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Words, Words, Words

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“Wh- why are you covered in peanut butter?” Beatrice asked, shocked into laughter at the sight of her ridiculous, adorable boyfriend.

Ben was sitting on the couch in Bea’s aunt Persephone’s living room, with a thick stripe of peanut butter across one cheek and more covering both of his hands, and he was also laughing, because Aunt Persephone’s dog was licking his fingers enthusiastically.

“Bea! I was waiting for you to wake up,” Ben exclaimed. “Your aunt said I could give Honey a treat, and it got a little out of hand.”

“I can see that,” Bea said, amused, then backed up when Ben reached out a hand. “Ohhh no, don’t even think about it, dickface.”

“Come on, Bea, don’t you trust me?” Ben asked, and the gleam in his eye and the knowledge that he was as jet-lagged and silly as she felt right now did give her pause. “I just need you to distract Honey so I can go clean up.”

“Oh, fine, you’re lucky you two are both so cute,” Bea said, sitting down next to Ben- who immediately leaned in and kissed her cheek, smearing her with peanut butter, too. “Hey!” she protested, but she was still smiling.