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Words, Words, Words

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"See, the thing is," Pedro grabbed Balthy’s hand, and immediately felt much less nervous, "I’m bisexual. And, uh, Balthazar and I… well, we’re dating now, and we just wanted you to know that…" he trailed off, Balthy nodding along bashfully. 

"I knew it! Team Love Gods Part 2 is a success!" called Ben triumphantly, but calmed down when the happy couple shot him matching glares; "Sorry, sorry, I’m really happy for you two," he finished, as everyone else surrounded Balthazar and Pedro with similar words of congratulations, Hero beaming and pulling each of them into a hug, Meg squealing about how cute they are together, Ursula hugging Balthy while warning Pedro to be good to her best friend, Claudio clapping Pedro on the shoulder with a grin, and even Beatrice, whose friendship with Pedro was still strained and awkward, offering them a smile and saying she was glad they’d finally worked things out. 

Amid all the chaos of their loving group of friends, Pedro breathed a sigh of relief that everything had gone smoothly, that it was over; his eyes met Balthazar’s and he saw his own relief and happiness reflected back, and Balthy squeezed his hand, very much looking forward to later, when they could be alone in the quiet of their new relationship,this love that had finally set them free.