much sugar for breakfast. Eat properly and maybe you won’t be beaten so easily.”

Jaemin laughs, soft but delighted. “What if I want you to beat me? What if I like losing to you?”

“Then I’d say you’re weird,” Renjun says, rolling his eyes and pushing the cart along.

“Call me weird then,” Jaemin tells him, a strange little smile playing upon his lips. Renjun is about to ask him what’s up when he skips away and begins arguing with a lady over the last bag of frozen hashbrowns.

Renjun rubs at his temples with a sigh. He can feel a headache coming on.




“You’ve got mail.”

Renjun passes over the card with Jaemin’s name on it. They’re in Jaemin’s apartment, and Jaemin had just asked him to get the mail. He returns to the apartment with a pretty purple envelope. He already knows who it’s from, the handwriting is as familiar as his own.

His mom had immediately insisted on giving Jaemin a card for his birthday. Renjun had taken him out for pancakes (after stopping him from robbing an art gallery. Really, who the fuck commits crimes on their birthday?) and it’s been two days but he still can’t get over how bright Jaemin’s smile had been as he scarfed down pancake after pancake. His wallet suffered a little, but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it when Jaemin had told him that it was “the best birthday he’s had in years”.

“Oh?” Jaemin arched an eyebrow as he accepted the envelope. His usual recklessness doesn’t apply here as he gently pries open the envelope and takes out the card.

His mom, in her typical fashion, has stuffed the card with cash, and it all falls out on Jaemin’s lap. He reads the message first, and Renjun giggles a little. It reminds him of the memes he’s seen, about ignoring cash in cards to read the note in order to seem polite. Except after a few moments, Jaemin still doesn’t move. The bills flutter off his lap and land on the ground, but he’s still frozen in place.

“Jaemin?” Renjun’s actually concerned now.

“This is…” Jaemin’s voice is barely above a whisper. “I’ve never gotten one before. A birthday card, I mean.”

He rarely talks about his past, but Renjun knows a bit. Things he’s managed to put together. Jaemin lost his family when he was very young, and had been through several foster homes that all let him go when they realized he had powers. The thought of little Jaemin struggling to fit in, to stop disappearing into the shadows just so someone would accept him, devastates Renjun more than he’d ever admit.

“Are you okay?” Renjun asks. Jaemin looks like he’s about to cry again, just like that night he’d gotten out of jail and came home to Renjun.

Jaemin nods, sniffling. “I just… your mom’s so great. She really makes me feel loved.”

Renjun’s heart goes out to him. “You are loved. My mom loves you. Bingsu loves you. Donghyuck loves you. Heck, Jeno loves you, and you’ve only met him once.” And what a meeting that had been. Jaemin and Jeno had gotten along like two peas in a pod. Renjun isn’t looking forward to the day they decide to team up on him.

“And you?” Jaemin asks, open and vulnerable. His nerves are evident on his face, but he has nothing to worry about. Renjun sits down next to him on the couch and wraps an arm around his shoulders.

“Of course I do,” Renjun says, with all the sincerity he can muster. Jaemin’s eyes search his, and when he realizes he’s telling the truth, the force of his smile could rival the sun.

“Good. Cause I love you too, you know,” Jaemin says. “More than I know what to do with. I think I’ve loved you since that first time you threw a fireball at my face.”

“Jaemin…” Renjun doesn’t know what to say, so he lets his actions do the talking. He cups Jaemin’s face, running his thumb along the curve of his cheekbone with an unspoken question. Is this okay?

Jaemin answers by closing the gap between them for a short, sweet kiss. He sighs against Renjun’s mouth like he’s been waiting for this for months. There’s no fireworks or butterflies, but when Renjun pulls back, he feels like his entire worldview has just shifted.

“I love you, Renjun. So much, I can’t—“ Jaemin’s voice breaks off and he pulls Renjun into a tight hug. Renjun runs his hands up and down Jaemin’s back and thinks back to when they first met.

He had just gotten into the whole superhero business. With Jeno’s help, he had gotten a program on his phone that allowed him to listen to the police dispatcher. He had gotten wind of a person dressed in all black attempting to rob a jewelry store, except when he arrived, the person in question wasn’t stealing anything. He was kind of just waiting there in the middle of the store. The windows and displays had been broken, but nothing had been taken, and Renjun knew that the jewelry store put out fakes during the night anyway.

He thinks that Jaemin must have been so lonely, if he committed crimes for just a little bit of attention. If he did things like attempt to rob banks or museums in hopes that a hero would show up. Hoping that Renjun would show up.

“I love you too,” Renjun says, taking Jaemin’s hand in his own. They’re pressed so tightly together that Renjun can feel Jaemin’s heart hammering in his chest. “You don’t have to be so nervous.”

Jaemin laughs a little. “How can I not be nervous? You just told me you love me.”

“Hmm.” Renjun slides his hand up to cup the back of Jaemin’s neck. He wonders, briefly, if they’re going too fast, but if Jaemin doesn’t care, then he doesn’t either. “I guess I’ll just have to tell you often, so you get used to it.”

“Oh?” Jaemin grins. “You’re dangerous, Injunnie.”

“I try.” Renjun squishes Jaemin’s face between his hands. “I love you, Jaemin.”

“I love you too, Renjun.”

“Mm, great. Does that mean you’re gonna give up this whole villain shtick? ‘Cause, you know, morally, I can’t be dating a bad guy. Heroic duty and all that.”

Jaemin just laughs, which isn’t really an answer, but it’s fine.

Renjun’s got all the time in the world to convince him.