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Chapter 16: Surprises

*Four Years Later*

Ichigo paced nervously in his and Grimmjow's bedroom, tapping the item he held rapidly against his palm before glancing at his watch. "C'mon, c'mon... How long does five minutes take?"

Currently downstairs, Grimmjow sat bouncing a small blue-haired girl on his lap as she shrieked with laughter. "More daddy!"

He grinned and kissed her head. "You seem excited today Mia, what's up?"

"It's my birthday tomorrow!"

"Really? I would never have guessed."

The small Neko turned to glare at him and flicked his face with her tail. "You didn't forget did you?"


"You did didn't you!"

"Of course not. How could I forget my darling daughter's birthday?" He chuckled and kissed her head again. "Just wait until tomorrow, me and your mum have got something special planned."

Her brown eyes went wide with excitement. "What?!"

"You'll have to wait and see." Mia pouted and Grimmjow smiled at the resemblance to Ichigo's. "You look like your mum when you do that."

"I do?"

"Yup. Very cute."

She giggled and hugged his neck. "Where's mummy?"


"Why? What's he doing?"

Grimmjow shrugged. "Dunno. He came home and said he had something important to do." Seeing Mia's face scrunch in worry he chuckled. "Don't worry sweetie. Whatever it is, I'm sure he's fine."

"Ok." She grinned and ran from the room, re-appearing a moment later, hugging her stuffed toy panther. "Daddy?"


She looked down at the black animal and pulled its ear. "Why is mummy not here?"


"Mummy's been busy for a while. Why?"

"He's upstairs, and I don't know. Want to go find out?"

Mia looked up and giggled. "Yes!" Grimmjow smirked and scooped the giggling child into his arms, making her shriek loudly. "Go daddy go!"

"Shh baby girl, don't let him know we're there."

"Ok." Brown eyes widened in glee and she covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. Grimmjow kissed her head and stealthily went upstairs, sneaking up to the half open bedroom door before both of them peaked inside.

Ichigo was sat on the bed, staring at something in his hand when his head whipped up to glare at a pair of brown and blue eyes. "What are you doing?"

Mia shrieked and squirmed out of Grimmjow's arms. "Mummy you weren't supposed to see us!" She yelled, running into the room and launching herself at him. Ichigo let go of his item to catch her and grinned, nuzzling her head.

"Sorry sweetie, but you can't sneak up on me."


"Because I can smell you."

He grinned and dropped her on the bed, blowing raspberries on her stomach. "Stop! Mummy stop!"

Grimmjow laughed lightly before looking down at the item Ichigo dropped and frowned, picking it up. "Hey Ichi?"


"Why do you have this?"

Ichigo sat up and cradled Mia to his chest, looking away guiltily. "I wanted to check."

"Check what?" Mia looked between them and frowned. "Mummy are you ok?"

Ichigo looked down and smiled reassuringly. "Of course baby, don't worry."

"What is it?"

Grimmjow and Ichigo looked at each other before he sighed and sat next to the two Neko's. "It's a pregnancy test."

"A what?"

Ichigo smiled softly and ruffled Mia's blue hair. "A test to see if I'm pregnant."


He grabbed her hands and pressed them to his stomach. "A baby."

Mia's brown eyes widened and she poked his stomach. "You've got a baby in there?"


She frowned in thought. "It's not very big."

Ichigo chuckled and rubbed her hands. "It has to grow, you were this big at one point."

"I was?"

"Yes." Ichigo stood and went to the drawers, rummaging through them to pull out an album. "Look." He sat back down and opened it, flicking through a few pages to find a picture of him heavily pregnant. "See, you're in there." He pointed at his stomach and Mia frowned.

"I'm too big to fit in your tummy."

Grimmjow smiled and pulled her onto his lap. "You weren't a long time ago, look." He flicked through to a picture of her a day old. "You're tiny here."

She peered at the small baby version of her. "That's me?"

"Yes, see the blue hair?"

"Yeah." Mia sucked on her lip and looked at Ichigo. "Mummy?"


"When will the baby get here?"

"A few months yet."

"Awww but I wanna see it!"

"It's got to grow still, but when it's born, you will have a little brother or sister to play with."



Mia grinned and looked down at the panther in her hands, before looking up at Grimmjow. "Daddy?"


"When the baby's born, can I give it this?" She held out the panther and he smiled softly.

"If you want to, you don't have to though."

"I want to give it something from me."

He chuckled. "You're going to make a great big sister."

