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Words, Words, Words

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“Hey, Ben, I know this isn’t the best time, but will you marry me?”

Beatrice didn’t plan to pop the question this way, standing in the bathroom doorway and watching as her boyfriend finished cleaning up after their sick toddler- but she couldn’t help herself, not when she saw how tenderly and patiently Ben had taken care of Olivia tonight, had finally managed to ease their child’s discomfort and get her to sleep, and Bea didn’t think she’d ever loved him more.

“I mean it,” Bea said. “You’re my best friend and the love of my life and you are an amazing dad to Olivia, and it feels weirdly too casual just calling you my boyfriend after all this time. I know I want to be with you forever, and it will make tax season loads easier, and will you please stop laughing?!”

Ben was positively beaming at her as he answered, “Love, the only reason I haven’t already swept you into my arms and kissed you senseless is that I’m still half covered in toddler sick. Let me have a shower and we’ll take this precious milestone moment from the top.”

“Or,” Beatrice said exasperatedly, “you could take that disgusting shirt off and just answer me right now. Do you wanna marry me or not?”

“Yes, Beatrice, of course my answer is yes. I’ll marry you,” Ben said happily, tossing the soiled shirt into a hamper and holding out his arms to her. “We can just shower together, at least that might salvage the least romantic proposal of all time, hmm?”

“Oh, fuck off, it was spur of the moment, okay?” Bea laughed, and stepped forward into her future husband’s waiting arms.