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Words, Words, Words

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"Aw, Balthy, c’mon, cheer up! Uh, hey, what do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?" Pedro tries, and Balthazar doesn’t answer, doesn’t even look up, so he goes ahead with the punch line, "A flat minor!"  

Balthazar looks his boyfriend right in the eyes and says, with a completely straight face, "You aren’t allowed anywhere near my piano ever again, you know that, right?"

A moment passes before they both burst out laughing; when they calm down, Balthazar wraps an arm around Pedro.

"Thanks, I needed that laugh. Even if your jokes are terrible as always."

"They cheered you up, didn’t they?" asks Pedro, laughter still in his voice.

Balthazar leans in for a quick kiss. "Somehow, they always do."