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Peeta closes his eyes and shakes his head slightly, hoping to clear it. When he opens his eyes again, his reflection remains just as blurry in the dingy bathroom mirror before him as it was before. 

'Maybe that last shot with Finnick was a bad idea.' He muses to himself with a snort. He pushes up from the sink he's been leaning against and runs a hand over his face. 

"You can do this, Mellark." He points at his reflection with determination. "You can finally talk to Katniss Everdeen like you’re not a loser!”

Nodding at his own personal pep talk, Peeta spins on his heels and yanks open the bathroom door. The music thumping from the other room grows infinitely louder as he steps out into the mass of people that have filled Finnick’s house. He’s caught off guard by two girls rushing past him into the now empty bathroom and stumbles sideways.

"Easy there," A hand on his arm steadies him before he completely loses his balance. Peeta whips around at the familiar voice, almost losing his balance a second time. His eyes widen as he takes in the person helping him stay upright. 

"Katniss!" He exclaims. Then grins wide, proud of himself for already doing what he’d told himself to do. 

"Peeta." She greets, much more softly then he had. And with a much gentler smile. "You look like you’re having a good time."

"And you," His gaze wanders downwards, taking in her tight outfit. Her very tight outfit. He didn’t think he’d ever seen her in anything so tight before. "Look like…wow. Damn."

"Are you staring at my boobs?" Katniss laughs.

His eyes snap up to her face. “Huh?” She raises her eyebrows and waves a hand over her chest. It causes Peeta to look downwards again. “Oh yeah, this view is nice.” 

After he is greeted with silence, Peeta glances back up at Katniss. She’s staring at him, eyes wide and mouth agape. And that’s when what he’d just said catches up with his brain. 

"Oh shit!" He cries, hand flying up to slap over his mouth. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean," He mumbles against his hand before moving it up to grab at his messy hair. "Fuck, Katniss, I-"

Katniss bursts out laughing and Peeta freezes at the sudden shift in her demeanor. 

"Oh my god, Peeta," Her shoulders shake with laughter. "You’re really drunk." Her hand rubs up and down his arm.

He lets out a groan and buries his face in his hands. “I really am.”

Peeta drops his hands when her laughter suddenly stops and the rubbing stops on his arm. She’s smiling widely, but there’s a look in her grey eyes that seems to make his heart stop. 

Katniss reaches up and brushes his sweaty curls away from his forehead, her eyes watching the movement of her own hand. “Me too.” She giggles, sipping from the cup in her other hand. 

Her eyes find his again. “Wanna go outside, get some fresh air and sober up a little with me?” She’d been exerting confidence since he’d practically run into her, but now she seems…nervous. 

"Yes." Peeta doesn’t hesitate to agree.

Katniss bounces a little in place and smiles again. “Good!” She latches onto his wrist and pushes off the wall she’s been leaning against. It’s then he notices that she’s not much steadier than he is. He lets out a breathy laugh as she starts to pull him through the crowd.

As the pair make their way outside onto the back porch, another pair watches from the kitchen doorway across the way. 

"We should collaborate more often, Mason," Finnick turns his attention his companion, holding up a shot glass.

Johanna smirks, clinking her own glass against his. “Who knew your tequila and my wardrobe selection could make the perfect equation.” She winks before throwing back the shot.