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New Chances

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New Chances

- Ichigo is a Neko Hybrid abused by his owner Sosuke Aizen a Hybrid collector. Fleeing from his prison, beaten and starved, he wanders the streets before collapsing in an alleyway. Enter one blue haired human surgeon, who happens to specialise in Neko's. Will he save the half dead one he finds with strange orange hair? How will Aizen react to his prize gone missing? Why is Ichigo a rare Neko sought after by collectors?

Disclaimer: I don't own any right to Bleach or the characters in this story.

Warning: Yaoi (boyxboy), swearing, OOCness, M-preg, mentions & acts of rape


Chapter 1: The Meeting

Rain, god how he hated rain. Ichigo hissed and shook his head violently as the rain drop hit his sensitive nose, sending droplets flying off his bright orange hair. Why was he out in the rain you ask? Simple, he'd run away.

Ichigo Kurosaki, a twenty-two year old Neko Hybrid. Hybrids are half human and half animal; they take the appearance of humans with the added features of their specific animal's ears and tail. Whilst their instincts where more primal than a humans they were essentially the same.

Hybrids running away were so rarely heard of that most people thought it didn't happen. Due to the fact most hybrids are loyal to their owners. So why did Ichigo run away?

His owner, Sosuke Aizen, abused him, beat him, starved him and forced him to do things that Ichigo hated to think about and sent cold shivers down his spine to the point where he'd almost throw up. Finally having enough he'd ran away, not thoroughly thinking the plan through after escaping, he now stood huddled under some cover, starving and bleeding profusely from his last encounter with Aizen.

Shaking his head again Ichigo pulled his thin jacket closer to his body to retain some warmth and forced his eyes open. Stumbling down and alleyway he slid to the ground before losing consciousness.

*Flashback Six Years Ago*

Ichigo had just turned sixteen and was currently standing outside his new home. Once a Neko turns sixteen they have to find their own place, their own lives. So here he was, looking down at his new owners name, he read aloud.

"Sosuke Aizen."


He jumped, not realising the door had been opened. "Hi. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. Mr Aizen's new hybrid."

The man eyed him for a moment before stepping aside. Ichigo slid past him wearily. Who wouldn't with an emotionless face like that, he looked dangerous.

He extended his hand and Ichigo tried not to flinch. "Ulquiorra Cifer."

He took the hand and gave it a quick shake before retracting his own. "Ichigo Kurosaki."

"This way."

He followed the man through the large house. 'Wow Aizen must be really rich. Well he'd have to be to be a Neko collector.' From what he'd heard collectors treated their hybrids with amazing care to keep them in condition, he hoped this Aizen was the same.

"Here we are. Aizen's office." Ulquiorra knocked on the door and entered, leaving Ichigo to follow and close it behind him. "Here's the new hybrid." Ulquiorra bowed respectively and left the room.

"Hello Ichigo Kurosaki."

He smiled. "You must be Sosuke Aizen."

"Please call me Sosuke." He indicated to the chair in front of him and Ichigo sat down. Finally getting a look at his new owner.

Sosuke Aizen was a fairly slim man in his mid-twenties and had brown hair slicked back with one strand falling in front of his face, his eyes were also brown, similar to Ichigo's and were watching him with interest. His face held no emotion as he looked Ichigo up and down making the teen feel uncomfortable under the gaze.

"Let me show you to your room."


Ichigo followed him through the house now considered his home, looking around with interest. He saw many other Neko's and was pleased to see they looked healthy and happy. As they reached a room Aizen opened the door and walked in.

"Here we are."

"Wow." Ichigo stared in amazement at the size of the room it was huge! It even had it's own sofa. Ichigo smiled and placed his bag on the floor and sat down. Aizen sat next to him and smiled, Ichigo thought there was something off about that smile but he didn't let it get to him. "This is amazing! Thank you."

"You're welcome." Aizen shifted closer and placed one hand on Ichigo's knee. The hybrid stiffened as he leant even closer. "I hope you can join me for dinner later?" He whispered close to Ichigo's ear.

"Uh... sure." Ichigo shifted uncomfortably, he didn't like how close Aizen was.

"Great." Suddenly he leant back and smiled. "See you in an hour." He got up and left.

"What was that about?"


Ichigo had never seen so much food in one place. Dish upon dish was laid out at the table, he was practically drooling.

Aizen chuckled. "Eat whatever you want. It's all for you."

Ichigo looked at him shocked. "Me? Why?"

"Because you're a new member of this family. See it as a welcome dinner."

"Thank you." Aizen watched silently as Ichigo ate. He shifted uncomfortable under that unwavering gaze. When they'd finished Ichigo smiled. "I hope you don't mind if I go upstairs now?"

"Not at all. I'll walk you to your room."

"Thanks but you don't have to."

"No I insist."

"Ok." Ichigo shrugged off his insistence and walked beside him up to the room. "Thank you for the warm welcome. I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

He smiled and went to shut the door but Aizen pushed his way in. "We're not done yet Ichigo Kurosaki..."


