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Words, Words, Words

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John showed up promptly at seven to pick her up, palms sweating, the bouquet of yellow tulips almost slipping from his hand- he worried they were too much for a first date, too cheesy, and he was no good at this romance thing.

All he knew was that he couldn’t mess this up again, he couldn’t give Hero anything less than a perfect first date- and then she was there, a vision in her pale pink dress and excited smile, slipping her small hand into the crook of his arm and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“They’re beautiful,” she said softly, taking the flowers.

John Donaldson never thought Hero Duke would give him the time of day, though he’d been fascinated by her since their Messina High days. There was still the ghost of their shared past between them, but John vowed that tonight, neither of them would think of that.

Tonight was about starting over, together. So they walked off into the night, away from the past, to find their new beginning.