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Words, Words, Words

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"Benedick Hobbes, before I met you, I honestly didn’t think love was worth it, and I’m so grateful to you for proving me wrong every single day. You’re my one and only, there’s no way I would ever be standing here with anyone else. I’m surprised even you could talk me into it, frankly. I promise to love you, to cherish you, and to let you win an argument every once in a while, in good times and bad, for the rest of my days… as long as you promise to never wear that flamingo tie again."

"Beatrice Duke, you are the light of my life. You bring me so much joy, and I’m so blessed that you’re still willing to put up with me after so long. You’re my one and only. I love you more than all the world, however strange and wonderful it is, and I’d like to remind you that you proposed to me, love. But anyway, I promise to love you, and cherish you, and trounce you in every argument, for the rest of my days. And might I point out the flamingo in your bouquet, darling? You can’t blame me for matching!”

- Bea and Ben’s wedding vows. You know, hypothetically. ;)