"I am?"

"Yes, it's your job to protect the baby when it's born."

She grinned and jumped up. "I'm gunna go draw them!"

Ichigo sighed and flicker her hair. "You don't know what they look like."

"I'm gunna draw what I want them to look like."

"Ok." He chuckled and watched as she ran from the room before turning to Grimmjow sheepishly. "I was going to tell you later, when she was asleep."

"I don't mind, besides now we don't have to figure out what to tell Mia." Grimmjow groaned and fell backwards on the bed, grabbing Ichigo's arm to pull him down too. Ichigo sighed and buried his head in Grimmjow's chest, gripping his shirt tightly.

"Are you ok with this?"

"Another baby?"


"Of course. We said if things went well with Mia, we'd have another child when she was older. I always knew we would have another kid, but how did it happen?" Grimmjow sat up to look down at Ichigo confused. "We use protection every time."

Ichigo blushed and shook his head. "Remember a month ago?" He muttered quietly in Grimmjow's chest, a small smile remaining hidden.

Grimmjow sighed and thought back, his confused look soon turning into a glare. "Fucking Nel!"

Ichigo's hand covered his mouth and the Neko glared at him. "Watch your language. Mia's still around idiot."

"Sorry." He rubbed Ichigo's hand and growled. "When I next see her I'm gunna kill her."

"Why? All she did was lock us in the bathroom for a few hours by accident. It aint her fault you can't keep it in your pants."

"Me?! What about you? As I recall, you were all over me too."

Ichigo blushed and his eyes narrowed. "I could smell your damn arousal!"


The glare faltered and he looked down, his next words muttered quietly. "It turns me on."


"I said it turns me on you idiot!"

Grimmjow smirked and flipped Ichigo onto his back. "Really?"

"Yes." Ichigo's hands pushed at his chest and he looked to the side with a pout. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily as warm lips started kissing his neck. "Grimmjow..."


"What are you doing?"

"You look so good Ichi, I can't help myself."

Ichigo snorted and sat up, pushing Grimmjow back slightly. "You're twenty-nine, yet you still act like a hormonal teenager."

"So? It's your fault."

Ichigo growled and flicked Grimmjow with his tail. "How's that?"

"You're too sexy for your own good."

Ichigo snorted. "Coming from you?" He asked incredulously. "I've seen the way people look at you, and then they look at me. I can practically see the words running through their heads. 'Why's he so special?'"

Grimmjow smirked and grasped Ichigo's shirt, pulling him into a kiss. "I could say the same thing."


"You're unnatural attractive, even for a Neko. People look at you as if you're not real. I'm just the lucky one who gets to call you mine and say we've had a child, soon two."

Ichigo smiled softly and cupped Grimmjow's face. "Shut up Grimm and kiss me." He grinned and lent down, capturing Ichigo's mouth with his own and the Neko groaned, pulling his body closer.


Mia hummed randomly as she finished her drawing, a broad smile appearing on her face. She stood up and clasped the drawing close to her chest, running from her room and approaching Grimmjow's and Ichigo's. Her smile was replaced with a small frown as she approached the door, hearing a small moan from inside.


Brown eyes widened and she crept closer as she heard Ichigo's voice, pressing her ear to the door.

"You like that Ichi?"

"God dammit Grimmjow move!"

Mia glared at the door and opened it with a bang, striding into the room with a stern look on her face. "Daddy why are you hurting mummy?" She stood glaring at the two adults, who stared back in shock.

"M-mia?!" Ichigo gasped, pulling Grimmjow's body closer to his own so she didn't see anything. "What are you doing?!"

She looked at him and smiled. "I finished my drawing and wanted to show you. You sounded like you were in pain and were telling daddy to get off you."

Grimmjow started laughing uncontrollably and Ichigo glared at him. "Don't laugh! This isn't funny!"

"Yes it is!"

Ichigo growled and kneed him in the stomach, effectively shutting him up. "And now?"

"Ok, maybe not as much." Grimmjow rolled his eyes and turned to their daughter, who was still watching them with a glare. "I'm not hurting mummy ok?"

"What are you doing then?" She cocked her head to the side and observed their positions, both men thankful they were under the bed sheets. "Are you wrestling?"

They both looked at the girl in confusion before Ichigo smiled reassuringly. "Yes, we're wrestling!"

"Is daddy winning?"

"You bet I am Mia."

She giggled and approached the bed. "Can I play?"


"Why not?"

