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#1 laopo visits his laogong

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Xiao Zhan was a wonderful husband. The best. The red frilly apron “#1 Laopo” tied around his waist was a testament to prove his claim.

Normally Xiao Zhan would wake up early in the morning to make Yibo’s meal, and he would give it to his mate, sending him to work with a peck on the lips. He always made sure to stick a post-it note with “Eat me!” scrawled on it.

Yibo would always send him a message saying “I'd rather eat you” around lunch time.

This time, Xiao Zhan wanted to surprise his mate. The omega woke up early to make Yibo’s breakfast, but did not make his lunch. Yibo raised a suspicious eyebrow when Xiao Zhan didn’t push a meal box into his hands, but he didn’t question Xiao Zhan further.

Xiao Zhan pecked his lips and Yibo pouted for more. Xiao Zhan gave in, giggling as he gave his alpha more kisses. Yibo then crouched down to coo at Xiao Zhan’s bulging belly, saying, “Don't give mama a hard time, okay? A-die loves you.”

It never failed to make Xiao Zhan’s heart flutter, the sweetness making it feel warm and full.

The omega hummed a lullaby as he brought the finishing touches to Yibo’s packed meal, finally satisfied with how everything turned out. The rice was shaped into two pigs, the egg rolls were fluffy, the fried chicken was crispy, the octodogs had cute hats on them and a bit of salad to freshen the palate..

Xiao Zhan excitedly clapped his hands before removing the apron and cradling his baby bump, cooing, “Your a-die is going to love this.”

He wrapped the bento box in a bunny-printed cloth before calling Yan-laoshi to pick him up. It was perfectly fine for him to drive a car, but his mate made a fuss about it, refusing to let Xiao Zhan drive even though the omega argued that it wouldn’t harm their child. So Xiao Zhan conceded, not wanting to fight more with his overly protective alpha lest Yibo wouldn’t allow him to even walk without being carried bridal style everywhere.

Xiao Zhan sighed as he opened the door after peeking out the window to see Yibo’s private chauffeur pulling into the driveway. He put on his jacket and a scarf. It was not really that cold, but his alpha would fuss and nag him if he wasn’t perfectly toasty.

The omega cheerfully greeted the older beta who helped him in the car before he climbed back into the driver’s seat. “To Laoban’s office?” he asked.

“Yes,” Xiao Zhan hummed, clapping the heels of his shoes in his excitement. “I want to surprise him.”

“It’s the first time you’re visiting Wang Laoban’s office right?”

“Yes,” Xiao Zhan nodded, cradling his baby bump, “I didn’t have time before, but now with our pup coming soon, I had to stop working for a bit.”

“Wang Laoban is very protective of you,” Yan Laoshi said.

Xiao Zhan huffed, cheeks puffing up. “Yibo wouldn’t even let me carry the groceries! And if I reached out for them he would say,” the omega lowered his voice, face stoic as he imitated his alpha, “You can carry my hand instead.”

The chauffeur chuckled. “I was the same when my wife was pregnant. She whacked me many times with her purse because I was too protective.”

“We are pregnant,” Xiao Zhan pouted, “not disabled.”

“You should let us worry,” Yan-laoshi said, a huge smile on his face.

“And you should worry less!” Xiao Zhan retorted, eyes scrunching up in crescent moons.

“We are here,” the beta said, parking right in front of a tall skyscraper, WANG CORP displayed in huge golden letters. “Do you need help finding his office?”

“No, I’ll find it myself. I remember Yibo saying that his office was on the top floor,” Xiao Zhan murmured.

“Yes, take my badge and show it to the guard and he’ll let you pass. Just take the lift to the upper floor,” Yan-laoshi instructed helpfully.

“Thank you, Yan-laoshi,” Xiao Zhan gladly accepted the chauffeur’s badge.

“Call me when I need to drive you back home!”

“I will!” Xiao Zhan shouted back, waving. Xiao Zhan waited until the car was out of sight before he waddled his way to the revolving door. As instructed, he showed the badge to the guard and was let in. He got into the lift with no further problem along his way…

It was at his stop that he encountered the obstacle.

“Sir, we can’t let you pass. Wang Laoban is very busy at the moment and will not accept guests,” the beta women — probably Yibo’s secretary — said.

Xiao Zhan frowned, looking down at his packed meal that would grow cold. “But I’m Yibo’s husband.”

“Please sir, Wang Laoban does not allow any visitors.”

The omega wanted to throw a tantrum, stomping his foot and yelling that he was indeed Yibo’s husband, and how dare they not let him go to his mate. “B-but the food,” Xiao Zhan murmured, looking down with glassy eyes, “I worked so hard on it.”

The beta woman looked sympathetic, reacting to the omega’s distressed scent. “We are so sorry, sir, but we really can’t let you in.”

“Zhan-ge?” Yibo’s deep voice resonated throughout the huge lobby.

“Yibo!” Xiao Zhan perked up.

In just a few strides, his alpha was by his side and scenting his neck. “What are you doing here, ge?” Yibo murmured against the skin of his neck, arms coming to wrap around Xiao Zhan’s tiny waist.

“I wanted to surprise you with a meal,” Xiao Zhan whispered back, nuzzling his head against Yibo’s broad chest.

“You should have called,” Yibo said sternly.

“It wouldn’t have been a surprise then,” the omega argued back, melting in Yibo’s embrace.

“Let’s go to my office,” Yibo offered, a protective hand guiding him.

“Okay,” Xiao Zhan nodded, but suddenly Yibo stopped. The omega wrinkled his nose as his alpha’s scent turned sour.

“Xiao Zhan is my mate, and if you dare distress him or make him sad ever again, you will be immediately fired,” Yibo growled, eyes flashing red for a brief second.

“Yibo!” Xiao Zhan gasped, hitting Yibo on the chest as a reprimand.

“We are sorry, Laoban!”
The beta womea squeaked, “I wasn’t aware that you had a mate.”

“Don’t let it happen again,” Yibo said over his shoulder.

Xiao Zhan sighed as they entered Yibo’s office. He went to take a seat in the comfy looking office chair, but instead he was tugged into Yibo’s lap. The omega pinched at his mate’s bread cheeks, “You shouldn’t be angry at them, they didn’t know.”

Yibo pouted, sulking. “I don’t care if they don’t know,” he circled his arms around Xiao Zhan’s waist, “no one is allowed to make my mate unhappy.”

Xiao Zhan flicked Yibo’s forehead. “And you are just too protective.”

Yibo smiled dopily, eyes glinting in the light. “How can I not protect my world?”

Xiao Zhan brought a hand to cover his flaming cheeks. He punched Yibo’s shoulder in retaliation. “You are too much! Eat! Eat and shut up, Wang Yibo.”

“Only if my baobao feeds me,” Yibo quipped, already opening his mouth.

Xiao Zhan clicked his tongue playfully, shaking his head. “You are too spoiled,” he teased as he unwrapped the cloth and opened the box.

Yibo's hands strayed down and squeezed the two plump globes. “Says the person who absolutely had to have the Louis Vuitton quilt for his nest.”

“Shut up,” Xiao Zhan hissed as he unceremoniously stuffed an egg roll in Yibo’s mouth.

The alpha choked, but he managed to swallow it down, opening his mouth for more.

Yibo growled as he heard the door of his office creak open, his secretary poking her head inside. “Leave,” the alpha rumbled, pulling his sleeping mate closer to his chest.

The beta squeaked a “Yes, Laoban!” before she quietly closed the door.

Yibo sighed, smiling tenderly at his Zhan-ge. He swiped the omega’s bangs away before he placed an affectionate kiss on his forehead. “I love you.”