Ichigo coughed and jerked awake again. "Urgh rain. How long was I out?" He spat some out and stared shocked at the blood mixed with it. "Shit." He struggled to sit up but only managed to cause more pain in his wounded side.

Gasping he slid back down clutching the wound. If I don't get help I'm gunna die. But if I do Aizen will find me and take me back. I don't even want to think about the punishment I'd get for running away. I'd rather die here.

Ichigo shivered and curled up on the floor as his vision went dark and he passed out for the second time that night.


Grimmjow scowled at the dark sky as he stood outside the hospital where he worked. "Shit. The day I don't bring my car it rains. Fucking perfect."

He sighed, shoved his hands deep in his pockets and started walking. "What a lousy day." Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques, twenty-five, was a surgeon at the most prestige hospital in Karakura Town and he was well known for his skills. More specifically because he specialised in Neko Hybrids, which was uncommon and he was the best surgeon around for a hybrid.

Grimmjow turned into the series of alleyways leading back to his home. His father owned most of the medical practices around and was extremely wealthy to put it lightly. As a kid, Grimmjow had gotten what every kid desired and was envied and admired alike by most.

But despite all that he's never found anyone to call his own. Everyone he knew was either married, engaged or some sort of relationship and then there was him, the man with nobody. It wasn't as if he didn't get enough attention, every female he met, and some males, flirted with him outrageously. But they just didn't seem to fit.

Grumbling to himself he shook the rain from his sky blue hair and turned down the last alleyway from his house. 

Approaching the light he slowed down. "What the hell is that?" He crouched down near something long and orange curled up on the edge of the light. Upon touching it gently he found it was soft. His eyes widened realising what it was.

"Shit it's a damn tail!"

He quickly moved the rubbish surrounding the orange tail to find a young hybrid curled up, covered with blood. He turned them over and discovered they were male, early twenties and had bright orange hair. To top it off he was unconscious with several deep lacerations which needed immediate medical attention. Along with that the man was filthy and looked like he hadn't eaten in several days.

"Today is really not my day." He touched the orange heads face and sighed in relief and he felt air moving in and out from his mouth. "Well at least you're not dead."

Ichigo's eyes fluttered open as something warm pressed against his face. Reaching out he grasped it in his hand to feel it. Strange. This feels like a hand... Why would a hand be touching me? He sat bolt upright causing the person to yell and fall backwards. Ichigo curled up, despite the pain from his wounds and moved further into the light.

Grimmjow muttered again and got up. Damn idiot made him jump, moving suddenly like that. He glanced over at the Neko who sat huddled in the light watching him apprehensively. Having dealt with many nervous hybrids before, he knelt down just inside the light so the other could see him. "Hi. My name's Grimmjow."

Ichigo watched as the man moved into the light and his eyes widened. God he's fucking handsome. He had bright blue hair and equally blue eyes and his face was perfection itself. Straight jaw and nose with furrowed blue eyebrows and sinful lips pressed together. Ichigo stared into the dark blue eyes as the man called Grimmjow edged closer until he was sat in front of him.

"I'm a surgeon who specialises in Neko's. Can I have a look at your wounds? If they don't get treated you're going to die."

Ichigo flinched. He knew this already but hearing it from someone else sent fear through his body. Grimmjow reach out and gently grasped his arm. Ichigo hissed violently and went to strike out but fell over himself in pain.

"Ok you're going to make this difficult aint ya?"

Grimmjow sighed and stripped his coat off before bundling the Neko in it. Ichigo hissed and writhed around as he was secured.

Shit he's taking me back to Aizen I should've known! There's no way in hell some handsome stranger who just happens to be a specialist Neko surgeon would happen on me then offer me help!

He hissed again and got one hand free, then proceeded to swipe his nails across the blue haired man’s face, effectively making him bleed.


Grimmjow stopped and glared and the Neko who glared back. "Look you damn idiot. I've had a shit day and to top it off I had to walk home in the rain. Then I find and injured Neko! I could've left you there to die but I'm trying to help you, so don't do that again. Are we clear?"

He eyed the Neko until the younger one dropped his gaze and nodded. "Good." He picked him up and Ichigo hissed in pain. "Sorry about the pain but I'll give you something when we get to mine ok?"

Ichigo nodded again and let the man carry him to wherever he was going to wait for Aizen. He knew there was no escaping now so he might as well face the music and take whatever punishment Aizen gave him. Grimmjow shifted the Neko's weight to get his keys and open the door. After getting inside and shutting it behind them, he gently put the Neko on his sofa. He crouched down again so he was level with the others face.

"Can I look at your wounds?" Ichigo nodded defeatedly and let the man push him back into a laying position. Grimmjow sighed after examining him. "Well you're going to need pain medication, disinfectant on every wound and bandaging in several places. Oh and food."

Ichigo's ears perked up despite himself at the mention of food. He couldn't remember the last time he ate. Grimmjow saw his reaction and chuckled.

"Come on. I'll fix you up after you eat. Then maybe you'll behave."