Ichigo sighed at the pout. "We can play later, can you give us a minute and we'll come look at your picture."

"Ok." Mia left the room slowly, a small sigh issuing from her as the door shut.

Grimmjow chuckled and kissed Ichigo's nose. "Well that went well."

Ichigo's eyes returned to him and they glinted dangerously. "Went well? She fucking walked in on us having sex! How did that go well?!" He pushed Grimmjow off him and stood up. "I can't believe you persuaded me to do that."

"What? It's not like we don't have sex when she's home anyway."

"Only when she's asleep idiot!" Ichigo hissed, turning around to glare at Grimmjow's relaxed form. "What about when she's older and she realises what we were doing?"

"She won't remember, she thought we were wrestling."

"Without our clothes on?!"

"Calm down Ichi you're overreacting. She doesn't know we were having sex ok?" He stood with a groan and pulled Ichigo into a hug. "Mia's fine yeah?"

Ichigo sighed and pressed his head into Grimmjow's chest. "Yeah."

"So you wanna finish off?"

Ichigo scoffed and shoved him back on the bed. "Get changed Grimm, Mia's waiting for us."


The next day, Ichigo watched Mia running around with a soft smile. Nel appeared from the side and tapped his shoulder. "You ok Ichigo?"

He glanced back at her and smiled, returning his attention to the giggling child. "Yes of course. Thank you for helping out today, you know, with the party."

Nel grinned. "No problems. You know I would do anything for Mia."

"Can I tell you something?"


"Remember when you 'accidently' locked me and Grimmjow in the bathroom a month ago?"

"Yes." She grinned mysteriously and he snorted.

"Why did you do it?"

"I wanted you to have another baby. You're both so good with Mia, you'd do great with another one."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and placed a hand over his stomach. "Well you got your wish."

Nel's grey eyes widened in excitement. "You're pregnant?!"


She shouted in glee and dragged him into a crushing hug. "Congratulations! Who knows?"

"Just us and our parents, now you too."

"I'm happy for you both."

"Yeah well, it only happened because of you." Ichigo smiled and pulled away. "Thank you."

"It was my pleasure." Nel squirmed in excitement. "Can I tell Starrk?"

"Sure I guess."

"Yay! Thank you!" She hugged him again and ran off to find her husband. Ichigo watched her go with a sigh and turned around, jumping when he found his mother stood waiting.

"Hey mum, what is it?" He asked, catching sight of her frown.

Masaki sighed and shook her head. "Mia's going around telling an interesting story."

"Yeah, what about?"

Masaki's brown eyes shone with amusement. "Apparently yesterday, you and Grimmjow weren't very nice."

Ichigo frowned. "Why not?"

"Because you wouldn't let her join in with your game of 'wrestling'."

Ichigo eyes widened and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "No!"

Masaki nodded with a smile. "Yes. She's told almost everyone by now."

Ichigo groaned and started searching the room for the child and Masaki chuckled, turning to go find Grimmjow and tell him too.

Ichigo sighed in relief and picked Mia up. "Hello Mia."

She giggled and threw her arms around his neck. "Mummy! Thank you for the party!"

"You're welcome. But we need to talk."

Her face fell and she looked to the side as Grimmjow walked over. "Daddy?"

"Yeah we definitely need to talk to you Mia."

She sighed and looked down guiltily. "Why?"

"Who have you told about yesterday?"

Mia looked up and frowned. "Granddad Isshin and granddad Grimmshaw, nanny Masaki and nanny Pantera, Nel, Starrk, Rukia..." She tapped her chin in thought. "Oh yeah! And Ulqui!"

Ichigo groaned and looked at the grinning child firmly. "Don't tell anyone else."

"Aww why not?"

"Because you can't, I'm telling you no."

She huffed and folded her arms, looking at Grimmjow who shook his head. "Sorry Mia, I'm agreeing with your mum."

"Fine. I won't tell anyone else." She pouted as Ichigo put her down.

Grimmjow chuckled and ruffled her hair. "Don't look upset Mia, your friends are waiting, go play."

The pout instantly disappeared and she ran off giggling. Ichigo sighed and looked up at Grimmjow. "Everyone knows now."

Grimmjow sighed and kissed his head. "Don't stress Ichi, there's nothing we can do about it now."

"I know."

Grimmjow hand entwined with his and he smiled down and the frowning Neko. "I love you."

Ichigo's frown melted into a soft smile and he stood on his tiptoes to kiss Grimmjow quickly. "I love you too."